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Episode 316: Quit Lying about Georgia

2021-03-30 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, Alexandra, and Phil Klein (NRO’s new editor) discuss the lies being spread about Georgia’s new voting laws, the futility of the vaccine passport idea, and why Joe Biden isn’t a moderate. 

Editors’ picks: • Rich: Jack Fowler’s webathon Corner posts • Charlie: Kevin’s “The Tuesday” this week • Alexandra: Kyle Smith’s piece “The Incomparable Audrey Hepburn” • Phil: Dan McLaughlin’s piece “Joe Biden Botches the Georgia Voting Law

Light items: • Rich: Getting the vaccine • Charlie: The TV show Miranda • Alexandra: Going to Annapolis • Phil: Baseball season

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As George returned the Jim Crow era. Will we all need vaccine passports to get around in the New America and why Joe Biden ever call himself a model. It will discuss all this and more on this edition of the editors on Rich Lowry, I'm Joan is always really for the first time ever by the right Charles, see, W Cook, Alexander's and sank, just and fair Time Paneless Philip Phil lying here. Listening to an NASH, Review, podcast responsive this week, is more link if I suspect- cast on national. You doc, comic, leaving directly on the corner, were delighted to have you better, be easier few and better for us, you made as part of your feet at industry services out there from Spotify to Itunes
the language you here, please consider giving us a glowing five star review on Itunes. If you don't like what you hear here, please forget said anything so than we had this election law pass in Georgia, scaled back from some of the ideas were originally, most importantly, it was under consideration to really scale back, no excuse anti voting and to limit it to people aged sixty five, an older they that idea side and then passed a series of other. Reforms kind of mixed bag. Most of it. I think pretty good in hand security for absentee bows, you have to write your driver's license number or some other state the number on the application and on the ballot itself, they're gonna keep drop says, which are a pandemic era,
nation, but limit them and have them just an early voting patients they can have to count votes earlier. They're going to limit the window for after tea bow putting someone you can request in actually at eleven weeks before an election, and then you have till eleven days prior to the action to to get request. Any can request one after that and of course we have every democratic country from Joe Biden on down in saying this is nefarious. This is voter suppressed. This is a return to Jim Crow. What do you make of it? I think if you're, a conservative who observed the last elections in
last November, and you didn't buy into the idea that there is a widespread conspiracy to commit voter fraud, put Joe Biden, another Democrats in office the only reasonable response to what what we saw was some kind of change in state level how elections are handled. I think it's pretty clear Even though no evidence really ever came out that there is such a widespread conspiracy, there is no reason for trumpet We got him three, pretending that there was- and it was just a cop out for his lost the fact that covered led to a situation where the mail and ballots were just male to dead people double ballots mount people use. Things were documented. That was problem can I wasn't a again? It wasn't conspiracy that the Biden team hatched to unfairly get him the White House. I think it was really a problem to anybody. Want secure elections power but should be viewed as a problem, so I think risk- onto that by trying to me. Some of the effects of the way covered was handled when it
devoting as a smart thing for Conservatives do, I think Georgia has done a fairly good job with a lot of the provisions in this bill. Of narrowing some of the ways that, though I think cloning was abused this past year, though again. It wasn't fraud. As far as I can tell certainly not widespread, and the fact that mercosur responding by calling what is thy council, very sane and sensible set of provisions Jim crow or voter suppression, I think, just has to show that Democrats liked covered and like the fact that the pandemic gave them recent didn't like the disease itself, but like the fact that the pandemic gave them skews to widen access to voting in such a way that people were not accountable. There is no way to prove who is out the bow and mailing it in an early voting as long time been a victory for Democrats, a boon for democratic candidates, and so I think Democrats but I have to see it remain exactly as it was last year forever, regardless of whether there is a pen
of any kind, and so there are spot clearly as trying to maintain a situation that advantage for them by pretending that the only possible- motivation for wanting more secure and accountable elections is racism to try what think you can see legitimately say about power. cancer is that the impetus for this is twofold. They lost in Georgia. And their freaked out about it and to align I believe that the election was stolen. Wrongly, then once you get into the details. It it's pretty good legislation and you're. The one thing they were considering was damn lock on run. A lot about this was ending Sunday vote in a weekend, early voting, which is just I would argue that wasn't aimed at black churches the turn out operations of black churches so called source for the poles, but they there they changed on that and they actually expanded weekend voting,
spandex the early voting. They expanded the hours available to counties for the voting. So the upshot of that one is that in a lot of smaller jurisdictions, there's clearly gonna be expanded. Voting putting hours for for early voting and also there's lots of complaints about long lines justifiably some of those lines, some places in Georgia were completely outrageous and provisions in this building tried to crack down on. When lines get too long and you read these pieces. I say outrageous. This this bill would give the state potentially more power over the counties election up. Patients from the not performing well, and this could be used to take over I'm counting on you read further in the peace, no say on their than these terrible mindset. If, in fact, disenfranchised african european voters and
