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Episode 310: Presidential Posturing

2021-03-12 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, Alexandra, and Jim discuss Biden’s Thursday evening speech, the garbage that is the newly passed COVID bill, and the continuing Cuomo saga. 

Editors’ picks: • Rich: Xan’s post “Enjoy Playing Morality Policy, Amazon” • Charlie: Robert P. O’Quinn “How to Waste More Than a Trillion Dollars” • Alexandra: David Harsanyi’s post “Defund Planned Parenthood” • Jim: KDW’s piece “Do You Really Need a Tomato?

Light items: • Rich: Jerry Hendrix’s new book Provide and Maintain a Navy • Charlie: Helicopter ride over Zion National Park • Alexandra: Stanley Tucci’s Searching for Italy • Jim: NFL free agency

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Accusations will discuss all this and more In addition, the errors under slurring, I'm join, is always by the right cultural, see w cook the sage of authenticity, woods, Jim Garrulity, Alexander Ozanna dissenters here listening to a national park. Gas response with this week is bad, more about that in due course. If Ulysses podcast unnatural view dad comically directly in the corner, we are delighted to have you better be easier for you and better for us. If you made as part of your feet any this Mr Purvis is out there for Spotify to Itunes like what you hear here. Please consider giving us a glowing fire, STAR review on Itunes. If you don't like what you hear her, please forget, I said anything so Zan Joe Biden address the nation in prime time for the first time last night,. Recording early Friday afternoon. Here. Twenty four minute speech saying Finally, the end
is near when it comes to the pan, I'm assuming that everyone gets vaccinated spiked football Over three hundred million vaccinations and a hundred day go even though that was sir much much much more achievable, then he betrayed it in his speech and If all goes well, we might be able to have barbecues, in our view, guide on July? Fourth where'd you make of it well I would say, and in one sense it was a success, but does he sounded a sort of alert and not We lack lustre most of the time. It was a decent speech and terms the delivery, but the content of it. I think we can honestly extremely out of touch, and now it's a rapid alert do most of the time during forty four minute speech, which is a win forbidden, ran I take that as a went on. We can get that from him, but the content was unbelievable, it as if he wasn't saying it
internet all to anything happened during the last year, which probably he wasn't given the way he seemed to be campaigning, but the idea but you know by the fourth of July, if we're lucky and we'd all behave well, we will we all get our shots and get line will be able to have backyard barbecues. Where we see been, we ve been having backyard barbecues. Most of us, I would say since last spring. A lot of us have been doing you know outdoor gatherings with neighbours with friends, some people more socially just and others. Perhaps some people smaller groups than others, but this has been a lot of people coped with the pandemic, and so the idea that suddenly he as president is going to permit us if all goes well too to gather and our back yards in small groups is, I think, very out of touch with what most people had been doing. What what is permissible? He August
It's taken credit for vaccines in a way that he shouldn't, given that he didn't put in place any of infrastructure. That allowed this to happen and, as you say, what he's celebrating was very achieve a born and not some huge, obviously worth celebrating a banal, some huge or difficult milestone. So I'm really not sure who he thinks he's fooling. Yes, gems, there's right the way that most of us have coped most of us that is Charlie, who actually have have different seasons some others there. That is what makes winter. So what this debate is so it unbearable and much of the country is that you couldn't gather outside. You know where he could have birthday parties with for the kids and back you backyard. Barbecues and various other events, because you can avail ourselves of the outdoors in the way can't when it, sir, really called, but my big take away. Speech generous as just that's it. This is kind of
was inevitable, once Biden got elected, is that Things were becoming online we'd. Finally, the and would be in sight the economy would really be getting to be big, Getting to shift into a higher gear and he he would really have to do anything except for take credit, for now that they ve done some some other things sooner to amp up vaccine production, which is which also the good but does not have any one else- would have done those things either dear. I found the binding speech had the advantage of being largely technically correct, but still having a lot of annoying spin. That really wasn't even all unnecessary, because the news it can legitimately point do is good enough, as is, and he just got a very clear that for the rest of the pen. We're gonna be seeing the Biden administration, pretending that they inherited nothing, that they absolutely have to start from scratch
that somehow magically on January twenty eight and twenty first, this massive vaccination effort came together under their leadership and that's why things are getting better. I was pleasantly surprised earlier this week on the New York Times at a front page story. That said that you know both the front administration and Bind Administration deserve credit for the pace of american vaccinations. The trouble is really gotten. It started gotta, rolling and abiding administration to its credit, expanded. It were good and You know I e. The irony is, if you give Trump any from administration, any credit and not just trump. Obviously, let's say you know: Bides got a real. You know really stuck in his cross When you get you can thank so loudly and everybody'd operation warp speed. You can thank Us Parana. You don't have to say to you It's like, I don't and moral logger who did this all by himself and oh by the way, trumpeted issue, a statement that kind of was in that, but in vain
but you know it's a good example of the hundred shots at a hundred million shots and first hundred days we are already doing Million a day when buying took office, so that really wasn't that dramatic couple days later, for weeks later, the said, maybe two hundred fifty look were applied. Ass, we were now well we're not doing more than two million jobs. Today we can demand these are all that gives us a really good shot of hitting two hundred million shots administered in the first hundred days, and I think we're gonna go hundred million. We don't do today, will do it tomorrow or on Sunday were really close to that Great news. That's great news and Bind administration can pride itself on the back or that you dont need accurate, but by the other side effective is we ve done made real progress in back then in the most vulnerable, the nursing homes, long term care facilities, etc. The pretty dont, or at least all the ones have been assigned to see the Essen Auguries hundred saw the first shots or die
