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Episode 249: Defying Convention

2020-08-26 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Jim discuss the first two nights of the RNC, the horrible violence in Kenosha, and the disgusting Jerry Falwell Jr. scandal.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: Jim’s Corner post “No, It’s Not New for a Cabinet Secretary to Address a Political Convention” • Charlie: Jay on Kamala Harris • Jim: Robert VerBruggen’s piece “Two Weeks of Political BS Is the Last Thing We Need Right Now

Light items: • Rich: Ranger Matt Atkinson’s YouTube videos • Charlie: The weather • Jim: His new TV

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Hey this is Jack Fowler. Please take a moment to listen to this message from our sponsor, Fatima, the movie in theatres and on demand Friday, the incredible true story is now a powerful uplifting motion picture event Fatima in nineteen. Seventy, the womb needed out when three children received a miracle where you come from. Having Fatima is now been divorced by the shrine of Fatima during the original son Grassy a planner performed by Andrea Butcherly Adam, I really pigeon thirteen, maybe uniform me for children under thirteen fighting invaders and demand. The republican party takes its turn mayhem
and was constant and Jerry Farwell Junior out as Liberty University will discuss all this and more on this edition of the editors umbrage. Flowering joins always by the right honourable Charles, see W cook and the sage authenticity, Woods clarity, Michael branded, dirty war, turned soon you listening to an ash review, podcast or sponsors this week are the american story and conceived in liberty. You'll hear more about this podcast in due course. If we listen to this part cast on Asher View, dot com going directly, the coroner were delighted to have you, but it would be easier for you and better for us. If you made as part of feed, a Tang streaming services out there from Spotify to Itunes. If you like what you hear here, please give us a glowing five star review on Itunes. If you don't like what you hear here, please forget, I said anything so Jim the Republicans have had two days of Convention Asbury
Pure early Wednesday afternoon, I think centre right animals. Most of them have been pleasantly surprised so far and think it's been pretty sectors, while journalists a man and a woman had been appalled. What to make of it? Put me in that category of folks who was not looking forward to us this convention for starters, having one convention the conventions and back to back weeks, lawyers. They don't This. I think you can have your fill of politics and if you have to cover the both, be a pain in the neck. Most people won't watch both of them and most people won't watch all of them. Two nights in. I think this First night was really strong, really well done, second. I was pretty darn good too. I think the Republicans are really effectively using stories. Ordinary Americans who are affected by Trump administration policies, and showcasing how it touches their lives there?
yeah you're, not gonna, have the Hollywood stars. You saw the democratic convention you're going to have. Musical interludes with pop stars for the Republican Party like when it we're not. But I MTV where I can watch your waste. Your time like that. We're gonna talk about what we came to Washington to do and the production values values have been fantastic. The auditorium the through using Washington, because they know that they have had to change this twice. It was supposed to be in Charlotte. Limits must be injection and now they ve chosen beer. From most of the speeches, this very stately looking auditorium in Washington, letting is an appropriate dramatic backdrop for the remarks there. That's your some of the politicians who spoke at a great, adding TIM Scott knocked out of the park. I think Dickie. I was very solid. I think you're the most. Did there's an argument to be made for this administration and the policies that it has enacted and the policy That it wants to an act that, if he's a much easier
much stronger argument, then the case for Donald Trump himself and everything that comes with him and his personality and the attending Circus, it will not shock listeners to know that I am not a huge fan of the Trump traditional trouble out rally. I'm not! I don't go gangbusters for diamond itself, I'm not yet other, there's a whole bunch. There comes a trumpet has not brought the next neither the natural target demographic, but I'll tell you for a whole bunch of books in suburbia. This is not what people want to see from their government overseeing this convention is a much more serious. Much more policy oriented one with a lot of just great still videos and full of the right of pageantry, over that you're, probably arguably, even over the top patriotism. Look at the contrast with the Democrats of last week and makes people feel good, after a year when even feel and really crappy between the pandemic and the economic slowdown and announced of so us,
So far, so good, we still have pensive speech. We still have the president's speech, but I know what a good moment to nothing. It's doing the job. The Republicans wanted to see it do this week sand easily, not a fan of ordinary people in power, stung him iranian love, ordinary people, but just isn't speech or fire. It usually doesn't work eyes view, and I rather here from the real. From elected officials. But I think the the ordinary people have been use really effectively so far in this convention, and I would have voted and entire night too just having having those folks. If there's something about you know that the lobster fishermen or the guy from the iron range, where it I think they can be harsher about Joe Biden and and the Democrats, but it doesn't have quite the same charge, negativity that it does
