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Episode 253: Would Woodward’s Words Wound? A Reprise

2020-09-11 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Jim, and Daniel Tenreiro discuss the newest Woodward book, the California wildfires, and the 19th anniversary of 9/11.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: W. F. Buckley “A Hero We’ll Never Forget” • Daniel: Tomas J. Philipson & Eric Sun “A Scientific Approach to Evaluating COVID Policy” • Jim: Kevin’s piece “To Out-Nixon Nixon

Light items: • Rich: Pancakes • Daniel: The Biggest Bluff • Jim: Being the father of a teenager

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders had the honour of speaking on behalf of the president for two years now she Speaking for herself in her new audit book memoir speaking for myself out now, Santa's journey has taken her from Arkansas to the White House and back and she's fine. Really telling the whole story from her perspective, this time, speaking for myself Sanders takes you inside the White House, for the truth about the most consequential moments of the Trump presidency and their efforts. Fight against the liberal, mob and forces out to destroy them. You'll hear about me I and the scene stories that only those within the inner circle have ever heard before order, your copy of speaking for myself, written and read by Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Wherever Oddy,
books are sold. Tromp talked about Woodward on the phone eighteen times and the West Coast Bird will discuss all this and more on this edition of the editor as Irish Larry I'm joins, always or occasionally, or actually for the first time ever by the sage Authenticity was Jim, Gary and first time Collar Dan, ten rarer, Charlie, and envy deal return soon. Your listening to a national you, podcast sponsors this week are speaking for myself, the new Sarah. How can be Sanders book and master works more about them in due course. Fearlessness podcast, Alnaschar view dot, com and clean directly corner were delighted to have you better, be
easier for you and better for us. If you made as part of your feet in the services that out therefrom Spotify to Itunes, and if you like what you hear here, please give us a glowing five star view on Itunes. If you don't like what you hear here, please forget: I said anything so Jim Clarity to the shock of no one, there's a Bob Woodward book that is not working out very well for the White House and for down there, their a Woodward book previously at the Trump administration, I believe, called fear. This one is called ray each, I think, one thing you want to do if you're the pressing United States before cooperating as such a book is asking about. What's your working title, you know is carefully consider it quiet confidence or is it rage, but Trump didn't participate and the fur
book on the sage. Advice of Kelly and Conway is actually a hilarious recording of woodwork, of Trunk Collingwood word and complaining about this book and expressed his disappointment. He didn't get a chance to participate in it and what was like? Well, I I you know, I think I may say request with Kelly and dropped like what actually like thanks a lot bob for mentioning her, but she was actually right. Trump was wrong. The trump wanted to I thought, thought he could sway would word or just enjoy the idea of talking to one word: whatever was eighty now eighteen times I think nine hours the main news out of this book sure enough He is something that Trump and himself to what on the record and audio taped, which, he said in February that viruses deadly staff its five times more deadly than
The common flew seasonal flu. It spread through the air you best. They don't want to mess with this thing and in March in such good conversation says, says, he's playing it down. What do you make of it? First of all, for any listeners who are confused at this moment or something about this podcast doesn't sound right. You are not listening to a re run of the editors podcast from the Obama administration, the Bush administration, the Clinton administration or the preceding Bush administration. When you hear us discussing Hey the present EC, braids with Bob Woodward Book and it didn't turn out well for him. You could say this really is a bipartisan tradition in Washington. I couldn't,
stand the instinctive response and we should do at least one interview with woodwork, because, owing to the the colon power rule, you always come off cross better in a Bob Woodward book. If you talk to him, if you don't talk to him, you become the villain of the story, and so obviously that beat your people always read through the Bob Woodward books. With this perspective that the better, if someone comes across the more likely they are to have been one of Woodward sources, that having been said hey, let's do it with wood work? Just so we have our our perspective in their at eighteen interviews. Lasting nine hours are two different things, and no one should have been that surprised. It also says like there was not a great deal of other staff in the room, keeping track of what tromp was saying, and so, as result of it, he would just blurred out things on everything from the aid in a secret weapons programme. That is this faster than it.
