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Episode 295: Clearing a Low Bar

2021-01-22 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Jim discuss Biden’s inauguration and the new administration’s actions in the first few days.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: Yuval Levin’s piece “No, the Biden Team Is Not Starting ‘from Scratch’ on Vaccines” • Charlie: KDW’s piece “Against Unity” • Jim: MBD’s piece “Normalcy Deferred

Light items: • Rich: The football championship games on Sunday • Charlie: Playing Super Mario Odyssey • Jim: His son taking an online baking class

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Bye speaks and sets a very achievable vaccination goal will discuss all this more on this special post inaugural edition. The editors on Rich Lowry, unemployed is always by the right arms. I'll see W cook and the sage of authenticity, woods, Jim Geraghty, Michael, Brennan Authority will return soon. Your listening to a national view, podcast sponsor this week, is the brake fast podcast more about that in due course. If invalid podcast on NASH, review, dot com cleaning directly on the corner. Where is delighted to have you but it'd be easier for you and better for us you made as part of your feed at any of the stream. Services out there from Spotify to Itunes Eve like what you hear here, please consider giving us
glowing five star review on Itunes. If you don't like what you hear here, please forget, I said, Anything so Jim Gary We had the Biden an operation. He is officially president of the United States, as we record here on a Friday. After noon his inaugural address was not there, I wouldn't say, wasn't anything really exalted upon he didn't reach for any grand whence it would be unnatural to him. The delivery was was cut, loose and informal the language, but ah, I think the course animate unachievable. But sincere and worthy, which was unity And there was a sulphur understood even literally apparent prayer fulness to it, he paused to say asylum.
For everyone who has died of covered night tee, over last year. What did you make of it?. I agree with a lot about assessment, rich that if what had happened on January six had happened. I think the ascent Many of the speech would have been in their beds Fine speeches really nothing wrong with that. I think a new right. Maybe the fact that he didn't try to reach for these soaring oratory. The lot of president's try their inaugural addresses is good it was a recognition of limitations and that the circumstance gave it all the power that it needed, Wait you both about it. We are most inaugural address as you. If you're lucky, you remember a lie in a bunch of a widow, remember much of anything. Until all too often you and the President, you know Of sounding a bit like Whitney Houston, I believe the children are the future.
Them well and let them lead the way show the other area with this comes to weeks, to the day after a mob over Capitol Hill and lots of Americans were justifiably horrified by the sight they were horrified by the violence. If people had died, and in a white, no speechwriter can equal if worthy the power of those circumstances that this was a crowd at wanted to disrupt the certification of the election, and it wasn't really that much in doubt before a few hours there, Congress couldn't do what it was posed to deal with people were fearing for their lives, so in that sense, yeah the inauguration is a triumphant, and you know when buying said democracy has been tested in democracies prevailed. If anyone gets remembered, I think that's it and again it's not here. Or the words or when I thought it was just the circumstances, it made it a little more.
Special, a more significant. I dont know if it needed be heaps of prey, that it received but love, a lot of people were exhausted with Trump era lasted with everything that came with it and eager to turn the page, and that's what Biden and his team provided on that day so good for them. It was entirely forgettable. There was nothing about it, but really deserves discussion. Then that's why I liked it, because if I were in charge, the president would be forgettable invite the president might need to develop chronic learn. Jesus before he's even allowed to run for office. I dont want our communications we on paper. If, at all, it is a war,
My preference is for President's who are invisible and, if they're not to be invisible, that they lack charisma, that they do not attract adulation and that they speak in by the G8 got yet to where the three with with tightened the thing he is gonna track, modulation. Inevitably it's happening from the press, even though he doesn't doesn't deserve. It is not at all the messianic figure that caused Messianic That Ababa was but they're going to try to make him one which what work it will work for a couple of reasons. The first is that there is no way to convince people that they are looking at an exceptional talent when they know that then out- and the second is that I think people don't necessarily why
Joe Biden to be that guy Joe Biden, one the primary and arguably the presidency, because enough people thought he was Joe from Scranton NEWS just show that there are two democratic parties is a democratic party, that is represented at Harvard and in the media and in Hollywood, Mr Glitzy Democratic Party, the Obama Democratic Do the Silicon Valley Democratic Party, that Democratic Party, except in the narrow streets that informed so much of our culture, is generally slight and distrusted. Increasingly so and then there's the other democratic Party is actually quite popular democratic Party of Healthcare and moderate economic policy, and so on, and Joe Biden would do better to stick with the latter. If the poor,
succeed in any way in making him glitzy, he will be less popular than the otherwise would be, but it won't succeed, and that speech was a good example of white one hundred and sixty eight, because he's just not that I said I thought the adulation was silly. Am the notion that this was a great american speech? Was silly but it was welcome because we ve had to President's in a row in very different ways who have been celebrities and who have inspired form of Beatlemania and Joe Biden not gonna- do that which, from my perspective, irrespective of my profound disagreement with him on policy, is welcome, yeah, so Jim that their relate to standards. It had to be met here. One is like, Have any of that come off the alluded to give him what happened on January? Sixth, and that happened, and it was kind of a classic american thing where we run under prepared for the
the real original frat in a feud had just I don't know, five hundred national guards guys on the steps of the capital January. Six, maybe the whole thing would happen Avoided but then you do the overkill after the fact. So you know There is a security question whether bind should get out and and walk in the final block of his parade, such as it was when there was no one there is they they all all been by. Security is only a couple journalist Navy, a family of a government official, but it happened without a glitch so that that a success and that and then the successful for binding is mandate is not to be Donald Trump and he's too he's able to do that as well. Promises made and promises character, Canada,
I promised to not be doll tromp that he has not been doll trumpet for even one minute of his presidency. So far at so us are there one, but I got out a few molecules of sympathy for Joe Biden Cobbler Harris that, like if you're a politician like the elder, there's an old joke that the Senate is a hundred people who look in the mirror and see a president's turn back. Then I guess the houses in a further thirty somewhere that same integrity. Almost everybody in politics thinks about being President Sunday in the whole bunch of and run and most of impression burnt and Joe Biden crashed and burn pretty badly twice earlier this year. So he finally gets here. He finally Doesn't he wins? The nomination weathers like the sea, a small army of democratic candidates and including Comma Harris, and he manages to win an arbitration. He runs against trumpets not as easy thought I was gonna be, but he wins the presidency S.
