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Episode 287: Christmas in a Time of COVID

2020-12-22 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Michael discuss Congress’s newly passed economic relief bill, the fight over who should be at the front of the COVID vaccine line, and their favorite Christmas memories.

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much relief for the covert bill. Provide too should get the vaccine first. Add a special round of Christmas themed exit questions will discuss all this and more on the spot, A pre Christmas edition of the editors umbrage, lowering of joint, as always by the Right honourable Chelsea, W and the notorious birthday Michael Brendan Dorothy Jim Gary, well returned soon here, listening to a national, you podcast, our sponsor this week is the fantastic black rifle coffee company. More about it. Due course. Foolishness broadcast on NASH, review, dot, comical indirectly on the corner, were delighted. Have you ever be easier, few and better for us he made as part of you, feed extremist forces out their Spotify to Itunes, and if you like, what you hear here, please sit, are giving us a glowing five star review on Itunes. If you don't like what you hear here, please forget
said anything, so anybody, as is its Want Congress, rushed out an enormous by partisan spending bill that had to be written on the fly, because the only time comes If anything done pretty much is ones back, is against the wall and involves a spending bill. This time it's covered release, checking in just under a trillion dollars. Would you make of it well, it's necessary. This is a second round of relief for whatever round of relief, this is was necessary. There's like some pretty ugly economic numbers. I think right now, we're heading into. December, and this is basically the bridge to hopefully spring rebound unopposed. Maxine optimism we hope, but in others
Three hundred thirty billion in additional funding for a paycheck protection programme which I ass to be said was, you know, an experiment told policy at the start of this, dynamic and it's been one of the more successful emergency relief facts ever can see. in the United States and You know it's more funding for. The increased unemployment I am I think all of that is good. I was interesting, though, is that you know, See Pelosi thought that a bill I think twice. The size was insufficient a few months ago, I now she's agreed to something quite a bit smaller, so you know, I think
It becomes clearer that see policy was the one that held up this really. Bill, and she did it for the election. I she thought I believe bill could help Donald Trump too much before the election and the major demands much higher and now now says we haven't you president. We have a new relief bill. Hopefully it's not too late for too many people such idea that this has been just
Their studies, showing instance of media double standards, pretty clear that this policy is maximum. That was making it possible to get a relief built done, but it was all the Republicans fault and our policy received very little. If any criticism over this, she could have had a much bigger bill months and months ago, and now it turns out that the bill looks very much like what Mr Connell I proposed in the Senate back in the summer, and this was laughter is it just as symbolic effort that it wasn't really didn't demonstrate any real concern with the suffering of Americans and and LO and behold it it's basically what we ended up with You already seeing their post spin to Jonathan Shade, who rarely finds a democratic talking point. He doesn't echo said that there would be
avail, because all of the Senate is on the republican side were arch. Conservatives who opposed completely Annie further aid and would block it, and then it passed. I within a few minutes said ass. I had said: This was always going to pass when the tax cuts were included. The tax cuts, tiny, tiny, tiny, portion of this, and you didn't say that, because we to pretend ass. We have had to pretend for the last five months that this was because Mitch Mcconnell opposed per se more relief Would you didn't and which Republicans didn't? I think it passed. Ninety two to six six knows on the republican side. Republicans control the Senate remember
it's not a normal time. and ass a result, the moral has its an economic calculations are different. Most of the people who have been caught up in this have been caught up through no fault of their own. It is still important for Congress to write bills that do not create perverse incentives, not least because the aim here is to get the economy back or is closer to a position in which it is self sufficient in Congress should- and I think he had tried to operate on the principle of first do no harm, but the usual left right debates didn't really apply here, at least not at the philosophical level. What you saw was a
fight over scale, but also a fight of what should and not be included and will shock business to learn that the Democratic Party saw this as an opportunity An opportunity to funnel money to unrelated, but now the less for them pressing concern such as the were of blue states that are running out of money because they implemented absolutely ridiculous pension schemes in the nineteen Eightys and Ninetys nineties Mitch. Mcconnell said no and ass. You say: Nancy Pelosi said fine. Donald Trump of course didn't help here, because he didn't follow the negotiations particularly closely and at the exact moment that it had become clear that this was Nancy policies. Doing he claimed responsibility said I ve blown up they'll be no bill,
until after the elections and really really irritated Senate Republicans. But this is a difficult time. Spell seems sensible to me. I am a small government guy, I'm a low spending guy. I am worried about the annual deficits I'm worried about the debt, I'm worried about the size of Washington per SE, in both practical and ideological terms,