and we're up in the ninety seven percent of the second shots done in most places. You look at your twenty five percent of the vaccines that had been done so far beyond. But who were seventy five years are older and we ve done a good job. Prioritizing people who are you, who are you know either unhealthy or or the oldest armies. Talking fourth of July, as I think by let's say memorial day, end of May, I think, will a vaccinated everybody who wants to get a vaccinated and everybody using adult. I dont think there should be anybody else's waiting by then if you're really burn through two million a day could we have bad weather, someplace yeah? I guess you have something to unexpected delay, some bad back from the manual sure sure things he got rock, but we really should be at a turning point here. We really are Why have you look in the nursing homes? The death rate has plummeted. Number of cases have plummeted. Here's thing what were really trying to prevent with the corona virus is hospitalizations and death
What's your night got to go once you're the thing where you're not going to end up in the hospital and tie up resources for long of time and you're not going to die? you ve got live your life. The CDC is being ludicrously cautious with its estimates here. So you know, provided, but it's not nearly as good as he could never the corner. The other day there are chunks of the Democratic Party. I e teachers unions, who don't want to go back to normal and who are the ones dragging their feet to get back to normal, and you know it's it's kind of fascinating to see him saying taking this victory, laugh about how much closer we are normal what it's guys on his side. We don't want to stay up there telling the whole thing was out. Really grotesque. I consider the president to be out of touch with reality. Not as he is old and body able to function, although that he is but because-
surrounded by and mostly influenced by people who are out of touch with reality. The idea that Snow goal should be to have a barbecue with a few friends in five months is absurd, We have these last year, not just in Florida, everywhere, Connecticut, reopening just taxes, California's reopening Disneyland who's going to re open up first of April. I didn't know Joe Biden is living. I don't know what he thinks the country is like. It was almost a right wing. Joke was almost there.
A pastiche on himself, your times headline set the precedent. Hopes you I have a small gallery with your family and for months a year and a half after all, they started. I dont, like class analyses, know how see the world, but this might be a time in which one makes an exception. I've seen far too many people positions of influence, suggesting recently. That they're nervous about going back to normal, some even say they don't want to, and that is just not how most people feel that that is the product of the immense luxury.
You are in a remarkable position. If you can look at the last year and a half and think it was better than it was worse, That aside, what annoy me the most about buttons? Presently was he didn't do anything. I talk a lot about the gratitude I feel as an immigrant in the United States, because I didn't build anything. I did nothing. I didn't found there. Country, I didn't work in the mines in the civil war, I did nothing. In fact, the Second World WAR, nothing, the civil rights, are their inherited it I'm two other people's work. I live in the gray, Country in the world at the best time in history, and I just got lucky And that's Joe Biden, in the crown of our saga.
I don't think he's incompetent. He could have totally screw it up, but he did nothing to develop the virus vaccine. He did nothing to begin its distribution. The targets he sat are no different than his predecessors. The systems were already in place when he became president in fact he had already been vaccinated by the time. Then he became president and yet His tone last night suggests that he wants to take a great deal of credit and to throw ice on
his predecessor and- and that really is unforgivable, and I hope it's not allowed to stand. So all that said then I think pray will stand, as it probably will. Work for Biden. I imagine the speech. War will be popular if Trump had given speeches. It'll give speeches like this at. But but speeches like like ass, not not trampled all over with things he said later, a press conferences or on Twitter. I think you would have been in a much play sand and most people who don't and analyze this stuff. The way we do you know he sounded empathetic. He sounded optimistic. He threw out a bunch of of numbers that seem persuasive enough and I think the marks of so far been pretty good on his covered response and will probably pretty good for the speech yeah I mean, I think, on one hand, bag, and it is certainly the beneficiary of coming
After all, the hard work was done. Sterling said in kind of inheriting a secure sure he can then look like he's taking credit for things that are happening, that that people are very happy about. And so he, I think, probably welfare, pretty one public opinion simply because people are sick of being stuck at home and will be happy to see good thing happening around them, regardless of whether Biden HIM else, actually did nothing about it or not, and he'll be rewarded, for being the guy in front of the camera as its happening, but I do think things like you know, barbecue in your backyard by July. Fourth line do turn people off there are, I, I guess I know a few people who right now would not be comfortable having a argue with a few friends in their backyard, but there are very many of them. I was alone in Vienna this past week and it was essentially as if covered wasn't a thing anymore, and I think there are a lot of places where that's a case. Even Maryland is starting to open up all these. These places that I've been
famously restrictive our syringe, open up, Ballade and sold for people to witness that happening as the president is saying- hey, maybe you can have a few friends over in four months, is kind of a strange contrast Jim Gary Letter grade on eurobonds, first primetime speech, ADA Ass, I'd, give it a sea plus, but I may be grading it in a lower because under so annoyed by the number of people who would be screaming a plus at the top of their lungs, mostly coming from the White House Prescott. Try cook yeah, I was a sea, something wrong with it? nothing wrong with what binds doing his target Serb said it it's just distinctly media go around them. I agree that maybe I'd go to sea plastics, I think he's he's been Dalton his hand and series he's playing with the house's money here.
