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Episode 304: Remembering Rush

2021-02-19 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, Michael, and Maddy discuss the legacy of Rush Limbaugh, the current McConnell/Trump fight, winter weather overtaking Texas, and the trans athletes debate. 

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We lose rush. Lumbar trumpet conall and steal, cage and Texas goes dark what's Gus all this more on. This Edition of the editors omber Florina joined is always the most of the time, but the right honourable Charles He W Cook, Madeline, Mattie, Kerns and the choice Michael Brand endoored. Are you listening to a national viewpoint, gasser sponsor this week? the dissident more about that in due course. If you listen podcast on unnatural view, dot com and clean directly on the corner we are delighted to have you gotta be easier for you and better for us to be made as part of your feet at eight, streaming services out there Spotify to Itunes. If you like what you hear
Here please consider giving us glowing five star review on Itunes. If you don't like what you hear here, please forget, I said. thing so envy De Ruslan Bob asked away after a year, Or so battle with lung cancer Firstly, a giant of conservative meat a giant on the political scene. And just astonishing to think he. He sat in front of a microbes I can't we're doing the sun zooms. I can see Charlie Jonas right now and and with basically guest occasionally had had some guessed. He had cars, not necessarily tonic alors, but just sat behind a microphone for three hours a day for thirty years. Had an audience of millions, twenty millions at its height and had a real impact on the direction of conservative politics,
Yeah I mean he, he bade sickly. Is there the gift that Ronald Reagan gave to the right in the sense of the fairness. Doctrine went away an elite nineteen eighties and just after wrestling ball emerges on this new market, and you know I think I was talking to friends to listener russian them all out more, especially in the early. yes, and he was this one man artillery against what to them seem like the entire rest of the media. Rightly if they were. You know. One friend tell me, like the looking for conservatives on broadcast media of any kind.
and amuse literally just waiting for someone to to interrupt Eleanor Cliffed on them? A clock inward once a week yeah that the name yet a member this before Fox NEWS, yet before Fox NEWS before any ex any anything. You know they were progenitors, maybe most them local, like Bob Grant in New York, If your tastes are slightly more wild like Morton, Downey Jr is show, but rush was the the one that was focused on the the politics of the day nationwide, and I mean it's just people were in their cars in the middle of the afternoon, and they were finally seeing their values and their politics and their suspicions about the Clinton's reflected in it
no and in a show that they knew millions of other people were listening to so they act. Like I said in my own peace, he gave millions of conservatives a feeling of you're, not alone, and and that's why he had such a connection to them. Yes, at the trolley, he does there was a genius sat at talking. I spent some time with them about a year ago, in in his studio and most timely chatting. Okay, this is this is a normal person. You just have a conversation with like anyone else, and he would get into like telling a story and and and in that it will just hit you easily shifted into a totally different gear and there's no ass, you can talk like this bill, PETE occasionally have moments like that as well.
Rebecca? Had these these dinners every two weeks and you'd? Have people start conversations or stand up in and make it Give their opinion on the topic of the day and occasionally you you would stand up himself and his go into bill. Buckley moaning like whoa this from Yale next forty years when he and he may really debated something. They just had a force that that no one else could match and that's why we obviously has a significant talk radio personalities, but but you have however, our allotted imitators are around. The countries have had their own impact, but none of them could do it like Russia, just None of them had that level of talent. His interesting reading, the various takes on him in that
Some of them say rush limbo is the greatest man have lived and changed my life and some of them say this man was a great. Was for evil and I'm glad he's dead, but none of them say he was tenantless or over rated it's a given. He had a great voice to start with just the timber of his voice. I was striving across Texas in two thousand and fourteen for a piece for about a week and many of those drives were lonely through barren areas, and the only thing you could get in the car was. I am radio. Crackly am radio at that. Am radio that would drop in and out if you went over, a hill and I M radios dominated by talkers and throughout the course of the day. Listening
Two too Am M radio. You would have various conservative figures mark Levine, shown here T Ruslan Bows was in a different league. I say that somebody who missed most of his career- because I was born in America who didn't listen to talk. radio, even once I arrived here and was not in any way a rush, limbo fan, but Eric? active of what he was saying. You couldn't stop listening his delivery. its timing. He was magnetic every time I would turned a corner in the radio would start crackling our technology. I will hear what he has to say and. A lot of people who are more sympathetic with him felt that too, I think one of the
the things we do in the modern world. That is regrettable. Is we just fine, five or six things at any given person dead, and then we say right. This was ready bad and then we judge them. Based on that- and this happened a little bit once Russia die people surfacing things. He said in nineteen, eighty seven or tasteless jokes. He made a ninety. Ninety two and that's fine people should be regarded as the sum of the parts, but what I think is the most interesting and. wouldn't thing about him is that there are millions tens of millions, perhaps of american, who will say to you. You know I was never particular labour. to go, and then the show came on the radio and I'd heard from other people that it was terrible that his views were apart.
