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Episode 267: Twitter’s True Colors

2020-10-16 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Jim discuss the latest Hunter Biden scandal, Twitter’s suppression of the story, and last night’s dueling town halls.

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  • Rich: The Do Not Disturb feature on his phone
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wherever fine podcast are available, that's act in DOT, Org slash and are too subscribe, acted dot, org, Slash and are what's up with Hunter binds laptop should too. suppress, unwelcome news and who won the dueling Trump Biden. Town halls will discuss, This more on this edition of the workers under slurry and I'm joint, as always by the right. Honourable Charles, see W cook and the siege of authenticity woods in Geraghty, Michael Brendan Jordi, we're watching- and soon your listening to a natural view, podcast or sponsors this week are act in line and we the people from the
ugly foundation, more about them in due course. If felicitous broadcast on national view, dot com unclean directly on the corner, where do I ll have you could be easier if you better for us, if you, made as part of you feed industry services out, therefore Spotify to Itunes, and if you like what you hear hear Please consider giving us a glowing five star a review on Itunes. If you don't like what you hear here, please forget, I said anything so Jim Garrulity record Friday morning, blockbuster news a couple days ago, Bro Can buy the near post, which and obtained information on a laptop. That is purportedly Hunter Biden. This or a fraud that computer a paradigm is already wasn't a hundred percent sure at the time, because he has some problems with his Eyesight Hunter Biden dropped off three laptops
ended up looking information, he was disturbed by the IMF A chance somehow made its way to thee. the eye and Rudy Giuliani and autumn onto the theme near Post, the Buster emails. Males are a proportion. email from ukrainian shady Ukrainian bring my guy thanking hunter? First, at the meeting with the job I when he was vice president and then an email that near push report on the next day that hasn't shocking. I popping numbers for potential business deal. in China involving ten million dollars a year? Frontier Biden. Would you make of it? Well Way back in September, twenty thousand weather turbine story was gonna, getting its first real, intense scrutiny.
Particularly from the Arabs it when I was a legitimate story, not just because it interested Republicans but it also interested Democrats who did not want to see Joe Biden, be the democratic nominee The new Yorker had done this really extensive profile Hunter Biden and build a whole bunch of new details. It was a semi, sympathetic, profile of Biden I went into a great number of these details. Talk about the giant diamond had been given as a gift by this other chinese businessmen, and at this time, when I put out, I just laid out not just with Hunter Biden but also with your bones brother James by that date, cashing in not his position in the Senate and his event. His position, as vice president, their entire. risks, young hunter buying was hired, fresh loss will buy and dna a major company over Delaware. Then he worked for lobbying firm. He insisted you never thought that you never lobbied his father. Just as far as colleagues,
and his colleagues at work lobbied his father, but they never he'd, never directly lobbied his father facility. The excuse that give us there- and you got her out this- that the Hunter Biden was constantly being given all kinds of after using the charisma one stands out is the most glaring example, but doors were always opening for Hunter by that he seemed strangely under qualified for and strangely over pay, for anyone with eyes could see he was getting. A bunch of lucrative opportunities, because he was the vice president's son people believe that having the vice president's son as one of their board members or one of their, business partners was gonna. Give them. Prestige was gonna, get no interest investors, it was gonna open doors and whether they did and by the way very tough them time, believing it didn't, never opened any doors. It created the cards, Doubling the appearance of a conflict of interest and even further people inside the Obama administration
guys is created a conflict of interests or at least the appearance of a conflict of interest, and who- we're troubled by it and there was a while you get these vague anecdotes from unidentified government sources. That said, they tried to talk about it with Joe Biden, but nothing ever came out of those mean I think something that kind of important about this is that the scheme, as new back in February raised, we'll primary was heating up. Giovanni goes on the data and, as this our view is Havana and it gets, still real fastened, Savannah Guthrie ass Mary reasonably. Doing was wrong grim and take a position. No, it was really because the company want access to you and biting kind of left. I've. That's not true. You're, saying things our job, and you said: don't you think it's just one things, people think blessings kind of sleazy will, while yet that job. If not for his boys, fathers and then by gives probably the single most implausible statement of this tire, crazy, the election cycle.
because he's a very bright guy, every father loves his son. Every father thinks the best of it there is an understandable blind spot. If you cannot see legitimate criticisms of your son. That having been said, this is pretty clear that was going on here and I kind of feel like that. The you saw this time the trunk campaign, or any else attempted to shift focus staunch, whereby this basically lifeline pattern of having business connections. were hired him because, if whose father is because they want access to his father because they wanted to famous for them, because they want his father to move policy in their direction, every enough deregulation problems they bring up. Sometimes the strippers unsavory sex scandals. Things like that as mentioned that less debate, lots of Americans have suffered addiction and I think most people would want to see the people we want to see. People who are addicted overcome their addiction feel sympathy for that,
eight hundred violent, because he had addictive drug addiction problem you but I think that escapes. I think that inherent sympathy that Europe often its deployed as a cup as a shield for the other actions Hunter Biden has taken, there were not a matter of uncontrollable addiction, there were. we're matter of corruption are basically a matter of attempting to buy and cynical influence. Joe Biden loves to play the. How dare you say about my son? I'm gonna stay here and let you say that, and he likes to play the outrage father it away that the flax, any serious scrutiny, other The members of his family have been attempting to cash in on their famous relative for quite some time, I am not surprised that shook out the way it did. I think the way that community responded to. This was really made this eye opening it. But I a topic for discussion you mean that cigarette other damage will get to that end and a bit to say the mention Jim.