Ass to these comments about the corona virus earlier in the week in the mornings old newsletter. I, though I went through it. I was almost every big scoop, at least one that was in the first Washington Post article about this forthcoming book. I guess it's out now, all of them everything he said trumps said something pretty darn similar in a public interview. Sometimes in the White House, Sir, he told Harris Faulkner. He thought he had done more more for the Black Sea and the other president other than maybe Abraham Lincoln he had and if he had the idea of it, it was
was tryout out trumpet. He was was downplaying it well yeah because he said he thought it was gonna go away and he said that it was gonna, be nothing and we we're totally contained it coming in from China. The lit the ports are all there by by MID March, you should have set out. The president is downplaying this. We do not have. This under control did not not contain this. I don't really think this is going to be the enormously shocking aspect of it. I think there's kind of an overall theme of this experience of Trump with Woodward. Is it really nothing that the president can be contained? The prince it can't be stopped and perhaps most costly. He can't be saved from himself look couple years ago when he was Embassy news reported. The trump has not held a single mock debate session and has no plans to go through any formal practice round. They look. Maybe trunk goes out their up against Biden, cleans buttons clock. Maybe does
needed, but most people would say hey. You know what one practice round wouldn't do any good. Let's get somebody in here to be Biden. Let's go through the motions of the kinds of attacks and criticisms, binds gonna make Let's see what you ve got, you know how ready you are to respond and what you ve got it. You know facts at your fingertips. What arguments you're ready to go it Sarah was avails, observe every incumbent president generally does badly in the first debate, because every incumbent president is convinced are totally prepared for it. They give a bomb against Romney back in two thousand. Twelve Bush against carry back two thousand for generally incumbent presidents, are totally convinced there
prepare for the date of the first. What happens if it goes badly and you kind of think that least somebody would say. Mr President, I strongly recommend: let's do one practice just to see how it's going to take that long to hours. Let's see how it goes, but Trump doesn't think he needs it. Cuz he's convinced his instincts are always right. He's convinced everything! That's his gut is going to teach him better than anything. Anyone else has to pee show whether it's dealing with a debate or whether it's dealing with Bob Woodward and President cannot be saved from himself everyday. He wakes up and find some new way to be his own worst enemy. Yeah. That news about the debate prep, it's not surprising, but kind of terrifying. Given the way that'll be on this first debate and given that income and present it to take care much more seriously than than Donald Trump does how how poorly they generally perform in the first two pay. It's just that doesn't seem like a formula for six
but but we'll see, I I will say just on the on the handling of wood word Dana Prima. I believe made this point on on Fox yesterday that the day before we're Talkin Friday afternoon here That's the Bush White House. They they they didn't cooperate and one book, and then they did cooperate with another and it just it didn't matter above both bad books. I think The only time he was come out kind of ok from all these books is the Bush White House? They just decided to embrace the book after came out and said, despite which might think this really tells a good story about administration. Well, we ve been conducting the war on terror. I think what would maybe done three, maybe two three Bush Bush books. You know there are eight years of good anyway, Dan. Let let's go to that the substance, this little bit, and I should tell folks something or something about you: you're the roads. Fellow at an hour you written lot about data written about covered. You been focused lately,
our new project capital matters are running about lied about finance and he can next, so welcome to the the podcast. What Do you make of just the choice This shows trump. This shows knew you know, he had a more dire, more more dire assessment of this virus. The most people were where a publicly at the time in February didn't tell anyone. It didn't start that we can see? I got five on fire within the administration, and this is just rank malpractice and dishonest and a cost. Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of american lives. Where'd. You get the worst. This is It could be incorrect could have been foolish to dampen, but certainly wasn't very and you need even on the tapes. He says that he was in order not to create a panic which
Jim pointed out? We are now because he knew we watched it happened. So the bar for almshouse or so felt themselves is now, remarkably well and on the point of cooperating with what were you I think that Trump as somebody who built his career on on talking to Gaza column And tabloid journalists search and be entirely, the pricing that I'm begging you, he's talking to the to Washington's stenographer. The guy that yeah I've heard these more recent. What were books and down there, the common friend is right down everything that everybody tells you presented it mom cell and. And see what happens, and I think again from what I've seen it didn't plight, didn't quite right, it did. This, it's not news.
And I don't think it's it's going to be especially damaging to him. So as far as possible, his politics goes annunciators, as especially consequential, though the what what did your take on just their different theories about where tromp was getting this information from because you know is as far as I've I've been concern. I've been following an course: the virus reasonably closely that there was a your focus on the fact that they born and the fact that touch isn't as as big. Feels we thought initially and told your fairly recently last couple months or so, but but he was tromp right at the at the outset saying this was that is based on initial reports from China or, what's what's your understanding where he would have been getting this assessment of the virus.
My guess is that it's from the intelligence breathings that were held in January in early February, I think he wasn't the only one. That is one of the big stories that we, I'm in this new cycle, forgotten, as there is totally laughter and then the ruins trading scan dollar alleged scandal after after the Senate intelligence breathings? On on the current environment, say, I think I think, as early as January, twenty bird there was. Commissioner, intelligence, that this could be a pandemic and. Yeah. I think I'm my my sands and trumpet amidst the revenue side of the true that seems as that in order not to You re a planet in order to try to try to address public health emergency as effectively as possible. The response
in Washington across the aisle was too you can see in Russia activists, maybe a catastrophic and stay, but am, but De the intelligence was there. I think that it would probably I knew- and I dont think that this is this- is a major revelation, so ill live people generous, are planning Ie is holding rallies after saying this, but everyone is rallies and the reason why the Holding rallies Claremont assumed it wasn't here. He had gotten here in any significant numbers. Now it had in a below the surface and much earlier than than we thought. But obviously the key thing that's going on here is damp points out that this is just tramp, trumps ammo. For thirty or forty years, this is what he did with the tabloid press and other media outlets in New York. Just just talk his way out of anything talk is way in the anything,
I've just shoot through sheer persistence and insistence on what reality was and it worked. You know he became a celebrity. He became famous for being this man you have cut cajoled, is way onto the Forbes list. Now make Nay became away. You shouldn't just through through operating this way. So the excessive. You just think one that he could talk. Woodward and writing a favourable book in two he could talk. Talk is into a different reality about the virus and- and I understand I, you know- I give a lot of leeway. Fora presence not want to create a panic and and overreact. I think that's the way the default of any leader I had a situation like this, but just so much heart ache. Headache Woodman avoided. If you just said at the beginning and consistently throughout this could be bad. Let's prepare
for the worst instead of we have fifteen cases we're going to zero yeah. I find this administration to just be an endless variety of frustration, Dag would send which of many varieties of frustration and the wit. The response to the pandemic is a good example of us, because the rhetoric has been abysmal, an astonishingly off base in it draw ordinarily, misleading and an author, but the great irony is that policy wise, there's, an most of what the administration did early on was defensible. The mistakes that were made like these tests at the FDA word, its trump himself is, you know down. There are putting together the test, gets or something like that and the path which Emily defence, but for those who say, oh, he should have done more like if you look at the they ve bided plan and the Biden contrast for what he would do differently. You notice is not that much different. It get real vague, real fast.