Inauguration day is like that day is I've seen after the Superbowl, where you see grown, and crying and hugging and making snow angels and confetti and just overjoyed, because this is it. This is as good as it gets the sole Milwaukee medicines. The try And you're gonna know as a president, your good and easy day is gonna, be the first one after that promising start up occurring, The global come off the roads, the honeymoon at any event, your most presidencies and in some level of disappointment, some level of things they couldn't get done. They want to get them. And obviously Joe Biden. Cobbler Harris had their families their London friends there. They had a lot of their their big supporters if they didn't get the traditional inaugural experience it didn't see. Tens of thousands are hundreds of thousands of people out of the ball and cheering and getting through the purview of the usual referring review and walking down Pennsylvania Numerical joining us
Everyone is not the way it usually is cycle, a little bad for them, but we are. We were given a historical moment forgiven and obviously that's a small you know does its second, I am sure there are willing to beg to be in the positions that they're gonna be in the next four years at minimum. So try to save a major theme was unity, and I think it is important that we all have a sense of fellow feeling, as is Americans is really important thing. This is a unity has been a constant theme. Going back to George Washington. Basically, every presents made appeals for unity even down tromp occasionally did it from the teleprompter, of course, not not so much in any other setting. But obviously by setting itself up for failure here.
He's not even try to advance anything that would be recognised to be a bipartisan agenda. Is. Can we a partisan, progressive agenda that the media is gonna, try to browbeat Republicans into supporting in the cause of the one of? Of course, they have sincere and deeply felt differences on the merits on on all the stuff and she's just stick to their guns. So, sir, not we're not gonna have much unity, I'm against unity per se, unless it is unity in common agreement about the rules, which is why the attack on the capital of was so reprehensible. Cuz, that's the one thing we should agree upon. We knew in advance what the rules were. We all can send it to them and then some people said actually know the
ways that we achieved an agreement over the rules either as waste. Aw yesterday, when violence, press secretary declined to confirm or deny whether he wanted to block the Senate, the notion that we should all get together is all ways advanced by people who add behind my agenda after it now Joe Biden has not as a presidential candidate done now. Rhetorically but others have on his behalf. It was funny the inauguration. As it reminded me, of the campaign in one important way, Biden came out. He said nothing really and then a poet came out and.
At what Joe Biden really meant and during the campaign we saw something similar with. Peculiar split screen the facts that was achieved by Biden, promising unity in hope, And decency and a return to normal scene and then the likes of Peter by Norton, Jonathan Chaytor, pneumatic laziness, saying you know, he's the most programme. Save presidential candidate in american history? What he means when he says this is and their views, backed up by his campaign website that the traveller for him, of course, as you can't get away with that for
Long because people notice- and so he needs to decide to what extent is he going to try to talk about unity and bi partisanship in moderation, commonality and do the opposite or does he want to be a president who is light by the metal. I do not think that it is incumbent upon Joe Biden to abandon all of his gulls. He is the present if the United States, he enjoys all the powers of the President of the United States, but no more and as long as you, states within the law and the constitution. He is absolutely within his rights to advance his agenda in any way that he likes but there will be a cost to that and you can
get around it in the long run by saying. Well, why can't we all be united? There are different ways of behaving as president, and they will yield different outcomes. Said Jim, where, where are you on prospects for unity? Well, look a lot of politicians over the years have said. Now is the time for us to unite as a signal synonym for now. You must do, as I say, right they d be. The issue has now been resolved by this past election. I am correct about all things and my agenda must be enacted. Otherwise we are failing to unite. That's not the american way. That's not what most people. Think of you. Dictatorships are pretty darn united for the better,
if only your battery stickers unity than that's the other that works layer and, I think, is particularly of a concern for binding because from the very beginning he insisted in his was not a mere ordinary presidential campaign, but that this was a battle for the soul of America. Well, he's the: if you disagree with your body, are you not parted the soul? What on earth are you a malignant part of the soul of America right? You know if you want to be united. You got. It is called for reaching out with respect the dialogue and also their lot of fine statements. He in his inaugural statements and things he said since the election, but saying and doing it are two different things, and it is good.
