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Episode 250: The State of the Convention

2020-08-28 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Michael discuss Trump’s RNC-ending speech, rate the overall effectiveness of the RNC, and consider the legal ramifications of the most recent shooting in Kenosha.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: RVB on the recent shootings • Charlie: Everything MBD has written this week • MBD: VDH’s piece “California Apocalypto

Light items: • Rich: A thunderstorm over Manhattan • Charlie: Fear City • MBD: The Ocean


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Tromp speaks and speaks and speaks at the republican convention, plus the disorder and canosa. We'll discuss all this more on this additional The editors average Larry, I'm joined as always by the right. Honourable Charles seed of you cook and Booby do Michael Brendan Authority, Jim Geraghty. Will return soon, you're listening to an national you podcast responses this week or the new book life is winning and they can see heaved and Liberty Park has from the Bradley Foundation. You listening to this podcast on on view dot com unclean directly on the corner were delighted to have you, but it would be easier for you and better for us if you made us part of your feed industry services out there from Spotify to Itunes. Like what you hear here, please gives glowing five star view on Itunes. If you don't like what you hear here, please
forget. I said anything so Amby Day we have a trump except the speech of more than an hour is not sincerely commentary on on the speech, but a minimal tired lately so literally had trouble, keep my eyes open at talking surfer. I'm not sure. I fully took this the speech on board until I read it this morning and it reads better than The delivery I've said that before about trump speeches, usually in the opposite way, because Trump makes the unreasonable things You know that they might say it as rallies, sound outrageous, because of that I've read this disorder. The opposite is. It was pretty good speech, overly long and repetitive, but didn't benefit from one trumps, teleprompter delivery, which has a great and to his relatively low energy level.
But what did you make it yeah? I didn't say this is not a great speech for him It was too long. It was in a lot of commentators we are saying that it was like a state of the union address three at this big laundry list and it a little bit of that any I think, if there was like just up total contrast between this troops. Delivery at the ending With the soaring rhetoric about you know, America, but I thought it was an attempt to hit a few beats pretty hard like. I thought he right at the top he kind of hit, but I deem to be the theme of the convention, which is America is good. Republicans believe
in America. You are a good person, and you should feel fine about voting for protecting your country from articles who don't believe in America. I also thought he landed on one Few lines of the night that I felt like lines of the convention that was directed towards that Trump, the Obama trumpet later when he said I have it here for. Forty seven years Joe Biden took the donations of blue collar workers, gave them huh and even kisses and told them he felt their pain. And then, if we to Washington in voted to ship, their jobs to China and many other distant lands.
Joe Biden spent his entire career outsourcing, the dreams of american workers, offshoring their jobs, opening their borders and sending their sons and daughters to fight in endless foreign wars that whistling It was interesting because I was wondering where that kind of attack was in the convention. And in those two lines He tried to impeach Joe Biden speak strength with why working class voters and almost to paint Joe Biden as the incumbent right like that Joe Biden is what you got for fifty years and you elected me, because you hated the results of The kind of government that has Joe Biden in it, I thought that was really effective, but it was such a small part of his speech in such a small.
The convention and I'm wondering if they determine that that message that those voters are really watching political conventions that they reach those voters, some other warehouse who else had prayed me done on junior. Did it Tom Cotton did it some day. This, obviously, is not my favorite attack on an Joe Biden, but where there are other so prominent in one thing as it's just struck by is so much. This convention could have been delivered. As my speeches as quench, it could have been delivered at any other Republican can Now, there's really trompe aspect. Has he got all that all the kids in
the millennium prime time, I guess a sits typical out first lady, but real emphasis on the family connections, and then people speaking, you know directly to the camera to tramp in and the over over the top praise. All that's uniquely trumped in and trade is something that the party has shifted on, but that a lot of it is rhetoric. You could hear it any other pumpkin. Commissioner Kroes. Decades year. I think I think that's true and I think it's because the hills, both a product of Trump being Republican and having to work with publicans in Congress, and so there was a bit of a meeting of the mines on what the first term agenda turned out to be also just the theme of the convention, this nope kitchen, yeah we're the patriotic party. The Democrats don't believe in this country. They believe it's wicked
And they believe your wicked and they want to cancel you if you believe America's good then vote for Donald Trump right. That's that's actually pretty comfortable message for most Republicans and I felt like Nicky Hayley and TIM Scar and others echoed that sentiment, air speeches, so maybe they that felt more comfortable for years, the court as a couple years. That was like the parlor piloting campaigning for and eighty eight and two thousand and four right, and you know it it. It also felt lake. No trumps, the only other thing I'd say that was different for the GNP convention and which I do It is a real change. Is I thought the messaging on abortion was way more.
