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Episode 252: Hot Takes and Bad Remakes

2020-09-08 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Maddy, and Michael discuss Jeffrey Goldberg’s anonymously sourced report of Trump’s anti-military remarks, and whether or not we should boycott the new movie Mulan.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: Mike Brake’s piece “The Coming Police Crisis” • Maddy: Kevin Williamson’s piece “The Lives of Martyrs” • MBD: David Harsanyi’s magazine piece “An American Tragedy

Light items: • Rich: New baseball additions • Maddy: JoJo Rabbit • MBD: Mississippi pot roast

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the trump insulted herbs and should we boycott MILAN will discuss all this and more on this addition. The address umbrage la ramp joins always early summer time by Madeline, Mattie currents and the day, Michael Brandon, already Charlie and Jim Clarity will return. So thank you I'll just boxers this week are speaking for myself, the Newport buster hug banners. And masterworks more about them in due course, if you listen to podcast on that review, dot, com or directly on the corner, we're delighted to have you but be easier for you and better for us. He made us part of your feet at the streaming services out there Spotify the Itunes like what you hear here. Please give us a glowing fire.
Our view on Itunes, you dont, like what you hear here, please forget, said anything So Mbd we had wanted is consuming new cycle. Today. Maybe three four days over this Jeffrey Goldberg Atlantic story will have more of these next two months on up to the election, but Goldberger Ledged, the trumpet said various disparaging things about the troops most notably the way the story was that Trump refused to go to U S military cemetery with the fallen from older alone because he called these longer troops lose. Therefore anonymous sources that Goldberg used this to go via the story, which was Canada. Most explosive has commented Doubt John Morton
not a drop them by any means. At this point, does it asks whether that accounted for the cancellation of this particular visit? There's documentation, that bomb also says that he didn't hear trump to anyone as any these upon as losers on this trip, others possible that out of your shot, went Bob wasn't in the room. I he did. Bob mistake is, is quite sceptical, working Well, it's campaign season right. You know We ve come a long way in three years, I think from time when the Atlantic and other magazines were criticising the Trump administration for being a junta of generals?
to now they ve lost the generals and don't respect the troops. I am Pino Trump isn't impossible with his history of attacking John Mccain to say definitive, Lee. This is beyond implausible right, so so this is a weak spot for him. No one could say that
It's like so far out of character that he couldn't have said it. However, its four unnamed sources, one of them I mean it's clearly, I think if you re read the text clues. One of them, I think, is clearly matters, and I dont know what to make of many matters. If he's one of these unnamed sources, where he knows the new the president's character when he went to work for him, he experienced the president's character as someone who worked in the White House, but he left over policy differences, which was you know, something else that Goldberg reported exclusively when maddest resigned. So I know I know I know
to think that this attack on his character, even if it's true, is at least partly motivated by policy differences at us, wanted a different approach with regard to Syria, then the president did not us didn't like the the sometimes chaotic or oftentimes chaotic policy process with Trump. Ok are stipulated.
And I think this there's a kind of larger. I would not be surprised if this is just the beginning of a larger campaign. I kind of like reverse swift boating, where we will see more stories or more people featured in the future. Saying hey my you know my father's buried in that cemetery that you didn't visit for. You said this about veterans, and you know, and Trump will be tempted if, if someone attacks him personally, as he did with cozier con in between sixteen campaign, he'll go right back at them saw is. I think this is the Biden campaign through press surrogates, trying to open up a trap for Trump in in the campaign season, and it doesn't speak well, trumps care,
after that we can't just say definitively there's no way. He could have said this, there's their picking at a place where there is doubt about trumps solidity as a man you're mad at thirty. These joy to my my least favoured kind of from stories of the tribe era Louis is me one. Yet it was not from stop the trumps as it in a bad and malicious at rallies or an inner views or onto it that you don't need to go to these an honest resource stories about things. He said my certain private and I just didn't you just it's really hard to determine those empty visa to catch affect our now. Let us not our guy who's heritage, that is capable of say the sort of thing for some percentage. These stories are just fabrications. Your game games of telephone edge is really hard to tell, which is which the reason why I don't believe, the
the world were one part of it is one, as I mentioned the anecdote. Just please be wrong and certain asked attainable. And turned the weather was not just an excuse. It was a real reopened. To your trouble call anyone a loser but is it usually want someone has offended him or someone suppose tat. You know this is why he is called a candle loser so many times, but yes, it pretty We have transactional view of life, including military service. Obviously, yes, if he capable thing all sorts of extreme a callous things. Yes, Yeah, I know exactly, and I think it's a shame as well, because at the moment, the fundamental question when you when a media story like this lines, when your task should really be. Is this true? Nor is this credible or not.