I'm going all the way up to a b plus Jessica's. Take all the criticisms of the speech and obvious is not great rhetoric or politically memorable, but just in terms of pines go, I helped himself politically taken credit, for what what is soon gonna be the crushing of this virus. I think it it worked at that level all with. That's, let's hear from our sponsor this week, Babble Gooden Tag in case big German. That means good day, and you can learn that and many other things on babble. The number one selling language learning app. If one of your goals is to learn, any language babble has made the whole process addictive. We find an easy with bite size, lessons that you Do they use in the real world apples fifteen minute. Lessons make it the perfect way to learn a new language on the guy. Unlike the infamous mind classes. You took in high school
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You just gotta babbled, our common use. Bravo, code errors, that's be a b b e l, Doc harm code editors for an extra three months: Free babbled, dot, com, slash editors, please check it out language for life, So Jim we had the covered bill past signed into law and including the most important thing about this legislation is repeatedly over. A month or so when we evolve predicted what the top line number would be for the cup bill There is only one person on this podcast with the force with the knowledge of how Washington works with his finger on the pulse of the nation to say, consistent, It was gonna, be one point nine, and that was your humble,
I know where you were GM, Charlie as all the way down. Like one point for one point: five anybody was up and embryos up like two point, two. But our thousand, we one point: nine hey is one point. I yeah look this pseudo first of all be lesson on a variety of France. The last couple of days is don't count on Jewel Mansion to be your last line of defence against a really bad idea. Put four by the Democratic Party every once in a while, but more a bad person a barber? Firstly, other case a bizarre, the only arose the while he'll come through on somebody like Mere attended, but in the spending bill locked mansion. Yo Yo inherited a real Robert bird seed. He was never going to be a guy who's. Gonna have that much of a problem with a lot of spending yeah. You know he and send a parliamentarian kept the fifteen dollars an hour minimum
job, there was a little bit a you know tweaking here and tweaking thereby enlarge Democrats got the vast majority of what they wanted with this bill and expressed by this waste as big as the Obama stimulus. That was like one of the driving political fights of the earlier balmy years, and I feel like it. I give you four there, gives there's like this good news in some pretty bad is because, as they kept pretty much everybody together, we See we summer cowskin flipping, wouldn't seasons and islands within the elegant state, unified you'd like to think I hope we got fifty seats in the Senate. We're not gonna lose Oliver or fights will know the fact tat having fifty seats is not seen as having this. Fifty one sees were really feeling the effects of those Georgia run ass right now,
I am a thousand, or at least a trillion dollars the Georgia run off and the Sarah Yeah- and you look at this like it was clear: Bide was gonna, come in and get a fairly big spending bill. We didn't have to be this big. You didn't have to have this much junk in it. That's really not related to corporate relief. I just part of the like a short corner personally. The problem if these occurred a virus affected, so many different aspects of american society, the biggest they all. We need more money for the inspector general office at the Department of Commerce- and you know like justified as we need twelve point: eight million billion dollars, or for the White House my do all this is on top of the existing appropriate it does not in lieu of this initiative it is money that their thrown around you look at it.
