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Episode 290: The GOP’s Georgia Disaster

2021-01-06 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Jim discuss yesterday’s Georgia Senate races.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: Dan McLaughlin’s piece “The Problem with the ‘Alternative Electors’ Plot” • Charlie: MBD’s recent output • Jim: KDW’s recent newsletter “Trump’s Final Insult

Light items: • Rich: History lectures on Midway • Charlie:Going Solo by Roald Dahl • Jim: Adam Gase’s firing

The Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Colleen Schutte.

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Well, let's go this and nothing more on this special. How Republicans lost the Senate edition of the air resemblance. Flaring up joint is always by the right honourable Chelsea, W Cook and the siege of authenticity, woods, JIB, Gary Michael Pendant, Dorothy Return soon, you're listening to an ash review, podcast sponsor for this episode is taser more about that in due course, If he listens, pod cast on NASH, reviewed, a comical incorrectly and corner were delighted to have you but to be easier for you and better for us. If you made as part of your feet at streaming services out there from Spotify die tunes. If, like what you hear her, please consider giving us a glowing
five star review on Itunes. You don't like what you here. Please forget. I said anything so jam the worst as happened. It's not called yet, but clear or south is gonna. Win. Warnock is obviously one. The Senate Republican majority will wash out with it. What do you make of it. This is pretty darn bad. maybe not the most disastrous scenario. You could imagine heading into the twenty many elections cycle was possible. Republicans could a lost control of the Senate on Election day in November, but still pretty darn bad and the fact that it has in Georgia, I just want to say it really stings. I think it really is an indication of just how quickly
the standing of the Republican Party has eroded in a whole bunch of places, primarily the suburbs, and even states that were once considered really really safe like Georgia, not that long ago This is a state, were republicans, have one every Senate election since two thousand too, there are ninety. Ninety eight was Xl Miller, I'll, give listeners a moment to pause and think about spitballs we two thousand for republican Committee. Zella Miller, was a Democrat, but he was a pretty darn conservative Democrat by a bunch of messrs, particularly on war on terrorism and issues like that Republican, some one, every gubernatorial racing Georgia since ninety ninety eight, despite what Stacy Abrams, will tell you down ticket racists. They want every lieutenant gubernatorial raises two thousand for every secretary of state raisins, two thousand to every state I'm a race since two thousand six
big majorities and state legislature and heading into this cycle. Republicans had won the presidential election in Georgia, eight of the law, nine times and for really useful contrasts. Let's go all the way back to two thousand fourteen. That's not ancient history. was the last major mid term election before Trump descended the escalator and took over american politics back in Georgia in two thousand forging a good year for Republicans. In the mid terms, across the country, but in Georgia. Republicans when the gubernatorial action by more than two hundred thousand boats they won the central election with this guy David Purdue by a hundred ninety seven thousand votes and the down ticket races. Republicans one by four hundred thousand votes up until very very recently. Like six years ago, Georgia was really really republican, leaning state one Georgia in twenty sixteen, but by smaller margin than we used to seeing Republicans win
Has kind of the video the ominous John Williams theme from Jaws in the background tell things are starting to not go right. Democrats Theo picked up some ground. Stacy Abrams did come close within fifty thousand votes back in twenty eighteen and now this year from, has lost Georgia. Yes, he lost Georgia. The Republicans have lost, not one but two senator awful actions, and I think the thing that is worth really examining here you can argue David, Purdue and Kelly Laughter. We're not great. Can you can argue there aren't good candidates. Laughed learn. Particular, I think, is a particularly careers, deficient didn't really fit the race she wanted to run certainly didn't face. These kind of the growing identity of the Republican Party in Georgia was an odd fit what elected on our own appointed, you can lay all bad at her feet. David Purdue However, is not just an incompetent one elections to Gillian Affair Square
Purdue is the guy who won by about eighty thousand votes back in November as short about fifty percent. Russia is. Why had to go to the run up, but he was he was there he wanted by about few percentage points back in November. Then produce the same guy. He was two months ago, John also, is the same god. He was two months ago and it's like this. YO, suddenly change demographics in the last two months. So what did change well the present states went onto became unhinged unspent as two months, insisting that Venezuelans and- and God knows, who wealth of hack the voting machines and changed from votes to buy the president when knots, while in the press, goes. Nazi party is not gonna win the close once a year. Is he the only reason Republicans lost no, but he is a big, glaring, honking reason: the republic, lost, and it was exacerbated by the likes of lean. Would in Sydney Powell coming along holding press conference at conferences from your rallies
telling Georgia Republicans not devote here's the thing if you're a georgian, public and, as a lawyer shows up and says, look there's a conspiracy and above the Venezuelans and and the CIA and the big foot all that stuff, I beg you to set up because of that market about Europe too stupid to participate in american democracy. I'm not eyeing over you not voting, because you shouldn't thought because you're too gullible and the Republican Party should be using you at its base of support because you're is not reliable. Is reliable, suburban nights all it's boring, minivan driving soccer moms within dripping democratic, these past few cycles, from never appealed to this group in alike. This is not because he's always generating one controversy after another. This used to be The bread and butter the Republican Party, this used to be the backbone. This used to be the big massive voters. The Republican the count on, and you know what great about these voters every Here they show up
spend a little time bring about get out. The voters spoke, boring, minivan, driving suburban nights. They show up in presidential election, mid term elections off your elections, not these although the say where they brush the teeth symbol, They change or oil in their car. There very diligent voters and open asked forty five years, the republican party- I said you know what those so to vanish Manzi and not for astronauts weren't. after these blue collar whites. Well, here's the thing, the blue collar whites, either that were so attracted to Trump, can be taught. Out of voting by the likes of Linwood in Sydney power, is a forum, for disaster and we see the free this decision making this morning. It is you know I guess the one wrap up the state of the Republican Party now that they're losing the White House, they no longer control the Senate and they no longer control the house. rich. I guess the Democrats might be getting tired of winning.
