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Episode 302: Calvinball Once Again

2021-02-12 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Michael discuss the Democrats’ impeachment case, the Lincoln Project’s collapse, and the firing of Gina Carano.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: Ryan Mills’s piece on the California school situation • Charlie: Pradheep J. Shanker on school reopenings • MBD: Rich’s piece on school reopenings

Light items: • Rich: Andy McCarthy’s son as a sports announcer • Charlie: Catchers and pitchers set to meet on Monday • MBD: Grand Seiko SLGH005 

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The house managers make their case the Lincoln Project blows up in June. A Carano gets cancelled. Gus, all this more on this edition of the editors umbrage. Larry, I'm join is always by the right honourable Chelsea. W cook in the notorious booed, Michael Brendan, dirty Jim Gary, return. Soon you listen to a national review. Podcast or sponsor this week is quip the rebel missionary toothbrush? More about that in due course? If you listen, foolishness, podcast, unnatural view, dot com or directly on the corner were delighted to have you better be easier for you. Better ferocity made us of your feet at an extremely services out there from Itunes Spotify and feel like what you hear here, please
Consider giving us a glowing five star review our night it if you don't like what you hear here. Please forget, I said anything so MBA. We ve had a couple days, the house. just making their impeachment case. Sweden doubt and the EP earlier this week with the opening day arguments over the constitutionality of that now we ve had arguments about the merits of the case and a heavy reliance on video the day. where the out of the gate on the first day of the thirteen minute video there, yet high reviews and then a day or two ago were, according Friday morning here they had some more highly touted its exclusive security footage, which compelling I just find it hard to look away from. These is terrible videos and images from that
from TAT Day. I'm not sure, though, how much they they go to the was supposed to be the main, in argument in the article, which is the culpability of Donald Trump, for what happened? What do you make of it? I do I cheat thing. A disagreeable to video stuff remain pretty effect, in that. the videos are used to demonstrate a couple of things, one which is them that the leading violent edge of this assault on the capital. we're doing what they were doing, while Parroting in repeating lines, kind of FED to them by trunk right at me, like that pensions, a trader that they actually looking at their phones and seeing Donald Trump,
dumping on my pants for not attempting this bizarre higher now spell aimed at overturning the election. I thought that was effective inch in in connecting the rhetoric from this speech to the actions of the people at the capitol right end. You know it. Doesnt establish the hi bar for a normal criminal incitement by I make it demonstrates the the heart of the case, which is that Donald Trump assembled A group of radicals at near the cat, Brought incursion to go to the capital city they needed to fight that their countries. Taken away from them that the vice president was.
betraying them. They needed to show strength to weak republicans. But he was proceeding by this dangerous euphemism. And then we were saying in the weeks leading up to this event that this was not her glycerine as far as rhetoric was concerned, and then they showed you that the resulting fire that it caused. So you know I would find it very difficult to On the merits to try to escape the conclusion that this was in teachable behaviour and that dont from there is real moral responsibility for what happened at the capital and that's an infamy that will follow him throughout american history. So Charlie there there is obviously a level of culpability here, it's if
but never said, the election was stolen or encourage people to come to Washington. This horrific events would have happened, but it did, but on the other end of the spectrum, I don't think he intended to have people ransack the capital, as we ve talked about private really. So I will read it in the article to say you know he gathered a crowd to pressure device president to engage in a gross abuse of his office and then, when the crowd ran out of control, then he he didn't do nearly enough to try to stop it when he was, and this is something I think they are sizing yesterday there all sorts of people, Chris Christy, Bill O Reilly other saying, Mr President, you're the only one who can start this in real time and
really and until the violence in the capital and ended that he he came out with anything like a statement. Saying don't do this go home and even that was inadequate and grotesque, because he said how much he love these these people on and what a memorable day was the problem, That's trump has is that we all know what happened it was caught on film. It is undisputed. and we also know what he said in the preceding months- what he said in the preceding hours and minutes and what he said while it was happening and absent any further evidence. We therefore know what he was thinking now.