when a politician or traditional advocate? Does it? So I've been pleasantly surprised by that, and I think, last night, Tuesday night, the the ordinary folks deliver some really important message it, including some broadsides against the green new deal and the democratic energy agenda. Which is a major vulnerability for the Democrats. I've also maybe more software spot than I would have thought for somebody totally exploitative and norm busting theatricals shifts pardoning John is named John Pounder that the former bank robber- it is kind of ridiculous on it at a certain level. In doing it live on camera, but also there is something just
really affecting about it? And I just think it tromp. You know this is another one of these things you. If Trump did xy differently, everything would be different, he's every. I do it differently, but if you'd just sprinkled, oh you one of these kind of events a week and give it some possess made sure got some attention. You know his his image would be transformed, but I think it would be softened enough to to make it a difference. In November on the negative sperm, the ledger, I do think it's been a little scatter shot. I think would have been better if each no eight sniper devoted to one thing in particular. You know ordinary people testimonials why you should fear Joe Biden in a white White Trump's done a better job than than you think, and you have last night Trump second term agenda
It's been a little bit about a mishmash, but what do you make of assurance? I think this problem it's a mishmash, because people were dip in an out, and if you do one night on one topic than they miss that night, then nay, perhaps done then see that message I also noticed the abundance of several ordinary people, and I liked it two in part, because I think that the absence of ordinary people was the biggest mistake. In twenty trough during the Mitt Romney led republican convention. That convention was all about people who had built businesses now that those people are imperative
in a free country. But after a while I got a little bit tiring hearing people talk about how they built their business, pausing and then saying and yes, President Obama. I did bill that and I thought at the time it would have been good if they had had some people on from different walks of life. People sweet flaw, for a living saying. You know, I've actually agree with that robbed me. I ever because the risk is, if you watch mention in which pretty much everyone seems to do the same thing or think the same. Thing or talk the same way or come from the same place, and you might end up thinking that the party is not for you now that, for better or for worse, is not a problem. The Republicans are going to have this time around.
It is in a sense this convention is evidence, that in the long run, the GNP is going to be fine and indeed that it will live you go back to normal fairly quickly. Elements of this convention that are unique to trump. As you say, the pardon me naturalisation ceremony, the lets the presence of the Trump children.
Kimberly girl, foil and so on, but there is also a lot that is mainstream about it. Tim Scott speech could have been given at any convention. Nicky Hayley speech could have been given at any convention and they were pretty good. The Republican Party has a lot of talent within it the fact that the Trump era can be shown side by side with the republic in future. I think, is instructive. The earth is one element here that there is a lot that is actually related to what I just said. A matter
that at times as a view, I have been left thinking, wait you're talking about Donald Trump, or this is a convention nominating Donald Trump. Much of the press and the left, leaning commentary has been irritating here, the pearl clutching over hyperbole, the tendentious fact checking of opinion, the pretence at being outraged by lies the political convention, the turbine light endlessly in his speech. It is part of the course, but some of those critics do have a point
In that, the themes that have been focused on do not always lie not with who Donna from is always message. Whoever organise this, is aware of many of trump shortcomings and has sought to plug them. Maloney. A Trump speech was a good example of this. I think of many things when I think of this president, but I dont think of kindness and diversity and inclusion and great love for immigrants and their stories. Likewise, you're you're going to hear from Tom Cotton today, who is almost certainly going to say while there were about what ran Paul said about Donald Trump, foreign policy is actually the opposite, so that there is some incongruity here and there is a pretence that President Trump is what he is
not, but overall I have thought it was relatively effective and much much better than I expected it to be so lucky girls discuss it some more, but do it execution style with a letter grades for various speakers before you that other snake to two points where I think it's it's fallen down. Urban weird one the number of speakers and Arab trumpeted. This last night you directly addressed Donald Trump is just this are, and it just just goes to. Pretty much from the time that Trump emerge on that the national stage. Politically, there's been this audience of one phenomenon whereby Prototype London's and tv whose than politicians are performing for one guy in theirs. There still been that aspect.
Of it in the convention, and I just you know you don't eat, persuade DOM tromp down from boy already thinks he's a fantastic caught in a wonderful present. So that's been weird and then also. I think that the really phone down on its covered response is not enough to say, cut off travel from China and that they have a story to tell about what they they ve done it. Maybe my tenth suit is head that headed the task force will go into that some tonight but I just want to set up you know if you gonna bust norms, don't have my compared sitting on the roof David Hotel in Jerusalem that have one of these admirals who had to the PPP effort or the supply chain after the testing and have give them fifteen minutes and a chalkboard or whiteboard, and just go through in detail like all the pieces that they?
