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Episode 296: The Post-Presidential Twilight Zone

2021-01-26 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Michael discuss the oddities of the upcoming impeachment in the Senate, and the filibuster debate.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: NR’s editorial on Hank Aaron • Charlie: Jim Geraghty and Isaac Schorr on Jen Psaki • MBD: KDW’s newsletter “‘America First’ or Biden First?

Light items: • Rich: The American Way of War  by Russell Weigley • Charlie: Midnight in Paris • MBD: The GameStop squeeze

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transmits its article impeachment and the filibuster seem safe for now, will discuss all this more on this Additionally, the editors under Florina Joint is always by the Right Honourable Chelsea W Cook and ensure big day, Michael then Dorothy Jim Gary, return soon, here listening to a natural, unified, castor sponsors this week or master works and the break faster gas more about them and due course, hopelessness. I guess I'll view dot. Com clean directly on the corner corner delighted to have you, you better, be easier for us and better for you. If you made as part of your feet at industry, Miss services out there from Spotify to Itunes, like what you hear here, please consider giving us a glowing five star review on Itunes. If you don't like what you hear hear pleased forget, I said anything so envy day. It feels like A year ago we had an article marched over from
the house to the Senate an initial vote just before we see recording here Tuesday afternoon, where you amazingly had forty five cent Republicans voting to dismiss this trial out of the gate, suggesting that you'll get five votes to conduct Couple weeks when the trial actually gets under way, what he make it will, I think, weak if I may say so, I think we become known for perspicacity in forecasting. Something like five it's for conviction. I think you're. All close today are saying that if some we could get Mcconnell you could get for, Five more maybe, but it looks like it's five. and dumb. None of the names are a surprise as far as the
substance of the argument, I'm going back and forth since this came up at first. I thought, of course, its its legitimate to impeach president after he's left office, it doesnt it's not an expiration date and then I kind of God. Into this textual argument about, you know that the text convent why's that the chief justice preside. it's over the trial of the president, implying that it's the current present but now I'm back to tactless face textual as phase not now. I'm back, I'm back where you know just the constitution. Argument that innocents that this is
To send it to decide and what the Senate decides will be legal because the Senate decided it, but that doesn't mean I'm I'm for Calvin Ball by just that this. This power resides in the Senate and it's not like they're gonna. Do anything crazy with it so yeah. I mean it's a kind of defeat Some of the drama of impeachment but the house. Impeachment manager still have time to make their case, even though this is a very strong indicator of where the Republicans are gonna. Land. such early where you on this question of whether a post office impeachment trial is legitimate or not. This is the process are get on with their lot. Republicans are hanging. There had sign and really started with Tom Cot was first alligator sang heap. He condemned what happened on January sex, but was.
Out of the gate saying? I don't believe this is a constitutional, endorsing and argument made by a judge, Michael looting, actually serious guy. The first thing to say is now, as in the past, This has been discussed the opinions as to the constitutionality of post office impeachment. falling down parties outlines. I believe I am right in saying that whenever this has been discussed in the past, the party that. the impeach e comes from has said. I think this is legal, whereas the other party has been enthusiastic.
And that's what's happening, hair. I think Trump should be impeached unconvicted, so I don't come at it from a perspective The scepticism, but I am not sure what the law is, I'm not sure what the constitution means hair. You think it's interesting that it makes reference in the constitution to the president, not a president. Ultimately, there I think this is probably one of those. Non just as the about all borderline non justifiable cases. I dont think the courts Should all well decide this question, I think the Senate has to the impeachment power.
