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Episode 299: No Relief for the Weary

2021-02-05 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Michael discuss Liz Cheney’s staying power, Marjorie Taylor Greene’s tenuous footing in the GOP, and the hole Democrats are digging for themselves by trying to pass the new COVID relief bill.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: Dan McLaughlin’s print piece “Party of Lincoln” •Charlie: Yuval Levin’s post “The Rush to Reconciliation” • MBD: David Harsanyi’s piece “The Great American Gun-Buying Binge Continues

Light items: • Rich: Building snowmen • Charlie: Appreciating the workmen doing a job at his house • MBD: Airbnb

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This change survives empty Jeez committee, silence, don't and the debate, Were the covert relief bill will discuss all this more on? This edition of the errors are much larger joined is always by the right arm of Charles Steed, W Cook and their tourist boot Michael branded door. Jim clarity will return And soon you listening to a national view, podcast foolishness broadcast on national. You dont come clean directly on the corner, We are delighted to have you better, be easier for you and better for us to be made as part of your feet at any. The stream is services out there from Spotify to Itunes. You'd, like what you hear here. Please consider giving us a glowing five star review on Itunes. If you don't like what you hear here, please forget
I said anything so envy day we have The less Cheney leadership debate come to a head. The other night there is a lot of reporting that is there going to be more than half the conference would vote to dump her Matt Gaetz was very confident about this and it turned out not to be a total physical. It was an intense meeting with a lot of bass fourth both ways, but she ended up winning comfortably one forty something to sixty one eyed, That was what you make of it. Well, you know trusting, because I think there's been some reporting of youth picked up on this. Are you can verify this rich, but there's been some reporting the trumpet lobbying behind the scenes on this vote little bitter these may be in touch with Matt Gates about it.
You know it was a little bit of a test of how Trump defied the GNP is versus. How much there's going to be a snap back after Trump and at least in secret ballots. Ah, a majority: of the Republican House Caucasus is willing to support list any even though she voted for impeachment services. Not you know it's. It's kind of been established out. This is not a fatal thing, at least among the conference. I dont know among voters that may be another test Cheney faces in the future, but you know I think I think listeners know that we all thought that way
prompted was impossible. I thought you know the reported remarks. Chaining aid in that meeting. I ain't sorry, you know make perfect sense to me and I think to all of us. She didn't deserve to be pulled out over this. Ah, I think. Men, kids. You know this is act real egg. On his face right, I mean There is a way in which the Republican Party suffers for lack of connection with Voters, I think a lot of representatives act in fear right. They dont know in that sense they dont know how deep the crazy goes in the party, and so I think, they're more. They act more fearful of it. Then they should be
so that this anyway in this was just an interesting test. I know some of my own in our compatriots, who are a little bit more sceptical of the Republican Party as it was before. Tromp and maybe you know, the name change makes there. Revolvers, I'm latch at their sides You know this was not a referendum on at least chinese foreign policy. This is our referendum on whether Trump is going to have this fearful influence over elected Republicans, going full third, and you know it's a sign that his influence may be waning. I mean we have to wait to see because he's early silent. So it does feel there's a storm cloud off in the distance, but I thought
I am glad she won the vote. I'd be afraid if, if Matt Gateshead, that kind of power in their republican caucus, I think I'd be a little bit scary. Yes, I have no independent knowledge, whether troubles working this him himself. I just saw the same report. Julia. I think you can look look at this too, is on the one hand, this change totally on unapologetic did not back down at all that's all to the good. On the other hand, this is kind of a defensive maneuver. It's just of waiting getting punished. So it's it's good. In that battle was not an affirmative three and then also On the one hand, the shows that most of the republican conference realises that they shouldn't conduct their business according to the dictates of of one I back in moral logo. On the other hand, it shows they're, going to act on the sentiment in private in a secret ballot
but we have seen as much evidence of of people be wine put their their next on the line for based on the side of it publicly. Wow I was defensive, but it was also landslide amuse me two no end how many of the tweet size. Or in the immediate aftermath of the mind how lopsided the vote was. One of them said that she had managed to cling on another party had, for example, a hundred and sixty five to fifty charge state legislature, you wouldn't say look. They clung once again, we would say there absolutely dominant and at least on this narrow question, less Cheney
