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Episode 269: Biden’s Non-Denial

2020-10-20 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Michael discuss the media’s ignoring of the Hunter Biden laptop story, the tight presidential race, and the PA voting rules court case.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: David Harsanyi’s post “Someone Else’s Life Is Passing before Biden’s Eyes • Charlie: KDW’s piece “Jeffery Toobin and Our Public-Hate Ritual” • MBD: Jim Geraghty’s post “A Record Worth Defending, If the President Was Interested

Light items: • Rich: Prayers for Andrew Kaczynski’s daughter Francesca • Charlie: Going to a rural farm • MBD: Leaf blowers

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Discount code, and are two zero for that big twenty percent off Why doesn't the media care about the hunter biden- email? What's the state, the presidential race, and should the Supreme Court have intervened in Pennsylvania Court imposed ballot rules will discuss all this more. This edition of the editor Sandridge Larry, I'm Joe enjoyed by the right honourable Charles, see Debbie Cook and the notorious boot Michael Brendan Dorothy. clarity or turned soon. You listening to him
I'll show you podcast or sponsors this week are black rifle coffee company and we the people from the Bradley Foundation, if you listen, podcast on NASH Review, dot com unclean directly on the corner. Where delighted to have you but will be easier for you and for us if he made as part of your feet in the stream of services out there from Spotify to Itunes. Anything like what you hear here. Please consider giving us a glowing fire star review on Itunes. If you dont like what you hear here, please forget anything, so anybody, or on the second week of the hunter by email story, you still have the mainstream press completely uninterested. and this new making any news on this matter. You had his poor CBS beat refer, I just didn't get the Nemo was standing on. The tarmac with Joe Biden after a campaign of outlined by is about to get on the plane is like, Sir, what what do you make of the near post Hunter Bodkins, Tory Vine said
no response. This is shameful. This way you always do. I knew you were going to do the thing about this. What it, what a terrible thing you've done. Of course, no one stood up for this for CBS reporter being attacked by the candidate. In fact, you had all sorts of blue checkmark say how dare you? How could you possibly ask about the story and it's just taken as a gospel truth without any evidence that this is a russian plot to plant? information and our election here at the end, when you make of it well, I mean the The binding campaign knew that this was a problem story for them from the very beginning. That's why they did a giant Feature in the New Yorker magazine and cooperated with it, over a year ago right get out ahead of it. You know end
It's not something that just Republicans have made up in during the Obama administration, the State Department itself rays, questions at the White House about the appearance of impropriety and they were told, but there was no bandwidth for Hunter Fur, Joe Biden too, With his son Hunter and Ukraine. But the media is no kind of the media in the age of twitter. Has this amazing and horrible. Conforming some right minute, Lou literally Twitter, Creeds disincentive for getting in line right, you have to converge. on the smart high status, clever opinion right away, or else you're going to be punished and personally.
Right I mean it's almost like Twitter has eliminated the previous situation in journalism where institutions themselves were competing, for the sexiest. Most sensational most hard hitting stories right now. now. It's like the institutions have faded away and individual journalists are afraid of being caught out with one another and doing the wrong thing. there's no evidence that there is russian, involvement in this story. Currently right. We have no evidence, you know, There are a few hazy things about the chain of custody, but about this laptop that you know, maybe we'll be true the two more information on it soon, but we have more informed
about the provenance of these documents. Then anything we had for the Trump tax returns. We have no denial from the Biden campaign about the authenticity of the email so. This is a story and in fact It was a story before these email dumps right mean interest. For me personally, I was I've been interested in the stories and even before this campaign. Why was it that a bunch of Americans and europeans- got these types of jobs in Ukraine. After that, revolution in twenty fourteen and twenty fifteen. You know and I dont think. In all these cases, I don't think it's healthy for our political culture that, in effect, One side is digging in on this story and another site isn't even treating it as a legitimate topic.