There are four unnamed sources. Obviously it was written by the editor in chief of the Atlantic, which does give it some kind of serious this I'm, but at the same time it doesnt ever really get read that we it gets rate, as is this is, does this serve the narrative that we have of Trump, and I think a gem gaierty pointed out on the on the morning. Job they. Actually, this is an over simplification of his character. Yes, he's absolutely people. Of seeing things like this, but Gilbert goes a step further and suggests that this is really the only aspect of his character with regards to the heavy treats military personnel and, of course, there's plenty of examples where he's been warm and sunny and caned towards people for various publicity at moments over the years. So I think it is just one of those things where I also just don't know how much impact or influence at highs,
when people I'm in media circles, because we we have eyes journalists, we have kind of life and our credibility by being so partisan, and so in fear, I'm remained it slightly, although it was of a different caliber by Romania, slightly off the New Yorker peace against bright cabinet, which had one source claiming he it essentially sexually very great, please sexually assaulted, someone at a party and they ran that with one source obviously had a lot to do with the fact he was going to be on the on the Supreme Court, and I think this is another example things where, if you already like Trump or or you
or you are going to vote for him. Then you will think the meteor lying, and if you are already inclined to think that he is monster, then you will believe it and I'm not sure how much influence has to two people, who are your more undecided on trumped either as a president, like other email them. Quite myself thought camp. You wouldn't look at what is said and done say. Oh, this is the guy with open. Concur, amateur open contempt for the military coup in increase mode spending, he surrounded himself with the generals and in a pursued the aid reform and talks about caring for the troops all the time. Yeah, I mean he wants to either innocent people. Try to come up with this weird back story where he doesn't do well.
His youth and military academy, and therefore he has this constant grudge against against military figures. Military discipline- I just don't buy that you know one of the other funny things about this story that makes least detail. It seemed slightly slightly implausible to me, He was the common set about World war, one troops I mean to to talk about the way Still the way the men's lives were wasted in world war, one, it would demonstrate a level of historical knowledge that Trump doesn't right like this- is what people believe about World WAR want it's. What many people who purchase did enrolled or one believed about it, but I know I don't
the trumpets familiar with the kind of post war, poetry, disillusion. So you know I dont know what to make of it other than it is. You know this is campaign season in this felt, like you know, some kind of planned drop on on Trump and it was effective in that I too Genji was pretty effective in that there wasn't a lot of news going into the weekend and never lay breaking news so
you know my porters had a chance to just chat about it publicly in gear themselves, up to ask questions in Trump: do enough tv segments on it that Trump would begin responding to it, and now I think you know what C4 waiting for the next hammered to drop. I suspect it's coming soon, and that is the one who I think this is done. I take your point, though you know, but are not going to be directly going into the voting, booth, booth and, when a lever, what whatever you do in voting, both now based on a story, but I think the story and the constant drumbeat of There, Elk you know over the last four years, has helped create and in Trump there's a lot of possibility this himself, this sense of ass. Tat, I think, undermines matches
presidency in the image of it, but they key attack on Joe Biden, witches law and order, because there is a mismatch. Between tromp talking about law, law and order, and then this shambolic administration. And combative This is constantly stirring the pot and they see the ass. I am and the most methodology ology our know. How much did believe it or not. But just for the sake of argument take it at face value. It came out we, cannot are late last week that show that binds actually winning law and order and winning on who keep you safe and- and I think this,
a huge element that is, is just that the constant allowed of controversy around the proverb yeah. I think that make sense- and I think also it was our strategic moved it. They would go for as make who says the military angle, because it is such a staple item, four Republicans to distress that their patriotism and their respect for the military, and he is my senses that AL trumpet Trump is doing quite well with police unions and he's he's had quite an effective run with the argument that law and order is