their largely in fault, county suggests. The whole thing makes no sense is in the same. People are complaining that the state might take over. County affairs want the federal government to take over state affairs, which is a much bigger problem constitution in other I have come to the conclusion that almost every single thing that has been said about elections in Georgia over the last three to four years has been nonsense. The Trump campaigns law, is about what happened in Georgia were counterproductive and egregious. They also came hot on the heels of Stacy Abrams lies which were counterproductive and egregious long before President Trump engaged in his report,
Behavior Stacy Abrams was claiming that she had and cheated out of the governess mention by Brian Camp. She had not. That was false. she lost by fifty thousand votes. There was none untoward done in twenty eighty, nothing done that wasn't standard practice in other stuff. This lie of Stacy Abrams is still repeated. Now it still repeated by many of the people who talk and lofty terms about sanctity of democracy when they are quite rightly denouncing president trumps rhetoric state Abrams is not, as Elizabeth Worn said, Two days ago, the rightful governor of Georgia Brian camp is not sitting in Stacy Abrams see this was a lie. There stood a great deal of damage to trust in the electoral process in Georgia.
And two years later, Donald Trump did the same thing. It was worse in some ways, because he did it in multiple states and also because the president, but it was similar nature denouncing falsely the electoral system Georgia. So you now have. An enormous number of conservative, leaning voters in Georgia who think that their electoral system is corrupt and that they would cheated out of there. Full elected officials and an enormous number of left leaning voters in Georgia who think that This system is corrupt and they would cheated out of their rightful elected officials. It's a toxic environment and it seemed almost guarantee that if the legislature moved to make,
these changes whatsoever, whether those changes wherein Stacy Abrams Favour or in brine camps, favour or were an attempt to mitigate the suppose it. I e fake fraud that was rife per president Trump. They were merely updating or responding to the changes were made supposedly temporary changes that were made in in response to covet. Whatever happened there going to be a freak out, and so there has been an one again. There is, it is very little truths to it. In June, two thousand eighteen, it wasn't true and twenty twenty and it's just true. Now the vast majority of the provisions that have been passed normal in the United States. They would normal until two thousand and nine
in New York, has a whole bunch of them. For some reason, we never talk about that. So you ve got a breakdown of civic trust on both sides. We ve got a bell. That is mostly pointless, but certainly isn't what Joe Biden does the pretending that the days and a situation that seems to me it's just going to get worse and worse and worse until somebody stands up and says, you know what things are actually ok. I mean, I think, that, on the the Georgia's stuff in your most. People, aren't gonna delve into the details and in the sort of popular culture the way it's gonna be described? Is this programme it is gonna. People are gonna say as binding did earlier now out her hand, water to people and its basically in the popular imagination, it's gonna be in June
you're supposed to wait in line for six hours in you're not allowed to eat or drink. While you're in line which, as Democrats when a boy, you know pointed out. I mean it basically just it notes. It adds food and drink to the categories of gifts, and you know campaigning big you're not supposed to do within a certain distance of the voting place. So if you can't campaign there, you can't handout gifts to their european, saying that you shouldn't be able appeal to come with your bite in Paris sticker and be handing out Peter to pay Paul right before they vote. That could be seen as a sort of influencing their vote as a loophole to get around the the the prohibition against campaign workers being within a certain facts and leave the falling. There are no restrictions on
somebody- went to wait in line at appalling place to bring their own bottle of water or their own snacks. There is no prohibition from the pulling place itself. Setting some sort of water station. But the way it will be in the popular imagination is sort of well like old Ladys can't drink water banks to these racist Georgia. Yet I have to say I find it particularly annoying because the left wing argument against citizens United, for example, is that if an election provision even appears to people ass, if it might be a corrupt, it will The blind faith in the system and its right for regulation, and yet here there is absolutely no consistency, because, because it is so politically efficacious to say denying old, ladys water when the now says, and that just then
the ready resort to Jim Crow, as is the allegation, is so obnoxious and so poisonous and so completely unwarranted it it's Emily calling people nazis any adjust. It has zero connection to what's remote happening on the ground in the onset of Jim Crow era. Basically, all blacks throughout the south were were enfranchised any in here we're talking about change, at the margins. You know where people have to write a note her honor absentee ballot envelope passing, I think, we're We are witnessing the left, gonna die fully, into the poison and then the toxicity of identity. Politics as the motive for everything- and we ve seen this you really, as it relates to the charge once you're supporting Jim Crow coming from the left for