And- and I listen then listened and after a while I realized actually agreed with, of what he said and when they say that they not talking about the ugly moments that were raised, that talking about what New Gingrich called. Seventy thirty issues that we are talking about Aye, aye, more taxes or whether America was a good play, saw whether its up a problem to be religious That is a real legacy, because, if someone like me, Member doesn't do that within your society than than much much worse, people and people who are broadcast on the airwaves but but sit underground. Do it am, I think, that's his Israel legacy. So yet it white lay your Saint Schallibaum
going round the curve, looseness signalling and really wanted to get it back security. What you're saying reminds me a story that Guide Benson Uptown, all Fox told on Twitter about, being in college I think was and how having the drive somewhere with a your friend all the time routinely and justice, the troll frenzied Eternal Ruslan BAR just just bother him. And one day there in the car and guy had to take phone corps. Some recent turned off the radio and Russia's and then just forgot, that he turned it off while their driving, wherever there are going next, if and there is little friends it get quick to turn their backs on guys like you will rush began what I wanted to hear what he had yet I wanna hear the next. He was gonna, say, and obviously that's is known of substance when your radio personality that man I imagine there is no equivalent of a Russian in boy scout. No, certainly not in fact. I very much relate to Charlie's points about not really have
contacts initially for what the Russian I guess ear rush effect was, but something that shocked me when I heard of his passing was that I, my first experience of the rush effect on a news was: I was debated today, our folks nears pile about breaks it and coming from UK growing up the BBC. I felt like open. This panel was going to be to inform. So I got my bullet points ready, and I had my on the one hand, on the other and I realize once when I was on the panel that in fact this wasn't what was expect. You are told that we wanted the hard hitting quick lanes blasting yeah, blasting, remainders and then afterwards is American Frances We ve got to understand is that we are what we wanted, the entertained, MRS Entertainment first and foremost, and so I started look then
let's not get us. It's just not at all how we do things the UK and, of course, this figure who just kept popping up. And history of Essen and the effect this is rush when well, and he was, I think, an entertainment night. He obviously believed in conservative values, as you and save them. He was very impassioned. Debate was things, but I think, coming from the UK as having that disappoint counter content it makes you appreciate the wrong that people like that have in public life and discourse and more and more significantly, perhaps the rich that they have so Michael has been a lot of talk about our rush word, maybe unintentionally, to Donald Trump, and I think there's something to that of the Gaza Intentional at all Russia. The crews guy in sixteen visa added it gave us were assemblies
were bait bacon, see the parallels rush, sometimes a seemingly mano maniacal focus on the media and media bias, hugely obviously a huge entertainment factor that bonded people to him and then, with the exception, perhaps of Sondra Fluke, Georgetown woman at that rush and insulted and and had to a poligized back off from. It ain't here he was constantly embroiled in controversies. Many more or take us in Facon and based on a partial versions are or distortions of of what said, but he never eat he revelled in them an endeavour. Down- and you can see all those elements- a pic trump picking up and all those elements it and taken a minute, unexpected direction I think that that is all true. I mean I think he was,
You know this shift in. He knew he was such a titanic figure in the post, cold war Conservative movement and I think he did shifted in this more populist media inflected direction. I think he also probably said the expectation which his sheet Fox NEWS and it may be shaped. Other conservative institutions, You know every of leaning into the partisan conflicts of the day leaning into them in a really partisan way and yet and and
You know he also incorporated now like low humor into the right in a way that it hadn't been for a long time and that's a mixed. You know I think, for a lot of people. That's a mixed legacy, I feel that is in a mixed legacy. I certainly do. You know. At the same time I mean I remembered that the time of my before I was turning into rush. Still had this magnetism. I weirdly my memory, Russia's, the two thousand and two U S! Senate election in Minnesota, with ignoring common and Walter Mondeo and you know listening to him in the afternoons. During my lunch breaks at work in I'd get into the car at a chemical factory in turn on rush,
you know: go to Delhi, grab a sandwich during our commercial break. And listen to him and. he made me want to follow this story, an estate far away every single day until he could finally declared Walter Mandela's finally lost his fiftieth state, Damn three I mean he was, he was magnet Even if you know my like grandmother. Motherlike warned me against listening to that sort of thing, because they were afraid it would Courson me yet a member in and in two thousand and eight, when no we're weird desperately trying to keep John Mccain from winning the nomination at some point and in the primaries wretched than roads, relatively rain and then just decided. He was just going to unload and forget where there are kind of rumours of this are or what, but
Remember driving in my car and I had to pull over. I knew it was going to be so good and I was going to joy every minute of it. I just couldn't afford to be distracted by if I drive and listen, Charlie Cook The question to you re the influence political influence russian by last. let me say, overlong role. Influence overall influence, Russian by over the last thirty years from zero to ten zero. Just and entered tainer. Ten utterly definitive biggest in a way I will analogy eyes, it is with bright said I think, for any concern. Avatar movement or cause to succeed. You need Daniel Hannan and you need a Nigel barrage Daniel Hannan Guy, not a Nigel for our guy but rushed late night.