And these people the old trumps, should have done more. We should point out that, for much of January and February, one mainstream media was insisting that this was less dangerous than the flu and that all of you people are being xenophobic and racist reactionary for worrying What was then called the wolf on flew because you are much more likely to get there Geller Influenza, and that was more dangerous, and you know everything from Nancy Pelosi going to China, town in San Francisco, like for a good couple weeks, the main, stream media be mainstream ghetto, no sense of the United States was well the real problem with his viruses uniform. You know. The real problem with this virus is that it could kill you and it would have been nice to have Morley like Trump has his law system has. His ludicrous flaws making it sound like this was nothing and we had a totally contained, and nobody had to worry about this, and maybe this
Can I go away in April the warmer whether you know spoiler? It didn't like this lotta lot there, but the idea that, if trumpet said want to shut down everybody coming from Europe. At the same time, we want to shut down everybody coming in from China. If you don't think that there would have been, if not Biden, then certainly a whole bunch of Democrats would have been standing on their desks and screaming, but this was a wild xenophobic over reaction, but that is just the culture were in and by the way. This is a huge problem for this country, because if every issue that comes down the pike instantly turned into a political football and if there are so many people who are just conditions to flip out at any statement from the president, regardless of the merits that we can actually do anything, we can actually enact the solutions we need two, because there's always somebody who's gonna say: ah ha. This must be seen a phobia. This must be something so I've got real prompted this president. We talked about this virus
from the beginning and just a couple weeks ago he said it's gonna go away, something oh yeah, but you know Today we had thirty eight thousand new cases and about looking thousand eighty nine new DES corner kilometer cigarette in front of me we're still in the middle of this fight. It still bad stop talking about this day, six months from now or a year from now. When all this goes, because we're we're long ways away from that. We still gotta get through this. We have to get out to extraordinarily frustrating cited as the president, while the optimistic critics of his were so condition to see everything he does as part of some nefarious evil plan that even like a broken
not being right twice a day when the president does recommend something that is good. They automatically denounce it because he's the one who came up with a proposal for data have been modified defender of the trap administrations, credit virus response. I think I've done a lot of things that have been very clever and energetic and haven't got much credit for them story basically hasn't hasn't told the mainstream media is interested in and Trump kind of tells it, but blunderbuss way- that's not very credible, but when it comes to his statements that I think that the most telling possible criticism is that it is there's a lot of research that people
change their behaviour and not necessarily in the search. I think help round the world, not necessarily in reaction to various government orders and government restrictions, but government communications, a sort of signals of alarm, and that's where I I think it's just it would have been better if trouble was more so reminded about there and wasn't costly, presenting the rosy scenario much much earlier than than he was. There was a period there where he was where he was really sober About this and says you know, can to be bad next to ease could be horrible. This was round the room. The Easter or so, but what it would make that critique of Trump I certainly think even even now, there's a You know among among the the Trump base there there's a narrative that that this is a conspiracy. Another virus basically doesn't exist
and that it continues to be damaging and is something that I think the president was pint said into, but on the question of it one or two weeks earlier Trump had as you say, more so reminded struggle. Where serious town it's hard to tell how much damage could have been avoided and I think We don't know. What's going to happen, we don't know whether there will be a treatment of vaccine in the their course it future, we also don't know, It's going to play out elsewhere, that there has been Western Europe in Spain and France, not later than he's late summer despite that, we actually have some. What successfully avoided- and you know who to its there's just there- my son, my sphere, to be able to say to me that one approach, Work in another, wouldn't have you.
Astounded, let it get on the times, is we re just last week in the same, Everything was profoundly lies with a normal president have saved and the end is really it's hard to tell how many of any, because across the west, There hasn't been any real correlation between the type Leader or political, cohesion and the damage wrought by the virus. Sonia in retrospect, we can say that he said dignan more seriously, more early on how things there still continuing damage on the right now because of the tone of the programme also the media the right wing media on understanding, but even so it is. Difficult to tell how much damage can really be avoided without
without just a full blown woollen level sat down. So it seems to me that what you think that the best cheek. That looks. There's Chris is a Russia that com, which I thought was good. I basically agree with the critique as as well looking Canada, you know Canada add there actually not all sought a country that's where the populations spread over this vast extent in us clustered must populations clustered clustered near cross border and that there are major cities, and it just has it as a radically different picture of the course of the virus there. And then here we, you thought or consider that very much want one other questions. How I think the economic damage, for example, has been much worse then leave ass
and then you can say you know they handled better in certain respects, that's. The first version will be. What's going to happen in one month or two months or three or four miles? swear peering in Ghana, and also you have where the economic costs of Canada's economy has been much harder hit and be response was was worse as far as your relief effort, I'm that ever would be. The is worse. Is that work? It's very hard to tell right, I mean you know we share a the blockades Where were you more energetic, but if you know we can run the counterfactual, we can't we can't that test another scenario and when we
as ask say, were the discourse passing Kennedy was worse and worse, like less effective work more expensive or what what ways a worse less affected, because we actually had a peace on this capital matters, I think the trend is basically the complaint. Is that be transmission mechanism, where that is they people consume. Did not get their hands on on money as quickly as leave me you ass and down, and that businesses have been much harder with less with less relief, so that.
I don't know the time they had to be the GDP decline in Canada, but am but I think that is needed, but it's just another aspect of this that we should consider yet so love came upstairs so quick stared at the race and certainly at the very least, the weather, the woodwork book effects. It is the way it alive things have effect. The which is just as another day you know it's. This Woodworth book would be the dominant news reached through the Sunday shows, so that this is another week Canada's knocked out scuttle last week for Tom and appears to be treading water. He is he's about down seven points nationally down about run states, although and some paragraph states its closer.
