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Episode 288: The Best and the Worst of 2020

2020-12-29 | 🔗

It’s been quite the year, and today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Jim discuss its boldest political moves, worst campaign moments, most memorable sports games, and everything in between. They also talk about their hopes and fears for the world in 2021.

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The Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Colleen Schutte.

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the errors I'm Larry, I'm join is always by the right I will try, see W cook and the siege of authenticity, woods, Jim Gary and be de will return, next year, you listening to a national view, podcast or sponsors this week are black rifle coffee, Buddy and taser more about them in due course. Listen to podcast on national fuel, clean directly on the corner. We're delighted to have you but it'd, be easier for you and better for us, if you made as part of your feed at end of streaming services out there from Spotify to Itunes You like what you here, please consider giving us a glowing five star view on Itunes. If you dont, like what you hear here, please forget, I said anything. So here we are just days away from the much awaited and of twelve. Twenty and we are going to talk about all of it on a special
a year and all exit question edition of the editors first question to you: Jim Geraghty, the boldest political play of twenty twenty was tromp trying to overturn the election trumps out. It still atinas during the campaign confirming We Coney bear it before the election or Rhonda Santas reopening Florida after the initial spring lockdown. Those are all bold selections. Rich, I'm gonna go with perhaps the cheeriest one if after Trump had send the escalator and twenty fifteen and began his presidential campaign by saying Mexico's sending the best If you'd said that the Trump twenty twenty campaign would make a deliberate pitch to the latino commuter Day and successful at it. You probably people would have looked you look like you're crazy, but from campaign they were doing in this area. They target a cuban Americans very well. Americans, Honduran America,
the colombian Americans, all of whom had experience with socialism. ass generation very effective. Florida, also effective in the Texas border communities really effective close to coast, and you know we ve been told the trumpet xenophobic and until eighteen, o anti hispanic and and all that stuff in one of great ironies of this year's election was a trump did better in every demographic except for white men which doesn't fit any of the pre existing narratives. They are so, I think the Trump campaigns or to win over demographic. That all of everyone in the media had said was completely on one for them represents the boldest political move up a gear Charlie couple, this politically. I think it has to be nominating Amy kindly bar. It looked for a while. I think there is no way that the Republicans would have the vote. And bit by bit,
Think honestly, and in small part, thanks TED, I'm a cloth in articles. Those votes came in suddenly check grass. There was on board, Mitt Romney was on board and at the last minute, listen Mc Caskey changed her mind was classic Mitch Mcconnell. It was part two of the they moved that was lacking, Merrick Ireland and it will have consequences for years to come. So, in a normal political world, it's obviously Amy Coney bear it and confirming her before the election, which wasn't alike. There was a debate about that. Some doubts about that same dish, shot in the dark, seemed like something that could backfire On Republicans, worked, marvellously ended up, basically not being a factor in the campaign at all
given how chaotic the post election period has been for the party is just as you better this that there they locked one down, but I think the answer to be tromp trying to overturn the election. Say something. No one else would have attempted or even thought about for a moment, but in Trump the the the challenge began. As you know, I was on an I want recounts enough, sending lawyers places of that was fairly expected and then You could see a kind of building towards and elect strategy geared towards overturn the election in for a while. This is sort of sotto voce, and then you just explicit about it, and it's it's one of most outlandish things. A an american president has ever done, and certainly the bold
political play of the year. In my mind, Charlie you dumbest political play of the year. The slogan defined the police trumps performance in the first two Bernie, not even trying to expand his political base when he had an early run of success in the democratic primaries or finally, tromp. Bending a lot of the year creating low expectations for Joe Biden. Probably be the police. when you hear about from normal people, people who are interested in politics, people who aren't especially ideological- and we know that he had an offence because the democratic, how
members who complained on the cool I was leaked made a big deal out of it. That is not how Democrats, when they did, when the present. John election, but they did much worse in the house in the Senate and in the states than they expected to it is playing. big in Georgia Senate elections, I notice being Florida, because I hear a the ads on the radio Was there an excess that has hobbled the Democratic party?
