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Episode 281: A Cabinet of Caretakers

2020-12-01 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Michael discuss Biden’s cabinet picks, the Trump campaign’s PA lawsuit loss, and what a post-COVID vaccine world will look like.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: Alvin Felzenberg’s piece in the upcoming anniversary issue • Charlie: KDW’s piece on raising admission to national parks • MBD: Ramesh’s piece in the upcoming anniversary issue

Light items: • Rich: Family history • Charlie: His wife’s encounter with a bee • MBD: Ted Lasso

The Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Schutte.

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the first month of the coffee club, again black rifle coffee, dot, com, promo code and are twenty Biden Sticks, including all start twitter near at hand. It trumps, Pennsylvania case goes, down in flames and vaccines on their way. I will discuss all this and more on this edition of the Edinburgh Summit Larry enjoyed by the right, honourable Charles, he W Cook and the notorious Bubu do go Brenda Dirty Jim Geraghty or turned soon here. Listening to a national view. Podcast sponsors this week are black rightful coffee, company quit and the american
story. The new podcast from the Claremont Institute more about all of them in due course, if foolishness, podcast, unnatural view, dot com, including directly on the corner, where I did have you, but it'd be easier for you and better for us. If you made as part of your feet at any of the streaming services out there from Spotify to Itunes, you feel like you hear here. Please consider giving us a glowing five star review on Itunes. If you dont like what you hear here, please forget, I said: things, so I m be De President elect by is beginning around out his cabinet and other staffing choices. A lot of Obama leftovers, as we could discuss the a little bit at the the last week? What do you make it? So I've been surprised and a little bit, I'm impressed or not impressed surprised by
How moderate or how establishment area in the cabinet is. There are Basically, no concessions to the left of the Democratic Party at all. It's not This won't be a progressive administration, because then the whole Democratic Party has moved left pretty dramatically some years so imagine even some of these figures have as well. I think thee. I mean, from my perspective, the mode Troubling unwanted most one about most worried about, probably is the is tony blinking whose binds long foreign policy adviser, Bliss in this kind of, in that mould of metal o Brien others very hawkish style, democratic scan famous for. Criticising Obama's red line in Syria
phone lines many conservatives did Base Camp Lincoln was line. Was superpowers dont, bluff, that concerns me a bit and What's more interesting to me is there does seem to be this gathering anger on the left wing of the Democratic Party, but you know we girls, see this was coming there'd, there be tension in the democratic coalition, I'm just surprised how early in vociferous it looks like it's going to be I guess I was last week relatively Sanguine will come to the one exception to that, but this is this. Is it moderate by the
american electorates standards set of people In so far ass. The promised Joe Biden made to be. A moderate was meant in earnest, rather than an election ploy. That's a good thing for America, especially given that we're going to have a very close house and. either a divided Senate or a small republican majority in the Senate. I understand that Biden says he doesn't want to be a caretaker president, but he's probably going to be, he. Seventy eight years old, we're coming out of a pandemic, stop much money to spend. The country is divided, he will be the first president.
Since one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine to come in without control of Congress and the first democratic president by believe, since one thousand eight hundred and seventy eight lighter Either way so long long time, since we ve had a president like this, when Barack Obama came in, he criticised Bill Clinton indirectly, I suppose by say he didn't want to do school uniforms and suggesting that while Clinton's presidency had been successful, he hadn't changed the direction of the country nor the centre of political gravity in the country. In the way that say, president Reagan had Joe Biden given his cabinet picks and general demeanor recently, maybe destined
to be more of a bill Clinton and I am not convinced that that will be, Welcome, I'm sure he will annoy me every day. Do all sorts of things that I find appalling, but I am not, of course a centrist, but if his cabinet pigs are anything to go by, he will be a caretaker president and probably liable. for the same criticisms that Obama levelled against his democratic predecessor, Maybe this is exactly why are so sceptical during the primers of the Tibetans campaign. Besides the debacle of the first three years, four states for him basis. Will whenever this worked, I and I can't member, in any case in modern political history, Some of that I am the old guy on the restoration IST, I'm not forging a new day about building a bridge, the future I'm building a bridge back to the near passed, and I just gotta be a caretaker that more or less it out.