a ppp, their required all the cot swabs have gotten made how may have distributed to states around the country and, as just mystifying to me, They don't have to be dishonest. They don't have to alight anything they. They just tell the truth and they're not and they're not doing but Jim. So let us go through. Let a great it s. The aforementioned Kimberly Gulf Oil I think you gotta give her a d minus all. I will point out. I did catch one in her of her with her after she gave a speech data we were set on. Why did shelter, your entire speech and she responded rich. What are you talking about this is my normal, shrinking joy cook. It wasn't great was it was enough. Yeah. I guess I'll do de minus as well. I guess, if you do that deliberately just to make an impression and to be talked about net, maybe for fear owns personal purposes it it makes sense, but it
totally didn't work now, a lump them together. They give different speeches on different nights, but was thrown together, trumped sons, dawn and Eric Jim. You know better than are used to I just dont think the president's children are really all that compelling, not surprising that, like there thank you now be minus see, plus their fine, nothing special chuck averaging and together with the sea serpent, it must dont Junior, I mean. What do you say we did. I like more Don Junior is not my cup of tea. I think he is fairly effective. There. Yeah, I guess putting together give must see they're not persuaded us One is gonna look to them is as credible sources on their father. There is really no reason to have them in prime time except further
tribes and big owner of this is trumped show, I think, both in pretty good speeches, though I think dodging Europe he's been doing this a lot and it's pretty good at at at an era coup. Does it Last year, at least not as as much high profile stuff. What was also good and I've been meaning to go back and just read the texts in their speeches, but Deerpoint sure there's been a lot of trees or republican content. I think you could probably went through the speeches and took out all the the Trump stuff all of my my dad's, the most amazing guy, and has this this beautiful vision of America and maybe took out, take out some trade. I think if the least dungeon or talked about trade, maybe Eric did to the rest of it my bill little more hard, edged and combative, but I imagine that the rest of it like eighty ninety percent of it could be given at any republican convention.
Stick with you, Nicky Hayley, spoken first night give her a bee. She comes across wow, she didn't say a great deal, but she wasn't there to say a great deal and just firmer rail politic point of view. She threaded the needle well- and that is what Nicky Hell has been doing for the last four years- is threatening Gimme a minus. I think the only reason that it wasn't more of a wow is that if you ve been paying attention to the Kigali over the last couple years, he's a pretty aren't good speaker. So there's no real surprise factor. We ve come to release I've certain come to expect that. Ah, she always has a good speech and delivers a well and has a now just the right kind of tone and cadence in and all that synergies in a very, very good, just not really surprising
You think it's a little early for everybody to get so hyped about who the front runners for two thousand and twenty for our excetera. So I gave her a a b, it's kind of Lowe's BT speech low. Delivery near that's appropriate when you're talking to an empty room, some of the content was was quite good, especially pushing back against the idea that this is a racist. Country setting is kind of a boy speech? I up to a plus grading for Nicky Haley's personal purposes near she got her bio points in she had to Cyprus Slide she hasn't alienated fundamentally either the trumpet the antitrust people, so I think it worked for her This is Jim, very tense, got pay solid, a from cotton to Congress in one generation. Just you know, I've been TIM Scott for a fan for a very long time he's via.
The Congo to my parents, down its after a back of waves in the house. You're gonna stand out in a crowd when you're enough American Republic in it is the blessing through the blessing of the republican Party. The TIM Scott is not just a black Republican, but a really good and charismatic and effective speaker and solidly Serbia, but doesn't freak everybody out and doesn't need to go to histrionics he's just everything I want the Republican Party to be so fantastic to have him I guess I particularly the keynote because he was speaking last on the first night- do exactly the figure. The party should be showcasing these this jacket, yeah. I agree with everything. Ginger said it was in a content was good. Delivery was good liked him, Scott, to examine leveller at heart and TIM Scott is entirely unpretentious TIM. Scott is a guy who would never
to know its Senator Scott excuse me he's not a guy who likes bureaucracy or says call this personal, that personal set it up, and when I worked on stories on timber Oh that involved TIM Sky just cause you on a sofa, says, item Scott S. Jim says he is who I want the Republican Party to be at its core. I agree is fantastic, given a I've, always known impressive guy, nice guy, but didn't really wasn't taken with a former assistant, know much about him. Ass, a performer and- and this is a first class talent, so hopefully will not see much more. More of him, she cut my comp pale. Fine was unusual.
I've been told it was illegal, is a basic career politician and gave a career politician speech at a political level. Communities yet so on twitter and on corner the corner, to have him rather adamantly saying that those plenty of precedents for cabinet secretary speaking at political conventions, Six of them spoke at the democratic convention in twenty twelve people are tearing their hair out about a secretary of state speaking, but apparently it's totally different for Secretary of state, but not for a healthy human services of veterans or anything else like that. But the fact that don't think that there is any. You know glaring violation of the Hatch ACT in the speech doesn't mean, I think, was a good speech. In fact, I was pretty badly with sea minus de plus
and by the way, I want to point out like, despite all these arguments, about whether its legal for cabinet secretaries or their moral or appropriate for them they're not particularly effective. My fellow Americans, the president who gave me this Job, I think, is doing a good job. I should have far more years. In fact, I cannot see any mistakes that my boss is made in these areas. Drifts jam, it wasn't, very good. Certainly when you consider the isn't it take for for doing it, just the upside wasn't there, the foreign policy part could be made by anyone. The delivery wasn't political, Remarkable is a wonderful setting there, but it doesn't. It didn't have that much of the wealth actor on video.