Intense and explicit in this convention, any convention I've seen before in that's like a really interesting change. I think You know the leadership of the party now seems more company, than its ever been speaking directly to those issues so that that was different as well, but I thought I think you did. I would you think the speech it reminded me a bit of this old friends. Episode were Monica stating this guy could fund Bobby and everyone loves Fun Bobby, and then she notices that he drinks,
time and said to him here, thank you drink too much and he stopped drinking and then he's not fun Bobby any morn everyone's fund Bobby Back Trump is wild and unpredictable and often entirely inappropriate. You sit down. Watch him sometimes his downright sinister other times he's not potential but still entertaining, and we say could just be normal and then his normal doll, even when people say where was Donald Trump, that guy was so Dolly went on for an hour and a half minutes. He talked about everything in the plan is to survive. You say this good right before we start recording of listening to the five thirty eight pike ass. They do every night at the convention and in their doing there, the wrath of the trunk speech somewhat. I ought to know who it was. Who is saying this wasn't think together
you know if their private been more upside. If you just extemporised like he does it really is. What are you kidding me? maybe a little more outside that massive downside, but it does it does show that he can't. When I dont mean because people are unfair to him. I mean because he's just not normal and so when he tries to be normal rambling and doll and at some points, limp and when he doesn't, try to be normal, he's the Donald Trump harsher. I do think that he was one of the people at this convention. For whom the lack of an audience really matter I've watched Trump speak for a long time before. In fact, I've watched press conferences, Well, I'm down on my knees, praying the
will stop. He does half an hour and you thank Goodness Cisco. All right, and then he just keeps taking questions a keepsake ingress here. He talks. More than an hour at some of his rallies. He talked fur More than an hour at the state of the union, but there were people in the room, more than anything else or politicians who are successful. Do this to some degree, but Donald Trump really does have a solid grasp of his audience. He feeds off them. He senses what is popular. What is not? They help his time they teach him what jokes Landon, what lie land than and without.
Nor did he was moribund now. I don't think it matters, firstly because I don't think that many people stayed up to watch it. Secondly, all the parts that the Republican Party wishes to convey will be conveyed in segments on Youtube, been in television ads and on these programmes. But it was interesting that the moment he was a little bit nor more or complaining that the fun loving wacky Donald Trump. We all love, has gone away yeah. So like a besides tat it that trade. What do you think about it seems of the speech and and how they play You know it was ok, but I felt like he gave a better speech at Mount Rushmore just a few weeks ago on those, aims- and it was tighter, then
if he wants to cast himself as a defender of american those words, think he's done that better before and there is later there is a difficulty I think the attack line that Trump and report can such settled on where they say Joe Biden is an avatar for socialism in Amerika. I just don't think that as is the smell test for most voters right, you have to make this kind of complex argument that job I is a total cipher and he's being bullied and somehow yo see, will really be in charge and abide administration. An inner put parties make that argument all the time. You know that, oh in one from
an office in a really be in of the cake he or something in charge. I dont think it lambs. I think just Joe Biden, insulated buys age from charge radicalism. So I dont think I don't think it's nearly as effective as getting Joe Biden has failed past right. I think that's a much much stronger line of attack. So, China would you think of certainly attention. Not a contradiction in the republican case that a lot of trump critics are pointing out on twitter. Last night, which is that ok, you you're complaining about all this sort of ST saying how terrible it as the year, your present United States, Joe Biden, isn't so aren't you can? about what's happening on your your own watch. Your saying that people can be answered
for their unsafe. Now I find I wholly on persuasive. It is clearly the case that President Trump could do a better job of trying to tempt down the anger and bridge some of the disagreement in the United States, but I think that people whom That particular case making the same mistake they often make, which is to assume that the only government that Matt is in America is the federal government. I'm the only person that matters in the United States is the president. I can remember going on morning, Joe I'm twenty fifteen and being told when I complained about Obama. Well, if you're movement wants to, to make changes in this country. You need to win an election and our think what they did,