really breaking date in democratic minutes policies, and so this was a way of attacking the law and order angle from a different side. I think it is very, very high stakes because of that I just wonder how far it will travel outside of the cave twitter sphere. Yes, I'm meeting: where do you see the risk amount. Get a matter. The general matter. It seems, even I dont think anything has changed in almost since the beginning of the year. Biden is ahead. He's ahead by more than Hillary Clinton. There was a slight narrowing in some poles after the convention, but Really very much seems it could be fading already, and so the question
When is know. The question is: are the right people being pulled now? We have no evidence of mass inability to pull the right kind of voter by modern pulling companies and in the last election they basically came very close within the margin of error in most states. So I still think Biden is a head, although you know, I think, as we've said in his ever has been said elsewhere, no there did seem to be a shift in mood after the conventions and Democrats did act defensively and in a couple of states where you know like Arizona where the polls look pretty bad for Republicans, nobody is giving up nobody's. You know the Republican Senate Committee hasn't abandoned ship and you know
Democrats are acting like they ve already got it in the bag, so the inner, maybe it's a little bit more competitive. The report suggests, but I still think widens ahead and Trump is running behind the he'd find Cor had a thing it up at some point led nationally for buying. If you take, the pull averages at face value is not really a second point. We that's like I'm afraid we're point. We because companies need to reverse that and get up plus one he destinies did cut that we basically Half, and that is right there in the around states, and there is a just pull the came out from Moscow And Pennsylvania held by just two points: Unlike the debtors, this is merely a deadlocked raised. So maybe that's that's a liar and by no more believed in and Pennsylvania, but
Seven point led for Biden, given the Trump Electoral College advantage is not what we were traditionally think of at some point we'd, it's true the addressing I'm a little bit concern about for the binding campaign is this effect, believing their own fate, in essentially with most of the media, are acting as a wing of the Biden campaign. There is this guy knows effect where, whatever the binding campaigns doing whatever message they put out immediately gets pick up from the press and immediately gets praise from the press, and there is a sense of like that: they're, not maybe touching the surface of actual american life and the voters in a direct.
Way, you know so, for instance, the binding speech in Pennsylvania last week condemning the violence and rioting, I saw all sorts of twitter praise for the speech. I thought. Oh, this is gonna turn out to be a big moment for the binding campaign, and then I tuned in and looked at the speech, and you know what struck me was TAT Biden looked you know week and not totally there in enough He was relying much more on a script. Then he normally would and that he was well beyond his prime, and so I sometimes wonder what impression swing loaders or people who are not paying attention
to politics like we are. I may be our little bit more tuning in at the last minute to get last minute impressions. I wonder what kind of Baden there really seeing yeah offered, they gave them the press not combined up as all the time or other by the press conference? Where were you fastball after fastball people after team, have certain job you, Mr Vice, president. Are you really passionate and asked by ever for follow up? A lot of your support is what you'd be more passionate had already said there. Is this really it's incredible, Mary exit question to you, your gas. At this juncture. November world will bring us a solid Biden. Victory, such there is not any post game nastiness with the election. A foul Trop victory is such that there is
that's enough a narrow, ugly Biden, wind caught up in litigation and post game contentiousness or a narrow, ugly trump. When I'm gonna see a narrow, ugly Biden when Emily I think it's none of the above. I think it's a narrow but clean Biden when I don't think tromp loves the job. I think he loves the platform, but I think he's not going to fight and the parties not gonna, give him the resources to try to contest a close result, and there will be much basis for one. Contesting it, I would marry, I say, narrow, an ugly. I think trouble will contested with everyone Europe is being. Even if you don't jerk me like the job, just the disobey. This is a high profile loss. Anyone can experience,
an american national life and follow you around forever says not arouse bad, and just have you looked a little bit more entered melon balloting? I mean a potential debacle. Several levels wonders boycotted the Red Mirage level, but don't craftsmen warning about which is a trumpet, winning on election, I pretty handily and slowly over days weeks, its reversed, and even if you didn't have trump yelling rigged in that serve contacts. You have a lot Republicans just saying this system that up the smell drawn to me. Then he could have state blowing bad pastor deadlines for fun rising their results you can get. Potentially arrival set forth electors flights of electors from various states.
