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Episode 270: Debate Debrief

2020-10-23 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Jim discuss last night’s presidential debate, points Trump missed, Biden’s many lies, and more.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: Jim’s post “If You’re Standing in Line to Vote Early, Blame Your State and Local Lawmakers” • Charlie: Andy McCarthy’s piece “Boycott-Barrett Ploy Shows Difference Between Democrats and Republicans” • Jim: Charlie’s piece “The Worst-Case Scenario in November?

Light items: • Rich: Sarah’s bird ID-ing abilities • Charlie: Talking with kids about the election • Jim: His son’s flag football success

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Last night we thought we'd go through the debate through cut a major topics in major theme, so let's get a Hunter Biden first, this was obviously tromp was gonna. Bring this up. he brought up a kind of Juanita, broader style from twenty sixteen egg. A key actor in this controversy as its developing and repeatedly hid Joe Biden on this issue, not sure how much progress he made. I agree with the conventional wisdom that trumpet was so telegraphic how he brought up this the stuff and dependent on a lot of prior knowledge.
And at least the initial salvo Biden really effectively deflected by getting trump on his taxes, which talk shop, took the bay on and went into great detail about accountin and some hundred fifty dollars for filing b and how's taxes has been pre paid, cetera what it would he makes. The Hunter Biden element debate last night here this. This is a topic that could do some damage to Joe Biden. I don't know if the way Trump translated out last night, really did it justice. This is a moment where you needed, ideally with care. With a little bit of you now, either prosecutor or defence attorney experience who could cut a lay out a case that almost ideally cross examined your opponents and Trump buried him bad luck, going back to the July two thousand nineteen New Yorker Profile Hunter by, we knew he had a whole bunch of business partners. caught on the shady side, and there were foreign anybody
so bomb Egypt Manning re closely tied to the chinese government, the Sea, Fc China, energy thing and you know you could have a good reason he also gave like you know what diamond to Hunter Biden with like your tens of thousands of dollars. and, when asked with a new Yorker by no means an agent of trust, the restriction says didn't ceiling bribed to you. One hundred binds isn't my dad was out of office, so wires dinner could be seen as a bright light. Jim, I went back and looked at that. I think you're you're. The one first brought up this diamond like a week ago and remind me of it and that that there's a hilarious, The New York article, where it says that the estimates that this diamond is work worth. Eighty thousand hours. There's little Prince city is a hundred by disputes. Us and says is only worth ten thousand dollars. Ten thousand. It's a bit of a trained Who cares about your your mere attend dollar diamonds they deem. It doesn't get so so paupers about. Do you have people who are giving really generous,
the Hunter Biden who obviously having just before the? U S, government and hunters, this thing of all my boss, my dad doesn't it is in office. I couldn't be a bribe. What that is, twenty? Seventy everybody knows Joe Biden mistaking ironic. Presently, a guy like that a month he opens up a pack right in I have to. This is a clear sign that it Joe Biden, isnt, never run for president them all of that has been established. Rights was over some I've been trying to get oil, oil, development or natural gas development on Monkey Island in Louisiana read. So this is really Rachel's, but ass, it is using. Ok Hunter Bind got some shady partners, Maurice MA their hiring and bring them on board as they want to have a friend. There's, no direct evidence of this being an effort influenced your binder something extra along comes about tony bottle whiskey
and who makes us you see males within your post. The reference the big guy is job. I right this is a reference has ten held by age for the big guy, percent of the equity, ten percent of what the money come it it would be held by providing for the big guy believed to be his father In that case, you trying to hide money for these. Chinese investors are doing in this project, go to Joe Biden, but they wanna keep his name on this by the Joe Biden. Excuse our check. My tax records is no referenced at you. You won't find any any hint of any of us, won't yeah because you're trying to hide the money coming in, oh by the way that left laptop. It said all this was in fact investigated by the FBI, the FBI, received for property refers to this as a money laundering case. That's how this could be a big deal, but I just don't like five minutes to explain to stop to you? I don't drop that none of this last night's unless you ve been following the New York Post and Fox NEWS
and the total Babylon and almost got us. You probably don't really know how all this status, The upshot is that the US is a chinese entity closely tied to the chinese government that could have been trying to put money into the into the pockets of Joe Biden and hiding. It I could ve been a bit that could conceivably there could be a very big deal, but involves and factors that are not yet prevented. We now assumes that twenty Babylon skiers speaking the truth. I don't think the president. The job weighing all this out. I think I guess you could say in our deal. Everybody thinks people are corruption and now he's just making the case the by and doing it. I think, because Donald Trump believes all of his opponents, And because he's always accusing everybody else of having corrupt motives, that this just gonna turn to background noise No, I just wait out here. There are some significant documents. There are some things that would make you Satan, but I
because the way Trump did it, I'm not sure it really hit the target is gonna. Do damage the way you want to try, One thing that I say just malpractice here and christian work I think, should vast swell, but certain certainly tromp- should of an electronic underpriced Tory old modems, not your very effective it. What are you asked? Are the emails real job just tell us? Are they real or not, and just handed down on that? But he did that's exactly what odor I would add on two things. I would very briefly laid out what I was asking that I would have instructed by not to go into indignant modal sanctimonious sanctimonious wouldn't answer the question that I would have asked that question are they real and at the very least out of that you have
in saying no they're, not rail, their russian plant, which is preposterous. It's entirely possible. They don't show what is being alleged. It's not possible. There are russian plot, there's no evidence for this whatsoever. It was clear that was going to be the by an answer because violence people said as much before the debate. but it is ridiculous that it was. It was interesting because what trumpeted hair was to allude to it rather than to explain it he does is alot someone. I speak about. Politics relatively frequently said that he always gives the spark notes, version and assumes you ve read the book, but of course most people haven't read the night was extremely annoying to see bluechip,
journalists on twitter, criticising chump for bringing a topic up about which most people you nothing when they were the ones refusing to cover the story, but irrespective of the ethics of that chump, Has to deal with the world in which he lives, not the one in which he'd like to live, and if you will to launch an attack on national television. You need to do more than just allude to the story. If everyone knows about it- and this is a peculiar inconsistency when it comes to jump. is it? This is a story and an idea that he has been obsessing over four years. I get in
small part he was impeached every story. He believes to his call that Joe Biden is corrupt. He believes that Hunter Biden is correct, He clearly thinks that this is a profitable line of attack. He talks, That's it all the time on Twitter. He talks about it in an interview after interview and rally after rally, he apparently talks about it in private he's even gone so far as to say that his attorney Europe should arrest by them, and yet and he was given an opportunity, an opportunity. I must say I didn't expect to come. I lay up from the moderator he couldn't do it yet on some topics that he never ever talks about? He can law. Kinda. Some fairly well reasoned answers.