Joe Biden uses hunters addiction carried to the flag dollars, but they're they're. Folks, on the other side who cut it. Forget that The point here is to score again Joe Biden, it's not really score, gets Hunter Biden an end. Giuliani was on Fox and friends, this morning is like, and these and these tapes on it are disgusting, that they show aberrant sexual practices and just sexual practices and use cracked attic, which has nothing to do. You know they're, not he gets Hunter by right that the that that's not the that's. Not the, the Charlie, you're you're, tat guy. So before we get to you with some of the broader questions here, what is having helped possible to the to you that this whole thing, was handled would be unusual for a computer pair guy to end up looking through computer, that's been laughed kind of abandoned and
find it an email, four years old and be disturbed by it, and then it takes these various actions which the Shipowners Kennedy his is been cagey about exactly what he did as shifted a story, a little bed under questioning from reporters, but would you what a computer pair guide us in the normal course of business? come across this kind of material on a computer that that was water damaged. Maybe it's possible that this was set up, or there was something the fairy S or even that the story isn't true. It's also absolutely possible that it was. I mean, for example, I help my dad with his computer in his and ass an often he has some issue with Emma, Maybe his email application isn't working, maybe accidently delete something. Maybe his computer breaks.
And I have to go into his email and you can't Somebody's email, especially they're, looking for a particular email with reading their email to an extent. And I found an email and that it was especially alarming when there would have been the nefarious about the process that led me they're. Likewise, if there was a computer, lying around my house, or lying around my dad's office or someone had left it here. I would probably take a good look through it, but for throwing it out before, wiping out just to make sure that their nothing on now that I needed door that my customer might need door, that I could be open to some sort of com to liability for having raised now. That, of course, does it mean What happened in its programme
this guy's a crook, it's possible that this was a set up. Its also Possum although unlikely that it was fabricated that that happens, and since over the matter, data without going too much into the detail here, it's very difficult at least on the server side to fabricate an email it, easier to fabricate an email on a local machine. and it's even easier to fabricate a copy of an email, ass exported into another format, and what I understand here is that these emails were not red on the original machine or these server, where they were originally received or indeed sent, but they were read in peace. Yeah format. They were exported out of the email program. and although it's not easy,
to do that. Anyone with sufficient expertise could fabricate a pdf to look like an email from I believe it was apple. Now, that's a possibility to. I do think. It's too knowing that there has been no absolute repudiation This story, nope, has anyone on the violence I said, will we never took this Peter, that's all, that email was never sent off. I don't I've never heard of this guy and I think that's telling, but really the technical side of it Could be consistent with a whole range of outcomes from absolutely beneath an attempt to fix a computer or make sure there wasn't anything on it. Shouldn't be deleted to rank fabrication Someday does make sense to me that the trial saw someone court.
Export quota. That story last night saying well what you'd you would do if you're the shop owner in this computers abandoned and you chose you say you just look at it before wiping at any final, information. The ethical thing to do is just just wipe it anyway and and not to tell anyone do not say anything about it, but that doesn't seem sounds to me. If you think I like the extremely sensitive in for me, bearing on an important public question. Why the obliged to do that? Now? Look I'm not an! I t, guy anymore, but I work my way through college working for an. I t, repack company as a result had loved friends who would bring me that computers whenever they were broken on it, put one for on the more it ever, and can you say my how DR shorn, you save the hard drive is, if it up you get it back to them at no point in that work, experience which lie
Three four years did anyone ever suggests to me that you should wipe something especially if you weren't shore, whose it was What was in that? The opposite is the case. They have to be very careful with, with with privacy very often what you would do, as you would take an image of the hard drive and then you would compress it and you would encrypt it of random passer by couldn't just look into the files, but the idea of just wiping it if you're not sure, is the opposite of everything I was taught said: Jim is more in the politics. that's just strikes me as I can have the impact of the last minute. F B. I notice that their reopening the the email astrogation because in that case you had serious public authority, saying they're doing us it what wasn't a media report and then
and even though it it should be part of the narrative about Joe Biden, that is, family has enriched itself After this public service, that's not really that then about him. The way corruption was a narrative with Hilary, So I am not sure if this is going to have in effect that way either and then finally, and will, and we'll get to the social media aspect in and a little bit, but just just the traditional press that there is a black out on the story and Rossi gonna talk about it, the town halls later, but it is just astonishing to me. That's the ABC. Town hall, with Joe Biden, this wasn't even raised. So even if you think that in the Europe of the story is bogus, Even if you think is russian Diff disinformation, it's gonna be newsworthy what jobs says that setting about it and it wasn't even brought up.
Yeah. Now here's a if you mentioned this in most settings with a non republican present in de the sale at this present moment, you'll never earlier, but Trump and they'll measured, but a vodkas, zero shaping policy don't ever could heard of the Senate and Jerry Desperate, firming stuff in what way, dont, junior and trumped didn't separate himself out from the Mormons clause and foreign governments are buying hotel rooms in the Trump hotels are tweeting about how great they are, because they want gratia themselves to the present day through all that stuff out. Their none of that changes, but the facts are around under bite and I'm a little if, if you will see this election checks out, but if Trump loses and bite and wins one of the ways, people's hanging out late, they could have done, they could have, it should have done more, but it couldn't be Rudy Giuliani, going out to generate new Janine Pierrot, show and screaming that that under biogas, a crack at, but they needed to do it. I tried it
in that time, goods traffic to it, but observe that lay out, but this is the consistent pattern throughout Joe Biden Sphere, not These were son, just probably more Greece, but also his brother, going. and setting up business partners and making very clear- but he knows that the his brother in the case of hundred right by and his father is first You a senator and then by suppressing United States, meant to say this is very common Washington. This is what idiot sons of prominent politicians do. I got these nice little make work jobs right now at ism flourishes everywhere and if they can't work on daddy staff, then Daddy's got lots of powerful friends will find a job for them, employing the Idiot son of a law? Baker you need to do. Favors war is one of the ways you get things done in Washington. It's an off the books warm lobby. It's a way of building friendships there. This is the draining the swamp, the Trump wanted to run against another.