For us within the american right, and there are other people who play Daniel Hannan and whither. him and without people. Like him, the right wouldn't succeed. We spend a great deal of time fighting over the balance of the right, but you can't really have a conservative movement without figures such as that for better oil. Mary, I would say a sudden and similar to charlie- I I I would agree with with his knowledge, and I would say that I'm caitive grateful that people that here, and there are even though, is not my style of politics and maybe my brand of politics, because quite apart from anything else, I'm by comparison, I appear quite moderate undone. I like that. That's good, so yeah idea a nice healthy, seven
maybe there's a sheet there's two answers to that question wonders a Republican in the White House. I think Russia's level of influence drops to about three and became a bit of a follower and a cheerleader when a report when is out of the White House, I think it jumps to a seven or an eight, because I think he ends up becoming a de facto connection between the Republicans in the in the house and this mask constituency. he seemed to have much more influence over the Republican Party when it in opposition, then now when it was in power where he seemed to be found the way I mean, I think, there's like a very famous quote when you know when the
bottom was falling out of George W Bush as presidency, where he literally set on air like I dont have to carry water for this anymore, and I think that that speaks to the dual nature of his is kind of strange relationship to elected Republicans yeah. I agree with everything that's been said. I think if I ever get out to the seven, but those higher than that initially, when he was, he was Fox news. He was the treasure for just all that cut it mixed together that that there is, there is nothing else in terms of mass media and is hugely influential and and really created the alternative, conserve media, as we know it and per per Michael's plastics specially influential early.
Clinton years, huge inspiration to the new king, Russia's revolutionary, so called his swept that Power Congress. Nineteen. Eighty four. Same thing early Obama years but Sir later on in a Fox news, I think became more influential, then rushed and- and I think that the Trump era- and this is true- Michael's right- true anytime report can present- was in Power- a follower, then then a leader but overall just an enormous influence, and I should say before we leave leave rush here, of genuinely good and kind hearted man. You just did the seeming disconnect between Russia. the performer on air and the reserve somewhat shy, Ruslan ball it in person who is incredibly modest, who fought this disease with incredible courage
last year are or more and was just an incredibly grateful further for the prayers prayers, if of people, so he will be NIST richer reform of all. Can I just, do a very short little rant on certain- has been really irritating mere on this. Of course,. there's. This is awaiting. It is no such thing as a short troika I'll do my best to find out. that there is this idea out there at the moment, bolstered by progressive that not only They dislike limber on the merits, but they dislike what he did and they have no interest in that and progressive Islamists to sophisticated to lend itself to that, and I just want to dispense with that idea. Progressed with desperate for Russia, limber, absolutely desperate on the same trip to Texas, I caught some of them.
Aggressive shows on serious exam at them. MR work ass. Not to do it better. not for lack of trying. The idea that there have been huge efforts lot of money spent on the left try to create a rush limber of their own and other network diverted trying to do it. Air, American, Asia, with which failed, Just at this sitting, snobbish undercurrent that while we don't, we don't do that- that mass media stuff- radio you dont, because because you can't is really hot and, as I say, I wasn't arrest limber family. I hate that argument because it it under estimate the sheer talent and and the the fortitude and the persistence that it took
to do what you did you I think I represent here. I wanted to add, today the right I listen to America and AIR America did. You know, give us Rachel Matter how whose on MSNBC, I think the left does have like there's two Limbaugh, but they work Stuart and Stephen CALL bear this idea. Like going on television in doing half hour of reading news and laughing at the other side. I think that was what they ended up getting out of Russia The other they didn't get radio, but they got tv right. So that is positive. Our sponsor this week, the dissident new movie on October second, twenty eighteen, respected Washington, Post journalist Jamal, could shaggy enter the saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. He was never seen alive again at a time when America
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out so Charlie got a little internal Republican, throw down going on now. You had Mitch Mcconnell right Wall Street Journal bed, basically restating the case he made on the second floor at the end of trumps trial, defending himself from all comers defending his reasoning terms the Senate not having jurisdiction, but then once again harshly condemning trumps conduct, the reporting, if you can believe it is that said, trumpet relate irritated by the Wall Street Journal Ipad and then issued his first post presidency's statement, which was real quarter. He said Damn Mcconnell is, is dour account, Mcconnell Weak doesn't have what it takes. publicans are going to go anywhere. If they follow me
Mcconnell and oh yeah. By the way, Trump is gonna support. America first candidates and primaries were ever approach. Bree it. Would you make that restore the America First Donald Trump wants is Donald Trump first did match is not afraid. One, morally or otherwise. Everything that trim said in his missive was wrong, except that Morocco is not charismatic, but I'm glad that mercantilism charismatic I think it makes it more effective and he has been extraordinarily effective. There are many people too. aim for the things gone wrong in America over the last few decades, which book Will this not among them much Mcconnell is pro I believe, the most important figure in the Republican Party since,
President Reagan, Donald trumps since to have done what Mitch Mcconnell accused him of having done before and on January. Sex Mitch, Mcconnell sin is to have referred. to vote in line with what he obviously believes to be true. Now I accept that Some people genuinely do not think the impeachment was constitutional I must say that I am not convinced that MRS Merkel, is among them, although I do understand that he is in a difficult position. Is a minority leader he has a cork has to keep together and it would have been difficult for him possibly more damaging for him in the long run, to vote with the minority.