when it should have had an easy ride against it and erratic president who is blowing a big story of here, Jim Gary, your dumbest. I want to give it the trumps attitude and approached the first debate. I think a great contrast comes in these sad again, then we'll be fine debate, we only had two instead of the usual three this year, when you allow Joe Biden to talk, he gets himself in trouble. He got himself in trouble on fracking and uncork packing, and things like that trump. I don't know if this was an early precursor of his covid nineteen Osis or something, but he just went in there just like a heckler just this year, hammering interrupting county he smelly suitably by never letting by get averting edgewise. He would somehow we in the debate and it did not
work that way at all. I dont know if there's a single moment that determine the outcome of the twenty twenty election. I think these things were cumulative, but I think this just turning it into ninety minutes of noise did Allow trump to really make any the points he should have wanted to make there and it can adjust just aid did allow Biden to get into trouble. I think that was the single biggest self inflicted wounded. The twenty twenty cycle, yeah that, being pretty dumb. There's LISA theory to array thought it could crack binding and cut. It came close once or twice in a bye, Learning out shut up. Man thought maybe that damn Biden we get right down in the mud. In that hurt him and putting hurting trump much more butter and damn with joy to fund the police totally ridiculous slogan, totally on achieving goal. remotely serious person. Woods take this, sir. Silly. But you had a lot of left in embracing it and,
was hung around the that was the albatross around the necks of democratic candidates across the country, especially in New York or public, and picked up a couple seats. So this, in my view, clearly The dumbest political play of the year with that lets pause really quickly in here from our first sponsor it this week, black rifle coffee company. It's Dron own coffee company serving premium coffee people who love America veteran see. and found her Evan Havre spent seven years on the ground overseas, with you a special forces and as a CIA contractor ever even modified his gun trucks during the invasion of Iraq, to grind coffee anywhere, giving back to those who serve as at the core of black rifles. Culture This year alone, black rifle has donated more than a million cups of coffee to frontline workers through their signature by a bag bag initiatives, including activity troops, first responders responders medical workers and fire fighters
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Jim Geraghty overdue. You Joe binds best campaign moment of twenty twenty one, the decision to play the moderates and the democratic primary to staking or on South Carolina three, his convention except his speech for what campaign I could be persuaded for the last one, but I go with tears. Conventions speech had been looked after the pandemic, yet Joe Biden from four to a lot of different ways can stop the campaign. we least a lot of the certainly no rallies, no large groups and all I gotta stop and then they're still lingering questions about whether bided was to the job about whether he was being deliberately hidden from the cameras about whether his health was not as good as both mental and physical was not better they wanted people to believe it was, and he yelled the trunk campaign had managed.
the really lower those expectations by insisting that the Joe Biden was drilling on himself, it couldn't be in front of a canvas even even to this day there it was. The thing was pre recorded. He didn't really give no, never mind that there are people in the audience healthy distance. way binding will be needed if it was not a brilliant piece of oratory whenever we talk about for years to come, but I think that was another kind of check the box moment for a country that was rapidly losing its patients without Trump and looking for a quorum quote safe, normal alternative, and by did what to do with that and really didn't need to a lot of spectacular things with this campaign? You just need to be normal alternative and he did that citing. That will be the moment I would point to as yet by the best moment, he check the box during its do come up. I think it was his appealing to moderates last year can remember quite went towards the end of last year.
I moderated into Bake in Washington D C. I'm a guy came up to me afterwards and hi, I like the on the spot gas. Oddly enough, I said I Democrat I have to tell you very sound is not going to win the nomination. Essentially, why, because he's just not where most Democrats are. I start my family ask anyone. I know it'll be Biden, if he's the moderate, because that's where the parties right now why Joe Biden is open I didn't think it was wrong necessarily about it being a great deal of it. He was completely right. He was exactly right and. Twitter once again turned out not to be realised. The signals that we ask
and from the major papers and think tanks, affected a real life and Joe Biden instinctively understood that and even when it looked ass. If he was down and out, I thought he was. He was really just waiting for that to become obvious to everyone else. yeah. I am also of playing with the modern and democratic primer. I never thought the strategy would have worked, or at least seem to highly risky wine, but by credit words do just
never wavered in this strategy and was always completely confident that the party was most of the party was still as he called them Aboma by Democrats, and he ended up being right now. It's kind of rocky road getting there and his campaign was on life support. But as soon as I got to the South Carolina African Americans, who are also no more moderate compared to woke white people on Twitter, this theory played out. So it was clearly Joe Biden best campaign moment and he wouldn't be President elect without having adopted that strategy. Charlie cook trumps best pain, moment, the aforementioned outrage and South Florida and Texas, his Mount Rushmore speech or his blitz, a final rallies in the last couple weeks of the campaign.
It was the outreach he in a sense understood something republican side in the same way as Joe Biden understood something on the democratic side, and that is that the idea that hispanic voters are single block- although they are destined to vote a single way forever, is wrong and. But these style of the president, who is also not the only factor in determining how people vote, I'm trumped deserve some credit for that, not just in in Florida, but in taxes and other places in in and saw the baby outreach everywhere.
There, the realisation that you can win and asking for votes matters will have. found effects on future elections. Long after Donald Trump is left office to gag I'm gonna say it's less trumps best campaign moment than maybe his campaigns best campaign moment, which was the Republican into convention in general. I dont know if Trump actually getting free cleared from did have a chance to win this presidential election. I think that once the pandemic hit, it became much much harder. It's very tough when yearning combat the current environment is economic collapse and this terrible pandemic. That's keeping everybody shutting down businesses and putting people the hospital and another yeah. They republican Convention did a really nice theme, which are they doing
ordinary Americans. They didn't rely on other candidates that much they didn't rely on celebrities, the way the democratic convention and the ordinary America to talk about things like right to try the first Step ACT, the whole bunch, a legislative accomplishments of this administration easily get forgotten in all of the daily drama in the circus and whatever trumps twig about and they given day. If there is any case for trumpet was like look, yeah you'd may not loves personnel D. You may not love the way he you know creates controversies every day, but look at what he's doing look at what is policies are look into. How is law have what he's enacted has actually effect? Did the daily lives of Americans up is the best argument they had and for four nights republic, since the real wasn't enough didn't get optically big bump into pulling. Although I think we can question how will the pulling was measuring anything during this year?
running up as the best mobile campaign and probably the best shot. They had over a bring trauma. Second term sir connection was was great and and the ordinary people just fantastic. The commission's my best moment, those that Mount Rushmore Speech, which was smeared and attacked by the press as a defence of the confederacy. What, when it wasn't at at all, in fact, was the opposite and just show the promise of a trump style, cultural politics if its modulated the right way and thought through a little bit really offered the potential of occupying. a allow. The centre of american politics accord.
