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Episode 303: The End of Impeachment

2021-02-16 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Jim discuss the acquittal of Trump, major media failures, and the school reopening debacle. 

Editors’ picks: • Rich: The new cover story • Charlie: Andy McCarthy on Andrew Cuomo • Jim: The editorial on the National Guard at the Capitol

Light items: • Rich: His afternoon caffeine deprivation • Charlie: The Valentine’s Day card his kids made • Jim: His youngest son’s birthday is today

The Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Schutte.

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Tromp acquitted again, the media fails again and a case against school reopen it gets weaker again, we'll discuss all this and more on this edition of the editors, I'm Rich Lowry, I'm doing is always by the right honorable Elsie W Cook and the siege of authenticity, woods, Jim Garrulity, envy You will return soon. Your listening to a national of you pod, cast our sponsors this week are the new movie, the dissident and MIKE more about them in due course. If you listen, pod cast on NASH, review dot com, including directly on the core,
We're delighted to have you but it'd be easier for you and better for us if you made it part of your feet at a streaming services out there from Spotify to Itunes. If you like what you hear here, please consider giving us a glowing five star review on Itunes. If you don't like what you hear here, please God, I said anything so Jim Gary. We had a dramatic. Saturday a vote in the Senate in Impeachment trial of Donald J Trample recording Tuesday afternoon. Here and surprisingly, you didn't just have five Republicans voting to acquit you had seven, what to make of it. Well, first of all, rich didn't I predict six or seven and didn't ever think I was crazy for six or seven Sayer. I'm gonna wow. To me, with that too, I'm gonna take my victory. Laugh that'll, get them very often is a judgment by the government.
a reflection of age is how I get more irritated by people who are indecisive and from the very beginning of this process and a gentleman step. A generous x, I was ready to impede the president ready removed from office. His behaviour was egregious yes was the thing that the figure, who was single most responsible for what happened. On January Sexton part, because he'd spent two months insisting that he had really won the election when he had not and, of course, what said at the rally and perhaps most important, even if you can give em a pass for everything he did up until when the rally turned violent. There's an inexplicable lack of reaction from the president, while the riot on Capitol Hill was raging end. These tweets that came from him were not you know, pouring water on the
we are therefore guess limit on the fire and then, oh by the way, the Pentagon put out a statement of the acting Secretary of Defence Miller, who think everybody and talk by consulting with everybody, except the President of the United States, So where was the president, or so I thought was a very strong case to be made, and yet Congress kept flipping back and forth where's the house adjourned, and they came back than has spent a day telling my pants to invoke the twenty fifth amendment was very clear. My pants was not going to invoke the twenty fifth amendment. They kept rushing through things and then the cap delaying things and once the president had left office after January twenty it, there was really no good reason to rush anything at that point. Take your time guys you might as well use. If you do this fully and completely do it right,
or don't do it at all. Yes, getting sixty seven votes was always going to be a very tall order, maybe even an impossible order. Maybe once it became clear that most republican voters were sticking with President Trump and not only didn't, support is removed from office and didn't were support his conviction. I suspect that if you pulled Did President Trump do anything wrong in the run up to January sex, a majority report Does it say now he didn't do anything wrong that doesn't change what the proper response. Automated has changed the facts on the ground and I think, was it was somebody in the Pennsylvania Republican Party. You talk about this. The donor resolution to censure Pat to me for voting to convict. They said said the old woman said about there to do. The right thing not per I've, not paraphrasing that Ngos. Yeah no said the mad at you, but didn't help airports around it. Now. I think that you know he was. He was always do the right thing or whatever I believe it is. They were in their minds Beata, whether tell the story before, but with very early
the trunk phenomenon. There is a family family. Member of my who is very, very strong, trapper and said to be rich, rich eat. You gotta support Trop as a girl. Sport. One is right, as I know you support what is wrong, I know that was anybody can do that That's easy, strong, wind! I the whole time it's been frustrating for me because my sense was, if you like, to do it. Do it right, but if you want to do it right, then don't do it, and if the Senate had said you know what we're not reaching two slash three. So this is a waste of time or not going to spend a single minute more on this thing we have to. I would like that decision, but I can understand the thinking behind it and I guess I could respect it. This sort of well we're going to do it. Week and then to torpedo like one week in we're. Gonna get this perfect bombshell from Jamie her. Butler Congresswoman from Washington, a republican describing trump and Thou majority leader, arguing with each other. In apparently Trump said something like
Well, I guess those people are angry about the outcome of the election than you are right. The whole question about this alleged incitement of insurrection is what was the president's mindset? What was the president the? What does the president's intent? What was he trying to do at that point? That he's really relevant and after winning the boat on having witnesses. Senate Democrats, who, reportedly in the words of Chris goods, wanted to get home for Valentine's day This, I think we need to hear from it. We do need witnesses, that's fine and they decided to get it done by Saturday. I don't understand, I guess you're gonna. Do it, then do it if you gonna take Vienna than take me if you're gonna hold the Senate trial than hold a senator, if you're not gonna, do it, they don't waste everybody's time by doing it half way or half some other word. I probably should news on the spot guest. Look. It's done, video. If the headline is once again, Tromp acquitted, I dont know