One overwhelmingly. I wonder to what extent Matt Gates knew what was going to happen to what extent he was trying to create Zone reality he said it beforehand. We have the votes. We didn't have anything close to the vote. Does he trying to generate momentum? Was he trying to? she'll be along people who voting in secret to make them believe that there was a swell here. What did he believe it had? He been in contact with President Trump? Had he. Been told by many who subsequently
did the other way that sure they were on his side. Has he ever going tonight? either way go ahead at so as a phenomenon. In the end, these internal type, fights and rice happens and leadership. Races were candidates, totally shocked, because you get the assurance of what you think is the assurance, and I think that's the key thing you can hear what you want to hear when you're talking to people about this races. There can evolve seeker votes and then used Hautala shocked when it's not there, but I'm guessing that it was more the former that that he was trying to talk this into coming to fruition, talk it into happening because the chinese people almost one, as the first stories came out, take other that petitions over fifty percent of conferences. Signed at their no there's no way there's no way and that there are also like really confident going into this both here and as it turns out, they should have been so
Yes, it was a defensive vote. Now, it's not the same thing: ass prevail, being in a primary or being affirmatively chosen. I daresay it lists. Cheney would not be chosen for that position by the party right now, but history moves slowly, and we are only what two weeks after the inauguration And this was a sign that make them instead of me. His life in two weeks, It was a sign. This is a little. Sign posts along the way and if in a year and a half things look difference. We will look back at this moment and say yeah bit by bit. Chumps vice grip over the party has been written question. That was the start of it
So anybody I do think this is an important milestone, unjust card, Now some non trop space in the party, which is no small thing at at them. I do think over time. Trumps influence will diminish, and inevitably, events are going to happen and new issues are gonna arise. New players I gotta arise, I think, are all that's true, but the one thing that has- A concern, though, is that was so what were in this period since Trump left, where it is basically done. Nothing right, maybe made some cause about this. I can't imagine was very concerted but easy on twitter there's, someone is reporting the other day. He's he's been reduced to kind of drafting in suggesting tweets for other people too.
Did we end on any interviews and still his grip is a strong. So what does it look like when he's back on Hannity every night, which apparently you know he will be in a couple weeks? And then for it today in the daily mail about Trump planter revenge. Tour going and holding rallies against the various people have cross them on impeachment. So it might be that his his impulse footprint is gonna wax in the near term. Rather, Wayne any further. It might I mean listener revenge, tourist actually risky. It's it's it's an interesting position, so a revenge tour we'd be about Republicans who betrayed him, but these are Republicans who are still largely in the fight against the current administered
vision that may satisfy a portion of his followers, but I do think that's a trickier thing right and I do think it'll be tricky to four figures like Hannity, who kind of can provide an audience for Trump like that, if trumpets determine to poison in hand at its own ability to to interview enough, perhaps the next. Presidential nominee of the Republican Party. Right, I mean there's the concerns become a little bit. The the chest moves become a little bit more difficult. Maybe will finally get three dimensional chat, sir, or something now but I think we do to prepare for the idea that trump me try to
entered, enter the political sphere. Again, it seems highly likely it's just it just impossible to gauge his footprint. And you know he also may get into- sit in some other scheme making money or or taking his fame in a different direction. So it's also, I would say it is worth pointing out here too, that the potential consequences of his re entry into the scene may unpredictable, but they won't be random members of the House of Representatives who voted in favour of his impeachment and the member of the Senate, who seem likely to vote in favour of his conviction. We're not picked out of a hat so he runs a revenge talk. Ok, let's Cheney is notable because she's from Wyoming, but the rest of the representatives who said yes to impeachment
no they're, not in that sort of district and likewise in the Senate. Do we really think Revenge tore aimed at taking up. Mitt Romney in utero, bents ass in Nebraska, is going to work. I doubt and events ass is currently at risk of being censured by his part, he in Nebraska, he put out a video last night, somewhat defiantly telling them to go stuff themselves, a monolith He pointed out what he wants. What more votes than Trump in Nebraska he won? Omaha chum did not so sure jump will continue to have an influence over the party and sure he may, However, a warping effectively shows up every night on Hannity, but his ability to in picked pain on those people that he most needs to in order to get his own way has now
