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Episode 305: Unconfirmed and Unsuitable

2021-02-23 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, and Alexandra discuss the blocking of Neera Tanden’s confirmation, Xavier Becerra’s total unsuitability to head HHS, and much more. 

Editors’ picks: • Rich: Isaac Schorr’s pinch-hit for Jim on today’s Jolt “The Revenge of Neera Tanden’s Tweets” • Charlie: Ramesh’s piece “Yes, Biden’s Views on Abortion Contradict His Catholicism” • Alexandra: David Harsanyi’s piece “Fauci Is Not Your God

Light items: • Rich: Douglas McArthur’s 1962 speech at West Point • Charlie: Going out to eat • Alexandra: Getting a Costco membership

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On October, second, twenty eighteen respected, washed and post journalist Jamal could show he entered the saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. He was never seen alive again at a time when America's focused on its own domestic crises theirs one movie. They reminds us there unbelievable and shocking events unfolding on a global scale. The new documentary, the dissident, only looks into the events in intrigue surrounding the murder that shocked the world sent Lindsey Gram says they're, not a smoking gun. There's a smoking saw the movie not only on earth new proof that ultimately exposes his killer centre ran past The evidence is overwhelming that the crown prince was involved playing out of it, high levels of power and wealth. The associated press calls a dissident, a real life thriller. Are you ready for the truth from the Academy Award winning Director of Icarus. The dissident raided Pga thirteen now playing at home.
Man tandon going down and the Sarah under Fire Amazon bans, Ryan Anderson's book and the latest on the Corbett relief bill will discuss all this and more on this subject the errors under slurry and joined is always released. the time by the Right honourable Chelsea, Debbie Cook and Alexandra Zan Dissenters, Jim Garrison, MBA Overturned soon you listening to a national you, pod gasser, sponsor this week. the new documentary, the dissident more about that in due course, if he listens, podcast unnatural view, dot, com
clean directly on the corner, with blighted. Have you but it'd be easier for you and better for us to be made as part of your feed any of the streaming services out there from Spotify to Itunes? You like what you hear. Please consider giving us a glowing five star review on Itunes. If you don't like what you hear here, please forget, I said anything so Zan. Something terrible has happened, two nearer Tandon her social media posts have come back to bite. Her job and she came out again stir than there is some hope that you'd have some more moderate Republicans. Savor that didn't work you had Rakowski and Romney say now: we're not voting for either. So it looks like she's gonna be sunk and we now have tweets and stories alleging. This is all about sexism and racism and deeply unfair.
What do you make of it? You know I wouldn't say that narrow tenderness, my least favoured of violence, cabinet except I wasn't particularly exercised about her nomination. I think it's probably. better than not on the whole. For conservatives that she not get the position and in four nomination is indeed sunk. That's probably a good thing, but the bad news it's not as it should be replaced with someone that conservatives love and I'm sure the next. How many will be trouble and perhaps someone who's not troubling in that she were, he has tweeted militias things that sitting you senators says necessarily huge when, as if we're going to get somebody that we like in the next round, but I do think you know she would have been probably pretty bad at the job and I think that the reasons for taking her nomination for good ones. It is also good to see. I think that to mention is willing to vote against. The Democrats on nomination that they do care about. Known is necessarily fighting tooth and nail to death for her to be confirmed, but I wasn't
doing to me to seem that mention. It is willing to go against the Democrats and gives me a bit of hope and don't do that on on issues or on domination. That matter but more to me, it's their troublesome enough. ass, a child. His aunts point is our, so she is the worst of the divine nominees is relatively moderate Democrat than at war with Bernie forces for a long time, but these were incredibly of noxious tweets incredibly in politics, if, if you really want to be in a Senate, confirm position ever, I guess she hadn't thought ahead. In that respect, she didn't generate a huge twitter audience which share is, is very seductive, but you just sort of fur we want which, when we talk about her couple months ago, yes, switch one off one day. We should decide this is what I'm going to do. I know that you have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of followers and I'm going to cater to them with the dumbest and most obnoxious tweets. I can. I can pass
come up with. But what I worry about the ridiculous charge that this is it sexism or Sparta pattern of racism in the consideration of Biden's nominees? This is clearly meant to work. The ref and the rest is, is Joe Manchin and make him pay a political price and make him think about doing this again. I caught wait for the explosive laden tweets will see when she is finally voted down a return to form from their attendant, I think,
Is eminent, I'm glad that she's going to go down and the reason for that is that I believe that people should live by the rules that they set for others, and the Democrats have the federal level at state level set a bunch of rules within our culture and within our politics, and they should be made to abide by them. I do not think that the average person, including people in public view, should be condemned for ever for rude intemperate eligible