Think they're, Mcconnell and various other Republicans correctly. They say this is a really vindication, but all in all a deeply frustrating process and that, if you, if you're a damn Republicans, are the ones who are to blame for him not being convicted. But I don't know I was thinking of Senate Democrats of why they couldn't take another couple of days to hear from Jamie Herrera Butler and put her. Let her testify and they said trumpets inequality is lit. Trumps lawyers call witnesses We should do this, for we should have cross examination like if you're not gonna, do what. What is the point of an impeachment process? If you want to do it, the rushed through at half way at the whole thing demonstrates the Senate is, is completely dysfunctional. Nobody takes their responsibility seriously and I think there are times I feel it would be better off. We voted at all of incomes and started fresh with a whole new group tried. The witnessing was bizarre that the most important thing about the impeachment trial, obviously but
did you say you gonna? Do witnesses, tell have a vote to hear from witnesses and then have this witness you gonna call. Who is the hearsay witness right cheek? She heard something that can Mccarthy's says or chemically told her about his call with trumps. Why, when you have kept Mccarthy himself rather her pro, the worry was that if you had come Mccarthy will then he might actually say things positive about tromp or or might be that hit. His version is
quite as damning as her version is, but on the other side of the ledger, you can look at all this and say: okay to get a process problems and they rushed in the house, and you know they they rushed in the Senate, but that still doesn't take away. What trump did wrong, which is the main event gym, makes the best case there is against the Democrats in the way that they handled this. I was also perplexed by the decision to skip witnesses off to the decision to include.
Witnesses and I think one on prudence grounds could say. While I've Democrats knew the Republicans weren't going to convict, why did they impeach in the first place, especially when, subsequently, they seem determined to get this over with but ultimately we are The problem here is republican voters on mode. questions, I'm in line with republican voters, but not on this one. You can't really blame the Democrats, for the
Republicans unwillingness to convict the president of something he did something. We all know that he did. That's on Republicans early sits on the forty three Republicans who said that they would quit him, and I don't I think that it is fair to role that backwards in the chain and say well, given that damn a crass, knew that Republicans would do this they out of lime, starting the process from the certainly not the way, we would see, say a prosecutor in a criminal trial. Do we blame the prosecution for bringing the case against OJ now
Blame the Jerry and Jerry had got it wrong, and the Jerry here got it wrong because those to whom they are accountable also got it wrong. And they were scared of the consequences. There is a debate to be had about the extent to which one should want representatives to be representative and the extent to which one should want them to exercise. Their own consciences, but it seems clear within impeachment, but it is our supposed to exercise their own consciences? If you look at the way the constitution,
General provisions are written if you look at the discussions of impeachment in the federalists papers and if you look at the discussions of impeachment in the states in the colonies before that and before that in Britain around the Hastings trial, you will see that the public's involvement in these requests this as Siena Jerry Charles supposed to be somewhat limited so yeah, I have some issues with the Democrats. I dont think they ever halt there inside to account, I think, they're. While the hypocritical and the question of political violence, I think the articles of in Piedmont were shoddy. I think they were clearly determined to rush this. There is pressure from the White House didn't want to waste its early political capital, but ultimately
they give. We focused too much on that. We will ignore the biggest problem here, and that was that when something Highly unusual and a region happened in american political life. The republican Party look the other way, I don't think is going to lead to the end of the country I don't think it will forever stain the GNP, but I do think that it would be a mistake to focus too much on the other side. So Jim worry, I struggle it, isn't a lot and went back for the work of my came down our reverted to acquit, because I thought the the article was defective and an important respect false and, to the extent that it strongly suggested that it was trumps, intention,
You have that the crowd grown, ransacked the capital b of cops and try to hang my pencil or whatever. I just I just don't think that's true, I think, there's obviously, a level of culpability. There and I easily would have- could have written a couple articles that I would have been perfectly comfortable. for United, would have said he. He summoned a crowd, pressure is vice. President, too, gauge and a grotesque abuse of his office that, trampled on american democracy Now, when the crowd ran out of control, he was missing in action and then the proverb that tomorrow see he told blatant, lies about the election and sought by other actual legal means to overturn the election just see on all that it set it slammed on, but they managed to do right. The way the weakest possible article
met making what should have been a very strong case, I also I'm happy where Mcconnell came down
beyond the the only one getting it from all sides, but I thought it in his position: the the upside of beat you're, having eight votes to convict, rather than seven. This kind of assumes that he'd have no influence on the other. Those who say that, for the sake of argument, as opposed to making Mitch Mcconnell radioactive going forward when it has all these really important fights to prosecute that it clearly wants to prosecute and feed the Trump forces MIC makes him different than some. These other votes to acquit that that clearly are or by people probably privately realise trumpets guilty, but have an eye on twenty twenty, four, just don't wanna primary challenge, etc. But I offer others two propositions at you, but both my position to end my view become rich. Am I correct going if they ve done a articles? Impeachment was moral and lines of dereliction of duty.