That apparently chatting with Mitch. Mcconnell, inherently Mcconnell, go back lots years, Mcconnell besetting the only member of what a few members of Congress which ended bovines funeral. Like that's great, that's really wonderful to here and in fact most of what Biden has laid out as its priorities, which I imagine will talk about the fulness of handling the throat of our spend Emmett help in the EC. Let me get back on its feet, then obvious that it gets the third one after that might be some serving and other infrastructure. The elbows are not terribly partisan things and you can see some rat some room for common ground there. Finally, all budget to stop you didn't ask birthday, was not on those rights and was in fact involving climate change and back involving hope it hoped in Bulgaria. Trumps deregulatory moves. There was a bunch of stop at your body. Did that was not from the centre on his campaign that didn't make the camping from its source.
He wasn't saying it will make it easier for barely seized issue regulations. Didn't you didn't really talked much about that was all but the soul of America. The soul of America sounds really good saying company in poetry, but you governing prose manipulated the pros. All that uniting so far so yeah happy words. Nice talk but all in all, I need a serious effort of of keeping government accountable. We look at what the government is doing, what the administration is doing, instead of merely what they're saying, which is, I'd like to see more members and national media you're gonna try some time since they seem to be It I've got another great watchdogs. Nevertheless, a child s request
see you later grade, I'm just a bar buttons on all your address it. If it was a big achieved, what it set out to achieve Jim Garrick text be minus circumstances. Eight miles I sat there. It's a solid see. It was sir adequate complete we, astonishingly shockingly adequate, but I'm gonna bootstrap it up for the circumstances to be minus, configure really generous greater this afternoon to let's pause and hear from our sponsor this week the brake fast hard cash. Sometimes Maxine inaccessible to the average person economics, Quantum mechanics, even one of the world's most familiar religions. Catholicism can be confusing at times even for Catholics.
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Since the fact that, over the last seven days, we ve been averaging nine hundred and twelve thousand vaccinations a day, what he make it, there will be a great deal of gamesmanship played now with the numbers, combined with the pretence that. As if he were a talisman of some saw, the mare arrival of Joe Biden into the oval office with his trademark youthful vigour brought with it a shift in the fight against corona virus. I noticed that doctor found she contradicting the idea that the Tramp administration had done. Nothing landed him in the poor, graces of the journalistic class trembling and they found she was first on the scene and
we single time tramp in appropriately, sometimes disgracefully criticized him. We were told this is a man who has served presidents of both parties. For years he served six administrations, the disrespect that he's being shut. By Donald Trump. A temporary holder of this office disgraces the nation by yesterday Anthony She became a hold over from the Trump administration as if somehow he like Ben Carson because he said no, we had a lot of system in place. We want just sitting on our hands It is a game that all presidents play. Of course they like to point to the exact moment they were inaugurated. They like to take the tail winds of their predecessor as their own, but
What we will be saying is a continuation. It will be a ramping up, of course, because the vaccine has just been released and institutions are getting good at distributing it. But I think when this is all over what we will have seen from Biden, and we should wish him every success in executing. It will be broadly what we would have seen without Biden, because thankfully the United States is not a country in which every single thing that happens is the product of the person who lives in the White House yet Jim. What would you think, this vaccine question and a ghost it to just a broader question any where we're going through a horrifying couple months of of covered here? This is there's no doubt about it. Biden was right when he talked about a dark winter during the campaign. Tromp was wrong to to be dismissive
of that and pretending had just no idea what Biden possibly could be talking about, but by set up here to have a big success on vaccinations, no matter where you can the goalposts. You know what we're going to move. This bought I had and we are never going to get better at at the vaccinating after the first couple weeks I mean that that was going to happen, no matter who who was Pres, and at some point this year. God, willing sooner rather than later, this vaccine is gonna crush this virus. You know rich. I am reminded that towards late October, on the campaign trail by one out there and said I'm not gonna shut down the economy, I'm going to down the country da, the virus, raw and everybody of water. Like there's a button, you press not shut virus and it does. It involve shutting out the economy or the country
No trade offs. He had some sort of perfect magic plan that tromp was just too stubborn to it. Well, I guess it here also notes dark winter also determines real. You know this is so much worse than expected. Billy Hayley Roberts CNN is you'd, was really good of the congressional be struck me as pretty fair minded, something by the standards of CNN, and she was the one who wrote the story saying quoting an unnamed source that they there was no plan for the Trump administration. The Biden teams going to build one from scratch, their inheriting, nothing that Anthony Fauci went out and poured cold water on on. The record yesterday destroys not been updated to quote Fauci. The eighth paragraph saying that no there was a plan and its not surprising. If, if the press unnamed source had said, we dont like the trumpet the planned Trump left us. Ok, that's fine! That's kind of what would expect