Yes, so Charlie States Changing- obviously these are not particularly strong candidate is Jim Point out specially Leffler, whose started for some reason to work towards the end. As someone pointed out today, dressing like a trucker and but then there's strong and if we can have an a narrow defeat like this, I am not sure whether Republicans were dissuaded from turning out, because I thought the election was rigged, but just any disturbance, any decision action, any division within the party and as a reason that parties like to go into tough election contests united. Any of that could make a difference and probably did I think, from broke.
We will now see every twenty something now it all progressive. pretending that this shows that America's really, aggressive or that the future is ascendant or what you well, but it doesn't really is Jim points out. Purdue one is first race, I dont mean he won in the way Stacy Abrams talks about winning. He didn't because Georgia has run off roles, but he got more votes than us off, and he didn't this time because the President of the United started a war. A civil war. in the one state the Republican Party needed. What at last to Slovenia, Michigan Arizona, there's already civil war going on in Arizona why
the last two months, the president has been stated on Georgia has attacked the governor. His attack, the Secretary of State and. he has essentially imposed a loyalty test. On the two candidates there. Now, if you look at the way in which Mcconnell behaves Senate Majority later He spends a great deal of his time, trying to avoid wedge issues trying avoid splitting his caucus trying to avoid bringing up issues that were cleave the republican caucus and those who vote for it in two trumpeted. The opposite trump went into Georgia And did everything he could to split apart,
the coalition that the Republican Party needed and that it's in the Senate election had already prevailed. I what from essentially did in Georgia is to create this aim conditions within the republican Party that we have seen obtain in Arizona which is not a blue state, at least not yet, which is Virginia or Colorado, at least not yet, but which is split down the middle but which is marked by infighting. and we're going into twenty twenty one with two democratic it is from Arizona to democratic senators from as a result this was not a allowed. This was
ordinarily class. Both races, extraordinarily class produce was was obviously closer and both races could have been won. The changing demographics of the state and the poor quality of the candidates notwithstanding, I think it is possible that this attack on Georgia, the White House has been masterminding for two months- will have consequences beyond yesterday, deeper Sweden has signalled his intention to go after Camp Camp one two thousand eighteen gubernatorial election by fifty thousand vote. two thousand votes, isn't that big, a margin and if he continues in that, if he has come
enough people, the Brian camp is the villain hair. Brian. Can with somehow involved in rigging the election, always paid off by Dominion, or whatever other, nonsense he's been spreading. I wouldn't shock me to see pine camp go down in a couple of years as well. so this is really think this juncture. You'd have to say: Stacy Abrams is favoured to be the next governor of Georgia because it presume there's gonna, be an ugly given its primary and that republic inside and out gubernatorial race, and at that point
The reason why the other reasons Loeffler was wasn't a great candidate. Is she had this poisonous fight with with the columns who Trump won it all along, but instead kept appointed lefler and you can have that kind of primary politics play out, but even if you can assume, tents and poisonous way. I think that's right, so what we have essentially, is a concerted sabotaged by the President. I just want to finish by saying that we hear a great deal about the supposedly perils of what is decided. urging they called zombie Reagan ISM. This old republican Party orthodoxy and ideology I've never quite understood this Essen LISA Assent,
logical attack in that you know who has won an for a lot of elections in the last thirty thirty five years, generic republican gin Republican does really well less so in the White House, but it congressional level in the Senate in the states, generic republican- does a pretty good job of giving Republicans control of the House of Representatives and control of the Senate. Certainly, if you go back to nineteen ninety four, when Republicans swept in the Republican, He has been the dominant party at the legislative level and what
the Trump campaign date in Georgia's blow. That upon is drive a wedge between the various parts of that that coalition and it doesnt work. Yes, oh Jim, I don't think trumpet deliberately trying to sabotage these races, but he thought he could have his cake and eat it to that. He could burn down the parts of the party and the officials that he hated that were crossing him by speaking the truth and in doing their duty like Brian Camp and bread, rats and Berger and still when and this this has been, the problem with trouble along in a wedge issue, were exposed to do
the original usage of a wedge issue. Is you go out and find something popular that the base of the other party can't stand, so it splits the other party and get him on the wrong side of a popular issue that that's what you wanted you but Tromp wedge, Shirley points out, wedged his own side in this race and may produce, and less were constantly choose between his ridiculous outlandish claims that were highly offensive to voters in the suburbs suit and never drunk the Trump Kool aid, and my understanding as told reliably by someone