that, whatever else you that you're Trump before the riots started, he failed to execute his duties as president protect the legislative branch idly by. While the Mai correct, that's more. What you thought would have been a stronger case. Yet I am, I think the crowd is bad and pressuring pants is really bad, but I just don't. I don't think he intended to two haven't: go: tear down barriers and break into the the capital and they kind of when, when the focus with that kept Mccarthy call when the focus came on, what are you doing doing during the riots? The managers trader retroactively read into the article dereliction of duty. They set out there that I'd, be that's inciting is so incitements articles dereliction is in this article just bizarrely bizarrely, they didn't include dereliction of duty and in the article one when the day after it was.
pretty clear. The worst part of it was his non reaction, or, or maybe his cheering this this event on, but but how can you impeachment not not include that of you? Look at it that you're asking yourself: what are these guys run on a bank today, you know, will have some sort of super tight deadline in it. It's not like there's your charge, bought per impeach, what do you could have written to you got? You could add all separate wonder, and I guess I guess I m sorry to interrupt again. I think the case you can make a strong case you can making us my position is: does include the raft and burger claw and near the pressure down enjoy just as sort is not really well written, expressed her broken out, but it's in there He could say right that this article has one thing quite nail. His misconduct
but it does have what what is clear misconduct. So, therefore, you should vote for it, even if it's even a defective because it cause it there. There is truth to charge rich the morning after on January, so dense ass, one on huge yours radio programme and said he had heard from people in the White House. But the president was feeling good about this, that he was happy that he was watching the tv and smiling at affecting other than this. He was perfectly happy what was going on, but he had no interest in stopping the riot. He was not metaphorically on the side of the rioters. Now I don't know, if that's true, I can't sets completely, unlike the present from you, seen over the last five and a half years, but I'd like to hear it from the horses mouth directly. We Sancho several media reports at all had variations of that, but when he saw this, the presence reaction was not. Oh, my god,
this is terrible. I need to stop this. We saw those halting and awkwardly worded. We love you. You know messages that he said to the crowd later in the afternoon so it certainly is not the presents first instinct was: how do I see? How can I stop? This is terrible but if it really was as bad as somebody's unnamed source and said these unnamed sources to be named sources, and I wanted them to be in front of the Senate, and I want them to describe it in detail because I think the american people are entitled to know that and to be that's a really important crux of a lot of things: trumpets done. Member thee. This wording after Charlottesville was awkward, had left people lots impressions and the night he announced be restrict
on corona virus, he said we are due to restrict imports and trade as well. When this meant the teleprompter said we were not good, be restricting imports. Drape like there are a lot of times where the President mangle stuff, but it's just incoherence. It's not malevolence, but maybe in this case maybe it was malevolence. I would have liked to get to the bottom of this if you're not than other talk but having a nightmare style commission in fine, that's great, but you know what like impeded impeachment trial would have a really good got time for the legislative rights which was under attack under this whole thing to get to the bottom of this and to get answers and if you have heard within dirty impeachment trial what you can do it. I would like to argue a little bit with you rich about his intentions, hair. In a strictly legal sense, he would never prove incitement hair and that's a good thing given the way the, incitement has been used in american history and given the way that it conflicts with the first amendment, you do not want to create
Sort of standard that you see and other countries within the law because it quickly becomes a catch, all excuse fur censorship, but in a broader sense, which is how we approach impeachment trials. Of course he intended that I am not convinced. I will grant this that at this point, which he stood in front of those people. He was thinking. I hope they now rush over to the capital building and so. the windows, but it is, I think, naive for us not to follow, to its logical conclusion, the case that Trump had been making for two months, in fact, is the ape. You believed. And whether he believed it on our trump argued this that deal election was being stolen.