Conversation? I mean it's on in a sense were like losing your door, being two different markets for ideas, news and, in fact, finding both of them are vulnerable to manipulation because it at all to their own biases, so given It is going to close ranks on this, but everyone can see the media closing ranks which in fact, probably hurts Biden a little bit It would be better if the media chow be better for Biden. If media challenged him a little bit any provided some kind of plausible story for his partisans to believe. does meeting this with this stonewalling in denial it doesnt work. Just like you, don't think it's working for him on court packing to two stonewalling deny yet
as is its attitude. I cod and my up today on this anti reporting and I see a lot of the New York Times attitude to the top red allegation against bite and took the nineteen days to mention it right. Does this Here's where were the allegation about the guy who's at that point, close to being the presumptive Craig. Now many if he wasn't already. If I forget exactly it's just by definition, news and there a newspaper, but they they didn't, want to do it until they they finally did it a big piece where they wanted to be sure that two throws much cold water on it. Now, maybe you know a lot of cold water was propria, but I think that's that's worrying, to see here as well just very little engagement with Ex. If we had in your time story about how the post reported the story and then eventually
when one they'd feel so that they have it a bigger peace, trying to knock down the whole thing. I M reminded of David purges observation that journalism is about covering the important stories with a pillow until they stop moving, I were hauled and in the press, does About the story cares about bearing in mind hasn't denied it his campaign manager in denial, but he knows that despite not and he can do his indignant thing, can get away with it. He can pretend that the reason that his son is a deeply troubled person ended up where he did was because he's an energy expert.
and he knows that the press will let him get away with that that they will put the thumb on the scales and he knows why it's because they were him to win, forget Trump for a moment. They would want him to win if he were running against John casing their Democrats, there's, no hiding it by Democrats by think beyond the Tories choices. We see Something more sinister, Michael, just outlined Glenn Greenwell, outlined it well last night on Tucker calcined show.
We see an informal enforcement of these standards against other journalists. I think there is a feeling among parties ends and outspoken members off the media that Hillary clinton- asked in twenty sixteen, because the press spent too much time talking about her emails and that this was not in fact, a story that deserved as much attention as it gets And those who believe that have taken to bullying and encouraging mobs to stand up, Against any journalist who looks as if he or she is going to talk about this Maggie Haven
Hardly a great ally of the president was nickname, Mega Haven formally linking to this others, who also insane Others who are less obviously political, have been shouted out and called names. So much is mentioning it by those who think that negative coverage of the last democratic nominee aloud to win now add one level, that's rational! If you Genuinely believed what many journalists say they believe about Trump. You would be trying to defeat him and they are the part of it. That, I think is particularly sinister. Is the routine invocation
of russian DIS information without any evidence whatsoever. Forget Adam Shit, John Harwood at Sea, Bs John, how just throws this house all the time whenever the stories, if it has any element that might be damaging to a democratic or that might, by extension, help president chump its russian disinformation. These people. Then he equivalent of left wing birches, where everything has to be russian disinformation, a russian plot, nothing, it happens in America. Apparently that goes against the interests of the Democratic Party. you're the broader left without vitamins. In being involved, somehow its justice preposterous, it was in the nineteen fiftys when the purchase arguing Eisenhower was a communist plant. If you.
game that power. And if you have noticed that a complete. Press call. It should get away with it, of course, going to use it all the time like the crucible aegis pointers. when you just like it says a whit zoo it, and then you can have them crushed under a stone but Esteve I shouldn't by it. This has got really really silly so There are some elements of this that we would expect the press is biased, particular biased at the moment because of its view of Donald Trump, but the bullying of other. Reporters and other journalists purely for Discussing topics purely for linking the stories purely for entertaining the idea that something that is bad for the democratic candidate must be true. That is the dangerous part and
that part I think has been enabled by social media or if it hasn't been its permitted us to see it for the first time yourself, go to the extent. We know a thing about this, that six at there's been additional reporting. There's nothing is choice as to suggest that the Kremlin plan there is more information system suggest that these animals are legitimate. You have Fox news reporting that one of the recipients on this shocking China in our at discusses prodigious unheard of money being thrown out your binds way says its legitimate. You also had reporting today. I believe me those last night from Fox NEWS that Hunter by the signature pierce to be on the receipt when, when he left this laptop, so all that and the big dog does not bar
Any claims that this is a complicated and suggests that this these are legitimate documents right and, if their legitimate, they also bring up the possibility. You know if the story is correct, that in these Emil's the big guy is Joe Biden himself, Rightly, some of them say that you know Certain percentage of a deal is being reserved for the big guy, Then Joe Biden is exactly what people been accusing trump of being for years, some who abuse is. The power of american government and foreign policy for personal and private profit. In and that is unconscionable the the idea that its russian propaganda- I mean People not noticed that, U S, russian relations are basically in all time, pose
Cold war low mean expand, others, diplomats, the United States, shot down and killed like we hundred Russians in Syria mercenaries sure they got. distressing their family. a distressing letters about accidents back at home, you know. We have horrible relations with Russia under Donald Trump? Why would from my would Putin and how will he do this enemy? We We do understand it. The Russians can buy Facebook ads, you know or produce fake twitter accounts. can we really pretty sir a laptop with them? in in Delaware. Like this, I don't I
well and if they did Joe Biden would be the first to say so, not only worse, because he would know that it was untrue and but he would be able to recruit to his side any number of experts to prove it. An interesting. If this were a court case and Biden were remaining silent out, be defending him, I think there is something sacrosanct about the right to remain silent in a court. Please running for president, given that that he hasn't denied it I think, speaks volumes. I dont think You know, I think one problem for Biden is that. Maybe they don't think that this behaviour was really wrong right at me. That that is another side of this is that you know Ukraine's elected government in twenty fourteen decided for ever reason. It's on corruption, pressure from the Kremlin.