of the minority, but that this is not a typical american, political or inter party to speed. This is a dispute between a serious person who has long time than a serious job and a man whose guiding light? Is personal loyalty at it was a classic trumps When it was really no different than any other statement, Trump has ever issued in his life. The statement said this guy came begging, May I am strong, he is weak because he said rude things about me. He is terrible in every way. I will destroy him k that that's what Donald Trump always says, I'm not naive enough to think that it will have an effect. I'm not naive enough to think that just goes jumps out of office he's lost all his power
I agree with your rage at the moment. I think in the internees sign warfare trump has an advantage. But on the merits, this was a preposterous outburst. That was unfortunately from the same place as all the other preposterous outbursts that led us to this place and lead Mitch? Mcconnell two makes she did on the floor and then to follow up in the Wall Street Journal telling the truth about disgraceful behaviour exhibited by president from so anybody that there are a lot of ridiculous contentions it in this statement, one trump Maybe this is most colorable claim there was mechanical ass Georgia, because Mcconnell didn agree to two thousand are checks and covered route belief bill in December. But if trumped up,
This is such an important issue in such a winner for Democrats, it was incredibly forest for him to elevate it only at the very end after there was a pack of a deal that is only good shaders had negotiated, and this was just a great gift to Democrats and clearly just the way Trump divided Party down in Georgia. What was the most decisive factor in those races. then he took credit for a dozen it doesnt Senate wins last. Has two cycles August got a funny math or its some races. Special this time around, where his strong performance in rhetoric their states helped Senate candidates. You, I might be an example- junior it's out there, but how'd you get to a dozen and then most Curiously, sad, it was only after Trump endorsed Mcconnell
Mcconnell is able to win elections yet again in Kentucky, which has been doing since the first one real action. First, one election in Kentucky Back and nineteen eighty four, but to Charles Charlie's final point. I wrote about this today, trumped just as an amazing hold on on the grass roots us talking two And organizer of conserve, aggressors organisation has been out there last couple weeks meeting with activist. He said you know, forty percent are our hard courtroom pursued thinking election What was stolen have zero doubt about it and then an egg another thirty percent, or so I'm making up the exact percentages, thirty percent or so kind to think it was stolen, not not a hunter censure, but still hate match Mcconnell and there's like another. Thirty percent is more kind of standard, Republicans, don't think the election of stolen, but but that their scare, the other seventy percent and scared of day. They actually say something that they're they're gonna get hurt. So oh
Morocco has a marathon aside, but Trump has the passion and the numbers least at the moment. Yes, I mean it's interesting, I mean I mean our money. The same thing. You know I've. at church, I remember I was surprised. Innocent people no what I do know I'm involved in political media in some way and. You know they ask me, we start king about what's going on in the world, and they suddenly, from something he said. You know. Oh, you dont think it was stolen, No. No, I don't I'm shocked, Kenneth surprised you know it is not turning to meet. Hold and I do think maybe it relates to rush in some ways and a lot of conservatives. I think
consume, conservatism, more the conservative movement as a kind of alternate media universe and Trump. Trumps election, more than any other event in their life, caused what looked like a kind of no Chernobyl core meltdown in across the media and governing establishments and paused, a kind of permanent panic and that's evident some success rate, I mean that in some way. in maybe it's more n caning than the alternative, which is like this Oh grind of partisan warfare that I think is about to re emerge
yeah he has a hold on the party for now. I do think I've come around to your be rich, that it will slip over time. Just stem. you know a number of people are already looking for. Future leaders, starting to get excited, guys, like Rhonda, Santas, no joy Joe Biden administrations gonna bring up new issues which which will bring new opportunities for conservatives too.
Reaffirmed their loyalty to the current state of elected Republicans and it'll, give as lucky Republicans an opportunity to make political, hey ain't, so I will see an end. I think the biggest question is: does Trump have the stamina for staying in politics after a loss? I I don't know I mean he clearly took a break and he's just puddings. His toes back in with some fox appearances by phone will see natty way, Thank dropped, the Mikado, so I can think of us not just the latest,
example, of a sort of symbolic institutional, concerted is one one, citing this Trump pissed reactionary, racking biologist keep smashing into it, and I mean maybe this is too hopeful, but I would agree with maple and his diagnosis that short term reckon Oh, I'm has more power, but maybe long term, not so much, and I can think just to extend this metaphor until it collapses into absurdity, if ever just keep smashing into this thing. That will dared I'm so glad you're here, but if you ve ever just gives vine absurd metaphors with ethically long rats them. Then you really the march of the become in Saxony. no longer drugs exactly but gave it. If it keeps you keep smash against us, then maybe hopefully they began a weak spot.