they want. The house in twenty ten there on the Senate in twenty fourteen, They control, so many governor ships and state legislatures they could almost I think that one point pass constitutional amendments on their own. The one thing unified government away from her, and still this message: nope, you gonna win an election by which they meant the presidential election, and I think that that argument rests upon the same mono mania. The fact is that the unrest that we have seen over the summer has occurred almost exclusively in cities and towns that are run by Democrats by police departments that are funded. Troll by Democrats by offices following laws, were written by Democrats. This isn't apart The second point is that a fact, the idea that Donald
from is to blame for what happened to you, George Floyd, the Donald Trump, is to blame, for, what is happening in Canosa Donald Trump is to blame for what happen in Minneapolis in Portland. Oregon is absolutely preposterous and I think we can tell quite easily that this is not the product of trumps attitude, which is an aim office argument. May including by Joe Biden, by acknowledging that this happened under bomber as well. We saw a similar have not identical dynamic play out in Ferguson. Missouri black lives matter was not found it during the Trump administration or even during the George W Bush administration, it was founded.
While Paraca bomber was president now I think it would be churlish in the extreme to lay what happened in Ferguson announced were at break up I'm his feet, and I think it is changed in the extreme to laugh at trumps feed as well. The reason. That the poles are suggesting. There is some danger here for Democrats, it's not because Joe Biden EAST blame anymore than Donald Trump is for the rioting, but because one of them has emphatically called it out. Sometimes, I think, to emphatically and the other Has not bite and is mooted in his criticism. He has endorsed it and has on occasion draw
the distinction between rioting and protest, but he clearly has no condemned the excesses. Sufficiently because if he had you wouldn't have, for example, George Packer this morning in the Atlantic, pleading genuinely pleading, begging Joe Biden together and make a clear, unequivocal, speech on this, rather than either staying meat in his basement softening the edges of his comments, and I
I think there are many many many things that we can lay at the feet of this president, but I do not believe that this unrest is among them. So Michael another contradiction or tension, is we heard a lot about how Joe Biden Scan it defined the please there's a lot allied with people who will define the police that is soft on crime, and then we also but a lot. How is supported a crime, though, that through black people in jail and was much too tough. Yeah, so I think I may be the only people thanks those messages do seem contradictory or they run in different directions. They are not, though, like a perfect contradiction and this is true in a lot of the ways, the Trump messages things rain. I mean, I think,
during the convention. We saw the same thing on the issue of foreign policy where Matt Gates rain. Paul said, O Donald Trump is the first, Madam President, not to start a new war, and then my secretary state comes out and basically says, we're prosecuting a secret war with IRAN in there. I think you can both portray. Joe Biden is having to crime bill that did limit thee, quality of judges to make judgments about sentencing in a way that is sensible. Argue- and I will add that this was an overreaction to permissive judges in the nineteen Seventys and eightys to attributed cry.
To social problems rather than criminal mindedness. I can also say that you know Donald Trump I suggest this reform bill and look at some of the people who were released and had there. You know their lives were deemed in some way. I don't think it's a pure a contradiction. I think it is just. Two messages that run in different directions and touch on different audiences. You know, I personally think Joe Biden has not done enough to distance himself from the unrest and riots. I think the Biden Harris ticket you know, to make a clear distinction between protests, which are good and riots which are bad. The problem is the only difference between. Seems to be set up and sundown right when the sun
it's a protest when the sun is down. It's a riot. And in fact you know Joe Biden statement this week or like up we'll both AIDS violent, which was a non sequitur. The others viral video out of Canosa, where someone says, are you trying to get Trumpery elected before I breaks into a store and think Joe Biden had does have to answer this, and I think he will be fine to talk about this more before the debates the waste has been so stable. There's going to be reporters you wanna, it'll least, the polish their bona fides by asking him one tough question. This is the tough question for him right now,. So, Charles Jason exit style, drew on the EC.