I see and profane tweets, but they do. I dont think that people who slip up in a meeting a name, a victim of sexual assault, should be Lamb, bastard and pushed to the margins of society and fired and rendered an higher level. But they do. I don't think people who lose their tampon push. Somebody should be tarred forever by that era, but they do
I don't think that people who get carried away in indulge conspiracy theories is snare attendant has most, notably that there there was something untoward about Donald Trump. Replacing Anthony Kennedy should be dismissed, but they do. It has been absolutely bizarre to watch, Democrats and Democrat aligned writers within the press, astonished that anyone would try to hold turned into account for all of the things that she said even ass? They dismiss the idea. There is such a thing: ass, council com
while endorsing the decisions that that council, culture and its council culture worries arrive at the way I see this is ass, a means by which the people in our society who have given up on redemption, who do not consider apology To be useful and who go searching around the internet for examples of transgressions are made to live for one By their own rules and that the idea that doing that is in some way, the productive, racism or sexism is full
So then you another major has been that Donald Trump got away for with his tweets, which one is not quite true. I think down trumps tweets had some significant role in his losing the election, which probably consequence to play to this is totally different. Unit. Trumps was running for a national elected office, a high, let it office and land not seeking a Senate, confirmed position, and if he had sought the Senate confirm position with his put a record. He program that confirm for anything right. I think that's an absolutely absurd comparison. I mean the idea that a trump got away with his tweets wanting he's been banned from twitter now forever, so you didn't really end up getting away with anything and exciting. a always from the very beginning I think trumps treated was worse for him, then for anybody he if only Twitter had bantam sooner, he might have been much better
as president and had a much higher approval rating and everything else, maybe even than reelected. If he had been sort of forced into prudent handling of social media, But, as you say, he was not up for Senate confirmation and almost certainly would not have been to use this. As an example is obviously the facts are different, and so it's a stupid comparison to begin with, but it's also invalidating the left's own position on trumps, tweets witches. These tweets are awful and no public leaders retweet like those. We should never take someone seriously if they tweet, like this is degrading to our government to have leaders like those in positions of power. It's bad for America, it's bad for our culture and then went to their person who is tweeting the whole manner they say, oh well, what do you care your guy? Did it to doesn't matter so clearly they don't believe her own arguments daily, use it against a political officials whose use they disagree with so Charlie. If I, if I could choose
and between ten and going down and Sarah going down would be close, but there is a much more momentous now many. He is completely unqualified and is ruthless aggressor in the culture wars on every single France, you can make it's kind of a cliche wise by doing acts or why, if he's seeks to be a unified, but but this pick just totally puts the lie to the idea that so that there is any serious attempt adds unifying when you put a guy hostile to people of faith hostile to proliferate and what it wants to crush them. Under the foot of the state,
to such a sensitive position or seek to yeah would slightly sharpen your criticism of him in that there are elements within our culture war. The target gentlemanly up for dispute some of our culture war is just that a culture wore a set of disagreements that will obtain in any free society as to what their civil. Society should look like bizarre as a lot worse than that, in that he is an enemy of the constitution and of classical liberalism, he's not a guy who has a podcast and is rude about people law
intolerant he's, not a guy who makes speeches at Oberlin he's not a guy with a large twitter following as she stays not pretending he's a guy who has used the power off the state. Iowa most populous states are wealthiest, stayed to go off to people who dissent from the majority of from the prevailing wishes that the government that he represents. This is a man who has no time for conscience. Rights. They get sucked into these disputes over religion, and that's all well and good. But most of our religious disputes are not religious disputes in the way that they were three or four hundred years ago. When I arguing over which state religion we should adopt or whether we should permit Catholics to become so
citizens or whether home rule is a good idea or not. We are. whether we are going to create a space in our society, for the dissenters for people who have fundamentally different conceptions of the world. And does the majority or does the incumbent government there are people in America who have essentially opted out of the mainstream. The amish nuns. And they live in a different way than the rest of us, and they have a care, has absolutely no time for those people. He doesn't think that their rights matter and he doesn't respect the integrity of the worldview. An answer as an addendum to that he has used the power of the government to go off the people who were
gauged in first amendment protected activities. He was called out. I believe my mother Jones. No right wing or pro religion, institution and by the New York Times for having done so. I think we ought to see him. I know you do, but in our language we ought to see him as what he is here. Somebody who sits opposed to the elementary classical liberalism that underpin the, U S constitution and to which he would if, given this job swearing earth, yes, Hosanna dealt a little bit recipes earlier this week until or sisters case, and this is really just just hideous, so sisters drawn through a drive through like five years of litigation, to get an exemption that finally comes in the Trump administration that says