is a power invested in the legislature and the legislature is the most powerful, an important part of our system and that presents a problem for Republicans who want to avoid coming to the conclusion that President trumpeted something terrible which he did, but it their presence and with an opportunity it presents. With a problem, because there is no obvious original list answer and the six three major, Turkey is not going to save them from the political ramifications of their vote here equally, because it is To the Senate than they are entitled, in fact, it is their duty. to say. I don't think this is how we should proceed and to mask as much of the politics of this as they can, with procedural objections,
so are not particularly surprised by this unjust pointed in that I think it would have been good for the legislature You have stood up and pushed back for once against the executive branch and in this case, extremely reckless behaviour from the executive, but when we talked about this last time I pointed out that this is ultimately a political process, and I continue to think that average person reading about this will consider it odd. there is an impeachment process going on for a politician who has left office, and that is whether it should honour going to weigh on how many politician. To have been freed from the clutches of Trump continue going forward. but I will make the argument Damagon had a extensive
peace on saying well that the founders a model, the impeachment power. On the british example, and while the writing this, you have the famous impeachment trial, Hastings going on Hastings was not currently in office. in the text of the constitution, you have removal an disqualification suggesting rules, not The only penalty and just common sense would suggest that if disqualification is one of the penalties, contemplating the concept, given that you should just be elder resign and free yourself that potential heavily, I think, is persuasive damages an excellent lawyer and an excellent historian, and I am certainly not going to say that he is wrong, I am not convinced enough by his argument to be solid in my support,
But in those circumstances, in our system, where It is unclear what a provision means. Then we defer and in this case we defer to the Senate and the Senate Cannon will proceed as it sees fit so Michael What do you make of the arguments put forward, like Charlie other of our colleague, Are you into this required in response from Congress? And I think that's obviously true. It's just that, I'm not sure what the fuck. The difference is between a trial where you get acquittal with five republican That would be five times and the number of a presence party that's ever voted conduct before your privacy there's only one the earlier Trump impeachment Mitt Romney, who voted to connect. The first member of the press,
its own party. You ever voted, take convex that that's something but I'm not sure myself how much weight fibres to convict and a trial, ultimately acquits acquits pretty comfortably. What What what did you mean that Anna a censure I don't know what how many votes it would get now. I think I think things become very polarized again around tromp, but if you done it relatively quickly, you could have had eighty votes for for censure and the Senate Yeah, I I don't know how much weight it carries. I mean It does carry some weight. It carries we for the reasons I think we ve said last time, like its historic, that he was impeached twice at all, and I mean it's a historic,
a distinction that he bears, that he wears the burden of for the rest of his life in furthering the memory of his country, that matters it matters a five Republicans vote. I think how one of the reasons Republicans are so hesitant to vote. Is because they think it matters more to them than to trump right that, in effect leading to convict. puts a target on their back, invites pray, Harry challenges invites try, intervention into their into primary races in the future. In a way that they find unwelcome and so they are backing away there there. like I said previously, applied ass. They were person
coming from a baseline of he won't we'll never get enough votes to convict and bar from office. So, given that, if you play it out by game theory, what's best for me and for stir them. It's ducking the question: that's why they Our gloaming onto this argument that maybe it's just not appropriate to impeach. President, whose out of office- or maybe we just said Oh the voters had their say. So that's enough! I'm sorry! I I don't know how much Wait it has for Trump in a weird way. Trump is a mystery box right now, because he's off twitter, and he's being silent, and I know that legal strategy for the impeachment. Something beyond or or whatever. But it's like us
It's like a very dark cloud over the republican horizon, but it hasn't issued any thunder lightning. Yet no one knows what to make of it. This first time by the way that there's a story, I think yesterday saying the trunk was to take a break, was like the first inflation. you didn't enjoy like every single day and minute of every aspect of his prey. See no matter what was happening? You no matter what the controversy was, but Charlie What are you were, and I ask you have parties lama to but is: where are you on the question of how appropriate it essential it is to this offence or would be to dispense? Why don't you an answer that question. Without referring to the timing in that, had
thin six months left, maybe two months left impeachment would have been quite obviously the correct path, I think it should be impeached and convicted. that question really only arises because we are now in this odd post presidential twilight Zone And the issue is muddied: it's it's muddy politically, because. I imagine the public is probably less interested than it would be if he were still in office. Its. Muddy constitutionally. I don't think it's entirely clear that this is