that foreign nations had intervened. That voting machines had changed the votes that there was a Spirits see in a number of states to deprive the american public of its right to choose the prey of the United States then you should want people to storm the capital. I often say this to people about religion. I'm not religious, but if I were, I would tell people about, my religious views. If there were a meteor coming to Ward Florida. I would try and get my family out. It would be ridiculous. Say: no, I believe, wholeheartedly that there is you're heading toward where I live, but that doesn't mean I want my family to get out COS. I would one leads to the other and it it's just impact
People, in my view, to look at all of the things that he said. And also to disavow the actions of that crowd, You have at some point to connect the dots. Claims that he made to the response that it engendered, and I think, that, although the article was was poorly written and although the indictment was immediately placed into a legal listed contacts, which is what we do with impeachment. There was absolutely enough there to warrant his conviction. Yeah I mean there's a level of culpability there's, no doubt about it. It's just you know. I just don't think this is what
they forced all or wanted a don, Jr and I've said Trump would be much better position if he actually tweeted something like this as soon as he saw it on tv, they probably went to the airport after the rallies. Like know what you doing stop. This is not Lori about this. This is not what we wanted to happen, so I just I just don't think it and they focused a lot on that speech. That day to you know that they they they wanted to make a direct cause and effect relationship between Trump, getting up there and say March to the capitol and these people breaking into the capital and ransacking the place, and- and I just think, that's it it's it's.
It's not nearly as strong as they wanted. To argue- and they put themselves into a position of having to argue that when they when they didn't, I would be happy in my mouth three theoretic articles, I'd be happy to right what you're saying in their Charlie, I think those different than what they wrote Yad and that I think it's fair. They they rushed the articles. They have a view of trust
that informed. The final version of the impeachment article- and that was asked the criticisms of Trump, have been since he first arrived imprecise, but as a political exercise and impeachment is that I think that the the opportunity to conclude that there is a direct link between what happened. And what he was telling people was was taken by some and rejected by others, based on considerations other than its accuracy. Yes, sir, and I grant might my position is: is
pretty realistic, but with that, let's go to the exit question to you: first, Jim Geraghty and the fullness of time. The second trump impeachment we're members as a a righteous master, dire provocation or be an unwarranted actor parson ship. Neither, I think, could be members as a frustrating wasted time missed opportunity by the foes. The president, after the fence, fans, the President be convinced this is the greatest injustice in the history of humanity checkup making. This was the
the logical conclusion of awe present partisanship, but made a lot worse by the unique called like following that. This presidency has inspired, and in that sense it was. It was a bad omen, but it was probably also unique in that trunk will eventually go away and it will be a while before his like rip his so I'm going to say it's going to be remembered as a righteous response to a dire provocation, even though the effort had all the flaws that we at about one when ass version of this question after the first impeachment. I I didn't think the first impeachment will stand up very well. I think it was attenuated in and would fix it feel as such.
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Daddy's related to nursing homes when Cuomo has been mine eyes as a euro, basically for a year when it was notable that he was all he had to do- is look at the corona virus. Tracker out there and see the results in in New York Compare to the bogeyman of the pandemic quarter, the media Rhonda Santas any, would have none. There was something wrong with this story, but they still cue to it for a month after month after month, then we have the Lincoln Project where it was certain, maybe didn't know all the misconduct there. You know he did know about John, we were they should announce known that this. This out, that was being- also being lionize and held up as this tremendous Republican forced to take down Donald Trump, when most of what I was doing was Troy with ad running in DC market, they didn't have anything to do with affecting battleground.
States out in the country and that that there is a lot of money sloshing around with with clear indications that it was going to the principles now that serve. Finally with it we were scandal exploding. You had some interest in that and allows widely acknowledged I can project was a scam when, if you didn't know that we should not, it was kind of a shady operation and it was was being pumped up into something. That was because it was a can be it narrative for the media, and then then we have officer said Nick, and this more says one. But it seems as though that case is not what it seemed either. Their Andy has written about. This others have Tucker, has been covering this and others have written about it as well, where he it appears that he died of a stroke after the event. Perhaps it was related to the event, but it wasn't as dry.
They related, as we heard and were led to believe and was repeated over and over again and again. This was this was just a narrative. Tat was set to good for the media to check, and of course I mean that metaphorically tragic, tragic event, tragic loss. But what would he make lawless start with offers? A sickening? I, of course I don't know what happened but still seem somewhat murky. It's awful whatever the truth, but the truth does, of course matter, and one of the frustrating parts of this is those who are trying to find out. The truth have been accused in some quarters.
Of trying to do so in order to down play what happened, which is already on healthy way of looking at journalism overseer. I'm not downplaying what happened. I think the president should have been convicted, but but I do think this matter is not, and I think it matters irrespective of what it does for or against groups that you like or dislike. It is not just a problem that this story seems to have been botched because people, the presto,
like well, now jump on it it. It is a problem because we should be able to get facts from police departments and it doesnt seem as if the police department in DC has been especially straight, hair, more communicative and from our newspapers. I am asked as to what actually happened. I I'm still unclear having read, I think, the same materials as everyone else on the Lincoln Project and Cuomo and clearly it is just easy it when you're being lionize by the media, you sort of skate along you ride along and if you're cynical- and
you're smart, you know which buttons to press- and you know what to say- you didn't mention this one but a good example. this has been the insistence in some parts of the Biden administration, especially from Kemal Harris that this New team in the White House has had to start the Corona virus push from scratch with this is nonsense. Whatever the shortcomings of the Trump approach, there were a lot of extremely dedicated. People working hard. But those who say no that this pandas to the prejudices of far too many people in positions of power
and they know they can get away with it and that's what Andrew Cuomo did in New York in different circumstances and that's what the Lincoln Project it. They work tat how to ride. On the back of that prejudice and It doesnt work forever is the first take away. If corona virus had lasted only four or five months, then Cuomo, probably would you ve got away with it, so it gave a nuisance. But after a while, the truth will out likewise if Trump had won the election, perhaps the Lincoln Project would have got away with its script, but he didn't, and now it is about as obvious as they could be, what they were up to this oddly enough is.
