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Episode 244: Where Next for the Right?

2020-08-07 | 🔗

Rich, Charlie, and MBD discuss where the Republican party will go next and New York’s attempt to completely disband the National Rifle Association.

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what is the future of the public Party and here comes up with a strategy to beat the MRI once and for all, will discuss all this and more on this addition the latter is under slurry them join is always by the right honourable Chelsea. W Cook and inventories Michael Brandon, dirty Jim Geraghty turn soon. Yours to an ash review. Podcast sponsors this week are master works and the american story more about them in due course. If listen, podcast, on NASH, Review, clean directly on the corner, we're delighted to have you but it'd be easier for you and better for us. If you made a part of your feed, a taint streaming services out there from Spotify to Itunes. If you like what you hear here, please consider glowing five star review on Itunes. If you don't like what you hear here, please
Gatt, I said anything so envy day of the prospect of a trump defeat is, is out there, even though actually the the Poles this week are looking a better risk tight the real, clear politics average. I think today, last night was six point four. I think kind of five point races, probably where this this is that's. That's in range for tromp, give but he can lose by three. Maybe four points in stone when an electoral college victory, but anyway, there's a lot of forecasts about what the future the Publican party- I'll, be in the event of a Trump law and there is a very long David, Brooks Column- on this and highlighting some other than the trends that we're seeing now and you are mentioned this as one of their writers and think there's that will help determine the future of the republican Party. Might
no pressure. But what is it going to be? The future said party I don't have any body of influencing the Republican Party is ever asked I'd so David, some a second. There might be a little bit optimistic or pessimistic depending or if your view, depending ever asking your Charlie, but listen think this is obviously a trend that is actually larger than the United States. I think a lot of a lot of talk about some realignment. That's happened. The country that brought in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan Wisconsin into the GNP fold in twenty sixteen minutes. That's It's based on something real and in fact I mean.
American politics, in my view, is always undergoing realignment like One realignment builds off the last one and slowly when David book started his career in the nineteen nineties in earnest. He was writing about fluent rip. Looking in Cook County outside of Chicago who we're baffled by the more populous the tone and culture war agenda of the river. Working party that they belong to me. We ve had since nineteen eighty four is lot of those people been migrating to the Democratic Party with And you you see it in, particularly in the figures of people who have some college education or college diploma, use Republicans, had a huge advantage in that factor in that category, and now the advantages reversing in a big way
well that's driving other people into the Republican Party who have different interests and My view is always been that doesn't mean that the Republican Party ceases to be conservative it still has this inheritance of movement conservatism in it, but it's it will actually bring out do this constituency will naturally bring out other themes and You know you're Stephanie sing attention right now. I think where, in the Senate you have figures like Tom Cotton, Marco Rubio Josh, Holly, poor, pussy in this more populist. Main street direction. Entirely rhetoric and then I think you also have another trend, which is anticipating, maybe what a bite presidency wishes
like a little bit of a reversion to form where ran Paul and TED crews and others are saying, hey, we have been spending like crazy in the Senate. We apologize to Obama, I think, ran Paul said, and you feel like little bit of their that there's a fight brewing about whether the Republican Party is going to be a party of cutting spending or increasing deficits going forward and then who's in the coalition. So in a trump promises workers party, I dont think we're close to that largely because, If you look at America's working class, it would include a lot of blacks and spandex were not comfortable. Yet crossing the out the Republican Party, although it seems Tromp is increasing very marginally.