Swell will crumble in and have to fight, but then actually thing at its core and, as proven by the fact that the Colonel Let Mercato can a one not say you know. If you have an voted to uphold the election results in when the San Sun writing any anyone. Looking the fact subjectively knows that tromp lost Georgia certainly by dominating the news cycle. So, yes, I think short terrible. He is he's, got more structure per annum, but I am hopeful that long term as this one, this won't caused permanent changes in damages. Joy could ex question to you and twenty twenty two who will be the winner and these proxy battled around the country fought out and primers Donald Trump Mitch MECCA
or a little, both little of both, as is always the way ass was away in two thousand and ten twelve fourteen. Sixteen and eighteen. Tilt well over time, be have further away from Trump Ass Kingmaker, but the party will continue to be a mixture, Things- and they primaries were effect that Emily. I second Charlie maker. Turns, and yet I would. I would agree on just making the distinction of short term versus long term. I'll make it unanimous be a little of both Trump have a lot of pull in some states, not as much in others about ten a local conditions and the actual quality
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In March, with Megan care lay and when we're all me, together again will start again having in person events around the country. So it's great deal doesn't cost you much, maybe five bucks a month or something like that. If you check out the first time deals, we got running at any given time, so check it out and our plus, if not already, a member, join tens of thousands of your fellow and our readers and sign up so mad. We got a literal meltdown in Texas. He had this extraordinary winters. Storm hounded parts of the country down at the sight that are used to this kind of winter weather aren't prepare for and really important.
Is this not true in the Northeast Omby Amby and I have been pounded here by a snowstorm after snow storm? I live work temporarily squatting in a very quiet, cul de sac that this thing but eighteen inches now and within a couple hours, adjust the streets, clear, officious when how to do it. You used to do it if you do it and you do a well, not true of tax is not true the dread when you make of it here. So I think that bad most importantly to remember here is that this is sort of a freak winter storm. I mean it's getting its difficulties. Temperatures in Texas inside or at least for, like over a hundred years, been interested to watch. This are inevitable these days, partisan struggle overall to make that, on the one hand, you have an ivy, fairly plausible, an analysis that when Meltzer
efficient and ask contributed and away too to the paragraph failure, but then, on the other hand, young people on the left pushing back against this and saying That actually know at the opposite is true but my general sense when something like this happens to me just wait till fillets overcome. We just get the really fight there and then have some sort of investigation, and once you ve really looked into it, then you can. You can come back and see. This was what caused it and we can all argue about it, but I sometimes feel there is a bit of paper. The card for the when these things happen every day, so it seems as though wind played a significant role. Maybe it just before she has four person at royal, but that's not. Then entirely the story at all. You did. It became possible to Can you getting natural gas because it throws up?
the generators froze up their generators and and taxes are not an expert in text generated by the way My understanding is their outside when allowed in the country that that deals with A lot of quality have men side, but in Texas you wanna come outside because the the main com, His generators is during the summer and would make them more efficient, inefficient if there The therein inside in the summer months they have outside then, once you just had the effect of supply. Dripping demand again. I do understand exact mechanism here, but you can have all grid like blow up and knelt down. Unless you do that, the blackouts. Then they thought they'd be rolling blackouts, but they're. There was enough supply to do the role, so he just had had these blackouts in it and people just freezing and in their in their houses in text in twenty degree weather. What
was yeah. I mean this is one of those in a we ve had so his power grid issues in California for years, and A lot of that has been dictated by California policy and and what that does to the power grid, and people looking said like. Oh there's, this alternative model of governance in order to get away from the blue state model of California in its most extreme state and go to Erentz day model like Texas AM but Texas is part of the United States and has some of the weird distorting interest in parts of the power grid that are least efficient when your most needed I'm here, I agree with Mattie that we have to wait for like a fool
investigation in kind of soda report on the totality of this, but it's one of those stories like at least in my deeply pessimistic conservative, mind It's one of these stories that makes me nervous about my country right. That, like am Then our power grid is so vulnerable across major states and so difficult to repair in short order. You know it's sort of like this is something the most powerful country in the world should be able to handle in a snap- and you know, although the this storm is, is a freak it's not unforeseeable and I don't know I kind of measure I civilizations worth by the quality of its civil engineering and
scores were the best you know. Are our inner networks works well and the most places the plumbing works when something like this fails, I don't know I just get a pit, my stomach about it, because this is like these are the basics and even more important than roads and bridges the electrical greatest sustaining our lives, especially in extreme weather, try to have a similar, sick feeling fuss. I I just can't believe that run the sand. has taken time out of killing all people to go over to Texas in their infrastructure. There is no end to the man's perfidy. I think. I think. On the one hand, you wouldn't expect taxes to be good at this
you can always insure against freak occurrences it. It would be pics for example, if Montana had an accident hurricane response, you know. but I think this is and in some ways why I am alarmed by our having forgotten why we have a government and governments are supposed to. Step in these moment, but there are also supposed to plan for these moments and then not always good, and so on the one I knew you would say: well why
we're Texas, spend money on a system that Would respond well to snow? Enormous has like a joke. Why would they winter eyes their generators? Why would they try to inoculate themselves against this, but Texas doesn't have a problem even prefer a conservative state with no income tax spending, Money- Texas, and a lot of money and in less so than say, Massachusetts. All the federal government protects us or suspense alone money on things that I don't think government should spending money on, or at least not prioritizing, and I just
quite share Michael's framework on this. But I just think that we ve lost the basics with we don't do that. The basic insurance, where, where little bit ass a society. like someone who is quite happy to spend all their money on on food and international travel on, but doesn't have home insurance. Yeah, they circumstances a peculiar, but it seems that the reports are correct agency that is in charge of regulating and inspecting power in Texas didn't do on site. Sections this year than they did it all remotely Well, then, why do they exist? And even if the problem, the lack of funding or all leadership that something that you fix.