That Trump told Leffler that he wouldn't do as Monday night Rally and North Georgia. If she didn't come out and say she was gonna vote to object to Biden, electors so is constantly making them choose. I think even more definite adept politicians would have had trouble with it, and it was one of the reasons, presumably that the suburbs are still a huge problem for the these two candidates. Yeah, I dont think Trump set out after election date say I'm gonna screw over produce leffler. The best I can, I think, simply didn't care, I think in the end he is a slave to his passions. He is a slave to his own desires he can't Really even conceive of any interest beyond whatever he wants at any given moment. Thus, couldn't say when I can make a big issue out of Georgia, but that probably hurt my party and boy. If we
These two said it run off than democratic control. The Senate, and they can really undue much more of what I have achieved over the last four years. I built this is all you know a science fiction. Alternate reality version of doll truck as you just can't do this one of the things that did you know. I'll give trump the credit for say he did, you know do that rally eventually did say every now and then every regulate. Yet he wanted Republicans to vote in these run offs I would note, though, that you know word and city power, these folks are in this clause. I semi Trump lawyer Trump, not below that statement. Where Rudy, Giuliani and journalists. You know it's put out the statement saying. City power is not part of the trunk legal team, but then just. Invited city power to the White House and apparently has been listening to her a lot No, but I didn't know we ve seen Donald Trump age on Twitter for long stretches over Lincoln Project ads and what
He cut Brzezinski said that morning and over anything like that, never really brought himself a say When will it isn't that job? I do nobody is talking about with this. You know pension weed out Mcconnell Robert, I dont know if properly. disagrees that much with the viewpoints of Linwood. If he does, he certainly was gonna. Exert any effort to say Linwood is not job and all of us Conspiracy theories are cookie and all Acosta trumps certainly doesn't think badly enough Sidney powers, conspiracy, theories of the entire federal government apparatus, working with them as well as and probable Loch Ness, monster to rig the vote. doubts her in a tree, tirade or anything like that trunk guidance. He couldn't put any of that kind of stuff aside, so this kept fuelling and here's, the thing you ve a trump, meaning that really die hard trump voter in Georgia, who isn't that into the Republican Party as a whole. Trump says.
You should come out voting the Georgia run off and someday comes along and says no, you shouldn't and they choose to listen to the Linwood, sensitive how's the world and not Donald Trump, then, maybe an echo, maybe they should be considered Trump supporting Butler Spanish, be considered. Linwood in Sydney power can do about this. Maybe they should be considered. She went on, whatever label, you think is better for them. But the point is that if those folks we are willing to listen to the president when he says go voting these run off there used to any one of the Republican Party, you can rely on. You can count on em. There there only though, if if they show up terrific, but you certainly can't gear the party towards motivating this particular group, way, the radicalism of that voter, the unpredictable. De the unreliability, the lack of loyalty of that border is kind of a Michael Most of all these personality traits in trop right he's not practically stable. or straightforward or predictable all or anything like that members-
The veto, the big oak per annum, Corona virus omnibus bill until Wednesday decided one day; no he's not ITALY changes his mind. on a dime, and it makes it very tough for anybody else position themselves, because these costs pulling the rug out from under them. So all traits of trump. Accelerated and built and grew- and I think The Georgia run also just kind of what I hope the apex. I can imagine what more made, maybe with a bigger example. seven in a later today or something better this this Tromp ism poorest and most distilled form the charter my question to you: what does the Georgia outcome due to trumps imports and the Republican Party from zero to ten zero? Nothin's? Nada? No one blame them, some kind of so called in passing two thousand hours checks.
Whenever ten destroys it and the Republican Party are somewhere between the two destroys it far too persian word, but It does limit it more than if both candidates had one, if just because, it removes from contention the idea that the way to win is to sign on to president trumps vendettas and indulge Yes, let us remember Josh Ali interred crews. Let them a little bit a little bit later. Jim Gary's, your ten. I'd, say about six or seven would drop his. Frustrating is loyalty to him. Prob! You can win your primary level, help you avoid a trumpet Magua
primary challenger, but along the way it'll make you radioactive in a general election, even in public and friendly state like Georgia. I may say so, for I think, there's there's a half life phenomenon here with with trumps influence. I think it was bound to slowly decline token years, and this accelerates that someone but doesn't fundamentally change the picture a fence sitting, Republicans on and Trump probably Tipp, some of them, over to realising that this is not a great future for the party and it certainly motivates the Mcconnell wings. Lack of better phrase to fight this. Coming. Civil wars can play on a lot of primaries in it a year to motivate them more.