We can argue about whether Trump did a good job of that, but this is one of the things that really earth people about the way washed. It worked you could have done this, but the thing is, you can't go you. Dont know if Americans care that much about the stripper and getting pregnant, not gonna. Stop particularly with your help, trumps in order, this dinner, Stormy, Daniels, Malacca Mostar, You know the idea. We say this deals with this. This is about Joe Biden, that's, not Hunter button. I don't we I want to raise a question, though everybody loves oh by any such swell guy, such a backslapping guy. Well, something something your hundred Bible was not well for a very, very long time and maybe some people might say what we a second is Joe Biden such this terrific guy that everybody know we see these happy videos about when this is the whole budget problems over and over and over again but just overall Yoda media decided they got their narrative didn't want to stick to it. They do
want to get into this too far. I think it is an indication that, Joe Biden was very much a creature of Washington. He was very much a creature of capital Hill and he's been there forever been there so long that he doesn't see. I think an early wrong with this, and he was more he's capable, of these psychological denial to insist that his son, with no experience in oil and gas industry gets, by the ukrainian Gas Company because he's a bright guy, the room was full of bright who do not get offered me. What was it fifty thousand dollars a month or real various other dumper thrown around like that, Those opportunities do not grow on trees and a job I walked around thinking that right guys get opportunities from foreign companies too. a little work, jobs and the board of directors of foreign gas companies. That shows he's walking around in this cloud, this fog of privilege- and you know- the idea of a more
the discerning press corps would ass much tougher questions about basic democratic Domini. They dropped that we want to look into two parts. To also I mean it, as possible. This is russian diff disinformation any regrettably sophisticated effort to pollute our discourse with bad information, but it should be taken as a guy, that an awful lot of forest justice, assume or or act as it has been established that this is is russian in this permission to Charlie. What is your? What's your take on the larger consequence of the store. Wow, I thinks certainly its now going to gain more currency and more Shea and probably slightly larger sting because of the way in which its been suppressed in it. of itself. It would be more
effective as a means by which to convince people who are already convinced that Joe by it is not all that he seems an He and his son were involved in something. Why than affair, area sore at least swamp like. But once you right in what seems to have been a mass panic. I imagine the Tsar Next topic. It lends too that story a credibility that might allow it to have a greater effect on non convinced voters. Probably not that's going to in too many elections, or even moved the pause. But that will prevent it from becoming a damp squib, said you carry out the celebrated exit question in this part of the discussion to you political effect. The hundred Biden store
ray from zero, nothing, the proverbial Square, squid to ten thermonuclear zero to ten Jim Gary number. Three. be a factor newspaper Jacob. I think it's three as well, and that it does slightly puncture the idea of Joe Biden. That's the last honest man and play into chumps promise to drain the swamp. exact the same place, I think it's a free Unless there are major new revelations and war you, how someone in the media, writing a counter intuitive. Well, you know what actually this is credible and should make a different kind of peace.
the way. What's his name, George Packer wrote about the riots a right after democratic convention that briefly caused a a panic, and I think help help to push that the centre left to push by actually denounce riding morph forthrightly. What you did in Pittsburgh. Some of us are those two things obtain. It has some impact, but by no means a game changer and is, as my colleagues say three so that was pause and hear from one responses to this week active line which has the flagship part ass to the act, an institute for the study of religion and liberty, dedicated to the promotion of free, and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty and sustained by religious principles, with episodes released every Wednesday,
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The another consequence of the hundred binds story is this social media angle worry, add Facebook urging it spread and Twitter just jawdropping, lay blocking links, when Sorra but Mari an editor at the near post first year an image on on twitter of his attempt to share alike getting blocked. As I know it would. This is some sort of must be some glitch swords, messed up somehow and ideally tried it to go and share myself and sure enough. There's just block just a link to a major story and a major newspaper you literally could now share, or apparently even direct message on twitter and then the next day, when the post of follow up that that the China email potential deal for ten million a year, you couldn't share that either and this predictably caused a firestorm.
on the right cause a lot of the Republicans on a hill saying they need to get Jack. Dorsey from from Twitter up to the oversight hearings right away when you make of it was too component parts to the left's considerable cultural power, on, is its ability to characterize and contextual eyes stories such that it deserves, It's that anyone who shared such a story is a conspiracy theories, Then anyone who shares such a story becomes cost us a conspiracy. Theorist, neither part is attacked nickel power, and this is the first this time. We really seen that technical power- you so brazenly Twitter, entered into a database of unacceptable links. A story about a pair
potential candidate report in the New York Post and we don't have to enquire as to whether progress If you believe that Social, media is powerful or whether progressive believe that social media can affect the outcome of our political disputes, because it is the last four years, arguing that because the Russian spent a few hundred- thousand dollars on advertisement. Son, Facebook, Donald Trump is President: So what we ve seen here is not and inversion of that position, but the invention of standards on the fly to try to square the circle and that's the path. So angles and a and alarms people, but this is Calvin Ball. Recently, president chum had his tweets marked.