I suppose I see this a little bit like I see the military in and foreign policy Interventionist, I am in favour of having a really strong navy. And having a military that, firstly, would deter people from attacking us and, secondly, would be ready if something terrible happened, that's what I want from the government and without pointing particular fingers. I just look at the last year and a half, and I look at the political debates that we have and I dont see much of a connection with things we get so angry about all the things that we told government doesn't dues, unfairness and injustice in inequality, while economy has been laid low by a pandemic, for which we would not ready and Texas is now laid low by a snowstorm for which it was,
not ready and my reaction, is that we need to get back to doing those sorts of things well before we, chill out into whatever in a hundred and fifty, Layer of government Bernie Sanders and covered like tat so badly, applied here is TED. Crews are a friend the text centre, The other day I went with his family to can't Coon quickly came back from CAN Coon when there is an outcry and pictures of him waiting for the fight boarding the flight. When Ireland, ITALY, said he was intending just to escort his daughters to conclude and then come come right back that story has held up very well, we make of it yes, so I ain't you that's funny. I was reminded us of a similar story that happened during the first british pool of our sloped down with
I'll make Cummings, who was then on senior, but actually the most senior aid to the Prime Minister who went for a drive with his wife and if it broke the regulations that keeping advocating for, and it was one of those things where, if it had been in another context, the it's so innocuous. It's not like. You got caught having an affair or being an appropriate or something you. He went for a price with his wife, but of course they, the quest knows hypocrisy. Ten people in public viper obviously held too much higher standard, and so, while I still feel sorry for him on an individual level, one- and certainly I can understand why is it as a parent knew it? You would make this decision? think. Ultimately, it was a mistake and in fact he has subsequently admitted that it was a mistake on ice. An athlete
in doing that, he is almost considering that his initial Explanation wasn't wasn't really going to cut it in the sense that perhaps this journey was in fact not necessary and he should been staying home in Texas on conflict, but the captain of the ship doesn't just get the lifeboat so today. I think it was a political mistake. Remains to be seen how closely it will be in terms of his political capital but yeah I do. I cannot. I have some sympathy, incense that, if it weren't for his job, this would not be a prickly offensive thing to happen.
Yeah Amadeus is kind of thing. If you have the means, anyone would do you get out used in Europe. Have no power of freezing and gotta go on to the Sir resort movie? We know, but an end tat cruises presence in Texas, Nakata materially affected anyone's welfare and taxes, but but but you just can't you, you can't do it any especially governors that any leader, elected official state this. In the midst of a crisis, you gotta, be pressed yeah. You got to connect with people your gun, he's the one there's nothing they can do about it. Disaster outdoors and he put on your boots any you go go to the sight of it and you heard people unused. See what happened to your promise. Hearing a rebuild better than ever, and that this just a grievous a political error on on the part of of Santa Cruz yeah. Maybe
it's not practice- mean Charlie, said to me like this- is what Florida politicians live fork as they know the hurricanes are coming yeah, I don't know, I'm I'm a couple thoughts on this, which has one you know, I don't know speculate too much about ten curses personal life. I can imagine it's been rough fur. Heidi crews having tankers serves a senator and be pretty loyal to a president who had publicly insulted and humiliated her, and I would I be true We get Heidi crews, the king Coon? If it were me, I mean, and I would be really hesitant to cancel that for my own political sake, soul. I totally understand not just the desire to go to King King. I have the same desire, but
the imperative of going if your TED crews, what's gonna, think together any day and charter flight campaigns that that sounds great, But the the other thing now that just strikes me about this story is this is the first post trump political. Worry it like reminds me of the pre trumpet. It reminds me of trend lot praising strong Thurman at a birthday party. It is total media feeding frenzy. But there is no sub text that you know. This is the state of our system or the fate of the liberal world order or oncoming fascism. This is this is just a merciless liberal media, pile on to a weak Republican who made
stake, unlike in some ways think this feature was stories been totally overblown. but in some ways like it's, it's weird, this a return to normal see, at least that, as far as the new cycle is concerning type psychic ex question, you TED crews, will recover from night can coon imbroglio soon in months and years or never In raw waiting around a really on Tenzin needles, joy, I think Never that doesn't mean I can kill lose em. This didn't matter there as in any hypocrisy because he wasn't violating anything he'd settled John and he's not the captain of the ship s mighty budget Gregg Abbot is,
But it was an enormous mistake and I think it plays in to pre existing. perceptions of TED crews that cumulatively are going to prevent him from achieving his ultimate goal in life, which is to become president, so he's never going to recover from this and all the other things that he has done to put himself in this position and currents. Yeah, I'm gonna say never, but and by that I dont disturbing in it kills his political career, but I think has Charlie says it. It makes his ambition dampens his ambitions in some ways. Emily. Who, who were cover for it? I mean that the damage to his pony ambition was trump who out cruised him in person.