a while now on social issues in particular, this is something they flung at people who argue, for instance, that Christian Baker should not be compelled to do I know a wedding cake for same sex couples or that a catholic The agency should not be compelled to place children with same sex couples, those people, supposedly, according to the last are akin to racists or supporters of Jim Crow or should be punished by civil rights all the same way that someone who denies service to a black person should be in and their pushing. This exact idea in the Equality ACT right now, they're trying to make make the law treat religious or conscientiously tractors to such things as if their race and this is the argument. The left now applies to everything if they don't like you're up your voting, your voting policies. Then you must be a racist, even if there's no racial, implication or even effect of the policy in question, and it goes
both ways to because they then use raised identity politics to defend everything that they support. You know they have to defend you know Joe Biden Cabinet text. All they have to do is point out that there of the proper gender or re sort or gender identity, they will have to defend the sub sense of Joe Biden Studious. They just have to point out that its diverse slate of candidates, so that Right, on the one hand, to attack conservatives who are now, doing anything remotely racist and, on the other hand, to defend everything they prefer. Their their policy preferences without talking about the policy at all so petroleum. A question on this. so a double orbit into the research and having written about this. The last couple weeks and there is great study from Stanford published by Stanford that showed the rates of turn out did not differ
The states that didn't have no excuse aptitude voting as opposed to states that they have no excuse attitude, voting and the papers making the point that the key threshold that voters have to get over people have to get over to become. Voters is because interested enough in politics in the first place, to pay any attention and get motivated. And once you ve done that with them, you basically you're, not stopping them from going to the pause- and this has been proved out in an other ways that shall be county decision from spring court. Twenty thirteen that ended so called pre clearance Anna certain jurisdictions. Largely southern now supposed to be an onset of of Jim Crow and adverse oppression had zero effect on black turn, Actually black turnout seems to increased. After that decision. Voter Idee laws had no effect on Turner. Whatsoever, so that the big picture here is that in
every America we have such wide and ready access to the ballot if it becomes rightly less convenient to vote. One way people going to go and vote another way and they always have the option of actually showing up in person on election day, and you can tell this by the number of tweets that say: Brian Camp has reinstated Jim Crow in Georgia. You wait till he's punished by all those African Americans going out to vote receives somewhat self contradictory. The reason that I mention the long history now of mistrust and dishonesty in Georgia, Is that it seems to me that there is no easy way out of this in that it is possible that the response to these voting changes will be increased democratic turn out, which provides a disincentive for
Republicans to make any changes, especially if, as always happens,. The media, is going to jump on ahead and repeat and amplify and in some cases, fabricate all sorts of falsehoods. The problem is if Brian Camp and refers Berger and so forth were too in fear of that. climb to make changes that are important to conservative conservatives, who also believed that the system is corrupt and unfortunately they do would lose faith even further in it and so I really just see no way out of this. I don't think that these laws are egregious I'm not sure that they're going to do anything in either direction, and yet it seems that
parties are absolutely determined to alter the way that we vote, because they think that their own voters, ah I am under the impression that the whole system is a scam, and so you have to across pushing hr, want in saying that, if we don't do this, the country will fall This will be the end of american democracy in the return to something ugly and then in May Republican run states, you have conservative, say if we don't get rid of some of these loopholes. that inspired changes. If we don't tighten up the system, then we will never have a chance again, given how rife corruption is in the case. Is it true in my view, but but in a sense
no politician is able to avoid it, given the pressure that that their feeling- and it just really speaks l of the future of trust in our institution. they'll Klein S, question to you, give us a number one. She d aid from zero to ten year view but the merits, not politics, but the merits of the Georgia election law, zero, heinous voter suppression and the platonic ideal of electoral reform. I'd, say: five fives anti, you I'd, say cybersex joy cook
I think the final product is a six or seven. I do think at some point in the debates and the drafting process. They were people who tried to hijack this and impose rules that we're indefensible, but they were removed. They didn't make it into the final build a one hundred and thirty don they would signed, and this seems to me as a final product to be innocuous yeah, it put it out sex. I think it's a marginal improvement of the election system in Georgia. With that, here from our sponsor this week, monk and I'm getting Charlie Cook, who is a devoted MIKE concern? Why? When, in fact it is now a monk subscriber is one of the great moments in the cook household. When the mink box arrives. It is this and in fact boxes have you have you got in a while I had one two months ago, a thing or two.