I'm simplifying an exaggerated, more or less is his case, and in american politics is always a new guy. So he's a future, you know, that's, that's that usually gets the traction. Are the arc of american politics of build around that? That's why they are PETE had his his moment, but here we are. Jill Biden ran as a kid. Or take her is gonna. Take us back in he's doing it is interesting to them. He could see the desire for that future expressing himself even in the campaign when Joe Biden, amounts that come all Harris would be his vice presidential pick many times when bananas they like basically put the type of cover that you would put on it was a mixture of the end of world war. Two and the fall issue. Avow magazine or something like that
I'm not an exciting innocuous. She is the future right in the sense that the future has been put in a number of the pigs, the other picks. You know you could mention Jimmy Yellin here. This is almost exactly We expect to be Treasury secretary under a cautious democratic president and she's qualified in his probably gonna get republican votes if they are needed for confirmation. One funny thing about the pigs is on it. I'm assured opponents her name. We D Higgins at its director of national intelligence in a cheese has, basically the right resume about what I thought so funny as after she was announced, she gave this little lake.
where she talked about how she in her role, she was going to speak truth to power. Just like you, rector of national intelligence. You are power, I mean, like your job, is basically too weak. You know handpicked intelligence to the media to justify why you know whatever your many wedding we're about to drown, strike so of classic classic envy the right I'd like that I'm sorry, but I just don't know what she may speak truth Bowers when it's gonna, it's enough It's I'm a conservative, my loyalty, now with the democratic parties. Of course, I'm going to find that their rhetoric pretty greeting. when they are talking about themselves as if their so blowers when they are, in fact the people you shouldn't blow the whistle on bail outs.
It's interesting. I just think this fight with the left is coming, maybe a lot sooner than we think, and the left has now led to the left of the Democratic Party. They have where's that you know they don't just have some sympathetic people in the media that lots of sympathetic media voices. And in Congress it maybe not in the Senate, but certainly in the house. There are going to be enough. There's gonna be enough left flank that they can torpedo anything. The Democrats want to do in the house. So good! Luck with that, but speaking upgrading, just Charlie, that the coverage of these texts in either spectable people, but let us, thank God, the Avenger Sir, here you now to save us as a as a country. People pointed out that Biden is even gotten positive coverage for breaking his foot. You know it isn't a major accomplishment as, as President Elect
It's gonna be so so annoying I need you would find it difficult to make me dislike were caught around the executive branch more than I already do, but elevating unelected figures within federal bureaucracy and turning them into superheroes could probably do it's bad enough when we take the guy who one seventy million votes and say he is the father of the nation and all of our civic life must be referenced against him, but that Treasury, Secretary John Kerry, this is. This is one reason: why million
this tens of millions. Maybe hundred millions of people are sceptical of the Democrats. Miss one reason why they keeping shocked when the Democrats don't It was well as they are predicted to do. The outgoing president. Was abhorrent in many ways his behave at the moment is the worst thing he has done since he came down the escalator, but not everything he did was apparent and not everything he tried to do, is wrong or illegal or violation if norms, and yet it was treated that way, and so he would make I'm routine move and the world would explode. Media would explode
I'd be some judge in Hawaii would rush to find a pretext to knock it down, and anyone who thought that it was a good idea would be told that they were deplorable, and that is fine. I suppose if its consistent. If we had a reflexive the suspicion of our president sent our government. I would be fine with that, but we don't. What happens is that under republican president, every single thing, even the the good moves. The legal moves, the popular moves is treated with suspicion and under a democratic president. Nothing is and Michael has pointed out many times to me that one of the areas now in which Republicans benefit from the huge
An overwhelming support the Democrats in joy and our cultural institutions is that, at a certain point, the only way of pushing back against it, is to elect Republicans and you're, seeing it it's not particularly damaging heads, just flooding in the press, Seeing it now, the the cabinet picks, the non cabinet pigs are being hailed in the media as acts of great genius, people who really don't have a great deal to recommend them are being treated as if they were the founding fathers themselves, And this, unfortunately, is going to be a preview of how this presidency is covered. The press will go back to sleep. Anything that is controversial to normal people will be cost as obvious
and we will return to what ACE of Spades plus in Magoffin ization of politics. Why we stopped debating the merits of a question of the legality of the question. I'm Winstead right about the intrigue. Does the president want it? Who wants to stop him all the people that want to stop in mean? Are they sympathetic- Nice- and you say you with this- and I just I personally- find it exhausting so Michael and notable kick- you are not the most important but just gotten. A lot of tension is near at hand in fur, o, MD, she's, former head of the centre for American Progress Centre left Democrat, very close to hurry Clinton the progressives