Lee scarred him so yeah Hellward ill recover, I think his standing as a as senator in a red state, but that's doable yeah by forget it. I actually say it in. Texas will be never not in the sense that you know, he's lost a seat, but it'll just be a mark against them. You know he's got another four years so that that's a lot of time this week, pretty distant but it'll, still a little Chopin as it'll, be his opponent will hit him hit him with it and it will still have
house. Abstainers much thing is right now, but still have some in terms of republican presidential politics, which is what he might care more about out its months. It it'll because this will cut a disappearing and be forgotten for fur most Republicans nationally. Pretty soon with that was turned to another topic and one you Folkestone, Alot natty witches this ongoing fight over true transgender athletes in sports. He had this executive order that that Biden issued that once biological nails to tubular compete in women's sport, you have now push back. You have an organization A formed of women athletes, Europe pushing back up on this and has made efforts in an estate stage. What's goin on here. Yes, so did take two different things.
Think there's the young. As you mentioned, the formation of this woman scope, which is headed by Martina Navratilova, some other really impressive olympic athletes, female athletes and that's coming from this decision on the transit the issue from within the last, so they are still happy too use, the language of. transgender ideology to extend their just asking that the science of it isn't completely overlooked, showed signs of biology. Obviously, but then you also have I predominantly outside, maybe possibly red states. You, Tom, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Dakota Ethic, little number and cages is around twenty
acting bells in the state legislatures to to directly contradict what frightens executive order says, which drives the warehouses subsequently explained, is very explicit. It means Yes, you will have to allow transgender our site, will they say transgender females, but what they mean as biological meals in two million sports categories. If you want to get better funding, which is just extraordinary over and it's interesting following this from trying to read the nuisance Formed in this, I have to wake switch on my mental translator, because when I'm reading progressive reports it so confusing, because so what I just said, it is presented as a coordinated attack on eligibility to rights and conservative.
States? They want to ban transgender kids from from competing in sports yadda yadda yadda The reason this is really per permission and has to be, may, I think, was determined opposition is that most people find this. I should like the earthquake refusing anyway, the deep are confusing signs of it just because of the way that language is being abused and when you do, I do which is to just We translate best into biological, males women's forces, it so obvious. What's going on it, so obviously ridiculous! Frankly, to allow young men young boys into women's sport seemed so yeah. I mean, I think, we're going to see a war
with this in the next four years, a lot worse, the struggle- and I'm glad you even though, is becoming regrettably, partisan and in some senses, and am glad that there is this kind of grassroots untrained level resistance, the good ex question on this m be de transgender athletes and sports is the thin wedge that will allow conservatives to effectively pushed back against the transgender madness. Yes, No, no that's too few people on something that is, I mean I've tried to argue with people that effectively every Connecticut girl that was in back a few years ago, was robbed of fair competition.
But I mean it's still kind of a relatively small number of people. I think I think the way, she's gonna be lawsuits suits later about surgeries on on children. Now I think the opposite. I am, of course, appalled by surgeries on children, but that I think, will affect a small number of people. Visiting affects a huge number of people taking. This will be the wedge, unsophisticated, think of such as myself who can say that this is just men could be women. We we know now. More people know that that son, fair in power, because they're told all the time by feminists Stronger men are and how day Just men can be too women which they can until
it's this issue. Suddenly we have to pretend there's no difference between men and women in the mere fact of saying that someone is a woman makes them a woman which it doesn't, and I think this just a perfect illustration of it: So many kids across the country play sports not just track its everything. Baseball football, softball sock This is that this is a living illustration of the insanity here. I think this is gonna, be the third. There were jar, Netteke aren't always yes in America is gonna, be the sports ashes issue because reckons really care about sports living in Britain. By contrast, it will be in further orders D. yeah, that's the medical issue in part, because censure centralized medicine is much incredible, but I would just push back slightly more maple said about this. In our own way of fighting,
Oliver people, I understand why it may appear that that's the case, because it ought to take the case in the Connecticut will later. It was only too young man, but when you actually look at the numbers- and this is demonstrable as as the lawsuit does look at the numbers- How many girls were not only beaten bought were displaced. I didn't get a chance to compete, didn't get a chance to present an it. It's really is very, very significant. It really only takes two to completely up and down the whole feeble confession, and this is a point that an average of lower and and the others have made, which, as such, is the innate advantage, I wouldn't pick level at female athletes are routinely basin I'm into in terms of their scores by high school.