about the reality of here, as is the case in many other countries, is too. If you do nothing, you may end up with a bigger problem to bailout. You may end up with more people without jobs, small businesses, without a future, and I think that, although we quite rightly criticize Washington DC and congressional application most of the time, this was a fairly good compromise and fortunately a bit late, but not so the beast said Michael to notable exclusions, and this was are the compromise that it does not it a huge bail out for states and locality. and there's not liability protection for business do regret the exclusion of either both of us. No, I don't regret the exclusion of
There are those I dont think the federal government should bailout states. There are none on these terms at least I'm a little worried in coming here what the cuts will mean in some states as well. Is cutting jobs and services and police officers in particular, but that, actually has to be dealt with later. A lot of what the bailouts a lot of them as Democrats wanted were bailouts for history work, budgeting errors in in certain states and that should not be forgotten its business right now. I dont think, but I'm open to the idea of, Something later on, because states, the state budgets will be here, heard in a way that will strike at rather essential services soon
the question to you, Charlie Hook, the relief bill follow on relief bill. Once Joe Biden is inaugurated, optimally, get A couple months in to his administration will be bigger, smaller or the same top line number as this relates, though it will be smaller, although its past well that it will look bigger because they all roll another priority into it that some compromise, maybe in infrastructure and defence. Perhaps I don't know, but they beat portion of it? That would not have existed. Were it not for corona virus will be smaller ambiguity. It'll be it'll, be the same. Basically, the same
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Audubon is a great guy. Great american patriot, great american entrepreneur, started this business in his garage that always had a passion for coffee and had done his own roasting and experimenting with it, and the business has really taken off and he's he's really concerned with GIF to the people that serve this country. So if you love coffee- and you love america- and I assume that those two categories encompass almost all of our listeners- you gotta you gotta, go check out black rifle, do the right thing and get it EL, some good coffee and the process envy deal may go to. First again, sincere our resident vaccine expert, so to debate going on about is it's not high bar to be our vaccine x, X, expert Michael's, Doktor, get and it they had so gay. You not scotch outlay, Bernie thing that you just
appear that more about it than we did so there's this debate about who should get to accede? First, common sense would seem to suggest the really all people who are most vulnerable to this, an account for a high proportion of fatalities should get at first, but we have had some folks pushing against that for various reasons yeah. So, basically, there is broad agreement that from workers that this is a key. Went should be first in line, that's doctors, nurses and paramedics and other people who could not only in art Natalie like be much more exposed the disease, but also likely to community, It too sensitive people if their working and had been exposed
So this broad agreement about you know frontline workers first in line, but after that there's this to other categories, elderly and what are called essential workers and you ve had some you have. The cdc was the panel of immunization access experts or whatever that had drafted language kind of giving priority to essential workers and the New York Times solicited common from experts. Field, saying that you know this. good to prioritize essential workers, because essential workers are more likely to be black and latino, whereas People are more likely to be white and privileged and benefit from a life extends their life and soon
Therefore- and this was one academic they quoted- we can Even the scales little bit this Thankfully got a lot of push back in. Because I mean essentially, was arguing that not only should- really people die because their white, but in fact a plan, like that would probably result in more black and white, your people dying overall, just elderly black in eighteen. Oh people Anne and wisely Yang. This very smart Arthur said that the inner, basically this at expert in go. Ethics was saying we should kill me or black people in absolute terms, in order to kill more white people relatively to compared to them. That's been
looks like gets going, be revised and dumb, I'm team. but to the elderly persons study from Israel, basically saying that. Once you immunize people over it eighty years old. You ve cut the death rate by I think almost a quarter, and then once you get it off people over seventy, your cutting the death rate. By way more than half and I just don't think that there is another way to do it. I mean, theoretically, you could try to scream For people with really serious, come or ease and try to aim for, like more life years, save to say maybe her treasure sixty year old Diabetic, you now heart disease, in some cases, over robust healthy seventy five year old, but in
general terms, elderly first seems the most logical to me, Charlie, it just seems that relatively often now. We end up in some. genuine crisis. And someone high level as a university or in the government says we would I'll, be a good time for my abstract ideology arrived. A few minutes ago, in concert with some of the stupidest and least important people in the world is that is that what you guys would like how else to read this ethicists proposal other than in that way.