You know you can really only manage this when his on teleprompter speeches and does Blue Blue away this this potential with pretty much everything else he did. But I thought that was a really good moment with that lets pause and hear from our second sponsor the tweak which is taser. Protecting my family is my number one priority, but I want to do it safely. The people at taser believe that safer self defense is better self defense. Tasers line of non lethal self protection devices are small and lightweight enough to carry with you or in your glove compartment or purse. Yet they're powerful enough.
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a fifteen percent. Now a taser dot com, promo code editors spelled of course tee. A ass ye are dot com, promo code editors restrictions may apply, see the site for details again taser dot com. Please check It out so Jim Garrity Joe Biden's worse moment the campaign not disavowing core packing all of his answers on Hunter Biden, there is only one from a member forever the press. If I'm counting correctly, or the democratic convention, not addressing the violence on the streets, they none of those rich, I'm going to say picking cobbler Harris. Traditionally, the selection of the running made is supposed to give a big boost to the polls. There was no discernible reaction to back now by Nord had a sizeable lead at that point. So maybe he's already max down there. We got a whole bunch of poseners when the media about what an amazing selection commoner
as was and how terrific she was gonna, be in us using to add this energy. The campaign- and I remember you I see a lot of her in the autumn. I think they gave her looks. You didn't gave a couple speeches, self in trouble, demonstrated all the qualities that had caused her really exit from the democratic presidential plundering, and I think they largely capture under wraps most of the fine, and I don't think she did her spectacular job in her debate with my pants. I think everything you do if you don't like her before me her her. The ticket just reminded you of every reason, like her echoed whimsy much of her since the election day, and so my suspicion is that fitly, the long term that will be seen as the single most damaging thing he did for his kin. Ah, you are mostly other floods in and gaps stomach battle past. This is a mistake and consequential is probably going to halt the Biden presidency for its duration. It was his refusal to answer
early against cool packing, it blue directly in the face of the entire rationale first campaign. Started with his appearing to moderates and it with a promise of a rich and normal say every day attacked president jump for violating norms. And then you wouldn't answer whether he intended to block the Supreme Court An idea that has been tried once in american history and was rejected by the party. Man, falconers about you tried it in the most extreme of tat, binds refusal to disavow
Cool packing did a number of things that hurt him. Firstly, it made conservatives are conservative, Lena feel is this election was, after all, an existential fight to its blunted the criticisms of Donald Trump, who least up until that point, had done nothing as extreme ass court. Packing had talked about nothing extreme ass quote packing and it reminded voters who vote on judicial questions, and there are a lot of them why they tend to vote Republican,
It was bizarre and it was even more bizarre because Biden couldn't articulate the position on it. He said, if I speak about this, it will be written about. Oh, yes, that's what happens. When you run for president, it was an odd unforced era. It played in two republican messaging undercut his own government. It made people wonder whether he would be strong enough to stand up to his own party, and I am convinced that it hurt him with precisely that the people that he was hoping to win and used to some to a big picture and Charlie. I think his refusal to announce core backing for so long that one is just spoke of pure weak, That's the only reason you he wouldn't say there was no.
now for no justification for not just answering the question and at risk. counter to what was supposed to be. His campaigns mess Stick with you, Charlie trumps. Worse campaign moment we had dinner down, but we gotta to repeatedly, that covered is disappearing. Clearing Lafayette Park in one of his covered briefings, with the idea of putting bleach in your body to kill the virus or actually getting covered himself. Well, and three are really the product of the same problem, which was that the president did not take this seriously from the beginning. I e have been skeptical
I love the idea that had he done so, the consequences would have been much different, but really turned people off over and above any blame that they might have to sign was that he was clearly uninterested in Quran That was the impression that one got from president from all the way through. He didn't want it to be It didn't him he didn't care about the details. He was much more interested in the economy and whether I was an opportunity for him to be the guy who took it seriously was engaged but wanted to strike a balance between shutting down the economy.
And dealing with the pandemic, he turned it into a liability because he ranged from being borne by the whole thing to say, genuinely preposterous things such as you might want to inject bleach into yourself or use ultraviolet rays to kill the virus, and I think the public sense that his hand was not on the tiller and that's the problem as president its especially problem when you're running for reelection say those. things, are really one and the same, and they were together. What killed him to marry? I would agree with Charlie, and I think one of the great mysteries of twenty twenty is gonna, be. How is a guy who was a famous german folk and did not like shaking hands long before everyone else's given up abbot and who had campaign.