little sister. Don't have to sign a form that supposedly opting out is actually getting the government put contraception coverage on their insurance plan. we're not gonna do that, but if there's There anyone who's in for some reason left out because of the the little sisters in Cancun contraception coverage, we're going to give it to people through the government. S with the Prime Minister said no harm, no foul right and not no one. I mean it may never come up with a victim of that. These exemptions anyway, but even if there were in theory that it's just that that person is can be taken care of. And bizarre, comes in he's he's the California attorney This isn't a California law is not a California aid see that came up with the exemption, its affairs law and federal agency. The came up the exception in he Suez the federal government to say no, you cannot give an exemption. To this order of nuns so to respect their conscious rights.
and now it's been dragging on again- and it's been up to the Supreme Court again, where the the quarters again basically said this exemption, it is, is fine and appropriate, but now the Sarah is to still contesting it on a process grounds, and it just goes to to Charlie's point. This is a culture warrior who can't stand? The idea that there are people who have sincerely in deeply held moral beliefs, different than Is it can't stand the idea that that is group of nuns who deeply object to contraception, abortion, abortion, abortifacient and he's gonna make them come try to make them come to heal No it's true and Sarah has made a career out of doing basically nothing related to actual healthcare. He has no relevant experience for this mission, but he's famous as a progressive politician for doing exam. the way that he has used its position as a due to consistently sue the federal government
tromp administration over policies, he disagrees. Seaweeds these coalitions of democratic attorney, General's and soon the trap administration. So he sued over that little sisters of the poor being given a religious exemption from the concept of which, by the way as head of age ass, you would be in charge of reinstating and enforcing against them, so troubling sign on trade, be all to sell us about that project. He sued affair government over the title, ten rule, which prevented plan parenthood and other abortion providers from getting family planning funding under the federal Tail ten programme. That's another decision that he would be in charge of undoing as ahead of H, H, H, us and he soon the federal government At the drop of a hat over policies that he disagrees with heat he's trying to challenge and FDA policy that requires women to obtain chemical abortions. in person rather than through the mail. So any time he see some kind of cultural problem, something somewhere in the country. With the federal government
Or you don't organization, not even in California, that is not operating according to the progressive culture standards of everybody getting their sort, their free contraception and abortion funded by their employers are funded by the government he take. On himself as the progressive your warrior, the responsibility of bullying them with his power as a government official into submission. He did it in the state of California. He tried to force pro life pregnancy centres to refer people coming for abortion, alternatives to the states, low or free abortion for low cost Free Abortion programme, he tried to force brown lifers, essentially advertise for the States Abortion programme, so Man has no respect for anybody who disagrees with them and their essentially no position. I can think of and the federal government
that would be more dangerous to have an idea. Log like that in power than not agent s, joy, cooks, questions you will Bassorah be confirmed, yes or no. No, then I thanks after and they say. No, I have a little doubt. I'm I'm worried it. Mansion is gonna use up all capital on tend in endless this interior sector. It is also a kind of an unnamed mare, but that there's really there's no good argument for opposing Tannen and in supporting the Sarah who is every bit as is radioactive, and it has just been on Twitter. It's been an in real life wielding real government powers with that lets, pause and hear from our sponsor this week. The dissident on October, second, twenty eighteen respected, washing post journalist Jamal, could show he entered the saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. He was never seen alive again
at a time when America's focused on its own domestic crises, there's one movie their reminds us there unbelievable and shocking events unfolding on a global scale. The new documentary, the dissident only looks into the events and intrigue surrounding the murder that shocked the world. Senator Lindy Gram says: there's not a smoking gun. There's a smoking saw the movie not only on earth new proof. It ultimately exposes his killer centre, Paul Stacy evidence is overwhelming that the crown prince was involved playing out of it, high levels of power and wealth, the Associated Press calls a dissident, a real life thriller. Are you ready for the truth, From the Academy award winning Director of Icarus, the dissident raided Pga thirteen now playing at home on demand to try. We got it. We got a good cancelling this week, already recording early teens afternoon. I guess I was over the weekend with world came down
that Amazon has removed a Ryan Anderson book Ryan is now the president of the ethics and public policy center he's a successor to the great Ed Whelan, wonderful friend of ours, and that this is booked but not mistaken, or came out a while ago, so it does seem totally random. They're all suddenness this book about transgender issue has taken a very traditional view of of these matters. You know not not not compromising our milk to us but well reasoned.