Its preposterous. We genuinely now have a movement in the United States to repeal the fourteenth amendment was the only one looking at this Maccallum phony. I tried it thankfully, was pushed away. Sixty forty may be more in the nearby and twenty twenty. We have an enthusiasm for affirmative action that goes far beyond any of the cases that have ever been made in its defence. We, Limited calls for reset gradation of a sort on college campuses and now we have, not some random guy, with a blog. We have a call to prioritize, govern
resources in a pandemic by race, not because there is, as that, occasionally with certain diseases, medical disparities that needs addressing, but because capital age. History demands it well, it doesn't. It would be a rotten idea in a vacuum. It would be extremely destructive in practice, Michael says it would lead to more deaths. Non white people not not fear. And it would also undermine a spirit that is to be necessary over the next few months, is people's nerves become frayed as we enter into a period in which there will be some disputes over vaccines, travel restrictions, the extent to which proof of inoculation should
determine ones Liberty These people need to go away. they are useless that their counterproductive they have Eddie set back because of dealing with corona virus. By saying, as they did last year this year, I'm getting out of myself by saying
stay inside stance. I stand side, science. I sign stance, I stand side. Oh look at these wonderful, beautiful protests, it doesnt matter. Actually it's a protest. It's not science! Not medicine knows this. Ignore it move forward. Give this as a matter of priority to people who are elderly, who have particular vulnerabilities and who are likely to come in contact with the high load and and the summer gap, has to go back to normal, and if we have to have ridiculous debates, we can do it. Then it Michael that this is the reason, is large scolding about people, not believing that science and
the adverse. But this is why, right that this this is. This is a version of so called science, and if people see this that there is a reason why they're gonna doubt in a pretty much everything else there told by authorities, because this is face- leave ready yeah I mean there's a real problem here, where a bio ethics as a field is kind of a fake right I mean. Have you ever heard anything that boy, Oh ethicist has said that be derived intuitively by a fifteen year old, who just read the communist manifesto. Right, like I mean, there's nothing in it, but political built right.
it's it's it's literally. How do we attach left wing political ideas to a body? technical knowledge and create a class of experts. That's insulated from democratic restrain or in or from the restraints of the planet. Strange that you would have in a liberal society where you have open debate about ideas, nickel priorities, Raymie, that's that's what this is and. You It's not just a matter, not trusting the experts. It's it's really like a healthy society. Should it be expunged these various degrees and technocratic fields. the way that you know blood cells, get rid of unhealthy things in the body. Count them like this. This is some. These are little political
cancers, and so of course, when we get a good look at what they do, we're gonna find pretty ugly. I mean, I think the whole field should be salted, theirs, Minute, there's literally these fees I think how any injuries pointed this out some time ago, and he none at all fields of not advanced any of the difficult question Of medical ethics rain things like prior to saving more lives or more years of life, they ve made no advancement because it's not something that can be answered technically or with science They literally the opposite, if you to hear the least ethical. least moral least intuitive answer to the question I ask and academic ethicist right.