His support among those demographic groups You know Trump is also seen is possibly a huge ops. Call to even greater gains with those groups. So the climate is being driven by just the turn of politics and oh just by its history, where the the power six that were regnant in the nineteen nineties and early two, thousands of very broad consensus about how globalization was on the oh very good, for everyone has been questioned, theirs maybe there's more losers. Maybe we're seeing life expectancy. Decrease in America that that should be prettier, shocking things, We have to rethink and, of course, every political paradigm. Events he's discredited by the fools who are in office and implementing in it. So we should expect change and
if we're looking globally. This is the change were seeing a lot of countries. I mean Bourse, Johnson's Tories this year, one. An election by winning most the traditional working class Labour Heartlands place like Sunderland, which we mentioned in the pot gas before I think we're seeing that here where the power B of the centre left and left his located and has a kind of sneering anti populist political personality and its driving a different kind of voter to republicans- and I think we'll just naturally respond to that. That doesn't mean we give up everything the snide tone, prices and just to work it's also too privateers small time proprietors shopkeepers, local business, people, Equally, anyone who's, not in a giant corporation
educational institution or public sector union can find themselves under the the end of this kind of snotty, leftism those are all people that could potentially be but can voters and conservatism has stores? I think it can open up intellectual stores in off in our founding, and in our history, can draw on to speak their those concerns so I'd. I think it's neither something that we can stop Nord something we should necessarily fear its
that is just happening and I dont think the genie can be put in the bottle Charlie. I agree that Chile that's trend, while, broadly speaking, I don't want the federal government or those who run it to have an agenda. People have agendas, have a terrible haven't, find it do things. I oppose public policy graduates for the same, Reason guarantee college and they learn always public policy ideas and then they come out and they want to implement them. I think we should look all those people in a basement some, while the mark you it out themselves or or run vocs dot com, the coupling tanks. I think that the federal government should do almost nothing. It should create the conditions within which the market can operate:
uphold, the rule of law, defend my liberty and run the army. That's about it. It should leave the remaining questions to the states and to the market, and I think that, broadly speaking, most conservative politicians thing that too, unfortunately, we don't live in an abstract country, and so some of the republic and agenda is by necessity, energetic because it involves undue in much of the intrusion
that is built up, and then some of it is necessarily responsive to the demands of party. So what you end up with is a party that is overly acquiescent when a republican president is in office and overly resistant when a democratic president is in office that Ford it's worth is not unique to Republicans. That's true democrats to very few Democrats pushed back against Obama's successes and very few Democrats have taken a sensible approach toward present drop. Indeed, a good number of them have joined the so called.
Resistance. So the idea I thing which underpins alot of our conversations, that the future of the Republican Party is up for grabs. It's true, but I am not convinced that its contours will be shaped by the sort of conversation is that we have, I think, instead they are more likely to be shaped by whichever person wins the next primary for the presidency, the ease with which people who clearly do not think like Donald Trump or like Donald Trump have nevertheless become trump. Republicans suggests to me that those same people will quickly become TIM, Scott Republicans or TED crews, Republicans or Nicky. Hey
the Republicans, if one of those people is the de facto leader of the party next time around a sigh I enjoy these conversations. I personally think that the next four years, if Joe Biden wins, the presidency will be marked by opposition to any expansion of government or the passage of any democratic agenda and the four years after that Republicans retake the White House will be spent following the agenda of the the winner.
And I'm not sure at that this moment in politics- that it will be more complicated, not so Michael they let you watch, I says I see huge band wagging effect. Where were you when people get on board, could you wanna be other Vulcan versus the Democrat huge element, of that has gone on since the toy sixteen primaries, but on the other hand, your trunk clearly here on something and found a constituency that very few people thought was there or at least was sizeable to be in a rock solid plurality that could could And the nomination and start this bandwagon effect go and it also the Trump message had enough inherent appeal to early wasn't offensive.