people absolutely hate her from the the wars back in twenty. Sixteen she made a decision a couple years ago is just very noticeable that she was just going to become a big thing on twitter and twitter. Feed was just ridiculous and toxic at times, even by the standards of twitter. There's something I forget what it was. as a couple months ago, she'd there's something trumped said, and I got truncated and was obviously not what he meant, but she said all this. This is trump sayings can do acts and you know, got thirty thousand likes or wherever and those just wrong and and people pointed out, her goes wrong. I am I for those who have pointed out here as wrong shouldn't go back to correct it. She didn't care, she's is playing a game, and now he's been going deleting according to the reports, a thousand tweets, a thousand- that's that's alone. Tweets are doing Michael, Year, it was interesting,
So, yes, she was famously Clinton loyalist. She worked in the field in the Clinton administration on climate policies. Then she worked on the Hillary Clinton campaign for Senate in two thousand and he'll be the queen. She also became a prolific fundraiser, which is a real source of her power and influence. Certainly the centre for making progress. She she was that she's women to have pushed one of these centre for american progresses own journalists like aggressively. because he asked Hillary Clinton about the Iraq war vote at once, sang her in the democratic primaries you know she plays rough and all the burning people remember it
you write about her hysteria on twitter is, I think, Glenn Greenwood has pointed out in a kind of long tirade against Tandon she spread. Conspiracy theories that Russia was hacking vote tallies in twenty. Sixteen to stop. Hillary Clinton from running that is didn't sanity and. it really take some hot spot. I too at all. Angry at the very figures in Trump world who are spreading ludicrous conspiracy theories. and then give nearer tending to pass on this. I'm seeing just send observe her on the left. You mean there's a kind of semi famous incident where I M in a left wing, walk called her a scumbag and she gonna.
Fired, even though she didn't work at the same places. Heated and I'm seeing like little accounts Pop- on Twitter like Scumbag Miura with tweets like I didn't have to starve mothers during the Clinton years. I just had to defend it to stay in the White House, so I guess it's gonna be rough and I think you know I'll be there. Is a Senate confirm position, and I think Senator John Corning has already indicated that she's not gonna, get confirmed in a republican Senate. So try are you find. The ins and outs of the near attendant debate is closely Michael, as are oppressed by Michael knows, a lot about this and you can buy his snoop,
near at hand and a threat to the republic outside. I know what the point is. We will be able to see what's what they were, the first, the huge anti by the seller is, but that will be one. I doubt it will be sorry, Michael No, what the point in their tenderness. by which I mean she's. hated by the left. Us Michael suggests, and it goes beyond hub- Mutation, ESA Clinton, loyalist store and Anti Bernie character. I knew liberal or what you well she's hated by them. name, not just as a symbol, but by name she has a rap sheet.
And she's sincerely disliked on the right, and she goes after Republicans, as one might expect from the head of the centre for american Progress or Clinton lackey, she's pull Krugman with high. boys. Who exactly does she? Please? Perhaps Biden feels as if he owes had something. Patsy S, running down the list of centrists, but I'm confused she's, got a poor reputation. Ass, a manager He seems to make mistakes. Jim Geraghty pointed out that she was a key.
East of naming and anonymous sexual harassment victim in a staff meeting? She is described, in unpleasant terms by many of her former employees. What does she brought maybe she she's not experienced she's knotted policy genius She doesn't seem to have strong views about the Office of budget. It is it's not as if she's, a reformer or technocrat or a monk. I I do wonder ass Jim guaranteed it allowed, and his post on this
whether she supposed to be a sacrificial lamb? Give some one to the Republicans and knocked down get everyone else through bicycles, politicians don't tend to do that to people in their obeyed deliberately so. Count me baffled table with the everyday. I would theory had burnt breathing Just like a ranking member of the Budget committee she's, there is a big giant middle finger to him and dead serious, she's gonna be a problem for why? Because she's, Curiously, Anti Bernie and you know worked. Right so why would buy? Why would I do that? I'm I have no idea, but I mean that's what you would do if you were telling left that they're not gonna, get any real quarter with you
You put exactly do they hate in a position to stymie their champion, say I'm no political experts and I dont know what Joe Biden his thinking, but I would have seen the opposite to be the case that if you're worried about the Biden, flank than you try to placate them is possible, saw the Bernie Flank vibrant about the butterfly. If you're worried about the Bernie thing, then you try to pick them as much as possible. Make them seem as if their welcome and being listened to, and then you don't do anything that they say you don't put someone who is at odds with them in a position of authority so that she can hold her middle finger of every morning. So. Sir Scully exit question here is whether this is more time than I expected with we taken near at hand and that eddied any time the history
podcast but ex questioned you envy day, we'll near attendant, get confirmed yes or no. I'm just gonna lemon see yes chop now, because Republicans will have to accept most of the picks and I have some time for the argument that less someone is a flagrant. Character, all outspoken opponent of the constitutional order that President should get some latitude and in their choices, but Republicans will also need to knock off someone from the lesson. She's she's obvious chosen, if John call in his silent, but at domination won't go through a Senate than it likely work, as he doesn't make too many statements like that further.
