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Episode 282: Dark Moments in the Post-Election Phase

2020-12-04 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Jim discuss the unending post-election mess, and the hypocrisy of CA politicians.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: Matt Continetti in the 65th-anniversary edition • Charlie: Andy McCarthy’s post-election litigation coverage • Jim: Veronique de Rugy’s post “The Silent Victims of This Pandemic

Light items: • Rich: Amazing sports calls • Charlie: Playing Old Maid with his son • Jim: Making Thanksgiving dinner with his family

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The Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Schutte.

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of the coffee club. Again black rifle coffee, dot, com, promo code and are twenty. Can the post election get any crazier and do pandemic rules apply at fine. French restaurants in California will discuss all this and more on the addition of the editors under slower and join is always by the Right honourable Charles W Cook and the sage both intensity, woods, Jim Gary. Michael Brennan Dirty, were turned soon. You listening to a national you podcast cast our sponsors this week, are black rifle coffee and certainly institute more about them in due course. It felicitous, bypassed unnatural view, dot com
directly in a corner? Where delighted have you, but it would be easier for you and better for us if you made as part of your feet at the stream. It services out there from Spotify to Itunes, and if you like what you hear here, please consider giving a glowing five star view on Itunes if you dont, like what you hear here. Please forget, I said anything so Jim? I think this part gases become manner. less, because we have talked about the post election stop and how crazy it's been for. It feels like weeks now, but but it always gets a little crazy. We had lain word. Sidney. Pow added Georgia rally quite well, tended stop the steel rally, but a thousand people a real crowd and that they did their thing
they lend turns out. I knew nothing about him and ever seen before, but turns out to be quite an exceptionally gifted demagogue. He could give Trump a run for his his. He was pacing the stage talking about Jesus talking about the American Revolution, talking about he's he's not in this for himself, but please just give tears foundation. It doesn't go to have just give to keep my bit whose foundation saying Brian CARE needs, dig resign jail and that this was too much even for some hard core mega people didn't blow back. People pointed out that Linwood there has been a Democrat and given the Democrats, even bright bartender story, about this and he's been denounced by various republicans, including new Gingrich. What to make of it? Well, if it feels like we ve, been discussing this four weeks. It's because we have in an effort to not bein a monotonous. I will say that this week things got
worse this week things took a much more dark and- unnerving, and I think I may say, potentially dangerous turn if not a dangerous turn it's not just the rally which, all by the way was initially pitched as a press conference and as you'd noted that that was not really a press conference. Press conferences. Don't usually have groups of bill chanting, lock them up or lock him up in the kitchen, prince to Brian Camp David. about it. It was a year we ve seen drug campaigns, they get out the vote rally. This is a dont get out the vote rally. This was an effort. and Republicans trump supporters that they should. Go out and vote in the January fifth runoff elections that they should make their voices heard by not speaking by not casting ballots an ideal, why dont know if Linwood in Sydney power on the same page is the liberal super packs that are putting up billboards tell people not to vote for the republican senators, because they let, up down
that's, so that whether or not is an intended alliance, they are giving the same message at the same time, This is very bad for a publican. needs very bad for the country and its very best is of getting people to buy. Into a ultimately nonsensical theory about venezuelan mechanic. machines and hackers and everything short of sheep shifting aliens. This was the worst part of the week. I actually think that these secondary approach, if not be Worse, probably won a is former General Michael Flynn, who is the President's national Security advisor for about twenty some days tweet, out a message from a group there. calling on the president to enact limited martial law across the kind.