been severely curtailed and I'm not sure that Who was still kowtowing to him of recognised that Michael hunting and you're you're getting at this? that eventually might take hold but hasn't taken hold. Yet somewhat. To my surprise, is you think a sheer partisanship word cut against some some of the trunk vengeance. Trot conspiracy theories. You'd think s bag. Winning Georgia would have been like an overwhelming concern at the party, and I went Trop help valid up. He were paid a price, but Yes, he's paid, no price for losing the midterms and twenty eighteen can happen inevitably, but he made it worse by making himself so repellent in the suburbs, losing you know a winnable race against Joe Biden and then losing these absolutely retorted. The covert weep
in a minute, but if Joe Biden gets his one point, nine it's going to because of what Trump did in Georgia, but but it just that doesn't seem to enter into the calculator. As much as I thought you were right, I mean, and also waiting to all democratic Senate starts confirming judges with fifty one votes with Kemal Harrison. There are huge consequences to what happened in Georgia, and you know the size of the colored relief bill is just barely scratching the surface and he's paid no price. For that right I mean I'm in Mitt, Romney paid a bigger price for losing in twenty twelve. Then Trump has four twenty twenty. I thought
Its partly in I think, is partly the corruption of debate, the corruption of political media and the corruption of american politics. Where there's, so much of it has been diverted away from the business in the case of journalism of reporting and analyzing, what's happening in the world and then for politics of governing I mean people think it pretend this is all a kind of show and that you're your job is to in a keep the seals in the audience, clapping the whole time and trump, has a unique power. There I mean trump. Change the relation of politics and media to the point where all the cable news stations, where in this ratings bonanza lots political media was surfing on high tide from term
So there is a reluctance to let it go. I mean the big thing. Might start clearing that out is if trumpet on the ballot end, You see voter participation drop from it's insane highs in twenty twenty. You know. Maybe people look at you know as here as the clicks decline as the ratings decline and bill, except the return of kind of normal politics as boring is that is when we have to remember to like Trump activated people who didn't vote before and got them too. Attention in some way to the political scene,
mostly because he was this insane spectacle for five years. That's that's. Gonna. Take a wild aware off. The joy ass, a question to you. How much does this leadership vote boost the standing of less Janni? the party from zero to ten zero. No big deal scanner status Quo, TAN she's. Now an unstoppable republican juggernaut. I don't think it both. Sir at all, I think she has maintained her position and the question now is: will the fever of broken in time for her to win have primary in a year and a half empty? I think it's boosted her slightly. I mean she hasn't she's a danger. Primary challenges in the future, but all she has to do is like find her in
Cheney and get the left angry at a trainee again that shouldn't be hard number I need another woman scale again near the town. Did not a cop gaiters gave booster like a six. I thought we were can I get a classic mba moment there. Were you said she needed to find her in a Cheney and drone? Our opponent? Shall Euro zero? I take it. I miss you because I don't think that she's been alive It is in any way I think she survived and and will see whether that lasts. I can say, like four five, I think it booster in in a sense, if she lost this sheep meat, has dynamism. Loser leaderships thought then go back and when a primary and while it s really hard see show
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Did you died or for more information? That's our institute, DOT, Org joy, an hour I as it honours bucklers legacy and stands athwart history yelling of course, So Charlie, we had more internal house jalopy action this week with turmoil over Marjorie Taylor Green, as we discussed last week new, so for media Posten. Various sir lunatic musings, heaven and honour the last week or so, including most memorably, the jewish stakes laser that she suspected might have started the California Wild. Hours and two thousand and eighteen of course, to clear the way for California is high, speed rail project and kept Mccarthy faith choice here. Others talk of expelling
that was really a realistic option and the more realistic option was for that house. Jp itself to stir her of her committee assignments. Instead, he met with her and sure to apologize. Take it back, and you really statement wants to again condemning her statements. She gave a talk at the same conference meeting where the Cheney vote happened, where she expressed some level of regret about her past statements that as Democrats said. Well, you know what you're not dealing with a problem worrying to deal with it and we're are going to vote to strip her of her committee assignments that happened yesterday. An Taylor Green made up a public Statement of some- I regret, although it also it just seemed so,
your eyes, you something sheep she fell into his seat was really are fought. Where do you make of it? I don't like any of it. I think the Mccarthy should expelled her from the party and as far as he is able to discern structure of her committee, Simon Citizen, a free speech question. We judge people inside bodies such as Congress still on their work and why she so valuable. She is on the record within an institution such as the Republican Party, which is a club.