Decided against an economic partnership with. the European Union. Then the Maidan protests against the government began. EU. And U S assisted it. People live under Biden or Queen S. Key of Poland got these incredible, paying jobs at bereavement. Other firms- and you know the Even if he were state department raised some ethical concerns. You can can argument, I, as a liberal world order, argument that this is no. This is the sort of thing it's necessary that you want these business ties and political ties across this because they self reinforcing maybe I heard argument to explain to the public who don't stand why a drug addict? Who just happens? the vice President Sun can get six. Thousand dollars a month for providing his name to the board of a company
but anyway, that you could make a case for this kind of behaviour. It's a political one. I don't think it's very convincing. She could make it. Instead we're just treating this with silence and actions by China even more pressing as its much larger, Amounts of money and of Worse, we know- and I've seen over the last eighteen months, especially that Americans have become very sensitive about the way China uses its power through its state. Controlled enterprises. Corporations to affect political help, outside of China Right to silence This is a move. What's going on in Hong Kong or two we in the sugar cane province. oh yeah, that's very troubling! If turbines kind of long term business deals in China affect american format,
see, and people brought this up with Trump when he is like it about his hotels and licensing of his name to various properties, and it was the question- then it's a legitimate. Question now, These persons running for president upset. I need much more convincing evidence to believe that the big guy in the email is gonna get ten percent of the Chinese pay day is, is Joe Biden, it just just seemed a leap based on what we know now. I M not suggesting that it is Joe Biden, I'm suggesting that this story has not been fabricated and we are not going to get to the bottom of it, because Biden is simply refusing to talk about it at all. I mean he's not going to say well yeah, but here's what happened clearly and no one's gonna make him.
So the question to you envy your gas, yet they presidential debate. The last presidential debate come up on Thursday, your gas, that the story will feature in that debate, not at all a little some alot some. I don't think this is terms best argument against Joe Biden. I mean it could be, powerful one if you'd developed it over time, but Trump brought it up in the last debate that they had and I think Biden He got some mileage out of it by just saying I love my son, so yeah, Think I think what you'll see a trumpet bring it up, and then the moderator and Joe Biden will move to squash it jealous. I think your bring it
a law, partly because this is the sort of thing that Donald Trump likes talking about more than anything else, and secondly, it could be somewhat potent as long as it comes along with a discussion of the issues that propelled trumped a victory in twenty. Sixteen top really has to do two things. One is to talk all the time. About the issues that his vote is care about, immigration, trade draining the swamp and so on, and the other thing is to make his opponent look less palatable less like a default option, less like a good guy who would be a nice refreshing change from the chaos and often downright sinister person, jumpers, sir, I think whether
Some knows that second part or not. He will bring this up because your sense correctly that it is a way of depressing enthusiasm or interesting. Joe Biden, I'm gonna, Greece, Michael and say some I'd, take show is point the trumps gonna bring it up alive, but the moderation I can be adjusted and an Biden will do all that he could of aid and skitter away on the topic. You know that this, says, is assassinated and turn the election, but is a potentially powerful issue for trot, but even on this you know this incredible. Scoop has fallen into her lap. Trump can't effectively isn't effectively using equity is just so all over the place and can't help shooting at the wrong people, including his own justice department. In her part of this message, being honest is why why is my justice, Barbara, not arrested?