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get up people so Charlie. This obviously changes the state of play in the Senate. Mitch bacchanals will be the minority later they'll be a fifty fifty split with calmly Harris providing the Thai. What is due to the by demonstration and binds agenda for the next two years. I think it's worth acknowledging at the outset that this is the. Least of all of her bad situations in which Republicans imagine they would find themselves and that the Democrats, ah in the weakest, strong position that they could have for there will be no abolition of the filibuster there
we'll be no packing of the Supreme Court, which is a euphemism for destroying it. There will be no simple majority vote, for admitting new states, Joe Mention has made that clear. It seems unlikely, although not impossible, that he would have been joined by other red state or purple state Democrats in reject in the measure and because filibuster is going to stay, the Democrats will, on most questions, find them sounds in the same position as Sir Publicans have been in despite having
clear majority that is unable to get past to filibuster and pass major legislation, but thereof downsides. It would have been much better for Republicans to control the Senate for a start, would have been able to control the legislative agenda now. Chuck shimmer will be able to torture the Republican Party, especially if it is split as it seems to be, and to say a series of votes designed to slough off the moderates, to elevate the treason, Josh, always who will make a nuisance of themselves and so on. Biden Cabinet may have a little more radical, because they will presumably be the votes,
for anyone he wants and that will have effects within the executive branch where the majority the action is going to to take place and the map in twenty twenty two got worse, Georgia will be replay. The one walk leprosy will be up, but you would have hoped to view a mishmash cannot have pocketed the produce it so that you could fight for the other one if, if necessary, and there will be tough fight, sinuous, nonsense. Twenty twenty two and in Pennsylvania with to me retiring sir, it's the nightmare scenario that I wrote about where the Democrats sweeping and completely alter the landscape
the constitutional order and hold the pendulum back essentially This is a self inflicted wound that will have electoral and political consequences and it may go down as one of the silliest self inflicted wounds we ve seen in recent memory gets so I thought a world of difference between Senate Majority leader Mitch, Mcconnell with fifty one republican votes, and relying on your mansion result seeing the arm twisting of his colleagues. I'd I'd think give your mentions not gonna turn into Barbara Box. We're or anything like that, but giving the Democrats fifty votes does give them more leverage. You know, I think, was really happy last night hobby, Airbus era, in Libya and the nice is unlike Flint,
Like you know, if there's Republican sent a majority, maybe we could all everybody together and all the lines that dumb, I think now Biden will His first choice on just about everybody in the cabinet, unless plus standards goes energy hard against new attendant or something like that. You know Biden is gonna, have a considerable ability to undo the changes. The trump made through executive I take a while to my own words, but I think you're going the Paris climate Accords and probably Dhaka dreamers and stuff like that so called Muslim Ban and the then with fifty votes in the Senate, European, and if some of them are Joe Mansion Kirsten Cinema? Can you get everything the Democrats want? Not probably not but boy? You know. The republican tax cuts went through on reconciliation will be able to do a lot with fifty votes and reconciliation in the realm of economics and taxes and fiscal policy and stuff, like that
life got better for progressive and maybe even more challenging for Joe Biden there that you know in the Euro if my Mcconnell remained majority leader, Dubai what have the easy excuse for disappointing progress as they look eyes. I'd like to step and Mcconnell runs. The spending is not going to bring it to the floor, so I gotta because of what I can get done- by the way that stuff would be generally less controversial, less divisive and things like that, the other categories is lit tension on the democratic sides, but yeah you know all things considered. They'd rather have this. this version of the other good problem. What are we gonna? Do these majorities that they want other factors We ve seen this patter of president gets elected or re elected and then follow mid term elections. His party just gets drops. We saw two thousand six thousand ten, two thousand fourteen two thousand eating and less two months, people conical, maybe Biden, won't habit that bad. If there's republican control the Senate, that will act as a czech omby,
worst impulses and the biggest excessive moves of his party, and if we know them, we're twenty two roles around and the New Biden Administration hasn't done anything all that controversial or past any bad ideas. And then maybe you know, the midterms won't go that bad for Democrats, I think that scenario is less likely now that the cracks are more likely to pass consequential legislation. Not again everything they want, think the filibuster stays in place. I dont think you see statehood. you see your porter regard, things like that but I think you like, I wouldn't want that the mortgage that none of those crazy things could get past honour, really tough party, one boat and it also maybe this makes twenty two marginally better, for Republicans were to do that, then to unify, and it really becomes a big question of what lessons to they choose to learn from turned out to be a pretty darn disappointing. Twenty twenty four would look not that bad on
like tonight to innovate in November to truly exit question to you before I talk about one last permutation of these results from last night I should mention were recording Wednesday morning here. Is not obvious, Sir Ector question to you: how much do you trust Joe Mansion a lot? Some a little not at all. I think German is on the level when he says that he has no interest in abolishing the filibuster. There's been some talk, idle talk about, dimension becoming a republican us there wasn't twenty sixteen! He is not going to do that he's a Democrat. He explore an interview after interview. Why Democrats he's a conservative, democratic approach. Second, amendment Democrat on board the crazy train within the Democrats,
but he is a Democrat and he has at times found himself in a difficult position because he's a different sort of democratic than many and his party I've read a good number of interviews with him. never wavered on this. and I don't see anything in his history to suggest that he is a fraud. I think he's on the level. I think he is a conservative Democrat is not a Republican. I think he is I am aware that he is in some ways out of step with his own state, or at least that his party is- and I think he is telling the truth when he says that he is remotely interested in buying up the Senate, so I on that question. I trust in completely disregarded I put myself in some category, I think over the next few years. Joe mansion will disappoint social liberals, but generally play
economic liberals are others very little spending that your mention. This is a state of Robert Bird. Now ill culture. War stuff is not only with the Democrats, but he'll be with them on the broad swathes of the democratic agenda he also saw, anatomy trust in the sense that he's a liar so made Miss cute. You there Charlie, I believe- and he says he's knocking at some word about in full buster. Adding estates are all that crazy stuff. here. He is now he's a brake on democratic ambitions. So that's a good thing, but end of the day, is pre reliable, democratic vote and will certainly The sea is a lot more spending than we would have seen. The results last night had been different. Let me pause. Do a quick and our plus plug and our plus digital subscription service at national. You dad,
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it's you don't. I exaggerate how it should its changed. This kind of more working class nature of the party, who has been something that's slowly, been going on for a long time trump card, exclamation point on it laid don't exaggerate party still has a lot of affluent supporters, but clearly The downside to the Trump Arab politically has then the massive erosion and republican standing in the suburbs that accounted for the drubbing and twenty eighteen. It's a reason why trump himself couldn't quite managed to get over the top and November and another big theme. Last night it was just. Pretty and Leffler could not get over the top and the suburbs either. As looking at something someone treated the same,
during our last night's twenty fourteen Purdue wines, as we discussed earlier England at county, suburban county in twenty forty produce, plus ten points and twenty twenty also plus twenty points, Cobb County same kind of deal, twenty fourteen, Purdue, plus thirteen, twenty twenty us off, plus fourteen, so a total reversal, and then some in the Georgia suburbs. So what were republicans do about this job and ninety seconds to us rich, I wanna do some variation of the Lloyd Benson line about suburban ice and say I know we're suburban I'd. Superb lets a friend of mine, you, Tromp Arnaud Suburban. I still rapid suppers, I live in the suburbs in the suburbs are full of people who are not in the mood to burn it all down.