We regret that a modern, Jim, it's limiting yeah, it's really alive if one little bit pregnant martial law also pay a great Obama speech. Some people say that we shall have no martial law supply. Calling on Iraq sensible comments smarter law. This is U Norway, and the argument was that there should be a second election for all the federal offices, but it should be administered by the military, because everyone else in every other part of our election systems is is is it cannot be trusted it did. He was pretty disturbing don't want to see a guy who is still it was pardoned by the President and who is still something influential voice in the president's circles and certainly seen as this martyr figure. In about coming around saying it's time to system, the constitution. In order to protect the constitution notice me you, don't you don't save the village by destroying it
I don't know if the poorest who put together this becomes a full page, add the washed in times, and then I heard something just one guy in Ohio, but the if the message clothes with? Mr President, if you will not take these steps to defend our rights, we will have take matters into our own hands and was left raging earth. That way. Writing you! you're not supposed to run around talking about like this, because there's some nut job out there. Who may I will say this is it. This is the second american revolution. It's time to start the civil war, you get virgin of that Bernie Sanders supporters who tried to shoot up a sop all feel full of republican congressmen or somebody might start saying bombs, Caesar say our character, who did it before the twenty eighty, like people are really on edge right now, and the last thing we need is somebody saying cry havoc and let's let the dogs of war- and the last thing we need is a guy who was formerly than our security visor this country going this, but that one the worst part of the weak waste. From where I said no,
I think the very worst thing that happened this week is that the present in the United States retreat a hoax tweet that said that the hospitals in Nevada were empty ah, but they didn't have to patients. This was all part of a grand hopes to fool people into thinking. The girl virus was serious and a menacing something they should be worried about. The present retweeted it and said fake election results in no bother to even by the standards of this president over what we see in the last four years. This is a new step. This is a new level and this is worse and dangerous, and I get off I don't No, I can't denounce this loudly enough. I can't stand against this firmly enough. I'm wondering I get so if you ve ever felt like you owed the present a certain amount of loyalty because of the office. Now the times. I know, Mr President, you're wrong. The hospitals are empty
The election results art faked. There is no grand conspiracy, Brian camps, not in on it and republican Secretary of state. In this Isn't it on it all budgeting dates of republican elected officials, all how much these states have signed off on the dominion machines. There is no vast conspiracy with the cigarette smoking. Man, you'll the election you gotta get over it. We are real problems in this country. We have to deal with stop. Have the temperature and from an all move on with our lives. So we can talk about something else on the spot another great power that rally just showed the non possibility of of the SIRI which witches one of the great benefits of any conspiracy theory, so they actually did take some questions and a guy at up and and said. Oh by the way there there was his hand recounts. in saying that the machines or corrupted would not have shown up and the hand reach out and then what sort of waves heads has
a bit and handed over to Sydney pal who took it on and she said one wasn't just denied. It was a hand recount should. I was four hundred out. I know what she was referring to the two there, but then said that actually, the the voting system in Georgia so deeply corrupt that it's it's also set to frustrate the audit and and and and recounts so they're, just there's nothing there there. You can say to these people that will ever commit simpler, always have some other explanation and surely actually that the most. For me, the single most disturbing moment at this rally, was before the guy who asked about the hand recount at a nice woman, got up blonde woman very sincere and obviously,
believes what Linwood and Sydney POW are saying with Russia, the United States a thing and she's. What what should we do? You know people they think were crazy. You know my friends neighbours. I don't talk to me anymore. They think I'm crazy- and this is just for me that this is an example of a totally sincere person, whose well meaning he's not a grifter is, does not raising any money on the side offer this, who sincerely believes it in large part, because people she respects are telling her at this and that that's that's the part, the tragedy this. I, like Jim Board of talking about this and seem artlessness aboard of hearing about it, but
There is one way in one way alone to stop people talking about this on political forecasts in the pages of newspapers and that's for the president to stop doing it. There is peculiar expectation in some quarters of the conservative movement that those who are in general on the side of the Republican Party. Understand the strength of feeling here, which is quickly trans. You did into acquiesce. what is a lie, that being the election was stolen. I'm simply I'm going to say that knows Jim, because there's no evidence for it. even the small legal victories at the Trump administration, has one will not change. The outcome should read
Ni Mccarthy's, excellent peace. There. It judges. wandering their jobs. Here there are partisans, our people, who so invested in from leaving office that they consider anything. This election is not going to be reversed. and one of the reasons that I am a conservative as well as a classical liberal. Is there separatism is the philosophy that encourages and allows it said here to stand up and say, you know what it's just not true,. That may be fashionable. It may be desirable, but it's not true. No, it doesn't change? If you look at it from a certain angle, no, it doesn't check. If you filtered through this power structures, that power structure, no, it doesn't change of a critical mass of people, believe it Change of your set. I'm sorry. very narrowly, and am