corrects reading or that I'm not sure I am. and on his mighty culturally, because, as Michael says, for the first time in five years, chumps disappear. So yes, you're chasing off the shadows. Suddenly we would never have thought we'd be doing with charm, and in that context I would have been Much happier to have seen a broad based censure than acquittal, could you can't have both and if, if Between January sixteen January twentieth, if both thousands of Congress had passed a censure of the press. Didn't have the United States for what happened on January sex. It would have killed impeachment. Similarly, the moment that impeachment was
raised the moment. It was obvious that it was going to happen. again the chance of getting eighty votes for essential there. I believe there was some negotiation. There were some wrangling between the two parties. Some figures were, saying have you let us censure him instead of Impeach were on board, so I dont think I censure in a vacuum really is enough, but I get may have in retrospect. Been preference, to what looks as if it's going to be a fairly straightforward, a credible and you have five people on the republic inside today who signal that they might say yes to conviction, and Rob Portman insists that he is still weighing the constitutional question and the merits and that he wanted
continued debate on the constitutional treaty of this measure. because he's unsure so maybe six, it seems unlikely that Any more than it go for it. And so, once again we are going to enter into a trial. The outcome which is already known and Too many many people it's going to look as if Trump was in some cosmic sense innocent. So I think you have to weigh weight in the context of the timing, but should I in an ideal world, the president would have been swiftly impeached, convicted removed and barred from office for what he did. It deserved that response. The remedy turn the public centre left and we had a Monmouth Paw yesterday that show fifty six percent in favour of impeachment,
and then it might have been a little less than that, but over fifty on conviction, but clearly republican sentiment has swung strongly against this kind of feel. It You can also see it and the reaction of politicians, Nicky Hayley, who was quite hard, in her condemnation of what prompted aunt Jane your six at her and see what your meeting or see speech a couple days later was on Fox last night Saying why wasn't Ghraib what he said, but there's no reason to impeach Young was just letting go, get give poor man a break a Rubio who is important Hearing the coal mine here last week was was quite dismissive of this effort and then was tweeting out and out this morning or yesterday really horse things about it, and so clearly that the party is against it, and you have
politicians who are thinking about running in twenty twenty, four really sensitive. That fact. Yeah I mean, like you said. I think I think at times in politics, people you know based on the baseline and once Republicans figured out he's never gonna be. Can did and removed under these circles, this. Then you bargain from there. the highly intervention was kind of funny. Could she literally said give him a break? And you know it was like, while this is the first band of moderate rebels that Mickey Healy couldn't endorse, throwing over regime but classic all right, let's just say it just just putting it out there in the zone attendant regime change in we saw some people back away from it. It's notable. And I M, but yeah I.
republican, suppress it in, and you know it's it's kind of funny, those pulling numbers. precisely the Senate balance right. Fifty five percent support impeachment. We fifty five senators who look like there proceed. I mean, I think you know what I've felt what I ve noticed is a lot of. It So this among Republicans, like you, know what about them, rights last summer. You know: why aren't you using the same video technology to go after them as you're going after these capital rioters? and you are also seeing like the subject change to Joe Biden right Joe Biden had a very active first week of executive orders. It pretends things for the future governance in America and in others the Republicans her like one again settled into opposition, and in a literally just
Want to relegate the Trump era because they feel like they have something to lose from it. They probably do. cook. Joy question to you. The second trapping impeachment would be remembered as a grievous mistake a mistake, a worthy, a forlorn effort or an absolute necessity. A worthy if forlorn effort, Emily it all depends on what terms does in the future. It mistake moderate mistake, moderate mistake. I'm trying to say worthy forlorn. It clearly required a response, but the timing
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have to Democrats Joe Mansion and Christian Cinema coming, And say they absolutely guarantee that they will oppose any effort to and fro buster what to make of it. I'm thrilled. I think Mcconnell played a weekend well. I'm not sure he ever expected to get his written assurance likely knew that if he carried on too long, he would lose the Roma. Members of his own he and embolden precisely the radicals on the democratic side that he is, trying to inoculate the Senate against. It is a big deal That German can once again confirmed that he is opposed to a ball Should the filibustered and not just in time,
general, but in any circumstances whatsoever there was and deeply satisfying Peace by Gregg sergeant at the Washington Post yesterday, in which sergeant expresses frustration with engine for saying that under no circumstances will he wrote to abolish all. What's the euphemism reform, the filibuster. Not even a little things, that is good news. I think once we start to reform, the filibuster will be, Sally hidden away and then Kristen Cinema adds a lot to the achievement. She too said that she is not interested in abolishing the the best I am she's not going to change your mind, she's, not open to them.