example last time he shocks me by giving an intelligent and eloquent answer on forestry. Some somehow he had retained the brief that keeping even on standard forestry practices and he, It's a string, a paragraph together with both interesting and coherent. He never talks about the minimum wage, but last night he was reasonably effective in making that case Donald Trump is a proponent of federalist approach to the minimum wage. and yet when it was given the chance to expound upon what he seems to believe is the kill shot. He completely muffed. It yes said Jim, I said, workers who asked the question about emails I should say I give her credit, because she,
Affirmatively asked Biden, a question on this, which was more than I expected and lead. Let the conversation the debate over this go my fear, as I think, choice, alluding to any said. He didn't think Get the opportunity was that she is. I am sorry that this is not one of the formal topics of this debate have been set by the debate. Commissioner, your keys both agreed to the roads, so this can't be discussed which would have been in keeping with the general media approach to the story. Which is clearly to kill it by ignoring it and to, if they ever bring it up or take it up, is to wait out the clock and not write about it before the first Wednesday in in November. Yeah, I probably the most explicit example of this was the national public radio saying now well. We know we want to waste listeners and readers time on stories that is pure distractions, well,
stories of distraction. To somebody that's all the idea. The holder produces signal me to step back. This is is the son of the vice president. Getting into business deals with all kinds of shady foreigners. Right, I'm, ok, how do I get my wife getting position The Burmese that you know he has no experience in. Do you think that this Oh chinese tycoon, we are closer to the citizens said it was hard to tell where the chinese government stopped and where his company began. Isn't somebody you want doing big business deals with these son of the former vice president in future president? Does that mean any red flags, no pun intended for anybody, doesn't it the little out of all the things Hunter by do with his life, he's gotta get in bed with these guys. Most people, the media had zero interest at in part. I suspect there having traumatic flashbacks to James call me and the FBI announcement
yet at the moment, in the art, posters, hey, we got a big story: Bobby emails, the democratic nominee, You just see the dramatic flashbacks in it about you democratic, oh, my god. It's happening all over again and this I vigorously sat down and get it completely suppressed us. As we saw Facebook and twitter, This case wealthier, asked a legitimate question about the question we would have chosen, but now and overall. Welcome was pretty good in the sense that, like This year we will be watching a sports game. Ideally you just don't notice the announcers you do noticed. The announcer is probably cause they're, saying something: it's annoying you that that, in a way, if you're good at it, you just become such a natural part of the process. Did you just don't spend a lot of time? Thinking about it and more We are barely Babo watching last night and you see must cover today you don't hear but how do workers welfare not certainly not as much of the press, was
we're, not as candy Crowley couple years ago. Declaring that you know Romney was wrong when in fact it was right now, if you're moderator, ideally you're, not the story, and I think she did she got in she put it the questions you got out quick, she led the candidates Conner steer the course of the conversation and how she might achieve interrupted Trump, more than Biden. It was perfect performance, but by standards at this cycle that was the most solid performance by a moderator we said. So Charlie. Where do you think the Hunter Biden story is now? How alarmed are you buy it by what we know. Well, there are a couple of things at LA me. The first one is the Biden campaign won't address it, they won't deny it which you would expect them to do, except to say that is wrong.
this information, which it's not seems to be neither Russia nor did information. This is a terrible habit that many in the press and in the Democratic Party have got into. I suspect button is doing this because it works and because he knows he only has a few weeks laughed too Right it out, but it bothers me nevertheless, and I can't really see what Bobby Linsky has to gain here. I am perhaps his
Perhaps but you have a guy who's fairly, well respected, whose wealthy, whose seems not only to have given exclusively to Democrats, but to progressive Democrats. He gave to row Canada Scione campaign contribution that spin, Found why this close to it action. Would he stand up and say what he said? Does he want to throw the election to chum? That seems unlikely? Is he make king it up? That seems that it would rebound against him. Perhaps he wants to get ahead of it. Perhaps he thinks that there is something that is going to come out. That will make him look. Bad or proxy is actually tied up. But if that's the case, then there is a further together. Those two things alarm.
it does seem possible- even if the story ass, it is shaping up that It is true that there is nothing illegal, hair. But this is certainly something. seemly hair and something if it's true that would would damage by than if it becomes programme. Subject Gary Ex question this portion of the discussion, your guess on the impact of the Hunter Biden story on the election from zero to ten zero. Nothing now ten thermonuclear think. Last time we discussed this. I was at a three so might be up to about a four or five observers, gonna energize folks on them. Who already didn't like Biden and now. This is further evidence of this. I think other the bigger consequences can be after the election. If Biden wins. This is an avenue investigation for Republicans in Congress.