ass, either unreliable oars, dangerous, twits appointed to its standards. It said can't threatened violence or allude to violence on our platform, but twitter was absolutely happy for tens of thousands of people to use the hashtag burn, Louisville and indeed, to put that trending hashtag up on its sidebar people thought seems as if there's no standard hair at all that if one person a loose, Two or promotes violence. That's a problem, but if that, via hence in service of a cause. The silicon Valley broadly likes it's not and we ve seen that again here, the stand the twitter laid out was it its unacceptable. Forty
is to promote any material that could possibly have been Eleanor hacked or obtained illegally, but that's not the standard, because Donald Chumps tax returns were obtain the legally by definition, by the New York Times, and that story was widely shared and indeed it made it onto the trending bar on the right. This went so much further than they have gone before and on the basis of a flimsy justification. and it gets so boring to have to do this, but I think we ought to just think for one moment what the reaction would have been this had been the other way around. If Twitter blocked that new Time story on Donald Trump tax returns and then suspended the New York Times is account and then suspended the bite and campaigns account that would have a Thermo nuclear reaction. We would have been told that that way
lies fascists in the donor, trumps triumph over America was complete, an apple bomb would had an aneurysm in public and if a democratic press, The tree had then been suspended from the platform for complaining. We would have been told that big tat was irresponsible and it was undermining everything that we hold dear in America, now Twitter, is not a government agency, Norris, Facebook and under current law. They can't do this and Contra Josh wholly and others. This does not implicate section two thirty, but we are supposed to have spent the last four or five years cry into our t over the prospect of. foreign actors Vince sing Americans using american tech.
And this should allow us to and arguably a great deal more, It is time to have some sort of precision about what role we wanted to play because it would be Septuple. In my view, for twitter to say. We are not going to get involved at all with what is posted on our sight. It would also be acceptable. twitter to say we have some standards where pray The organization and we will impose these standards and uphold them against our users, but it is not acceptable and be acceptable to users of the site if it is a capricious and its dishonest as this and whether or not there is a legislative fix. I think there is probably not the has to be said, sort of social fix, because I was down Scary, what happened earlier in the week give it up
if you think back to win twitter and Facebook got started. Let really see themselves as presently german as political. Come companies We insisted that they were not publishing companies, their platforms, they control was put up there. They they were We have not made the neighbour the printing press, but not the editors were putting together. The newspaper perhaps we were actually payment Factored bathroom stalls, and everyone else was free to write whatever they wanted on that bathroom stall. Their job was not to determine what up there. If you decided to write for a good time, called Jenny at eight six saddened by through your nine. That's. You know that based the response is the responsibility of the person who wrote it they're, not then at Facebook none of them were. and I think you know that slogans were all the variations of. We help you connect to the world. Where, where everyone can have a voice where everyone can make their voice heard, and it didn't say we are
Democrats and Progressive can make their voice heard two other Democrats and progressive there. There was no indication of it. I think their idea of who gonna be using this. These sorts of cited social media was nice people stamp collectors, and, we would like to see us and people who just had Dice Hobbes. I just want to share them with others. It never really cross their mind that when you create a communication tool, they can be was by anybody cases anonymously. Terry, Anybody else sometimes anonymously well there's gonna interest, NEO Nazis First, crazy conspiracy, there s a good deal interest, all kinds of horrible people, It might really interesting because people off line, if you start babbling NEO nazi stuff, will react very negatively. But if you go online, you can try all kinds of people who will agree with you, but I don't wanna people to know so. sudden facebook and Twitter, another social media companies. That's all I got. We This terrible stuff on our side, we gotta start taking the stuff down. We got it.
deciding certain things cannot be on our side. Even though we said we were the site for everyone to communicate to everyone. recognize. Ok, we draw some limits we do have to take some stuff tat. We are, in fact, a publisher. We need to cross ready to start cleaning certain parts of the bathroom door, but maybe now now so they are in the position of editing, they aren't they, wishing to deciding what is acceptable and what is not acceptable for you Sweden dragging their heels frightening averaging the obvious. You are a publishing company. You are What because you that, when somebody write a letter to the other and then Europe doesn't publish it. Nobody really What you don't know, it seriously argues that reference censorship- the New York Times is free to publish wherever it wants and reject whatever it wants, because it runs in your times. These work at Facebook and Twitter, but they didn't sell themselves. That way, they didn't say we'll. Let you Well, whatever we think is: ok because then people would be less interested in joining up
you ve felt like will wait a second all the stuff has to go through some sort of editorial filtering process. you gonna work journalism agree. I better get everyone else. They gonna get to put up whatever I want the moment. I think Nobody has to review this house, the other. problem? Is it you if they had? This fair minded were only gonna take stuff that is in speedily harmful in some way We're only gonna takes down stuff that really is genuinely stirring up hate towards others, or represents a violent threat were wrecked, real encourages self harm. Believe you can there a whole bunch of start. The most people would say does not belong in social media, but into his grey areas, and these are not completely illegal or not to the house. Lastly, either knots absurdity, but just the controversial? The question then becomes. When do these companies will comfortable stepping in there comfortable stepping in onto your post article. They hold
The bold step again on article that made Joe Biden look bad couldn't suggested. He lied about never meeting a guy. here's evidence from an email from a kind of unusual chain of of custody suggesting that in fact, Joe Biden did meet with this guy now. Why did they, freak out. Fishing is dramatically back to the James call me later What is really close election, like Hillary Clinton, Versa Donald Trump four years ago. We're comes down to a couple, your ten thousands of votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, Anyone factor could have been the decisive one. I don't They call me a letter was the one that did it, but it's very hard to disprove that Democrats looked at the shock and the debacle and twenty sixteen. They looked for the explanations that are most generous to them Does it couldn't be? They nominated allows a candidate, and I couldn't be