One way in which, having such profound media bias in the United States hurts progressives and hurts those who are preferred by the leading lights in the press, because it makes them flabby. It makes them lazy it. It is not always fun being challenged on every single statement to make its not always fun being targeted asset governor dissenters has been but boy does it make Do you sharper? Am you have to be better, and I think one good example of this from the last year is the casual way in which, too many progressives, many of whom
running within the Democratic Party for office, jumped on board the defined the police ban, wagon without ever realizing how that landed in the ears of normal people, because they were praised in the press for doing so. That is a mistake, and there are many many mistakes made by people on the right of course, but that is a mistake that it will be much more difficult for a conservative to make, because the conservative would be told incessantly relentlessly. Everything you think is unpopular and terrible and everyone hates you when you're the opposite, as Andrew Cuomo was and is the Lincoln Project was way
told that you're on the side of the angels and you're doing all of the great work for truth and light and the american way you fall into disrepair and ultimately, as time has passed, that's what's happened to these institutions. The gin listening use for it they eat. You understand why people go go out, seeking bad information and into just concluded the media saying something, the opposite must be true. So this Miss Kyoto. Our concerns on the krona virus because, the media, at least after initially saying don't panic and it's done a phobic to take measures to try to keep the spiders from coming to our shores? After that, the media was was playing it up and said it was going to be a series it was right. But if you conclude, the media is wrong about everything for summit. animal reasons, while you, you would say ok, this dismiss this must not be true. The opposite must be the case.
same thing about the election. You know because the media is costly, saying that trumps claims were baseless, rightly, as it turned out, you had allowed people concluding well Trump. My beyond something monsieur merits, my response, rich to anybody who sites reports from January February to say that the krona virus really is not bad. Oh sure, now you listen to the mainstream media. updated information. Does it get you to rethink what you're, which are conclusion? Is there look, I think, what we ve seen as an accelerating trend,
the media were only you can blame a lot of this on the media and they they deserve it. They, then these are conscious choices. This isn't happening by accident. They choose the headlines their writing. They choose what they story. They choose to treat every bad development for the Democratic Party with a Republicans pounce headline, but some of this is on the audience, and some of this is what people want from their new sources and a good portion of your lot of this comes from what what makes things got trending on social media. Here, though, people know, I suspect that is less and less of an appetite for people when they weren't. We turn on web browser for those US old, fuddy duddies, who still pick up a paper version of a newspaper with a turn on the television news. However, they get their news sick. Tell me what's going on in the world. A lot of people are like tell me why my side is right and tell me why the other side is Tara. Tell me we'll tell me why my side is going to win. Tell me why tell me good. Tell me
things I want to hear and if you're telling me Stop. I don't want to hear while I'm going to click away or I'm going to change the channel or I'm going to put down my paper, not renew, because I only want to hear the news that makes me feel good. If you challenge me well, then, that's not good at I get frustrated by that. So why does Andrew Cuomo get in a generous coverage while buncher reasons, but a big one was that a large portion of the media desperately wanted a good Democrat to contrast against Donald Trump Tromp was the villain of the pandemic. They needed a hero figure and Cuomo First briefings. Now he had that appropriate, somber, serious, seemingly direct tone that a lot of people like, and I think it may be- that we look number of time somebody like Mark Warner, gets described as a moderate or Michael Bennet out in Color Colorado. Certain lawyer certainty.