on people in jail, yet which should be the focus at all, so I think, would be brought up. Some and trot probably won't make maximum powerful use. of it. So with that lets pause in here from our first sponsor this, week, which were delighted to say, is black rifle coffee, company, Evan, Hopper, founded Brcc and two thousand, and fourteen along with Army Ranger Matt best is the combination of two passions developing premium roast to order coffee and supporting the veteran and military community. Black rifle coffee company is continually committed to supporting veteran law enforcement and first responders causes with companies, buy a bag, give a bag campaign
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Last night of lost track. That has it at nine points, but you have some state level point that chose it and a few. These paragraphs states neck and neck either Trump plus one Biden plus one were. Where are you now? I don't think it's too hard to see a path for trump that doesn't mean he will beat their path. But it's not too hard to put it together and in fact, if I were Joe Biden, I would not be sleepy Joe the moment I'd, be wide awake, nervous, Joe looking at these state level, poles The national policy terrible for Trump National Post, don't matter as much
We assume they do, but of course they matter in that if they are so large as to blow out any chance of winning an electoral college victory than than they matter, but but at state level I don't know rich. I can see a puff of. If you look at the rope I politics average you will see a whole bunch of blue arrows pointing downwards. The average numbers in the battle grounds are getting closer and closer and fought it's worth. So is the national average that Singapore you mentioned, is indeed Biden, plus nine, but there's an
be Depot Biden plus three. So if you look at it, you see violence average leads in the States Florida plus one North Carolina plus to Georgia plus one point, two Pennsylvania plus three point: eight Wisconsin plus six point: two: that's a good one for Biden, Iowa plus one point to Arizona plus three Michigan Seven, that's a good one and then Minnesota fats. Six point: three I mean these are. These are numbers that should give us pause. Given what happened last time, in fact,.
right and is doing worse in the battleground states at this point in the race than Hillary Clinton was at this point back and twenty sixteen m, I got out say it's: it's easy. It's easy to see how Trump wines the states he needs to to get right to the cost and needing Michigan or Pennsylvania. I'm not sure you look at the Michigan and Pennsylvania polls with the moment and feel that the Trump has a a great shot right at the moment. In those places, but is easy to see how it s right to the cost, began. yeah. It's easy to see as funny, because I didn't see it at all four years ago, when we look back at what I wrote four years ago this week. And I was writing about the forthcoming Clinton. Landslide rank is reed. We're just. no, maybe ten days out from,
access Hollywood tape coming out, we were a couple weeks before James Commies re entering onto the stage. So you know there is time even at this late hour. When people people are voting, even when their voting an unprecedented numbers. There's time for trumped to kind of do the fine I'll catch up And because a lot of that catch up is probably consists of Republicans, coming home right, like Republicans who are reluctant. To tell a pulsar they're gonna blow for Trump, and then is that decision looms, they kind of finally say: ok, I'm for Trump, He has a path, but I do wonder if also my shell shock. Partial shell shock from four years ago. I always thought Trump reasonable shot? He wasn't major party nominee. I wonder, Fettes
causing needed to refused see the general evidence that Biden has led throughout And it's never been quite as close nationally between I'm in tromp as it was between Hilary and trim by Environs- been over fifty for a while. Now what which really starts to and which He starts to close in the possibilities for Trump you can still do it and. you know. I think some of the you know unscrewing story. You can tell yourself now about We need twenty summit, makes sense in oh that, there's like the pressure on extra she'll pressure against expressing your approach from views. I could believe that mean we.
I basically in our a black lives matter, protest movement, pretty. Quickly evolved into like a general purpose, anti from movement that was violent in places for heard of Trump supporters being executed. Streets in a couple cities so yeah I can. I can imagine some trump supporters are not telling pollsters the right that the true intentions they have bite. Again and again, my simple. My simple look at the raise my dead, simple work has always been Donald Trump barely beat everyone. Hillary Clinton was The most unpopular democratic nominee in modern history and Joe Biden isn't so I think you know, I still think
I have to believe the numbers in front of me Biden has been ahead. The whole time will remain ahead. He's remained he's been ahead before covered during covered Things will be some tightening, but I still think Biden. he's the only Democrat who has the kryptonite for Trump in Pennsylvania and Michigan. You don't think Harris could do this year. Fine wines is gonna, be part of it is going to be, the bed of his candidacy, which is that you don't need a fire up. Your own sigh Unita fire up in other. The is used to you, make yourself less offensive in the upper middle. Asked Anne to older and non college educated white voters and that that's what binds the count on the whole time, and a lot of pulling show shows that it's that is working such early on polling. I did podcast over the weekend in the run up a piece
About it talking to Robert gaily of Trafalgar droop- and he's all in on the the theory that Michael alluded to, which is that you have the social respectability bias where people don't wanna tell tell strangers, strangers Responses to a pole that they going to be judged on, especially this day and age, where people's lives are literally ruined for having the wrong opinion. So you got to be really. set up to that and treat your methodology to cut up pick up and tease us people out and also find candid low capacity. Voters that maybe hadn't voted in past presidential elections and showed up and voted for them shop and twenty sixteen. So what what do you make of it? The k, gaily theory, the case of the cases
Abiden is going to win, is obvious and, as well as being obvious, is repeated every day is repeated in every newspapers repeated by everyone who follows politics in its repeated by almost every poster I didn't outline it just now, because everyone is familiar with it, and that is why your interview with rubber Kelly was so fascinating because he's a contraction, he is saying not just hey, maybe there's another way of looking at things he said, I'm gonna win. He said this clearly to you. He said there's no way. Biden wins. Texas is no way. Biden wins. Georgia said trumps winning in Florida, so chumps winning his own and North Carolina and he said he's down two points in Pennsylvania, but could see in making that up and these winning a Michigan and if he's right
what now that's an extraordinary prediction, but it is much more interesting than it is coming from, say a bill Mitchell who just said the real policy or in our hearts, because he has a thesis and it's an interesting thesis. He has a model. And ended. The dirty little secret here is that everyone who analyzes politics has a model have a mental map of. who is going to show up where why how to analyze responses from human beings who I include into themselves- and Rebecca Haley's mental model and his expressed who is different than everyone else's, and he owns it.