We always knew that the Trump era republican parties, increasing lack of interest in the deficit or the dead was gonna, come back and bite Republic as well out, really come back by Republicans. Ah, this is a huge spending bill. Some folks, her word about inflation. I dont know I don't have enough of an economic crystal ball, but like it's, I figure at some point the government spending this much money has to catch up to us in some way and apparently us incident. Since a pandemic. We spent five one. Five million dollars, half of that is deficit spending and they weren't worker. We used to comply with the early Obama years. We thought of a trillion dollar. Your deficit was big, then that somehow, The king kind of standard during the Trump years order, probably a three trillion dollar deficit this year, and then the question is how much, as you know does that is that the new in order that a one year pandemic, your booster AIDS,
neither basically ever basically monies imaginary it did. You know we have as much as we want. We can spend as much as we want at this point even having fifty Senate seats and only having being a couple short in the house. The Republicans really don't have any ability to sit in effect to change a deterrent to stop it, and we're gonna see democratic problems, but that they can, but the old Bailey spend their way into keeping both houses of Congress in twenty twenty two and try to suggest a garbage bill is there's no doubt tat about it. It's it's not covered bill there, some money for a covered. Things are directly related to cover the non Allied, a relief bill there. I think that one five billion dollars for studying a bridge new Bridge In New York there's an enormous bail: pretty soon and negotiated. Multi employer pension plans there's another hunter. Forty, it? Whatever it is billion dollars for schools, even though tens of billions hasn't been spent from the prior
covered bills and currency be out. There could be more spending of this. New school money and twenty twenty five and twenty six than there's gotta be this year and it bears out states localities, even though a source prices earnest, but a lot of them have lost revenue is some have summer in bad shape, but a lot art is actually forecasting a surplus twenty twenty six billion our surplus instilling A twenty something billion our bail out from this bill, we'll just suspending the coercion. These states are being sent money money that that is their own
There's been taken from the states by the federal government and then strings have been attacked. So the the state money in question is essentially being used to make it more difficult for non democratic runs days to cut taxes is extraordinary imposition on the sovereignty and costs. Jewish, nor powers of the states. In effect, the federal government has said to the states we are going to tax the citizens who live in your state. Then we're going to send the money back to them with instructions. You can decline the money. But then you will have it all. You can have it and we will. Impose our well all over. It isn't drastic gum recently did that trials was because has pointed out that the United States,
don't need the money goes. Than the money they're going to use it to cut taxes and Democrats out, we keep you can't do that, but where scale back on the money we're spending. The states were just going to have this restriction. It can't use it for that purpose, and I hope that the states that want to cut taxes immediately do so and then tell the federal government to take a hike and the federal government tries to sue them. I will look forward to them losing instantly in court. But ass, you say that the root cause of this is that we passed a bell. Had but nobody really knows why it was imperative and you got the classic progressive progression. At the outset. This is a necessary about its crucial that we pass it because of covert It is a crisis the mutations of the current crisis
I do you hate the people who are suffering from coverlet Savage say why we don't, but we have a different vision for this bill. Susan Collins had a different vision for this. Well then, gets lot it out with all sorts of nonsense As you say, it's been lobbied out with all sorts of nonsense and we're not backing map, If so, how do you hate the people who have contracted covert? The people have suffered from covered the covert orphans. Then it passes Joe Biden signs it immediately. The progressive member states- and this is a landmark progressive bill- is like new deal like the gray society. Look what I will do for child poverty. This is the new spending baseline. Look at these provisions.
He managed to get in there. We will renew them forever. Will they I dont know that depends at depends how politics goes. It depends who winds in twenty twenty two independent war point. We start to panic about deficits but It was obvious from the start that this was not really a It really spell that there was no great need for another covered relief bell except around the edges, and this was going to be used as an excuse to get much of the Biden agenda through at least temporarily. Anyone who said that was accused of scare mongering until the point at which it passes and it was confirmed, sir. I am appalled by the, I would have voted against this bell. I think it was wholly unnecessary haven't been appearest on this question. I have been fine with some of this
bending in and the bailouts, especially in the heart of the lockdown, which were imposed on people, this one, no disaster, wasteful another bad habit, entrenched. Yes, that's why that the big seems here. S we passed a bunch covered bills and Pascoe covered bills when there are desperately needed and binding So acting it is here in the spring of twenty twenty one. It's a spring of twenty twenty where everything was shouting down. Where there is no means to fight back against the virus, except for social distancing, an masks and in here were in an environment where the cases are collapsing where twenty, percent of the population, pretty much has has one shot that vaccination with many many more common online and with the economy.
Getting too shows signs of movement and, according to every estimate, ready to roar again really soon. I think it's pretty clear that the Democrats saw an opening here to under the guise of covered, create reasons to spend money on a whole lot of things that they wanted to spend money on. One example set up. My head is plain parent, So you see, this slush fund is getting fifty million for plain parenthood. Well, they opened up loan programmes for plain parenthood to access just one tiny example of several longbill tons and they'll really of Democrats dress fondling money to things that thank God, be funded while pretending that they're doing some kind of covert relief aid, because they know that if people here lots covered stimulus, people need help they'll, just kind of shock and say: ok, that makes sense then a hard year, whereas if Democrats were pushed some kind of massive stimulus for all their different priorities. They'd have much for battle on that. That's why you see Republicans voting against it. Had they done some kind?