the plan is an extensive and off. The plan is a detailed and ok that that's all forbidden say that they said there was no plan, and that turns out to be a lie now m J least can do have the choice of whether she wants to give up. I got my first surprised that it was this the accusation that consequential and that big- was given by an anonymous source of its that important put your Bric, a Brac, a name on it right. So that's that's the problem number one Probably opportune that accord to found a lie. So now you really should be exposing that person, because they're using you to put lies into the public debate, but I will hold my breath of waiting for some sort of actual action from CNN on that front. Then
Biden, Standard, like you know, as well as of one week ago, right fine just moving on Wednesday, is the Thursday is first real thought first day on the office. Now, what one week ago, the USA, as average, nine hundred and thirty nine thousand nine hundred seventy three doses per day So, according to what blue, according to what the Bloomberg tracker by the way by then we'll get us up two hundred thousand to one million dose of the day, so about sixty thousand more than we're currently doing now for prospective. If every county of the United States did twenty more people each day, we would hit the bottom threshold. That's all it's not that much. Here's a maybe a couple of days will be no another week. Another couple weeks not a month will be cleared. More than a million a day, and I will be a real accomplishment but a hundred million and a hundred days isn't really that much harder than what we're doing right now and the other thing to keep in mind is right. Now, all the via the doses, all the vaccines with that so far require two doses:
So when they apply two hundred billion in days lashly to talk about fifty million people- or I guess you know, some portion of people have one dose by that, but its ill it's actually a fairly low threshold, and I think what really draw me bonkers, the difficult job is that It obviously the one. Your great words do some reporter his name. I have not yet determined yet developed. Just read the transcript says report something challenged by non this in the oval office. Yesterday they said, Mr President, said, you said the goal at a hundred million vaccines is that high enough shouldn't? You said the boy that's basically where the? U S is right now and folks as it mine was sitcom character. Your nobody said immediately when I did, you all said it's not possible. Come on. Give me a break man. Its debts turned into like Kramer entering into the apartment on Seinfeld.
Bite and says Gimme a break on man, Gimme a break at the audience laughs at applauds and its signature line, even those actually just eight, you know fairly cheap excuse, said distraction from a very legitimate objection. That's been raised body wants it both ways on this. It wants to say that the previous administration was a dismal fail. Even though it had it on pace, to do almost ninety four million in hundred days, bided ones add up to a hundred million a hundred days and act like that, something miraculous. No, Mr President, you promised better you dessert. You must give deliver something better. The toy, you imagine the press briefing earlier. We wish we had our first gents Aki Press briefing were what we impressions out of that, My impression out of that was it it's really nice to be the press secretary for a Democrat, because you get to do things that would otherwise
Leave you being marked and possibly cause a little flutter in the world of journalism I'm just trying to imagine what would have happened if, in response to photograph showing our trump, not wearing a mosque despite his own rule. Stipulating otherwise you said luck, we ve got much more important things to deal with the now ass. She did. You did not answer the question about abortion important. You in american politics, quite literally one of life or death, one of great jurisprudential import. Presumably in the coming years she said. I would remind you that Joe Biden is a devout Catholic. Maybe he is does So the question I am saying your devout doesn't change the
moral issues that surround abortion. He refused to answer what binds position was on the filibuster twice to point blank questions on the filibuster and psyche refused. Answer them, what you can get away with, if you're a Democrat, but not it seems if you're not now, there's no excuse for not answering questions now. The excuse that was given prior to the election was a preposterous one that if Joe Biden answered questions about the Philippines Durham court packing people talk about it writes about it. That would be the story. Well, yeah. Your presidential candidate now is the president. It wasn't tyranny at the press conference yesterday
it wasn't the worst thing that ever happened, and perhaps we should cut them a break. It was the first one, but I have despite my routine and frequent criticisms of president Trump had had a little sickening feeling in the pit of me stomach since Biden became president, because I have remembered what it is like when power is married with sick, a fancy, one of the things that helped the United States survive. The Trump years was the instant and reflexive opposition to every single thing. The president trunk dead.
Sometimes deserved, often not, irrespective of the constitutionality, all wisdom of plan put forth by the Trump administration. It was opposed hysterically often and the opposite is going to obtain here, and that could be tough because President Biden is going to do some illegal things he's going to lie, he's going waste? The truth is going to refuse to answer questions and when he does, you would hope that the press would would jump up and down, but from what we saw yesterday, we were set back into the usual pattern, which is software, questions, met by non answers and then I've gotta get a drink.