About being tough on China. Somehow under reacted when there was a tremendously contagious virus coming our way from from China those deal if you're paying attention. You could see that weird scenes and will hand whether sprang the streets, and you know his where people been warning about the idea of viral and bacteria spread from from the roads, the food in the wet markets to people for years and years, custody of the cuban government is full of experts on the sort of thing that this is why we have president's. This is why we have a government right. This is you know it trump. Has this vision of himself loan of his fans? Have this vision of him as this, You'd have almost YO strong leader and an almost dislike it, oh, is Marcie in General and the man and command well. Here he was present at the three years in which things
generally running pretty smoothly tromp was presented with a genuine honest to God wholly smokes. What are we gonna do crisis? At the end he docked in the end he preferred not to deal with it and he kept saying it's going to disappear. Wendy he's going to disappear. Eighty clearly was really denial is clearly a belief that somehow some way some sort of magic solution was going to appear, and he clearly was freaked out by how this was affecting the markets. He wanted people to go back to work. One people do he wanted to pretend that things were not? Could it be that that well sometimes life things are that bad and the entirety of the time be kept under playing it even when he got it he kept insisting it wasn't that bad. It were in the end. Optically her the anecdotes, but how Trump doesn't like to listen briefings and doesn't like to get long reports in Alaska Trump didn't really want the job president. He liked the celebrity part Like the ceremony part you like giving speeches, it looks campaigning. The actual governing party action
responsibilities of the office hold no interest for him. And that is in the end. What caused cost him a second term and I think, will cause. Many Americans do not think well of him for years to come, I make a unanimous clearly, I don't know whether you would have one if you taken more seriously, but this is probably the issue that her him most and was just class of trump and that he thought he could talk his way out of reality and in the way that that he has most of his adult life and obviously and much less consequential spheres but he just couldn't make them go away by being optimistic about it and dismissive about it and almost from from day one with couple exceptions. He was totally tone deaf on this on the virus and it really hurt Jim
early next question to you biggest political shocker of twenty twenty, the republican over performance down ballot, spite of say the republican there is a pre emptive, Jim yeah. You can't wait I tell you what was not the biggest surprise this year was that question to Diana had a habit, and we just want to make it clear others. The shell is not totally scripted prescriptive. Do you think of it sound like this? Are it had the republican over performance Susan Collins pointed out and made trump preparing for a twenty twenty four bid or bides, come back in a democratic pride primary well shock of no one wretch up a sailor above can over performance down ticket. I think.
for much of the year. If you follow the Poles, which probably you should have not put too much stock in them, considering how differing differ the results, turning to be in many states, but you you looked at and tromp was not in good shape. Tromp was drunk thing for looking bad and not just that the anecdotal reports of of, Fundraising and Democrats are running a lot more ads and in all the ingredients were there for a big democratic wave and because they are, the media always says that right at the media always says, Democrats are gonna have a good year. We ve seen Democrats have a good year. Two thousand six was a good democratic eager. Two thousand eight was a good democratic. You truly a teen was a good democratic here. This was not a good democratic and I think it says two things- one- is that the Democratic Party that that the Democratic Party put fourth, a really repellent face all throughout the entire year, not just the Bernie Sanders, so was an aspect in the early part of the year.
later on in the year, the defined the police, the suggestion that somehow riots we're ok. As a form of protest against racial or social injustice, and also, let's face it. Yeah Joe Biden is not the most inspiring guy in the whole wide world this year to fund police comes on the heels of organ. Take what you're health insurance, the jack that you currently have and trust US governments years will be better
on top of abolish, eisen- and you know, everybody comes across. The border should be just fine- that there are a whole bunch of stances generally taken by the far left with a party that utterly repel the country, and I think that's, what prevented down? Take a Democrats from being able to enjoy a big year up and down the ticket egg. It also indicates question was: was trump losing the election. Gonna dragged down the rest of the Republican Party in a really didn't will see how Georgia shakes out. As of this taping Republicans gained ten seats in the house. Very few people are expecting that they did find another governors raises they'll find another state legislative basis which will give them a leg up for redistricting in a couple of states next year this year, if you're republican- if this is bottom, this So they're like this is pretty good, you're you're well situated to block everything. You got all budget Supreme Court justices that you like life, is the only looking not so bad deferred for Republicans right now that wasn't supposed to happen, and I think it indicated that, for all that is wrong with the Republican Party
There are a lot of things wrong with democratic party, and the country was not willing to sign on and give the Democrats total control of government Charlie Cook. I was buying coming back. It's not that I was shocked. Surprise. That Biden, one the normal. Asian. In fact, if you go back and listen to episodes at this point cost before and during the democratic primary I was pretty bullish on by them, but once he had done so badly at any, not it's not just that. Bernie Sanders had won the early primaries. It's that Biden so badly in them. I thought well, if there is a comeback by a moderate or a more
moderate candidate. There's no way it will be Joe Biden and it was, there was really a two week period in February March, where everything changed The country was unrecognizable at the end of it. Two weeks we had the news that be virus was in America and that the borders will be shot down. Tom Hanks had it
and be a season was postponed, baseball is being postponed and we had the shift from look. Bernie Sanders is probably gonna. Take this and panic pieces for a modern democratic journalists to Joe Biden has been often he, and that was a surprise. But by that point it was a surprise, but for me that was the big, shifting beer, so these were were all legitimately shocking events I didn't see as soon as Trump lost because when I take a drubbing, they didn't, I just Charlie predicted Susan causes gonna win. I was, I didn't think so would certainly not win so comfortable. He went every single Paul had her behind the Biden come back. I was, I was shocked by.