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Steadily increased? I think red. Fourteen percent of the population fully vaccinated now about whether we should have so called vaccine passports, would allow you if you can demonstrate that your vaccinated to travel to good sports venues. What do you make of it? It's a really bad idea in the United States, its basically I'm in in one marginal sense, the it's a shift in the debate, because for me, I've been clamouring. Getting annoyed that people from South Yon down have been downplaying the efficacy of the vaccine and what game changer. It is by saying that even after your vaccinated, you can't really changed, They think about your life.
And so, in one sense, the vaccine. The passport debate is positive in the sense that it is basically says that if you, it recognises the people who were vaccinated can age and more activities safely without being a threat to others. You know themselves However, I think it is no way to do it in America in Israel has done something like this. With these green passes that allow people, if you of Europe, have a green pass. You too go to the gym freely and do a lot bunch of other stuff that you can't do without one and that they ve been very successful in getting a lot of people backs and aided, but Israel as a society that doesn't have the same privacy laws as the United States, the same labour laws it doesn't have.
there is much more of an expectation of flashing and idea where you go places and of various security measures, in the United States. Basically, when you talk about medical privacy laws, when you talk about the the vastness of the United States, the the diversity and the fact that a lot of people for various reasons are gonna take a long time to get back tonight. It I mean, at your children. The vaccine is an even expected to be improved for children until late this year at the earliest, and so what families with kids somehow are gonna have to wait until their kids get vaccinated until they can go anywhere. Some people might have good reasons to do not be vaccinated. You know, given that it may not be tested, uncertain populations.
Then there is also I mean it we talk a lot about desperate impact and somehow that absent from this debate a minute, if you look at whose not getting vaccinate vaccine Asian rates are much lower among minority groups and lower income groups, and so, if you act We had a passport system, it would they would basically mean that people were minorities and lower incomes. Didn't you know, or are gonna, be more restricted? The upper class white liberals, are not going to have much of a problem. Getting the vaccine passport buddy Gonna be a much problem, much bigger problem for other population, so I think it It sort of conceptual lay it's the type of thing that sort Sounds good if your kicking around ideas at a bar, you like her
if everyone who was back vaccine had a vaccine fully vaccinated, go out to normal life and everyone could be relaxed and then you can go a bar in nobody's wearing a mask and because everyone's vaccinated and you could really reopen things- are bud in writing when you actually think of the details and of the implications of it, the privacy elements it's just it's in its very interest, falls apart night. I can't see how would be workable within the legal framework of the United States, as this idea might sound good at a bar. But I'm assuming try with wooden sound good at year, your your bar down at the beach. I don't think my Father each bar is gonna, be wild about vaccine plaster, so then, where are you on vaccine passports? I really opposed them alone, and I I set out for a lot of reasons, but I think that the main reason is near
as for the same reason, I'm federal mask mandate would fail witches different localities. Different people in different states have different policies should be able to do that and if a business wants require you to prove you ve gotten a vaccine for you can enter that's fine, but if the I don't government wants you to do it. That's a totally different story, and people have also reason some good, some bad, some better, some worse for getting we're, not getting the vaccine, but that's their decision and I think there are certainly justice. There shouldn't be a requirement that anyone get the vaccine there should be requirement up from the ground. at least that people prove they ve got net. We ought to do ordinary daily activities, Charlie, so people the bar talked about this hasn't, has penetrated discussion area, The people at the bar over overcame the snow covered in in the bar, the bars opposed covert environment.