because they're the ones who built the stuff that would get burned down if there was that used to hang out with a bunch of other conservative bloggers, who were surprise surprise considerably more pro trumped than I was and we used to have good natured, but heated arguments about that. My centre on the table to realize Though I want the table who was married, absently wanted enable what kids and I really wanted to table. The house So I'm a lot more lose. If there's this revolutionary raw burn, it all down raw. You know this. This kind of our own culture is garbage, and in others this this desire to overturn the apple heart. A lot of voters out there just want you to keep your taxes low, make sure the cops do their jobs key prime low. don't screw up, what government is to do with is a terrible pandemic research, maxine tricky people from spreading to each other, don't go to Connie and over it. Don't you know what was he cops dragon people off of buses are right,
stir, you know bombs on playgrounds or cookie stuff like that, with just one government too work in Germany. This means keeping it fairly limited. Think supermarkets are still conservative picture, small, see conservative register not eager to him this change herbs, the suburbs shifted to bite and they did not shift Bernie Sanders. The university towns- went in the Bernie Sanders way. So look bees, still voters that are very credible for Republicans, and I Think Republic has made a major mistake if they write them off and choose not to compete in over the among this demographic, believing that they ve all gone. You know crazy lefty, for you know, and and chase after demographically, because again, this is the demographic that is most guaranteed to show up election day after election day. Why would you throw that away and for this other demographic that may or may not show up depending on what they saw on the internet that day such
We talk a little bit about this after the presidential election, where it seem obvious what the republican coalition should should be adjusted and on some policy positions going. champion direction and hope to hold some the new voters, a Trump Barton brought into the party, not not all them not being able to mountain a kind of numbers it a trump does when he's when he's on about and then being less offensive in the suburbs. That, though, it seems easy, but the problem with that houses is it. It may be, and I felt more more evidence of this post election that is trumps conduct its the the very offensiveness of tromp that is most attractive to trump voters and most repulsive to suburban.
Leaders says gonna know squaring the circle. Perhaps I am very optimistic. I have to say I think that once trumps off the scene, you will see some forces that help the Republican Party rebuild. Now the question course is when its trump off the scene. What does he do over the next four years, as you run it twenty twenty four hours when the primary and twenty twenty four maybe but the Democrats party has an incorrect coalition, its image the coalition at the moment, but it the coalition that is internally inconsistent and the Democratic Party at its root,
Has a set of policies and goals that are perfectly designed to upset in different ways both the suburban rights that have drifted away from Republicans because of Trump and the voters who especially lights jump I this week, why, with horror ass. I read news stories side by side about the Republican Party, or at least some within it, trying to steal the election and the Democratic Party trying to remove pronouns from Congress. There is a great opportunity for normal people within the republican coalition Teresa themselves. If Joe Biden were
to talk only about health care about increasing taxes on very wealthy people about interest just spending and broad base, recovery measures after corona virus. I daresay he he would do pretty well by us you mentioned earlier is less likely now, because many within his own party ago, two cents an opportunity and if Biden fails to take it in their eyes, they're going to push push and push you going to see more of Alexandria, Causa Cortez Chuck humor is going to be more obviously influenced by the radicals in his party because he wants to four store, a primary challenge, and he also have to manage some of them in this. and now in a way that he wouldn't have before, and I think that
you're going to see a coming home they'll, be some lingering anger. I dont think everything will be papered over, but american politics moose really quickly the republican coalition, albeit in a different way, was also extremely depressed and marked by inviting in late, two thousand eight, but by thousand ten it ready to go. Sir, not in the long run, especially worried about the suburbs. in the long run especially worried about the new voters within the codes. And in some senses I think Republicans have a great deal of growing room in that they did if their standing with many Hispanics, and many african Americans and depending on the Democrats behaviour they might continue
to do so in different circumstances, so Jim that that say later. Another point I want to raise with you another big factor last night was elevated black turn out basically and counties that weren't heavily african American. You didn't really see much much notable change at all from the first time around and November, but and have a black cat He did see a notable bump and turn out that made a big difference for Democrats which just goes to in this was another. Is Charlie Lutes to another promising aspect was off and Trump in November? It's just really important. at least to take some of the edge off the Tina oh and black opposition to report at present it in a close race that can make all the difference yeah and let's point out that the more Trump and his allies shouted
to end. Made a hullabaloo about votes. in places like Atlanta Savannah? No luck interpreted, that as complaining about allegedly see a black boats in those cities. Ah, I dont think that help Republicans in an optical circumstance I think you know if there's does a silver lining to twenty twenty is that Republicans did gain seats in the house and all of those gains were from candidates who were either women, minority veterans or some combination of those it is. surprising that black turn out those you get looked up the numbers for that look pretty darn good. When there is an african american candidate, it is not surprising that, candidates, but there's a women that one can it does a little bit better amongst women. Voters for any other people are inclined to vote for candidates that remind them of themselves. We can argue about whether we should think this way. But this is just a basic back. We ve seen election election year after year.