I was always down on buying from the beginning, and especially after I lost the first three, but I'm going to say Trump preparing for a twenty twenty four bed, just losing a presidential election, which is usually just crushing experience and one that that leaves of the losers, reputation it and tatters, including with this his own party and actually for the time being to have increased the strength of his grip on the republican Party. Never, the thought that, and you know, I would have thought we'd be talking about various trumped friendly Canada. Snare prosper, some twenty twenty four rather trump himself. There may be, ultimately, he doesn't pull the trigger, but that and that he could be according some reporting on the cusp of announcing his next bed and twenty twenty four is quite the shock it. South Jim Garrulity early. Stick with you, try this year's biggest
republican rising star, in your view, TIM Scott Centre from South Carolina there, the incoming house, Freshmen Class, Rhonda, Santas, Josh, Holly or Christie. No, I think it's TIM Scott. Some lessons will say what happened if you can get it right stop at it. You are looking at the Republican Party from the outside and assuming a chump leaves office. you will have noticed a shift, I think in TIM Scots prospects Guy who gave by far and away the best speech at the Republican Convention and the guy who, given his mixes, attributes politically speaking,. Is potentially right for the moment.
is usually the case that people who write that amount for years. I don't make it an I'm sure it will be the same, but came Scots got a lot going for him. He saw an african american conservative in a sudden state who speaks very graciously and intelligently about some of the most fractious issues in the country has enough of a populist to have avoided the opprobrium of those who think the parties to NEO Liberal but he's not so much of one that he puts people off, Alien AIDS, traditional republican voters I make no predictions for years- is a long time, but I think came Scots STAR is rising, certainly, even if he's not there, the freshly space in the party can go to your rising star, so I'm gonna go through the Republicans
when class. If I said Burgess Owens, everyone would think I'll pick it up just cause he's a former georgette probably out of the other two or three, the jump out: young Kim Machine steel, both from an Orange county area of California, need this worrisome. Some seats at Republicans, Lawson twenty eight and a really stung that they say you know an indicator just how much the Orange County area had shifted. Young korean american women that I think you're gonna help represent that I think he put Edna Nancy may stand in South Carolina. First district. Look this for incoming freshmen class. I bet he almost call them either a woman, a minority or a veteran or some combination of those three traits. I think it indicates a republican party that is getting more diverse, set of getting better at appealing to these demographics, and I think it's gonna be seen as something of a river a much needed refreshing of the party of nuts.
being the party of all white man. I would Jim I'm not sure who exactly is going to be, but there is definitely a break out star somewhere in that freshmen class. With that lay pause, do quickener, plus plug. If you are a reader of NASH, review dot com not signed up for an hour plus you miss. Now you have to do with the increasingly extensive and increasingly difficult to get around hey all that keeps you from reading and our plus articles, which include somewhere content. You see lots of annoying advertising when you're trying to read articles- and you can't comment on that site sign up for an hour plus, which is silly added button bright, cheap. We got a lot of great first, I'm deals gone at any given. Time The pay while disappears almost all of the ads disappear, and you can comment you can be part of our private facebook group. Get invites for of private and discussions
meetings with and are writers, netters and various conservative use maker that's all around a great deal. Please check it out and are plus Jim Garrulity, escape tough on your Eddie. I know you're ready. You gotta all right now, one even to ask her set, show just not ask the question: just go straight, like power re worth. journalism moment of the year and Pr on the Hunter Biden story: Twitter, shutting down the new post Hunter Biden story, the New York Times, Tom Cotton, Ed Knelt, down the coverage The same did Andrew Cuomo or the coverage around dissenters, talk about a crowded category this year, I'm sure I can hear the listeners right now think we'll wait a minute. What about in remembering other egregious moments in journalism in the past year,
but I think the single biggest example of not just the ideological bias of the media. The heart, listen via the media, is in the treatment of Therefore, we should all be on team life. I don't just mean the pro life does not mean that we should be running for people to not die. This virus are not to be one of our measuring sticks of other states. Success or failure against it. The decision to send people who had been diagnosed with colonel virus were recovering from it, but who were still contagious made by the Bye promos state government early on in the pandemic is probably the single was consequential government mistake much bigger deal in the FDA testing initial test, not working. Much bigger mistake, honest, I would argue in terms of lives, lost than anything the transfer night without trumpets, terrible in all the number times he said it was gonna, go away Andrew Cuomo.