To mainstream republicans at they just like no way you know, that's not an associate myself with that. So any you need a message and a constituency to win a nomination and and get a bandwagon factor. The tribes scribe draw yeah I mean what what we saw early in TWAIN. Sixteen in the primary contest right was: we saw your journal did agree kind of peace on earth, a big great, the great infographic and showing that tromp was winning this core of downwardly, more white voters right people there. I mean literally their correlating it with ownership of an hour. We with our work in a field with your that involves work with your hands are contracting in or work in
a king or you know anything anything like that and you tended yeah. I remember a slight interrupt, but I'm irrevocable session with a big Bush guy Bush donor, who actually is close to Bush and help them campaign. When daughter- for him in New Hampshire and just said They realize, after a certain time that you know you go to a house specific to be republican household and the gutter is maybe a little. You know rusty or fallen off a little there. The grass slightly over over ground near the car. Finally, beat up just get that: there's no chance, you you're not to be able to that person, that is a trunk person and that completely unmovable right and- and he had a special affinity with these voters and in the same way that I think Mitt Romney had a real affinity with a more entrepreneurial upwardly mobile republican voter. I mean that in that
Trinity, drove them to capture there, their respective nominations. I just turned out that you know Trot was running against a much weaker opponent and hurry Clinton than Brok Obama and so he flipped the states into his coalition right and he did it. I mean we do have to admit that you now there was there mismatch or has been a mismatch. Sometimes between conservative policy goals and the republican coalition right in that you know we're, well performing social security, but a huge number of republican voters are older people who do not, who say they do not want it reformed. With Medicare Medicaid, so and when we ve seen Republican,
try this George W Bush after he one in two, for they fallen flat on their face, so prompt just said: I'm gonna protect these programmes. They're gonna be better I'm gonna, take care of everyone, it not supremacy, couldn't fill and there's no chance of fulfilling it, but It's a westerly instructive. Maybe this is this is exactly what people think about democracies. Is that the people who just try to vote themselves, the public purse, they destroy themselves, but it's just it's just a fact that, large number republican voters were raised. Sting the the green. I shade fiscal. Conservative agenda, They were voting on cultural issues. And it's not just a loss, for I don't think this. This
pollution that seems to be coming into being just threatens fiscal concern. To sum it probably threatens social conservatism. Traditionally there stood in some ways, which is that it, cultural issues they seem to excite. The Trump voter, are not necessarily pro life pro family, religious, stuff I mean trumpeted really well among uncharged. Even articles and uncharged Catholics, and there, their cultural concerns are more nationalistic that they can. About patriotism, about the tenor of public life Some of them are turned off by real evangelical religious persona, that's that gonna be another challenge it forward, It's also why you see that the Tory Coalition that force Johnson Build is not lake
yeah. Some kind of religious revival coalition its its broad, its committed to kind of a mainstream national culture. National symbols of identity even more so than in christian ones. So you know, that's, I think, something to look out for in the future, too even though a lot of the time actual who, like tromp ism or maybe we're early adopters tend to be. You know catholic intellectual was, I think, a lot of the foot soldiers are just not as connected church. I mean acting. That's the that's actually the most interesting thing about this. This Realignment that seems to be happening is its bringing in people who just aren't as connected to national institutions, whether the family, the church, ores, the organizations and that's. Why
you know, in New Hampshire and other places. Brian York reported that I'll have republican officials had no idea who these voters worth that were coming out for Trump and they never met them before. So try what your manner principle, your view, how much running To give practicality, as it is your view just at this, this is what the orthodoxy is. Voters can come to it or not, and if a costly, I'm up short and voter said, don't like entitlement reform well to that, for the voters you know, and we just need to stick our or or at how much give do you have in your view, to to get to fifty one percent. Even if it's fifty one
percent victory won on some planks. You're not gonna, be fond over sport. Well, I have not chosen to run for office for reason, because my approach would be look. This is what I am for, take it or leave it, and I should say that sir, of the items that you put under the umbrella of orthodoxy and so much ideology or my ideas. They just true. I mean we do have a problem with entitlement spending. Maybe it was too Donald Trump Benefit in the twenty sixteen election that he didn't hop on this. Maybe Hillary Clinton benefited from promising to expand benefits.