And she's damaging it, she doesnt bring much too it's totally within its rights to say no, that's not what we stand for if she's stood up and said, I think that we should fund planned parenthood, then late term abortions fabulous she wouldn't be put on the Signs committee, so I don't have any compunction whatsoever about suggesting that she should be. Alienated as far as is possible from the party. I said they don't think she should be expelled from Congress because I think that's a separate question.
Once you ve, held an election in which voters vote you should, as far as is possible, respect that she's she's a mouse two year cycle the Supreme Court Justice, but parties can and should maintain themselves and associated with whom they like, and they should not wish to associate with her. So I don't like this Kicking the can down the road, but I also don't like Democrats doing it for two reasons. The first one is that Democrats have shown no such willingness to do this with their own crazies. I haven't done it with Maxine Waters,
I haven't done it with alien Roma and an alien almost case they have their promoted her. The second is structural. It seems to me to be a mistake for the Majority Party, whether that parties, republican or Democrat, to interfere with the committees many of the minority. I understand that the house is in a sense at least internally a dictatorship. I understand that the majority run the show. I understand that it is different in that regard from the Senate, thanks in part to the rules within the Senate, the aggressor was trying to get rid of, but I say a precedent. I dont think this will end well. I think that we will now see Republicans reaching
to the minority when they take back the house and determining which of that minorities members can sit where, and although it is legal from that majority to do so, I don't think he's going to improve our politics in any way and in fact I think the opposite yeah media. I think this was a key piece of the puzzle. Here is that Mccarthy was feeling pressured by the Democrats, who said they're gonna do this anyway, no matter what he did so it would have seen like yours buckling to them. If, if he did it himself, I think I should have done it himself and I think just party hygiene says
This number should not be have good standing within the Republican Party, but I think that created some hesitancy and then they just this present is bad. A minute there's no way when not if, when republicans take back the house majority, which will happen at some point there. Just certain Democrats who made incendiary comments were not gonna get committee assignments. That's that's! The road were down now yeah, so I'm on the president. I totally agree with both of you. This is a bad person, This is something party should do themselves. I know Nancy Policy was looking for a way to do something about eleven Omar awhile back and was couldn't find the political capital to do it and then appeared on a magazine cover with her. You know
and it's an argument also Ford the GNP to be proactive. Like I said, I do think that there is this disconnect where the Republican Party fears its voters and feels like they dont quite understand who vote for them or dealing with them. That makes them hesitant about this and job you know this is gonna, be a clean up job. I dont think Marjorie, tiller Green is going to behave well going forward. I mean she fun raised, offer these events, so all she fundraiser off of her persecution by the establishment this week.
So she's going to try to be like this national conspiracy, populist figure- and you know the Republican House leadership should put out a statement is saying truth, that in eight eleven, seventy nine Alfonso, the second of Aragon and Alfonso, the eighth of Castillo too, down the jewish satellite. It was part of the recurrent Easter was ugly, but it's a part of history, there's only the Catholic Satellite Party tyres. You know anyway, anyway, like. I grew Charlie minutes in the party should determine who its who'd associates with by the parties are so weak now, partly because they ve they ve democratize,
And partly because no one, no one can reconstitute the the smoke filled rooms and no one can alas, what do you know if it's a funny thing too, because, like listen up the kind of poppy, imagination, is that all this all the big events in the world are decided at Georgetown cocktail parties right and that we are all looking for access to them. Anything I do if only there were parties where people could draw some lines. Sometime, Yeggman mistake: the stand ages hard enough to get a smoke filled rooms at all. Let alone make major political decisions in it
So Charlie Ex questions you Marjorie Taylor Green will be a member of Congress and January twenty twenty three, yes or no, no, I think well, either read district her out or she will be. Prime read out. I I can't see her sticking around in some part, because she doesnt really bring anything to the table and said: there's not much of a re all politic incentive to keep her Emily. It's a coin flip, but I think Georgia, Republicans, camp and wrap in spur and all the others.