Yeah softball questions met by non answers, multiple examples of this little earlier in the week I saw a comment on Twitter from Germany in blue bill grew. Skin was a journalist professor, who described the Gent Saki Press conferences, as quote it's like running into a friend, you haven't seen in four years. Unquote, yes, that's precisely the problem, If your journalist you're not supposed to see the administration as your friend as somebody who can be buddy buddy with somebody, you might be thinking of the dust, Girlfriends coverage of PAMELA Harris Shoppy foreclose early in her presidential campaign. One of the things that jumped out in that when those first press conferences is unquestionably was from Fox,
whose pointing out that the Joe Biden it signed AIM executive order requiring everyone to wear a mass while on federal property. I'm point now that you know what he was at. The Lincoln Memorial during the inaugural Joe Biden was not worry mass, so wives, it ok for Joe Biden to violate his own. Yeah he's like your water. Was it in fact yet, but he was violating the role he wanted. Everyone start living under almost immediately Saki Person answer was, I think Steve I wasn't Steve do see ever was Peter to say about the. I guess. I'll do see, look alike. I think If he was celebrating an evening of a historic day in her country about that, don't get up a hot gave it he's life or death. You don't get to say well, but we don't have to do it on historic days or its celebrations and then she went on to say yet. Another report is, I don't think I think we have bigger issues to worry about at this moment of time now
You don't get to say everybody else in the world has to wear a basket with this is life and death and lonely. Called out for not worry, masking public say. Look. We have bigger eager issues to worry about this time. That's what says to people. We want them for our EVIL or are we want you to wear mass? But it's ok have we done because we're special, because the rules are different for us, I've known, jestingly sing. You could have made The argument that everyone and by the way, is almost within a two week window of getting a second shot. So the odds of him catching or spreading be that the virus are minimal, would have a better reason, not he's not quite a lot to do Point, one could say that everybody up on their backs needed could have been said. I believe as family members of maybe that's everybody. This household I dont know if your vibe is living with every extended member
family, but that would have been less but better sphere, but up jumps out his luck. We got bigger things to worry about. We have bigger fished, abrupt terrible answer, just terrible start to this. This is it this there's, nothing reassuring, but this administration they are every bit as bad as the critics on the right of this war about where the last two years, I got ex question to you going back vaccinations. Joe Biden will be remembered as a president who defeated the trend iris or will be remembered as the present, who inherited the tools necessary to defeating the krona, powers will be remembered as the president who did the current of ice, and this will be divided up into two periods, Donald trumps, who fail to defeat current of ours and Joe Biden who defeated current of ours. It will, of course, be ridiculously over simplistic and it will also, as the kids like the site,
Raise some pretty important players in the drama, but that is how it will go. Jim garrison many Democrats will insist that Joe Biden fixed the corona virus pandemic, the same way, they believe that Barack Obama solve the healthcare system with Obamacare here, so that this, the product of media bias saucer product of of timing. In it Bill Clinton was Sir just great position to argue that he got his pants, that the recession in the early nineties, when it headed, ended before he actually took office. I by a matter of it had been over four months and months before either took office, but perceptions are important. And binding, will be remembered for defeating the
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if you want it, if you're concerned about paranoia on the right and this these folks who charge from Capitol Hill committed crimes, based upon this overwrought and wildly exam directed sense that the advent of democratic control- Presidency Senate in House is going to end in Japan, their rights going too. Suspend their constitutional rights It would help of people would stop calling for the ability to remove people from public office over from public participation in public debates deep flat forming. Cancellation charitable, fired events. You want you folks, going. Re education camps, but the one that's real stuck in my cry for the last couple we started with MAX boot before I go any further.
If you respond to MAX boot in any way, shape or form. He contends your obsessed with him second or third time of written about something he's ever written in the history of the entire known universe. But this so now, I'm not obsessed MAX boot, but a couple days ago we called further written. We need the return of the fairness doctrine which ended in nineteen eighty seven and it needs to be applied, The Fox news channel that accompany you, just gotta, be so fair, yeah, be fair Then earlier today s abysses unarmed garret horrid us. I hope I smell the name correctly. Cos even though I think he's a mini, I want to treat him with the respect he deserves. He, too all four. He doesn't understand why, if we could have the fairness doctrine, We couldn't have a new, fair, distracted, applying more broadly and why that would be a violation of the same coin. If we're lucky for alarmed unlucky from exploit this thing called Google
and I use it all. I don't know much about something I start reading about it. Wikipedia got a lot of it national? At times they link router court cases? Ah, if you know, if you have the archives, various newspapers, you can news coverage about why the FCC reach the decision a whole bunch of what they said is whether in fact, the Faro Communications Commission puts lots of statements about what they can and cannot regulate right on their website. It's not hidden. It's not written in sanskrit you're, not to go, kill down in some deep dark cave to find this stuff, and all that without leaving. My desk is where I do most of my finest were so it first of all. For starters, the fairness doktor was written as part of the Federal Communication Commission's authority over
lick airwaves, I e old fashioned broadcast where these them they broadcast. Our now would send a signal to your television, which had either the rabbit years or maybe a tide of a coat hangar to it or something, but that that used public airways and that's what gave the F c c the authority to do that when these a cable came along, the SSC had very little epochs its using stay with me here. Cable uses something called a cable meaning, if not using public airway. So the absolutely is much less authority to tell cable companies about what they can and can put on their. Then. The recently fellow Communications Commission dropped the furnace doctrine back in nineteen eighty, seven as they did along research. People bid objected to it for a while. They came to the conclusion. Broadcasters didn't want to touch on certain controversial topics because they didn't want to get in trouble under the fairness doctor. But I first offered didn't say you:
and he can't published something. It simply said that if you gave me time to one viewpoint, you had to give equal equivalent time to another viewpoint, but even then you're broadcaster, less than you wanna, do, is somehow come in and sing out. Well, you gave this much time to this candidate or this much time. To this viewpoint, you have to give me the same call them time, and so it turned out that these networks in these broadcasters restart to stay away from controversial issues because they just want to deal with it at the opposite. That's that's your repressing speech. That's discouraging speeches up there, allowing freedom of speech. So ever since then the FCC has said they want to go anywhere near censoring, restricting whose rock, as they put it like what are different is all over there their website, you can't know, that's not our job Sutlers Bosnia, and this goes to a couple of court cases. What ms Terminal Iversen City, Chicago Justice, William was wrote the majority and read the whole thing which says a couple: Censier letting summarised is so well freedom of speech
though not absolute, is nevertheless protected against censorship or punishment. A lesson to show likely to produce a clear and present danger of a serious substantive evil that rises far above public inconvenience, annoyance or unrest not even on rest is enough to get the government in the business of telling you what you cancer. You continues, there is no room under our constitution for a more restrictive view, for the alternative would lead to a Standardization of ideas, either by legislators, courts or dominant political community groups. Another great irony is that the MAX boot in and on what they want standardization of ideas by legislators, courts dominant political community groups. Anyway, if they tried, if the binding straight and try to reinvigorate the FCC as MAX boot wants? I am fairly certain that the Supreme Court with Minimum five almost certainly sex and who knows, maybe even nine, nothing would swap,
this down so hard. It would leave a mark. That's why we're not doing this that's, why we're not doing this unarmed, geared harass? That's what you like, and here's a if you're gonna put this idea out there So that I don't have to come along and lay out all of these facts, try, Google or even better try reading me. So you know more about this subject before you go off half cocked and argue about repealing the first amendment. So try this. Whether frustrating aspects of the Trump error is at the people, who were most alarmed by trumps. Authoritarianism were also themselves tended to be deeply illiberal. Yes, and I'd like to congratulate MAX boot for coming full circle and instead of merely being a funhouse, mirror version of president chum coming into agreement with president chum,
on censorship. I think you'll probably remember, given you with the subject of a rich that a few years ago, president chump before he was president Trump explicitly. Wanted the FCC to remove you from cable news, specifically from Fox NEWS, What you said about him, he said I was beyond the pale Now MAX boot seems to concur with that. So congratulations MAX. You have now brought yourself fully into alignment with the first amendment, views of president tramp. Watch. Him said in its many words, is it this is flagrantly illegal. The debate here is whether there is any room within the first amendment to expand the famous doctrine to cable or any other Irina there's not. The debate is whether the famous doctrine itself was legal.
And I am less sure about that. Then Others, either way, the only way to achieve what max boot and others are calling for is Jim, says to repeal the first amendment, which is what they want. There is, unfortunately, a contingent within the american press and is far bigger than it should be. That is opposed to the first amending that spends its days trying to subvert and undermine the first amendment, either legally or culturally. Oliver Darcy who works it CNN seems to do nothing else, other than try to get CNN competitors de platforms, his friend and fellow sycophantic replacement level fool. Brian stouter does the same thing.
Its preposterous, it is preposterous that the institution that seems least committed to the first amendment is the press, but here we are These people are not outliers. Unfortunately,. Time and time again, we have seen journalists upset by free speech to the point at which either formally government measures or informally. As we saw at the New York Times most famous day over the summer, they are seeking to undermine it. And this is just another example and I'm afraid that it's going to get worse is. There is always an incentive when a republic
is in office at the press is irresponsible because it thinks that the president is being supported by the wrong people and when a Democrat is in office, the press is irresponsible because it thinks that the president is being applied used by the wrong people and that we can somehow create an environment in which only the truth, as it is seen by the press corps, is, is spoken week. You can't get there, we shouldn't want to get there and if the presidency that we just lived through isn't enough to demonstrate the dangers of
to get there as it is. Apparently not. Then I don't think this problem is gonna go I just amazing it just imagine what medicine would think if he him. He knew that the new institution, almost least interested in practice, protecting the prerogative the Congress would be Congress at an institutional least invested in free speech earlier very selectively, invested in free speech, would be the press so Jimmy that they're not going to succeed. In this I mean it. It's it's notable that their even sang it, but then I can it shut down Fox NEWS or get news max. Kick kicked off of cable carriers, but there it.
His speech that is more vulnerable. How worried are you that's why we're gonna see well capitalism kickin too, in an entirely different level and further circumscribed the visa ability of peoples who, with unwelcome views to voice ass, he is oh, I'm pretty darn, worried and- and I think your correct about Fox news- think it has a significant enough. What he had said has enough institutional presence that any real effort to get it taken off the air wouldn't go very far news max and one american network, I'm not as certain about it
has nothing to do with the fact that I dont, like those networks, has more to do with the fact that I dont know how well finance they are. I dont know how their ratings are at the Heather advertisers on. I dont know if they be more vulnerable to aim advertiser boycott or something like that, any less. It is always gonna be more popular. Your higher ratings broadcasting things beyond political news. Sport serve american productions doing today or something and the Good NEWS is worthy. Narrower cable channel options are not quite limitless, but there's a little joke of several hundred channels. Nothing seems to be on his ever been easier to start and how they television network going over cable or satellite, or something like that. But I don't know your bits, its topic. You can use a good NEWS organization guy, as I'm sure, you're familiar with rich it up. So I have a problem preaching to the converted here.