Floor is actually been encouraging for Trump Pennsylvania is, is pretty close to think. Maybe the average there's about trumped down three, but he's CS. We down another that consistent with what you think. That would be it a seven point deficit nationally. What do you make of it? Yet? So, first of all, every time you talk about the poor, there's somebody who will jump up and say the poles are always wrong. The poles were totally wrong and twenty sixteen, while the first thing you should go back, you should look at is that you know one D. The national Poles were not that far off at Hilary up by Thracian, that of winning the national
popular vote by two, but we don't worry about that stuff right. We worry about the state poles because the electoral colleges, what matters and if you look back at some of those states like Michigan and was constant, there actually worth a lot of poles done about final weak and if he believes that the real, clear politics average they took, the average of the last five pulls the they still it, I think, was no. It was never ate was election day. I think they still had a sample that had asked people questions on Halloween in their final with their politics average. So if there was a late break towards Trump, nobody was gonna, see. That's because
simply wasn't anybody conducting poles in those states that turned out to be pretty darn important, ah see you look at all of them, and you say: ok assume that there is some mass of voters out there. That supports trumpet doesn't want to help Ulster, I find that the shy Trump vote. I think that phenomenon is possible and I think you could see based on what was seen in the past trump pick up anywhere from zero to four points, because, though shy trump voters anything more than that I think, is gonna stretching it, and it's worth noting you look at a twenty eight in regular politics here. If, even if you have a problem with one particular bolster the polls in aggregate in real her politics, you know postponing average, almost all of them. Twenty eighteen in the Senate, racism governors races were on the money there. A handful of exception if you want to point to Florida and say hey the governess race, almost nobody saw dissenters ahead and they don't. He ended up winning before tents. For percentage point
Our centre raised very few yo, only most of whom had Nelson ahead Rick's got one by about the by of slim margin. Mocha. Is that one Kim Reynolds Denial and they might do, was the other guy who didn't much better than his last poles, which is kind of interesting can, you imagine, immejitly matches guy I'll, say asked. I talked him this morning for some something I'm workin on in here contains in every single one of his races. No one twice governor then won his fancy at eight that. He was down three seven points and, in the end, the final point, and so he says that he has zero down zero zeroed out, just based on current point that the Trump Gonna win Florida, I haven't gone back and look at the numbers. I don't know whether this is something you need to Florida or something you need to scotch races, but I found an instinct yeah. He one both in his governors, races by the skin, of his teeth after appalling didn't look for
So our but yeah, I find it very plausible. The trump could win Florida, particularly of the poles, are close towards the end North Carolina looks winnable of the poles have been very close. Iowa is ending up on the list of swing states, and at last I checked, I dont think Trump has trailed in Iowa Really long time is at one or two ties in there, and most of his balls are pretty much misleads, are pretty small, but you know what, if you're not growing a single pole. In a couple months stretch you had a pretty good shot, winning that state Those are the Good NEWS. The bad news is Wisconsin, looks pretty bad. Arizona looks surprisingly troubling. I am not among those who think the taxes in play, but it certainly not. I beg leave there. Michigan not looking great and as you mention Pennsylvania. It's not a big Biden lead, but it seems to be a pretty consistent by him.
There's some interesting talk going around about how did the registration numbers for Pennsylvania Democrats not as great as they usually are implemented. By any Walter over at the roll call who was saying, but how because quota virus, the union's out in Nevada haven't been able to do their usual. Get up vote operations. Have they will set up their voter registration tables outside the casinos they can't do. A lot of what they do involves interpersonal action in in big crowded places like the casinos and hotels and stuff, and they just can't do that with the corona virus going The way this, so there a little nervous about that. I don't think that means you put Nevada in the trunk pile, but I think he just gonna keep an eye on that. There also has been a ton of falling out in Durban
yeah you could end up with a map that doesn't look that different from last cycle accept Arizona, looking more powerful than red and those big three up in the MID West, yet was constant, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Certainly don't look like locks and, and right now looks like Biden leads that could be pretty solid, but Winston game over events at the events erase soya by Trump is not Out of it, but, as you said, the clock is ticking in the point I keep emphasising in corner posts we are taking this on September. Eleventh next week think about eight days here. Virginia I'm a lot about the beggar, the twentieth herself, a bunch of other states, vote starting in MID September. We ve talked about how you don't have election day. You have election month when I got a six week window in a bunch of states, the election that it gets orbit literally out, there is you'll, be there said it it's none of the people will start casting their balance in the car.
The corona virus more people are gonna cost ballots early than ever before, so your window to affect people's money to change people's minds. It's a lot smaller than it usually is, and so, if you want a bunch of people are problematic ass palace before that first debate. So if your trump you you need these new cycles to be going well, you dont have enormous amount of time to change people's minds, so we'll see, I think, shake out, but I think that does need to be this sense of urgency, because we are a lot later in the voting cycle. If not the election cycle, we usually tell Then what you read on Florida were worried gotten, sir. These, these I popped in numbers with Trump picking up with latino voters, particularly cuban Americans, others there's a pull that had Trump beatings Biden among hispanic voters in Florida and other state wine was say. Wider was just in Miami date, but it's been clearly
The mandate is pretty much all this, These are, alas, yes, what's with you, but you're what's going on there and that also share with us you, you know another sparks We often ask percentage chance of trouble, winning and pretty much, everyone has been below fifty supper. I think Charlie made the last time came up neighbours at a fifty. Fifty fifty, but I think you ve been a fifty fifty. I, for for a long time, so talk a lot about Florida, Highschool, originally sure so even on the air, some families than as well- and I guess I don't know- if that's if ever written about that- but up but the what I Americans keeping Americans for understandable reasons tend to lean republic. Then I think that that more dramatic as the as the Socialists may have. The democratic party has gained steam. So it's not at all surprised me
I don't know whether it be I'm still. There's something like put me on this baby and, like eight hundred thousand hidden voters in Florida soda. Is it it's a big chance with I dont know that they can that'll be enough, but that alone will be enough and it may be counterbalanced by as far as I can tell them than it is less. He's not going as well as he did against Clinton. Among them seers. So it's not surprised. Meta nativity nobody's moving more drugs from because the left wing- the Democratic Party becomes more fun We will see that accelerate a little bit is raising general anybody says the front brutal ready today is Basically, what was the day to darkness? it's been remarked weakens the unambiguous ever been a president whose it was held the same
ready for his entire first term in front has been a plus or minus There are three points around forty percent and so as popular as the wealth when he started and in such an uncertain your environment where we don't even Billina happy at elections may proceed, We don't know how many people are going to be unwilling to about because of the content, the economy, He's a big question mark I mean bristling comes. I cannot the personal income, it more than GDP growth more than even employment attention. The deep, This factor in in election outcomes and incomes have actually got up and a lot of groups, because a b has. It began because of the care that so I think that I am, I would say it pretty much better.