in her mind- and this in turn prompted Joe Biden Press secretary to suggest that the president is also opposed to killing. The filibuster, which is great news. It's not just great news for Mitch. Mcconnell sought is great news for Republican. In the Senate, saunters great news for conservative What is great news for America? The filibuster is one of the most important parts of our system and I am pleased that at the moment at least it looks as if it's going to be staying. I've seen some people suggesting the moroccan- all didn't achieve too much because he just got three people to say something that down the line. They could. Changed their minds on that true not sure whether
a letter from checks, Cuba would be much more valuable. I'm not even sure that writing an agreement into the power sharing contract in the Senate would be much more useful, given the simple majority could alter them two of the filibuster were removed, but it's not that he met privately with cinema and Mansion and Joe Biden, pressing she came out saying they have come to an arrangement, Joe she now has said over and over and over again the same thing: including on television emphatically. Kristen Cinema likewise, is she could not have been clearer yesterday And it is a big deal that Biden. Seems equally skeptical What Mcconnell is done here is played we can't, while.
And he stopped in its tracks. What was a fairly obvious and well reported on plan to set up a sequence of votes in the next few months? The would give Democrats an excuse if they wish to take it to abolish the filibuster that seems to be off the table. is have been bought at least good news, and they are you as much of an enthusiast. Further fell, buster, Asturias, Yeah I mean I'm pretty much an enthusiast just because I think you know Obviously the filibuster is part of the constitution, can it emerged very. early in our republics. History has been altered slightly. It's been cut down eyes more recently in in certain.
send it procedures, but the Senate is the proper place upper chamber of a bi camera legislation legislature is the proper place for minority rights to impede the majority, and so I am glad to see it. I think it was a huge stake in a huge contributor to polarization for the judicial Philip? To be trashed overtime, and abused over time. Anyway, it was, I think, it's I mean it's tremendously, contributed to polarization, so I think. I think it's good than it survives. I am a little bit troubled, though, in that
two people endorsing it and I actually, I was a little bit surprised by Christian Cinema because she's, is a progressive and the areas. Major european looks like a circular firing squad and it looks like no particular danger to her anytime soon. Well, I'm glad she indoors state, but I had this feeling I had after California proposition aid in two thousand. He, where was I. one by fifty two to forty seven and was like If this is a an important matter the definition of marriage. If this is like an eternal thing, really hanging on by a thread and you know better king, about buying just two more years of the filibuster. I mean it's just starting to feel. Like its doomed bet, Democrats, but the democrat position against the filibuster is heartening to a point of no return.