Either. So I give him a sea minus Jim Gary last speaker to you, Maloney tromp argue for a b plus I it's always traditional for the first lady to give a speech. It's always you know it's not the first lady than you sleep, the candidates, each of you, shit, you're, better migration speech yo, trying, probably trying to tackle the issue of the corona virus pandemic with genuine sympathy and empathy. Ah, which is what Democrats were to hammer trump on. At times it was, it was probably good. I just get there I rarely do these suits speeches, the sort of things that you know said everybody, Sir said the world a flame and get everybody excited and honest serves five, because it was a bit less choice:
You say that Jim, but Michelle Obama is a good speaker. I like almost nothing, but she says she. She is a good speak up. Foley reluctantly, so Maloney Trump is also a reluctant speaker. I tat she wanted to do that, but I thought she did fine she's not supposed to be a public speaker. She. Read her speech well and in a second language ass, I say it's themes were not those that you would always associated with this president, but she's her own person. I gave it a b, the internet,
this from that meddler said she can't speak English. She spoke with an accent I learn. English rightly says I'm out of here. You ve, never learned English, Turkey cock Anglo Saxon. I do you know that that really bothers me. I have to say not not because I'm foreign groups became but because, for some reason people like that metal, I think that there are allowed to say things like that and that its ok, but if a conservative actor had watched his speech by say First lady, who had moved the United States in ninety. Ninety six in Guatemala and spoke English- has a second language and still had a heavy acts it if a conservative Acta treaty got speak English. This, inter ridiculous guatemalan accident. I mean that person would have been sold or at the very least, would have been criticized it's our I dont know. Why is acceptable to do this. The other way around- yes, no doubt some alone
I think she has filled a role that she never wanted are sought with grace. I don't think the speeches was very good. I think was a second or I give her an incomplete. Just didn't move the ball in in any way and was not a good use of twenty minutes, prime time so with that lets pause near from our first sponsor this week. The American Story- podcast America- is growing increasingly divided. America story, new podcast narrated by Chris Flannery Claremont Institute, aims to unite listeners, true stories about Americans and the american experiment in freedom, weekly stories of emigrants, statesmen, poets, soldiers, athletes, inveterate pioneers and ordinary citizens reveal our riches. Ray and shine light on the path forward. Egypt zone America story reminds us of our shared inheritance of freedom and well. He must do to preserve it. Listen to american story in Rediscover why America is worthy of love visit. The Americans
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Johnson Jacob Lake grievously wounded after being shot multiple times in the back. It's it's why these, cases where you see this snippets of a video just just at the end, are there. Some sort of struggle with police right before where the video starts and he's going back to his his car and opening the door. Witches is not something that the police are gonna, be eager for you to do But he is in and serious a critical condition, maybe paralyzed from the waist down and is fighting for his lights. Are our prayers for him and for his family. There is an immediate reaction and violent protests that again were according Wednesday, really spun out of control on Tuesday, night or Yad gunmen on both sides. Will you make of it in today's morning jolt newsletter kind of either
Ok, so how many cities have add real, violence, not beyond our protest, because there is a distinction between a protest and arrived haven't. You, cities have had riots, humbly cities have had alluding was These have had arson ito, indisputable criminal behaviour that cannot be justified as simply a vibrant expression of anger. These and I lost count. It was basically every major city in the country Portland, probably as have the longest stretch of it all and we ve got a groan. I think I was a kid to these kinds of stories, but were from your were used to sing it in a white cops Utes black youth and tangier racial tensions rise and waste makes this one going on in Wisconsin different. It has gone on for several consecutive nights. Yet it not by the way a big city, I got two thousand people, so this is not. You know New York. New York, LAN our allay and
After several nights, you started seeing people coming out in fairly significant large groups with firearms, saying they want to defend their property, to defend disputed, to confront the rioters and the and those who are having a mayhem on their minds. Their lot of circumstances where we get the right when you say you gonna cheer this and say. Ah, this is like the figure, and they lay riots. And this, as you know, arms is in standing up for themselves, but on a scale like this. Let's face it. This is not a good cheerful. You know. Situation is a very dangerous situation and it sounds like last night there were several Theo shot. Ireful two people killed la there. You know people using long guns they this. This is now not quite civil wars, but you ve got to groups of armed people. Looking to harm the others, and neither side is the police, and I feel like this. This might be a turning point. This is now well, but nobody can say this about George Floyd anymore. Now we can see This is about