Invention and year view the best speeches connection was TIM and bidding. I was gonna sit him Scott, but I work at all you rightly say that may morning, threats are never actually just just do that, just the names we discussed hymns got earlier in the week, so you can take ten Scott I also see a generous and generous help, Michael Lucy, a tie between the cuban refugee, Maximo Alvarez and the main lobsterman, because I just think the normal people were much better than the politicians over all the line from maximum from his father. There's no place else to go when, when he's Julia
was that was one the life budget, but for me, clear, the echo had here but that was the most moving moment of the convention and I The lobsterman was sort of like this practice all stand in for a normal America that Trump and the Republican Party to represent themselves with I just noticed you were knocked it out of the park, so I think the best speech was- and I don't even think his clothes was and Dorn the widow of David Dorn, the retired african american cops, who helped provide security at Pawn shop in St Louis responded to an alarm trigger by looters and was killed in cold blood on the sidewalk. This was just an absolutely captivating,
experience and talk, and it is not unusual for people experience. Some grievous loss like this to give it really captivating speeches what I think bootstraps it up and two entirely different level. Was Europe for peace and for understanding against violence, that this was just a first class oratory. From a really credible witness and just completely took my breath away and legitimately completely and sincerely believe it. Everyone in America listen to that speech and took it to heart and acted on it. We will be in a much better place. Charlie cook, worst speech of the weak Kimberly go forth, shouting extravaganza,
I'm gonna go with another tie trump and pence I just thought so I'm sorry, but it's a convention to nominate them for re election sleep during pensive speech and I woke up and watched in almost fell asleep again it was horrible worry. I said my eye had trouble. Keep my eyes opened her chum speech. I did literally fall asleep during pensive speech. Yet it is not necessarily a commentary and speech. I fell asleep a lot of time during the democratically I'm getting older and just you know, but by around ten thirty or so getting really tired,
but I found my speech and I met you. Go back and read the transport right which I haven't yet that there is a benefit to plants, but also the downside is just how stereo typical a politician. He acts. He is everything he does the way he speaks the way he moves. Where he horses body. So I started tracks. He doesn't even said that often private. I interviewed him here. Five years ago, the National rifle associations, annual meeting when he was governor of Indiana and he's he's. That one or one: that's how I answer questions just has that bearing it was irresistible convention to knock that ticket and the image of the work was to build up.
Those two speeches and they were bad. That's a big feel in my book, so I'm gonna go with a near tie with Kimberly your foil and Melania Trump talk about this early in the week. I just thought: Melania she's, a she's, a nice lady and she's handle handle this role of class she'd want this role, but that was just a waste, a waste of twenty minutes or one slash two. Or what it is whatever wise but but I guess I got a Tippit Kimberly, though, has just Maloney had tried police do a reasonable delivery and the Gulf oils is ridiculously over the top so envy de most pleasant surprise from their public intervention. Who Eric Trump, I thought was pretty good. He whispered.
I thought your trappers good I've seen him. I heard some of them. For describing is previously, he wants, like bench, pressed a few CNN analysts he's spokesman for his father. Actually, spread it generally to the Trump family- I think I know people hate the appearance. And it is kind of weird to have all of his, it speak in some of their wives, in fact stays out there, but Dont Junior has like really put in spade work. As someone on republican hustings the last four years, and I thought air trump I think they're both. Actually, good surrogates for their father in a party that is lacking them. So we talked about this earlier this week in the weak ass for a letter grades from Jimmy Charlie on Eric and die
and a few Charley was maybe see out at a. I just think I don't think they're great persuades, but actually went back and Red Don juniors. The transcript Don juniors trump from com for. For his speech. Excuse for a column, I wrote an ill is really as it was a prefect of peace or rhetoric, I have to say, might have under under graded it earlier in the week, Charlie Cook, most pleasant. Surprise. The most pleasant surprise was that A convention in many respects felt more normal than I expected to my dad sent me this peace from the telegraph making the case that
This convention shows that is truly Donald, Chumps Party now and I thought the opposite rarely. The convention was shaped by Trump he's, a weird guy. He is a dominant figure There is a cult of personality, and so you see scenes that you would not expect to see. Or want to see at a political convention. We discussed it the deed, addressing the president directly as if he were Julius. Caesar is the worst among them. It felt to me, like it was a normal to pee presidential nomination convention.