and so that just means it's a matter of time until they have a majority large enough to get rid of it for However, that would be a shame to I'm a little next cares. We think of this on on the phone still, on the one hand, it had to filibuster forever, but certainly did the Senate has not been entirely democratic institution from the beginning and was was meant to be a break as with so many other things are ass. Our customs system are on rapid action and I think that's all I think it should should be your heart hard to get things done. On the other hand, I think, as contributed to the the The executive branch from sucking power away from Congress because it is just easier to do things through executive. Already, we see this with Biden is Erector pace of exactly
Borders are not sure whether any of them have any obvious glaring constitutional or are legal problems, but just it's it's a violation of the spirit of our system to have this kind of ping pong back and forth. Now, between chief, ghettos or have y know unilaterally does a lot of stuff and then another line does it another two I read, does it, but on the On the other hand, I think Congress, the sources of Congress not being defensive, of its powers and prerogatives goes much deeper than the fell, buster and even filibusters, eventually eliminated. This will still be pathetic in this regard. There are many points of balance and fusion in the american system and other I dont disagree with you that I have the feeling that it is impossible to get anything done, legislatively
one reason why the executive branches taken so much power in recent years, It is also the case that the balance between these Federal government per se and the states needs addressing, and I think that to get rid of the filibuster would be to weaken the states to weaken federalism, to empower the federal government even further and to lead to a proof in balance, in our constitutional order. If you, like me believe that Federal government is currently far larger and more intrusive than it was supposed to be. Then
You will end up seeing the filibuster in the Senate in General Ass a year four counterbalance against the encroachment of Washington into this. TIM in general, we no longer have an operating commerce clause that the commerce clause has become an enabling act. We no longer have an operator, being enumerated, powers, doctrine where one sweet pass. Constitutional amendments to, for example, prohibit this of alcohol above a certain potency. Now we add new prescriptions without the body debating their legality. The drug war is a good example of that but says a great deal of red
elation. What we do have, though, still within the system, is a Body that is drawn from the states not elected more directly and a provision within that bodies, rules that require a super majority for it. Extension, the House of Representatives and the presidency to do anything considerable. We hear from progressives that the Senate and the filibuster are undemocratic, then ass. They are local list. What they do is they put The emphasis on the states, California, is permit said to do whatever at once, with its state government there very few restrictions on what the state of California may do if California, with to institute single Pair, it can do so
If California wishes to raise taxes to eighty percent, it can do so. California concern all of the workplace, rules that it once it can set all of the business world that it it can set all the zoning and education and healthcare rose, That's it wants. What it can do is fine pass them on Wyoming, or at least it can do that. But thanks to the Senate and the filibuster it, to convince not just fifty percent of the country. but a majority of the states that It is the right idea- and I think, that's really important- to Continental Republic that is intellectually and religiously and geographically diverse, ass is ours. I think it is a good thing that perforce keeping change is possible. You have to convince
a super majority of representatives from the states the state some cells can do what they like. But if it's going to be a national rule, if it's going to be imposed, if it's going to be one this fits all. Then you need serious buying and I am I am cognisant of the criticisms you make and others have made, and George Well and David Brooks recently about the Philippines your empowering the executive branch, but I think that the consequences of its abolition would be much worse, for the overall balance of em I can government and as such, I hope that it sticks around us all. Well said to that point. Anybody
they filibuster is ultimately doomed. Whatever happens this Congress, yes or no, yes, troika! No, I don't think so it may go, but I dont think that its guaranteed, because. you have a lot of senators from purple states that continue to be the case. Even if the ballot shifts even further in the democratic direction you have a lot of senators, some small states there are. and people who make it to the United States Senate, and they just rank ideologues didn't care whether from the not interested in the traditions of the Senate and said they don't care about anything I just spoke about, but There are others who are aware that it would be bad, for this state and bad for them ass. Nearly
did senators to give away a great deal of their power and influence and turn the Senate into a more exclusive version of the house. And I'm just not convinced that at the moment the Democratic Party has Boats are I'd, I dont mean, because dimension and justice. I came out and said that they are going for it I mean beyond not. I think there are probably two three, maybe for more senators. On the democratic side who have pushed came to shove would would bulk would form again fourteen and come up with a compromise, would perverted whittle away would never around the edges. I am not convinced that the numbers other Ultimately it is doomed ethnic them. Turning hard against it and eventually will have. The numbers are too eliminated and
a big and slammed republican majority, their institutional, slight Mitch, Mcconnell really care deeply about it, but I think their influence in the party will probably dwindle. over time. So I said, I think, they're probably end up going at one point. One way or the other with that. Let's stop in here from our second sponsor this week. The brake fast had cast some topic. Seem inaccessible to the average person economics quantum annex even one of the world's most familiar religions. Catholicism can be confusing at times even for Catholics. that hurdle inspire the new podcast break fast breakfast was created after a long dinner when the shows hosted by the brine gravy mentioned. The producers at the word breakfast literally came from Catholics breaking the fast after morning ass. The shows creators saw the need for a package that is engaging and accessible to everyone for those of anything
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Out so immediately said something else going on and the Republican Party we have continued turmoil Arizona, GEO, key censured, sending became Jeff flag and juicy. The successful conservative. Governor of Arizona now in his second term supposed. the censure, was over his lockdown measures and sprang during the first wave of the poor dammit. Obviously, a lot of us had to do with do see not doing trumps bidding and doing something to block. Overturn the election result Arizona related Lee do see for the moment is saying: has zero interest and running for the Senate seat in two years in Arizona and given us, you know why woody way.