a working party wants to do better in an increasingly divers country. It makes and denominate voters who were audition nominate candidates. You either are minorities, or at least have demonstrated some ability to connect with these communities are still member Mcdonald going around in region a gun around doing up events at Vietnamese Nelse lots of Europe were the first category go to these grand red areas without Hereat Great re, snack, Machaerus, Doris one by eighteen, biarmia, almost twenty points on charming to difference. Donald Trump went within the spy. Of a few weeks from us African Americans to vote for him from asking cuban Americans Venezuelan Americans Colombian Americans to vote for him to saying, as Jim points out But the problem was all of those areas that are filled with minorities. Not he didn't explicitly say that, but
I know for a fact that many people heard that, because they ve told me- and that does make a difference- we praised Trump and we should have praised Trump for just saying guys like you to vote for me. It was and when you do, the opposite? It has opposite fact, also that that that that word disenfranchisement is really powerful and the afghan here community, an sharpish oncologist tried to hide it. Throw up votes trying to further their votes in. Some of these challenges were just accept. Firstly, you know in in urban areas taken in Michigan right, that's the Urn Wisconsin. They only recounted there. Yes, you so Jimmy we are in a choice, answer on this, but will ask you in him we were asked, the question: are you optimistic or pessimistic?
about the near slash, medium term, prospects of their public and party. We are really honest answer. Is I dont know the very near future. It's gonna be enough, would fight and it's gonna be endless, blame blame mongering and and finger pointing, and all of that I do wonder if it has twenty Twond. To start seeing primary starting candidates depend on what Republicans choose to learn from this right. Defeat is meant to. Teach us something. right. Otherwise, you just go and you can make the same mistakes over and over again, I quote: more should have a really big hard lesson. Even in a state of Alabama? If you nominated atrocious candidate, you will lose so about alertness? What what cattle traits will they look for in and it s in the primaries of the twenty twenty two cycle orange Twenty one in the Virginia gubernatorial primary New Jersey, gubernatorial primary, are you
and for somebody who can appeal to those moderates, those suburban soccer mobs that have drifted away, or you can you appealed to the coup and on demographic issues? Allow Are you gonna lose the general election, probably pretty darn badly joy? I am optimistic As Jim says, there will now be a fight stocks to be especially pleasant to be on the right or to write about the right for a while, but american politics changes quickly. I dont think that the issues that Dr Peter or are likely to change- and I think there is a slight increase now and how these, above all the democratic agenda, will be two virtues so right now fairly despairing, I would say, is it's just then really dispiriting to see how much of the party trumped has been able to bring along with his
raised, allegations that the election was stolen and just how muted report Hence a ban with a few honourable exceptions about the present states routinely retailing, just Frank lunatic, spare seafarers on is twitter feed and the other day Trump tweet He is retreating, this guy, who, I believe, runs the forum where a cue posts he and his his dad run run this this forum and retreated Skype pointing out the Peter Navarro was on Judge Janine. The other Saint January, twentieth is not that the date when buying to be inaugurated, those wriggle room trump can stay beyond that. I mean that's just it's just astonishing and that the party has largely tolerated. I think that'd be less tolerance now, but all that said, I am qualified qualified way
optimistic, I think obstinately big civil war can be a lot of contested primary. They're gonna be seats that are kept awake. I voted against the wrong choice. Reggie, someone out when you say single more, you mean metaphorical political scenario at the actual, not actually meetings, but I still think that we have asked a question about that. Several episodes go in greedily, such that some doesn't stop but they'll be Republicans of war, but there wasn't a tea party here and they kicked away some winnable seats in the tea party here, but but We found their way through and I think they will they find their way through was here as well, at least I hope so so we plan we talk a little bit about the action and com risks in terms of objecting to electors and Monday episode. We plan Have one tomorrow or Friday do
then after action on what happens today and this the Senate and the house when it comes to these electorate bullets. Let's talk about it just a little. The preview Jem so have, I guess, thirteen we have hardly. We had crews eleven. We have leffler. the subject we have no. As of this broadcast, I'm not aware of any one else has come out publicly website. I've missed, it seems the momentum that way has been checked a little bed. I think when we caught and came out with his excellent statement. I think it was a little bit of a break on the rush to go down there. Road? What do you make of it? You know If you know someone in your life and they run into deep rooted psychological problems.