that they were too far left, and it couldn't be that year by year, in Obama second term, they kind of an alienating millions of Americans not enough. It had to be that the FBI director is something terrible and stupid, and the less they took from. It was news stories about E mails and a democratic nominee and the FBI. They come in MID October right before the election back again back and caused the Republicans. That's the lesson they took away from So once this happened again in the new posts that hey guess what we got a big store involving emails and the democratic nobody in the FBI, they went too difficult. this was the since the adrenaline in them. The fear, the panic that, oh, my god here we go again. So this article, it must not be seen it must not be allowed. No one must be allowed to see it. That's how dangerous it is because this article could end up getting Trump Reelected. but I really think that articles we get like the other things that believe that big a deal, but they have
to treat it as if it was the eye of sore on you, the source of all danger and all that and the other, Kyle flare up a flash. Effective. This is kind of like the idea of the well but her emails. the media decided at one of the reasons. Trump one was because they were too tough on Hillary Clinton. as we were all there in twenty fifteen point sixty this was not a relentlessly negative car with lots of pieces about Hillary Clinton, but just enough stories about the fact that he was using Oliver males off the you'd state Department, server and using his ways to avoid way, requests and violating pick up and also the documents he had sworn while she was at the State Department the democratic ideal. The problem was, the media was just too hard on us and weak and allow them to be If, again, that's why you the fact that the reason drop one because the media was nice to him and twenty sixteen bats, the takeaway they took from their selection cycle,
and ass for me. I know that's why you're so George stuff about western pop pop questions last night, and that's why you saw new journalists, insisting that a new posts article must now. Be ready, was Voldemort. He who must not be neighbours in the article that must. I'd, be seen lest it scald your eyes and ruin the republic forever. So Charlie. I know you're, not a fan of legislative fixes a on comes to detect any regard, but what would even be possible legislative fix to deal with this particular problem. I have seen people say loosely well to designate a twitter and face common carriers where they can't can't Discriminate between various forms of communication same way phone companies can't you sent to your phone calls it alike which saying it does it does. It have any possibility. I converse,
certainly try that, but that would make a great deal of sense because you re trying to turn an apple into an orange, there is an enormous difference between the pipes. If you will the plumbing off the internet and- lights on it, and it's hard to write rules for twitter or Facebook, the wooden effect say national review. Take away our capacity to edit our own comments. And then the other argument is, while the section two thirty protection, should be removed. If Twitter is going to act as a publisher, there's nothing in the law as it is written that distinguishes between publishes and Non publishes fiction. but you could rewrite section two thirty, certainly and changed The liability works. I think, would be an enormous mistake, because I think that section two thirty works as a good means by which we route, we would save rout the right comply
to the right person, so in this you're saying earlier to implicate to thirty, something like Twitter published that they shouldn't have the suggest twitter, putting its dumb, scale what twitter is allowed to remove comments in the Sun national veto com is allowed to remove comments, the myth There is that, you lose your protections. If you do that, but that's not true what section two thirty does it make sure that the platform cannot be sued for comments made by third parties, irrespective of whether they, after the fact edit those comments or prevent publication, digitally or not, It. Doesnt protect national of your twitter from its own speech and twitted tweet. Right now under its own account, did Charles Cookies mass murder. I can still see them that the question is what what you do with Third Party
comments? All of this is a bit of a red herring Certainly if it wanted to and given precedent sit have been set over decades by judges that progressive like if this large company annoyed com. press enough Congress could using the commerce clause regulated and one of those Relations could be that it's not allowed to render political judgments any more. I would advise conservatives against backing this, because I think in the long run, it's not going to help us to have Washington regulating online speech, but I suppose it could be done. I will say this rich. I am as Skype. Call us ever that there is a legislative fix. I
think. As I said earlier, we need a social fix. I think people should start to walk away. I think people should look at alternative platforms and I think people should make their upset here heard. I dont think this can be achieved through through Congress or the court, but I'm going to lose this fight. If the tech companies keep behaving like this. A few months ago, I wrote a post, the title of which was: is Google stupid now. Do you remember? A few months ago Google had pulled ads or threatened to pull out from the Federalist on the grounds that third party com. On that site were to offensive to be adjacent to adverts provided by and paid for by, Google and Google surely said a one point in this saga. Doesn't matter whether a third party post them the fact of their content being in salubrious is sufficient for us to pull out now of course allowed to do that, but moral argument that private companies
be responsible for the bad behaviour. Third parties is exactly what Google has spent tens of millions of dollars trying to void, being placed intersection. who thirty thereon, And morally again, it's different one is Google than the government their moral argument? Is you cannot possibly expect us to be liable for things that other people, say and that we do not review and then go and say why, of course, the Federalist is responsible for it and they undermine themselves. I think twitter and Facebook just did that here- I think they have a suicide wish. I am going to lose this not cause I'm wrong. I didn't think I am, but I'm to lose. This argument to the Josh Holies of the world and the TED crews if the world and the Tucker Carson's, if the world, if twitter and Facebook put there, on the scale because they will stand up and say they cannot be trusted and the only way they can be stopped is with government, and I think
sufficient number of voters will will buy it. So if I were twitter and Facebook and I didn't want to be regulated, I would avoid so obviously trying to twist the outcome of pending elections and sensor, what people they don't like cancer Gary Subway there again straight to the extra question to you. There be in coming years, regulation affecting how Facebook and twitter play and play information. Yes,. Delicate last time you asked me this I said now now. I think there will be Oh, I think you know, I think it's efforts.