That and then you just have it the issue of something like five hundred thousand ballots were melon ballots were rejected during the primaries there then number of male now much higher than the generals ear? You say to get a visa. Yet a million or more bouts rejected or about that should be rejected and in some states bout being more than the margin of victory for one or the other of the candidates, Russia's the formula for Really a nasty and higher mitigation, and it's just hard to see how you avoid that without one of the candidates. At this juncture kid have saved likelier much like whereby you're getting a clear free victory. I just I just don't see it happening. Let's pause, that's the case. Then it's gonna be fought in the streets because
there will be in any long contest post election. There's gonna be a crowd of tens of thousands of people in DC all the time and the temperature be turned up really high and that a giant crowd in major cities. That's demonstrating for you, I'm to concede, or whatever will attract crazy people like you know, or a response people like a Kyle Red Mouse and I then all bets are off. So I'm just I'm gonna wring its clean. Then you praying There could be horrible. I was talking to friend about this earlier today, recording Tuesday afternoon, we want and we learn from our adventures at last twenty years. It is having a lot She doesn't doesn't subtle anything in analyze the size. Actually, an election can be create more chaos
more contention, then the not having a it could be that that's the case right here and there, the USA in the fall. So a man happy. Let's hear from our responses to this absurd, sir, how to be Sanders had the honor, speaking on behalf of president drop for two years now speaking herself bitterly audio book them. More speaking for myself, which is out right now finish journey, is take or from Arkansas to the White House and back and she's finally telling the whole story from her perspective. This time, speaking for myself, fenders takes you inside the White House for the truth about the most controversial moments of the trunk present and their epic fight against the liberal, mob and forces out to destroy Damn you hear about behind the scenes stories that only those Then the inner circle have ever heard before, or do you copy a speaking for myself, written and read by Sarah? How could be sanders were ever audio books? Are
sold some area the controversy going over this new didn't film MILAN that the highest. I learned, but I dont know I am no authority on it. So you say highlighted thank you it is based on. Was there an animated movies? so they may live action movie based on the idea that too on China. Father goes off to abide by figures. The draft in the military and she's she's left to defend the norms, bad or something like that. It's uplifting story about this a teenage girl, learning how to fight and defend herself and is big controversy? Has it was found in China has found an art java and found in a province. Where are the winners?