So Michael execution to you. The vaccine will, despite its good recommendations, broadly be distributed according to age and pre existing conditions, yes or no Broadly, yes, but you know, you'll see you'll just see greater uptake words. valuable among their. You know up Lee Mobile well connected people who were Hi information people will die able to jump at their chance amount. They'll be vaccinated a little bit ahead of maybe some older populations checkup. Yes, absolutely because the vast majority of the people
who will be distributing the vaccine are not in hawks this built that state governors, state legislators, hospital administrators and so forth. and they have the heads good on right. I agree that entirely I'd. I think, stuff is almost entirely can be ignored, should be so, let's make a safe way here to Christmas, were recording on Tuesday Christmas is not far away, is beginning to be our minds. So let's do some Christmas, fiend exit questions to you. First Charlie Cook, the best Christmas pop song ever been Crosbie White Chris.
Bruce Springsteen's version of Santa Claus is coming to town Brenda Lee Rocket around the Christmas tree Dean Martin Baby, it's cold outside that King Kong coughed Christmas Friendly rockin around the Christmas tree, everything about it that fall open, like shit guitar firecracker voice. She had, I think she was fifteen or sixteen when she recorded it. The nineteen fifty early sixties production and it's just incredibly catchy. I would go with napkin calls the Christmas on just can cause. You know that Any voice, singing tiny tots with their eyes, all aglow will find it hard
sleep tonight like it's sad. It's just got that he's fool. Languorous in Europe. in your lounge, the decorations are up spirit and that link touch of You know fatherly magic that I think is part of the season agenda basically anything he sings is great, but that is the classic. For me, I think objectively, the greatest Christmas on top Christmas on is white Christmas. This is wonderful sense of yearning, incredible success in our culture ethic charted for two decades straight or something, but for me Suffers from some overplay, so this is the moment: I'm a baby, it's cold outside guy Every time I hear it, it's such a catchy
he went some song and, of course, a away now to own their lives. If you actually find a song enjoyable, so everyday best, Christmas Carol, o wholly night silent night work, the Herald Angel thing once Royal David City, joy to the world. I go with all wholly night just cause. It's me now. Dead, set on me, the event itself, the birth of Christ. and it's also just this beautiful sign, for He soloists singer I usually someone in your churches as about her go all out on this and am disputable. and then just the am it also just get the kind of
Majesty of the event its commemorating Charlie thought. It's got to be once in a while David City. I was lucky enough to get two kings College Cry School in Cambridge, which has a exe many famous choir. In fact they broadcast the annual nine lessons and carers in the United States on Christmas Eve, as well as in Britain and. typically that would start with once Unroll Davidson ass would be Christmas, album that they release, at least when I was at the release, happens all the time. But when I was there the Christmas, I suppose it was tape. But we would always play at home began with once in Royal David City and its it's a perfect way to begin because, of course, begins without anything other than that voice. That high note.
So I have it in my head, almost as the inaugural song of Christmas, because of the role that it played in that that concept and on that record, thick silent night, is a wonderful song, their church. I want you for a long time where I grew up there is there a midnight service that that sir ended with everyone of candles and lights out silent night, she stood a wonderful wonderful. Song, but I think that the greatest his joy to the world it sir possible, not feel joyful, saying joy to the world and you get some bells and trumpets in there. And you're, really in business b D, best animated Christmas, so
Shall rude off the Red Nose Reindeer Frosty, the snow man Highbrows Christmas, the classic Grinch, special or Mickey's version of the Christmas Carol, pursue our houses and Keys Christmas Carol House. This is on a nineteen. Eighty three, a feature it that was directed by Bernie Madison and I think the lead animator was John Lassiter, who went on too much your things, the tape of this when I was young not worn out every year, and now it's available. You know variously from Itunes and my kids love it, and it's just a very short but very resident compact and funny retelling of Christmas Carol.