Critics of the administration- and I think there are still some smoke. There is really no. This is somebody who's populist say: hey we're getting tired of these idiots. Sons of the rich and powerful, having special doors open for them and he's had a backdoor deals in a special opportunities in a rage. once they have, and that is why we have yet to elect Donald Trump Junior President Prodi, that transmit without the ideal. You know messenger for this message rather get the message that would resonate far and wide, and not just on the Republicans out of their future. I think you're from aircraft. They had three last time as well. Now, two five and possibly a sex, and not because the story is necessarily a headshot in and of itself, but because It is apparent to anyone who follows politics now, even tangentially that there are enormous forces at work trying to cover up whatever it is? It's not me
as in the way that a story about Donald Trump, Junior or Eric Trump would be Twitter tried to shut it down. So did Facebook posts account, I believe, is still locked, NPR, spitting out self congratulatory explanations as to why it's not come None of the major newspapers have done much on ahead journalists are extremely quick to smother or anyone who talks about it and to pretend that is Then put to bed, and now you have the Biden campaign, including the nominee himself, pretending that this is russian D. Information when everyone involved has said the opposite, I don't think he's gonna swing the election, but I do think it contributes to a latent impression of a cultural power that better
it's only one side and that is rallying around somebody who has been in the public view for forty seven years. And who is very close to becoming the most powerful man in the world, and I think people look at that and say. I'm still at a three, even though there is when we first talked about this- that there is real doubt where does laptop came from August are still doubts about where the laptop came from and even about the authenticity of the emails. Yet we have some hesitates. I think the the authenticity emails Play no doubt about that. Now, I'm still at A303 comes from the positive part of the three it is a motivator for Republicans is Jim mentions. It might be part of a coming home phenomenon, for some republicans have been disinfected with Trump, but I think my latest take on this, as I think it is a hit that
too late. I would understand if you had the perfectibility on another Rudy did, whether it when he I became aware of this information? I understand I'd want to drop it three weeks before the election by think it it should have been dropped if he had the discussion earlier to allow more reporting to First, it out to allow trumped make it part of the narrative about Biden in this kind of as bat continent. It pointed out in a car Today it is kind of swampy, Joe narrative, which probably was made more sense than the sleepy Joe narrative, which actually probably helped by, but I don't think that's what be Joe narrative. Her had been developed enough, so couple more months would have allowed trumped road hammer that home then. Finally, I don't take immediate. The media would have enabled really to make them under estimated.
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I website that again that civil society awards dot com from the hat ensued civil society wars on Thursday October twenty night, so please check it out the Charlie another it they topic of discussion was covered that see if the opening topic of the debate and and also healthcare, following on on this Obamacare lawsuit that we've heard so much about. I think Trump is just on defense on Kobe, not necessarily because of any substantive thing, but definitely because of what he said just repeatedly about Vive virus being on the verge of disappearing, which you just will not stop saying, and eventually it will be true, but last night you saying yes can disappear,
can a heart have a dark winter, etc, etc? Although all that said, I think he he did better, and this Kobe discussion that has in past debates, past town halls and interviews because he did get it onto a shutdown debate with Biden where I think there is hay for Donald Trump in in that aspect of this debate, especially if you hadn't traded somebody going to build his with his wild erupted them I think, now jumps on more solid ground than I thought he did fine in this portion of the debate. I think that he liked the broken clock is right sometimes and that his issued in tone is now finally closer to
A growing number of people are, I think, his focus on the costs of shutdowns resonates. I think his enthusiasm about the vaccine resonates and I think his insistence that this should not lead us to flee to our basements and live our lives, as monks resonates in a way that it didn't even a month ago, even at the first debate- and I think that Biden on this question looks weaker and weaker. I partly think this because the corona virus ads
have stopped in Florida. Obviously, Florida is blanketed in adds. At the moment I mean the Biden by NASA covered yeah they ve stopped. There has to be a reason for that and I think. Biden was somewhat ham. Fisted last night on this question and first start I dont believe there are many people out there who think that Donald Trump is responsible for two hundred thousand deaths Biden, keep saying it and it's a bad line. I don't think it's true. I don't think anyone intelligent thinks it's true. I don't think convincing anyone with that, there are partisans, of course, many of whom work in June Some who will say this, but I dont, think people think it's fair, and I also don't think that people think that the state of the economy is chump.