What was really fascinating is not just that. Andrew Cuomo did a bad job, you could even plausibly say: look we were We have raised with IRAN on hospital space. We felt the need to get these elderly out of the hospital back into some place. It would make sense to send them somewhere else, putting the back into a nursing, home or assisted living facility. Put them back amongst the population that was most vulnerable. who's the coming to this bars and oh by the way, the story to end its mulligan people, stop dying in nursing homes in summer and fallen into winter is continue, All three years wasn't as bad as an initial horrible outbreak in these homes up in New York state in the spring Language really egregious is if, if, if the media had chosen to kind of ignore into Cuomo and economy, Burke their eyes from the bad decision. Well, we weeks we ve gotten used to that was really agree. Justice. How many people just chose to celebrate end of quote? he's, the only guy. I know who's written a book about a terrific job he did before the pandemic was over and quote
is that a ludicrously narcissistic egomaniac heed your now yells at report, whenever anybody challenges them on anything Andrew Quabos, where the great failures of this pandemic and yet somehow there a whole bunch of people were utterly convinced that he is the hero was Jonathan Cape Heart who compared him to nurse Batman or some other nonsense like that. in a year with a lot of journalistic failures, I'm gonna save Ii Jose and the over the top gushing praise for. Arguably- worst governor the country rich
Stands out as the media, most consequential failure in their coverage of twenty twenty checkup, I'm tempted to get again because its authority in the double standards and that a peculiar treatment and run the scientists have irritated me beyond belief, but I think the most consequential media failure or most outrageous media failure was in New York Times its response to Tom coffins of that I should say once again, I don't agree with some common, but that sort of thing
It was not just a partisan fluttering, as we saw with Koromo. It was not just electrical shenanigans, as we saw with the Hunter Biden story and it was not just ideological enforcement. The staff at the New York Times or a large portion of it made the argument sometimes in public, sometimes privately. The Tom cotton should not written what he wrote and should not have been published, having written what he wrote, because what he said was a threat to their safety, and that is such a pathetic position for anyone to take
the people who work in a newspaper. It is historically pathetic, and I think that over the next few years we will see the wages, but this rotten metal approach and they will not be ready. So I think that the most consequential worse journalism moment was the coverage of Cuomo and dissent this banana pig is mine. I found this so shocking. Wasn't the most consequential thing in the world by any measure, but twitter, just Delay, shutting down the ability of people to share a link to a news article that was proved out. That was legitimate. That was actual news about Hunter Biden and locking the near posts account and yes Charlie.
Pour out early warning discussing democrat primary, the importance of twitter is exaggerated. Twitter is not the whole political whirled away. Some people mistake it for, but this this is just crazy and adjust to showed the censorship Jean with within the Woke, left that just an active effort to shut down a totally legitimate new story because it was believed, might hurt and her hurt the wrong political candidate, chequered most significant moment of the year. Besides the election march, eleventh, twenty twenty were Trump gave. His white House dress about covered when it was declared at endemic by who, when Tom Hanks reworked and announced they had it. When the NBA suspended the season.
Amy Conny Berets confirmation, the space ex launch in the rise of private sector space exploration or the FDA, approving the first covered backs The after approving the first covered vaccine, which is the way out of this mess and out of this year, to get well Goethe March, Eleventh Philip Clear that was the day we woke up. In one day we went to me in one world and we went to bed in another world that you mentioned all that happened in the course of just a few hours in the World Health Organization, declaring the pirates NEWS by Tom Hanks trumps Whitehouse address. Then, of course, I think the I remember seeing on twitter that there is a stream
delay at the you touch ass, gay, the super that Ruby Gilbert had caught. It infamously cannot. You know, playfully touched all the microphones because he thought it was a big deal on the internet. It really was a big deal. And then like within an hour or two later, the word was that the NBA suspending the season. I was the first like holy smoke this this is real. This is something as one Duke alter our lives in a way we really haven't seen we certainly did see with you know, sorry, The first Sars or mergers or zika, or each one and wander or any those other viruses. It had floated around us. I would like the next day was the last day of school from gets in person, and I think that was a turn. Points I believe having when we take think back, twenty we're gonna think back to the sun. I think that was the moment that life changed for Latin America. means an indicator of just how different twenty twenty was gonna, be from any other. Let your and our lives.