smaller bell to maybe re up that the small business forgettable program things like that. I think that make sense. I would have supported something like that. I think that was one of the best ways to respond to the pandemic when it first last spring in there probably still businesses suffering that. Could you some kind of help like that? but otherwise this really is not serving any useful purpose that the vast majority of the spending is just things. Democrats want to throw money at Susanna. Stick with you circle back something Jim mentioned have Joe Mansion say, he's gonna vote for the SARA. I just think that this man zero sense that Europe I was near at hand and who tweeted a lot of an obnoxious things, and you shouldn't have done that was foolish ashes. Setting herself of her far if you want to go back into the government, had sent a confirmed. Position, but in terms of divisiveness in terms of real life impact on people The Sarah, so so so much
site is just don't know how you get to know on untanned in a yes and Sarah Judge should, if anything should be the other way round, and others distracts me absolutely crazy and the worst thing was in his statement announcing that you weren't four bizarre on explaining. Why mentioned, that the Sarah had committed that he would uphold the law with regard to the Height amendment, which is I mean, imagine how credulous you'd have to be to believe that zero this area is going to respect the rights of pro F. Americans he's probably the work, the worst politician in the country when it comes to respecting the rights of pro life citizens and there you know taxpayers not having to pay for abortion. He is spent his political career, working against that mission of veto that that political goal, above all else so today, that somehow he's going to compromise or he'll be a kind of model. Figure on on the rights of pro life Americans and will respect. The hide amendment is absolutely ludicrous. I I can't really understand
why mentioned, would even make this sort of political calculation, even if it isn't really about sincere belief, circle. Not at all in and kind of trust virtue, signalling voting, you'd think voting inspire Sarah would do a lot more for him with more concern constituents. But who knows Jim Gary Exit to you in twenty and twenty twenty terms. The covered relief bill just passed will help benefit. Democrats, hurt, Democrats or be awash it'll, be a wash, and I think it will be not that much of a factor in part, because, just as past your time by fall, Twenty two will be worried about other things, and this will seem like ancient history. Even though the trunk, the money will profit, still be getting doled out. That point Chuck, I think it will I know what they do next. I think that if. The Democrats now shy away from large is spent
bells. They drop their plan to investigate whether they can get a public option through reconciliation then it will be a wash off or may help them people be forgiving, given the circumstances, which is why they did it. I think this is the opening act in haste. Spending binge there will be a backlash and a big one. So I think that the jury is out and will depend entirely upon the next step. Then yeah think it'll be either a wash or wall. Why? I guess work in their food or in the future, unless I think that one of the big things that would work against them would be if schools remain closed, and I think people will take that out on the party whose interest seem to line up with that and might be less forgiving about a huge,
Ending on that event, I'm gonna say help, but I take choice. Point wool found a little on subsequent events and obviously this backfired substantively in some way, you know if we have an enormous and inflation or something like that all bets are off. But I think people don't mind, spending very much as general matter. The republican party is not animated in the same way it used to be in opposition to it and can actions are going to improve both in terms of the virus and in terms of the economy, swore allow by and say. Oh, oh, oh look! I I created this recovery, or at least I helped it along in a big way with this historic, with the scientists say help, and I think that the stuff that's gonna hurt the Democrats is is common online subsequently. So with that was pause limit.
Talk a little bit about a new podcast you're at national view. Capital record of failed ideology we hoped had been banished to the dustbin of history has been brought. Back to life by the radical left and it's up to us to fight back why thank you enjoy honours new economic podcast capital record, hosted by a claim finish. Here and our friend and colleague, David Martin, in featuring interviews with the nations top business leaders, capital recalled record will be yours Oh two for free market analysis, an apologetic, listen unsubscribe today, by searching for capital record. What ever you listened, Podcast Dave's already done, a number of episodes and it's been compelling stuff again capital record. Please search for it. An industry services out there is brought you buy an ours Capital matters and a sponsored by the National Review as the two so Charlie About a number of times, but the Andrew Cuomo hits keeper
in common. We have six accusers now and the last six accuser just then, a day or two ago came up with a. I should say: TAT came up with, but talked of even worse accusation that Cuomo had groped her and escape because he is listening to his press conference where denied ever touching. Anyone it appropriately and began to be visibly upset or supervisor noticed it. This one has been actually were reported to the Albany police, a story I saw as breaking just when we started to record about people saying that Cuomo asked his AIDS to reach out. Attractive women. He met at parties and try to try to get them jobs, and in his administration- and you ve heard now a raft of Democrats coin. His resignation, one aspect
The story was dead, the hypocrisy of much not off, but much of the left in the Democratic Party, given the weighted, they treated cabin on a much less credible clay. But now it looks as though the damage is broken. You had ale see cause for his resignation and a bunch of house Damn Cresson, including during Adler, calling for his resignation. Would you make that one of the reasons that the cabin ah gains was so weak. Was that. They were isolated unless, of course, you're done enough to believe Julie, threatening the traditional trajectory of sexual harassment or assault. Complaints is for one person to come forward
and then another and then another until a pattern is clear. And that is happening here. Another reason the cabin are allegations were so weak was that it was unclear and still is whether the incident described happened at all or whether Cavanaugh ever met his accuser ever came into contact with their. In any context, that's not the case with Quiver. In fact, there's a photograph of one of the incidents and climate does not deny that he's met engaged with these women. That is not to say that he is necessarily guilty. There is
some grey area here. This interpretation You said it is a different kettle of fish in terms of We should treat these allegations. I have my own views as a classical liberal listening to this podcast will be familiar with them. I am a defence lawyer guy. I am a Jew process guy. The court must put himself in something of a difficult position because he spearheaded, a change in how sexual harassment negations are dealt with in New York City and he did so enthusiastically. I wonder what was good through his mind. Now, when you sign the bell- and he is like key to pay a price for that, because I found him the outlined on the Mccarthy report last week the burden of proof is now
much easier for his accuses to pass. So you have a man who was an architect off a change to the law likely to be done in buy it at the hands of multiple accuses the core of which he doesn't tonight. What do I think of the cacophony of democratic voice? saying that he should go, I think it's mostly self interested there is and has been for a long time. A split in the Democratic Party in New York between the progressive element of which build the plaza. Remember, Latish James, the attorney general is a member Alexandria. Cause. You're quotas is a member.