Have a sit down with Henry Olsen of the Washington Post and and rigid emphasised to them that if they don't try to restrict her and they can do so with conservative, like Rock Ribbed conservative republicans. Those are the people whose districts touch her now. If they don't do that, then the Georgia GNP could head the way of Arizona is GEO P into a much worse civil war, and you don't want any part of that You have to say now: I think that is really the red redistricting her out, or maybe you optimistic, I think you know she's getting a boost from this nationally. I just can't believe the editor day. Voters, not district pumpkin voters, given the choice and a choice presume
we have good sawed conservative would would woodpecker again and primary, knowing that she's totally ineffectual and can't get anything done in Washington, except for generate pointless poisonous controversy without its possibly do quick at our applause. Plug is on time listeners now and our plus digital subscription service. At national of you die. Can we have a mere pay walls, readers now? That is increasingly extensive, increasingly hot, to get around and Anna plus is your ticket past that if you sign up for an hour plus and importantly at current and our plus members take note to login you got to log into the website. Do you log into the website? You don't have to deal with pay Wiley more. Also importantly, you don't have to deal with ads in article. More about. Ninety percent of the obnoxious annoying but important for us for revenue terms ads
will disappear, is really amazing and the difference any experience of coming out of you to read and you find yourself getting black but by- by the pay war and annoy bodies ads are gone sign up for an hour plus doesn't cost a lot. There. Also first time deals and you have a much better experience and the opportunity to delve even deeper into the and our communities and comment on articles and blog posts. You become part of private facebook group if you like, and you get invitations to exclusive conversations with various conservative news makers and our writers and are editors please check it out and are plus so every day we got this big Ovid relief Bill on the table. One point: nine trillion and it it looks as though
the dinner they can. I get the same, Elisa looks fairly optimistic. This juncture, what do you make of it? So the bill keeps getting worse and worse in the in the hands of the democratic majority. You know what your finding is: they're putting in fifteen dollar minimum wage which, doesn't really have anything to do with cover to relieve, but. Saying it it's kind of a stimulus, I'm afraid in some regions of the country it's gonna stimulate unemployment rather than employment. They are putting in of course, bailouts. Further still
It's all sorts of goodies and they're, not doing anything that would actually get schools ready to open normally as soon as possible or even by September there. Instead of getting people back to work increasingly looks like the bill structured in a way that is pay people not to work until September. This is getting kind of ugly in Greece stop and it would be a better bill if they had not tried to make it a party bill. You know, I think I think Democrats calculation is that they can. You know get a big boost by sending out stimulus checks to a lot of people.
It seems weirdly like Joe Biden alone to negotiate with republicans more than own White House does or than the Senate does so. I think this is not agree, sign for getting out of the pandemic as soon as possible, and you know it so it's is worrying to tat kind of begin, a new administration This idea that, even before the last covert bill has been spent that were putting another one, Point nine trillion on the tab and that their space this idea that, like the Federal Reserve can just turn on I'll, get money spigot forever with no consequence, so I'm a little worried and try it very, very summers. Former Obama fish a present of Harvard for present have Harvard has not been the washing post has gotten a lot
attention. That makes an argument that you ve made over I'll see says two things, one to Michael's point with be careful here that this really could spoken asian and away. We we haven't seen a long time. I defer the romish on the trip. Reality of of that worry but he also says in his coming out of obviously from a progressive perspective,. Why you gonna blow all this money on that? This spending that one it doesn't that the economies of scale is already started. Healing is gonna. First start your further as the pandemic receives here in the spring. So so why get it? use all its political capital on the spending that, from a progressive perspective, doesn't involve any real structural changes to to the economy.