Yeah well, it definitely looks like Arizona is likely to you know comes rampant, turned a to nominate for the Senate, Looks like it's gonna nominee like you know, no hope Lou wannabes losers. That emerges. We had a lot of these at the beginning of the tea party era in the jail, P, where established Tyrians got taken by surprise by the populists. And ran I mean, I think, gum in her tongue. Massey once said that he thought that Republicans wanted to return to be the principles and vote for people like him, and then he realized they wanted to vote the craziest person in the room- and he was it at the time- and you know my own-
view, though the Arizona GEO Peace that this is a belle, whether in a warning for the rest of the party, is, I think, a few major figures in the Arizona Republican Party in including John Mccain, system. We got on the wrong side of the base camp. Let me staked out positions that two unpopular with the party and then fuel. a populist insurgency that is also unpopular and now parties in a civil war in that state. That is ultimately self destructive. I mean I wrote about it in the magazine it populists, have to learn something from the establishment and take up their responsibilities to govern, not just to make a spectacle of themselves in protest
which is what's happening in Arizona now with these censures, but then leaders of the party people like Jeff, Flake and John Mccain. They they have to stop going to the New York Times and base the key whispering. I hate my voters, you know that's not helpful either so yeah I mean I am. I think it's a big story, though, because this is the fate the National Party would would do well to avoid ass, a child, its change. You think state parties in these to be established in a terrier in institutions but instead we have these kind of state parties. Now are all over the map that scene begone a little crazy and and what one possible Marv what's happening is Arizona is what happened in Virginia where he had us we're just connect with it.
very same time, that Virginia was becoming more suburban and a tougher lift for republicans requiring adjustments in in various ways. The party went in the opposite direction and double down on a completely thought. Less populism that was guaranteed to be repellent to Cicero voter say, have Kelly Wards, Arizona, GEO P at the tank same time, Arizona's changing like you know a lot of states. Georgia high on that list completely going in a direction where it's going to make it impossible for the party to compete. Republicans have to decide. Whether they want to win elections in changing states, it suddenly possible to do so. Ass.
Party is shown in Florida and in Texas, but is not guaranteed. There is something that happens to people when they begin to feel power slipping away or when they can't and holding it, they become more crazy. and the? U tradition, they see this in state such as Wyoming, where the democratic, runs, for the Senate is an absolute lunatic. They believe that, they are a rock war. I wear which his hat to the debate, outside is look at it and they say will. Obviously, this is the sort of person that runs for the Senate from Wyoming, because they're just not going to win the sea but can I should not have that effect in places such as Virginia or Arizona or, let's hope, not Georgia,
And yet, if they're not careful, they. Well, we ve already seen. a number of high profile retirements from people I just don't want to be involved in politics anymore, people who can n in toss up states in Iraq, man is retiring. Hi, I was rather than it was not guaranteed to stay that way, and it hasn't done sheriff Brown in yet. to me in Pennsylvania. It's gonna be tough to win. That Sea even if, as a mid term backlash against the Democratic Party. what were one. Case against the idea that Arizona is about to become Virginia, is that, although now has to democratic senators,.
do you see one in twenty eighteen, which was a bad idea for Republicans biting fifteen points? Sixteen points. But if he says no, and if the pie He has taken over by Kelly WAR type whether that means the Kelly WAR type stay home so that the delicate that loses all the caddy war types become the candidates themselves. Well, then, maybe Arizona could become more like Virginia. I think Republicans needs to decide what they want to do when he retired from the Senate in South Carolina. went to Heritage Jim DE meant said that he'd rather forty really solid sentences. Then sixty squishy ones. I disagree with that.