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this, he is written for national view, highly regarded and just absolutely devastating decision for the Trump team. The appeal up to the circuit court was relatively narrow issue the district court prohibited the Trump team from amending their complaint. Second time cut it narrow procedural question, but it is important that, as a plain of heap, you played your feet on on a case rather causally changing experts with the certification deadline learning. So just a course said now. I can't do that. That's what the discord besides, that didn't, really give much thought well said this: what they piled up to the third circuit, the terror circuits. sorry. The district court is correct, then went out of his way to say, even if we're ruling on the merits, we would rule against you, because the the basic case was an equal protection argument based
On trumped observers of the count on election night afterwards, not being close enough to the actual count. The court pointed out that there is no stimulation and state law about how closer far away. Observers have to be, and then for equal protection purposes. There's no evidence that Biden, observers in Trump derision treated any differently. In this regard, and the other equal protection claim was that some counties in Pennsylvania, let's voters, so called cure their absentee vow. Simply send a man, and there wasn't, a security are below were wasn't dated properly. They'd call up, don't say: hey you, wanna, come fix this and other counties didn't and again that the court said that there is no evidence that these counties were treating Biden or an Trump votes, any differently, their training and the same. It's just that.
The practices differed county to county and that's acceptable is nothing unconstitutional about, especially given there since there's no band aid and counties could could to choose to do this or not. What do you make of it I think this is another example of the chronic mismatch between the rhetoric. That way, hearing from those who are contending that the election was style and and the evidence that they have and are able to present in court and It seems to me that President Trump Ready wants to be able to go to court and said this is the start fair and have somebody say. I agree that that at least would
find the rhetoric and that the rhetoric presumes that there is an enormous, an obvious injustice hair. So, specifically, this case should should show on two fronts that there is not, but the first is that all of the actual legal maneuvering is esoteric sometimes that's inevitable. You get appeals on appeals and questions of standing in questions of what can be challenged and what kind of war can be reviewed and what can and when something should have been filed. But that's all that we are seeing that they never really getting to the merits because the too late there isn't enough evidence All the questions that that bringing an ant review able
so what we saw here once again is is a key about injunctions and certification, dates and what could be appealed and what com, leaving me at least with the impressed. that they just throwing everything the court system in the hope that it will be worth while the second thing, specifically from this case that we should take away that whatever shenanigans were played with the process, whatever we thought of the
the election court cases in Pennsylvania in Wisconsin, in my view, was that they were wrong. Wrongly decided, it simply cannot be claimed that President Trump is coming up against a cabal of left wing, anti conservative judicial activists. Here I look at the people involved, judge checkers. He said and Judge Smith NEWS that the chief judge were appointed by President George W Bush that the circuit
Judge be Bass was appointed by Donald Trump it it. It was one thing, and indeed it was absolutely worth commenting on when Quota Idiot, executive orders or expressions of federal power in line with hundreds of years of american history were being joined by a singer, judge in Hawaii, that was a problem and it will remain a problem and until Congress deals with it and some of the standing questions that are life at the moment. we're going to see more of that, but this is not that this is a serious now of good judges. of judges who, in any other circumstances, would be lauded, is the sort of judges that we want on the right on the bed
one of them was good enough to gonna jump nomination. Saying too campaign, the you you don't have anything you you don't have The goods as it is a line in the decision. Its alchemy cannot transmute led into gold. Another one? Calling an election unfair does not make it so charges why specific allegations and then proof we have neither here again, not written by mark touch net. Not written by son you're such a my or not approved by the faculty
at Sarah Lawrence. These are accomplished. Judges who have met the jurisprudential approval of the Republican Party and they are looking at what they have been given and they are doing their jobs accordingly, and I think it is high time that the Trump Administration recognised that they'd marginally lost a close election. And they're not going to change start with frivolous litigation, so Michael scatter classic thing were, wherever the cases knocked down or then the fraudsters or else so now or on it to Georgia were Sidney. Pal has filed a crack and more suit. She found one an admission, and as well, Sir said this. This is, you know, represents an escalation of of the legal case of the other.