illegal listing sense. You can absolutely make the case that this was not incitement. Can argue that there was no clear connection between what he said: and what happened. You can argue that there was that he used are protected by the first amendment, which. and you can argue that he lacked intent and in a criminal trial. That argument would likely prevail it will be the argument. Many republican sentences fall back on along with idea that the entire proceeding is unconstitutional, but that
Argument is much less easy to make politically and, although impeachment should not be without guide rails, this is not a criminal trial. It's a political trial, which is why Democrats have expanded their indictment to say Charlottesville. What they're trying to do is to demonstrate that. the President of the United States repeatedly incited inspired, expected even people to do bad things on his behalf, culminating in what look like article two attacking article one. The best argument against that is to suggest that it is I'm fat, but it is some truth. It's actually the president,
was horrified and shocked and determine too strangle the violence in its crib. But there is we haven't heard any in the last few weeks since it happened. It's not that argument that is being made on trumped friendly websites. It was not raised by his defence team there is no witness forthcoming. Who will say he was in tears watching this happen. He immediately called the Pentagon and said what can we do or he got on the phone with Larry her again and said, help he wasn't it.
Now he may not have meant exactly this to happen, but as a political argument, there's just very The little hare to mitigate the connection that the Democrats making an Although it seems for ordained that he will be acquitted asthma cool says? The moral brief that has been made is a strong one and it is entirely fair if they so wish. For Republicans to say no, we don't like the articles. We don't like the trial
We don't like the timing. We think that this is hypocritical, given violence over the summer or democratic rhetoric, but it has been really Trusting to me, as somebody who thinks he should be convicted, that all of these, counter. Arguments have been technical now Nobody really has said come on. Don't suggest that this wonderful. Constitutionally minded civically letter man wanted this to happen because he kind of dead, so yeah, I think envy deed trump would be some significant measure better off if he had tweeted. What Don Junior tweeted said. John Junior Junior also gave a speech that morning is as well people up and proudly went to the airport sought was happening in Demille tweeted. This is terrible. This is not who we are. Don't don't do this stop
excited first amendment rights, but not like this, don't don't be like the other side and trump. Never. Maybe I maybe his statement the next day under duress written for him was what was was that strong? but in real time you never said anything like that. What are you though see what we get from that the Trump team this afternoon there is better for certain it upstairs allowed the process. You know there wasn't really a house investigation or hearings or any of the rest of it. But then there are the better portal will emphasise hypocrisy and point out all those times. People right in the summer and Empress said this is largely a peaceful and what were we're? Fine. Finally, that or it or said things are aunt I caught now this brain, a capital police. Do you think that gets them anything police politically? I mean, I think,
I mean I think it's pathetic. Actually I mean it's all true that a lot of Democrats were afraid of condemning riots last summer We have even acknowledging them right to even acknowledge that there is property damage. Being done was seen as a full part. In some circles That's all true, but I mean what is the point of of of saying that Democrats are hypocrites. On political violence, if you're not going to stand against it yourself in any way I mean what is what is the point? I mean it Is it just to demonstrate to the american Public House? worthy our elected officials are of their offices. I am
you don't get it it's not a defence, I mean it. You know I often Find myself criticising people saying: oh, don't do what about ism right, because oftentimes when you say what about this or that you really trying to probe for us our standard you're really doing. You know socratic dialogue. but this is exactly what What about his is? Is it it's a pure distraction, right. Your many those people that were riding summer are being punished. There have been caught by the car they are going to serve jail sentences maybe not as many as you know, we would like ultimately because Poyser overwhelmed buddy,
it. Just has no relevance to this and you know Donald Trump. You know, even if he hadn't encouraged. FED that rabble with his lies in the video that he released, drawing it His number one goal rhetorically that videos to not offend the rioters right means he's imply. I like this is what you see what happens right. He implied like that. There was this passive element to this. Like oh the election, stolen, and this is the result right like this. Is the Democrats fault that these people are rioting it just wasn't it mean that alone should be impeach able, I mean I understand that.
I understand that a lot of listeners, maybe even want to move on right like that languages we let go trumps gone move on, but I mean, If Trump is gonna, be a figure. We have to judge what he did and when he didn't last three months was really horrible. and I think Republicans are making a mistake. I sidestepping it I mean among the problems. May problems would drop as that exist always had this attitude of no enemy to the to the right. So it doesn't matter how hideous are toxic, his friendly supporters are, he doesn't want to say thing ever to offend done, said, Charlie. What do you make of the behaviour and the justifications for where they are? We ve heard from a lot of Republicans to this point, and this is obviously reactive to the fact that the dynamic here very much access high would like
Yet I am an immediate days after the least release of access high were tape and twenty sixteen you had Republicans all over the country, disavowing tromp, taking back their doors. Man said he jerked drop out rates and very short or the republican voters. Who said no we're not, in that and we're not letting you do that and cut same thing here, where I think even some hardcore trump supporters were shaking and the immediate aftermath of the the capital riot, but the voters again kind of just snapped right back and what they told Republicans is no no way. No, how don't even think about getting here this impeachment and most of them, if he did that exactly that is a gap
the twin Republicans who are leaving or whose brand is responsible, centrist or who just one reelection and everyone else and then is also something of a philosophical gap, but the republican basis not buying this impeachment that I want it. They don't want that senators to acquiesce. You don't want anyone to acquiesce a sweet
so with this training, so that are going to acquiesce and I think they need to honor if they believe that their job is to represent.