sudden emotional outburst. This has been going and going in going you're, starting to hear a very different tone from both the us officials- and I think that was consciousness. He last night CNN Don Lemon, saying woe regrets of a blind spot for this in the EU. Don lemon also said that Joe Biden should go out. Give giving big speech on this, have gone lemon noticed Joe Biden gave a big speech last week was on a Thursday. You talk about United Country made a comment about the injustice of a neck of any of the neck, and we had Mr, so I don't think this is all can be solved by a Joe Biden speech of this sort of Erin sore hang over this idea that if the president just gives the right speech, everybody else. Calm down and see how right he is not obvious bad ugly situation. The only way this gets stopped is if there are more people on the streets who can arrest entertain the people who are committing crimes, We are in a bad situation because of public distrust in the police, but the only way you can
in a situation like this is, if somebody comes in and starts arresting those words committing, the grubs could be the Canada police could be surroundings. These could be state police. What bring in the National Guard bringing the National guard right before we start, Bing, it sounded like greater numbers of national guard women becoming in awe. Because they were at a turning point about the discussion of this. That there's been a general public sympathy towards the protesters and a desire to give them the benefit of the doubt, and I think that benefit of the doubt is disappearing. Now. Yet this is what one was flagrant examples of hypocrisy in and are national conversation today if, if you just have one concern would have already entered populist, oriented Republican oriented protest where just one of these type of that's happened. But us take another horrible thing that happened in Canada a couple nights ago: a guy's a store was being burned down. He wanted it
defended. I'm pretty sure this was kind of show. Where is it defended using using a fire extinguisher to try to chase people away and he's cold cocked and knocked unconscious, and an older man just that alone would be enough to discredit for like a decade, whatever caused the protesters on the right or trying to advance, but this does named James Ryan is changing now, but has been constantly given a pass including the Democrats. Just not even mentioning it. You know they don't have to defend it. Obviously, all they have to say, as we have very important concerns about police and advancing Social just but there's a right way and the wrong way to do it and they couldn't even bring the. Cells to do that last week on one of the most high hopes of high profile stages of entire campaign, The underlying idea here is false and saucer to blame.
The underlying idea is that police officers in the United States hunting down and killing black men with impunity as part of a generalised problem of systemic racism, and not simply is not true. And I think the feather that we get to ward. That idea ran away from what started this, which was the horrific death of George Floyd. The more people are going to turn against the protesters. Oddly enough to close to the protesters get to it, believing that idea, the more likely they are burn things down, and the more likely there to seize on cases simply don't fit them all. And assume that they are part of a larger Patten. I said this time and time again that the way in which to
Floyd's death and some imbalances by race have been transmuted into this. For tee and idea of systemic racism has been noted. The irritating and dangerous, but almost impossible to talk about. The fact is that the United States has a history, Racial injustice, slavery, Jim Crow, red lining, there are consequences of that injustice that obtained to this day.
But their contemporary American left all too quickly makes claims that are absurd on their face. As the result of that history, it is said often that we have seen no improvement since the nineteenth sixties since the eighteen sixty. This is false. It is said that the United States is a white supremacist nation. This is false tawny. Codes believes that the United States suffers under an original sin which it does of slavery, but he doesn't believe in redemption. He doesn't think it can be improved. He thinks this is endemic in the american condition. And when you believe that you end up seeing
every single incident as an injustice, and I think that is what has happened here. We saw this a few years ago after the killing of Michael Brown, which turned out to be different than it. Was sold. We saw every shooting for awhile turn into an example of racial injustice. Some of them were one of them in and I believe South Carolina will was absolutely egregious. Most of them were not, and it is not at all clear that what happened in Canosa fits the Well, I think that that's why people are beginning to tire of this. They will oversee tire of endless protests, endless proselytizing and an awful lot of rioting.
But there are also hiring of a movement that has failed to draw distinctions that has made blanket accusations about most people, blanket demands of them as well, and that decreasing Lee seems to be tethered to the proximate causes. Or or talking as, if it even remembers it said, Jim speaking, of making demands of people. There is also just credible. Video from protests in Washington DC a black lives matter, protesters overwhelmingly white, as far as I can tell demanding that people raise their affair. And if they refuse to surrounding them and haranguing them, and another one of these episodes that without anyone in getting killed.