Closer election than most people anticipated Donald Trump Lust Republicans much better. Overall, I got an email yesterday from the Republican Party. Press office talking about extraordinary night in the states scrapped. Don't you want to eleven million more votes than they did last time did ok, he just didn't quite make it, just as he did quite make it in twenty sixteen I understand from an emotional perspective, this is tough. I understand. Why people are upset, but the fact is, he lost. This is getting really really silly does not about loyal, it's not about what I want. I wrote in a long peace. What
thought of this election inconclusive long and conclusive peace But I was hardly The EU should be driven from office. I have Ben four years on this podcast. saying that he is the president. I I've been more commit, to the proposition that he was the president that he won legitimately that he should be well to exercise all the powers that he is granted under the cards. You should know that no more, Then he has. but I'm sorry that doesn't have it. Erin amidst Jim is right that the conservative response here. is to say one of the rules What is our system and what is the truth, and all of these art is carrying on,
not doing that. This is. not conservatism. It is magical thinking this conspiracy theorizing it is. It is no different, although it's worth it from the president himself enrich you said earlier, This woman clearly believe the President YAP that's the norm, blame, but this is no different than that. Diebold theories. It's no different than the face change. The election theories is no different than Harry Red saying that the Russians, actually change. The vote totals. This is silly. It is silly it's bad for America and it's got to stop The election is over said Jim. You got a chance to look at any these affidavits had a conversation. This weakness we had begun to feel
some of them are a little bit more. He had Hannity had three these folks sworn affidavits. on his show, there's an african american woman who is doing this hit from her car really seem like a far as I can tell completely wonderful lady, this african American Republican and has a totally plausible case. She says that there was a ballot, a a valid one, one pallet that at the table- or she was observing unaware that where this was Pennsylvania or Michigan and it was marked both for Biden and for travel, and she said it should be thrown out and that the democratic servers, are there was airs, had no accounting for buying. So maybe that happened. You know that's plausible, that that happened, but it's one. One ballot and then he had these
these two kids on who cross. I really am. I just took a like into one a truck driver who decked out in Buffalo bills, stuff jacket and a hat and this the twenty year old kid who either the postal workers doing some work for the Post office and there the toy. Your kid allege that he overheard someone. I think it was saying what we gotta these ballots were regarded backdate postmark, so they can so they can count and then that the truck driver had this. This fantastical Oh, that's very colorful, so it's caught a lot of people's attention or he says he had a load, twenty five pallets of ballast that he somehow this is a little fuzzy. Far as I can tell that he determined that that were ballots and that were all pre marked an offer buying any drove this from Bethpage New York.
Long Island to Lancaster Pennsylvania on October, twenty first and dropped his things off, and that this this sounds extremely implausible. I don't doubt that he he might very sincerely believe that this is what happened, but the idea that you can just draw Have you no face a hundred thousand bouts independence of India and then somehow make seamlessly integrate them into Pennsylvania's count? What precinct I be can't up a hundred thousand Bautzen precinct. So then, given that does demagoguery and others have pointed out, there's no real anomaly in the actual counts. You see anywhere right. It's it's basically by gained a little bit everywhere, especially in the end the suburbs I've it are you those margins lost more than in some of the big Cities-
I'm gained in rural areas so have like sprinkle these ballots, like an every precinct in Pennsylvania, inexact proportion to how this precincts are going say, go from from one guy driving these ballots into an operation that, if you actually carried out the way, that's implied, would involve thousands of people of which are highly competent. None of those made a mistake, so they ve gotten discover all of whom are. completely tight lipped and none of them have breathed a word of this two friends or family or neighbor who might drop a dime autumn. It's just it's! It's totally ridiculous yeah. Now When you hear people I observe sing about, when was the last time most Americans in their lives have been involved in the counting of votes for a an office. But for a lot of people are probably was Ellen, three school middle School high school class president types that you know contests something every
exceptionally high stakes. It involves writing a name on a piece of paper and putting into a cardboard box, and then it s it puts it in there and they take em out may count and they feel that is is not terribly secure system and I think some people are talking about this process as if it's the same thing. If I get my Amazon absentee ballot and I feel it out for you now, Freddy, over one two, three ELM street, or something like that, and I turned it. It's not gonna get accepted because it doesn't match to a registered vote. unless there actually is a Freddy Krueger one hundred three on street. So even the people worry about absentee ballot applications being filled in by these kinds of activists, groups that the little shady and that's that reasonable worry about, but unless it be almost a ballot matches, do a voter does go into the system?