people who elected them without any reference to their own judgement. That's ok, that's one way of looking at it. It's not mine if they believe that they are obliged to kill this impeachment because they have constitutional concerns, ok separated, but I think the Republican Party should own its decision here. I don't think this once the Democrats fall at. I don't think this is Nancy policies for, and I think this is alexandria- Abkhazia Cortez his fault. I don't think this is progress
sieves fault. Oh, we ve talked about about impeachment becoming censure and there is a temptation I seen to say. Well, if you know that the Senate is not going to convict, it's a mistake to issue and impeachment, because your essentially cheapening the process, but that acts as if it is. A matter of cosmic inevitability that the Senate will say now receive sentences have no agency. You can't really run a country like that house impeached the president, because I believed that the President,
to be impeached. Unconvicted have the Senate says now: ok, but That's on the Senate, it will be the Senate deciding to for the third time in twenty one years turned down the chance at impeachment. I may I just. I think that republican sentences by larger rung on this- and I think that the forces that their responding- You are wrong on this too, and I think that that is too short sighted, an end to parties, I'm here that the The idea that an article two officer
Somebody, who really is it a glorified bureaucrats or ought to be, would not just reject the electoral outcome but encourage the interference in Congress doing its job executing. The result is extraordinary and whether you think or not that President Trump wanted those goons to storm the cabin He certainly wanted the Congress to be interrupted because he was trying for days
to get my pants to essentially usurper dictatorial electoral powers and in fact he was still tweeting about, might pence doing that, while those goons was storming the building that in and of itself is it is an enormous break with history and tradition and with the system, and it is the case that most republican senators cannot, in their view, do something about it because they will alienate their voters and support is too much, then that is explicable, but it just it just that are recursive back one step, and you have to lay the blame at the feet of those voters who should be far more concerned about what just happened
Then they are and who, if we are honest, would be far more concerned about it if it had been. done by a democratic president child by the way I came across something in this this book I've been reading. I mentioned a couple up so to go the dominion of war about Philadelphia when it was that the temporary cat capital- and apparently presents Washington and John Adams lived in a rented house at one ninety high street, which is but basically that nutrition. You want to work aren't you no more, no more fancy white house for these four, these imperial presidents, just Taken over to work and find it narrowed, knights, errant being beaten and washed and be done with it. That's what you got your song sits within walking distance of adapting sets. So asked a question to you regarding, the outcome is gonna, be acquitted. This impeachment try
I will be a blow from which present trumps political prospects and a future future prospects will never recover yes or no. Now he can recover and down. It could be cited by him as another reason to vote for him. The swamp, aided him some.
The impeached him twice in the question is whether the public's view, the events themselves, are sufficiently dim to ruin him, but I don't think the impeachment ads or take anything away from from his prospects tracker now. I think that president trams, political great is probably over, and I think the passage of time will make that clear, albeit slowly, but I certainly don't think this impeachment we'll have done it, and if you look at the way that some sentences are beginning to talk, you can see it helping him in a certain way with them
in parts of the base. Josh wholly said this was a kangaroo court up it's not, but if it were, one would be obliged to sympathize with Trump, because Kangaroo Court so bad things that we should resist but I'd I don't. I don't think he's going to be the nominee next time, even though I don't think this wall of killed him and you say yes mostly, I think over time. His post election conduct and and the riot are are gonna be, eight around him politically biscuits to make it the image you really want to do it she's unclear in twenty two for they can make it hard for him, and I think this impeachment, although it helps them in the short term, is one reason on her gentle grounds. We have done is done this. I think over time. It's a little part of of this. This weight on him
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been secret in the political world that the principles of the Lincoln Project were making out like bandits. Just stick. You had folks on the left, throwing money at them hand over fist, which has ploughed into various political consultancies and sub contractors, that were were paying these people themselves, the ads the toy they. In a little bit when they got criticized, for this warrant really meant to have any effect on elections. They were. Your ran in Washington or online basically to troll tromp into get attention in need
local media. They got a lot of it. Let a glowing press around these guys, they're all made it heroes. Now it's unravelling, you have the John Weaver allegations jet John John would not allegations, but revelations John Weaver is gay and had been proposition ing and sending in appropriate messages to all sorts of young man. It's got people digging into the Lincoln Project more and we had just a devastating AP report the other day in part, about the that the weaver element of this, but also just pointing out these guys for refinancing their homes, taking an enormous amounts of money, buying new Homs. Why do you make of it.