So. The answer is clearly marked eleventh or the FDA approving in the vaccine. In China. Look on the bright side and say the FDA, approving Pfizer vaccine to help this vaccine and record speed it eventually here within months, is gonna crush this this virus and return America to normal, that's a really big deal surge and Gary best New tv show or movie the queen's Gamut Amanda Loran Tiger King. or another homes. A rebuilding year, Fulfilment TV, obviously, a whole bunch of movies did not debut in theatres what's a lot of television in twenty twenty. I don't know if I thought all that was great. I didn't join our homes didn't watch Tiger king, it's not my cup of tea might get to the chest. These, but so far as a pre existing
to my mind, single digit hears fan of star wars. the men Delorean, is each with a forty minute movie and its as good as any star wars movies going back to the original trilogy. What they're doing with this tv series really makes the recent movies look kind of embarrassed by comparison, good story, telling good characterizations tone. Settings style. The and the other thing is that in a world of streaming, the men Delorean really did create this mood worried what watch a show and then you at much when my sons and by dint of sons are probably a little more embarrassed by being this star wars and you know you talk about for a week now- what's gonna happen, waiting only anything, We gotta get out of this or where they gonna go next, stating Lena find that person you know, and it is brought back episodic television and combat weeks worth of hype and each Friday, and you up said, comes in
and your joint so so orient you ve. Given me, you know eight hours of enjoy yourself, enjoyable television in a year that all of us really needed us really needed it. The queen's gambit wishing him finish, but I'm three quarters of the way through because it is novel, Different seems to me that so many more is now a lotta tv shows a now. This is not a public sound passivity
criticism of the mandatory and which I think is absolutely terrific, but, generally speaking, it signals the repetition and bleeding off intellectual property. Anguish. Tat was not its audits, it's off the wall and benefits to from being set some way. That is not New York or LOS Angeles. One of the great things about the first season of true detect it was it was set in Louisiana and the moment that they move to LOS Angeles for the second season it lost most of its charm, I'll be quince. Gambit is set in Kentucky,
another play x. You normally see in television shows in the nineteen fifty sixty on ice him. Some days of it goes on much longer and it benefits from it. It's a different place with a different, aesthetic and indifferent move and though I'm finished it. I've been diet, thus far enormously so Jim. If you can God no taken transcript the share that nor can answer this question because I have seen, nor are they shows and have not seen a new tv show or movie, I think, maybe all year, certainly not since March, and certainly none that I can member. Some stand down on this one and throwing the next one, over the Charlie best game of the year, the first baseball came back, washing nationals verses near Yankees, a Yankee victory
I might add, the ravens verses, Browns shoot out a cup weeks ago, why they considered the best game of the NFL season so far game for. the world serious, featuring a crazy. Tamper raise, come back in the ninth war Clemson verses Notre Dame either the first game or the second guess, who's going for the World Series, partly because I got back endorphin that you get when you realise that, even in the midst of a pandemic that you are seeing something with everyone else. My phone started to light up. You watching us EU watching us all the more intriguing wow or just an exclamation,
Point I was, there was a great game. You only problem with that game. Of course, with the new Yankees were not in it, you get so in the absence of any professional football played by the New York jets this year, think me not that some sort of amateur competitions agreed uniforms occurred Bertha to run a winning streak right and they want to Nora yeah yeah right when we didn't need it. But yes, though, I think language in you, Jim, they still doors record right. Now another Jacksonville Jaguars. Well now I now getting travellers star the Clemson Notre Dame Jackson at all general one again right yeah. They won the first game against the cop Then they lost fourteen and arrived. Yet. This is such a jets like a winning streak. Yes to read when you
it's. The least. I want to say that first baseball game and not because of a fantastic opening pitch from Anthony Fatty, but just because it demonstrated that life and sports would go on even in a pandemic. That was, I want to stay July or so, and we see no sports is that events March eleven a long stretch American like to go without I'm not just a national pastime, but any of our usual professional sports. Ah, if the rate out or rain delayed was not a bills and a pretty game, it be sure to top teams, but just seeing players back on the field. I think a a lot for the national lewd demonstrated that all the sports seasons would be able to continue without a couple rearranges of the schedule and delays and all kind of stuff, but the ability to keep the sports world going even as the pandemic was causing. Problems in this country represents a major accomplishment out argued that was them
significant sports moment of here- that there is a great moment, especially as Yankee Fantasy, Juan Carlos Stanton and Errand judge, actually are on a field at saint I lay unusual Burma for the world series. Fear baseball fan. You just get a cent, sometimes these games, something something wild happen. I gotta stay up and watch, even if I don't have a dog in this fight and ensuring, after the rays deliver this this incredible a come. I can the ninth with which feature the winning run, that the runner actually doing ahead flip on the way to harmful you're, the cliche, about baseball. As in any game you watch you see something I ve never seen before. That certainly is something I am seem for: we're not destined to be remembered forever. Could just wasn't consequential enough here, the Dodgers went on to win. the World Series and wasn't late enough in the serious bestow, an extraordinary game and a lot of
vine source give counselor affairs Jim, dare to your biggest fear for the next year. Biden flinching, in the face of an ever more aggressive China. continuation of the Pandemic Luydens coming executive orders or Republicans lose the Senate you're all those to be bad. I think the one the jumps out at me that lingers it for site. I've learned dependent you know where we're getting people vaccinated. It looks like we are on the path to recovery with that, even though it may take a little longer than we want neither one. The out is Biden flinching in the face of it even more aggressive China, it I'll China, They took over Hong Kong this year that this point there is really no indication that suffer any consequence for the fact that their bis, horrible mismanagement of the pandemic for insist into the world that it could not be transferred from human being to him being.