And the more establishment types such as Andrew Clamour, conquered much more establishment than that all Chuck Summa. And because the state is unlikely to till toward Republicans. The primary is the election and I think. That the Alexandria Cosmical TAT is of the wild and the teacher James is if the world have seen an opportunity to take out Cuomo while standing up for what they put. What to believe, and I think they're taking it. I had thought up until today. The day fail. I still do on balance, but I'm lesson. And now the coma will survive and if he doesn't
The result will not be the election over republican conservative. The result will be the ascendancy of progressives in the state of New York and they're taking over the machine, but I'm I'm not convinced that their motives are Pierre, even if the accusations that their piggybacking on time to be true, and I think tat is pretty much covered their. What I find so frustrating about the whole thing is that we have had to stand on, Last year or listening to all these, you know I hate geographies Andrew Cuomo, and he rolled out this book about how to handle a pandemic and, despite the fact that red state governor, such Rhonda Status clearly have much better track records in terms of how to handle the pandemic The media for one and Democrats have insisted that Andrew Cuomo adjust the pill
of how to respond. As a leader and he's this that saint and everything else. Meanwhile, he presided. For one of the worst disasters have covered, which was his policy of following the elderly back into nursing homes. And what does this have to do with the sexual assault where the sexual harassment claims nothing? I suppose but it's very frustrating that suddenly, the democratic knives are out for the guy, because there's me to stories floating around whenever one was contented total gloss over turn a blind eye to what he did. The elderly of New York, simply because he was a vignette narrative for them a convenient figure had he kind of played into the crasser are great aunt governing and they know how to set the rules and Republicans are robes and all the people in red states are going to die of covert because of it. They were not willing to undo that narrative the nursing homes scandal, but now because it's this sort of Frowning issue of me to their all, going to port
knives and get ready to stop him in the back. I it's very, very troubling three. So Jim recital a minute ago about Cuomo supposedly wanted. What do you say to track down pretty women he had he had met, can't comes from a big story and in New York magazine and that the law The story is something like how does someone who so toxic who everyone knew as a boy? How do you get to be celebrated America's governor and he s? simple ideas, tromp ensure partisanship. Sir, that's why they built this guy up. That's why they they built him up. Bite the numbers being right in front of our eyes, I knew it wasn't easy situation for anyone uncovered first hit, but New Europe clearly wasn't having better outcomes I've anyone else, despite knowing what happened with the nursing homes and Finally, it's all, and despite the the media and political complex near knowing he was. Bali, knowing what this guy was like a now.
Finally, really really coming unravelled. I remember unworthy around this particular podcast year, but in of three months ago, something we're talking about when will the mainstream media? Finally, real is that. This guy isn't as portrayed and when will that message begin to get out well now. Now, if nothing else, it's got now. Yeah ass luck would have it rich. I happen to have my browser open to the window, are open to New York magazine in the headlines. Specifically, ass quote Andrew foremost: governorship has been defined by cruelty that disguised chronic miss me. Judgment. Why was that celebrated for so long, and I guess if your New York magazine is really really difficult. I will make one minutes tweaking of this narrative, which is the famous some ever New Republic where to get what they said:
if you read the New York Times, if you're, suddenly they are post. If you read the Albany Times Union, the coverage of under Cuomo thrives entire governorship, a particular over the past year was tougher in those print, obligations. Then it was on television and in fact you know about actually get a cable news and the smothers brothers goofing us that he used the brother looking like that is a very vivid vivid, visual image of the media, slobbering over him It was a little more critical and I think the other great irony is that in the New York based publications that paid attention to stay, govern we're all always a little more sceptical, not a lot, what about a little less likely to gush over him compared to national publications? the closer you Word Albany, the closer you were to what was things you, the less. You were likely to be fooled by this, but get out look where national bewildered we're never full bodice and United Europe. This was your knee jerk partisanship and I think that look is NASH,
the people- are going to be a little a little more sceptical and a little less inclined to believe the worst about somebody in their own party. Ok, that's human nature, its bacon, the cake, but they don't disparity, is now got really ludicrous because we're now up to six women who have made accusation against Andrew Guano they're. All that all the accounts really line up in terms of similar behaviour, similar M O. You could say Recent one about the woman up the governors mansion is probably the most serious signals aggressive groping if I'm allowed to say that on the spot, guest worker, six and now getting no Democrat starts. Ok, maybe we can take this. Here's one did you know they'd, like those of intention is to three they believe the african rule is eight that that's the point where democratic go. You can't be in office, it was, I guess they. The upshot of this Like the first seven, you get a free pass. That's where the threshold is. Another question is: do we lower that at all of your democratic there?