and they suddenly start babbling that purple triangles are trying to kill them. I don't think you help them My meeting, though half way in saying no purple triangles are real, but their only trying to maim you Meeting crazy half way doesn't help the crazy person and it doesn't help anyone else the assertion that the election was stolen by venezuelan hackers and and all of that is nonsense on stilts republic do no one any favours, least of all themselves, by playing along with this crazy conspiracy theory I d I am not sure this is the genius political move with a holly seems to think it is. The crews seems to think it is letting Tom gotten the fact it Tom. did go long. Writing should be any kind of interesting indicated these guys of all wait a second maybe there's maybe not only are we go look stupid look like in obeyed emails to drop right that we did in the end. We do what he wants and not make us the next time. You know that expressed
the mark. Oh by the way, I don't get a trump below current trump, Fans are gonna, remember this for Holly and twenty twenty four republican presidential primary Tromp chooses to run it, from Junior chooses to IRAN. If a vodka trumped you ugly of your real Trump fan see, how yoga there's a jolly my guy in the least in the absence of any other temperament, people can remember this. Come early, twenty, twenty four railways. So that's that's the shake out there as for this, yes, I I think in the end, this is republican too play along with this idea that the certification should not go forward are not going to help them. cells in the long run The latest rambling from the president but one day, I'm last night. You said that you now, if I president, might Prince comes for us, we will win the presidency. Luck you when, when this affair
I like this were blazing Europe or water on your poor gasoline onto it. Yes, figures of tents ion apology. When will we annex question? the sun on Monday. Whether here accuse we also would require is- and it looks like He'S- sees actually against Sidney cheering and do his duty, despite the incredible fire from the president and pensive has staked everything on Monday, Doyle Tromp, and that this is a really awkward moment and for him, but it looks like he's gonna come through, but terms I don't feel certain that anything to actually see it happen, so try with howling crews adjust after last night It seemed a really odd moment, to say the least, to hook your wagon to travel, in this sort of way ways in his most outlandish claims of entire presidency and engaging as well
outlandish blameworthy conduct- and there are indications that his political potency is lessening- or at least Was- was never quite what's the trouble. sport is imagined S going to be especially bizarre if leffler stands up and advances these objections, because what last night showed was the Georgia. Congo, blue, I'm, assuming that all of the various conspiracy theories that have been advanced to account for the eleven thousand votes by which Trump lost Carry over to this election they too maybe there's purple angles peripatetic, but Surely now we know that you can lose another,
in Georgia as a republican should have some idea of how level is involved. It will look even more strange it is a disgrace, irrespective of How many stand up tat grew should be ashamed of himself just. We should be ashamed of himself. I have some policy differences with Tom But he has gone up concern Thirdly, in my estimations I thought that his explanation of why he was going to see the course his chosen was excellent and fairer. Ben Sauces was excellent and far too. I am pleased that the two senators from Florida are not involved. And I think it will this Jane, it was changed the water.
This journey. She's gonna put out amazing statement as well, sir. Yes, I can set if she's invoke that really asked and I think much Mcconnell needs praising too for saying this was the most important vote he will overtake. So there are some good eggs in the basket. There are some bad eggs in the basket, but ass. She say last night really does underscore the silliness. This means and silliness is not strong enough. Word wholly and crews are trying to to split this down the middle that they're trying to have it both ways, but at What they are doing is at worst facilitating it, is an attempt at a coup and that best best They are sowing mistrust in the american system of government and, if you believe, as I do, that this is the last great hope for mankind, that is a sin.
It is a sin for which they should pay a political price in the future said Jim Gary at, Do you, where you put the over under on how many Republicans will vote to object, is it they took more than a hundred in the house, which strikes me as astonishingly high, but that's the number on the Us Senate. I should, I should say: Senate set centres decent work and saying like fifteen, or so I guess the over man allow. These folks seem to be no in for a penny. For a pound- or maybe just maybe Georgia dissuade some folks are something so. But for now I take the or said that that you things about fifteen video, Brunner, yeah, yeah trot.
Yeah I'll do fourteen just to differ slightly. Gotta give ya, can't do a hard drive on their capital around him giving credit by rising right predicted on Monday that the Republicans would lose both. I would Jim, I think it's fifteen. I think it's this teens. So with that, let's hit a few other things both for a week ago, Gm Geraghty, you're delighted, overly canning. That case. I don't of delight. It is really the right term rich. When I saw this year when people said, Jim Geraghty. Once Adam gas fired, they forgot the out of a cannon, a pardon alternately, I wouldn't know
studies set on fire either way. You know he is an Fuego, you could say, look it up could you deliver the world record? The NFL now now. We are all for either Josh Josh Fields or Zack Wilson. look rarely in sports. Do you see a higher were from day one before the best overwhelming majority. The vans like this is not going to go well, I can make fun of the buggy I'd press conference, but I don't really think that even the worst part Peyton Manning likes him, but otherwise the rest, a league did not think Adam Gay, specifically special over two years. He lived down to his reputation. He alienated players was Terrible add had no charisma or warmth or enthusiasm play calling was terrible clock judgment was terrible Oscar moves made no sense and he generally alienated everyone. In week after week, there are constant excuses. He said the plays recall correctly, but the x
you. She was bad. I call for his execution, and finally, in finally adding you know that this week practices had been really good like fashion, care that the practices went really really well good riddance, Adam Gaze, other that he was a good Gooch good good Adam gazed. Please never go away. I can put my who do doll away my fair par the final weaker, the NFL season. Besides the titans winning an extraordinary fashion to clincher divisions. First time you think in two thousand and eight was just the end of the east, which just just can take my eyes off that the whole season allows rooting for the giants to actually when the division that six and ten years, which was plausible, but that the Eagles were so dismal that that the Redskins beat and am what must have been one of the worst consequential Sunday night Games ever he thought.