Happy because we know we know prefer that is gonna get something like forty one, forty two percent nationally, and what do need that he needs to get to forty six and here s what we, You call me the Madeira is of his presidency without that now between twin the pandemic and And a lot of gasoline and the rest, I think it is worse moment is ass, good, ass, his best moment, which was the data office, then I don't think you can carry out despite the pulling in Florida, is definitely in play I think that I am you know, you're resumed, I don't know about areas and specifically that I am I find it I just fine This will mean a jump in speechless. I gotta It hard to believe that
really when there is about six or seven coins, a matter with latest also, but anyway, I think its point. What is basically a pointless at this point. I am and there's a lot that can happen with the virus in the economy that kid I'm like a change. The outcome is really the best case for trouble. What obviously just always wrong that, but shied travellers out there or the posters are sampling correctly for Non college educated. Those which happened in an election level pulling last time, but it seems the best case to me: is you guys, down by about seven, doesn't mean he's to pick up eight? It doesn't mean B, one trump national a needs to be. You know Trump, three or four, and then he's a right and range in in and out of the battleground states to pull out and a victory again. Obviously, you wouldn't want this. This is the path he would choose for yourself. It's a surreal perilous one, but its it
there said Jim Ex a question on this. One go back to Woodward's book your estimation of the political effect of the windward book on the presidential election from zero to ten zero, nothing burgage and the proverbial torpedo to the back, because the irony is as much then he was a mistake I think about it too, and with respective member the jumble book rich that came out four years ago the answer it in. I would say that it's something the four or five? And the reason is that I'm lost some cable news this morning. And every single segment on morning. There was about this, and I think this never gets it's not that it's gonna be damaging, but that's gonna be addressed action were the opposition to drum. So I really
depending on medical given up in a week stay. This book is the story of September. It will help down from wealth. I love it counter gypsy senior like you're, not a four five. You like a minus four five What are your I am acting as if the questions right here, how much I I guess it's to say, because I assumed it in we're- talking hurting trumps surfaces you're gonna turn on how much is gonna hurt Trump and November you're you're. My fears into the to the Russia Sore words like that this business loses system effort to in a way it is speech today to the unique mass of trumpets, a partisan than theirs You know. I think that is fair to say that he is he here ex integrity and that he might be a borderline corrupt at times.
There is never a smoking gun for some reason. The way that the winner the media is set up and the way that done a lot of the leaders of in the media and in an in washing. See politic? There always it'll, be a smoking now I've, maybe it's the legacy of Watergate it's actually after that that would word is, is the one who wrote this book, because without having Never going to find at least you know it's been for years, and no one has yet to find that damning, quote or worse transaction or whatever else so to keep doing it. I just I don't get it as a political strategies like you could use a splendid heap. The next thing. You know, I remember Daniels, but that didn't hurt him politically. So. I just don't see how this, how destiny?
and where and when they do under a lot of issues that could write mainly related issues of stock of substance that could occur from so it's strange distraction and I don't think it hurts for a campfire I just distorted time is now just think Canosa ones at that two weeks ago, inertia in HOLLAND and that's totally on Everyone'S- screen, I gotta be shockingly conventional on this one. I thought about a five ethics, it's more than the other books. It's more than the average level hit or gas? So I think this is all vulnerability. It's it's something. I think the fact that there is already Something that people knew met makes it worse rather than better.