I'm sure there are people who listened to your podcast and then read your right up an account being too because they desperately want it to be true, I'm not in that camp, but I You think that he has some claim to. You may be wanted to be true. You still have the site yeah my piece in the magazine, I'm I'm atomic Hayley may maybe very it. It is, not the case that this is just some guy and he has some claim to be listened to, given that he did very with this model in twenty sixteen and he did pretty well in twenty eight in particularly in my state in Florida, and I went to the voting booth. I first ever vote in american election in twenty eight in and I voted for run dissent is vital.
like the time, although I do now and for Rick Scott- and I assume that the moment I circle the name, but they were gonna- lose. And all I heard throughout the rest of the time was that they, it we're gonna lips inheritance. Many many points of view. There is a point on election day that showed the Santer seven and was one guy who kept saying you're missing the voters who are actually going to show you coalition is wrong, and that was Rebecca highly so I dont know if he's right, but I do know. In two thousand sixteen and in two thousand eighty and I spent the entire time convince. The trunk was going to lose and then in twenty eighty, the scientists and Scott, where we're going to lose- and I was this guy who saying now you're wrong and he was right and I was wrong and I think it's worth keeping his position
I have in mind is the result, so Michael trumps and how does pulls out it it'll be more miraculous than is twice sixteen victory. Is it you just look at binds wedding on every single issue, except perhaps the economy where trumps is, I think narrowly had. Am I most poles, but not not in all the poles, by its leading on the other, dominant issues, health care and covered his leading on every single personal characteristic and then speaking is covered in all through August, one We are discussing a stay, the race and in one of my takes us, you know this still time and the various things can break the prisoners way and in one always mentioned this is the Brits summer. Outbreak has to fade in what you did, but now at work that, MR, what seems to be on another outbreak. Europe, you know is sir, has as a number of cases this
I above hours even but in states around the country. You have things Taking the wrong way here and you have trouble not having adopted, this is another thing we talked about after he actually got covetous, maybe take more sober town. You up about this and can't hit Risa out it's best to go that not even claw young and now you and we were exactly three weeks ago, your eyes, hammering Valkyrie, still mocking masks. yeah I mean. You know in some ways it remind one reasons, I'm much less pollution, trumps chances. right now that I was even before what is that, you know it reminds me of the two thousand and eight election where Barack Obama, has consistently over John Mccain throughout
and then a few events happened late economically and it just felt like the bottom fellow of making campaign and I feel like when Trump contracted, in himself. The bottom started falling out, like you Sarge immediate drop me in apprehension in the polls about trump the corresponds with the exact in time that robber colleague says that the number of conservatives who were unwilling to participate in whole started to jump up. people backing away from him the Democrats, I've kind of I him as well. The candidate of sickness of the virus. He himself is toxic and in returning
you know there aren't. There is a case to be made that. Then the mitigation efforts that broad public's only have so much tolerant them whence they went out of tolerance for them and they loosen up as they As they do, as politicians loosen them up the valley just comes warring back as its coming back in Europe right now and that in fact, there is theirs. the United States is not some out we're when it comes to covered were no we're testing more than Europe were. Maybe counting covered deaths, more generously, then Pierre nations are, and so by contrast, we looking worse because we're actually keeping better data. Than other nations the EU can make their case, but
terms like. In any case, you know refuses to make a case. I mean in a sense like he he's almost trumpet. Pain- and this is either, if he wins I'll just admit- He'S- Yes and I'm an idiot, but trumps. Campaign has mostly been about, came demonstrating, trumps attitudes towards events, Current events, rather then straining or touting his record as president right like it's, it's like a guy, you know he feels that there is some portion of the country that is sick of of Doktor, Anthony Algae and so he demonstrates the public, I'm sick of him too. He can't for over exploited and you know This awareness, weirdest criticism ever made her medical professionals.