I broadly thing this idea, irrespective of its merits, shall get to in a moment, has better taken by events. I think it is being debated too late and we are already on the way out. We are probably two three four weeks away. from governments have some corporations and employers begging people to go and get the vaccine to tap into the surplus the moment with still rationing, the vaccine. They won't be the case in a couple of weeks Florida. The age threshold has been dropped to forty and on April fifth, which is what six days away it will be abolished completely. Anyone
able to get the vaccine. The idea that this is the moment at which we need vaccine passport seems suspect to me does the instincts and the vehemence who with which some people talk about it. I cannot help suspect that there is a certain sort of person out there. who sees this almost as a means by which exacting exacting punishment on the recalcitrant which they presumably think over represented a chump support is an and also. The idea- seems to be most popular among those who still miss calculate the risk that covered presents prove. It is, of course, a real thing. It's called half
million people, but its remarkable. When you look at this polling and research on this, just how off in their estimations of its lethality many well educated, well, heeled leaning. Voters are there was a peace on this in the New York Times by. I didn't have says named David Leonard Limit and of course there is a great deal of ignorance among republic voters to, but it was remarkable just how much more dangerous than it out ITALY is so many upper middle class. Democratic vote is believe, covert to be and in a sense between twenty and thirty percent of them. Consider a death sentence, or or at least guaranteed, descended to the hospital, and if I thought that, then I would be much more likely to propose the
vision of of passports as well on the merits. I am against this. I don't like the idea. I don't the precedent set, we are already seeing. A number of progressive voices. seeming reluctance to give up covert seeming almost to lament that they are going to have to relinquish this. This tool, the source of power, and I think we have to be really careful always before we set precedents in a crisis less they be utilised next time in far less dire circumstances and less they essentially transmits into a social credits
a medical, social credit system that is wheeled out every time. We have a bad flew season I mean I don't know your had yeah I was going to say to Charlie's point- I mean the idea. Michael Brendan Dirty had a good piece on it this week on the the covert dead enders and what I find amazing all this is that in some sense could understand why elected officials will be would be reluctant to give up the power that taping they ve been an ape granted with during this crisis, and your some local health official who could, who you never heard up before, is suddenly can decide whether you kids go to school, whether you kid a movie whether you could go to a bar made a friend with the restaurant and saw you
can kind of understand why very sort of a reluctant to relinquish power. But what I find remarkable is the complacently of so many people and just the reluctance in a lot of people to want to get to get back to normal, to treat you to recognize that after the vaccine, life is a lot different and to me there, you there's a certain behavior, I mean after nine eleven for many years we talked about sort of September, can think gang and September eleven thinking of September, twelve thinking and so forth and I really feel, like certain people have a March twenty twenty mindset, that their reluctance to get rid of
it really problematic, because, right now the situation is a lot different. You have nearly three quarters of people over sixty five have had at least one doze of this vaccine and if you look at the covert deaths, four out of five of the covert deaths were people sixty five in over, and I think it is important to go back to the debate. We were having at the beginning that the ban, where a lot of these closures were treated as track colony and actions to save the hospital system from collapsing and to prevent mass casualties right. You don't show things over where people become infected with the flu or common called, because it doesn't have the ability to completely collapse. Your medical
system right, so we are nowhere near that threat at all, and right now I mean if you know that the death rate is gonna just plummet, because even if their infections of people we're getting infected are likely to be under much lower risk and others This would be your answer to ask and say you, Charlie, says the liberals. This one on hold onto this I can see a liberal looking at the New York Times from page subdued right now and fourteen day change and cases their up. Nineteen, percent. So they say what what what may we just want to hold onto this were were potentially facing a new surge where the cedar Cedar directive very emotional, about this new, sir. She she sees coming so