So the idea that the european institutions are destined to be around for the long haul. I'm not a hundred censure about, and the question would be not just as a channel controversial or have a lot of people calling for. Black warming or something like that. If the ratings are small enough, maybe one The carrier says you know, would be better off with instead of this channel, but I'm knowledge that giving them an excuse to have a non ideological reason as cover for why they would remove a particular chat sites. It is definitely worrisome. Maybe it's just at the heart of it. I try not to spend a lot of time. Thinking about what people who disagree with me are saying MAX Boots thinks robs us, I don't. I don't spend a lot of time. Thinking about an automobile its people, whatever nations, don't dunker idea of German when they're really wrong and its working hours, I will spend some time rebuking them, refuting them, etc. I get the feeling that there are a lot
people who just lay awake at night asking themselves. How do we get box news up here? How do we these channels up here. How do we get these people? How do we get parlor shut? down. How do we get twitters conservatives off twitter? How you? How can we stop these people from sharing these ideas that I don't agree with that one mentally added the hard to get these people like your besides. The fact that this is destructive besides the back of his Gasoline and the fires of our domestic divisions rich these people's lives, growth is exacerbated by the pandemic, nobody's gonna stay inside or something but like yours. If you spend your life trying to figure out how to shut up other Americans you're, not really good. No. Oh, you yeah looks are, unfortunately, not anything new, either try execution to you Rachel level of alarm over the threat of free speech and this next year.
Durban, national life. It's coming here, zero, not alarmed at all ten, her on fire, split this up. I a zero, not alarmed at all in terms of the specific issue were discussing because there Absolutely no question as to whether what MAX boot has suggested is constitutional or not. It is flagrantly unconstitutional if there were any attempt whatsoever to implemented. It will be struck down. Ninety, nothing very, very quickly but I'm getting up there, maybe in the eighth nines, because this is not a tendency that only exists within them. Eagles fair and while the Supreme Court can strike down laws, it can't strike down cultural move,
ones and we are unfortunately witnessing a wide and religion less cultural moment in which a liberalism rather than liberalism is the norm and eventually, although it won't impinge upon the first amendment, explicitly that's going to lead to a much less free, much less open and much less content. Culture him getting jeered at in the name of ludicrously overpriced
seven point- eight yeah, I'm right there, I'm a seven day. You know the Supreme Court that rigorous jurisprudence around the first amendment is a backstop really important backstop. But the problem is Charlie points out. A lot of this is going to happen in it a different realm, what's going to happen in the private and that the corporate realm and it's it's something that were were did to fight for a very long time. On that note, Jim, let's hit a few other things before we girl you ve, been trying to hew to a healthy, diet, even as your son takes a baking class yeah. So we want to do no good, sir, in others, schools not out and apparently Fairfax County we're not coming back ever
Apparently the word is that they don't want to come back in the fall, because the kids wouldn't be vaccinated, never mind. The teachers had been moved to the front of the line here, Fairfax. But anyway I was running at the kids to be active and milder Saunders, taking a cooking class and specifically thought a baking Sir we ve had all kinds of good stuff from in various cakes and pies and are desserts, deserts and proceed healthy new year's resolution, all let's stop and basically, every Thursday I get some sort of piping, hot, delicious sweet, smelling sir, that has turned the lake the kitchen into a disaster area, and you know- As you know, there are things that I want to say no to my son. I want to try. It means every third. Somebody's one serving of something sweet that I was trying to avoid earlier. So it's it's a good friend, The have there are worse problems that it is an interesting challenge about how you try to get healthy and then you know the temptations come from the most unexpected places and try you had been playing. Supermarkets
Odyssey supermarket odyssey. That's right, we were given a nintendo switch, spend enormous fun and then eventually the pressure has grown to get more games for it. So gotta be games that are appropriate for a four year old, but this one is the great game. I played any games of this sort reasons I was about ten. I think this game first came up for that. Ten, though we u but has been pointed to the switch. You got around to see universe with Maria trying to save Princess PETE from the evil Bouser and the Ipad Hours and hours of fun, plainness, sir, on the weekends with my my for Europe.
I'm just looking for two championship: Game Sunday, which is the best on day on the end of our calendar. Superbowl Sunday, is fantastic national festivals. Great to have all the country doing the Saint same thing at once, which doesn't very happen very much these days, but. Super boys, everything else can overwhelms the football championship. Game Sunday is all about the football and we should have coupled good match. Ups. Jim is especially people looking forward to the buccaneers packers match up to great quota Tom Brady. The Aaron Rodgers. I've never been a big Tom Brady Fan. I'm not a bucket, your spanner. I think it's kind of why these flavourless fell franchises a little bit like the jaguars, but while the second I have answered a Lord Ingram acutely being stuck in the nineties. Weaker
Togo and actually stuck in and not seventy easily sports wise and I've never gotten over the the buccaneers changing their their helmet from the seventies, which was an absolute classic when they are totally terrible all I'm about buccaneers. That error is the helmet and there is one game that I think was reigned out where it was actually like. Niagara falls kind of coming down through stands, color so much water from the sky, but I'm gonna Route for Tom Brady. I think he is right, no achieves is fantastic So, even though I have zero investment, the buccaneers abrading haven't you guys. I think that Tom Brady has demonstrated once again that he is in fact the greatest of all time by going to that team in doing what he's done, but I also really like Aaron Rodgers.