I would rather have sixty really solid senators, but having forty And it is, does not work out very well for conservatism ass. We learnt two thousand nine it takes long time to clear up the damage if it is possible to clarify the damage. Which, given the way that the american system of government works it Usually not. Sir, I'm I'm bothered by those who have have opted out it is early. Perhaps we will see some high quality candidates, but at the moment it looks as if the chances every taking the legislature and twenty twenty two ah limited, because the people that you would need to do it will seem to be run away. So immediately. Try mention rapporteur when we got word of his retirement here this week. Couple different interpretations: wine, that's how he knows:
How can we back and majority anytime soon to just like that, general nude new tone has been taken in Congress last shovel years and where three attic I'd say could be it all this that that can be tough slots, letting for Portman type Republicans in their Publican party for the duration I think I need I know another man's mind. It could be a mix of all those things. All those things are true. It's probably not good studying for. Hartman's types. I do think some people, some political figures, get bored in the Senate like it's, not their thing, I'd rather be active somewhere or they'd, rather be an executives, and even just mean governors, but I mean like literally going being board members of major companies and other things that they could do with their time so
It's it's hard to know exactly that, but. they're already rumours about whom I run in that in that, see. One of them is only a friend but an acquaintance. Jd Vance, who beat me too, the punch in weird childhood memoir game and oh, he hillbilly elegy fame Maybe the position for that state, as he's a conservative, but he has these. Heresies on trade and industrial policy that have tended to boost Canada, in Ohio in both parties. You know, like shared Brown, so that might be a good, It may be a better fit, then rob Portman in
in the new term, we dont, but we don't know but the Republican Party does have to. It does have to take care way of avoiding the civil war scenario, is keeping in recruiting your best talent right. An agenda Portman doesn't doesn't lacked. when an town isn't just. Being on a cable news hit for thirty seconds, talent is also fund, raising Helen is also winning elections. Write me a fake, One fear you have right is that register. Back to the very heart of it, yet you know, one fear going back to the Arizona example right is, you know, Kelly Ward, Who is chairman of the Arizona Republican Party?
she just loses elections, that's what she does and they are taking out people who win elections. That is not helping them. Either. So yeah I mean I still think this is too early to know if this is going to be a big trend, but it's definitely something to worry about giants. couldn't you Republicans, we'll take back the Senate and twenty twenty two, yes or no. No, anybody no. I'm going to say that a lot accomplished and they say yes, I think. yeah emanation battles. What will be caught him next, but we generally
environment will be very favourable to the party and in ways that is difficult to predict, but it's it's. It's gonna. I believe it's it's gonna happen. And there will be some more unifying going on that. Is it possible to envision right at this moment with that when they do quick at our plus plug Arab ass, your away to get beyond me to pay war at national, you dot com, your way to comment on articles and blood. Your way important later about ninety percent fewer, add sea, basically, no ads in the text of articles that might be distracted. Who are you trying to read our contacts and also to other benefits in the harbor private Facebook grew people, be part of exclusive cause,
with various conservative figures. I did one of these just this morning with John Bolton for an hour plus, Members, it's a great deal on a cost year about five dollars a month there. These first time offers available at any given moment if you're not already and an hour plus member. I urge you to join the tens of thousands of fellow and our readers who have taken the planned so for. We go. Let's hit a few other things Charlie. You have now. finally caught up and watched the midnight in Paris. I have I kept hearing about this, We don't know why I waited so long to watch it, but the other night. We were so we're looking for a movie, and this came up and I thought I would we'll do that enjoyed it a great deal, I'm I'm. If ye
Woody Allen movies, although recently I have enjoyed it a couple of his. I enjoyed cafe society. This I thought was better. I dont aspect It is because I'm a writer myself and I enjoyed all of those seems all because I also harbour love of the nineteen twin is an especially of Paris. But I just thought this. This movie worked. ready. While I can see why I'm always being told to watch it and began You ve been obsessed posted about. The other day with the game, stop squeeze yeah, leaves her. So the games. so game stop is retail. Store that sells video games and last I got a new ceo who kind of invested some money in an retail investors liked him in and started buying up the stock and then be
egg institutional investors on Wall Street, particularly Melvin CAP. It all right. we started? Shorting, the stock down four dollars and basically what they are doing, is that the kind of borrowing, stock to sell it back at this lower price and what happens is, if you get over your skis and opposition, and basically there were more stock there more stocks game stop. being shorter than there were available even on the market. you are vulnerable to what happened, which is a bunch of people on red it that are- crazy traders took up games as a kind of crusade.