And have nothing left in the cupboard when you want to do all this other stuff, education and infrastructure, wherever it is. What you make that argument, I like that I've been unusually sanguine for a libertarian throughout corona virus, and I have not been routinely suggesting that. Those imposing rules in response to the pandemic, using the pandemic as a pretext for what they already wanted. Today. I thought that most of the act is here
doubling their way through, and I've been unusually sanguine on the economic front as well in that some of the ill effects the crown of ours has brought us have been the product of the government itself, and I think government does have some responsibility to pick up the tab when it itself prompts costs my line has now been crossed, and I am no longer sanguine. Am appalled, appalled by this bill. Pull by the details of it, it's almost too trillion dollars in its current form, which for contacts is, how much the entire Iraq war caused. The Iraq war for years was held up as the example of profligate
spending. We put it on a credit card for start children and grandchildren to pay for it. We didn't think about how we would pay for it will all right this. Is it the first corona virus bill, MRS just one of them and is now going to cost unless it is radically changed, just the Iraq WAR did and it contains all sorts of provisions. Really are not necessary for Corona virus relief it contains bailouts for the states contains a fit In dollar minimum wage, I'm not for what it's worth, convinced that that passes the bird rule but will say- and it pays people not to work at a moment. We need them
to be working. It also gives money to people who shouldn't be receiving money. It's not well targeted. Now, David Brooks in the NEO, Times argued that Joe Biden should be using this moment to make all sorts of structural changes to fight inequality, to stop wages lagging and so on and so forth. Actually Joe Biden should be doing the opposite, Joe Biden, not only for the sake of fiscal sanity, but for his own presidency should be tapping the brakes hair and recognising that he may be about to make.
A big mistake, not not just for America but for himself much of the money in the last couple of hours there has not been distributed yet. There is absolutely no need for this to be rushed through at lightning speed. Using reconciliation on a party line or close to party line basis, and I suspect that you have all events is correct when he says that if Biden does that- and the indications are that he's going to this- maybe he gets done. This may be the end of the bipartisan moment, such as it is. What Joe Biden should be doing is building the case for what he conceived to be the best
corona virus relief package and slowing down at trying to bring the costs under control and then working out what ass he wants to achieve in the next few. Months set up. I am now at the point of no I've been ok with a lot of the measures that have been taken, this was unprecedented. We were flying blind course. We did not want to allow a collapse, but. I said ass, a fiscal hawk. I now looking around me and I'm seeing people making choices than not that then up forced into this There are rushing this that they're, saying hey. We have an opportunity to spend money. This might be a good moment to fix this, or that me
we weaken role in other provisions, and I am deeply concerned about the financial situation which the Trump Administration and Republicans in Congress made a lot worse. It must be said, and deeply can send that for about this pill, mdx questions you what will be the final top line number for the cove at least bill after it passes Congress and is signed into law. Beef. Specific two point two William, woe to point to try cook less. I think it might swing down a little bit. It won't be dramatic, but perhaps one points trillion- I say one point nine- and with that special bonus exit,
I should first do you. Charlie club chiefs were buccaneers. As a part of me, the things the buccaneers, this year's fairytale team and is being held in Tampon Tom Brady, came out of the patriots and has done it again, but I'm just not sure having watch the chiefs for two years that you can beat them. So I'm gonna go with the chiefs. Emily Chiefs. Yeah, maybe you know such probably means were wrong. I'm never been a big Brady fan will discuss this couple podcast ago, but he's got it Yes, for a seventh sawr that be a third of the sea, winning a super of all when, when he had a chance to cut a rack up at another history, making championship like that, and their route for Brady, but I can't
see a come down to just two final drive with the ball in the homes, hands and he's gonna get it done, but overall, just just hoping for a good game. And that its it in one of these guys hands with the game on the line with under two minutes to go, but we'll see with that, let's hit a few other things before are we get out of here and be de had her recent Araby in beef experience yeah. So we were having The house was spray foam insulation and which you can't be in the house, for so we need to find an urban, be they would accommodate three children and a dog along with two parents and her baby turn this up for us. And hilariously. It was I
is owned by a very high up big shot at one of the hedge funds that got absolutely hammered last week by the stupid game. Stop story so, I was pretty funny site stupid. You were loving idler, yes I'll. I mean I love Benny. In I mean I love some stupid stuff, Charlie. And Charlie been admiring the work the guy's been doing on your gutters. Yes, so ass, you can imagine. I am absolutely delighted to learn that we needed to have all of the gutters in the house and many of the surf. It's too replaced all at the same time style of spending money
But the main work has been done just outside of my office, and I've watched some of it through the window while daydreaming, I suppose. And I think it is worth repeating that even complaining to me that you couldn't couldn't get going on your magazine, article four last issue Does your watching the gutters? Now they arrived after. I finish that magazine peace, but I've written in other magazine, peace, them very hardworking employee about the. The value of, and necessity of. Watching and admiring people who do work that we ready think about all been in a position where were busy working writing a national review in as somebody comes to deal with the plumbing?