But that has very little bearing on the math and similarly, the free market is a better solution than the alternatives we can debate. The extent to which government should intervene, but There is, there is an external reality here that exists, irrespective of one's political preferences, but I have chosen not to run for office. I write instead that's, because I recognise that being a writer is a different thing than being a politician. When you are a politician, you have constituencies, and you don't have to assume or even believe, that those constituencies a correct all the time you do have to take into account what they think
and you have to decide whether it is worth being Pierre, whether it is worth sometimes having influence and often it is better to have influence than to be Pierre and powerless. So I dont begrudge Republicans who make concessions to electoral reality. There are, of course, some exceptions to that. The rights that are contained within the bill of rights are not up for negotiation, but, broadly speaking, politics is about people coming together, an uncompromising, and I think it would be churlish for me to say
because that start for me it shouldn't be for anyone. I do not want to take one slight issue head, though, with I suppose Michael's read on things, but also rich with your contention that you have to have an ideology or a platform in order to be the next king
create a bandwagon, I'm not as sure as I was at that's true. I think that President Trump was largely chosen as the republican nominee in twenty sixteen, because there was this conception within the primary electric. Certainly, he thought that the Republican Party was full of weak willed establishment types who are the lost as a result of that own incompetence or didn't want to win in the first place. What it was He was fighting for varies every time. The question was asked, but the fact that he was pugnacious was in and of itself seen as a virtue. I think that there were people who were fed up in June,
general had seen their industries die, who had perhaps been badly affected by the great recession. And who are disillusioned after the failure that was the Iraq war and took a flyer on this. Shiny object. This man, who hadn't been tainted by any past connection with politics. And then there were the usual Republicans, said whatever I guess I'll have to vote for him, who mentioned say the Supreme Court as being the most important issue, but would have done had the nomination TED Cruiser reveal all Scott workers. While I think that there is at this point in american history, less focus on ideas
Even immigration, which was simple is to be. The core of the Trump message is not as important to Republicans Trump thinks It is appalling, shows this, I'm not so that's thing. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but it does seem to be a true thing and we are to bolster my scepticism. Entering into an election in which the primary virtue of the democratic nominee is, that is not the republic and no money and the primary virtue of the republican nominee. Is that he's not the democratic nominee, and I think that demonstrates that what you have at the moment are too broadly. Even factions within american politics that have died
magically opposed views on a host of important questions and that are going to square up ass at Waterloo every few months on whatever it is, that is being disputed, the vehemence with which they do that will vary. Their roles in the battle will shift around elections, but the idea that the Republican Party is going to have a different or even a regnant ideology in one or two years, doesnt convince me at the moment I think it will continue to be what it has been for a while, which is not the Democrats and there's there's a lot wasted at an end to the fact that trumps on personality, huge driver of the phenomenon and twice
team, but there was Michael D a discernible difference, substantively whatever his policy meandering secure in their on details, difference between Trump in a conventional Republican, on trade, on immigration, on foreign policy, we never hear him say: I'm gonna go in vain and country in spreader values there any use, archly anti illegal immigration, although he is all over the map, on legal immigration on his actual things. He said not in his written policy platform which have to stay here. Was written for him and then innovate very consistently at I trade yeah. I mean these. These. All of these right, those are basically are like three strands of that were
I know what you would would call it right. I mean those were issues I cared about very deeply and were kind of identified with Paleo can serve them sort in papua cannons campaigns, arguably, they are revivals of certain dormant parts of the republican tradition going to Abraham, Lincoln Mckinley yeah. You know even Eisenhower, end of course Durban cracks in this as well? I mean we ve, seen republican present Who were we're talking committed to free trade. Look, the electoral realities and say long enough, but a terrifying steel striving Pennsylvania is George Bush George W Bush did. Or unemployed tariffs on japanese motorcycles and safe Harley Davidson, which is
can I call on the way Reagan did, and so that's that's been something in the wood. The background of republican politics for a long time, and it It's been waiting for its most to come out its coalition to come out. I mean, if it wouldn't have come out. If was no. If Iraq the Iraq war was brought, you know, he's, love and understanding to the Middle EAST and the two thousand and five sure crisis had not happened. I don't it would have been his big, an opening for distance, large through there public and mindset, but those were shattering events and they may create a lot lost trust not just in
particular like in NEO conservatism as a leading intellectual force, but just elites generally and their ability to lead to plan. And and, as I said, that, I think it was also after twelve. Fifteen, or maybe twenty fourteen there was Increased awareness of power bombs associated with China, shock and and how Entire regions seem to be falling into an economic slum from which they weren't recovering and leading to all sorts of herbal social outcomes. Also just the way History worked mean. China has now use its power and its. Gathered through these.