Arguments of the intentions of fraud that have no evidence serious evidence behind them. I was unable to get through this. Actual violence has not cogent enough Make good good reading beyond the typographical error is that people have pointed out, And as a matter of some tolerance for them, but I would say that they should be more more careful, but the The evidence for this dominions, feeling the election, its anonymous people she doesnt name there, there's one guy in their who apparently is kind of associated with it. Q and on message
Lord, where that that crazy stuff is, is posted in this. Just isn't really it sir! There there no words for how insane it is that a lawyer not formally associated with the Trump team, but basically is even though they re supposedly fired her, I'm in his present still promoting the stuff. You ever love love people on on the team. Putting on a lot of our hopes in this litigation and It just seems completely insane bonkers. You I mean there's a lot of evidence that people can run the outskirts of Trump World. Giving on social networks like Instagram like parlour. promoting these cracking ones. The one in Michigan had referred to some real shenanigans in Edison County, which does exist in Michigan or in any state of the United States. Surprisingly, for that.
How'd. You know it didn't happen. Well, that's exactly enemy. goes so much deeper. So these these are ridiculous, but they are when they Flickr by in own instagram story or a fleet on twitter When you know whatever these, these kind of arm snippet machine things that users just click through Right they just leave an impression they leave. russian on people. So so so, what's a fleet I note a fleet is safe. you like the twitter app you'll, see at the top there little circles with peoples You know, photos in them and if you click on those it I'll give you their fleet, which is.
It's a lot like Instagram stories. Are these other things where you can click through pictures and machines or tax that they rode up. It disappears rather quickly in any case, that's where a lot of stuff is circulating on parlor or I see a lot of it on Instagram, to be honest, it just throwing mud on the system, which is already and its presuming your distrust in the system and its basically, what. is, I think, Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, I'm kind of a social media personality who rose to a second mountain of fame as being a trump biologist. He sought her said he know He got kind of summed up the logic of the conspiracy theorists here, which is how, with so much mode
with such an overwhelming motive and so much power. You have to prove to me that the Democrats didn't commit a conspiracy to defraud the american public in out. So that's kind of witnesses gone and its shore live a kind of second doomed life. Even after Trump departs from office, which is planning to do mean, he's. All these stories are leaking out of my house about what his plans are opposed presidency, even as he's kind of encouraging this sum you know, do version on our money. This is a kind of dangerous thing to do, because you know we ve seen that crazy people can be affected by this now Sanders supporter, it, was a bit of a crazy person, tried to shoot republican congressmen,
years ago, very likely fluency by hysterical rhetoric about fascism descending in his country,. So you just sitting out there that the elect These are stolen, the republic no longer exists, you have your rights are already taken away forever, there's something a little bit like nitroglycerin, yeah sure, snake Lou Dobbs the comp suggests stage a coup ray. I mean that the democracy is totally lost it has been stolen by ought also to malefactors domestic and foreign and trumpet the only way to save it. So why why wouldn't? He did The only righteous outcome would be Trump staying in office, one way or the other, but Charlie trumpet. It is also true getting republicans- and this is one reason you ve- had centres relatively quiet if had more than the usual suspects coming out
and certainly more than the usual suspects coming out in saying that the transition should begin which it which it has but troubles, slamming people who are playing along your dog do see, governor of Arizona, great guy, really solid conservative one for public servant through, I hope Hope, has even brighter future ahead of them. He just as it is required in Arizona, witnessed the certification of the results, but I soon there signed by Secretary of State in the dark, is that what is this is this is this is good, and I am proud of how we did it here in Arizona and trucks like trader Europe and, of course, he's doing that to brine Camp and Erasmus Burger down in Georgia, which is potentially is especially momentum. Because the control the Seneca be I'm lying down their current. When Tom won the election rich, I wrote a piece in the LOS Angeles Times saying that I would accept any
formerly anti federalism. Progressives who wanted to join me now. in limiting their exposure to the new administration in returning power to where it should belong, which is at the state level, primarily outside of a few inherently federal questions and and civil rights, and I didn't get any taken. And I suspect I worked with this either, but this is a great exam. Ample of why it is a good idea to have fifty states to disperse power to happen. actual college in the Senate and a Federalist constitution, because I can say what he likes and he may damage in the short term, the electoral prospects of those he targets, brine camps up for reelection and twenty twenty, two Don T you see, I we don't know he won his re election even heavily democratic year by a lot.