are undergoing this genocide and someone caught this couple days ago, that actually the credit for the film it drags various departments of the chinese government including ethical propaganda outfit in this province. What do you make of it? so. It is even worse than that, because the lead actress has spoken out against the protesters in Hong Kong, and so it really is, it is difficult to say really the extent to which has been directly and isn't it the story, as has been directly employed by this kind of propaganda, this agenda, and I see that as someone you haven't seen it that's. Why difficult for me to say, but I think that it is obviously tainted, and I think that boy courts are sometimes a effective way off of sending out a message to
and a cold regimes, and so on. So I am very much in support of boycotting, though I think, there's a Thursday even better reason to boycott the, which is the review is asking to see it rather dreary and dull, and so that suggests their actually been waste of money and Germany likely to get forty minutes in the difference with NEO recently that were consuming movies at home. Is that, unlike maybe, these are really quite unlikely- take up and walk out half way through if your board, now you just turn off so it looks like it would be a waste of money anyway, so yeah Emily yeah, I mean you know in August, on an ethical pen, America, which is kind of a free speech watchdog, released a report called made in Hollywood censored
by being shown which kind of captured how not just that your studios, but a celebrities have been captured by the chinese market, which is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. A lot big blockbuster films, the bill. This model is premised on the idea of doing a lot of business in China. And so the studios themselves. Will you know said, sir. Arches in top gun or were you know, make some weird creed choices in their films like setting,
up battles in China were even saw. You know I don't have people, remember the Martian film, where the kind of through in the Chinese these programme and praise the heck out. Of that mean these are efforts to them by the shooting, It not just to get that particular film into China, but to get more at other films from a studio into the chinese market, and I think we're really coming to a point in America where american audiences are going to start. Turning on companies that do this too much me. We just that the number of things that have happened, both the human rights campaigner for the Wiggers thee, the
down in on Hong Kong also that the kind of insane way that China's diplomatic apparatus has been acting in the last year. You know telling not just seen- needs these but telling Britain that when it was rethinking it's five g infrastructure, they know you had the chinese diplomats, the United Kingdom go on.
Sunday chat, show and basically say the HEAT United Kingdom isn't a serious, modern country anymore. I think all of that is blowing up starting to blow up in China's face, and I you know I I I hope it doesn't mean. I think the film should be boycotted here. You know the feeling is mutual right. I mean Darrell Morley Morning of the NBA criticise what was happening in Hong Kong and that inspired a chinese backlash against NBA, which eventually resulted in a termination of their tv contract in China, which was extremely lucrative and down the egg. I think it's kind of weird to say it, because these are entertainments and these are are not. You know this.
And, like major nation states, choosing sides, but it's it's time for choosing and in Hollywood Hollywood. It is astonishing that the how Hollywood, which has made so much in the past two decades of its hatred of resistance to The Mccarthy era, blacklisting and censorship by the region of decency in the nineteen thirties and fortys that now then that's kind of like the moral standards they ve taken when they lecture the countries that we stood up to these forms of censorship. I mean the fact that they allow much more intimate censorship to shape the choices of the whole industry from China.
The legs at its going. It's going to irritate people more and more, and also, I think, there's some limited appetite in America for movies, glamorize, the chinese state, military in space programme, yeah. It's amazing thing: there hasn't been a movie with a negative detection. Is China, where, with Chinese and that that I'm aware of some seven years in Tibet in ninety ninety seven, so it become servitude, who's the villain going to be of this movie is it's very often Russians or people with accents from that part of the world. I I saw, I think it was the first Olympus has fallen, and I think I've been maybe three of these now about the White House being taken over
and destroyed by terrorists are prevalent and one is movies, is North Koreans North Korean, somehow get a bunch of North Korea has gone to disband outside my I'm ruined, But you never do you never have the chinese not in, and this is one just a symptom of China's market power. China the shows we gotta be a totalitarian society hostile to the United States. It really pays to have a big robust market, so this kind of self censorship going on I would want to remove play and China and succeed in China and to their there's the active measures that China takes you punish anyone who says a discouraging ward about their society. Yeah, I also used to wake. Wonder is well whether this is just something
so, did the their wretched all on movie came out in ninety ninety, I think, and it Even then, it was one of the more progressive female heroines because I think the story is my understanding is, I'm not I'm not sure how important the love interest is. I think she's very much can of defined Gender stereotypes and things like that and when, I assure you that there is no ache. Do worse synopsis of this movie tonight, but I did
start deciding who is if it is based on what you do funded enough. It never actually appealed to me when I was because I was very young when, when it came out and day like like a small child- and it never appealed to me all the princess- and it is because I was a little tomboy growing up, and so I wanted to do to watch a movie about about people who were it'll princesses and pigs, because I thought that was more interesting where's. This disclosure village was an obvious tomboy, but the day rigid beating the beast recently, the with ever worsening things envy you give a a of woke feminist agenda and just completely ruined the whole thing. So I would be interested to to watch this movie on its own its bearings and see whether it came to the king of relatively conservative folk tail, which I think it was based on or they try to put the walk again.