and then let's say you know you get somebody you know who we know where they live. You know they're in for me all the proper information to fill out. You get an absentee ballot, you fill it out. There named you pull out the ballot in their name, You still have to worry about them showing up on election day and they go to the voter rules and that the polling place the election. The camp election lecture workers has actually, according to our records, you filled out city ballot last week at So what the heck gone out and eventually it'll get sorted out, they have quite people who have committed. I would emphasise radar and small scale voter fraud based on this sort of thing now is that you have something bigger and more systemic yeah you get, sometimes it like nursing homes, where nursing home workers will have lots of people who are getting seven years, maybe mentally, aren't all their and they'll either request them in the names of the patients there and stuff, like that, he ain't gonna heritage, foundations website ever really good database at the it does happen, but we're talking about and full of votes. There doesn't votes there, something now it's been
this, I it's a lot of people who do not like Trump and the front administration and Republicans really enjoy making fun of his legal team. and a lot at mockeries deserve and comes out like one for forty or something like that, we should emphasise, Daniel agenda, Alice and others have emphasised, not every one of these lawsuits is being brought by. The trunk campaign sometimes is being brought. the State Party, as we were notably informed Linwood and Sydney power are not part of the Trump Campaigns official legal team thereof, you're gonna, self, appointed or loosely affiliated lawyers who decided to file suits on behalf of the Trump campaign on behalf of other peanut butter to they feel have been. Ah unfairly disenfranchise or wronged by waterfront things like that? Did you they ve been very badly these in these losses, but they haven't totally lost all of them and where they have won generally been about pole, pictures and election counting
watchers who have not had the access to the process as they should have a bunch of probably more plausible affidavits have been around Sometimes this was a matter of corona virus restrictions. Are they wanted people to stay more than sixty in some cases, way more than six feet away from the people? Doing accounting and the whole watchers objected audio accurately. They can't see anything they can't see of there being counted correctly and fairly. They can't see anything that would cause you know concern. So this is where drop administration does have a few victories where the couple judges selected said: yeah yeah, yeah Lumsdon closer, take the appropriate, restrictions. You gotta put behind plexiglas or something go ahead and do that. But don't you can't, say: you're gonna, sit forty feet away and that's r our check to make sure that the votes are being counted correctly. You mentioned that the possibility of the idea of ballot coming in without a postmark, I'm all those who think the state a pencil vainer is cooking for cocoa puffs, with a ruling earlier this year from the Supreme Court that you
and turning a male absentee ballot without a postmark after three days after the election. That strikes me as totally wrong. I think if you have absentee ballot your obligated to get it in the in the mail by election day, I want one form deadline for when you have to turn in a ballot. Ah, if Europe, Marcus, smudge or or from other reason I dont- think fish allowed, but even Pennsylvania. The number of balance that are in this category are small than by its margin? So, even if we assume that every last one of them was abiden boat, if we assume that every last one of them was fraudulent, that still would give trumped the victory in Pennsylvania. If you separate out I'm fine We must lawsuit, because I want to win verses. Following this law suit, I don't think it will change the outcome or the winner, but I still think something wrong or illegal happened. We would probably all better off, because I think I'd people say
this report of somebody embarked furred for two candidates and they Canada's abide boat, yeah that that could happen. That strike me as inherently crazy. I also he's got like change the outcome and I think that sort of thing ought to get straightened out, for we should have some separated from their trauma. Election stolen from him. Any legitimately want a second her decks, Do you, Charlie Cook, so on December, Fourteenth the electors vote after that point. Well, all the stone election stuff from President Trump and his allies. Calm down Even though we have to realise that the writing on the wall at that point, or will there be some last desperate, futile gesture? How are you spelling fairly is a few in new. I thing that it well
down that set optimistic view, but its informed. by the behaviour of Don Junior, seems to be keen to retain control of the Senate and has think echoed. Some of the noise is coming from his father about accepting the result once the electoral college votes can get. It The anger over this will linger after election day until leave me. President Biden does something else stupid and that will become the new concern and you know It will be like the two thousand recap. Democrats were still fuming about in early two thousand one, but you know events over took those concerns. As that your progressed, I can't believe the incredible naivete I'm hearing on this podcast from my
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legendary french Bistro through Napa, for most mere mortals, it's impossible to get into the french laundry it. You have to look at a four five six months ahead, my near brush with food, laundry years ago. I was at the NAFTA and a couple friends or out from out there and that they are one of them's. It does a really a billion optimistic guy, As I said said me, Anne and my wife, you know how many get you in the fresh laundry tonight. Sorry, ok, so we pull over the car and any runs into the restaurant. The maitre D areas, to say you know what I got the editor of NASH Review in town. They thought twice about it and said this is when newspapers actually makes I got the editor of NEWS Waken tat. Can you get men tonight and that the editor National Review and go anywhere even editor. Newsweek at that point did get him anywhere sub never been at the french laundry. But I truly am not
a major elected official who is banging on all my constituents to be extreme. A careful, and please please, please abide by Single covered restriction of handing down this drives people knots, and if there is a tea party star backlash which they may not be given, how close we seem to be to the virus being Did by the vaccine, but if there is It will be because of this, and this is. Why we have watched organizations is why we have the first amendment. Why we have a culture of free expression, because if we don't politicians take advantage of that position.