I could give you a long rant about comparing this to the the Cavanaugh hearings me ludicrous disparity in credulity, in which accusers retreated and stuff. But its look. I asked again unless I am mistaken: The first woman came out a while ago, right about some months ago, has totally ignored and then and then, when she came up with it again. Finally, for some reason, it was deemed permissible due to begin to make something out of this, and then you saw their women coming coming coming out his work. Well, let me your cookies, we, Oh, that there are still did it has happened in the past that women have made false accusations, and so there's always a question of hot. This person comes for all six of these women like this no disputing they were in these rooms and incurred contact with Interpol. None of these are duly swept nominees. Our circumstance where it's like,
can't say when we can't say where we can prove that these two people, wherever in the same place at the same time, let us firstly, the second thing is abscond struck by the attitude of Democrats. Who are currently understand so well. I believe the governor should resign, but another forty impeachment before removing from office, because you think about it. Really should not be much that gets you and that really sweet spot of this person should know longer be in office books. Stick my neck out over this back now that such an unusual position for a politician, Dan, Jim, unprecedented the so called I had. It were recording early Friday afternoon in Cuomo had a press conference scheduled begin at one Here is a early reports of from their press conference. Try that Governor Smith caused to step down pen himself,
The political outside are being targeted by critics and said quote: people know the difference between playing politics: Boeing, Hansel culture and the truth is ok, yet is that this is a thing that people have started to do on. The left is is called things that they don't like. Council, culture to Gaslight Council, cultures, critics when you have a man there who was portraying him is an outsider. His father was three the term governor of the same state in which he has been a three term and he married Kennedy. It is difficult. To imagine somebody who is less of an outsider he's been imported. His whole life.
He was then the Clinton administration, for goodness sake he helped his father get elected. In the nineteen eighties. He was there and nineteen. Eighty four when Maria Cuomo gave the keynote addressed. The democratic national convention, cider Let me now move on. Let me get channel on. I think so that there is independent investigation, and I hear your defence turning guys. You said so. I assume we support, support that investigation, so How sad effect? So as a layman, you should be the complete conclude for loose purposes that yeah he eat. He did. He did some. Like this, you know, maybe not every single instance may there's room for interpretation is misinterpret a couple times. Clearly he is at some level of sex. Of harasser. So how should that affect your? Your damn?
I belong maker and lets say your sincere you not just do you remember the laptop just seize the opportunity of this guy and take over the shape how should that affect your wine is to say, okay, this is it if he should resign, rather than were waiting eight months you now or whatever it is proven, I'm out eight months by waiting six months, whatever it is, take to get out of the results from the formal investigation. There are two questions here, because one is what behaviour is morally acceptable. We wish to see in our politicians, and the other is what the law says And they are always the same personally, I would like laws that are generally looser and moral standards that are stricter.
I have no great objection to a allow me in New York who looks at the sum of the evidence, reads: Andrew Comas responses to the accusation, which had not been denials and says. I don't think you should be the governor. The investigation is imported. Because it will give us a definitive answer at least to go into. It terms and it will also presumably decide where the governor is in violation if the laws that he has himself signed and serve in writing with this one, where we not conducting an investor nation into whether something happened, a tool where there is not so much a. He said she said about the core facts, but an an interpretation as to what is acceptable and what is not
law makers are able voters are able to consult their own judgment here and determine what they think should be there appropriate behaviour from from their leaders. I don't see a particular need to wait: it's not as if the investigator is going to be undergoing fingerprinting or forensic saw finding. Camera footage. This is already a matter of judgment and commerce. Own position on this question is clear. If you look back to twenty
nineteen when he help change the law, he made some emphatic statements that he has contravened clearly. So I am not particularly shore. The law makers need to wait until the end of this, because we not really discussing whether May happen, but what effects it should have? Let us go out on their accusation The criminal will resign before the end of his current term. Yes or no temerity now try cook now, I'm tempted by us as pretty categorical this time. We ask that there would be no, but I really think that the ice is breaking beneath us.