and they are able to buy stock, which forces the short short position to buy stocked to cover Their potential losses and you get what's called a melt up. And so game. Stop went from being a we're dollars, stock and dying industry too. I mean I today, they almost touched two hundred in their price and the estimated Is that a couple of Institutional investors have now basically forfeited millions of dollars to these pitchfork we'll do day, traders online. It is a really. stunning populists story of a just war? idiots entered the chambers of finance and getting more than
a jackpot from it and smart people looking really stupid. I love it's like this, the fairy tale for me. I just finished last night, a book by Ganem Russell widely called the american way of war and I've had to say and myself I know literally for ten years, I have the little stamp on it here from the strand, bookstore n. lower Manhattan where I bought it for six dollars. It says, and I thought This is one of the many books at which just sinner myself, and I occasionally think why should read that one day I don't know why, but a month or so ago actually picked it up in its a fascinating work. A brilliant work, anyone who is interested an american military history should read: read this buckets was written a nineteenth century three so towards the end, goes in all weapon in our view, a little dated, but most of it they stands up, and one of the major themes is how I what why would cause a strategy
of annihilation began to become part of the american strategic norm, and this is a tradition associated with ulysses- scratch whose approach and Annie Civil war was obviously just fix, the Confederate Army and two utterly, destroy so with that envy at that time and the podcast for editors picks. What's your pic? Kevin, williamsons, peace, America, first or Biden first in which he annexed things how, by MS taking on some of trumps, protectionist measures, hers and rhetoric, which he D, like at all, but thereby is making them worse by making them more like direct cronyism corporate welfare than they were before ass, a check it out check up. What's your pic
I liked both Jim Garrulity and Isaac sure on the thoroughly predictable, but nevertheless emetic display. We ve seen in the press over the last week towards the new press secretary, Jen Saki, who, I am sure, is a nice person. maybe even a virtuous person, but absolutely just not this. Her too He believed at face value, and yet that's it what far too many journalists, and indeed some media analysed celebrations Delta have announced that that going to do. I have said Finally, an honest person in the press briefing room now gone vacation for another four years so much, is an azure. You editorial occasionally don't take too boy seeming to choose of serving. I do right. Some
some, but not all of them. I didn't write this one called hankering, Loki, baseball, urgent and soft spoken brave, such a wonderful, send off to anchor and one of the great athlete an american history, I saw a lot of admission before a lot of old baseball team. our accounts, some of which she edges, tweet out photos and Hank Aaron, the young Hank Aaron such an incredibly good. Looking ball player, he looks like someone who's just meant to pay baseball course. He was and you're dealt with the obviously of of incredible prejudice within credit grace unbelievable pressure on him ass. He approached Babe Ruth
I've home run record and if I'm not mistaken, there was actually a guy with a gun at Fullerton County Stadium, the night he broke the record with the charge that, if someone attempted to assassinate, I guarantee that he is supposed to take that person a down and you just Look at his lifetime numbers just astonishing. Obviously, some hundred fifty five home runs, but you Track the home runs still had more than three thousand hits twenty one seasons, as now star, three hundred and seventy seventy one, three hundred seven three thousand Excuse me, seven hundred seventy one, all time, heads to that two hundred, ninety seven army and on and on so that this editorial was a wonderful farewell to an absolutely tremendous
ballplayer and that's it for us. You been listening to a national view. Podcasting you re broadcast, retransmission cow, this game without the express written permission, NASH from you magazine is strictly prohibit Despite gas have been produced by the incomparable, Sarah Sherry makes a sound better than we deserve. Think Charlie, thank you. Envy, thanks to master works and to the break fast podcasting, thanks, especially to all of you for listening where the editors and we'll see you
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