Because it makes is his happy talk about the virus. It gives it a tinge of bad faith, dishonesty that it didn't have before, but so far I think I think it hurts nourishes like missing missing days. Missing new cycles being constantly on the defensive doesn't help. So that that's pause, the from our first sponsor this week. Sarah Huckabee Sanders had the honour of speaking on behalf of the present for two years now, she speaking for herself in her new audio books, memoir speaking for myself out right now centres he has taken her from Arkansas of the White House and back and she's finally telling the whole story from her respected this time. In speaking, for myself centre. Takes you inside the White House for the truth about the most consequential moments of the trunk presidency and their ethic fight against the liberal mob and forces out to destroy them. You'll hear about behind the scenes stories that only those within the inner sir
we'll have ever heard before, or your copy of speaking for myself, written and read by Sarah, how can be Sanders wherever audio books are sold against? Speaking for myself by Sarah Huckabee Santer said Dan other Big story out. There is just these starting wildfires on the West Coast, the satellite imagery of these Smoke is just amazing the images of the threatening, otherworldly orange skies and San Francisco are amazing. I think he there, figure. I saw just this morning that ten percent of were again, I believe, has been placed her evacuated by fires and of course I left the saying what this is disappointing change. This is what you want with one voice, warned you about what he met, with
I think I'll. The climate change narrative. This is is unsubstantiated to be generous, This is just mismanagement. California is a a manage state. Its some insight that catastrophic, mismanaged state and its apocalyptic. Now, at this point between written blackouts, wildfires people seem to be. You know the numbers, rightly another people seem to be meeting the state in any meaningful numbers fora for places like to access and, let's forget it unit, you can't replace governance with ideology and ended The clean at the climate change, ideological narrative is exactly what's causing a lot of these problems as private. What with the black? That's real California, green energy purse is precisely responsible for
for what are now continue and widespread blackouts. It turns out that solar power, entirely reliable and that when you move to state what you know when you, when you try to move an entire do estate to green you're not going to have as much energy and so that climate change narrative is causing blackouts and instead of dealing with wildfires in a practical way, with full burns and notice. Basic forest management. This terribly no state ignore the problem talks in up to change and then maybe, if I found the national a global level, we cannot reduce carbon emissions that will solve the problem right. I don't think so. I think that this is a
the California is, is it kind of compromises, the importance of the of governance and the there, emptiness of ideologies, because you know you can talk as much as you want about its climate change. It is this that, if you don't run, you state requisite it's going to devolve into total chaos. That's what's happening, and I think that this could be the defining issue especially after the pandemic, is United States like California. Unfortunately, Europe where I am now without some sort, Massive they allowed, and God knows what else, because the state had stayed mobile taxes, wisdom, we could see it really a mass exodus from from the major
and in New York in California, so Godspeed Speed so said Jim We think climate change, it doesn't hurt and its role in this it, Sir it doesnt absolve. Your responsibility in fact makes more to manage your forests properly, and this obviously do something fallen down on for a very long time now, because of this fixed ideological belief that cutting down a tree it some great offence against nature, whereas we see here, if you don't do it, you dont clear out the the underbrush. You are creating enormous fuel furred, devastating fires that are apparently are different, then into the garden variety fiery. And if you, if you take care of a forest, properly, have a fire, the forces
come back, but that it seems a perhaps these fires are so an intense and widespread that there's some question whether the forest. Yeah you're right before we started taping rich. I saw an update that I think really just put. Everything in perspective in the Portland suburbs there so intensity, bordered, evacuations and people are actually deliberate going into Portland to be safe. Ed. I guess they heard the anti far fires aren't as mad as far as their look at your disposal. If you actually bothered to take a look at how far escaped manage. You begin to realise this is actually kind of complicated, a lot of all citizens, make like do. You want people to go in there clear at the underbrush. It can take money, but that can take effort but as a result of that it can make the great less kindling less stuff. Therefore, these forest fires to burn
want to do a controlled burn in order to mitigate some of these things. So you have come these natural barriers to these fires spreading growing at a control. I can understand why some people might say, Why would we ever want to deliberately start a fire, but if you actually going to beat this has to work that can actually prevent a worse problem down. The road California has, by and large chicken on this issue for generation, one other tip for the state of California. If I'm just thinking outside the box in front of look for new creative solutions, I just have they tried just telling people what their I'll gender is gonna, be I ask this because, apparently out in California they had a voice. Gender reveal party that involve they smoke generating pyrotechnic device that they put into force. Tal grass in El Dorado Ranch Park during a drought. She walked. What are you
could that go wrong and, of course, that is apparently one of the things that started a fire that is burn more than seven thousand acres and was only seven percent contained the other day and feel evacuations of thousands of people had occurred. Look you there's! No there's no way to see. If I did, I feel odd had to quote smoky the bear, but yes, indeed you only you can prevent forest fires and also like a human action like if we had a populist that had better judgment. Perhaps we wouldn't have also when people choose to live in heavily forested areas, while fires are at risk of that, whether it with a bill, how strongly believe climate change or not. You can't stop the lightning from strike. You can't stop natural fires from being started, and if you have more people living in heavily wooded areas, that means more people have to be evacuated. That means more people.
To be on the potential path of that in more property. Damage will occur, I'm always struck by when they talk about how you know this year's hurt your ex the most recent you're always had the most expensive, her damage of all hurricanes and that's very bad, but also one reflection of inflation and sex they keep building expensive beachfront homes when you do that low and behold, Alyosha two million now send out to replace the one, Dollar house at the end of the Erika, damage within were expensive. Who could have seen that coming? So it's it does a frustration among some of us, even though I believe that your mankind is affecting point, the planet is affecting the climate, but the way it turns into this all purpose. Neto policy, answer of oats. I'm a change. We can't look at any other factors, deeply frustrating and is even more infuriating. We have you, no Nancy Pelosi running around literally, say mother earth is angry with us now view in Vogue Jesus in a public in a political speech. Evidently things your Theo grat, but if you want
guy. If you talk about mother earth as other as if she is this person who is hurling lightning down upon us like Zeus, auto, that's perfectly calm perfectly normal. That's perfectly fine, there's no cookie about bad none at, but you know how dare you bring Jesus? Do a discussion then you're an extremist about the climate change that we say it is. It is driven by climate change, we're not fixing climate change by soon, even even the green new deal with just barely make any difference whatsoever, so you need to be smart in other ways. Even if you accept that premise and then there is the matter that California traps entire history, even in the pre industrial period, was proud. Droughts and preventive fires, Michael shown, Burger environmentalist, but irrational. One you're just makes makes this point over and over again that that the India.