With this guy. In now that everyone else had to work around, and I believe, as I have said before, that when Donald Trump goes, whether its next January or in twenty twenty five, the GNP will snapped back fairly quickly and that the gene therapy outside of trump such as it can exist independently is still fairly normal hasn't, lot of talent and is largely hewing to its usual set of principles. So I was pleasantly surprised by that and and by how Little Trump has actually changed the party per se. When he's not in the room Michael
Braun had really good come on this in the Wall Street Journal. Prior to the convention, just as political parties are, these hugely important institution since the these really long lived institutions and even though they had a very celebrations, obviously over the decades in over the centuries, the dna is estate, essentially the same as Barone are used at the outset. The republican Party, find itself as the embattled mainstream that their there, the insider soothe the true Americans and that their beating back this. This threat to the nation and tour ideals and the democratic voice kind of Bin the outside Us- and that's that's really. It's stays true, to this day. Charlie stay with stick with you most unwelcome surprise, other public
oh wait. I didn't say my pleasant surprise: ordinary people at that their incredibly powerful, usually there filler that they just most of them. You had to stop what you're doing and watch every word very poignant, very pungent. I thought there there more powerful and effective and most cases then that the politicians most unwelcome, suppress the most unwelcome surprise with that Trump and dont Junior are good enough speakers to have improved you got back, because if no because, if that is the case, then it seems possible, they will try to run for office and then my return to normal sea will be put off, you're right. You're chart enormously is gonna get challenged by someone. Charlie showed what is done. Junior or but it's different browser. If that person shares the last name and familiar,
ties to the the Champ family. There, that is, it is an unwelcome surprise, I'm afraid for what it's worth? I think right, I think Craig I want to address with Charlie just said em what it's worth think done. Trump is about. From Junior is more about me, no more committed to basic republican idea, is then other members, the Trump family I mean. I think he really is a conservative and I think he kind of is a bridge between the parties it was, and the party as it looks like under his father, the most come surprise think, but for me it was the opposite of Charlie's. It was like the disappearance of pop
because I'm a nationalism right, it was like well. Why? Wouldn't, even Why was there no talk of even the minor successes? Re like I've criticized The presidency and the party for use this generally but like why you think you're just even command say like we instituted the stay in Mexico policy and border crossings decreased. It wasn't even said I like it it wasn't even mentioned the didn't trumpet that wasn't the trump merchants. Now, maybe was before the before trumps Maya, but that there should have been if there wasn't that yeah you're right there should have been a speech just that this is the salad got control the border.
But there were, there was a huge border crisis which was turning into a humanitarian crisis and the president not only instituted the statements of policy, but he got buying from Mexico for edge, basically a joint effort to stop was turning into like a mass migration catastrophe and it does not even mentioned Unlike said, I felt like the other depressing thing I am also surprised that you know the report so clearly running from behind rights, like it was a lot of it felt like it: lot of messaging for come home and you don't have to feel bad about voting for us additionally users of theirs
was kind of a low morale problem with the convention and I'm not surprised, it was there, but I mean it's. It's an unwelcome development and our politics. Sir man must and welcomes surprise tat about this earlier in the week. I said something about it yesterday. It is an end from China covered some of this last night, but I really think they should divided. Given fifty minutes to someone to lay out in detail dates. Names of companies numbers all that their their coded response and eventually, all that out there all sorts criticisms you can make. You know that they should have acted sooner. They should have gone further. They should have internationalized it. Lies more rather than just working with states, but his face
I wanted to set it out in a systematic way from someone who's more credible than the president himself and maybe a step removed from parson politics. Given how important the issue is in the election. Given the emphasis the put Democrats put on last week is just completely baffling me so anybody overall letter grain for their pumpkins this week. I am I I'm giving, what our colleague gentleman's be mine, ass. I thought Here the two leaves were or way two week I mean it. You just can't criticized by Abiden as mentally vacant And then gave a speech with so little passion and connection between. You know your body, your mouth and the words that your speaking
So that was bad. However, I think the overall production they'll watchful than a normal convention. I like like the pandemic. I don't like the pandemic. I dont like the pandemic effect on the convention, which is The speeches go faster and there are more of them and you not just listening to a giant hall going in endless applause. And surprisingly, I thought the republican pieces were as well produced or better produce than the democratic ones the week before and yet Charlie than even the b. I think over all it was about ass, good ass,
could be, it's never going to be, and I am not a fan of conventions anyway. So this is a fairly high grade from me, given that. I also like last week I might be that the highest greater is great inflation. Here I think it gives Democrats be Plaza. Give the problem to be plus two. I thought there is not a compelling programming. I thought they also did a good job pride, better job and Democrats.