Thought. The Democrats cannot have it both ways. They can't portray trumpets the reckless reopening and is the guy. He is responsible for the recession, and I think that this is becoming less and less tenable a solution. As the first reason I think violent did much less well last night on this second reason: is he caught really keep his teeth: and his message in sync with one of the things that he wants to be a candidate is the nighter he says in his radio adds there's nothing can't do we work together. We ve got to stop being so partisan. We ve got to get rid of this notion of red states in blue states. Any tried it lasted. I. He said, I'm not interested in red states or blue states. I will be president for everyone, but have you noticed that all those idiots in the Red States a dive, Gerda virus, but he didn't with it. What sad to see that struck me ass off
and the last thing is he has Not very a week message, but a mixed message when it comes to what he would actually do. First off when it comes down to it. He would just do what prompted be more competent, it seems, but he said, but he wasn't in favour rising out. Yeah said he wasn't in favour of more shutdowns but then he listed a whole bunch of stuff that he wants to shut down. Isn't it it just doesn't make a great deal of sense. Now. I will accept that I am far
critical as an analytical matter of Donald Trump overgrown of ours than many people, including, I think both of you. I don't think that Donald Trump could have done much different. I dont think America's experience has been particularly different to that of Britain, Germany, France or ITALY or any other western nation, but I think that whatever blood could be extracted from the stone whatever blame could be thrown at Donald Trump. Some of it absolutely deserve especially what I'm trumpets sad and the attitude that he struck. I think that's coming to an end, and I thought last night was a good example of a probably what massacres the election is in twelve days also, but I thought that this this attack from From Biden, then, this reliance upon external events that this is yielding diminishing, returns.
So what you think Jim, I have to say that the covered exchange and healthcare change in particular, I posted something about the healthier change. These drive me so crazy, because it would be simple- and I know this is ridiculous after four years to still be saying this, but all trump has to do is is like learn a little bit about his own healthcare policy or just explain one more sentence about each aspect: of his administrations response. You know what are they do on ventilators? Well, we got this contract with ventilator manufacturer we freed up ventilators or around the states. Are they be shared with hard hit areas? It just to say that you know Several extra we were great on ventilators and an operation worth speed
no one knows what it is say. What it is. This could be a genuine will be a historic achievement that really does bring this pandemic. To an end. Tell people explain and the same thing on healthcare amid such idiocy to endorse the the Obamacare Lawsy without having replacement, so you gonna be in a whole cause. You did that, but there still things they ve done and healthcare and actually know a couple of them to throw out and all I can do instead. So we'll have a big, beautiful replacement, lamb event yeah at his heart Donald Trump waken up every morning and wants to know what people are saying about it on television and that's what gets his blood pumping? That's, what gets him really fired up and that's what gets go onto twitter and that's. What gets him really rare and go in
I thought he said something nasty about me one and I have to remind everyone that lousy, throw you made on the opening day boy, but to show it to him. You know that's the closing message. I need to examine the election. Look. Be known to most of the american public operation warp, speed, chief adviser after months of did interview with ABC News. He says I have a quote from here: it's not a certainty, but the plan- and I feel pretty confident, should make such that by June everybody could have been immunize in the. U s once more, they think probably twice Forty million doses will be stockpiled, ready for distribution by the end of the year. the end is in sight operation warp speed is probably get a rank among the all time, amazing achievements, probably american history than human history with now. We're faced a pandemic like this and been able to work out a way to make people safe from it within a year. That huge it from talk about any of that last night now not from knows is up.
speed on? What's going on operation warp speed, but its administration near the success story? That's right. There trolleys correct that I've been really hard on drop on this. I do think deservedly. So I think the trumps constant, gotta go away. It could be a miracle you're, not gonna, believe with great gonna big area, Arguably the single most destructive thing he's done this entire presidency. He can from his example. He to a lot of people? You don't need to worry about this, except they did He himself needed to worry about this, as we all saw from his infection after the narrative envoy ass the days it hard Restate the colossal Miss Judgment and just a sheer the unneeded nest. Did you know that Trump has gone about a brazilian briefings on this and these chow to put it out, because it was tat of things it in want of here. So you think light of all this job. I have the perfect target audience worthy Joe Biden message on the current of ours.
And yet not only does Joe Biden come out with these like hackneyed mean, less cliches I dont want shut down the virus I want to shut down the virus, not the country? What is mean all your proposals involve shutting down some parts of the country. and then the second thing is that, where Yogi, the one point I We are a dark winter which, by the way, was an aim of bioterrorism, exercise which gonna creek me up. The idea that we're going to have it we're going to have more desperate down and in January first right that vaccines on its way could get him activated by June every phenomenal. Well, we're still gonna how some people die where were under on under a thousand a day, but we were passed in every now and then it's bad with nine hundred people died day. We're looking at like sixty three thousand more does this year at bath. The truth is bad enough for some reason, not once but twice last Know Joe Biden said we have another two
thousand Americans dead. We now be an end of year. Really because that comes out like nearly three thousand yesterday, I don't think it's gonna be that bad what what's gonna happen is bad enough. So Joe Biden loves to talk about a terrible job. Trop is done. I ain't bar are, you could has said, is rhetoric the things he says about the corona buyers have been abominable but the actual policy decisions, its tougher to make a decision quickly for things like the first CDC does not working studies from his back room in a lab coat workin on that kind of stuff right up there. This is your underlings drop the ball. It sticks, which your way it if it would be nice to get it right. The first time, but if not tromp himself, is responsible for that. When it comes to actual policy decisions. It much tougher to point to the administration say they should be done, that fight in his an empty suit on this he can criticise. Tromp was rhetoric fairly sound deservedly so, but in turn