I guess I want it was terrible he's, but what are you doing in there was, but one he's doing there is one he's demonstrating, of course, is like a lightness of tat trade and we knew he isn't fired. Fouche e m buddy. You know he's just demonstrating these attitudes right. demonstrates hostility to the press, but he doesn't, like you know, accept for a few minutes in the first debate and weird It was like he studied his briefing back a little bit in that debate, except for a few minutes and that debate he isn't talking about what the economy he was doing until covered. He isn't talking about his foreign policy achievements, of which he could he could put together. A record of We took care of solemn money. We brokered peace deals in
between Israel and the arab states. We ended the er deal AEGIS just talk about it. Supposing they want to talk about it at this debate, but Instead, he just cities he's almost like showing you I'm not it's like his strategies. Just constantly communicating. I don't agree. with the establishments way of doing things. I don't agree with their attitudes towards things. I have the honour That attitude toward them at the opposite attitude, towards masks towards found she towards the press. towards Joe Biden himself, and if you're into that- and you think you could hang with that view- think you'd like him Dear me, you could vote for me keep hanging out on Twitter and on your tv from the next four years. His his way, doing that is strange and with found its both incoherent and disrespectful.
but I am not convinced that the underlying message that he's trying to convey is unpopular or is unwise. He shouldn't single out fast. You shouldn't speak, like crazy person. But I think some of the criticisms of him for this in the press assume both that the means by which he has done this and the underlying message. urging him and I'm not sure, that's true because of covered fatigue, I think there is real covert fatty yesterday again, I'm not going to repeat what he said, because it was ridiculous, but Prescott, Arizona, Trump hammered this message home and I think he's right. I think he's right both in his calculations as to how he can motivate his party in people. lean towards his party. I also thing
as a general matter. He is now right that there is such a thing is covered fatigue. And that, while people may say in public ass, not to sound, irresponsible sure. I understand the gravity of this and I wish I think that there are now more interested in moving forward in and making sure that they have a job and the kids are in school and that life starts to get back to normal. Every day s question you preserve jobs at this juncture that down Tromp Wendy election twenty percent, so you basically you're you're. Basically Jim Garriga, you, u engender down there, twenty twenty five, I think it was twenty. Last time we asked the am until I got to me now, I'm forty percent forty weird forty last time, how's it thirty five. Last time I believe,
So you feel you had a little bit where you down those twenty five. I went down to twenty five after the dreadful right. Twenty five, forty yeah. I think I think things that really bad fur trump when the tax story came out, followed by I am getting corona virus and the debate here, those at those is how weak, but I'm watching the pause, And I'm looking at the fundamentalists and I'm looking back to twenty sixteen and o, though a gun to my head, I would say by It's gonna win the election. I think it is much closer than is assumed I'm gonna go a little. The two not alot, I'm going from thirty three to thirty five percent. With that, let's hear from other sponsor this week, we the people
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so he addresses the influence of environmental, social and governance issues on society, retirement security and free enterprise, discussion sheds light on how activists are advancing social and political change through american corporations. That's Bradley with an L E. Why, at the end foundation, abbreviated, F D, an dot org flash liberty to wash the video new episodes debut weekly, so comeback often subscribe to the? U to channel to be notified when ever a new one is posted, Bradley Foundation, DOT, Org, slash liberty, please check it out. So Michael, we had a supreme court
ACE about Pennsylvania, voting rules which have been a big brouhaha in Pennsylvania, with court, saying that you that the bout smell about can be counted three days after the election, the Republican Party has been up in arms. Pursuing litigation and went to the Supreme Court to get a stay did not get a stay by forty four vote. With Robert siding with the liberals. Would you make of it yeah. So am I think? How do I put it? I thought that the the suit was correct. I mean Think they the better case that Pennsylvania LAW was in there was republican argument favor for ending the counting earlier. And at least my own legal friends suggested that, if this is in a district case
maybe Roberts would have voted the other way with their maybe a bedrock thirty M district court. Rather sale district course, rather than a steep interpreting its own laws and constitution, Maybe Roberts wouldn't go gone. The other way. What I do know, however, is that. Many states have adopted very hastily new rules, new procedures, new ways of voting that they are not used to. Minister eating. It is leading to problems. and I also know obviously pencilling is one most important swing states in this election and. There is almost no more horrifying scenario then going to
bad on election night, not knowing who won the election because Pennsylvania's votes on all in but knowing precisely how many votes each candidate needs to secure their victory. in Pennsylvania and in the election If it came to a Pennsylvania. We may know that very night. Ok, there are anticipated. Ex many outstanding ballots if ex percentage come in and they come in it this or that rate for Biden Earth. trump that personally, I think that too many dangers it just gonna Cree incredible suspicion about the result, that there was time that there was a kind of your time added on by the rest, like at the end of a soccer game, I hate about soccer Charlie.