existing conditions. Allow me to say how it's out back and then go back to the office and take a phone call it. What you will give you actually stop and watch these people work there. Impressive, an invaluable and watching these two guys to the the What they were doing under the roof line was one of those moments and- and I doubt Egoisms speaks a word of English, but that the quality of the work and the care and precision were was a real thing of beauty and I suspect that has a culture. We don't spend enough time appreciating them Yes reminds me of two things show I want a mess. I think I mentioned to you before copy years ago. I have had to deal with this terrible plumbing situation. In my my parents, house basement
flooded, set semi ruin and how to get a plumber in nice kid. Honour NOS twenty five, twenty seven years old. At one point we're down there and he just stood there. It is staring at the wall and fires like what are you doing this and think it because he had to figure out where various pipes are going was the best place to com. As has a real intellectual challenge, on top of of everything else now not manipulate symbols. The way we do for a living, but but it it would work fires, real talent and also craftsmanship as such, and such a wonderful thing to do like my dad, how little interest and Brick Lang you did a little bit him himself in a back, walk of their house and that the neighbors cross the street once When I was younger, they, they had a major role.
Nation, of their walk, doing going on, and my dad would like come downstairs with binoculars and just watch. These guys do do their thing. The craftsmanship were so so. Amazing. So speaking, craftsmanship I've been building snowman, sir. I got snow man under my my belt. The season. The fur big snow in the northeast was to dry relay fur for good snow man, mature real, but I managed by cheat. And using part of snowbank created by a plough. This latest blizzard northeast her, was was better because at the end of it there is little wintry. Next, as I say so, snows was wetter, but still it's really hard to do. The at the classic snow manually go where you you roll one snowball. You're really really really really dig and at the bottom There's no man, and then you get the intermediate snowball
A small- and then you get your head had this really hard to do so I find you got it. You gotta use a shovel credit, the kind of build up a mound to begin with, so it leads to a kind of a slump, be looking snow man, but at least a recognisable snowman with that. It's time for editors, picks and media. But you pick might because just a little piece. David. Her sunny about the great american gun buying binge witches something I've been following unjust amazed at the incredible expansion of gun ownership in Amerika for last year, and then some I mean a thing: estimates are over five million new gun owners were, were, I don't know christened last year at work, but the terminology would be, and
It's just continuing with the advent of a democratic administration so much so that, like I mean there's literal shortages of bullets and guns on store shells in America, this is. Pretty astonishment away becoming all it's it's a pretty. I mean I want to say to the gun shortage in America, because they're they're really isn't bites. This is going to have long term political consequences. Mediators. Studies done, I'm like how gun ownership shapes the politics of a gun owner and
So this is this: is it anyway so trend to following and be interested in jail? I got what you're back my bag is the aforementioned peace by evil of in on the strange way that the Democrats rushing this, grant a virus relief bell and the potential consequences that they might suffer if they rush it unloaded up. In the next term. So my pig is another piece like earlier this week from the forthcoming print issue of energy. Which is now available. If your and our plus subscriber serve posted, there were four year enjoyment and enlightenment, but this is a peace immediately following Charlie's by Dan, Mclaughlin and Dan has real inch, breast and nineteenth century history and its written
he's about how the even with all the current turmoil on discontents the Republican Party still recognizably the republican Party. It's always represented going back to Lincoln the fusion of classical liberal principles and a more populist elemental conservatism with different. The Trump errors is Trump represents the ascendancy of that more elemental wing of the part me when, usually it's been a subordinate role, but this fantastically illuminating peace, and I urge everyone to check it out so K. That's it for us even listening to a national view. Podcasting you re broadcast, retransmission or accountants. Gay without express written permission of national magazine is strictly prohibited. This podcast has been produced by the incomparable Sarah should he makes us sound better we deserve. Thank you generally. Thank you. Anybody like especially to all you for
snake, where the editors and enjoy the big game.
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