With the dealing with the pandemic environment in part because they they have people at a podium in an auditorium, I'll, be an empty one and then Forbetterorworse managed to get some. Some live audiences, four slash ten and Melania and the president I downgrade for the president's speech it. It ended on some lymph note, which was too bad and then discount. Also just for you know, there's this all this effort to puff up as a nice guy, not sure how credible that's going to be too to anyone, and also it's not likely to survive. You know his his twitter feed. You know within hours or days of the convention ending, but I do think they they help themselves that there's there's. No doubt they help themselves this week. So it's pause and hear from one
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Fourchan bookstore, simply go online to light, is winning dot org again, that's life is winning dot. Org go in order, your copy today, people again its life, is winning dot. Or to Charlie Cook we spate of violence and Canosa. We had look on it a little bit earlier in the week talking about Jacob Blake bout, shooting. Let's talk a little bit better. Another shooting. That's been highly controversial that that both sides are lined up decided of this one and how to look at it. There's a seventeen Old, who came to the protests.
Riots armed to protect property and ended up shooting three people killing two. I believe what you make of it. I think three things simultaneously her. I should say before I outlined them that I'm basing this on a good faith attempt to interpret what evidence is available, which is some video, some eyewitness accounts and there
testimony of the police. I think that this particular person should not have been there. He was seventeen years old, not even an adult, and it is illegal, if not just unwise, for a seventeen year old to walk around the city with a semi automatic rifle. There are some rules allowing seventeen year old to possess all used, semi automatic rifles in certain circumstances. We can't carry them around As far as I understand he shouldn't have been, there is nothing wrong with people per se being their armed, if necessary, to defend property, especially when the police vacate the area by all accounts. The police in Canosa were only interested in protecting public property and not private property,
This has been a problem. Some of their stories we ve heard, are horrendous. CNN make all the process fiery, but mostly peaceful, in one of the great entries into the diary of parity of this year, but there are people who lost their businesses and one man who was hit by a bus filled with concrete and had his job broken in two places. There's no reason why adults should not fill the gap left by police per se are the details of what happened I still murky, but it does seem that the charge that has been levelled against the seventeen year old boy is far far too stringent
The charges first degree murder. This is clearly not relevant to what happened from what I can see. The seventeen year old was patrolling private businesses at one point his thank by the police for doing so. He is then confronted by rioters who try to his gun, he shoot somebody who almost gets hold of his gun. He then runs from that seen his pursued by people who have guns. He shoot somebody else who attacks him and then he fleas. Having try
to give himself up to police he's, then he's been arrested in Illinois and extradited back to Wisconsin, and, as I say, I think you should have been nice seventeen years old. That doesn't mean I don't think anyone should have been there armed separate argument, But I am alarmed by the attempted to turn this. Boy and this story into something that it was not. First degree matter- implies premeditation. An active shooter is guilty of first degree matter. That is not what happened here and I dont think it will stand up in court out. I think it should stay in court and whatever the original ill hair, whatever one's political outlook, overcharging people is not the solution in matters. What happened in this particular case and it matters what
This particular person did you cannot pen on him or your frustrations with the world. Second, the. Idea that this young man is a white supremacist or a nazi of some sort to spend circled around twitter and the internet also seems to be fast, he may be a little strange was obsessed with the police is to go to police training sessions. His social media feeds a fellow. Back the blue names, but he seems to have been over zealous and perhaps myopic, not evil and, of course, in our present environment that doesn't make us good story ass
pretending. Otherwise, so it is. It is sad all round. If there is evidence that he was more proactive here, then he deserves to be punished for it, but at the moment it looks This is a story of a young man, seeing a gap in protection of civil society deciding to fill it being harassed, if not attacked and defending himself, and these cases are extremely difficult to pass out, especially in a legal sense as a result, and I think my choices absolutely comprehensive and I want to add that the Thee overcharging which is usually politically motivated right- is that the