The evidence are that more of California burning pre industrial area era. This desperate been burning now then put a question to freely this. This topic, your can that urban, the big piece coming up, then the next issue of national view. In the point he makes his kind of deep blue governance. All around you the course cities lookup California, in particular its obviously a failure, but democratic. Never knowledge is obvious. They know that convention. They threw up all these these deep blue governors in and mayors, and held them up as as the gold standard for free. Let's just seems a Republican should be hanging these failures around the necks of the democratically every measure he mentions population movements, people voting with their feet away from against these
MRS measures of inequality, education, you name it they their worse than than the rest of the country, and that should be you take that piece of the Republicans. We would use to to try to warn people off the style of government, didn't wanna use trump. Instead, what are good national champions of free market, not only does that pretty much there what's preventing this it did he, then you are not to be cynical, we're seeing what looks like a protracted crime wave, cities are being manage not only that the police have been pretty much neuter in California. People are being taxed out of the state in New York, looks like that's somethin like that is happening, the Portland we'll know. What's what will continue
is to happen, a woman so on a local level and on the state. Now it's been directed at the record of this Visa Lou stateroom account. It is a bit more as you say, difficult politically to capitalize on an until we have until we can take a rest from the and the national conversational. Well then, and its did it's really. It is difficult to see how how it plays out. Because, like you say, people are voting, any people seem to be aware of the problem than the leading the stage and studies. But I don't know how to manifest meaning for national way and I don't think it well until probably until Lamb and the post tramp era, nobody seems to be. You know that a lot of rhetoric I watched underground last night, and down, he seems to be true.
The capitalize on on local issues you don't know how much about is going to be effective, but you can see you know. They, at least in California. Everything is tat, even the even wildfires, every somehow always goes back to housing. Causing elements, is alive, be problems with control burns and clearing through the underbrush is that people them want burns near their homes. And so they vote against it under whatever go body should be responsible. For that is, is fanaticism, doesn't do it so you can just one one sees how these cities tend towards, where local governments tend towards miss me. This and animal distant. You until there until their ended, surgeon
The next question to you, California, is America's future, yes or no God, I hope not. I don't think so. I think it has unique strengthen and natural resources and things going for it, but it also as unique problems. It is a warning to the rest of the country about the consequences of one party government, though dance yesterday I am also going to be an optimist little face here, but I am also going to say no, but if Democrats get a couple couple terms with, obviously with the country of much more in California direction, then the than any one would want to experience. So with that's, let's pause in here from another over sponsors this episode. Did you know? Ninety percent of all developed government bonds are yielding under one percent. Cash accounts are any better you're lucky
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That I owe check it out for Jim, as we mentioned, we are recording on Friday. Aren't timber eleventh, So let's talk a little bit about the day and its significance. What's what sir? Do you find most notable on this nineteenth anniversary, the atom of prissy gonna jump out of me is, if you think, back to just four years ago, not trustee these money which Hillary Clinton famously had her health incident. We had had the Orlando shooting of the pulse night club we had. San Bernardino not far earlier We had had the bombings in Chelsea Neighbourhood and later on a new jersey. We had an attack on a highly state where the stabbing attack in Minnesota for years.
We were really worried about ISIS with good reason, since you are getting into the Baltic on all the other tax, from ISIS in in Paris and and across Europe, we Obviously I am sure everybody listening to this is already thinking about where they were on nine eleven, where they heard the news any experiences they had that day. Anybody You had a lost that day. We don't spend a lot of time thinking about islamist terrorism anymore. I think that is kind of fast. We are almost impossible to imagine on September twelfth without one. I think we all are almost all of us expected. We would have, if not another, nine eleven, some other terrible, catastrophic attack. We worried about chemicals worked, but by a logical weapons we worried about nuclear weapons. We mean the anthrax mailing started, not too long after them. And new year by year, our fight against Al Qaeda succeeded. We ve got been lauded captured collegiate Mohammed
the threat from Al Qaeda, the organization steadily declining ISIS roads, I said a couple years ago we were, I was free, frightened centre in a lot of people's minds and in the last four years we have by and large the defeated. Such a daddy is, is warm chow, you know, Osama Bin Laden is fish route. We argue we have not heard from our hearing a really long time. We dont think about them any more, and that is about as clear a win You ever gonna get it because it oh you'll, never have a you'll. Never war on terrorism is not sensible term you'll, never defeat terrorism. Ok, neither this always can be terrorism as well, but these two particular terror groups, one which really was one of the ideological and spiritual successor of the other arm of really a factor in our lives anymore. I think it's really room, the boy you something that you know like a trump campaign, is being the drum about more. It wasn't all the trumpet campaign,
allies over the Middle EAST did a lot to put shut down ISIS and islamic state as a territory, but we dont think about this any more and that an astonishing Victoria for perspective, we are, as far from the nine eleven attacks as Americans were from Pearl Harbor in nineteen. Sixty nineteen sixty that a lot of problems, but they really what really worrying about Imperial Japan and that's the way we feel about Al Qaeda. It's gonna be a remarkable all development that I feel gets under under initiate an under recognised other than maybe and on this particular day, I think I think we're still partially living out. I mean that it is undeniable that, so living out the legacy of the attacks on the World Trade Center in one way, one interpreter She was that it was. It was the end of the of the short lived and of history. You now did they did the triumphant.
The fall of the Berlin Wall and the inward looking nineties into an end on that day. Not only because of the threat of terrorist groups but also because it sends in which american vision of the world would quite patch on globally. I don't know, I thought it was the first and it's it's funny or not find at its tragic annoying, the current, with a lot of the young, coincides with China's accession today, nobody'd here there was still a period in the during the Bush administration and into the Obama administration, when we thought it, then we could save. Globalism in the south, world order from for a man who regrets other none.
Me terrorism, but I'm your rogue states and and stick opposition. I think that. France is in many ways travellers in one way he's his singular political successes that he moved them. A working party, your past, the Iraq war and now You mean actively with the job. Personally, I guess the Anti WAR Party but he's all. I think in a way we he and this era embody a return of foam of other tribal, this rule and high level politics and the combination will have to be some further. And he forgot his ear, but actually There is a need now too, Forge. A national decision in contradistinction to
you're not on me. Sharia LAW and Islamism, but also in opposition to the chinese here the rule, also in opposition to the european View, which is something like the California gear right through the green New deal welfare state this in- and I don't see that yet Unfortunately, I think that we are there's a lot of them. You need see this moment as. Soul, searching for the country, we're trying to figure out why, What what did american vision for the twenty first century is an it that's about. That's, maybe the defining question I think that nine eleven can be seen, as maybe you know, one that, when women need to answer that question became most apparent, sir. I guess I would say the fact that that I see the legacy playing out today.