Six seems to be were don't want of the Cultural Revolution yeah and what their ground If you feel like this is being there, this video and this interaction between these so called them protester the bullies. Basically, people who want to be a confront strangers and say I can make you submit to I will I can make you do things that I want you to do just because, I am near you and you fear me you are sitting in some outside sidewalk cafe. Restaurant probably only way get eaten a restaurant. These days, you're gonna show up we're gonna cut back large over uninvited it might the wearing a mask. We might not and we're gonna make you do your show, loyalty to our cause. Now? What are they Just as the Atoms Morgan rights, others, I had ninety seven percent chance that these white patrons at these restaurants voted Democrat. The last election, the familiar
some percent chance. They voted democratic, every election of their lives. Radio. These are people who would presumably be supporters of black lives matter or would see supportive of the kinds of kinds folks who generally on the left, but that's not enough for these people ass. What indicate it's not really about politics is not really about ending racism. It's not real! It's about power. It is that I am strong and you are weak and I can make you do it. I think almost all of us have experienced people will do this. Until someone confronts them, does rather cynical, but I think act. Tone that will you get really into somebody's face in an argument? It's an indicator. You ve never been punched. It's an indicator. You ve never the confrontation go badly for you and for someone to register their objections across the bridge of your nose. I advocating violence almost saying that when you get it to somebody's face like that, you should not be surprised. They do that, and many people
This exchange start asking hate, they're not doing this and placed them were concealed, carry no early. So try, let's take jams prior statement that it might be turning point you're. As the exit question. Will there be a turning point? more of a consensus where the centre left calls out this violence and bullying behaviour? Yes, sir. I think we ve seen a turning point already black lives matters. Numbers are back to where they were before George for its death. It is becoming increasingly clear that this movement is liable to for the left. I don't expect to see them change their turn on it or explicitly called TAT unless Lucy election to bury guess. We know your answer, but just explain more, but obviously I think until they pay a price at the bottom. If Biden Wines,
Then the lesson a lot of people will take from this is that it worked. Maybe they got them such No Biden, no peace. If our side is not in power, we will act. Let we will. We will tear apart civil society, and we will suggest it we will threaten- or in some cases actually demonstrate violence until our side gets to control the government. The way we wanted to give it loses look. There was a lot of soul searching the Democratic Party should have done when they lost a Donald Trump and twenty Sixty Donald Trump and the one stronger candid alot of people he still the guy who had everything from the access Hollywood tape too. His alienation of long time, Republicans to his alienation of the suburbs, do the alienation of women and men like Democrat you should have been able to beat the sky and you didn't, and the fact that you didn't should have put you back to the drawing board. Where we go wrong. How why why do people? If it's a slammed dunk? Why did we lose
and they never really had that reckoning. And they were absolutely not in a way that would make them say you know this was our fault. We started to stand for things that most Americans didn't agree with, people believe we were more radical than that? We think we really are really that radical as you know, we always Russia's Walter Facebooks Walter, it's everybody's vault except theirs. So I agree I don't get it really can be turning against it and must bind loses. The election a few more of tat, maybe a few more folks, on tv saying this is wrong and this has to stop but not really an end. Away, that's gonna be a decisive turn so that their, would be only agree with gentleness. They lose the election and in part because they they won't called us out, so that that's pause and hear from other sponsor this we'd make sense of current events. During this extraordinary
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In this episode, girl so eloquently argues that, while the covert nineteen pandemics de extraordinary, we can still apply a valuable lesson from history and our efforts to effectively deal with a leading scholar on Abraham, Lincoln and the civil war. Kelso also shares this perspective on american exceptionalism leadership. During this crisis and the importance of getting history right for Americans, he states all that we have. Is our history, that's Bradley, with an l e, why, at the end s de an abbreviation foundation, empty and dot org slash liberty to watch the video new episodes debut weekly, so go back often and subscribe to the Youtube channel to be notified. Whenever a new one is posted, broadly foundation, DOT, Org, Flash liberty check it. Out. So surely another dig that unspoiled last several days, is Jerry fall well, is out at liberty
university. There had been rumours about this young man that for some reason that no one could recently explain. The far wells were in a major business at a party, major business initiative with There is a very odd statement from Jerry fall well this week The washing examiner aware he said that the reason why he had unzip his pants for picture at a party that got him suspended by his borders because he is depressed because the his his wife had had an affair and the guy she had an affair with was threatening and and blackmailing, then, and- and he had nothing to do with this affair and the family
but wait a minute essentially sought that statement. What why you have to deny you had something to do with your wife's affair. Unfortunately, now we know in great detail. I do not know in great detail, because I have not read any these Store stories can just seen so much do see me for my taste, but what do you make of it, I'm so poor and throw back of it? I'm I'm so conservative. My life is so dull. I e I read this and I had flashbacks to reading some of the early me to stories. My reaction was the same. How? How does this happen how did they get the idea? How did they suggested
to somebody else. How does this evolve the meeting stories when they all came out and that deluge there was a so odd you you'd read these. I mean I'm not funny the harrowing, but you read these stories from ninety ninety seven. From someone who would say Anna. He invited me to his went home for the weekend to work and before I knew it had put on an order dressing, gown, pressed a secret but need had installed, conveyed us down to a pink glitch painful baseman and better Why was there playing a life set before roaring fire and though hd and you take what you did I come back up. What how he did. How did