Liberal arrangements for the United States help to give to it by the United States built the post World war, two world order and invited China into it to play nicely and in China stopped even the preacher of playing nicely and was using its economic might, and during that time, lessons he's been using its economic might as a tool of the communist parties. Political ambition, both at home broad. I think that is causing reaction and reevaluation too, and that even a lot of people who are public inside want to be free traders ideally are at least in to the protectionists that their while there may be a political consideration here, which was the tradition, one for me. There is a reason why we have
lots of free traders in the Cold WAR Era Republican Party, but they didn't want free trade with the Soviet Union except the idiots. So you know all those things have leading to this, and I think those are reasons to think that even if Trump goes, even if there is a democratic wave. Trumped phenomenon was a shock to the Republican Party into the american political system. You know he d, move his election, moved even The policy makers toward him on some these issues. It is certainly true that the grounds and shifted on trade- and you can tell this because nafta- was passed with republican votes. That should give you an indication of what the Republican Party actually thinks it would have been so easy for it to Buck Bill Clinton,
and deliver him may a loss, but I'm not sure that Trump really does represent much of a change in foreign policy, and I say that because for most of the elections in the last sixty is certainly in the last four presidencies. The more daffish candidate, as one jump was the more dervish candidate and twenty. Sixteen that's correct. Barack Obama was in two thousand eight George W Bush was back in two thousand. He was the one who promised a humble foreign policy, Nemo Foreign Entanglements Bill Clinton in ninety. Ninety two promised the peace dividend. The real exception
his Reagan and George H, W Bush, but before that you have Goldwater losing to Johnson of being cast a sir nuclear tipped mad man are you have next and beating Johnson, then in eighteen, sixty eight, because he was the more peaceful candidate of the two and Johnson had gained a reputation as a warmonger for his actions in Vietnam and beyond. I think much of the republic and enthusiasm for foreign interventionism was the result of contingent circumstances that lead George W Bush to go from being the humble foreign policy candidate to the president who took us into Iraq, and I say to President who took us into her rather than the architect
So the enthusiastic that purely because, if you look back, seventy percent of the american public supported it. Many many Democrats too, and almost the entire left of centre media all of the people who are now running the vocs dot comes and the New republic, and some were Iraq war supported. So I'm just not convinced that Trump really did anything other than be the first person to publicly criticised George W Bush, as he did in South Carolina and break that shift, which was the product of nine eleven rather than anything else. In some ways he just you
to me to be in line with a tendency in american politics that has obtained since the end of the First Gulf WAR. So envy the ex question to you. If you had the gas at this juncture, the most powerful post trump strand in their public and party, as represented by the most creative thinkers and the Senate for better or worse than I felt inside the moment will be Rubio ISM. This catholic Inflected can teach yours for capitalism, approach, cotton, ism, emphasis on hawkish in strength, Holly, ISM, a hundred ten proof, populism or SAS Ism took villains. Emphasis on civil society and localities for done. One.
I think you know Hard to doesn't genes from their talents, as politicians, and despite how much it belittled him she think Rubio is still the one with the highest ceiling among them. Speaking your language, Charlie. I think at twenty. Sixteen, What I mean I was a big thing, is revisionism changed his mind. Everything I was ecstatic has run in TWAIN. Sixteen, I just You think he was doing that well I think Holly's them most intellectually ambitious of those for animal. Grounded intellectually, but I think. I think cotton and ruby are far more likely to arise in the ranks and possibly be in,
contenders for in the presidency some day, Oh, no, I think it's gonna be a mix of all foreign and it's gonna be this. It's probably gonna mess. Just a messier coalition in a lot of ways. So surely suspect you going to try to wiggle out of this question and do a none of the above Did you know I think it is going to be of that. I am also surprised you Mister Stallings, of our former public Intellectual Don Junior from your list a visit. I don't think it's going to be any of those now. I think policies skins changed somewhat dramatically in the next couple of years, partly because it is either going to be the case that this president is reelected, in which case there will be a vacuum. There is no plan for a second term or the case that Joe Biden,
the likes it, in which case there won't be a vacuum, but there will be a serious mismatch between the centre of gravity within the Congressional Democratic Party in the White House and that will be felt in part by an animated republican I see that pushes adore back up to ten and says no. No, no. No. I love that Republican Party. I have to say that's my favorite republican party. I think often it brings the best outcomes. Some of the best moments in american politics recently have been when we ve had a democratic president and an entirely intransigent republican Party that controls enough of Congress to block him. Then you get the ideal outcome, which is nothing but whatever it is that fills that vacuum has yet to come. I dont think any of the play you mentioned again to be the architects. It's an impossible question. The answer, of course, Trump winds. This will all be put off and cut it defined by how the second term second Trump terms
he's losers, I do think that allotted what choices that, though they'll be snapped back, were finally pushing the envelope on size of government spending regulation, and a kind of the opposition to all that will be cut, occur and hip and in the Republican Party than is, or it seems, at the moment, but if I had a gas among these for justice Isms, I would say cotton is Amanda, he's gone as far down the populist economic route as Holly does, but how say really healthy at I a, and I think, and an emphasis on strength is what is really important. And republican politics. With that, let's hear from our first sponsor this week, did you know only one person of day traders actually turn a profit. So why are so many of us mistaking picking star
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Notes that the energy has been consumed by in fighting for at least a year and that its executives make good money, some suggested is wasteful. Maybe it is But it seems highly unlikely that there is a crime here, and I sincerely doubt that the attorney general of New York, the teacher James, believes that there is a crime harry The chief Sir James ran on this. She promised to do this. This was a political selling point for her candidacy, not because it was universal.