And is well which obviously, given that they take the controversy, the human race controversy, which would actually make it even more noise eating Holy Year of the new building to be it wasn't good today We have a wonderful story, may not be a great year new issue. Ever Watson can't sing and can't really, I am just doesn't know what woman is, but that there are different,
issue may do I ever since it was just very dull and say that I felt that the beast was slightly emasculated and I did. I did see a very, very funny cartoon recently or web of it was busy in the beast it's the first picture. Is them falling in love and then the second pictures them kissing and in the third picture is based is turned into handsome prince and giddy has turned into a beast and of course, if this was the end of the story than then the prince said, the next picture is walking away because the point being that matters were were interested in that respect. But I thought I thought that was the actual progressive story. If you want to do if you wanted to make it fit for the twenty first century, but what it has to do with your original question, which I drew up and three gladly day period of, if I did not, I I think
three makes are pretty bad right away. The live actual, These are bad. Latin was very poorly reviewed. Gay. It's not a good sign for Hollywood, when the big, when the remake switch were such a heavy, come such a big part of their annual attempt to get in the black or failing to cuz. Now you have a whole generation of creators who don't know how to create something new. Valuable Emily, just just another thing on my last thing on a chair by a brings home to you. Why do you ask your office are had managed to catch up figure out how to have enough of a market that they were richer and and had more buying power either. Said contention over seldom grain and things things that after him, the cold war and had there had had use of power. The way
China does not just because just main thing that you you have this adversary with this enormous, like soft power, in fact, an inward an adversary. This completely You shouldn't be admirable in the least to anyone, but is able to counter reaches tentacles. Within our society and move the needle and ways it is hard to see how move it back right and it's it's. I think what is offending people and why you know maybe explained part of why the ratings for the NBA crashed until the play off Is that, in effect, China's using that soft power to take sides right like in effect in the in America's Cultural Debates right, is that I think on the reasons people are going to react even more intensely to Hollywood
or they reacted intensely to the NBA is precisely because these are places where the stars have no function about criticising. Social leaders and political features of american life right and effectively that the chinese government's interest now as well, if it's involved in the expert in public financing, things that are poetic expressive to be simultaneously silencing criticism of a genocide engine Jane and though this nothing of political freedom
and the breaking of international treaties in Hong Kong while amplifying you know radical criticism of the american founding in the american society with its a tooth too for fur, China and yell. I think if you were trying to describe it to the Architects of America's cold war strategy, they be horrified. I am in it. It actually makes you a little worried because in a way in one of the effects of the cold war was
the United States became a little bit more centrally planned and militarized in response to what the Soviet Union was in order to defeat them, and I think it would be a real disaster if to try. We found ourselves in a position where we allowed China to grow. To the point where we felt, like you know, at least in some way, starting to imitate them in order to enter them right, scraggly, Maggie practical. That kind of a personal question. Are you personally, a boy Carter or not you boycott products? And yes, I do. I do like right. Leg love like I. Actually I stopped by Starbucks after the the introduced, a cookie and
The UK that was of a mermaid- and it is for the heart- heresy, this cherries, terrible charity, which a grand glad I don't know about- that. I could keep going. Doggie me. I don't know, I don't know they did in the U S, but so, basically, very fragile. He doesn't know discharge debate. The mermaids UK aggressively promotes edge sex changes for children and cuts that tries to cut appearances and try slowly the government to introduce really radical policies. They had every Starbucks today that a fundraiser for them and so on point: I thought: no, that's it I'm and the cost is not very good at it again. I don't know boy going because it's always is always what am dissatisfied with