happen. What? Where was he when he thought maybe I'll put on the dressing? Gown? Well we're working just and then to propose this too and I just reading these stories. I just thought the same thing like he did what his wife did, what it with the poor guy and he sat in the corner, how did this come up? Those that conversation like I said, beginning I'm just so conservative. The reason this is particularly scandalous offices, is he's supposed to be too he's dead. If our well duty, if we were talking about how it stir- you might say our while these these people have always behaviour little bit like this, you know you read books about Fleetwood, Makin, nineteen, seventy six, a k, I guess- they existed, but Jerry Foul Junior does not exist. To put out these sorts of. Stories, and yet here he is living the plot
Harold Robins novel. I am less once again wondering how these people have time. Well, look their lot of sorted aspects of this, actually for get started? Listeners of the editors podcast know that this is a first class podcast. We are a classy crowd or at least regions, earlier, so we perform again before we started this topic. I told rich. I have a stack of one liners, but Jerry Follow Junior three inches I and rich says I shouldn't use any of them, so reader is. Oh, dear listeners use your imagination. I will know that Jerry, followed juniors, apparently getting a ten point. Five million dollar golden parachute departing Lib University, they are not allowed to fire him for cod. Because they are not allowed to say hey you disgraced this university, so he's gonna get
Ten point: five million dollars and minor standing as you'll be getting all of it in the form of a giant golden calf. So look, I think what jumps out so you I was I've, never been tickly a fan of Jerry Follow Junior. Ah I'm a Catholic. If not a particularly Good one, and so my attitude towards any day, Attitude towards these things were published, shape very heavily by the televangelist scandals of the late nineteen eighties, german Tammy thing. Baker, Jimmy swaggered, a little. While later you had TED haggard and got another case from skipping a whole lot of one liners and just gotta. This represents a dns feeling that well can we have ever since that moment, particularly in culture? If you saw a pressure on tv justly Something was ok they're getting a their pants down to get caught in some sort of scandal, either skimming the donations or stopping the,
secretary or or just involved in something you're not supposed to, and you saw it in. You know cartoon bones and movies, and if you saw a cop drop at this plot, involve televangelist, you know, there's a guy easily a sixty percent chance to televangelist did it and if he didn't then there's a forty percent answered. The murderer involved, hit the of either sex scandal or skimming the funds, or something like that. We have this very clear signal and I think that there is real consequence to this beyond the giant stack jokes it I can't make it that there are eight televangelist evangelical are not synonyms. I don't really like televangelist. My I reach for my wallet and not too big a donation, but just makes Roma have my pocket picked when I see them, but that doesn't mean that every Evangel America should be tainted by a glaring hypocrisy and their inclination to bad behaviour.
By having their actually is something for those of us were Christians to say, ok, you're. The lesson of this is, it means you can become more power means more. A famous it means you can help people throwing in lots of money if you'd, necessarily a better person. You are, is vulnerable to temptation as the next guy there's. There's no you'll get any magical superpowers. When you end up in a more powerful position, maybe even gets tougher resistant, station because you're always surrounded by people telling you that your special you're always finding new ways to say yours. Yeah the rules say I'm not supposed to do that, but I can make that exist because I'm a really good person all these other ways. It doesn't really matter. If I do these things if all the junior their it'll just stacking case after case that this was a guy who didn't. We Think the rules applied to him that he was special when they perhaps because of his famous name. He could just do whatever he wanted and still be considered a good christian late. So no one actually shocked by this. I do feel bad
for Liberty, university students, secular buddy, Beverly Associate with the university. Where this the first thing that comes to people's minds, fur a long long while and dismay, Ass noteworthy. I want a picture listeners Matthew like a year ago- and some Hollywood three pictures pitches, a movie and it's about you know evangelical Christian later, whose on tv alot, who is in all than assorted sex scandal involving his wife and the poor boy, I just picture the studio had saying the poor boy really The little cliche and on the nose so but apparently this case through its true. The troika cook a question to you beyond the university and reputational damage a gem just refer to fall. Scandal will be remembered and have a greater cultural and or political,
if against yes or no now, because of all of the other examples that Jim interpreting Christopher Higgins used to say that you see one of these few weeks set your wife just wait for the scandal fair or not. That is now the expectation on the ground is already been broken gets yeah, I think, because Jerry fall well, junior and dull, from the back end. Twenty sixteen seem like such an unusual pairing. Maybe your natural buddy, hot movie that people will put this in the context of the perception and notice listeners. I say perception of a deep moral. Corruption at the heart of evangelical leaders. Our old friend, David French, has written about this. A lot then how? Where the whole book about this, the idea,
the Christian right until the leaders of the Christian right lost their way. I think our friends, like Ralph Republic, disagree very strongly with us, but I think there is an argument of attempt. Everybody is vulnerable, attempting and the bigger and more powerful you are. The tougher is to resist the temptation and full well as now, this giant you know Ten foot tall glaringly on site That says, hey beware of the whereof, the temptations of power, because it's very easy ticket, be convince yourself. Oh no, God wants, do this when, in fact, God does not want you to do that. I am also them say. Yes in particular, if Trop loses their the anti Trump Forest within the party, will be able to argue with some some good cause. That's tromp was was a low character and surrounded himself with all these people who disgraced themselves