Again that urban I fall extra time rather than hard and fast rules established beforehand so I anyway, I'm I'm very concerned about that and and howl stomach churning that's going to be for everyone, so any I think the court got it wrong, but I'm willing to say that you know it. This is Pennsylvania's law. Pennsylvania's Bring court and unwilling to defer to them, but I think I think This is gonna, be a mess in Pennsylvania. I I'm hoping it doesn't matter to the final result. They tried by the analysis of Michael's, anonymous legal friends who say that if this had been coming up through the the Federal Courts, Roberts likely would, but on the other side,.
Perhaps I have a horrible feeling that this is yet another example of John Roberts being too clever by half and by so doing creating a mass. down the road, I suspect John robbers doesn't want that ought to be seen this close to an election. Hiding with Republicans, and I suspect that he joined in with the trio briars autumn Iron Kagan in order to push responsibility back down to them. Court, but I think that the argument that was made in that local was a poor one I have a horrible feeling that the selection could come down. the Pennsylvania and the nightmare scenario could occur and then we might be handed back to the Supreme Court and it could end up bra
a farmer, momentous decision that will do far more damage to our lab with three core than merely going the right way on this would have been, but that is of course, speculation. Perhaps Roberts really thought but be state had a better argument. So Charlie, I don't know about this area of the law. This girl. I knows I read to boy pastor articles about this decision, but do you have any view on this question? Is there there actually had been a decision from the court there? No written opinions here that I should say its session, but that there are no written opinions that it it would have engaged on this question of what legislature means
in the constitution and whether it first state court is rewriting the rules, whether that violates the constitution, because it's not a legislature which feed. If you go that way, that could have in a huge implications and an offer much of other areas. We ever thought thought about a red up that law, and I am not an expert on this. I briefly review the case that was made by the Republican Party in Pennsylvania and then the response and the. I appeal to the Supreme Court for set, and it seemed to me that the invention, hair, the pushing up the envelope here was on the part of the state
they Republicans, but, as I say, I am happy to be wrong on this. I'm happy to be corrected on this. I'm happy for anyone who knows John Roberts always analyzed his philosophy around thing to write to me saying this is entirely consistent. It didn't seem to me so actually question to you Michael previewed, dismembered ago bite you, early. In your view, the election important election litigation will end up with the Supreme Court after the election. Yes or no. Yes, but I'm sticking by my view, There will be elections litigation, but it won't matter to the result of whose president may may matter to the final electoral college count: thou choice. Second, european, that questioners there will be elections
the kid important election litigation bearing on the results. Yes, that's another important cost to stick in there that will end up at the Supreme Court after the election, yes or no I think it's unlikely purely because I suspect that, if Biden incinerating like the manner that he's supposed to that. None of the states that have been later gating their election rules will be necessary to his victory and I also think that if, if trumped surprises us he'll, progress surprises more dramatically than is anticipated and the same will apply the nightmare scenario, there would be if Trump, somehow, Pulled out Wisconsin and Pennsylvania but say lost, Arizona.