legislation it's gonna, be democratic, leaning that a unified democratic Congress and President Are- in writing et and signing it and we're not gonna like it, but they they hate social media, On the other hand, right I mean eight, they ate social media. Could I think it it's too free and do enough to repress a so called that information. But I guess I'm gonna go with. Yes is well, and was that was positive. Our second sponsor this week, Americans are, navigating through several unanticipated crises this year, we the people as a new breed the speaker series. It offers insights and ideas on the current challenges we face from with a remarkable organizations that Bradley Foundation supports Visit Bradley Foundation, dad slash liberty to watch the most, absurd on the electoral college
featuring Tread England, England is the founder and executive director of save our states group dedicated to educating Americans about the electoral college, defending it from the national popular vote campaign in this episode, England explains the history of electoral College House how it works and what happens if the rules change, the discussion and an insightful analysis of the many merits to the way our president is alive Did that's Bradley with an l e? Why and foundations: abbreviated, F D, an dot org flash liberty to watch the video absurd, debut weekly so come back off in an subscribed to the EU, to channel to be notified whenever a new one is posted again its brow. Oddly foundation: DOT Org slash liberty, so Jim. in lieu of a presidential debate which were supposed to have this week.
Dueling town halls, raising the question why we just couldn't had a tunnel debate if it's safe to other town. with it, the Canada's individually. Why not have them together, but so This is the this is how it developed. He had dropped on NBC for an hour and head Joe, I know just for an hour and a half on. A b c seem to me trouble much better tv. Not surprisingly, the guy's, a tv star at root butts. This goes to show. Draw dynamic and paradox of the re said Trump needed to be about by at least partly about Biden, not just about him and he barely even mentioned- are enough- he mentioned Joe Biden. Last night, whereas Biden that there's just those doll meandering answers full of policy details not necessarily
strong together that cogent way, but it was the cottage sleepy Joe performance In- and this is this- is the problem with the whole. sleepy Joe moniker at the present had to abandon being sleepy is working for Joe Biden. I suspect it work for him last night as well look, there's no go here. The president has had this wrong. It's not sleepy job it's who makes everyone else sleepy I have to correct you grow rich, but Craig myself wait a minute. You ve, never dragon. There our dragon there eight minutes and I'm pretty sure, by my reasons, for our wedding omens, it fell a lot longer than ninety minutes with you about it. by what I switched over to NBC. It certainly looks like tromp was winning this debate with semantic Catherine.
I dont sugar- you a lot of both on November, Sir, she was use feisty. She really came at a better and I bought, but out of this out of everyone who I saw last night, I was most impressed by the woman over trumps right. Shoulder who act like you. Just got this to her eyes: ass. She just like the right kind of personal she's. Lucky she wasn't remove from the proceedings in order with the guides. The threat was like thumbs up at that I'm sure he was. I didn't notice specifically. And what the shot was burnt. Sure she is one where the ones of applauding when, when that that strange question regarding to ask Biden, those is a sorry trump does. Abiden leaning voter supposedly set a trap at a beautiful smile and look so handsome way, smile. So nice What it now looks, some people say she was unfocused last night because Trump wasn't
focused and they are things that you, I just think you to face it. I trust that I The little details like truck doing it outdoors in Florida in a little sweaty. In order to stop, I think that's in some ways they how Trump wanted at using the arena, because their heels into these things to fight you know now I was like is eddie- was serious, sitting half standing there granted as you right now that should guide the accounts That's two already. They really want. You didn't like these social distancing limits you wanted to just rovard and snow. Get somebody says Data Girt assessment is correct. I would have been so the assessment of the first debate, when you have a number certainly did go the direction Trump wanted. Take the constant interruptions of Biden worked against him in the idea that ok in abiding.
Is it you gotta get led by not the hawk right. You want bind to say things that will expose how wrong his agenda is and what he wants to do when what's gonna face country if we end up with democratic, unified, democratic control done, and you know that with things like the last night, actually found myself turning over to bite and more, even though so boring, because this was the chance to hear Biden without it, Russians from Trump orphans, monopolise or from question or from questioners or from anybody any just turned into this meandering Mississippi River of the combination of story, time with Grandpa and his old rambling soliloquies in the Senate and adjust get going and going it. I mean it's a wise that no binding doesn't appear senile heat. This problem is not that he can't drink you thoughts together. It's there. His grabs punches in bunches of brought by the arm of them all together and
start out answering about to fill a plaster and that it back sideways back into. He knew a guy in back at Dover, and his dad saw two guys kissing back in eighteen. Forty two. I learned that if you prefer running a gunman, you gonna shoot him in the leg and jobs My favorite example that was done started out. Our frack in question and and by the Andy was talking about poetizing manure, which I didn't didn't realize, is part of it. Solution to climate change but apparently never touch. I wanted. I The binding answers pellet too, I was a child. What what did you make of it? A lot of criticism of Savannah Guthrie it didn't it didn't bother me, I thought, is kind of appropriately kind of feisty, integral So that the problem is the disconnect you know she wasn't responsible for, but the disk get up between how she handled drop in House Deaf Annapolis handled Abiden, where
seems to be a fearfulness of challenging him closer, as I think that the press has always been by but I think this time they believe that they have a responsibility to get rid of trump and they should believe that if they believe the other things that we read day and in the press, which is that he's a unique threats and mace the end of the american experiment. I dont believe that, but if I did believe that I would probably refused to stay neutral during a debate we step up This has always been a democratic operative. Really he literally used to be one Savannah three has not, but they are both swimming in a culture that believes trumped to be a mortal through. And also has noticed that trumps sees them ass, the enemy, and so you get what you
saw last night, I don't mind if I seen as either I mind the disparity I think it's absolutely fine necessary for the press and private citizens and anyone else to badger politicians parade them if necessary, as torrent feather a few of them it is a bit jarring when, on the one hand, you have a guy throwing soft balls to the Democrats, candidate and on the other hand, you have the moderator arguing with the Republican, but that's the world we live in. It has to Various degrees been the world we ve lived in for quite a long time and chump knew that going in he needs four years ago. He should have known that twenty years ago and I'm just not convince. Last night that he did himself any favours if it's not news that you're going to get tough questions, that you're gonna be interrupted, the you're going