They believe themselves to be different. They come to think of themselves a separate rather than as part of the community. That's not that is limited to the left or the right, that's human. Of course courts that the Ets I think that it tells us anything much about the virus because a lot Non elected officials are doing this to talk people about things How was it other sixteen of us sneaking in. But there is a responsibility when you are the ones making the rule, send enforcing the rules and lecturing people about the rose to live by those rules yourself, in fact,
it is far less acceptable for the people in power. hey like this, and it is for the citizens to citizens Can I say I refused to obey the law and I will deal with the consequences you can do a great deal of time, when you are the law or at least when you're responsible for it. This problem is also problem, because, although I think that some of the rhetoric around corona virus has been overblown. although I have a visceral hatred of the way in which figures such as, given you some talk about science for the capital ass There will be people who look at his back a year and assume that he knows something that he's not saying, namely that the virus isn't a potent ass. He suggested, or even that is fake,
and in concert with the President of the United States and workable at all these fake hospitals. It doesn't send a great message: does it? I think this is. This is a problem I'm not surprised by it. If I were, I guess I wouldn't be protecting Lena. I'm all over the place is progress I have myself the classical collar broken so Divina, Libertarians promiscuousness. That's why a conservatory exactly exactly But I am, I am bothered by it, because it speaks to precisely the sort of elite behaviour that has led to the backlash. seen over the last ten years and and which it is, is a problem in a country based on the principle that the voters are in charge and they're, not Ruben
thanks so want defence. You'll see specialists This committee is hey. Look. We could have done this meal in San Francisco, but now there has different roles: the french laundries, is open for business and theirs there's no violation actually of of any thing in this, sir. At this event for self scammer yeah is San Francisco mayor telling residents to go to that neighbouring jurisdiction and then have tables that he died in a restaurant. If not, then Doesn't get them off the hook, something that is dangerous act in one for egg. It's not like the french laundry is five hundred miles away and has provided for road of our circumstances. Then San Francisco does Now, I'm someone who's sit up and be trying to beat the drop. since very early on in this that you should be taken seriously end until you get back even if you're, in good health, even if your
hi well below the age of sixty five, you take it seriously and you got you probably can't go about your life, quite the what you'd like to neighbours, potatoes are open and, like maybe you're a minimal risk, but yeah you probably problems. Do that you can't go into crabs, you should be washing your hands regularly? Frequently me, We even Lady Macbeth Level, Now, I think of it. You probably have been doing that beforehand and if you haven't been what's wrong with you that that you know you can't until we all at vaccinated until this virus is no longer a danger, even if you're not a big risk. You never know what you might come in contact with someone who is at greater risk. The elder age being him. You know compromised or or something like that. This thing goes away which it looks like it or not. We will deal with that within the next couple of early early parts of next year. First couple months, it looks like we got live our lives a little bit differently and it sucks it.