Get the reputation of get described as a moderate without ever actually taking any moderate stances like if your moderate at some point, you have to have a conflict with the the further out wing of your party, and these democratic ever do, but somehow they get the tone of the and I began to realize the reason these people get labelled as a moderate by a whole bunch of political reporters has nothing to do with the stance as they take its about their tone. It's about their style. They speak in an even tone, reassuring tone of voice, and they don't they don't make gesticulate a lot and is entirely stylistic choice. It's now has nothing to do with what they are bad journalism. But that is, I think, that the state of affairs there you on the issue of the Lincoln Project they came along and
offered the media of storyline of hey we're. The good Republicans were the Republicans who are mad as hell about Trump. Just like you are Democrats were the kind of Democrat where the kind of Republicans you wish existed in, considering how it was the John Weaver brand that he had built through John Mccain and Jon Huntsman and John Kasich is where the Republicans for the people who can't stand for Many people would say not Republicans, that's you know, and as long as the Lincoln Project was running these Adam, they take their lives in some ways it was brilliant. They run the ads on Fox NEWS in Dc. Trump would see a trumpet start tweeting about it, and he go off on these tirades and people who would see the trump tweets within, say Hardway, or they would create news right and people would look at what was the editor
And lo and behold, the ad would say: pay for by Lincoln Project and people go online and they donate a billion dollars to them, and that's it oh, how they built their fortune and that's why Steve Schmidt is now selling a young, his his place out in Utah for twice the price that he bought it for Steve Schmidt. By the way like I dont most, these guys didn't have a republican career ahead of them, receive Schmidt, burned as bridges since he sold out. Mccain for to make this the movie game changed where Woody Harrelson place him, though the noble idealistic stick to his principles: hero who stands up to the she beast cerebellum. No, you said that you don't Charlie, said that YO eventually that the truth comes out and catches, he's generally right. I remember seeing this this pole years back. That said that some ungodly highs percentage of Democrats, something like fifty percent sixty seven. You believe that Sarah Palin had said I can see Russia from my house. She never said that
it was. It was Tina, Faye impersonating, her answer, I love and somehow in Democrats mines. The Tina Faye Impression designed to make her look like a Inane idiot became Sarah Palin; they they lost the ability to distinguish those two things. Sometimes the lie with. Sometimes the lie ends up getting stuck in people's minds and the little saying, but Churchill was. You know, alighting halfway around the world for the truth and get it it's shoelaces died or whatever or its boots on it out. Some of the truth. Never catches up and people end up having their impressed shaped by that my suspicion. Is it my more cynical moments? Political journalist know this and their perfectly comfortable with this. They know that if they write a drumbeat Rhonda. Santas is a maniac was killing. People in Florida is crazy. It is reckless that that impression will stick long after all, Figures say actually no fly zone, a pretty good job. All things considered this pandemic got a whole bunch old people down there other than Charlie, Do you know that somehow they manage to keep their debts
four million and their cases per million, render on the middle, the back, not what you would have expected. The beginning of all this and the New York is rate right right down to the bottom, worry no eat them in New Jersey are competing for the worse. asked the performances, but we ve already been hearing the Hendrick almost a year over the past year, so I don't know how much you can dislodge these impressions that have been created by months and months, if not a year. I've just flat out inaccurate coverage watching the news can make you less informed about the state of the world that, if you ever paid attention at all. Try cook Ex a question to you. What will lead to the media changing its way in you see wide recognition that has lost its credibility. Competition from conservative alternatives are hostile to Moreover, after an invasion by space aliens care deeply about free, infer news coverage or nothing. Please pick one, nothing tribute
so is the alien won an option? It's it's not only an option. I ate it. Isnt yeah cos. we like, but we can invite them is. There is no way we can get them show me the radio signal I need to send out into the universe to get them to come here. I have a hard enough time, believing that their aliens, without thinking that they are obsessed with truth in media, but if they were man are we making musketeer O Devils tower of my mashed potatoes to turn into a high from clear the character in closing counters vibrate near it? I was there with US countries of thirty nine. I would like to think that in the long run, the public's need to know exhibited by things like the corrupt iris pandemic, like at some point, life is gonna. Throw stuff you that you're gonna need to know about at some point will reap people will realise their being poorly served vice by media sources.