of what are you gonna do different, there's, not a heck of a lot different and biting keeps angle. You need a comprehensive plan, but never buy never really says much in their comprehensive plans. They differ from with the administration's already I'm not sure we all agree the year, plus the european search and puts alighted at the case the left. Making that Europe has it all figured out and there so smart and the virus aware, and they have an idiot. You leave their countries, I toddled trump, and then they searched ahead of us at least for now on cases, because it is a highly infectious disease is very difficult to try to deal with such area. We gotta move on it at some other topics. To hit but quick exit on this, if Trump loses, if, if what percentage of what what's at, how much of that loss will be attributable in percentage terms year. Two hundred to cover it
I'm up on this. I think when we talked about this six months ago, as I said, forty percent by think I'm much. I'm sold on the idea that his approach in his language and his tone have trends formed what could have been a lamp for him into a liability and someone put it sixty five percent. six five jumps. Well because Charlie, I actually got a discreet all that often brought up I'll go with that I'd say the other thirty percent. Let's get ninety five, let's another. Twenty five percent is just trumps overall personality only about ten percent. I, unlike actual policy decisions as our policy Yes, there were uncovered ethical, it is, can be big factor if he loses maybe, like thirty or forty
Southern I can make the mistake you in the gym is trying to parse out. The other percentage is an added up in my head's, while I'm speaking I'll, never make it two hundred. So if you're from our second sponsor this week lacks impressed with the twenty twenty election swiftly approaching pundits and political scientist, MR speculating about the even joke about yet again, a fine distinctly evangelical approach to politics as a tourist hard to define when one begins to explore the actual diversity of opinions from even jackals on politics and policy. That data on does simple: characterizations dual citizens. Even joke was an american politics. The new book, in the best of Christianity, today serious from Lex, Impress explores the nature of the evangelical political thinking by compiling editorials and articles from the back pages of Christianity. Today the evangelical move its flagship publication rear. Beyond the sea, evangelical responses and reactions to major political events such as the assassination of J, F K and Martin Luther King Jr, Watergate WAR and more from the past, sixty
here's an addition. Other chapters explore the evangelical thinking on religious liberty, communism nationalism and much more grant whacker. The foremost historian on Billy Graham calls dual citizens the stand, a reference for understanding the inner texture of why the largest and most influential question traditions of modern times, dollar morn order visit, let some press dot com that l e ex eight a M press, dot, complex, impress, dot com, please check it out so Jim, we thought we'd set aside? What are these segments to talk about? Biden lies at that the debate. There are some whoppers a course that none of us are gonna vouched vouch for down trumps veracity butts by
has an immediate cheering, the section that says always think Trump University, three thousand dollars- thirty thousand fly whatever it is, not Washington Post list of his presidency and tend to look back or look pastor, explained away by Weiser a couple of notable ones. That he never was in favour of. Banning tracking is an amazing are never said. He was very bang. Crackings amazing gets away without one hour thinks he can, but he does. He said no one on a barber, Kara loss their insurance. He said that hunter. Did nothing wrong, Varick covered hunter. But what do you make us of some these moments from Joe, but on the no one. No one lost there, not a single person, private insurance, loser health insurance under my plan, or did they under Obamacare? our distinguished colleague, Romish Pierrot observed, it is almost impossible to put together any type of healthcare reform plan that will not prompt private health insurance company.
to say either o this law no longer allows us to offer that plan. We gotta get rid of it or well, still allows us to offer this plan, but real lose a bundle and every single person is on it, so we're gonna rescind. I know that plan were wearing a consulate. We can't you know that it's just as make any financial sense for us. so with bided. You have be rare backwards and forwards lie that he's actually lie in the future of saying. If you like your plan, you can keep your plan and he retroactively insisting even though it was the lie of the year by political fact, even though even Obama eventually admitted it job still believes not a single person, would help of insurance lost their insurance under Obamacare. pretty egregious the sort of thing where in a normal political environment, this would be a really big deal probably the ones on fracturing an oil production are gonna, be the more consequential. One certainly got a lot of attention opposite Republicans, you know
colleagues, we were really terrific cardiovascular shape because of all the pouncing we do, and when we get indeed pounce upon this deservedly so and your luck we abide in numerous times. I said not just you wanna get refracting. He keeps saying things like We want scabbard of fossil fuels and what are usually It was on video, but about the links in the morning to operate its values. happens is either a supporter comes up to Biden or is getting heckled by some environmentalist and then you'll always he always has the thing out an odd on your side, and he says I want to end fossil fuels or I want to get rid of fossil fuels or want to phase out fossil fuel production or panel fossil fuel. Export, my mind you. This is not just oil this, for gas. This is coal, is, are a whole bunch of things that are already it's about. What are they like? Eighty percent of the? U S: oil for energy production, Reno. and by the says. Yes, I agree with you to these protesters, so they show up the Republicans Are they put the video on Youtube Republic? start saying you know
Joe Biden wants to get rid of fossil fuels July. Does I never said that? Yes, you do your job Another great question is: is Joe Biden lying or the city had turned? Seventy eight after the election simply not remember saying this when being confronted by broadcasters choice, thereby cat lie was particularly annoying Because it reminded me of the speed with which the Democrats and their partisans in the press went from, nobody will lose their health insurance. Nobody will lose a health insurance. If you like your doctor, you can keep your daughter. If you like your plan, you can keep your plan to wants the bell was last what obviously lots of people we're gonna lose their plans. You can't do this sort of reform without taking people off their plans. That's the whole point in day you moron, I write a piece.
This, a while back to have Joe Biden Ree Open that worked a decade later was nothing short of astonishing, but I was struck more by the selective. I don't know how to put it fact: checkers. people such as Daniel Dale CNN, they seem so horrified how regularly and casually and sometimes unnecessarily Donald Trump lies, which he does that they can't see when Joe Biden does it too late. They seem have the capacity to focus only on one person ass. If.