to have every inquiry carry with it left, leaning assumptions he wasn't especially prepared. He wasn't especially on me, He was highly entertaining ass. He always is, but that's not enough This is not an original thought for me, but I was struck once again by how different he is. The closing stages of this campaign to he was in the closing stages. If the last campaign, I dont, know why it was last time I dont know whether he got a thirst. success or whether Kelly and Conway was particularly good at will bring to him but Donald Trump in twenty sixteen kept hitting the key points, although the reasons were told he won, he hit immigration trade. The sense that Washington was complete-
the out of touch and he largely stayed away from settling purse scores obsessing over conspiracy theories that wasn't there last night. He wasn't bad. Wasn't meandering in the way the Biden was, but he wasn't discipline. He seems to have forgotten. Why was it he got elected in the first place and as such, it was not a disaster, but it was a missed opportunity. Yeah couple bad now one obviously can't just say: oh yeah just wear masks, you know it precaution we should all whereby learn by less numb where one now is, he can't do that and then the answers on Cuba, on and on this, this ridiculous, Retweet of this conspiracy theory, an evolving seal theme adjust. Its is indefensible. It's just stir completely insane the gym last thing,
the town halls, the Biden Supreme Court. packing answer. What do you make of that? He showed a little more leg and seem to unless were misreading ham seem to commit to only telling us what he thinks about this after the Amy coming Beret vote next week, but before of the elect then he said it is not a fan of core packing but didn't roared out and also talked about this totally preposterous idea from people judge of having a fourteen member court. Five republican five Democrats and five others chosen by the other justice is well yet they the first to You can't have fourteen courts of members of the Supreme Court with fibre organs five democratic five others, because that adds up to fifteen years. fourteen out of fifty beyond them bite and said
they do have a right to know where I stand and they will have a right to know where I stand before they vote. I don't If Joe Biden has noticed, this seems a little foggy, but did they started voting in MID September? Right by his own standard that you should know. He stands on this issue before you belch. He shouldn't, given that answer some time like a second weakest September, because by many temporal. Budget states regard people casting about less I shall the neighbourhood, like twenty million people, worry about it early in this country I guess the idea is sometime around Halloween Bobbio confirmation vote on Non Amy Connie Barracks in all likelihood, we confirm you'll, probably be a party light bulb and I Finally, let us know- and I guess his decision is very likely to be- that the process was a fair. He gets. You gonna making airports as I see it, as the process was illegitimate, warrior quotes at that because of that. He has no choice but to support court backing now again
and there is also worth noting that it's a little later in the evening calmly Harris didn't interview with dark lemon on CNN down limit, who is no stretch of the imagination, a member of the right wing conspiracy, Don Lemon who say who made the but her emails argument. At that point, the interview Don Lemon who said that he believes the issue of court packing is abstraction, but even he recognized this is a very no this is a major presidential candidate, possibly over it Thirdly, the front broadly guys most likely to become the next presidency just deliberately saying: hey here's a major issue, major decision that would change the Supreme Court for the first time in a hundred years. Represent a bigger, does is truly likes to clap. Basely pact T t to our norms and blowing them up and I won't say: what are you gonna? Do it or not? even Don lemon could recognise. Hey you wanna. You know elaborate on whether you're going to pack the quarter
The common Harris's arguing Carry overs answer was that it for me, Supreme court of Justice is that she doesn't like represents court packing. well, it's the same thing on the job no preference is now a hate crime. Word right. This wrong, definition of text. Fine, if you guys the court packing, where, if you want to redefine it to me, not expanding the size of the court but merely confirm make any justice you dont like fine, to use the term expanding the size of the court, Joe Biden, my Harris, will you expand the size of the court, not tire listeners? If someone does not say no. I will not, then the answer is yes. I will, if I can get away with it, so I look. I have no doubt with their position. Is that I want to say it and when somebody doesn't want to tell you what the position is, I think that tells you, with a completely incoherent position on both counts. The first words I think, is that binds entire case. Is that it's out of line for republican
to nominate and then vote on a candidate, while people are already voting Election is under way they ve already com. their ballots. That it somehow ok for him to wait until just before the election right when more votes have been caused to tell people his. Action on what would be the biggest change to american government since the civil war It's also a rational because there's not much left to judge. set depending on how it goes we ve already, the hearings. We ve already seen who Amy only where it is, and when the brings concluded Republicans and Democrats are actually barely friendly towards one another. Diane Feinstein did not say this is the most disgraceful herring. I've ever been a part of. She thanked Z, Graham for running it so fairly- she said it was unusually comfortable and then
Jerry hugged him. So what does this mean? Is he going to sit on how people, which he already knows, or perhaps the tone of them. when they vote. If Benson says I, then he won't pack the court, but events ass says I then the court has to be packed. The whole thing is absolutely nonsensical Clearly, what has happened here, that he is aware that he is being pressured on question. He is aware that is not answer was starting to hurt him or at least distract from the mess. he wanted to point out that he felt in the to say I don't really like it, but he couldn't go all the way and say. Therefore I won't do it because he doesn't work depressed turn out- and so invented this preposterous standard, which will be may be resolved, before the election, but I suspect, actually batted away in the final days Jim. escort new latest percentage yards Donald Trump wins on November. Third,
secure down to twenty or twenty five last year, barkeeper tool I think you said bottoms a bipolar they dont zero. I think it's you know, ah made silver. Has it had no fourteen percent or something you run the numbers another's close to a one in six about it. You know we shouldn't be shocked. It becomes to pass because if I said you, Charlie guerrillas takes on a six sided die and he did it. We wouldn't faint shock would be, Please believe me, I've been wanting texts, and so I think the president does have a shot. You gotta needs once again that gonna inside straight and two in Florida me so not girl on me. So Pennsylvania, just hold on to Arizona, but if he does that you end up with a map, that's not all that different from last time. I owe you likely to do everything you gotta Jupiter, checkup, I'd drop last time I think, to twenty five percent. I'm back up now to thirty five percent. I think Alex
four trump than it did? I think there was less long term fall out from his corona virus experience than I expected, and I think that it is entirely plausible that the states he needs will swing his way, I still think it more likely that Biden wins, but I think chump is improving and the races narrowing a little. I'm sorry guess, I'm gonna stick get thirty. Three I might be lowered is based on what we are saying: that point in the overall conditions, but am at thirty three and in part as it as a nod to just the modesty about what happened. in light of what happened in and twice sixteen and how they might be. Dissipated. Surprise is here as well. It's hit a few other things before we go Jim, Gary, even apple picking.