I don't know why we would be shocked that a group of political consultants would behave in this way and, I'm sure they're good political consultants out there, but there are also a lot of amoral people get off on partisan or team warfare. And that's precisely what seems to have happened here. You have a bunch of guys who never quite did anything impressive. who were in debt or who were less wealthy than they thought they deserve to be in probably less wealthy than many of the people they hung out with all came into contact with on a regular basis, and they saw an opportunity. Perhaps it started with a genuine distaste for the direction that the Republican Party had taken. That's fair enough and with the power
Is it an, but before long it turned into this odd combination of holistic vindictiveness and money grubbing anyone could have told you that this is what they were up to, at least if you had listened six months to a year ago. This was a game for them and a successful one at that now. I don't think anyone from the outside should have been expected to know what John Weaver was up to. It seems to have been deeply in appropriate. I do at one level feel sorry for him. He seems to have lived. A deeply conflicted lie.
He seems to have lived a lot of his life in denial and dishonesty, but of course none of that can be used as an excuse for predatory behaviour or predatory behaviour. Toward minors, but you see once again that the instincts of belligerent instincts that the self righteous instincts of that group in pretending that it knew nothing about it and that any suggestions to the contrary must be the product of of trumpets and more you're right wing propaganda. As the AP report pointed out, they thought of
this for a while and seemingly done nothing and and that's how it goes. They they ve lost a bunch of staff who left in high dudgeon for good reason. It seems, having pointed out there, just not treating people while the just not living up to their reputation or to the name of the man they somewhat disgustingly used as their avatar. I'm sorry, I I hope that this ends in ignominy. I think that they are destroyed to force in politics and in many ways it a great example of the problems we face as a political culture at the moon
yeah. Maybe this is amazing thing, so they gave heads De Bannon and in all these descriptors on the Trump side, but this is a symptom of our political culture. At the moment, even the anti drifters, our drifters Yeah yeah I mean at this, and there is a kind of there- is a sickness in modern. Reluctant, politics that is represented by these consultants, right that there is this kind of them there's a guy hopes of a morality among them right that, like that, the truly effective political consultants of the past Were these amoral or deeply immoral men, like you, know me? Water or run Stolen or whomever,
like these are the kind of heroes of a certain kind of person. That's attracted to politics as a kind of. and of dark art, or, as you know, some people do want to do evil in their life right now. some. Some people really want to do evil things and we this career in politics that says. Ok, you can do evil things to people for the greater good you know, and the Lincoln Project is the kind of result to that end. You know I've spent much of last year just sort of laughing at added in this, Instead, there Studies showing that their ads actually mean people more likely to support trump, probably because the
had seemed over the top and unfair the ads were really about Trump or support. They were about raising more money for the principles of Lincoln Project You know it's an AIDS. It's enough. thing and I you know- I'd be happy if some day, a political candidate of either party rejected this kind. This style of political consultant I dont know forget there I mean it's like. It's almost woven into the myth of our politics right that even the most famous political campaign book, what takes was in some ways like the the the plot of the book. Is that
George, each W Bush had to overcome. He is blue blood upbringing, and unleash the amoral consultants to destroy Dukakis, and am I don't it's a stupidly, destructive myth and empower stupidly. Destructive people like these people check out the exquisite near. This is the last we ve heard at Lincoln Project. Yes now, but I think there on a slippery slope out of our lives and buddy. I'm sure it will be like criminal charges. eventually for some of these people
will remember them eyes, I think, in terms of political viability. This is the last with her them, but they'll be threads, going forward more more journalism revealing what there they were doing. At the very least sir, without as far as its here from the National View Institute, which invites you to join it on Thursday February eighteen for its virtual idea summit part one standing athwart the annual threat of socialism. This live dynamic. Virtual event will feature discussion with me and John O'Sullivan on a narcissist or a fight against socialism, a conversation with the Senator Tom Cotton and Ramesh Ponnuru, and a panel with Congress's new freedom force. Members moderated by Jay Nordlinger tickets are twenty five dollars and go to support and our eyes. Educational and outreach programs are also several sponsor.