sucks in all kinds of ways and words that I probably should use on his part guest. I get it. Here's a link, if you are in someone who's, trying to tell the citizens to do this. You two ways to do it. You can say these are the recommendations, avoid the crowds wash your hands where a mask, Try social distance and try to stay six feet away from people if you can now to minimize your time within that span of them, unless they're inside your household, if you're gonna or you could try to do this by edict, apparently LOS Angeles county. They have just given a stay at home order by the mayor of California. Lawmakers have been particularly bad about this So we gotta Newsome is the most famous one. and yet the mayor San Francisco was the next day, but we also had the lessons county supervisor who died in a restaurant right after voting to ban outdoor dining as well nor Dining the mayor of Denver flying off to see his family after telling residents to avoid unnecessary travel, Nancy below
revisiting the hair salon, the mere San Jose breaking his own restrictions by turning a big thanksgiving dinner, the mere one can t see attending Abiden victory Party in Delaware than declaring that was, after barring all non essential interests they travel and then declaring that the Attempt The binding victory party was essential interests, they travel ball, I'm sorry course Bucky and lots of other work, the idle that's or your. I don't believe you for a second, that's nonsense and probably my absolute favorite example. The men, Austin Texas, who recorded a video Put it up on Facebook telling that the citizens of his city that the time did not participate in unnecessary travel. You can't take this Thirdly, ve all got to take this thing seriously recorded it from This time share in Kabul, some Lucas, Mexico. That's the cherry! That's right! all these folks Democrats, I'm sure you can find examples of republican law makers who have done something similar bodies
A large republican mayors and governors are not making these have sweeping draconian mandates that you can't go out and live your life. The way you usually do they're doing more. These are my recommendations, not them You can find exceptions but by large dammit. rats- and it seems in particular California Democrats have had this attitude up. You must, Do any of this, but really the rule still apply to us because were special and that's a sort of things that starts revolutions. That's a sort of thing, optically of United States We do a lot of very passion, criticism of democratic officials and democratic, the centre a lot of times, you will make those guys at National review their hyperbolic fly. offer handle Dunkirk lawmakers. Aren't that bad well! Think they're demonstrated! Through their behaviors tat, the LA whole bunch democratic mayors and governors, elected officials, city councilman, those types we do believe that there is one set of rules for the ordinary citizens at a set
more lenient set of rules for themselves and they deserve to have rotten fruit hurled at them everywhere they go in public from more than one of the problems here for Republicans, is, as rich just explained, they can't get into the french laundering the first place. They have no charge town everything and cannot see any places are allowed in their regard. He bore the six feet away from the french luxury, even before such, have any view on the efficacy of various restrictions. Fighting covered or do you think it's just best put the put the information out there and let people make their thereon judgments in terminations of, and we have news. That is that this is buttons big departure, honour cover policy as one keeping Anthony faulty. That's a new idea. The guy have, for decades still there and urging people aware mass for four hundred days,
Biden doesn't have a covert plan. The difference in any meaningful way to the one that has been adopted by the federal government and by most states and private institutions. bite, well differ is in his rhetoric. Abiden is not, to be anti mask, but this was obvious during the election It was obvious during the presidential debates. It was obvious dream of I presidential debate. There is no meaningful difference between Joe Biden Plan and Donald trumps Plan, the differences in tone, and also in leaf dimension, given use him in his nauseating references to science for the capital ass. There is a belief I think in some quarters,
The left that, if you just have the right intentions than you will pluck hate the corona virus got you gotta, keep factually and pay we ve also to be nice to him, tell people to listen to him. That will do it. I was critical wait Trump treated far too, but he's a man is doing its best. He can he's going to fix this face. Mosques, yeah. I wear one. I am broadly in favour of businesses. Requiring that I think far it got it pretty much right where there difference between com these cities, depending on the level of the threat, but most businesses have chosen to adopt mosque rules.