and civil. It is bizarre that also in the Amazon com and pick off now, I think Michael Brenda now to put this very well in his column on the topic Amazon. If it is going to go down, this road will be changing what it does as a company. It's supposed to be a facilitator of transactions between people who want to sell things and people who want to buy things with a few exceptions. Compliance with the law and perhaps items that are sub standard in quality and therefore dangerous.
Amazon has not taken a position on what is cells and especially not when it comes to books. In fact, the appeal of them is in other than its being online in the first instance was the scale of its inventory and its willingness and ability to hunt down and find books that you wouldn't be able to find in a small local bookstore, often even in Barnes and noble, and now it seems to wish to interpose itself between the sella and the customer and act as an arbiter of taste. It is it cost to legally permitted to do that, but it would be ill advised to, and it would also
chooses to do so reflect a deeply illiberal strain within the culture that is at the moment at least becoming more. And more obvious on the broader question of the debate over the laws that should govern people who consider themselves to be transgender. I personally see the tactics and the vehemence used by Trans activists as a sign of weakness. I think that they know somewhere
that much of what they say is false and that's when their critics all opponents and Ryan Anderson is one of those argue with them. They're not doing so out of hate or out of a desire to see Trans people murdered, but out of the legitimate set of disagreements, and that's the trans move went frequently, if not always suggest otherwise, and that its ammo now is to shut down, get fired, get removed wherever it can. It is alarming, but it is also. I think we should remember a sign of weakness when your arguments stand up and when people
I agree with you and when your opponents really are beyond the pale, you don't have to behave like that. So I have hope in the long run unnecessary, discussed late last week, because I think eventually there will be a backlash against this said. Zan yeah conflict here here, a fellow at e, p, P, in addition to two being at an hour, suffer ask about Rhine, you have to say he's a reasonable guy. Just wait. You have say I'm a reasonable guys. If anyone questions that buddy is very reasonable guy. You know he goes out of his way to make these. These argued and about civil way possible, genuinely interested, as in very few people are now in, and our political culture in debate in recent discussion and they're coming
bring him yeah. I mean it is good to disclose my my second affiliation, but I will say, I've been a fan of Ryan Anderson's work. Since honestly, I was in high school. I read: what is marriage? Was she cobra with Sharif Girgis and Robbie George, making the case against a redefinition of marriage away from being between one man and one woman, and I've been a fan of his for that long, not only because he makes the case for the things I agree with, but because I think he's one of Obviously very few social conservatives who is able to do so in a well reasoned, articulate and compassionate way. It's not observe color. You know knee jerk right wing backlash view the way the left argues about these things is not a sort of parallel verse. ass to the poor. Arguments on the left is a very sound case for traditional values when it comes to gender when it comes to abortion, these sorts of hot button issues he's always
and one of my go two voices and that's why to me, it's so especially troubling to see something like this happened, because if you can- have someone like Ryan Anderson, who is remarkably well educated on these issues and remarkably thoughtful and remarkably kind in his interactions with people who disagrees with. You know unfailingly. So if he can't argue against that, the intense radicalization of gender ideology simulate taking over everything and the span of two to three years. No one will be allowed to argue for the things that he's arguing, for in his book is truly them. one of the most rational well researched, well thought out arguments against the redefinition of gender as a kind of this spectrum that I've come across in its full of facts. Of interviews, it's as as good of a case as you could find or hoped to find, and if that's not pro, Amazon. We have a seat