anyway, I love about this is just one word reason not to buy very middling coffee, which, incidentally, overpriced exactly committee, have a you know. I try not to be. I don't because there's no way I find like it, it tends to be that I can't be consistent, like I'm, trying to hold corporations to consistent standard, but I dont explore what every other corporation does too in order to like make my boycotts rational, but like it's, No, it's it's interesting to me. When I worked, boycotting as a technique. Is it keeps changing? So, for instance, now you know the boycott of advertisers of like say, Tucker Karlsson, show it's not a real boycott
basically just a series of press releases or no bottom outrage on Twitter, threatening to boycott, and That's aimed at a class of political activists in these corporations. It's like a message to them. Tell your bosses to knock it off and then there is not really a threat there, like the it. You know the original. Do you know the story? The original boycott rich, I do not so boycott, is the last name of a landlord in Ireland Charles Cunningham Boycott and he had no idea if you like, Lord sandwich: Charles a kind of anyway. He was
Tori S land agent in Ireland during like a lot of political turmoil about property and land and am basically the boycott was total social exclusion of this man. No one would talk to him. No one would acknowledge his presents. No one would sell to him. No one would interact with them and ordered and they did eventually drive him from Ireland entirely. Like people were afraid to talk to him, because you know they would think that they're, like cattle, would be murdered. If you spoke to this man say that, like that was kind of like the frightful way, the boycott
began and now it's something kind of entirely different. Yeah, there's more to be said that society has lost a lot with with shaming having lost its force and basically a longer being a thing. All those comic coming back, you know in a perverted form now, but there they offered down. At the time, it was really arse honour on people had at a cost, which is I'm not really boycott her. I don't pay attention to most of personal stuff, I have the closest I get to boycott. The worry on its empire. Stop watching movies online, like Mary, there weren't any good in him anymore either. But now, I guess, cosmetics, pretty good case. Charging us way out where the Essen, it is wrong to do that. Bill. More
He he told a retarded joke on another planet, fifteen years ago or twenty years ago. I never forgiven him. I never gonna show an whatcha by never watched it anyway. If I am a problem, a boycott her on a particularly poor one with that lets pause in here from our second sponsor this work this week, Fury master works. Did you know ninety percent? all developed. Government bonds are yielding under one percent catholic journey, better you're, lucky to scrape anything over one percent money has to somewhere in bonds other than providing a hedge dont provide much else. Preserving your well, it is harder ever been network masterwork. Come then you're looking addressed by outside the market, then take a look at masterwork. They make it possible to invest in works by artists, like banks, He came a w ass and
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I really like to it: some film by a guy who's name, I'm going to richer tight, Tycho, whacked e g. I think I'm and it's about a little boy who, sadly, I have no idea. What sounds like you said it wrong. I said it with the bank zero level, confidence which definitely didn't it I would try again, but it's too excruciating enemy. It is by very talented guy who reads about this this little boy here become infatuated with Nazis embassies growing up good, that's derby and eat Tat were used. Not a variable is this guy. They have accommodated people yet yeah. I know the Armand Wait didn't like animals of peoples it like it, but the thing is because
went in expecting not too late it, because it's not very regional, couldn't concept and also seems to potentially be making light of the very serious subject. I think the domestic day, the on the subject in the air and the target, though, because actually it was more about how much maned grappled with ideology and end. The can Edison simplicity of the child's made in making sense of what is just evil was actually quite charming and well done. I thought, and I thought it was quite an it was. It was a very original way of telling the story, so I liked it. I think I was also just very surprised to like it
so I waited where because of them and envy, do you had Mississippi part roast or would we get yeah so of the summer mighty? My brother and sister in law had little event where they prepared. This amazing part rose dish and, and we tried her handed it- without this was like, when the most amazing things you ve ever eaten told us, it was criminally easy to make an damn. It really is its literally just you take of five pound chuck roast, throw in like two packets of flavouring that you can buy any store a stick of butter and some pepper Chinese and let it go for nine hours in the slow cooker, and it comes out just incredible. So we we made this for some friends last night for a labour to get together and it was poor.