what were sacking rationally and still still wanted to live. Undiscovered world could were still stolen. The covered world by the EU, IRAN would be. This is gonna, be in a much less the psychological and deadly urge it, even if it is a search yeah I mean I think there are two two things have play first, while we had by then I mean we had. This total I'm. The CDC director was fighting back tears yesterday in warning of impending doom literally, she said, used the words impending doom and talked about how scared she was, which was completely unwarranted, fearmongering by the data. The thing is that there has been an object that has been detected but we're down significantly in early January. There were three hundred thousand cases we picked at three hundred thousand daily cases Now the weekly averages around sixty thousand, which, even if its obsolete
we still lower, and you also again have the most vulnerable part, relation, overwhelmingly vaccinated at least partially area, The. What I also find problematic is that fighting it Today I wrote a bit about is talked about how well this As we know, we can't let up only after reimpose mass mandates and states that relieve them. There is no evidence that the uptake is tied to rule leaving restrictions at all. In fact, as I pointed out in taxes which infamously removed their mandate that their mass bandaid a few weeks ago. The cases have actually gone down in the in the last fourteen days and Michigan, which has a strict mass mandate. There seen huge surge over a hundred thirty three percent so basically
to the extent I wouldn't call it a surge I'd call it an update to the extent that we are seeing an attack it actually in places. Debtors still severely locked down and not in the places that relieved the restriction. So there is an element of Biden sort of just trying to. On sound, familiar spread, like others, some more cases and must mean that we have to be more diligent and we have to have more mask mandate. But that's just not what the data tat Yes, I think in Michigan there's some evidence that there are certain variance in Michigan, but the thing about these variance is that there is no particular evidence that
they're more deadly or that the vaccines, even in cases where the vaccines might be less effective again, certain variance in preventing infection there's still a factor right they'd like that, the average flu vaccine in a typical years, forty to sixty percent, a fact that I think the Johnson and Johnson would vaccine, which is one of the less effective, is like fifty seven percent of festive against the south african variant, which is considered. You know a varied, contagious, Beria search. I think that there is basically a reluctance that just hide toward. I dont know if its people's feelings of control
If it's sort of the the way we've sort of changed as a society to be more risk averse, but I feel like we're, people really are going to need to let up and recognize that they take risks in their lives. All the time getting into a car is taking risk like there are a lot of things that you do, that until risk that's not going to be zero. I think that with widespread vaccination covered is reduced to an acceptable reps. Get doesn't have to get the zero to be an acceptable rest. Her to return to your normal life, Rick, rich man, just quickly clarify something. I don't want to give the impression that I am suggesting that liberalism writ large is holding on to
its power air, some sort of evil, James Bond villain style power grab. What I'm more men was that there are certain progressive voices, That, for a couple of reasons, seem reluctant now to accept the changes that fell just described in the first is in and seek to some of the role that these people play within our society. If we had secretary of making sure nobody dies because a desk falls on them that person is gonna, be very focused on stopping people dying because desks fall on them and lawmakers we'll have to listen to person, understanding that they are somewhat mano maniacal and we have people now who, for the last year, have been asked. What do you think about this epidemiological problem?
and the answer that they're going to give is always going to be careful because be careful do this? Do this? Do that and they are showing no signs of letting up, which means it will fall to other people to do that. But the second part of this is just that there advantages certain people at the moment within our political system, the in maintaining our panic, at the CDC. Is bill deciding nationally the anti American could be evicted with that is so far away from our constitutional structure that it, it defies belief and run claim, is Biden Chief of staff. I was complaining after the press conference. Abiden gave the other day that no Reporter asked a single question about curve it now. Why? Because he knows cove it accords
to a new president, a great deal of power, the Democratic Party managed to sneak through when all of a lot of unrelated spending, under the guise of a covert relief bell. All of the questions that have led to this bill being popular are about curve. It do you think we should have covered relief? Is it good. that we have passed. Covert relief is one point: nine trillion dollars a good amount spent on covert relief run play. No. It is they move into the next stage of burdens. Presidency is going to be very good for him to have cove. It asked the cover and to say the president is is relentlessly. Focus on covert I'm? What what bothers me is that we still have laws on the books from the new deal that were passed in extremists, and I think we just ought to be aware that there are a lot of powers now that the governments at all levels are enjoying that worthy press State of the crisis to have existed at the outset would never have been granted.