Feed, I'm gonna go the middle ground. I say now we want resigned, but he will announced that he won't be running again. So without limit your cook and our plus bog applause digital subscription service. National view, dot com, your way around our metered hey, while Europe. To eliminate almost all of the annoying advertising, after a view die calm. Your way to comment on articles and blood how's your way to be part of. If you wanna, our private facebook group, and join in various exclusive causing thence with concern. Makers and our editors and writers costume, five dollars a month or something depending on what the first time deal is that's running. At any. Given time. Please check it out It's your way to become a deep. A part of the energy community and to support are important journalism with that, let's hit a few other things before we girls and you like Joe
have been taken with the new Stanley too cheap. I have it's a wonder. Yes, it's gone for ITALY. It's on CNN, I discovered a couple weeks ago, and it is the perfect cure to not being able to travel out of the country right now. It's also a great show for food, Verse for lovers of ITALY, I'm half time myself, so I was love the chance to learn more about ITALY, but for people who love to know about the history of food and sort of how it originated in culture, a certain way and watch shrewd getting made and watch someone travel around a beautiful european country, it is the ideal televisions Jimmy and I felt free agency hold out for jets fair. This is one of the most wonderful times of the year
Yeah, no looking others you're, gonna fuck, you can enjoy, did fall, so this always is not. It is fascinating, were expecting the beautiful quarterback carousel to really change bunch. A teams have made trip big trades already. The big rumours that D shown Watson really wants atta, Houston and obviously somebody would have given the kings meant ransom, in a trade, the jets happened to have a lot of draft choices at so it's weird until every obviously every year with great excitement. I wait for the chance to get into free agency. Sometimes they come Could a levy on ballad then completely misuse him and they get some big name? Sometimes they dont, but if weirdly up that, I will be fed, like seventy two hours, listening to sports radio wanting to get that first, UNESCO, but did they get bigger and uh still often they dont? Sometimes they do, but it's really fast, nay, how much like the ETA fellows figured out a way to create excitement about the sport almost throughout the entire year, one or two months of an off season and then you're always thinking about upwards
happen. Free agency up, what's gonna happen to the draft and pouring out a string camped on try cook. You took a helicopter over Zion National Park. I did. It was absolutely angels who spectacular we have a wonderful, whether clear skies sunshine and took at or high above this, this remarkable feature of the american landscape riding especially welcome given that up until that point I haven't left Florida for fourteen months in as honest is now. I love Florida Daily, terrible thing stock in Florida forever. It's been wonderful, but it is very flat, nevertheless, very flat state. I think it's the flattest state. Actually so I hadn't seen many of the things that I saw on the national part for fourteen months I hadn't seen
Oh and I haven't seen mountains, and I was grateful to see both from the point of view of a helicopter. So I am ass, much less picturesque and adventurous item witches. Finish a little while ago I Jerry Hendricks New book is written couple cover stores for us but Sir Naval matters is retinal, a wonderful thought provoking a little book called to provide I'd and maintain a navy that makes the case that sea power is, is the key going forward here and pushing back against Russia and China, and major themes. Is you can decide to be continental power which, in which case your focused on a landfill. Says, or a sea power and the? U S is orbit betwixt.
Between their Andy. He argues that in this new environment, we should decisively Tipp over and emphasise being a sea power with that it's time for our editors picks Zan? What's your pic, I think, is a corner post from David, her sunny can't defined plant parenthood. He takes locker the fact that taxes has finally successfully defended plain parenthood from its state Medicaid programme and response? and ass. You say that this is some kind of just now for the states ability to offer healthcare to low income. Individuals can very much your big. I could put Kevin Williamson's offerings just about everyone but his latest one? Do you really need a tomato? Is a really good take down of far hard Manu that it's not a debate such as this one specific writer who
rather insufferably. Let's out he's jetted from San Francisco to London, for a one hour book talk and from San Francisco to carpool, to Hong Kong, to Singapore or to trivial lunch meetings, and I was feeling bad about his carbon emissions in Alaska play points out. How do you know if our juice first thing, that would do you? People need to fly less know and he observes about how much anyone needs to do in any. How much of this really is about imposing see no virtue, signalling and and all the other stuff. It's a much needed take down in just a very astute assessment of what is really being sad. When people tar start talking about how good and green and noble they are shy. Cook ass, your pic then seemed to him, because I too am tired of fire manages emissions, My pick is by Robert O Quinn, Robert P, open to be precise, who has written a peace against the curve at nineteen? Well,
that was not a coded nineteen belcour how to waste more than a trillion dollars, and he read this down all the arguments why this was a bad idea, not not just because most of the bell is not germane, but because it was unnecessary, given the prevailing economic conditions that peace really well done may have been the best thing I read against the cupboards bill. My pig is a corpus from Zan and Jim I'm not I'm. Now I want to speak on the pipe ass to will say one was colleagues pieces like the second best peace other will actually, I'm actually pickings ants posed in you're playing morality, police, Amazon, about Amazon having finally come out and given us it's rationale for why they start. Selling Ryan Anderson's book when Harry became Sally
and that this is a really ass, pretentious development and Zan points out. Why? so that's it for us even listening to a national view. Podcast and you re broadcasts, retransmission recounter, this game at the express written permission of national exit strictly prohibited I guess I've been produced by the incomparable. Sarah sharing makes a sound better than we deserve. Thank Charlie, thank Jim, exam thanks to babble and thanks especially to all of you for this, We are the editors and we'll see you.
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