opportunities available, starting at just two thousand bucks. Don't wait sign up today by visiting W W w dot and are in the two dot org that's and our institute dot. Org. Please check it out with love to have everyone out their join us at all, mistake with you, we got another cancelling Gina Cyrano. I had never heard of Jack Gina Cyrano. Until Monday or Tuesday, I saw the fire gene Cyrano or fire GINO, wherever it was a hashtags ending on Twitter as like: ok, they're, they're, LISA, Gravelling apology coming here and probably very work, a firing as well in short order. She was fired. You wrote about this as being in another instance of the completely arbitrary standards that apply in such cases. Doubts scour the ball once again, there are people out there who just enjoy bring
others down, and they have a great deal of cultural power, not least because they can make up the justifications on the spot. They can decide to whom they apply and to whom they do and she was on the wrong side of that now that that isn't to say that she didn't say something seller. She did, she said in a fact that is.
If we continue down this road of verifying our political opponents, by which she means verifying conservative, saw trumps supporters and we may end up at the Holocaust. What's the difference, she asked between conditioning people to hate their neighbour, based on their political views and conditioning people to hate their neighbour based on their religious views, all cultural identity. I think this is a reductio ad absurdum violates Godwin LAW, stipulates out.
until it hits the holocaust and wouldn't make the comparison myself, but the justification that was given for firing by Lucas Film was that she had denigrated people for their cultural idea. Tat is an her words were abhorrent and that's just not true. What she did was take her fear too far and compare it to something. That is unique in human history, and that is on a different plain, but she said in effect, is. If we are intolerant in one sphere, we should avoid being tolerance in another, unless we want to see the same results, silly, not disrespectful, there.
And certainly not culturally, disrespectful, religiously disrespectful. Now I wondered Lucas found perhaps had a policy against making hyperbolic comparisons to the Holocaust, but it can't big because Coregos CO star These star of the man Delorean has done this himself. He posted a picture which he thought was of children in cages on the U S border but was actually of her birthday party. I think I'm showing palestinian children playing, but who knows all dark kids are the same. I guess it to some people and he can
added to the german concentration camp explicitly It says so, on the mean that he's had has a photograph of kids in the striped pajamas. The book has it and is labeled one thousand nine hundred and forty well he's still working there. He hasn't been fired, so a copy. That making absurd holocaust comparisons. In this case a false one, gets you fired from Lucas Film, I think this is particularly annoying because, in a sense, what the guy, who plays demand, Delorean particular character, did the same thing but Cyrano did, which is to take too far a this is how it starts argument.
Was to say hey. If we don't want that to happen, that being Dachau, we should stop this from happening base in his case being detaining children on the border, in her case being verifying people for their political views. They did the same thing. Both arguments are silly. The difference between them is that she's defending trump supporters. She is one and he's defending kids on them. Order and the people who made this decision think one is worth defending and the other is not. But that's a political question. That's an ideological question. That's a matter of taste, there's no categorical, all useful rule you can
Take from that, and as it turned out, the Hollywood reports confirm they'd been looking to fire for a while, because she had committed other great social media. Since such as- and I quote, from the Hollywood reporter story Sharing Anti mosque means goodness me: how will we recover from that and making joke in her twitter bio, where she wrote Beat bought Boop, which some people thought sir criticism, or for marking of the way people put their pronouns in that twitter profile. This is ridiculous. What we wish babies so she's out there, sometimes with her political views, So are an awful lot of people in Holly
and they don't hide it good number of actors just go on their twitter feed. Now go look at shares. Twitter feed. If you wanna descend into madness. And yet only some people seem to pay a price for this based on rules that shift with the with the wind. I, I really think we ve got to get to a point at which we reserve our upset and our tendency to exile for those who really truly deserve it, and and and stop taking people off at will minor, sometimes merely perceived infractions, Amity asked a question to you. There will be a backlash against cancellation such that it becomes actually meaningfully harder to cancel people soon and a couple years, never.