By Charles Dickens agenda that Skype boys actor Alan Young who does Ebeneezer spur Scrooge Mc Doc as Ebeneezer Scrooge. I just I just perfect. It's perfect Troika Michael's answer is, for correct it is: it is making Christmas cow its MIKE as favorite as while they can. Watch it over and over again, and it does a great job of telling what is a long and complicated store with a lot of adult themes in it in a way that is clearly related, To a two year old and for Europe,
I think it's Rudolph the Red nosed reindeer. I just love that stop motion animation very dated now for quite classic that the way his nose lights up and just how heartwarming this the story is of the shunned rained Getting the honour of leading scientists sleigh have never heart of stone not to be moved by rude off every time you see it Christmas season, so Charlie Cook best Christmas movie, home alone. Miracle very forthright is one for life, ELF or it Bruce I am going to go with you. Probably it's a wonderful life. I do love home alone, I've always loved rushing home alone, but I think it's a wonderful.
which I only saw for the first time rich two years ago, because it's not a british Dixon. It's not a movie that is particularly famous in Britain, but thanks to my my parents along, I saw it. It's just an absolute master yes, and the idea I spoke about this off of workers I have an essay in mind. I want to write about it's a wonderful life. I like it so much great. I hope this more compelling then tenure, gardener, Mitchell but I still regret why'd you. Why do you always is even starting quarterback anymore? The jackals here, obviously I mean you have been whose playing its the titans miss. You know I use injured is injured. Ok, so I'm sure all your pictures had been good actually accepted the guardroom into one that I have trouble given that one up at at at at at an hour how I agreed to
you write garden, immense you essay government have welcomed you well actually jealous that youth we were able to experience it's a wonderful life for the first time, Japan and line here, Michael it shares the best, is the best Christmas movie, but suffers from from being overplayed and and viewed still really good. Every time you watch it, but I can't I can't. Nevertheless, MR down a watch. It just could have seen so many, but Emily your favorite favour, crisply, so I'm the one him lobbied prepared gas for inversion, which is my favorite Christmas movie Employers is pretty much. You don't even know what it is. the two dozen even Martin, Mcdonough film. He did three billboard in ebbing reef more recently, and I features to hit men can live. Post kill just loafing around Bruce
which is again medieval european city. They ve been, to hide out during the Christmas holiday, and its kind is brilliant comic existential movie with actually kind of a big heart, and I just hilarious funny they're gonna good Christmas sums. I think there's a lot of lake. sub generals of Christmas films. Home alone is greek. Big score. the Christmas Chick flick and my If watches the holiday quite a lot, which is a very cream puff. Kind of movie, but it sort of like every it's kind of becoming as we had classic. I think, because it every shot of it, has condemned this warmth and cosiness like it is
Like a trivial plot, but it's just shot in such a way that I think it makes a lot of people feel like it's Christmas I'm just getting a little shouts from or traditional, were traditionally minded listeners, somehow Charlie, controversial question desk The Christmas tree, natural or artificial, got to be natural. I do not like artificial Christmas trees, obvious immediately that their artificial, and just ass. They lack that. They like this now they didn't drop needles, not absolutely not every day. This is wrong or artificial. Trees are better There have been a natural ones when I was a kid You know the dog drinks, from the ball there
yes, but the real advantage of the artificial tree. Is it becomes. your tree, re overtime like if you're a tall, skinny tree person, you can get Tal skinny tree, look every year, if you're like the fat bulbous bottom tree person, every year, and I notice that in the various folds of my extended family. There's like this. It action of styles. That is only possible with the magic of. official trees, all right the new rules and don't and then uncle bad before Christmas Day, if you get the merrily diet I'm with I Charlie. It is clear as natural, but I've never manage to be in the house.
That had a natural treaty really my childhood and the national natural trees. You have the downside to get these weird gaps store. Member. My father was very handy with household starfleet. He was actually like great fine, craftsmen, what kinda, painting things and in building of scale models, but this was must have been when tree stands were, were and primitive state and just struggling to get get an unnatural tree up every year to actually stand up without imperfections, but still it still better choice right about the smell the needles following is is messy but part the charm, so sorry likely. Yet you have convinced me that made a good case. Charlie Kirk favour Christmas tradition, champagne broken.
I said: do this wild and drinking a champagne, but when I was for, I can remember my parents opening about why we drank. Aren't you And open presence from Santa Claus that that to me as Christmas MA when I was always shocked when I saw movies and kids got up at seven Falcon run out and ripped open their presence on their own. It was much more formal in the cook household, but maybe the clock bottle of champagne parents enemy the light to find a lot of time. So at a time to wait assuming you're awake, but I I was not a morning person until I had kids or got a job sorry, I champagne breakfast his words out and favorite Christmas tradition.