and then you really are looking to state level challenges followed by Supreme Court challenges that could last week's So, are you stay consistent here? I still think he's gonna be closer than it looks. In the national pulling and I think Pennsylvania could be real nightmare, maybe other nightmares, looking lurking out there so you say yes, this and some important respect is going to end up at the Supreme Court. Before we had a few other things before we girl. Let me just get in a real, quick and our plus plug. If you sign up for an hour plus yet you're a regular now show you read: are you really should do it? It's your way to get past the metered pay all get rid of
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Yeah I'm an enemy of leave blowers. Normally I'm an enemy of the two stroke. Traditional gas powered leave blowers, but, alas, there's! No! Actually beers and animosity wasn't worth while the stay here I mean I just I, she hate the noise pollution of it I think it's totally anxious and it's actually, you know very bless to live in the suburbs, but is the one curse? Is these gas power dealers their are, but there are Battery powered alternatives there much much quieter and just as powerful to have one our garage and it is a joy to clean up the yard quickly and efficiently, without
blasting the neighbours and ruining the pod casts that I'm sure they are just beyond. said she, you guys visited a farm in raw floor. You know my car, I think that is Probably the first time, anyone in the english language and all of human history has added that sentence. I'm an enemy of leaf blows, Traditionally I can't imagine another circumstance in which anyone would have set that second great relations, Russell Kirk uses all cars mechanical Jacob? No, no, I'm not saying you are not. I am not saying you are luddite, I'm saying that that is probably the first time those words have been put together in that order in the history of the aid in this language. I'm an enemy of leave, blows traditionally. Well then, yes, I will be the scenarios
The other, the other enemy of cars, the sort it George can, I think, is an enemy of cars. Also, my great grandfather was a fierce enemy of cars, which had discovered one as cleaning out her our house, one when my mom moved and found these old old letters hated him and asked for why I asked her what Why do you hate car so much? And it was because he had it is a business man and an editor republican papers. It turns out who under hotel, that was right at a railway d- a railway cross roads and soon as the highway came just his business dried up. So that's that's the downside of prey obstruction, that's a good reason to Cuz Well, I ain't. I use it to a rural farm only way,
in their NASA county. Florida is pretty rural, very much the south, essentially South Georgia, and as a lovey farm, which is open to the public. Pay to go in, but then you're pretty much left alone, and if that is a sign in when you walk in, that has the law, as the statue posted an essentially says. This is an agribusiness If you dial is limbs, is your problem here in Florida, so either the calf over it. The lovely place who in on a hey right? Kids. When on the back of a tractor and
so some sunflowers or some horses. I have a great playground at this place. For the best part, was they have a huge corn, maize or maize maze? You might say huge six, seven, eight feet tall stalks and live left enough space there.
points between these say you can walk and systemic. This maize was so big that it took us about half an hour to do the entire track, but that the kids absolutely absolutely loved. It is, I think, quite like visiting a farm, and you probably don't think of that. As being something you would find in Florida words all palm trees and beaches and sound, but actually this farm felt a civic could be anywhere in the United States. It was nice surf night mistaken. I recall that when Jim talked about visiting a farm a couple upsides away ago, he also talked about the corn, there is also a corn maize. So a twin, the apple picking in the corn maize, is that this is so very a rustic. Exploring ways of it has really is hardly the eyes it will find out the wheel, in the same, placing because Alexandrovitch apple packing and then Jim said he gone Apple, picking, and then it's like, where each leaving
one clear that gets picked up the next week said of murder, mystery. so I'm gonna go. I feel readers of the central forget. A much more sober note. I just want to command everyone, Andrew Kosinski, he is a journalist is now at sea and an end is daughter Francesca six month old daughter has a rare form of bring a rare brain tumor and he's been updating his followers on twitter. So just ask everyone out there, who's the praying type, and maybe, if you're, not the praying type, still pray for his family and pray for this beautiful little daughter of his friend Chaska, so envy D. It is time that time are pod, Casper editors picks. What's your pic is too short post from Jim Garrulity.
honor a record worth defending. If the president was interested in which Jim just gets to the heart of something I was saying earlier, really cribbed from him, which is that the present isn't talking about all the things that, He's done as president, which might if the voters heard about them, meant him for a second term. Instead he's talking about stuff like fancies bad arm Jim, It's been a real gem this year on Covin and he is on the election to kick up. What's your pick, my pig is not on the website. But it is Kevin Williamson on the subject of Jeffrey to bed and his adventure Now is the benches on zoom I'm trying hard not to make any jobs Kevin does not try hard to avoid chokes in this peace. In fact it
probably the most body peace Kevin has written in a while, but it is deserved. So I take it as a corner person gave her sunny tile. Someone else's life is passing before bides eyes as justice. This wonderful post about this story, Biden at the ABC Town Hall about in the nineteen fifty seen two guys kissing industry and is working class, dad saying in joy. If it's simple, they just love each other. Her sunny as highly sceptical of the story and uses affair. Mr Woody Allen rift to seek to secure abiden. It's really are a wonderful toast and please check it out. If you haven't already ok, that's it for us see blessing to national park. Yes, you re broadcast retransmission account this game without express written permission of NASH View Magazine is
Berkeley prohibited. This podcast has been produced by the incomparable. Sayre city makes it sound better than we deserve. Thank you Charley. Thank you, Michael thanks to black rifle coffee company and we, the people and things especially to all of you for listening. We are the editor and we'll see you.
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