Rich themselves, are unable to step in and play Charlie for a minute and just observed that you're calling the franchise of gardener Menchu flavourless. Lately there a lot of things I could say about the Jacksonville Jaguars, but only flavourless path, but in the interest of peace. Yes, I do yearn for the days of the Orange cream, Sickle Tampa Bay, buccaneer uniforms in the early. Many test of thirty days. I homage Saigon Tibet say independently of who you want to win. What are your predictions for the two games you now I am, I don't have any since then, I don't know why that any these four teams Yes, a be national, say the packers are gonna, be the buccaneers, I'm really hoping the chiefs absurdity. The bills beat the chiefs, usually that, despite being IQ fan, I just a reflective of the river, the underdogs I'd like to see the bills.
He went but Mohamed kind of hard to read against that guy, so fantastic and so much fun as further championship game rich, I will be a jury, asked what we think of your Tom, Brady, obviously being a jets fan. I've really not fought well of him for a long time, but I gotta get credit with success. He had this season. He has passed when the Bilbil logic is really overrated. I was not really a key ingredient to the Bretons Patriot success. I think I'm a little credit for that one I myself will be both rooting for and, I think, hoping and predicting victories on Sunday. By the Green Bay, Packers and Kansas City Chiefs. Setting up into weeks. What I'm going to call me Jake from state formal, such as welfare protection, shy well. It is funny this because for about six or seven weeks now, I have said that I thought the Superbowl would be between the chiefs in the packets, and so you would think that, as we get close to knowing
I would double down on that and, I suppose, intellectually, I still think that's going to happen but I have a feeling that that's just to perfect, I think one of those games. Gonna go the other way, and I suspect it could be the bells yeah. One of those games almost always goes. The other way just be a fantastic showcase for quarterbacks you'll. Have the triumvirate Brady riders, enhancing the only thing missing, trying to make a picture completed Menchu. If the forthcoming quarterback would have been mentioned, that the picture would be incomplete that's what you do, I don't know what you guys are going to do. If I've been Maya comes to, Jacksonville takes Trevor Lawrence and they start winning it all. The jokes have to be rewritten. I guess we'll just have to hate on the jets with that it's time for letters. Pigs, Jim, get what you pay for go with Michael Brennan, Dorothys Normalcy deferred, since we're operating under a different set up.
Since the pandemic, Michael Bread and already- and I have not- we were alternating- shows, except when Charlie's not around and Michael Bread and authority, is really that sweet spot of a writer who often disagree with that by the end of the column. He's made me rethink or or but I thought maybe it's all different than I than I thought it was always columns- are also just just being openly that there is an old saying writing about your Europe obeyed and bleed under the page. I dont think Michael, It argues that, literally thankfully, but just a sense of just speaking honestly about what's what's going on in his head and was going on in his community What are we seeing the what he's feeling and he talks about how I get opine took? It offers a return to normal saying. No, no things are not normal rejected. It does not just the pandemic, it's not just the economy. He points about the sudden spike in gun sales and just kind of this sense that we are too different sites,
of this country. You just have almost nothing in common anymore. It are waiting for the other side to do something excessively provocative it. It's not cheery reading, but it was very honest reading and I really enjoyed those my piccadilly Charley was your pic Jim. I think you should probably check with Michael that he doesn't bleed on the page. He read a piece recently about how he jumps on every health fat going all sorts of great superstitious medical opinions darling highly mind. My minority night with immediate. I have our disagreements in my house. Ira means individual retirement account, Maybe he bleeds onto the page, but he bleeds green members, a compromise Mine is against unity by cabin Williamson. Who makes the point that we live in a country, people profoundly disagree with one another and that one cannot
compromise on every question. There are some things we can compromise on the text, It goes up and down spending goes up and down. If you have a congress full of five hundred and thirty five Grand Kemal Harrison, I guess with a fifty fifty Senate, five hundred and thirty six people, then you can hammer out agreements but on certain questions we just To go one way or another and asking people to unite behind you when they disagree with you, this foolish. And its futile and should not want that. What we should want is a fair system in which we all know the rules and in which a robust debate and respectful opposition is the norm. Unity
sir. I'm making up for my failing, because earlier in the week when all the other at her picks were evolved in pieces, and I pick something else- I pick This time round is evolves, Pisan vaccines topic. We urge us guessing no. The binding team is not starting from scratch on vaccines. A typical, factual, rational and compelling evolve in peace in this case pushing back against, binds spin and media. Complicity in that spend so that set for us even listening to a national view. Podcasting array, broadcast retransmission or account of this game without the express written permission of national magazine is strictly prohibited, despite gas has been produced by the incomparable surgery makes a sound better than we deserve. Thank you, Charlie. Thank you. Jim thanks to the bridge.
Fast podcast, thanks, especially to all of you for listening where the editors and will see you
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