Acknowledged or even suspected that there is anything wrong or fraudulent with the energy, but because she doesn't like it How do I know that, because she told Ebony magazine that she believes It is a terrorist organisation. Shit cause hasn't gone after. It is a terrorist organisation, because that would be farcical and when San Francisco did it was smacked down on foot. Amendment grounds by a judge, so she's gone after it on the broadest statute that she can find and is now pretending to us and expecting us to believe that she's deeply worried that the National Rifle Association may not be spending its members money as effectively
As it can, this is why we have a first amendment is his corruption and in the same political culture she would be impeached. Could you imagine the outcry from many of the same people who have praised this ever republicanism? any general not only promised to go after and then went after planned parent head, because its executive saw well reimbursed because they have large travel budgets because our private security, but try to use the office, who completely remove it from american life, not just in
on state everywhere, the National Rifle Association for historical reasons, was incorporated in New York, partly because it was founded by union soldiers, and she has tried to use that fact to extirpate it from the face of american political life. On the eve of its spending tens of millions of dollars on the upcoming elections, I dont know how much more transparent this could be. She told her. She was going to do it and now she did it just before the present election gets going just before the spending starts. Clearly, the aim is to tie up those funds and forced them into the hands of lawyers rather than onto the hour,
If, in the long run, the calculation that Latisha James has made will be proven to be a mistake, not just because she will fail and her endeavour and may indeed spark a backlash June, set. It's for gone ownership. It set records for new gun owners, many of whom are women and minorities, and it brought into the fold. Around sixty thousand new and our members may already have five million, but. She will fail in our endeavour in the long run, because it is not actually true that Reason Americans are enthusiastic about. The second amendment is that the NRA has brainwash them.
The NRA is a channel full that enthusiasm. Eighty percent of Americans believe the second amendment protects an individual rights. The alternative is fascicle and fall off. The poll shows that Americans are more enthusiastic about gun rights than they were says. He has a gun. Two ago, but in the short term, this will do a little damage at war gauge the and our in defensive litigation. It may prevent it from going about its business, which is important legislative and I say, lightning rod and transmission mechanism for gun rights advocacy and it well. If she
successful in the long run which she won't be, or she manages to drag this out. If she can find a number of judges who or let it plough, she will set an extremely dangerous precedent, A precedent that will not only be felt- in New York, but will probably inspire regrettable copycat actions- and I say regrettable because yeah- There are a number of organizations in american life that I dislike intensely, but I dont want red state attorneys general. I dont want red state governors going off to them, trying to shut them up, trying to sign
it's them trying to convince the public that there is a meaningful fraud case where there is none. This is it's a disgrace. I hope that it is roundly condemned and if it is not roundly condemned, I hope there is such a backlash and eventually such a prejudice dismissal that anyone in the teacher James Disposition in future think twice about behaving as such an authoritarian manner. Buddy I mean I think this attack is, I know, and our aid is an institution for a lot of voters. I mean it is they run classes. They provide a tonne information to gun owners about the laws and their states people.