But whether or not the duty and Brian can make it, he further than their group, toil rose, they are staying the course. There is no central authority to which President Trump can appeal: there is no central system, but he can try to hack. There is no federal elections agency. which he has control, whether theoretical or otherwise. This is a good thing, and in watching the spectacle, I have thought two things simultaneously: the first the president's behaving disgrace: Billy and he is damaging his own party, the second, what a great country, what a great set up that in Arizona Doctor
you can get on with doing the job that he is legally obliged to do, he can get on with following his conscience. I have no doubt that if there were mass fraud does he would be all over it and he doesn't have to worry about what the President of the United States says does or claim. except in an informal way in that it might hurt his chances in the future. I am pleased that we have the system. That we do- and I am reminded watching this- that in a few months present Trump will be gone, that the nations governess will not end there It will be the ones dealing with questions that arise next year. Not the president is nothing you can do about that, and I am pleased about that can come. I am something that they do
You know, I think, in the past couple of months we seeing the uselessness of a case that I've been reading for years, those on the centre left and the far left, which is that America needs a parliamentary system instead of its inherited constitution, its by camera thing in its fifty states, which can you know a judge in New Mexico can hold up a federal initiative all by himself now I mean this is this has been a great case against you know a kind of system where Trump would be a prime minister, and I have a lot of respect for the british constitution, particularly the part I seen the crown all the time with the Prime minister has to have tea with
queen, but its parliamentary dictatorship. I mean it's, it's basically, that's what the british constitution is. It's it's, the sovereign, the queen's crown sovereign rule through parliament. Trump would be a disaster in that kind of a system because he would have especially after the wave. At your centralized so much of the british political system. He would have so many more levers to Paul and so much somebody more options for patients. If he had the support of his party solidly behind him, Trump can have The acquiescence of many Republicans in the Senate and many Republicans in the house, but yet
can't get and really has no power sway over judges in Philadelphia or sectors of state in Georgia And- A good thing and there's the really needs to be a progressive reappraisal of federalism, because it benefits them to the other. Never do it that the comparative really brought it home, but that don't ever do ex question to you. Charlie cook. That lot Republicans will never accept agenda, see if President Joe Biden will matter a little some or a lot. I think it will matter a lot, but I think you have to set that on the continuum. I don't think it will matter in a unique manner. I that we are in a phase now in which those
who lose elections don't accept it Trump is. Worse, has been worse than pretty much everyone else, but this isn't knew he stammered coffin brilliantly pointed out at great length in a recent peace. He was subject to a lot of this to that with many many Democrats who, until nine hundred and eleven, took away the potency. The argument will the agency the argument web obsessed with the idea that George W Bush was illegitimate, Stacy Abrams say no more, but I think it will matter in so far as This is what America is like at the moment. I dont think it well particularly affect Joe Biden presidency think what is going to affect Joe Biden presidency is his age. His lack of Kuwait,
coalition and the fact that he is likely to have either tenuous all know, grasp of Congress Amity Little Summer lot. Some. no aberration, I'm gonna say a little just because I think her choice point signing damn gardens. This is just the norm in american politics. Now the Republicans didn't except legitimacy Bill Clinton back, and I can only to anyone for three beside the vote was woman. I the draft dodger them, crushed around. They know exactly what its legitimacy of George W Bush and two thousand, because they afford a vote. Controversy or pumpkins, don't accept the legitimacy of Barack Obama cause he's this clause. I said journalists interloper the most extreme. A version of that, of course, is birth tourism. Then democrats don't accept tromp talk about Draw college coup large, that's all
watch the gate thing, which is nonsense, tied him up for two years and now this. So I really think it's it's now part of the norm of american politics. That's not a good thing, but it it's just too kind of background noise and I do. walk? Fact things much one way or the other with that? That's pause in here from our second sponsor this week. Black rifle coffee company, Evan Paper, founded black rifle back in Twenty fourteen he is that he's a great guide, Especial observed, podcast with them couple weeks ago, really interesting, original great American started. This buddy and his garage is in sight, was that there is no reason if you like, good coffee, that good coffee should be associated with Progressive ISM and progressive attitudes.
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off your purchase, please check it out. So every day we ve had exciting is really amazing news on the vaccine front with had Pfizer and Donna, announce highly effective vaccines. We had asters Attica, same. I think, there's a little doubt now about whether that was over hype a little bit, but regardless we started this venture. What, in an April operational warp speed a began, and here we are in November with vaccines. Verge of FDA approval, an astonishing achievement of our private sector, working in cooperation with the government, that did everything they could to support the research and make the rapid distribution of these vaccines possible. One
form, they prove what he make of it. It's astonishing and it speaks to America's particular genius, which I think a lot of confusion. Rancor doubt protest. Aimed at the lock towns and restrictions of life in America, connected to something in the american character that also produces these kinds of achievements in technology and science. You know like we are seeing the two sides of the same coin right that America is a difficult place to govern, but it is a great place to achieve new things.