problem. Not just means that no one is allowed to defy the orthodoxy, that sort of rising orthodoxy, of a vocal minority of Trans activists and what's ivy a big issue. But if Amazon is now going to put some on the scale against that sort of case there, really very many spaces where that debate can happen. If it's, how impossible to buy a book making that case from probably the biggest online market place for buying books. Where are you going to get it? I suppose you can keep buying a book from the publisher wherever, but it sends a message about what kind of arguments are going to be permitted in our culture. Charlie, do we know how this came about because, usually you have a cancelling or a firing and others a twitter hashtag trending I mean it is obviously not a mass movement in the country, but you can you can, if he's paying some attention, you can see it bubbling upward the seemed to come from nowhere
We don't know- and I think that one of the most sinister parts of this that it seems that there is usually a process by which a book is removed or its entry on Amazon is all said Anne. Yet here this happened in the dead of night and without any communication at all the idea that this book in particular, is so insidious or so dangerous that it has to be removed in this way, just doesn't stand up to scrutiny when you consider that you can still buy in multiple formats and multiple language, mine camp, out of Hitler and there is no change the rules of which this has fallen? Foul, whatever has happened here, has happened quietly and deliberately,
I Shan T use and three years from now. Let's say you expect the amount of latitude given to traditional critiques, trans radicalism to have increased or to have shrunk. I think it probably will have increased and my reason for saying that, as I said, I think people are starting to get sick of cancer culture, whether its on an issue like this or interest in general. I think people by and large are okay with opinions. They disagree with thing put out there now now get sick of having their access to those views. Limited Berkshire cook is already on the record that there's gonna be a backlash. There were worth testing that the timeframe here, three years now, Charlie Verona shrunk. I think it will be beginning to shrink.
three years from now. It will have so latitude of sites do you think they'll be more latitude than not a latitude for this kind of discussion with increased incorrect in three years is a it will have continued to shrink. I think we may be a backlash over the long run, but it's going to be the long run and wizard Let me do quit blood for an hour, plus a digital subscription service at national view, dot com signing up for an hour plus is your way. Get rid of the media. pay war. now to review this increasingly extensive, that's increasingly hardened and difficult to get around. Why not just start dealing with here plants and the trouble and give an eye tens Thousands of your fellow NASH, review readers and sign up for an hour passed me sign up for an hour plus and log in at a crucial detail. Some
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in there with a favourable ruling from the Senate parliamentarian? Will you make that? Doesn't I think matter whether they get a favourable ruling from the Senate parliamentarian in both Cinnamon Mansion have said that they are against putting out into the bill, Sir, unless they go along with it anyway, which I suppose it's possible. That element seems to be doomed. But what is more interesting than that Democrats are pushing for this. Is that a republic and in fact, to Republicans Mitt, Romney and Tom Cotton have said, ok sort of
And pad a minimum wage increase, albeit a much smaller minimum wage increase than the Democratic Party Writ large ones, with the addition of e verify, which is a long held republican goal and would go some way, Republicans think to curbing illegal immigration. This is on the face of it, a deal of the sort that we are constantly told by political commentators used to represent daily business in Congress. This is a compromise. It's a bipartisan initiative, a quid pro quo, and yet I think it
most likely will fail, Republicans were like the EU verify Bit and Democrats were like the minimum wage increase, albeit smaller than they want, and probably neither will see any great incentive in saying yes, because politics is primarily about activating the base and blaming inaction on the other side. I am again any federal minimum wage whatsoever. I don't think there is any constitutional permission for it and I think it's economically silly. I dont like minimum wages.