The joint in terrain, dont join. It depend on it and of and of course, its powerful nexus of political action and very. With a huge record of success over the law, especially over the last thirty years, I would say, and it one of the few institutions that the left is unwilling to march through themselves and take over so Naturally, this frustration leads to this kind of extremism in frustration at it. It it's. It shows also this kind of cultural. Removal of Democrats, I think, from a huge portion the country and even a future, and it's not you a stir. The country I mean in New York state I mean abstaining Org is full of legal. Gunnar
and until very recently, even Democrats, who campaigned in upstate New York would Usually campaigners gun owners- I mean you had Kristen Jeweller brand for God's sakes, and paint like Amy Oakley. She ran for Congress, then she went she one. She opened her headquarters in Brooklyn and three days later said that the experiences she'd had their taught. How rocks shit yeah so yeah. This is this is one of frustration aim. I believe it will be turned away agree, which are leads worrying if it could possibly be a successful line of attack and if it is, I mean, then civil society itself is in danger, because with every election, elected officials will start targeting
the political institutions of their enemies and am in any kind of free for all. This is also the, I think, Democrats, fear their losing. Control that is there as they are. Getting more extreme on this issue in the that you know that safer from Texas, who why said? Hell? Yes, we're gonna, take away your guns, the energy is growing stronger, with larger share of country. She's gonna owners joining it. I think that in recent years and the surge in gun ownership in America we'll have political consequences and you could have electoral consequences and twenty twenty in the act of buying a gun. And putting it in your house where previously there wasn't one is for me,
people, a political transformation, so that I think Democrats are playing with fire here. You have our purposes best they can happens politically in a country as more people get married. More people go to church, more peoples by guns so Charlie Cook exquisite you in the fullness of time. This effort will be a stain on the reputation of a t, shirt, James, yes or no, yes, Emily. Yes, I you make it a very optimistic, unanimous answer: uh. Yes, so let's hear from our second sponsor this week, the podcast from the Claremont Institute, the American story Gee. I'm sorry people
call the sub impatient with me. The american story, free, weekly, short from form part gas at aims view and remind listeners of the goodness of our country host Chris Plenary at Claremont students, the ideas, events and people that are shaped, the America way of life and our understanding of what it is to be american. The United States becomes increasingly disunited the Americas we bring citizens together, stories of hope, honour and dedication to the common cause of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Again, Americans, joys of free weekly pie cast available on all platforms, just some recent absurd titles and topics. George Washington, simple truth, Martin Luther King Mark and dream: can your address and ass? You can keep while bill had got the last hand, Jackie Robinson number, twenty two and one and Abraham Lincoln, called beautiful
You can find all these podcast and more at any stream of services, and also at the website of the American Pike Ass, which is simple. The american story: podcast, DOT, Org, the Mercosur podcast dot org, please check it out everyone, so let it a few other things before we go and maybe even taken with this virus fell Collins, video there is a video easy to find on Youtube it is to a young black teenagers. I presume and the other Youtube channel? They listen to the kind of the great classic, of american pop music and culture. All sorts of genres and they
the lesson tat, Joel Lean by Dolly Pardon and comment on the incredible storytelling of it, but the ones I think everyone excited about these kids is waning listen to fell Collins, in the air tonight. Just kind of a classic syn nineteen eighty sound and The reaction to the build up and down solo upon hearing it for the first time, is just what was delightful things. I've seen was it has it out. Did it is due to start it? I did it. I did yeah Its has reverse echo all over. It says very distinctive began it builds up over time- is this slow burn since music and then built to this incredible. First of sound and their reaction is useless and then just
a joy I mean I don't wanna make too much of it, but this is low relieved. The genius of american pop culture to bind people together across ages and ethnic the race etc? It's just awesome jack. That's been drinkin screwdrivers. I have much to the amusement of my children who keep asking me how on earth. Can drink a screwdriver, don't seem to realising it isn't just orange juice mixed vodka, which sounds intensely boring, but it is a delightful drink, especially in the summer, and I think especially in Florida in part, because the oranges haven't had to travel very far. The fact we have studied the Draken that at all hours of the day, no one, I'm working. Of course,