So it's pretty is pretty easily Google there, like a gazillion Youtube videos or food blocks that right about it, so check it out MR typing not now not super spicy each. There's a little hint of of space. You can you can upper and lower that the number of pepper Chinese he put in it to kind of a just that, but it's just super flavorful, indifferent than a normal part roast. Thank does it. Four flavour profile. So Mary was surprised, who enjoy Georgia. Rabbit I've been surprised. The sole baseball season such as it is and to enjoy the summoning double hunters and to enjoy the runner, starting on second base dream extra earnings and so taken, Michael we'll run historian
There can be a better idea. I have better idea. I pick it became actually makes it into eleven. The runner should start on a third and that makes it into an accelerating they wished to start with bases loaded. I think this is suggesting tremendous innovation that the best bombings that double down wonder why, when the editor of National View, says that we wonder of conservatives have conserved anything in this country, I've been trying to show you on the corner about their say: I've had a tentative supper with your tentative like you. Suddenly, the double higher seem pretty good, but now I under what they saw this morning, I really double down. Trying to get like one of you should issue is whether you know that you're patchwork, Zuri yeah Demagogical supper, therefore nothing so far cricket. I think you ve done enough. He saw just jealous German near coast is paramount, four hundred and seventy four game season with
All aiming game, except with double hers which to be subjects I mean well, maybe not so glum about the end of the american way of life. In a contested election the sailor Caroline deserves to go down the drain. I was about time, for others packs bad occurrence what you pick menace Kevin Williamson's, the lakes of martyrs and he just kind of laissez Thea the potential for a person of conviction to tap into this. Sir collected madness that were received great, never needed to states. In its quite a terrifying, spit, it will, as you know, is very well done so recommend anybody. What's your favorite son ass, a person stories, machines ass, you call it an american tragedy.
In which he begins by singing the praises of his local public schools and, the kind of amazing unity in of diversity that can be found at them and so the kind of asked it is to take what is it know in itself a kind of evidence of America's greatness and then introduce into it at this. He. Nineteen project and other ideology is saying that, in fact, this is a poisoned chalice of a country. I just think it was really well done and kind of a perfect mania
more elegant ways to refute that project that we ve done, and I recommend it to everyone who my take is peace by might break is actually the homepage today on Tuesday to coming police crisis Please I got costly, undermine or go take a step back and we're going to see more of the darkness was already seen, and says around the country, the old, so a little bit will be Jacob like case, which has just been so widely a distorted. Routine, have media accounts described his arrest in it shooting without even mentioning the knife.
I have already had an eyebrows reaching for an eye and the way I look at it, the Jacob Black case. Is it really a tale of insufficient use of police force required I was running out of control and on twitter you'll, see no guys getting by fire, but by the cops and treat very I fully agree with the term oh my gosh, you know how can this happen? miracle and outrage, but would you in the Jacobites case, is a cop to tackle them and put his eye me on his back and to keep them from going anywhere and arresting them and put her of the item. And then he be an added jailer the jail by now? Might the charges against them? He can complain about how that cop treated him, but they would have gotten to Where he was reaching into a car with carbon
knowing what he's going for thinking, he was going for a neighbor knowing he's gonna die at having to use a deadly force. So anyway, this I can't read, recommend this might break peace on earth, so that's it for us even listening to and after you podcast anyway broken because Mr Kallas came up express written permission. Of national, you magazine strictly prohibited, despite gases embraced by the incomparable surgery, who makes a sound better. With your bank, Mary beg you anybody, thanks to speaking for myself, you, Sir Book and master works, and especially. To all of you for listening where the editors see, you
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