per se. I think they're in position in the labour market that hurts some of the most vulnerable, but if they are to exist, they should exist at state level. It seems absolutely bizarre to me for Washington DC to set the same rules in Mississippi is obtaining in San Francisco. Nevertheless, I think that Brownian cotton should in some way be applauded for trying to come up with a deal. It's just that it's almost certainly not gonna happen is acting as if this is really clever
because immigration restriction is for a long time. Try to make the case that that this this isn't just the security issue or a cultural issue, its economic issue that has consequences for the state of the labour market if you're flooding the part labour market, where people naturally struggle and the twenty first century economy which people without high school degrees. It's it's really kind of a travesty. Just took to flood the party market with more people without Highschool degrees from from elsewhere. Sir, I think this is this: a shrewd pair up the minimum wage increase than the indexing of it with
verify, and I also think there is a tactical considerations- were a cure for continent and Romney disorder wanting to signal in case there's a lot of pressure sham soon. There will be a if there is an already on unmentioned in Cinema Republicans hours. So unreasonable you just gotta go along with with with us trade to jam this jam this through in this bill. They can point to this proposal and say well, actually, maybe if we tap the breaks in and try to talk about some sort of compromise, Maybe something will come about what he may go in. I do think it smart to signal our willingness to compromise, especially when you pair more moderate face. thing senator like Romney with cotton, who is typically perceived as much more. right and Romney will vote with the Democrats
some of the time on some things, most notably impeachment, so to have the two of them supporting one day seems like a good optical move. At least I agree with Charlie on on Prince born in substance. I don't agree with a federal minimum wage law but tearing it with immigration portion is almost seems to me. I got a nod to people who voted for tramp in the text of people who supported trunk because of his immigration restriction. Is I'm not because they don't like her, in not Americans come to America and become citizens, but because they are the people We'll be most disadvantaged by an influx of illegal workers, and so I think, having Republicans kind of take up the mantle and maybe a more sense boy thoughtful way and in showing those people that conservative still do care about the things that that tromp was talking about and are willing to put their money where their. Office on those sorts of policies. Is another good move kind of trying to move on from the Trump era and constructive way to try and there's the substance of the underlying
they already got it the huge top line. Number one point: nine, which a lot of people pointed out is just it's it's bigger than the whole in demand and comes at a time when the economy is is naturally gonna, be recovering even more, who seen a drastic decline, thank God and covered cases. Vaccination serve as discussed previously had been steadily steadily picking up. In fact, access at an item the other day on how we have the best vaccination effort in the world. So all those factors will create a loosening
these restrictions, which are already seeing in places like New York that have been harshest throughout the pandemic, and then there is the question of how much it is. Spending is actually get. It can happen in a timely manner. Our friend worry Cooper, who wrote a reopening peace for us a while ago and is very active on Twitter on the school reopening issue. Just just points out that the spending that the Biden folks say is in this bill and that's absolutely necessary to reopen. The scores of course, can safely be opened without the bending is, is not can be spent some for years. At the same time, you have the money allocated for education in the prior covered
Just sitting around still unspent said it doesn't make any sense at all. It's amazing! Isn't it having come into office one month ago and found there was no plan whatsoever for current of ours, Joe Biden Spanish, to get us up to the best vaccination programme in the world and in twenty three days, congratulations, Joe dishonest hacked that ran can be read this bill up, I think we need it. I accept there are some areas on which Congress focuses tension and there are some things we need to spend money on, but that this is become slush fund. It's become a general democratic priority list.
And at a time when we really don't have spare money lying around and the imperative to spend money, irrespective of whether we have spent money lying around has gone. I think this is is foolish and the extreme. Now you would expect me to say that, of course, because I don't like government spending money out emphatically like governments, but it's not just me. A number of people across the political spectrum have pointed out that much of the money in this bill won't be spent by the end of the year
and some of it, not even by the end of next year. Others have pointed out that it might be a bad idea to include some of the extended unemployment benefits. If you want people to go back to work which, as we vaccinate more people, we do, Republicans have objected to the standing as spending on states, some of which seems to be a bail out for profligacy and Larry Summers. Most famously has worried about the effects of the bell. Not just on the day but on inflation as well. My view of this bell, ass, a rule is that it has been overtaken by events. Stand that the train is now heading down the track. I understand that Biden and Democrats in the Senate want to use Conciliation, I understand, is difficult to back down once you ve gone this far. I understand that many Democrats in some Republicans think that it
a good politics to spend a lot of money and send more people checks. But that doesn't mean that it is a good idea and if I were a senator, I would argue that we should stop takes stock of where we are given that there is no pressing need and that most of the spending would be delayed take a break and work out. What needs to be done with clear eyes. Xanax question to you: ass a couple weeks ago, an a previous app. What will be the first? top line number of the covert relief bill. Assuming it passes, Congress toppling number be specific
I miss that's very hard to predict. I would think it would probably be less than it is now. Is it passes, but I don't know that I can put it in actual number on it. You gotta put an actual member. I am maybe one one billion. really and one trillion. One try out just hours after evil moment naive There would have been a time when a one point: nine billion dollars velvet of it I get my millions and feeling very confused. If I would take a one billion dollar bill, even if they would just send spending it on on posters to put around the entire country just taking shots at me, One would have war about one billion dollars anymore, problem monies fake. You lose track, one trillion us when I met the hours away down. One trillion Charlie's thank you, you're a little less than the last time we we asked about this, and maybe I forget real, like one point, seven or something.