There lies the trump puts out. Have this field around them, but neutral eyes or remove those that emanate from his opponent. But then and so it was a little bit discouraging the log on to. CNN and other sites that do fact checks and see once again, another night of lying from Trump. There was another nice have line from Trump, its usual a night of lying when politicians are involved, but Donald Trump is particularly mendacious, but Joe Biden last night light about some very, very important things. Some enormous thing, some crucial things he light on pretty much every single.
Topic he lied about fracturing. This is a brazen like he's on video, saying that he would ban tracking didn't happen. He lied about vomica, we ve covered that he live about whether or not he had described the actions Trump took at the beginning of the current of ours pandemic? As then a phobia he said that the laptop that his son left in Delaware was a russian plot. He lied after the debate trying to his oil comment, which will come onto into minor dispute over subsidies. He lied about the cost of the green new deal, he lied about the nature of the green new deal. He lied about the effective the minimum wage on poorer workers he lied about,
reducing the federal prison population. All of these would have been front and sent in an analysis of President Jump and they should have been, but with Biden he skate somehow, and I think this selective correction is damaging and it also creates a perverse incentive, not just for Democrats such as Joe Biden, who will conclude that they can lying get away with it. But for Republicans who will they come to be called lies. Whatever they say that their opponents will not, so that they may ass well, then the truth or worse whenever they can said Jim Wild I'm getting a pass, a most would surely mentioned. The press was too One phrase passing on trumps use of the word coyotes for people who smuggle are human beings cross the border,
And also his sir, really hateful description of the air in India has felt you are rich. What really junk gotta be was the coyote reference was, I noticed down twitter and then somebody else to the terrific collection of them the sheer number of people who went from made. That comment believed he was talking about the animal coyotes, not the two legged kind who smuggle people cross the border and I was kind of struck by you know like a piece of the budget, the blue checks on twitter, who were shocking, didn't understand, mostly their actors and actresses they're, not people, who are necessarily the following this issued. Maybe it's a good lesson that, before you jump out believe that someone has said something really stupid, maybe she do digging and make sure baby you're, the one who doesn't know what you're talking about, maybe that term they're using makes absolute sense. I, but apparently there are lots of folks, did believe
The present knotted states believe that some sort of malevolent anthropomorphic canine, some sort of like richer, Scary storybook villain was coming and taking children across the border. Deeply I think, very illuminating that there's a narrative, trumps idiots Trump actually used. The words are not familiar with and they garlic is any coyotes are bringing gets across the borders, but now you actually that that is the approach It reminded me of Want Mitt Romney, said binders full of women and a whole bunch in our private liberal voices were convinced This had to be something either sexist or offensive. or wrong. With anybody could tell from the context he was talking about binders for women's Razumihin there is not some sort of like giant thing from Home Office depot and that women were being thrown into it and see how binding into that sort of thing. It's there's a narrative we'll trumpeted. and they're gonna believe whatever they have to believe to support. That narrative
regardless of what the actual factor Jim that that's the best part of the reactions to the quiet. He comments, which were not the people who were indignant and outraged and said. You fooled you fool, Mr President, but whether people who did multiple tweets and will obviously trying to work it out in real time so they would say. Well I mean I could just sort of imagine one small child, being carried on by president just said: there were five hundred and forty five. How would that be possible? I mean: did they have some sort of car? They were pulling, my God, given according to the media coverage of this campaign has been for you better than expected. As expected, worse than expected,.
Worse than expected- and I already had pretty low expectation, but I think the vast majority of people in abstained simply main stream and non partisan institutions at Yale. Mother Jones or some other lefty publication wants to say we were openly providing granted by this away national views clearly gotta viewpoint. Its the other big television. The CNN, so I gotta stop they. They basically take it upon themselves. They they blame themselves for trumpeting last time and they believe they have a a obligation and a duty and a mission to ensure that it does not get reelected air discoloring, almost every decision, the neck trust is much worse and it is a long, protracted. Out of resignation, the presses
itself yeah. I say I say worse to inertia. Would it wouldn't have thought possible, but the hunter buying things just really brought it home, adjust it just frankly activist? That's, that's always they pay a desperate for job. to win and they'll, do anything to help make it. happened. So with that lets pause and hear from our third and final speech, sir, this week whip Wednesday Last time you got rewarded for brushing your teeth with quipped new, smart electric toothbrush. Good habits can earn you great perks like free products, gift cards and more. You probably heard us talk about clip a million times, but the something brand new that reward you and your mouth to quit. Smart brush for Delson kids. Can to the quick app with Bluetooth track. When and how? Well you brush get tips and coaching to improve your habits, earn points for daily brushing
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Donald Trump came right at the end and for me it was clearly when Biden was flagging at the I thought he was pretty pretty sharp and pointed for much of this debate, but was clearly fading. Last twenty minutes, I kind of think it's a debate had two hours and gone to eleven p m? I'm not sure he would have made it through it might have been a symptom of fatigue that he was shockingly honest and his answer about oil and said: yes, he wants to phase out oil production which, whether its in his plan or not, is entirely different matter to hear it from his own mouth and in front of an audience of tens of millions. This year Trump said the thought on the stage, but So you can hear much more about this in Texas and much more importantly, in Pennsylvania, some parlous state, obviously major energy, producer. What do you make of it like, though,
and one more thing that Steve Jobs yesterday at the end of the apple events where you'd have to sit through for an hour and a half and watch all sorts of. Born conversations about how they were changing the code base underneath the operating system and the They would say on one more thing and then they would introduce an ipod, and that was obviously the most interesting I said to Jim earlier. It was farcical, really you could just imagine by the team sitting down with him before the debate so how's the race going and they say well scoring, while you still winning, but Sing about unerring always ensnaring were well, is possible. Chump wins Florida, North Carolina Possible Arizona. to be moving a little better than I as well at sir. That's China and Biden says so, wait a minute. What what what I have to do, what I worry about it just just make sure that you keep your message. We have wrong wall in the Midwest Pennsylvania's, still
Trending your way Dare you in that one year you in the election, Joe and Joe thinks great and then there's onstage and goes. I went about oil, so I'm gonna. Do We want a ban oil, it was just absent, the bazaar it was it was. I was half watching at that point. I was keeping an eye on the football. My wife's, a big giants fan they were winning. They lost right at the end. That's had to buy the moment forty seconds on the clock and lost the game, but what was he doing The conversation was not about subsidies, jaunt, actually, subsidies. He was asked to direct question. Tromp was essentially trying goat him into saying it and he went for it. That add is now gonna be played in Texas in Oklahoma and Pennsylvania. It's gonna be played in Colorado, Senator gardeners on the ball.