Skew things and see themselves as partisan pressure shops and I'm hoping that makes people hunger, real news right down the middle, just the facts and that we end up with a more and better informed public somewhere down the road. But we are a long long way away from them to it's. A nice help can equally can ice dream, but the answer is sure that innovation is nothing so that this pause in here from our other answer this week that New movie, the dissident on October, second, twenty eighteen, respected, washed and post journalist Jamal could show he entered the saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. He was never seen alive again. At a time when America's focused on its own domestic crises, there's one movie their reminds us unbelievable and shocking events unfolding on a global scale, the new documentary, the dissident only looks into the events in intrigue surrounding the murder that shocked the world said
Lindsey Gram says: there's not a smoking gun. There's a smoking saw The movie not only on earth new proof that ultimately exposes his killer centre ran past The evidence is overwhelming that the crown prince was involved playing out of it. high levels of power and wealth. The associated press calls a dissident, a real life thriller. Are you ready for the truth from the Academy Award winning Director of Icarus. The dissident raided peachy thirteen now playing at home on demand, so Jim Gary's had an ongoing debate about school reopening the debate. has been intellectually and morally Juan by the the advocates of reopening, but the politics haven't followed largely because of the teachers, unions and their place within the democratic coalition. I have had this extraordinary spectacle. After all, the lecturing deservedly very often the trumpet triumphant illustration of these problems
not playing and paying attention to the court of course science. Here we have the side supporting reopening. You have a CDC director who has made a very strong statements about how it safe to to reopen and now she's she's, been back peddling and bind administration is suggesting that all we can. I really reopen the covert relief bill passes when there is talk on the money from the pirates relief bills for schools that still sitting on span and allow the covered relief spending won't unspoiled prayers. Here I was glad to see Doktor Michel Lewinsky get a lot of push back, and a lot of criticism for her appearance is on. The Sunday shows this path weekend. What a bad reviews lots of people saying that you know she really seem to be sweating and tap dancing in, and now Even believing what she was saying, particularly in the Jake Tapir Interview, but I actually don't think
That was the single most I opening and vivid illustration of what's going on, we encountered this weekend up in the back in July, twenty twenty Newton Massachusetts School District is facing the same issue that every other public school district in the countries face How do we reopening the fall? What are we need to do what we have to keep it safe? What does it mean? What how do we do certain days. What would you have to do and they decided to reach out to of your perspective source, some actual lived in town, a Harvard professor medicine and the chief of infectious disease over harboured, mass look on a policy issue were leaning towards six feet of separation in classrooms, rather than the three feet that the World Health Organization allow What do you think and Harvard chief of Infectious Disease, William, very clear response? I love
but with the lack of jargon in this answer, and I wish everybody could speak and address these so clearly the answer response was quote. I do think if people are masted is quite safe and much more practical to be. Three feet. I think this is very viable for the middle and high schools and even laid great schools, and I would improve and would improve the feasibility. I suspect you may want to be at six feet for some of them very young kids, who can't ask the everyday. I just that everybody is thoroughly understood. You gotta you'd have a tough time. It's kinda, I think everybody recognises that. Maybe four classes like that it makes sense to do him. one day on one day offer half size classes or something, but this is Harvard professor and head of infectious diseases. It harbours got this school community resource Library in that document to says that a distance of three feet tall, soda torso is likely low risk in a systematic individuals wearing masks after the morning jolt this week. You know the punchline. does harboured chief infectious disease back in July. Twenty twenty was,
Michel will and ski, whose now the director of the CDC who just sign often the CDC document saying kids had to be kept six feet apart. So when it's her own school district asking in summer three feet is fine but allergies. In this position, and after talking with the teachers which many of us will interpret as getting getting shoot out by the teachers unions, she says six feet is within is the necessary distance. Science is not winning, politics is winning, and for the past year we were told
a president ordered administration, letting politics influence. Health policy guidance was the absolute worst thing that could possibly happen sought a great deal to add to that the perfect explanation of what's happened. I would just reiterate that teachers unions, bad news: they corrupt our politics. They are corrupting the politics here and the Biden administration should be held to account for it. It claimed when it was abiden campaign that it would be engaged in fighting the Koran of arson. Reopening everything
claimed it was in the middle of the political spectrum and claimed it was opposed a special interests. This is a special interest. I dont know why it is so hard for so many people in our policies to see that this is a special interests and an especial interest there. Far far more power over people's lives and futures than most of the special interests that are on a daily MRS lambasted and feared I'm absolutely happy to talk about the Overbearing influence that certain cooperate, since have I'm happy to talk about the military industrial complex, I'm happy to talk about regulatory capture.
This one is widespread. This one ready- and I suspect the teacher genes will pay a price as a result of this. This one really effective Everyone, especially when they realise, what's happening us that, beginning to the Bible administration, as far as failing its test and abdicating its responsibility- and I am pleased that people have noticed ex question you, Jim Gary political pressure, will push the buyer demonstration to take a more aggressive pro reopening stance. See yes or no, no, because by an administration, doesn't face any elected. It binds dive reelection to twenty one before and they would we need to worry about this little midterms. I dont think that maybe it'll be a factor in the governors race in here in November, but by law,
urge we're not close enough to an election for any these still officeholders. To be all that nervous about angering all his parents across the country. I think that there will be a push back and I think there will be a price to pay. but I don't think that the binding administration or any other prominent Democrat is able to push back against the teachers unions, given the Power that they hold an influence that they wheeled within the Democratic Party. I think this is one of those rare instances in which the Democratic Party is going to drive itself into a ditch, knowing what it is doing
Because, over the years it has become inextricable from this organization or set of organizations. I think the answer is yes very minimal. Yes, but a yes at a combination of the growing outrage over their switches cross, partisan, plus the fact that the conditions are becoming more arable and all sorts of ways to reopening will move them, at least at the margins Let me be more pro reopening with that. Let's hit a few other things before we go Jim Garrulity understands birth there. It is and you know just another marker of how, even in future as we approach one year of this pandemic, and
Rules are back in here and in all places, aren't ope aren't open, and that is just not. The way it used to be in February is usually a pretty miserable month fur for whether you are good times there are, especially, we will have birthday cake. We will have celebrations this evening and we're gonna try to have some sort of outdoor get together with his And this coming weekend, so what's pray for good weather, but it's nice it it's one of those things were. You can hear me, get pretty dyspeptic and fired up an angry on this podcasting nice things at the end of the day that two smiling boys- and I usually smiling life- to greet me in things like it's: ok, even in the most important ways at a time like this choice, became signs years made you a Valentine's day, car the dead last Friday.