I mean the maternal vaccine was produced supposedly in two days and all this time since then has been about meeting the kind of proof of concept in nickel trials, so it seems like nothing will be distributed, starting with health care workers and frontline workers later this year and possibly to the general public as early as next spring I do, however, after saying all that I have a pit my stomach, because I am fearful and kind of conscious of.
There there's a lot of scepticism in the broad public for these vaccines, in particular. Part of it is just the broader success of the entire ex movement across all for media part of its that just declining trust in institutions some of it very much merited and it is just. This is a new thing. Right. This is a new disease and this is a new type of vaccine. This new- I am rna mechanism for vaccines,. and it has people nervous, and I am promise of a kind of mexican stand off situation where politicians Andrew Cuomo, being one ambitious one, you know he's setting goals like I want to be. The first
in the world in New York, take to achieve universal vaccination and even as he was saying, kind of vaguely anti backs things as long as it was coming out under Trump. New York's government with soliciting legal advice on making the vaccines mandate with no avenue for exception, religious or otherwise?. I think that would be a disaster because I think it would put em Reopening of the country in a serious way in twenty twenty one, it would make it a kind of bullet or of football that two sides are wrestling over where in time, actors concerned you're, not opening the country
it means violating my integrity or, if it means are, you know. I will refuse to get the vaccine and then other thing. What we want reopen the country until you do get one or we won't let Or we will basically make the vaccine, your passport back to having your civil rights. Again, I think could be a real disaster. And I am fearful of it frankly-. I'm a little MOSS Sonny. I can see some trouble ahead. I think it's more likely that the take it all suffer approach will be adopted by private companies. I think it will be the policy if it is.
Sports stadiums. Some restaurants, maybe the airlines, but I think I ll be quite so start with government denies Michael, is right from time to time. By most, they can't wait. I took the kids about a year ago to this new pizza, restaurant that opened ass near ass. I said to my wife: I love as far as I can imagine come into this place for years and judging by how busy it is it'll, probably be for years. I dont know why I said this, but I said here unless, as a war or something this is in January,. well, it wasn't a war, thankfully, but there was something else and we are on the spot costs in June.
Now we are on the spot, Gus in April, saying it might be over by g in and then enjoy in saying it might be over by August, and it's not and is becoming increasingly clear as the days go by that the only thing, but it's going to end. This is a vaccine. This just no way of managing him. Everything else is playing with the trade offs. And you can tell by the tone of those talking about these vaccines, that their excited that this is not a false hope that that they're not looking at sixty percent efficiency. They're. Looking at ninety. Ninety five, which I understand is about as good as you can get. This is a miracle. It is a welcome miracle. It will be some ways like the end of a war, and I simply can
wait. I think that although there will be some fights over the vaccine itself and the consequences of declining it, I think that the arrival of this inoculation is going to take most of the sting out of situation, because it will remove the need for broad shutdowns. and all of the misery and hardship that they cause a evolve then at cop- It was made at some point fairly early on sick people. Talk about the South Koreans example where the contract Contact tracing was so robust, retracted, yet the an app on your phone and reported if, if you'd strayed beyond a certain area- and everyone knows and thereafter where you are on your out than anything, we're going to do that in a world where american war gonna do just innovator away out of this and stupid,
where we weren't able to innovate our way out of it before this hard winter. That would have been impossible just miraculous schedule were on now, but We will enervate our way out of it by the spring. Anybody exit question to you. Mandatory covert vaccinations will be the norm in most states, yes or no man, I'm just emphasise, I think mandatory will drive down participation but. I think it will be the norm in a few states, particularly like New York. Where there is a kind of anti anti backs momentum in the legislature and Governor Office jacket
I don't think it will be the norm now. I think a handful of states will make it then. So that they can look down on the states haven't made exactly. I think, you'll see some interesting wrinkles hair, for example. I dont think Mississippi will make it the norm, but there may be more people in Mississippi taking vaccine than in safer in County California, but As a rule. Now I don't think to be met. she and I don't think you need me, if all that so less Bosnia from our third sponsor this week, the American story, America, is growing increasingly divided, as we often discuss on this podcast american story. A new podcast near raided by Chris Flannery, the Claremont Astute empty. night listeners with true stories about Americans and the american experiment in freedom. These weekly stories member