The less there's no real way around this. It's not as if the Trump Administration said you know, I don't think we need a vaccine. Let's leave with current of ours has been great. They want a vaccine. They want us to go away so will buy Biden will please all of the right people and the way he talks about it. I remember this as recline column, awhile back save only Elizabeth Warren with President Sweden have happened. Absolute nonsense, gonna get out of this for the vaccine. That's it that's! Our answer until then we're gonna fight over the trade offs I too have a rhetoric in turn. Em again, a substitute in all of our normal debates, we're going to have Republicans Conservatives who, like to think of themselves every single juncture, is fighting the American Revolution in Sir. Any imposition whatsoever is cost us King George, the third coming. I going to have progressive to love
Think of themselves, as the educated and smart set, the people who believe in science and in doktor found and they load. The other side is just absolutely fell. These anti diluvial luddites, who run around looking rats for fun. the only way out of it. Vaccine and, as I said, Lhasa, I'm very optimistic about the vaccine, I'm thrilled that it's coming. It will be good for jobs at one level, as it were for all of us, of course, because it will prevent him from being, supposed ass, a guy who doesn't have any more ideas than those that have been tried before he became president question to you Jim Gary, when, as will fervently hope- and we now have reasonable expectations, are given the advent of vaccines where
covered sputters out sometimes spring early summer, who will get the political credit, Joe Biden or Donald Trump, but more probably get it from all the usual sources and trumped deserve morbid yeah. That's about right, nor get the credit. Chump has a mixed record on this, most notably in his rhetoric, but by all accounts. What he did, insofar as he did anything turning to tv along, the production of the vaccines was good. Should be recognised as such, make it unanimous and was that this year from our second sponsor this week, every December Christians are the new reasons to not taken Seriously were told the Christmas was originally pagan holiday and at Christmas has been snowed under,
by hedonistic commercialism, while the enemies of the church are all too happy to have Christians believe such nonsense in the twenty fifth new and active Christmas essays. Joshua Gibbs argues that none of it is true. Rather, Christians have every reason robustly celebrate Christmas with the confidence they are participating in one of the oldest and deepest mysteries of God. The twenty fifth released, November, twenty third from search the books even claim your copy from Amazon dot com or associates to die calm book sets see I r c e institute dot com against the twenty fifth new selected Christmas essays. It's out now by Joshua Gibbs, please check it out and said, a few other things before we go Jim Garrity, you had a thanksgiving where wherever was pitching in cooking in the kitchen and you
yeah yeah. We did not have our older relatives around the way we usually do as a precaution. I'm not a lie that sought that that was really. You know a disappointment, but because my mother in law usually does most of the cooking. She was a phenomenal job. We, you know we kind of had to make the turkey ourselves this year and make all the side dishes go to do it all ourselves and so my wife and my two sons of myself all played a role in creating our Thanksgiving dinner and it might have about the awning Y, all four of us working simultaneously, sometimes getting in each other's way. in the kitchen on the afternoon was was made one of the best parts of the day. For those you her wondering, I handle the vegetables Kaerusson parsnips rest in the oven turn up pretty well, and I made it I'll Groton, with potato celery route in rhubarb and that words on the cover food. Why magazine this month, it turned out pretty darn good, but not quite the while. That's amazing gotta make this every year, but I was cut off and Jim just a cheque eat did you
read it in food and why magazine and then make it or because you made it, is it now in the front of its understate? The cover looks better. I guess I saw it looked at it and if you know it ended up, look it's not bad. People really want to open up the Facebook ages of the picture that not legally was. I need that food stylus that makes everything looked just right in justice to carve out you, you did not get featured in food on magazine, I did not appeared on so disappointed. you'd better, I tell you I've been mercilessly feeding your child s card game old, maid No, I didn't say I was beating him at it, but just said that he is I basically lacking in guile the moment he looks at his cards and realizes city has the old maid he gets all know. Now. I have the old maids before if he gets it in the course of the game. Here he looks at about doesn't opened his mouth and nose,
but the best part is that he hasn't yet worked out. How are the people play these sorts of games, and so, if I know that he has it because it's obvious as regards all look at him and I'll say: hey, I think you have the made and his eyes immediately dot to the card, so you know which one not to take I've been trying to have been trying to teach him that a poker face, but at the moment is too much too excited to adopt one my fellow story of adult competitiveness. Views The child is centred on from from Virginia, Son of Georgia and the famous football coach. Washer Redskins coach Georgians Sister said amounts sister, wrote a book about their a trifle deferred and Georgetown the coach they'd they go to the beach and vacation and he'd be out there. It is not your daughter is like
hey, let's have a raised any like beat her like every single time. Go these two so inherently compared If so, I'm a fan of sports broadcasting and great sports calls. We have a promising sport broadcaster in the broader and our family and Mccarthy's has been calling high school football games. I've ever listened to a cup so that he's he's really really good, but I just came across through through happenstance, a fantastic sports call that I always miss cuz, I'm not a stalker fan, and we had a paragraph about the death of the argentinian soccer day, Diego Maradona and he he's associate with famous hand of God. Go sorry, Charlie. Gets England and nineteen. Eighty six World CUP, where he handed the ball into the net and got away with it then afterwards, kind
and I had dinner with awaken and I'd, say well, it was my head and the hand of God so, but I didn't realize you score another goal in that same game for minutes later and that this this goal I think involved the single best call sports call of all time puts things at that a great total shame like the giants when dependent China, where the pen is nothing compared to this, which has path. Those has drama has surprise, has a shakespearian element, kind of some residents of the disappeared I'll speech from Shakespeare. The answer Charlie, you forgive me. I think we just need to listen to this, this briefly, I think now, maybe I considered best fourscore of all time he's got a passage. Diego
there's Maradona with the two men autumn, urgent steps involved. There goes down the rights like the genius of world football. He leaves the wing and he's gonna path to bear. Cuba still Maradona genius genius genius. There there there there go. I want to cry all wholly God long with football. What a Gull Diego go merit donated to cry for! Excuse me, Meriden Memorable, run in the birthplace of all times cosmic kite, which planet did you come from to leave so many Englishman behind for the country to be a clenched fist crying for Argentina, Argentina to England, zero, Diego go. Go Diego, Armando Maradona! Thank you, God for Football, for marriage owner. Are these tears furthest, Argentina, to England, nuts?