In a couple years ago, I will finish. its transition into a lower trust society, and we will come up with ways of avoiding talking about contentious stuff in many many situations to avoid this charter. I think it's gonna get worse for awhile and an event surely enough people will just stand up and say no are you? You said that you expected grovelling apology. She didn't give one good for her. I think grovelling. Apologies will be less and less forthcoming and that might turn
I gotta assume? Eventually we turned the corner, but I'm somewhere between a year or two and never like this. This is this is what we're lookin out for a long time here, let's hit a few other things before we go envied even taken with. new watch out there on the market. So I don't know Mr Watson and readers. Naturally, you know I like them into one judges and wrote about them for the magazine, and I'm really taken with Green Seiko judges, the kind of higher in line by Seiko who invented the court's watch. And they just put out, I think in the last day or so. A watch. The SL g h zero zero five, which are that wine, Its be it will anyway Emily if you want to look it up. It's beautiful
sports bodies, the sort of thing that competes with Rolex and what kind of exciting about it is They invented a new escapement technology, for this call the dual impulse escapement And it's just that. The the technology of mechanical watch evolves slowly over time- and this is a of once every century or so innovation in watch making. I think they're been too. Innovations in watch escapement. past hundred years, and then they had been about three in the five centuries before them so.
it is also to see that filter that art continue centuries long and filter into a high end product, but a consumer product. Nonetheless, it's amazing such I can't wait for pictures and catches to report to you today on. While we did get a base policies last year, it was very long, and I was watching with great interest to see what this one might look like another. I am disappointed by the sacrilegious exemptions to be rules of baseball that are going to persist into this year, not least putting a runner on second base and extra innings. I am pleased to see that gonna play,
four hundred and sixty two game shadow, which is not too long fashionable now to think that this is the chill out, but it's not about the fact that their meeting on Monday to start the whole process off is sir, is even better looks like this year might be, at least in some senses, a return to normality, some here tell you, people we have a up and coming sports broadcaster. water and our family Annie Mccarthy's son, his his taken a year off before starting college has been broadcasting a lot of the football and a high school hockey games. It is really time Incredibly, town did Andy a proud father sends me the Youtube links to these broadcasts net. I've got nothing to listen to him riding around you're late at night, when nothing, nothing else is going out of it, I've had these conversations with Andy the day after some, why did the sky there? Just ninety seconds left in the palace was.
hide behind the net, nothing bad was happening and his team was held by go all they introduce you to keep a tight up. You know, but instead he picked up the park and threw it took a penalty and in that. The winning goal was scored, but but there is something not quite dark emirate yet, but let me tell you he's getting there with them it is time for errors, picks ambition, but your pic. Pic is actually your recent peace rich on. How by demonstration, and Democrats are just not there not following the signs on school openings and you're, not opening up fast enough, given what we now. This is a hugely important topic and assuming it, that's really explored across national these site today in several
pieces, and am I think this is really urgent for about forty percent of the country that still not in school Thank you. I M D, ambient of gems. Listening Jim. That's how it's done. You don't just mention one of my pieces and say it was ok and youth cross. Your mind may be to make it enters pick. A rich one theory here is that Michael is doing what Jim Shirt and appreciating your pieces in full, but another is that Jim's rejection of Europe, This is chastened you and you ve become a better writer. S resolve and Michael's now been picked up on this gallery. What's your pic, I liked pride Heap J Shank as peace on reopening the schools,
Abiden is ignoring the science. We have been subjected to the word science over the last year as if it were the Bible, as if it were a set of rules that we can all find and follow, but but of course, It's not it evolves, it moves and sometimes amazingly enough. It yields advice that is out of line with the preferences of the teachers, unions and pride. He points out that Joe Biden, having promised to follow the science to the latter, is not instead he's making
It's called decisions based on his own interest in the interests of those around him and in this case he's doing the wrong thing on schools, including violating the council, has been given by his own cdc. So my pack, world, on the same page, you're in terms of topic, might take as a right. Nels reported peace on the tall, that's cool, closing down California, specifically San Diego taken on an kids, and this is the heart breaking read its deep diamond. What parents and children have been struggling with in this this in a rude and I highly recommended so that set for us. You been listening to a national, you podcasting, you re broadcast retransmission on account of this game. Without the express written permission of Daphne magazine is strictly prohibited. This progress has been produced by the incomparable, sir shooting makes it sound better than we deserve
Thank you, Charlie. Thank you. Envied thanks to good thanks specially to all of you for listening where the editors and we'll see you.
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