Did you Jerry S, question to you another? Yes or no? We will always remember September, eleventh, yes or no. Say we haven't anybody who was a lie that day, yeah I'd? I do wonder if this date on the calendar year, if we're we're ninth next year, will be twenty years if you were a veteran of world war. Two did you feel like December. Seventh shouldn't be another ordinary day on. The calendar did people who did it November. Twenty second turn into another day on the calendar in the seventy isn't for people who remember J of case assassination the on the calendar starts to fade after a while, and I do wonder if a generation from now whether it'll just be this thing, some people commemorating people will be visiting us of the old folks, are wondering why we keep rambling about this.
Death it was created. As someone will be visiting us, the old folks are actually phenomenon women's, my first memory in life. I was four years old and I just remembered importance: will you didn't. Obviously I quite understand what was going on. I think that I think it will and the reason it s what is not yet a national holiday or bank holiday. On my back, I think, but am. I do think that an usher in a new moment in american politics, and that will be it'll be recognized. I think, in the same way that, on that I I guess also that the war on terrorism will be seen, I think, in the way that Vietnam ones and September eleventh will be at the defining moment. So I can say it subsidies can it faded early has, but I think it's gonna be made
even though at it at a certain level that will be notable like like proper enough. We weren't there, but but we still remember the day with think about it. If she says about it, you know I am on that day, I think September eleventh the significance of that the date will live on. So before we go. Let's hit a few other things. Speaking of oldsters Jim Garrulity. You are now officially the father with teenager. Yes, it happened this week and ah ha bunch of mixed feelings by your son, we ve gotten, are glimpses of the occasional moodiness slammed doors and other things a commoner. The boy goes over from twelve to three teen he's still ninety seven percent of the time to stir the apple of my eye. Naps the light, but it's kind of a marker. They know that I it's the way this phenomenon this year is feeling like this pandemic has gone on for ever and we have in Europe
You know a Guenaud a years worth of wednesdays, and yet the past thirteen years for payment by the blink of an eye rights is as John Galbraith says, Sir, with with kids it's a long days and short short years Sir Dan, you been reading the book the biggest bluff. Look by a new Yorkers. Operator Maria, However- and I guess it's just that they can see- is that sea decided on something of a wind to become a professional poker player and to compete in the world series of poker and it turns out she sheep exceptionally well, actually ended up making three hundred thousand dollars in becoming a real, you know top competitor. Entertaining ended read not only for for her kind of personal journey. Also, the broader. Meditation on skill.
When and lots and the interplay of those two things. Are you? Are you learn lessons? A little I like watching a lot and I think that skills at this time of uncertainty. I think we did. The mindset that such uses, the workers is is act, this is so I would think about pancakes ever pancakes, but promise pancakes you can never make em at home as good as diner pancakes and I've tried it. I've looked all the best rust recipes, Malta, the Tipps, forget him nice and what light fluffy just never happened I love diner pancakes and I've been late lately in that the town where I but the moment every couple days does matter what time a day it is I'll go grab pancakes of from from the diner and they're they're. Just one for frightens me.
Every single time. So now speaking time, it's time for editors, picks Jim Gary, with your best So we talked about the Trump talking to Bob Woodward and our first segment Kevin williamsons Visa from yesterday to out Nixon Nixon, makes the very interesting observation. The Bob Woodward tapes you'd think them Nick Zonia, President's and strictly dick himself would have seen that one coming out. It was a sharp and hoping argument. It also has the advice that no politician she never talk to a journalist sought. Half of all journalists, politicians please don't listen the cabin, but otherwise it's an excellent these down. What's your bet, it gives up its content scientific approach to evaluating over the overcapacity by Thomas Philips. In it Eric son were to academic, it's and its top of, little matters today, and this makes it makes the point that I was a trial earlier, which is there
They allow you me and then a policy By combining the how classes with the economic losses and find that not the EU, ass, the spirit about, as well as Canada in Portugal, and better than Sweden, France, at least on Wednesday, growing went, went my combining both the economics and end the hell. I think the smart peace and I encourage Oliver listeners due to recap: Manners Danny Religion, oppressive job plugins, plugging capital matters, where to go so my dick is suddenly. We re run on the website today from back, and I think it was two thousand and two as long time, readers NASH Review with no a bill Buckley had this long running column notes the sides where readers would write into him on anything under the sun style questions, questions that is his person
life just anything, and he grew produce letters and invariably right a witty response, and this is a no sides. Entirely devoted to a letter. He got from Tumblr senior, whose son Tom was on flight. Ninety three and I hear you wrote about his son and provide its transcripts of calls between his son and his wife when Tom was on the plane
And was figuring out what was going on in his wife, actually helped and figure out what was going on and the three calls and just eat. You do your duty today. If you're patriotic American go go and read this air, I defy you not to be, ought not to be moved, not to be inspired and not to be deeply humble, it's just an extraordinary artifact of an extraordinary man and he was not the only one on on that day. There are other people flight, obviously at Pentagon, at the towers first responders, who ran to danger. Ah but death. Please, please read this way: this peace you're not regretted so that set for us even listening to a NASH Review part guess they re broadcast retransmission countless game without express written permission of Battery magazine strictly pro able, despite gases,
pleased by the incomparable, sir, should he who makes a sound better than we deserve, take Jim. Thank you Dan, thanks to speaking for myself and master works and takes a special to all of you for listening. We are the errors and see you
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