In theory. Aspires to be out of the drama was on the chart because let us like like a Jaguars, just game, and I love the alarm listening to Jim talk about Adam Gaze, because it's just so far removed from how I feel about Doug Maroon, who is just fired from the JAG, is witches yeah he's a nice guy person. Some good seasons, but TAT really he had to go and James over there sat right. I want to hang draw an quota habitats owning that's the start. That's the start of it said, surely been rereading going solo. I have eyes given going so by Roald Dahl for Christmas, which I had already read it a few times, but not for a long time,
And if you haven't read this you should it is the second part of road dolls autobiography the first part being boy and it starts with his being sent off school out to Dar ES salaam to help run the show, oil company and then, of course, the Second World WAR intervenes, it's burning entertaining and is look likely written, and it just shows you that irrespective the Jonah, whether its children's books or short story Sweden screenplays, he wrote a good number of those in the seventies, There really was a master of the english language. so in my spare time As I am listeners now listen to what history lectures on Youtube, Sir, I I moved on from Gettysburg they even other theirs.
and was store of Youtube Videos of Gettysburg Rangers, explaining and in great tell really specific aspects of the battle, but of eventually I had had enough. You know said one first name, that's in american history, so that I moved on to midway and listen to a bunch of lectures about midway, and this yes said another just extraordinary that the bravery of these guys to fly off into the middle of the ocean with with out any modern navigational devices, hunt hunting down that the Japanese fleet with no idea where they gonna find it or whether a run out a few or whether you get back home again to your carrier. Is really extraordinary and then especially the the bravery of these guys niece torpedo planes and near suicidal mission early on
and the battle, unless you know all them, get shot down and then it's just impossible just not feel exhilarated when finally, the the the dauntless dive bombers come in and just devastate the japanese fleet, it's just extraordinary. I think that the significance of the battle is of little exaggerated people say is turning point, was decisive, proudly, wasn't decisive, we're we're gonna win the Pacific one way or the other. But it was a store, really big deal and the Youtube algorithm, I have to say, is this kind of work, debacle. Yes, you get on one midway lecturing us over and then you get deeper into to another midway lecture. I discovered this way: the sky, Jonathan Partial here's a historian Naser expert on MID way,
changed. Our understanding of the battle, because we realised that an account after the war from this, this japanese admiral, that it really Fraid the understanding of what happened was a complete lie and fabrication. Just gonna keep you to bond. Before you know it. You're you're, the others, other zoom call with partial with all these other midway experts in their discussing how their these flight logs weaken can track, where every every single idea these pilot was during the war, but the problem is there written and this archaic, bureaucratic and now antics. Japanese. So, even if here this is what you make your livelihood, on you know, being an expert on amid way. There's can in no way to learn this. This japanese like one guy who, as all these files in the basement, who does this Japanese. Who can help you figure things out anyway. Just amazing: isn't it
that'll and if you, if you not acquainted with it or I feel a hankering to re, acquaint you yourself with it, I urge you to do so with that. It's time for editors Ex Jim Garrulity, but your pic well, I could go with cabin williamsons NEWS letter, the Tuesday almost any weak easily. The second best newsletter put up a national review, and cabin is always at the liked to read, but he really brought here sweetie is and brought his a game in the most recent on entitled trumps final, insulting pulled up yesterday morning. That's what you do on a newsletter called the Tuesday Kevin Williamson, like rights with passion and with great wit and great sarcasm, but Kevin Woody's Kevin. When he's pissed off really gets the blood pumping anyone
This kind of deal you almost seal you'll see the vain bulging. It is natural that women's rights are. Writing was that writing was Kevin Ways: earth you'll. Never want to see tat, one is really pissed off but I just it out if you ve been frustrated with Trump from the beginning, he just vote his spleen in such a aid in clarifying witty illuminating way. I always enjoy cabin, but this was a particularly delicious serving of what he can cook up. Charlie, mature pick, my is the general outputs at the moment, from Michael Brendan Dirty ATLAS When I michael- and I disagree on a great deal, if that's what I wanted him at Anna Michael is ideologically sympathetic to somebody like president trouble, though, is of course benefit.
by his behaviour, and also sympathetic towards somebody like Josh, Holly but he hasn't allowed that cloud. His perception of the noise understanding of the men Michael, is deeply disappointed by these people, who he hoped would bring a more populous bent into the party. Pretty things have done, nothing of the sort and have just grandstand it instead and now. I think its taste read it, and I think he writes in an interesting and worthwhile away on this topic from a perspective that I don't share. Some I tick I'm a little behind on us a couple weeks ago? It was damaged, Laughlin Peace, titled, I'll turn approach dropped plates of electors are dead. and and that's just a classic Dan Deep dive,
and to the legality around the lateral count voting in Congress. The history of it varies permutations of it and it has really valuable. If you want to guide to what's happening today and tonight, and while what some Republicans are doing, how etc is wrong, you should read dance peace and going back and forth with them a couple weeks ago and some aspect of of all this, and I I mentioned to him. Oh you know that there's a lot of you article like this. A hundred twenty page larvae article that someone recommended to me that, been meaning to read all knowledge and, of course, dance like yeah that I've been spending three days still studying. This were her view article really carefully and I suggest the kind of care and deaths due. and brings the almost all his his work, and this is a great invaluable example?
so: that's it. For us, seven was international. You podcasting We broadcast retransmission on account of his game without express written permission of NASH remain in, is strictly prohibited. The spot. Ass has been produced by the incomparable. Sarah shitty makes a sound better than we deserve. Think Charlie. Thank you, Jim thanks TASER, they specially doll you for listing where the others see you,
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