the local authorities feel They have to get a big choice, on the books in order to appease the rioting. But of course this never works well, because then you know months later, a year later, a jury gets involved, and the defence lawyer have a much easier time getting their climb exonerated of the charge and then unrest him. Spill over again and we see that anemic over and over again I also think it's just those larger problem that We face, which is that the critique that, black lives manner. Movement has made of policing,
Of american society as a whole is one of systemic racism and the problem, is that This shooting of Jake Blake em we're no evidence that its racially motivated in in the way that we typically understand those words we had no but instead and still have none that the cop who shot him we'll get off just because of some sort of background racism in society or racist structure. Being made to fit the theory before me. Know very much about it and that's extremely dangerous, and you can see that the kind of work
he was now. This goes to in many apple is this week where last night there was looting and writing because there was an incident where up black man who was wanted on a felony charge, was confronted by police and he shot himself in the head rather than be arrested. Activists immediately put out. The word on the wire that the police. Had shot him in the head and I started up This is in This is a recipe where there is so little trust in institutions. So little patience for giving an answer from him through the normal means of restoration, and the justice system, which is a law, process. I just don't see how this
Hammock is going to back down in the months to come, and I don't see how people will accept that. What cops do is difficult, dangerous that occasionally involves horrible violence. And now all of that violence when it fall. On racial minority is racially motivated and in some way, and I'm wondering how this dynamic can be broken up without some and of ugly backlash, which I dont want, What color heads to prevail, I just see any on the horizon, the execution
you shall I cook. We will see more violence between writers and citizens, attempting to preserve order on the streets. Yes, for now, I think we may, but I don't think it or resemble this case receives to have been unique. It's possible that if there is more rising, then people will defend their property in that will yield violence. But this was This was an old one. All round Yeah, we're gonna, see more, I think, you ve seen Portland you ve seen the price Boys show up as a kind of right Wing street counterforce, two left wing riding. And I just think yeah people are boiling over with.
Anxiety about the election, about the coverlet, downs about being shut in and this an outlet for young men to get wild. I think we're gonna see more yeah. Unfortunately, I think we're going see more too. So without with pausing. Here from the sponsor this week, conceived in Libya, the Bradley Speaker, series making sense of current events during this extraordinary- can be trying can see liberties and new video serious. That offers meaningful perspectives through engaging fifteen minute interviews, visit Bradley Foundation, DOT Org, slash liberty to wash the most recent episodes catering for. Davis, Hansen, prolific scholar, writer and speaker, whose extent Thirdly, analyzed social and political movements today and throughout history,
the Martin, initially Anderson Senior Fellow Hoover institution, ensure the working group on military history and temperate conflict as well as a long time now sure view columnist course. Hansen is two thousand eight Bradley Prize winner and a member of the Bradley Foundations, board of directors and if so it Hansen discusses America's Cultural Revolution and the role that universities have played and exacerbating it. He also breaks the outcome. Members election and warns that remaining silent in response to the current social movement is dangerous. That's Bradley with an L E. Why, at the end that sounds abbreviated, FTP, an Bradley Foundation, DOT, Org, slash liberty to watch the video new episodes debut weekly, so come back often and subscribe to the? U to channel notified whenever a new one is posted again conceived in Liberty, Bradley Foundation, DOT org, slash