Should we pay the little bit in Michigan took sheet? You know it runs on oil cause run on oil. This this was a big mistake. It was on camera and no attempt to walk back is going to help, especially given that Biden is suspect. On fraction. What a what a mistake! He made it all the way across no man's land, the whole night and write a dandy stood on a mine. Just you know it is over. All about last night was a pretty darn good night for Trump's particular compared to the first one and the first debate, and I think that he kind of just contrast how bad the first one was, and what a giant missed opportunity that first one was it when Trump was conflict, I'm trying to Hector and heckle
you're really getting by his face. He missed the opportunity one for him to make a better clearer your case for himself, but secondly, provided to make ass like this, and I think that the entire trump attitude towards these debates was that by it was too old and gonna drool on himself, and he was you know, had no energy we certainly do not see any than the first night, because it was just chaos in that it is constant cross. Talker. And obviously the second debate got cancelled when trumps Eddie wasn't going to a virtual debate, I both US decisions, end up being stakes. I think, if we had three consecutive ninety minute debates, the baby We have seen more moments where Biden starts to slip up and That's his guard down and starts to say things that his handlers, don't wanna, say tat. Your business They get giant missed opportunities there good night for trumpet the good of the three of us and its really frustrating for you want to see the wind had that you know slip through our fingers.
And then just on this, our colleague demographically had a good observational. If, after every appearance. the campaign staffers, because I knew not what it really that to say was it wasn't a b and C was x Y? Why are we having debates? Wherewith? Don't don't put the candidates there, put the policy guy who actually knows what the policy is because at one point I was on I was so we want somebody, the Medicare something your bind again totally. This can still be stated. What is part b? What is planned is listeners website, maybe you're right you try reading, which provide for president website, you never know dealer. Sir Charlie Multi Pronged exit question to you who want the debate
letter grades for both trump and vine and latest percentage odds that truck once another traveller motions and from one the debate trump gets see. Biden gets a sea minus chance. Trump win the election, thirty four, percent gets I'll, give trumpet the wind because he gets that issue to play with in Pennsylvania, and I also think that you know we can dismiss Eddie. You now hopes at bibles gonna win taxes. It was never that likely, but I think you know running for president. Access son on declaration to eliminate the oil industry does not apply
have trouble be minus which, by his damp with the last one, was enough ferdy minus than this. This is a dramatic improvement. light and probably a c c minus, but let's face it Joe Biden, what you Joe Biden, where football team he would have gone into that debate and other first play lined up in the victory formation and taken away the bombing campaign convinced they have this thing one and that they just need to not do anything stupid. Like sake proposed ban Doyle for the next twelve days, or so that they have this thing locked up and they might be right, whereas may have forty six million Americans, I'm already cast their balanced by the time you hear this you know you'd rather not. Have you don't give companies reasonable option? I was really see pessimistic having like twenty percent last time. You'll good debate I can't either the Avenue Bay Sledding comes down to Pennsylvania, Trump wins Pennsylvania he's got it if he doesn't win it very tough to get him to go to seven eleven,
both so I'd get Trump back up to about twenty five percent chance away. Sir, I think just within the four corners of that name, Minister. Ninety six minutes order was, I think, Biden one narrowly. I think troops clearly better, but Biden was also better than than his first time around. There's that opportunities oils a big one for four trumped up and when the post debate, but I tippit the divide- and I guess I give tromp something like a be minus and give by people continue be frustrated by just two points. Trump leaves on the field by not preparing enough and and and bind for for much of it. I think was just here was very sharp, and I ain't gonna stick same percentage. Surely not, and I now converged at thirty five percent.