While we were recording this very podcast and it broke my heart because they came into my office wall. I was in the middle of an answer and I had to say, and they set of looked up at me: absolutely heartbroken saw the in their hands. Were this lovely handmade cod withdrawing on a little hearts cut out. Pepa and I love daddy written in the middle of it, and then I feel I'm just the worst person ever they've made me this car and I'm shooting them out of my office to the panic, wild eyed look, but once we finish gas. I went out and I now have it on my desk and ready. It really does every time. I look at this as just come. I completely meld it. Sir. A tweet is the first first. time really. I think I've been old enough to do anything like that, Sir
down tourism afternoon, caffeine deprivation, my caffeine regime consists of a coke. Sandpoint little earlier in the afternoon, so she has to off and on this very podcast, take out the can opening in and fizz sounds as I open a can of coke and poured out. then a little late in the afternoon. I need I need a costly and express her and I love is not oppressive machines and are all go through, sometimes especially from writing something's five capsule in an afternoon, and I got an air lock on this. This machine people just just not working, I accidently, hit hit that the buttons when the tank wasn't in air that sucked into the chamber somewhere and I've had elapsed before, can get em out by kind of company that the handle
that has worked. For me, I've looked up on a new tubes and matters. One is pounding on the thing rather of mass method and shaking it that has worked. So you have to think I have When I get a little time here at you can apparently inflate plastic, baggie and stuff it down in the tank and sort of make the water push the water through the the the air bubble is stuck in there, but I've had to try to go on and conduct my business as usual. Late afternoon without any espresso whatsoever and its it, sir, is brutal people. Let me tell you so that it's time for There is picks Jim get what you pay. Cyber selection is written by the editors rich, so I guess you get some credit for this one. It's it's time to get the National Guard off of Capitol Hill a couple weeks ago
I didn't write that one thinks like him. I guess you're the editor and it's written by the editor so that take take the ways we can get them rich yoke. For weeks, I wrote to the earlier dad saga August that I'll take that credit. It was well edited the rigour police guide, written Nay a morning, jolt rye, looked back at a bunch of stories that were big about two years ago, which seem can disappear from the new cycle in learned all kinds of things when you go back to check on stores, Jesse Small it by the way is still on trial. They they decided charge. Germany argued was double jeopardy and the judges said no. So a lot of stories like their big. disappear and you dont any follow up, and you don't really know what. How did that issue get resolve we're not hearing about troops and kind Oh hell, you're, not seeing photographs of the national guardsmen there. not seeing the photographs of the barbed wire, but it's still there
and so I salute the editors for remembering that this giant change that makes the the capital the United States look like an armed camp is still going on and that there was a proposal to make this kind level of security permanent, which is in not just really, I think symbolically, problematic, there's gotta be a better way to handle security issues and, oh by the way we haven't had any issues that I know up of security say on a significant level that required thousands of National guard troop. Since then, so my kudos to the editors for remembering that this issue had YO. Could we not hearing about the daily new cycle? Does it mean that if the issue went away- and I think the stance is correct- that this is it? We don't want our capital to look like an armed camp. It is time to figure out some way to ensure that the people can visit their representatives unimpeded by barbed wire and lots, military troops and checkpoints, and things like that.
I could job editors Charlotte Cook. What's your pic, I am happy that Andy Mccarthy took on Andrew Quivers, absolutely farcical, claim that the state legislatures desire to investigate him and perhaps strip him of some of the emergency power that it gave it to him, was extortion and goes through systematically and dismantle the sir ridiculous came ass. Only he can so my pants, Is a cover story and the next issue that will be available to our digital subscribers on Thursday VM signed up for an hour plus by the way go do it. This is one of the benefits of men to get to see. The magazine earlier says is posted online, but story,
by Capital Williamson. It's about the descent of the city of Minneapolis were authorised up described all too progressives set out a while ago years ago to take over the city? They succeeded and have begun the destruction of many apples and Kevin tells a story as few others can so depressing, but NASA. Harry reading. Ok, that's it for us, Stephen listening to a NASH review podcasting! You re broadcast retransmission or a countess game without express written permission of naturally, amazing is strictly prohibited. This hot gases, but his body incomparable Sarah study. It makes a sound better than we deserve. Thank you, Charlie. Thank you, Jim thanks to the dissident and Tom Wink and thanks actually to all of you for listening. We are the editors and we'll see you
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