College female athletes. So so I think you'll, given that women are half the population. I think that this is certainly something that affects more people. So I want to say ass. I hope the answer is yes, I kind of fear. The answer is no. We seem to be pessimistic that this morning and say no, I fear this is just a complete absurdity that war just come to be accepted. Over time. On that down no said a few other things. Before we go and be d, you ve been focused on smuggling lately. yeah listen I've. Familiar routes in a border nineteen, Ireland, so I just Regarding the thing it annoys me about our covered era. Is it's hard to put anything on the calendar to look forward to write like it's hard to plan a trip
it's because you don't know what restrictions are gonna, be there. So I've started planning to smuggle something over the canadian border, I'm so sitting people in Canada to help me do it. We would meter. Border town, no defence lawyer in the world is taking this case your listener, according yourself all yet aces. I mean there's, there's there's a product. I want that's about forty percent cheaper in Canada Normally, I would, I would mean adventure and see my right. Now. It's not a watch. But you I wouldn't, I would normally be up like too three all and make like an event of it. Well now a bigger amount of it, I'm looking for I think I might have found someone to help me. They want something from America and there's a reserve border town in Vermont, where, like I mean the borders literally like potted plants in the street, and I don't think anyone can stop us, I mean most of the restrictions are about cars crossing over
few people just walking along the same street and passing something over a potted plant rectify people to start with a guy I mean I just want to see and also like. I just want a story in advance. I ride porters mattered By that I mean they do matter, but I didn't mean it amazes me. Well, I said other plants, s orders to you rich rich. This is what I said to Michael is is this is He became a free trade area. Should write a piece about Mary, you you, you ve discovered a new book that sheds light on how to stop bad habits and take a better want. Yes, that's the stick. His cold egg is paid out for a while, but it's called atomic habits die James, clear and I I I hesitate to say it's changed my life, but I really think it
I've changed my life because it just I'm very goal orientated and I'm sorry, you rights, tons and tons of lists accordingly, his name was it s, dress and he could have explains how to actually make a deference by rather than being goals orientated being systems orientated, so a habit becomes a goal if you, so it means. So if you want to learn by rather than wait. I want to learn violent. It's no! I'm gonna play ten minutes every day at this time. There's a lot more to it than that negroes into the psychology of it in the nearest sides of it to kind of trick herself into doing the things that will retain produce really on the results that you want and already I've seen such very different so anyone who is struggling with the lantern promises are just in general, as with structure imitation. I really regret than this big, because it's really help me.
Charlie speak something demotivating to the rest of us. You told anybody in the residents the northeast really by working from the beach yesterday. My dad yesterday, As you say, this is less alight item and more just a finger and Michael's border crossing. I, but I went down yesterday at about one o clock to the beach with my computer to avoid and I what I sat in the nice charter. Seventy eight degrees, there's a lovely he's coming through the palm trees. I could hear the ocean and summer that's enough. I've been focused on Pringles lately that's that had it had the bunch, those lately. I just love Pringles. I think one that there is one of the great american snacks just stir there like a dictatorship by registered there. A product certainly ought to know whether there are technically a potato chips, but just the can,
so great you know you can take a month ago. You don't have to worry about smashing on you like a bag, a potato chips are those toys, kind, heart making what once you, I guess, the original advertising phrases for lays potentiality candied, just one Certainly true, Pringles issues so disappointing when you get down towards the bottom of the can inevitably sets of these last four Those are our smashing and crumbled up, and if that is the red, can the original that as absolute basta. I think it's a travesty that their other flavors chatter, who wants a shudder levels, blue eyes, red red cancers, original pringles. You just can't go wrong people and now
that time in part, gas for letters picks ambition, but you pick my pick is interested efforts. Capital note newsletter from the eighteenth the mess in Texas, its highly informative collection of all the in forget get you kind of up to speed on what has happened in Texas, what the debates are about it, but just I just want to recommend the capital note. In general, I mean I'm a huge fan. muse letters I read them like an rss feed using feed, been they give you like an email address that you can use to subscribe and scroll through them. And just Andrew Stafford, alternating Daniel, tin. Railroad like this is one of the best newsletters that's come out in the last year, and it is just awesome so subscribe Calcutta.
I pigs Jim guarantees, peace, on why were taught to not speak ill of the dead. I do, though, especially agree with Jim, because I up in England and the moment that somebody dies in England there. We all compete to write harsh, polemical obituaries, but it's a re, thoughtful peace. It's one of the best cases against doing that. That I've read- and I mentioning it also because Isaac choked nerve than you could try to catch Jim guarantee in a double standard and failed spectacle Finally, although he may not now it Jim said, it's fine a month later, to say that somebody who had just died was awful, but it's a good idea to wait a little bit and that to illustrate why Jim's a hypocrite?
is it showed and said. Ah, six and a half years after TAT Kennedy died, he wrote something rude about him while its that's not what Jim said it was much more thoughtful than that. Ninety current but you're back. I like Romania's peace, making allowances from from them, recent magazine issue. Can it wasn't, Romney's headlines plan, but I think it said is a typically while research and well explained, peace by Russia and also you gotta locates it in this broader issued it that we're having on the right just snails, Of where, where do we go from from here is? Is it possible galactic in a free market? Fusion is a more do. We have to look into some were popular or populist policy, so I like to those very once it at once. I am against part your policies on principle that take a lot more convincing from it from you. For me, too
Besides, we needed embrace popular issues. Ok, maybe a popular it. S. Voice was sitting by our colleagues, Tobias, whom in writing. Mills Ruben digging in on the school reopening issue and is peace. It email records, revealed how teachers unions are fighting to keep Virginia schools shudder and it is why, what you think it's evidence of the hand in glove relationship of the teachers unions down there in Virginia with the democratic law makers who have made made Virginia. Having stock on this issue, so that's it for us turning to a natural part, gas and you re, broadcast retransmission or account this game without express written permission of national magazine is strictly prohibited. This park ass has been produced by the incomparable Sarah
who makes a sound better than we deserve. Thank Jerry. I thank you. Anybody think Mary. Thanks to the dissonant, please check it out. Thanks specially to argue for listening, queer the editors and we'll see you
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