And so with that, let's hit a few other things before we go Charlie than enchanted by kids. Talking about the election, yes, not Mikey, that you say I tried hard to keep my kids away from more politics. I send you, don't talk to them about politics, the tune for, and I would be astonished than you. The president was even you add one. I think neighbourly Florida is the United States over the whole world. In fact, now current of ours has kept us in doors, but other kids, kids that belong to friends of mine, do seem to know about the election, especially if they are a little bit all there, and they want to talk to me about it, because I think they have a vague sense that I work in some fields related to the election and their entire political worldview comes from the little ads you get on Youtube. In between videos that they're watching and of course, because we live in Florida with absolutely inundated with these acts
one of these kids, his five said to me that a charter- yes Judah, there's an election coming up, yeah yeah, I did, I won't Donald Trump to win. What was that he kept all safe and he saved all their lives. That's nice! This has become a trans, so others want Joe Biden to win because he will keep us safe and some of them want Donald. Jump to lose because he wants to reopen the schools. They don't want to go. Are you realise that these add do such if work in that they they push and push and push Is it and the ones that break through the ones that you hear from cancer may be frank, lads could take Mote, said Jim It turns out you raising the Tom Brady of flexible. but you, Tom Radius, quarterback
yeah. So it's weird here off into city: woods we are, our schooling is still all virtual, but local like football, they got started, Now some the kids wear masks and you know the base. You know as a temperature jack, they his hands advertising than to go around trying to grab each other's flags as they like. And my younger son, whose ten didn't get after it starts with a season, they dropped the pass and they were throwing to him very much and he wanted to play quarterback in the coach said no roughly a quarter backup. Well, last weekend the highlight of my weekend. He is playing for time, purple item of equity, official team nickname yet, and they are. crushing the other guys and their up by a time. But all of a sudden, the goat says that my anger son you're into quarterback, so he goes, it was once now he takes he looked around. He throws a strike
somehow the kid catches it and there is no one to stop him and he goes all the way. I guess about thirty five yards to the to the answer to the touch them, by the way, to give you a sense of how things work out in like good colleagues. my son, thirty one, forty eight to nothing wow that was eight Touchdowns and no conversions for extra points, because once everybody's crowded at the end zone they can so they can make an extra point anyway. My son only play only through one past that day mean the end of the game, one for one with one touched out: no interceptions and it has a rating of a hundred and fifty eight point three of my Hope is. He will be with the jets about the year twenty twenty eight. I thanks to him: do you think that that team could beat the jets? Second, they can't probably all get replica So I want to brag on Sarah shitty and specifically her burning.
Abilities. I mentioned Honour Pike, s ago that I adore birds are not an expert but I really enjoy a birds and Sarah picked up on this and turns out She and her family are a real, a burger And love week before you're about to record the tide cast with the Father guy, were cut away for, become on and just getting some idle chit chat and, like I saw this bird, it looked like a sparrow. Can ordinary house Barrow kind of bird, except for had this really distinctive, yellow dot on the back and Sarah without any hesitation warbler, I think it's a yellow, romped warbler sure enough. I looked it up and she completely nailed it was yellow rubbed warbler. So who needs the Cornell LAB or fourth analogy. When you have Sarah,
Should he so now at that time the part gas for editor tax, Jim Garrulity? What your big will? I could go on with a couple of elections from our distinguished colleagues I'll cook, including his piece in the magazine. Maybe we have a yes from any Mccarthy I know from were mesh and Charlie lays out something that echoes almost all of my thinking there in the maybe case for Trump, but he more recently written called the worst case scenario and basically pointing out that the trumps with a democratic said it could be really bad and must unite readers you might say what are you talking about Libya but really, you know Trump without a republican Senate for any as any type of check on his bed instincts. stability have been opened, usually the mid term so terribly critically. The second term of a presidency That could be really bad scenario and on it it says something about Charlie's, astute thinking that he's capable of thinking.
These things and tell people think that in this only want to hear, but they probably need to hear so our Bravo Charlie chalk up. What's your pick, my pig is Andy Mccarthy's peace boycott pirate ploy shows difference between Democrats and Republicans and Andy essentially says that one of the advantages of having a press goal that is so obviously biased against Republicans is the Republicans have to think harder and be more clever, then. The Democrats when working out tactics- and he runs through- why made absolutely no sense to shop to all of the hearing days for Amy, Coney Baron and then boycott the internal Senate Judiciary Committee vote that nobody sees you gain nothing. You set a precedent that might be used against you in the future and Andy concludes. This is because, while Miss MC, almost every move is watched and criticized
checks- you, MRS not, and so he can make mistakes such is that one without ever realizing he's doing it so much my pick and we could win perfectly suffer a fragile here. Charlie feed pick something by makes out selfie by GM, a corner post if you're standing in line to vote early playing your state local lawmakers. This is such an annoying truck. What wherever there's a line, and there been some extraordinary long lines it it's immediately attributed to voter suppression and voter suppression, vaguely by you know, Donald Trump or by the governor of a state. You like Georgia, where, as it is actually the localities that and all these point places determine how people in places that they'll be in the whole Stacy Avram voters, voter suppression, debate from eighteen.
blaming Brien Camp for what democratic counties did closing down point places because they are too expensive to maintain and, as some journalists pointed out in Twitter, when one of these early lines went went viral actually huge lines in the first day. Voting are a good sign. Their side of voting enthusiasm there sign that a lot of people are going to vote rather than have their votes. Surprise. and anyway said Jim really effectively Knox all this down. So that's it for us deep. In listening to a national view. Podcasting you re broadcast retransmission accounted game without the express written permission of national magazine strictly prohibited. The spot gas has been produced by the aforementioned incomparable Sarah Sherry, who makes a sound better than we deserve. Thank you, Charlie. Thank you jam thanks to equip like some press and the man had institute and thanks especially to all of you for listening. We are the editors and we'll see you next
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