and this is why we should listen to trumpet going for so, let's hit a few other items before we go jam, you finally upgraded to a big tv screen. I did it. Here's the thing: it's not like the old tv response Got about eight to ten years and we have a little bit of a pain in the neck to switch to HDMI cables, and is it going to port wine or port to which input is it in old, Tappan, oven so because in my wife is like China, we should get a new tv we should get. It seems you get a big tv and that's probably find it usually is the kind of a role reversal. We order one get it delivered its huge using the scoreboard Yankees. If you add low, she had all the wiring evoke prevent end. I gotta tell you it looks amazing. I can count the pores on all the faces. The convention speakers this week. Do I want to count the poorest? No, not particularly, in effect, I'd really like to add something, much more fun to watch the day that it can
To watch my new big screen television, but it really is pretty awesome, and so I look forward to a many many hours of not being as active as I should for anyone who remembers my discussion of my fit this last week yeah who one of my family members couple years ago for the first time got The massive tv and ninety six inch what'd, what's the big tv or what was a big tv, a couple go and as hd is accurately you got it. You gotta come watch it in. You could see every blade of grass and a baseball game and ensure enough. You know, there's a watched in eating or two You may see the ball rolling down that the first base line was quivering you'd, see little blades of grass coming up, but this also just a lot of stuff. You don't want to see her no- and I learned just to those few earnings at age Ape Burnett. This picture didn't work out for it, for the Yankees had this this tattoo on the back of his neck, and I did not need to know that so Charlie you're. Once again, our natural
down there. Florida consumed with the weather, while I am because its changed last time I did, the whether I was loving the thunderstorms? I do love the thunderstorms, especially at night, but we have had thunderstorms every day for two weeks and I've been trying to get a drink with my friend, which has to be outside because a search of distancing and every day I texted, hey you wanna, go get us a thunderstorm. Gonna go get a drink, got Senator George, I gotta get it last night he was actually busy. Of course, his fate would have it, but last night we didn't have a thunderstorm so about five o clock. I walked out the back of my house and it was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky, no rain, very little humidity cool enough that I could sit outside for an hour or so I thought this is. This is pretty good.
This is great sure. He'd been reproduced, giving twice a week whether upturn eye on this, and I want you and I together a little sad case because each time we talk about this, you mentioned something new outside maybe maybe or a woodpecker Where are you met and I'm doing the weather corner you're right, I'd forgotten about the other. Three so I can imagine and known anatomy the naturalist this week instead, I'm gonna be the big guy, watches history. You too, in recommend range, Matt Atkinson, who Ranger at Gettysburg knows a lot about the bad battlefield gives very winsome battlefield tours. And talks sprinkles as nice as the humor sprinkles in some some jokes with this matter,
but really brings dodger granular level. What happened at any given moment at one real particular spot on The battlefield serve you're at all civil war, but if you of fascinated by gaze burke- which I think you should be- and you haven't stumbled across these videos- you have spare me check him out. Just Google Gettysburg Ranger that outcome So Jim Gary at that time in the park, gas for editors packs, what's your pack, but my bridge before I go on observe I had a fantastic ranger. When I did the school trip to get his beard was not I just looked it up again that same guy, but anyway, my selection for letters picked this week is from my colleague Robert were broken its an argument against interest for political journalist, but a observes two weeks of political be asked is the last thing we need right now and this
not nearly my frustrations. I still have two more nights of watching the convention to get through. He points out that look. Twenty twenty has just been a crotch kick of a year. And people just may not be tired of it. We were angry were divided and the conventions at their very best aren't infomercial, you know, hear people saying: ah you know they fact Jack didn't say that ok, you know you don't hear a lot of touting of Pepsi and echo commercial and vice versa, so Can I hope you, I hope, you're reading my coverage, I hope you're following on Twitter? I hope you enjoying yourself. If you are paying attention to the political conventions But if you're not Robert were broken his with you and there are times I am with you. What's with you in spirit, dear listeners, take up what Europe My pig is J nor linger writing about Comma Harris in his Impromptus column, in particular, Bow annexed,
in Spain. Kemal Harrison know me Ral s list as well. Now I do not like come on how it all, in fact, if you were to make a politician in a laboratory, I would hate it would come on Harris and is a great example of why Harris. Does her condescending questioning thing with round the aim of which is to make it look as if route doesn't care about always an apologist for rape, which of course she is not, and I found myself reading this this column and saying exactly exactly over and over again to myself, So my Tec is before mentioned: Jim Gary's connection covered in general, but in particular a posted, drew on to make a point
when we were discussing might pontio earlier, which is that all these cabinet officials have talked at conventions. Before and Jim had caught corner postponing all this out, which was completely missing from any a cable coverage that I could determine. Last night then torn was manfully on CNN tried it to say are: actually you know, get cabinet officially do political things all the time. You know that the campaign with you, if you're congressional Senate candidate, but none of that made the coverage is another instance where, if you really one another for four context, you can trust, the mainstream media and you gotta go to other sources, including NASH, Review and Jim Gary. So that's it for us even listening to a national view, part guest and you re broadcast retransmission account of this game without the express written permission and naturally magazine strictly pro cabotage despite gas is produced by the ink.
Operable sir, surely makes a sound better than we deserve. Thank joy. Thank you. Jim thanks to conceived in liberty, enter american story and thanked specially to all of you for listening? We are the editors, we'll see you
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