Whether or not you subscribe to the idea that it is a result of a lab accident, I certainly think so I think will never know I think can be ruled out and a lot of people are giving them wage. You much credit for being too diligent professionals ever have an accident will release of contagious virus. Like this no indication that China feels the slightest bit of you know mitigation, nor or need to suppress it conditions. I think, if anything, they feel energized they beheld it made molly unleashed a virus upon the world. They made a bundle and all the defective personal protective equipment that they sent out to the world, Joe Biden for most of his life has been cheerleader for China. Engagement he's never see in much of an indication is give there said the appropriate things about human rights They are, but look. We saw egregious out because I whirled away, but the NBA Stew, no response to Hong Kong. The treaty did
He's getting in bed with China and thanking the province for where the wiggers are being oppressed. Look corporate Amerika just wants to get even later with China, Joe Biden, there's no indication that he's got any serious objections to that end. Think China is a ultimately a very malevolent force on the world stage that we are woefully unprepared and woefully a lot of people whistling pet. The graveyard. I suspect that the that phrase wool accurately encapsulate the Biden administrations approach to China for the next four years. Charles He D be Cook, I am worried that the Republicans again to lose the Senate, because I think the temptation on the left will be too wherever they can and although there will be a limited, change of options given germ mention filibuster, won't go. For example, the court will not be packed,
I think the last thing that we need right now is a fractious political fight over, our institutions. What we need is a period of quality and recovery and one of the best ways of achieving eyes were divided. Government next year is not should not be a period in which Washington looks to do big things, at least not big things that are related to rebuilding after corona buyers, I am convinced that the progressive movement understands that and I'm not coming the Joe Biden is strong enough to stand up to that progressive movement if it finds itself in a position where it has a tie, breaking vote her, I think, for the sake of next year.
it would be a good thing of at least one of those joy seats went its the Republicans and we saw appeared status as a result. I think, by Non China is a longer term- concern that the crisis probably won't come, but won't come next year, I'm Charlie. I think there is a clear present danger that Republicans lose those seats down and in Georgia, I've kind of psychologically just assumed Miss Baker, can be majority leader and asking to shape the Biden presidency. That might not necessarily be true wooden shock me if Republicans lost one of those seats and is entirely conceal that they could lose too, and that will just chain
The nature of what's gonna happen and wash, and not radically. So, as Charlie points out that there are radical steps, the left would prefer to take that they they would be to take, even if they have de facto control of the Senate. Fifty fifty, but it still open, opens up a lot of this. Does that would be closed If public systems can manage to hold the Senate Jim Garrulity the best thing about locked down existence. From your point of view, more time with family zoom cause no more business flights more time on a couch she's, a work from home, mostly Some probably unlike the ten to fifteen percent of Americans was life had been minimally influenced by the changed by the pandemic. It Right answer here is more time with them like, although you know Those are the things I I
I am not quite to the point about the Wall Street Journal, Jason Gay, who said that he was missing all those business flights and delayed flights and frustrations of the airport allocation cook s thing. The best thing has been more time family, because I do. Starkly travel a good deal and I haven't since fifty the fat, bad twenty six February Sir, you more time with family is, is big upside. They gas. Subsidiary of that is the Zimmermann cause, because at least most of us who are working from home at the at the beginning of this thing, has it has knocked out commuting which, even if you don't have a nightmarish commute as some people do, our colleague Jack power
this time theater, I think, has an hour and forty five minutes on on a train each way into the earth. And the had me. Even if you're not doing that group Encarta commute. I hate commuting, it's a complete waste time, and even if you're doing it and convince them that allows you to to do some work had still not the same kind of concentrated work if you're sitting at a desk or are in an office So I am, I haven't, missed their downsides to it. Working at home, but I have a nest going to the office much at all. Try cook the worst thing from your point of view about the lockdown existence more time with family zoom cause no more business flights, our time on a couch. I think it's it's more time with friendly blocking tonight Finally, I have travelled a great deal and.
At the moment I haven't, since I think it was February. Twenty six was the last time I travel it does honesty. Give me a much greater respect for my It's not that I needed it because I am now round all the time I see everything she doesn't get that that breaks you didn't have to fly off. The Dallas saw the princess go on a moment's notice and the anger for dinner, and I dare say all Jackie side, but Sir, that's been a lesson. We learned guard you no more time with family urban It is like listeners, you don't realize how many times we have to interrupt our paving of this podcast, so I can run upstairs and deal with. Whatever crisis is going with my sons who I love and a door so much, but who are not always as quiet as they should be when Daddy's downstairs and taking a pot cast love. Em can't wait to get back to school.
Yes, are you here? Yes, also more time with family and subsidiary, that is, is no more business, fascist people to just go somewhere. I hope is I really miss it. I really miss it and part farther. The blessing of of what we do is yet to go. Go somewhere covers I'm dying or you get to go on. crews. Are you go to an hour? I conference? and you see a different sort of people. Like my wife. Is US Maybe the other day Do we know anyone? I forget it was you who is an expert in X, As I haven't met a new person like since March Assist and edit stultify and besought so glad to be out and about yeah, so that set for us at least for this year. You been listening to national view podcast and you re broadcast retransmission on account of this game without the express written permission
naturally magazine strictly prohibited. This part ass- has been reduced by the incomparable surgery- makes a sound better than we deserve. Thank you, Charlie. Thank you, Jim thanks to black rifle and taser. Especially to all of you for listening where the editors and we'll see you next year.
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