It's midnight mass, I mean it's. It's the men Nordmann Natured Service, its huh. Together the end of Christmas eve- and you know little is key this kind of falling asleep in the pews and everyone in you're finery and singing those greet him, in the middle of the night, Just always been one of my favorite things in the year, totally with you totally with you and the formation church when I went to for a long time. Not just when I was a kid has wanted to be down visiting my mom when she has stolen Virginia this had a wonderful late night, this was all saw, readings and him, so it here here reading from eyes, air or Luke, and then stand. The same, why these these great songs and they're? Just always something
really special leaving that service about the night, almost something about the air, just really something capture that the magic of this. This event, that course a holiday is all about marking an mba de back to you, favorite Christmas memory What split it across to as a child. I think I was, Seven years old, and I dont know if my mother got like a great bonus, that year prison is, but I remember I woke up in the morning and. My mother, along with her best friend, who worked in like a toy train store, had, put an entire like working, Lionel train set under me. the tree right like this. Giant bored with all this train track, let out be laid out. So I use
rush down and start playing with it. and down It was just like at TAT, MAGIC Christmas age. You knows Six or seven years old, that really stuck out, and then I like a kind of funny. One has been as an adult in my my family, my in laws in others like a set circuit dinners and things you do and one of them was a Christmas Eve dinner at my wife's its house across the county and you years ago. She just lovely woman? She just miss timed everything as far as like dinner, and I don't think set down to dinner until about one thousand one hundred and fifteen at night, and then like dessert, was like pouring after midnight and then like the gift exchange was like
verging on, like one thirty, eight men always her looking at each other like this is the craziest thing than ever having just announced. We come this great like in I should like. Do you remember that night, the endless night where you know our and invited friends over for dessert, and they came at eight thirty and we didn't eat dinner until after eleven it was just. It was perfect. It was just like one of the great epoch night maybe not great, to live through, but greater. Remember Charlie Favour, Chris Memory, My fair Christmas memory is when I was for maybe five years old. We had all of Christmas. And about five o clock. I said I'm tired and my mom said: well, then, why didn't you go and sleep and you can wake up in time for dinner? Profound is over and parenting when she came to wake me up. I just would not. wake up? I was breathing, but I may well have been under general anesthetic she's, to me that if she had punch me, she thought I would not.
We cannot just completely out so I what the next morning and my parents have, while you didn't, we up last night, you would completely out so we postponed Christmas dinner until tonight, so essentially I got to have two christmases, because I got all of the cost this day, fun and then I would sleep and then the next standing when his boxing day, which is also something of a celebration. and I got to have Christmas dinner. It is my firm Christmas Mary it was a bit disappointed in the following year, because children think that if something happens once that's how it is in the world and when it got to the day armed eyes, what are we gonna have Christmas dinner again and if one looks at what is wrong with success, so my favorite, this February, I mention this before what involves actually sleeping or not sleeping under how old I was so excited and believe so deeply.
And Santa Claus that I couldn't get to sleep and was just terrified that Santa I the window with sea that I wasn't asleep and I'd lose. Ah all my guess discuss Cassandra would know that I was I was awake were awaiting the morning and just goes to how so much of Christmas for kids that anticipation answer that the downside of Christmas is unless you're waiting did eat dinner. Until love fifteen. I guess, there's there's always cut of a little let down the sum. The toys already feel all three years later. There's no there's no football, the watch at at at night, but it's just that wonderful excitement that, for most of us, who are having a very severe shampoo, brunch branch races up Sunday with the kids just running down the stairs to rip openness, gifts soon as they
as soon as they wake up. So that's it for us see, but listening to a national view. Podcast in your report, cast retransmission account of this game. Without the express written permission of NASH Review magazine is strictly prohibited. This podcast has been produced by the incomparable sir said he makes a sound better than we deserve. Thank you, Charlie. Thank you, Michael thanks to black Rifle Coffee CUP, do you think's, especially to all of you, for listening where the editors and have a very, very merry Christmas everyone
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