liberty. So, let's hit a few other things before we girls are truly cook you been watching and that such serious on the New York MOB. I have fear city. Yes, tat was the first episode last night I was absolutely transfixed it was. It was a nice break from the republican convention if at the first episode is shorter than than dont from Spain. I would therefore take a relaxing break from relaxing break from current events. While you now have a model yet not nor a huge difference between watching a political convention and a documentary about organised crime, But anyhow I would have watched the second one, but it was by that point midnight and I felt I need to sleep, but I will watch the next one assuming report back next week and we d than thinking that end
enjoying the ocean. You're, so am, I feel, has been on its mostly annual retreat to the Jersey Shore and enjoying the beach and the ocean itself. Right has this kind of hypnotic appeal It's behind the poetry so many it's it's a kind of character itself in the novels of Patrick O Brien, the kind of inspires great thought and fear, and I've been start, much the ocean itself, Like pre, modern people were right to almost considered another world unto itself partly because for some reason. This here again, I get afflicted with a particular allergy from the ocean and the region
I ve done is that it has something to do with jellyfish larva to generalise larva I'm alive yeah I get. I get this thing people used to think it was cool. Let's see lies, but it's they fish larva, Often my son, our vacation, I think from the waist down. We look like extras from the final scenes in the day after her threads nuclear up, all the cost movies, but we're great weak. A great some little less sounds wonderful. Sunnyvale were Charlie's meteorology kick late.
Eight one of Charlotte items not so long ago that there too understands and Florida and than than is followed by them. Next Epps of today there wasn't a thunderstorm was not amazing, but we had an amazing thunderstorm where I am currently in New York City, night and just what you thunderstorm role- and it is charlie- has explained it at make this kind of amazing, its special amazingly get global altitude and an apartment, and you can watch lighting strikes in and I got a very, very proud. I have a video of an awesome lightning strike. I'm trying to get down to the frame or you you actually see the strike itself just watch. The video seems like a little blur, but there is. There is an amazing bolt of lightning coming down in and striking out and I'm trying to isolate this get there the imagine and posted on Twitter see everyone has that to look forward to
I can't believe this. I can't believe this last week you mocked me from my whether light I too and you just mocked me again before doing your own man shameless Jerry, Muskrat, like rights for errors, pigs and the topic pic is a earlier in the week by Victor Davis Hansen, under the title: California, Apocalypse dough Victor is a Californian and deals with the taken California, by the Democrats, end California transformation from kind of a symbol of american pair nice and middle class paradise and the kind of frontier of our imagined dreams about what life in America should be like to really like that,
presentation of our fears of what american life is becoming a kind of it's all the big items from fires to invite mental rationing to the insane cost of living abandoned in forestry, your projects and the the ability of the state for the middle class, and I think this is a keystone for understanding american politics and his the great introduction to it check up? What's your pick, my pig is everything the envy has written, this week. I don't know if it's because of these jellyfish it's all about, certainly unusual for somebody to beyond all come back from vacation in such an green mood, but I'm enjoying angry MBA D.
Who is is taking on the conventions and the coming action in the state of american politics in general, with a foreign brow he asks what are elected. Republicans good for concludes useful as human shields in the culture war and not much else and his piece on Trump. And from prism. Having learned, nothing of any great consequence over the last four years is also excellent. So my take is the dual pieces from our colleague Robert were broken on both the shootings, the blacklist. Shooting and seventeen year old kids were just talking about. Robert is just extremely careful. He knows the law he gets down The details, and if you I want to know what to think about these cases, I shouldn't quite say that,
Robert leaves the door open and both answers are saying. We need to know more you want to really sober take on what we know so far. You gotta red rather broken. So that's it for us, even the thing to an ash review. Podcasting you re, broadcast retransmission counter this game without the express written permission of national vaccine is strictly prohibited. This park ass has been produced by the incomparable Sarah Sherry, who makes a sound better than we deserve. Thank you, Charlie. Thank you. Michael thanks to life is winning Anti conceived in liberty and takes especially to all of you for listening where the editors and we'll see you
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