Yeah so with another weekend of lives, starting to feel it's not quite normal one step closer. went up to the laws in bucks county Pennsylvania. By the way I saw about brazilian trump signs, and I go there every year around Columbus Day, so significantly more. I think bucks county will be close to the county that trunk lost forty seven fifty one last time, ethical because again- and there are fifty bucks, his clothes and is still doing well. The other places heeded wound suggest a linear, but we're on to our style orchard said, Sir: they got no apples of every kind and a pumpkin patch and corn maize knock on the staff Brenda. No, it's all those acts. You could do easily socially distant saying and you get out and fresh air. Whether was perfectly just great, so you know like this
Alex stinks to too high have ended there, the pain of the neck, but you can't go out and enjoy life in ways that you could before the pandemic. If you, if you gotta, look and find them- and we did, it was a joy- will we get a tribe and washing baseball and for care? I have the Fox sports broadcasts in forechains actually up scout ten ATP, but it's still. much better than none upscale non hd. Our ten ATP you cant log into the Fox sports out, using your cable subscription or streaming cable subscription, and then stream. The national league season games. It's not quite as spectacular watching football in for cape, but there is a big difference. and that's watching pitching you see the bull move in the air. I think, partly because of the frame right and that quality it's easier to see little subtleties,
do you have a 4K tv and you can get the FUCK sports app log into it, and you like baseball I'd, recommend, checking that during this post season, because it does make a difference to watching pitches at the very least, sir I've been undone alot recently by the do not disturb feature on my phone, which is highly convenient, for years in your farm, but don't wanna, be disturbed during a tv header Radiohead them. I promise I won't forget. I put it on two, then I'll. Go the rest of the day, ignore in every single phone call again, because I've left the future are so with that. Let's go to our editors, pigs, Jim Garrison, but you're back through That review set a lot of good pieces about the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings, but I think one that stands out in ranks is my favorite for this week is Madeline Kerns Progressives. Flip on nasty woman,
you're not weaken the term gas lighting gets thrown. and a lot and there are times where you see this perception of women and women successful women in what is supposed to be an you see. You know, celebrations of respect against bird. You see celebrations of come on terrorists, and you know then along comes eighty Connie. Bear it and suddenly there's this attitude. That is perfectly okay to attack her for the size for family for calling her hands made from handmade stale attacking her attire, and there's somebody a slave who said she's a shameless cynical careerists do believe nobody can stop her ear and Mary Kerns just lays all this out and observes that these people, do not me what they say. When they talk about empowering women, they do not believe what they say when they believe should be judged by the same standards, everybody else, because they
Is it really believe that there are indeed a good woman or the good woman role model only it stops exactly where there are the algae bus they have no room in the parliament of their minds. Very successful accomplished. Conservative woman Those must not exist and when they do exist, they must be torn down, which is not consistent with feminism, which is not consistent with supporting women I observe this, and am I hate this doesn't make any sense of peoples they shut up. You a man, you don't understand any this. Traveling again. So much trouble for the idea that the high pitched voice data I want those are the men who say it to be a liberal manner there. That's even without a doubt, your back. There were eight. I you read, Valentine Please, I'm not crazy. She sees the exact same things. I do thank you Writing the space Jacob. What your pic Cosmic peace on the hearings. Titled chasing Amy
absolutely allows its high by this, but this is the best in cars written in a long time. He suggests that the hearings were between a c b I see pay, which is insane clown posse democratic senator who did something silly is an honorary member of the insane clown pussy in cars essay it's hilarious spot on, so I withdrew fart. We have little series and their magazine of arrears, making the case for how they're gonna vote or not on tromp, say Annie, Mccarthy saying yes, she remarked thing now is not good enough for me. Get Charlie in between say He can't decide of this not yet each where these pieces are compelling and well were.
reading, so that set for us even listening to a national viewpoint. Ghastly ribaut gas, retransmission cow, this game that express written permission. Now magazine strictly prohibited. This part gas imports. By the incomparable scarcity and makes us out better than we deserve. Thank you, Charlie. Thank jam thanks to act in law and we the people thanks specially to all of you for listening. We The editors and we'll see you
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