but it is not just a morning started. Brunch thing, I know it's not just the brunt thing I tend to have one when I finish work. In fact, we have an orchestra in the garden So what would you call us? Abc? Got ya, take pick your honor and squeeze it on their own soil. Vodka. That's right upon another put in some some vodka By the way, Michael might my two year olds, favorite song, is chilean beautiful excellent, any things it and until somebody looks at him and then he stops, gets or shine. Bashful. So the coveted period lockdown has not been great for my reading habits. But I'm close now to finishing my third book during this period, which a detective novel by nor his work named said. I assume Robert c r s. I ask all the monkeys raincoat
I had heard of the author or the book before, as recommended by my friend Otto PEN, there was a legend and the area of crime and and detective fiction and three hundred page, first on pages as it why? Why am I doing this? You know I keep getting it giving a chance it No. Why reading this is not sparkling prose some detect now really, I basically great literature close to that. The tag didn't seem as funny it. Yes he's, sir. The says he hears, but just around that this is the. The stark example, rather than just round page a hundred also just click DNS. Oh my god. This is awesome and I can't put it down it's incredible book So I check out, if you're in the such fiction, monkeys raincoat and a plug. Once again, I did this couple months ago, Otto Peddlers Bookshop the mysterious bookshops
the few really impressive, independent bookshops left in these. United States, if you're in the crime fiction, Sherlock Holmes Detective novels. Any of that you want to look for some first edition signed editions whatever it is, don't go to Amazon, go to mysterious bookshop and their their websites and support a great operation great Guy Otto Pencil are so that its time editors picks envy day with your pick me is a rule book review Patrick T Brown. He reviews Frederick the Boers book the cult of smart, free. The boar is leftist, maybe a marxist in his own self, appellation. But he's written this whip smart book about that Education system and how it is unjust asked to the students,
and along the way I mean he's, he's Stephanie engaged and left wing project but he punctures alot of liberal pieties, about education and about how the kind of myth. That every person is born equally talented academically in fact extremely dangerous, oppressive, to the people who just art and to undermine their dignity, worth as our citizens and and family members, and I think, metrics reviews, great and bore, is always interesting. Even when he's infuriating Jacob, but you're back, I'm going to cheat and not pick, peace. Instead, it's ok going town twinning, Teddy Copper, sorry says I
this will be taken out, but might Michael's dogs barking furiously in the background Sarah has taken it out. That's that's what brokered laughing about anyway, I didn't mean to try to interrupt your tribute to Teddy Cover, which is well deserved. Yasser Teddy hasn't written too much in recent years, because he's been now managing editor and as of today, very sadly, he will not be because he's heading over to the Manhattan Institute. Maybe Michael Michael's is upset about this, as I doesn't want him to go. Anyway, it's been absent that are having Teddy at National Review, and I wish him well at the Manhattan Institutes, says a sad day for an off here here So my my pig is a big. Any Mccarthy essay making a comprehensive defensive, billboard are in the
issue Classic Andy, knows all the stuff backwards and forwards and as really good judgment about it and his wife call it the way he sees it. So please check it out. That's it for us seamen listening to a national view, podcasting be broadcast retransmission encounters game without express written permission of national magazine strictly pro, Hitherto, this progress is produced by the incomparable Sarah shitty who makes a sound better than we deserve an this week. Besides taking out the hopefully the barking of Michael's dog I should explain it if she can't get all the ambient noise at IRAN. On my end, the tell her. I am the internet in power. Is go out, so I'm in part time around and more bucolic setting them in the pot guest earlier this week. There's a park where there's a big cellphone towers of people come here, they bring out their long cherished with their laptops and do work here, but
In a car where I is that is new to me, I'm really figured out how they are conditioning works or maybe something wrong with the air conditioning. So I have to leave the windows open if I'm not gonna faint from the heat. And if you hear crunching of cars and and other strange noises country in the world, on the gravel. That's why what Europe is one right now anyway, thank Charlie! Thank you. Envy day, thanks d miracle story and master works in especially to argue for listening where the editors and see you
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