I think it's gonna be one point four. I think they're going to strip out a lot of the blue state bail out money. I think they're gonna pay back some of the explicit Lee Anti Cove aid, or rather covert mitigating funds and I bet they will end up in our on one point: four, maybe on point five, but I guess you're right, I'm still until one point nine guy, I think they're they're getting really an inch on this thing or will have to hope. I am wrong. Let's hit a few other things before we go Oh Zan, you become a member of Kafka. I have in my family. My parents have been Kafka member, since I was a kid, but I'm out My own denigrated get married. seemed like the right time to get down
membership, and I could not be more glad that I've done so. You have to go to the store. Far less often you get much more bang for your back, and if you have the storage space I highly recommended Charlie Cook, you had a normal dinner. The other night. Out what did I tell you, how little normal dinner at a restaurant, it was the first time my wife didn't try to poison me in a year, and a half we went off for dinner with some friends and it ready
Nor am I the only thing that was different about the entire experience was that awaits us were wearing mosques, but we waited forty five minutes to get a table ass. How easy it was. There was no obvious current of ours mitigation activity at all the tables and this restaurant booth. So I don't have the rules are different, but they were also went up to the bar at once, just sitting at the bar chatting bartender health as a mask, but other than that the masks for the first time felt like going out for dinner, did a year and a better go it was. It was nice and size in readiness. This book, I measured coupled absurd to go, and I actually I finish books around than readings analysed. I try.
Much better than me. In that regard, I had had a section on Douglas Macarthur because the dominion of wars, history, warfare and North America. Immensely eliminating book but anyway, the and that the final section on Douglas Macarthur ends with his nineteen sixty two speech it at West Point, which is just Just extraordinary is just an extraordinary thing it, and this is how it ends I listened vainly both thirsty year for the witching melody. A faint duels blowing readily afar drums bleat, beating the long role, dreams. I hear again the crash of guns, the radical rattle of musketry, the stuff, age, more mournful, muttered the battlefield, but
evening. My memory, always I come back to West point. Always there echoes in Rep Ray echoes duty, honour country to dart. Today marks my final roll call with you. I want you to know that when across the river, my last conscious thoughts will be of the core and the core and core I bid you fare well. So with that, then I for letters decks. What's your pic, I pack is a peace from David, her son, you called foundry as not your God. I think this is a great response to cut of the that turn that doctor found she seems to have taken in his rhetoric. Enacting me, someone who has been pretty down the line on fanciful beginning under than a huge fan, never been a huge critic. Necessarily, I think he's had a lot of very. strong moments and obviously has done a lot for a country. I think it's appropriate to criticise the way he's going, especially given the data that we have an David does a good job laying out
all the reasons to do so. It was your pic romish penurious response to those who have responded to his Washington Post column, about Joe Biden, Catholicism and abortion, which he carried with Robert P George, sometimes reading remiss dismantle someone is greatly pleasurable unless he's dismantling you, which he has done to me a few times on the corner at bay. Here, he's dismantling other people have written with Sally objections to his argument, and it is a pleasure
So my pig is by one of our fellows named Isaac. Shore called the revenge of near tendons, tweets and has a friend Jim is feeling a little bit honour. The weather Isaac had appeared on real short notice on doing the morning, job, which is big shoes to fill and just did an extraordinary job, checkups peace, if you haven't already so That's it for us seamen. Listening to a national, you podcasting, you any broadcast. Retransmission countless game without express written permission of naturally magazine is strictly prohibited. This podcast has been produced by the incomparable Sarah should who makes a sound better than we deserve. Thanks to the dissident thanks, Charlie thanks, Thanks specially to all of you for listening. We are the editors and we'll see you
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