next week on areas some of the Balkans WAR by the way. As far as I could tell this, just involve Maradona like running down the field passed a bunch, english ass, everyone, of course Of course, the greatest skull ever schooled in woke up history was against England. Of course, it was so is that time for editors, tax, Jim Geraghty? What's your pic sure it's not? terribly long item bits in the corner by Veronique de Ruby the silent victims of this pandemic and I come and wonder if one of the reasons, the political fight sweeps in over all the aspects of this pandemic about mass about lockdown about vaccines is ill. We're chuckling a lot of pain. We were dealing with our lives being put on hold for, what's probably gonna be about a year and not
well to enjoy all the things that make life worthwhile holidays and Indonesia and would have brought her family and seeing our friends and in all of our staff in this The just lays out some business owners, they ve, got inducement attention the essential workers who still have to work. Despite a certain element of risk, the children who are stay at home, while their parents are doing that kids were behind school. We talk recently about the recent study here in Fairfax County. That was really grim. college. Students were locked in their dorms and learning online, but not actually getting contact with their peers professors. With anxiety levels, parents and grandparents it'll get to see their grand kids. You know even you're not dying of us, even if you're not having you no serious health issues, and if so, thank God. But now man people have been through a lotta really rough times is here, and I just think it's did every now and then just gonna recognise Why is everybody on edge wiser, really angry wise already snap in Asia, the better part of
Here we ve been doing things that make life worthwhile and help, but we all get through this. Ok, I can understand why anxiety and depression and all these other issues are going ahead. I just I am really glad Veronique was gonna. Just reminding us all with everybody who still struggling to get through this very tough time strike up. What's your pick, my pick, Andy Mccarthy's coverage of all of the litigation. We seen since the election, it seems as if an opinion is published and within anti minutes and he has the authority to take upon the site, com, clear, concise, readable, honest He's he's envy pay at the moment and this time so my taken. Working through the anniversary issue. It is out now digitally came out yesterday If you're, not our plus subscriber, please check it out. I think you'll enjoy had, but the leader say in its use by our friend colleague, Matt caught nanny about how to evaluate the achieving
and failures of conservatism over the last five or six decades causes A lot of silly talk out there, the conservatism has achieved nothing Matt put paid to that idea. also acknowledges that we failed on on some things and has challenges ahead of us. And it's just an excellent piece of an analysis I really acute and intelligent writer who also, by the way, wrote a piece for these seventy fifth anniversary of commentary. We condemn they come and are printed pages, but we we didn't notes this also very important anniversary on this very point. Sir. Congratulations to J and the gang over There- and I joked with mad. He just should make its vocation going forward to write for we and our anniversary issue of every publication on the centre right. So ok, that's it for us, even though to an ash review podcast Iraqi broadcast. Transmission are countless game without the express written permission
sure you magazine strictly prohibited. This part. Gas has been produced by the incomparable surgery and makes us better than we deserve. Thank you, Charlie. Thank you, Jim thanks to black rifle and the twenty Fifth Avenue book about Christmas by Joshua gives and they specially all of you for listening. We are the editors, the aid Diego Gall Diego GA.
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