Statesmen, poets, soldiers, athletes, inventors pioneers and ordinary citizens reveal our rich history and shine light on the path forward. Chapter two. The american story reminds us of our shared inheritance of freedom and what we must do preserve it, listen to the american story and read however, why America is worthy of love. Recent episodes have highlighted and discuss George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr, Abigail Adams, Wild Bill Hitchcock, Jackie Robinson, add also focused on the American Revolution and the very consequential elections of eighteen hundred In eighteen, sixty visit the America story, podcast, DOT, Org and subscribe for free on Apple podcast, Google, Podcast Spotify, or on your preferred podcast platform. Again, the American story provide care
dot org. So let's hit a few other things for we go Charlie Cook, your wife is done baby. This is my life her to me ass. My wife is time, and it's not my light item, because I am pleased that my wife was stung by baby. I'm not, but it is my light. I, because, in the context of an ongoing conversation that we ve been having without for Europe, it is pretty funny. He is scared of bees. He's been scared of bees, Elvis Since this slide at school was taken over by bees and was temporarily out of action, these decided bees are the most dangerous animal. Ever lived and that they are sitting around plotting when and how. The sting him now, because we We have dangerous animals here, snakes and alligators in social I've been trying to downplay the saying I don't worry about peace to stop talking about bees worry about
alligators. If you see one walk away or about snakes, if you see one or wait come and tell us, and also to time it's not gonna have to worry. I've been stunned by be once in my life. They only sting you if you enjoy them. You dont annoy them If you just hang out outside, they don't care and not interested, they don't want to sting. You talk about some Ass, my wife went outside with him too. What's it flies. Was somebody just standing there just mind your own business watering? The floor as Araby came and stung hat, and it's funny it's just funny it's funny, because this was exactly but I told him wouldn't happen and now
ask me questions about. It were white. Why did the basting mummy? Ah you know I I don't know. I guess I don't listen to be in the future. On the question of dangerous animals. so, I believe, and watching a show tat last year, Cameo Smith, recommended this show in one of his columns, its arm apple tv plus, its stars, Jason Sedateness, as a very american college football coach who is poor reasons that are revealed improbably hired to coach, an english soccer club or football club
And it has a lot of great contrast between american sports Culture and british sports culture and attitudes and dispositions And it's just this one comedy with a little bit of a big heart hidden underneath it it's really quite an antidote to the oncoming dark winter Sir, I've had a little bit of the instance of family serendipity, your family history cell serendipity, someone got in touch who saw me on tv and said you know you look a little bit like up of Lowry. I used to? No one else was growing up in it turns out. She grew up now. you're my father's family and knew my father's parents, Well, I don't really know much about my father's parents state they passed away before. I was really cognizant of any
so she sees writ me an account offered to send a couple family artifacts that were passed down to her justice as a friend. So that's just a wonderful little thing, that's brow! and my I daresay I throw in November or December cash December, the winter the sands at that time. Now, for our editors picks Amby Day what you pick, some business can be an experiment. It's my first blind pick. We have these sixty fifth anniversary issue network you coming up ahead, this morning or in I don't remember, physicists and honour a calls talking about the issue there Michel Womanish Pooh, who has an essay on fusion is. Am I correct
without even seeing it at reading it? That's gonna be rate so check out out Chica having article struck, men have read yet Now I like to do the reading before answering Kevin Williamson's piece on why we should raise the fees charged by national parks. He describes himself at the beginning as your favorite purveyor of unpopular opinions. But it's really well reasoned and by the end of it, I've come to think that the under funding of the national parks I am given to believe is a thing is indeed inextricable from the national parks unwillingness to charge re anything and that one cannot ask Heaven supposes be fixed without the other My check is an anniversary issue. Peace.
that have not only read Michael but added. I actually edited by our felsenburgh Road wonderful book couple years ago about, though Buckley in his relationship with Republican. Presidents and he's written an essay, and this this runs together with Russia's peace, that you're looking forward to Michael and section about historic rivalries at an hour, and here he writes about that. The contest between Bill Russia and George will Over next in and over especially Agnew and over the populist tendency on the right- and this is just a fascinating account- I knew vaguely of this dispute. But it's really fascinating to get the details and caught a comforting because in all its ban, touchy time, at national view, people all over the map,
up and had internal arguments about that as cover you know that it's always been thus to release. It was thus I once before, an hour that is actually bill. Russia ended up being the ultimate winner in this. This argument, always for the time being because, as this more populist approach found its an embodiment, some decades later and Donald Trump. So that's it for us! You been listening to an azure view. Podcasting, you re broadcast retransmission recounted game without the express written permission of nationalism. using a strictly prohibited this part gases produced by the incomparable, sir, Jody who makes a sound better than we deserve. Thank you, Charlie. Thank you Michael thank you quit like a black rifle company. Thank you, american story, and thanks especially to all of you for listening where the editors and we'll see you
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