and there is no real incentive for those people to relinquish it. I am not suggesting that everyone to the left of me is some power, mad covert, lasting tyrant. I don't, I don't think, It's true, but I just did well to be vigilant and recognise that people don't give up power once they have been granted a yellow card, What's the question it s not just because, because of that kind of power is also cause a display, as well as the strengths political strength of violence, because he inherited favourable conditions, where The virus was, and inevitably going to decline and vaccinations. We're gonna kick in and it is going to sound on the right way and compassionate and determined you sound serious about it and Loan Baldi has pro ratings in the seventies for recovered, which so frustrating Those of us who are urging present
Just a sound reaches a little more serious set out. This is really what would a helped a lot, but it was Paypal. Will that acts a question to you, Zan speaking, a public health experts whose job basically to be modern, maniacal about the virus, you're view of Anthony Voucher. His been involved in a tempest here with with tromp was slammed a minute statement last night, as we record here, on Tuesday afternoon at they found your view that the value of several months has become better worse the same Oh certainly worse, and I had my suspicions about him from the beginning, but I think he's steadily gotten, certainly
much worse and worse as the pandemic scan better. He has not adopted all the lunch, my opinion it felt she has gotten significantly worse. I think that a few things happen first. I think that he loved the publicity a little too much. The sort of throwing out the first page magazine covers rare, draw at its the cameras, called a pair I'll be up, and I think that also the way that he became more of a partisan figure, he sort of was buttering our trump during the Trump era and then as is binding, got any talked about how liberated. It felt tat to be able to be behind an administration that trust the science and so forth
and I thought that was an unnecessary shot if he wants to be a non partisan, you're giving out public health advice and its. something that is gonna hurt his efforts to try to reach certain communities who were vaccine sceptical. I also think that he, overstepped his bounds alive. He early on he was better about sort of pointing out the distinction that his role is to give public health. Vice about mitigating the spread of the virus, and other policy makers have the balance that goal of mitigating covered against other policy priorities like having kids go to school and having economy open and having people have wives and fighting off the various depressed?
Jan and anxiety and social isolation and so forth, and so now more and more he's base ITALY than happy to take the road how many people well, if your vaccinated, you shouldn't, go to them the theatre. You shouldn't died out. You shouldn't do this or that, and I think that that is really problematic, and I also think a lot of his decisions over time look worse in hindsight, the biggest one being masks where the best offences you could say We tried to didn't, tell a noble. Why about masks, to reduce the use of an item that was, in short, the supply for doctors early on I think he could have done that away without wire and create more scepticism of masks when he died,
the round and said everyone has to wear masks, and so I think that his you see if you look at it honestly has Climbed the what I dont think time has been good for him and I think you sort of worn out his welcome, at least in the fine house. I'll try cook worse, better state same is worse couple of reasons, for that is clearly more political then his apologies like to think and his willingness to engage in what he saw as noble lies have weakened the notion that he was this him partial truth. Teller. The other reason is become less learn, the Cook council to over time is the. He really highlights the issue with rule by experts, in that he plays a certain role, is his job to place a lonely shouldn't be faulted for them
but that role should proceed as the crisis does not much as if the United States were invaded. You would expect. the president to rely heavily on generals and military personnel, but then asked vision, was fought back to rely less on those people and he seemed still to be playing. a role that doesn't match where we are, and I think that all sorts cough still giving briefings like a ninety. Ninety two or something right right and that that is not his fault, Although one would expect, given that he said what seven president's him to have. A little more self aware but at the combination of his floors becoming more apparent and his not being pushed toward the periphery have made him much less welcome. Eyes, yeah, really really suffering in decline and cook. Households with this. This is bad is about
is devastated back that I say worse as well. You know this. This isn't is job actually is not the essence the government as public spokesman in public figure, it s a really serious job, you're running part. The an age. So I think you, he's gonna get it too the attention. The way everyone does that's just human nature I've given in the past during most of this, because it is his job is, as Charlie's said and to be motto. Maniacal about this is not his his job about other can durations other really than the beating down the virus also my my view of him- has gotten worse as well, so its unanimous sorry, tony unanimous. so with that what's pause, let me do quick and our plus plug and our plus digital subscription service at National review, dot com,
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nations and events with our writers, errors and conservative news bakers. So it's a great deal speaking deals. I think we have a wonderful first time deal running right now, as we speak, big serve. You finally want to give an after hearing months months and months of these really compelling our plus plugs from Europe. Truly, this is the time to do it and a joint tens of thousands of your And our readers is your way to becoming part of our community and, very importantly, to support our journalism. Sir. I hope you'll at least consider It says an Joe Biden had a meeting with story and the other day pudding, either by John Medium, whose dances speech riding for ham doors currents good. One was their Michael bash loss, some others course, as you would expect. Any time historians get together with the democratic present the conversation,
about how Joe Biden could be the next Sdr, which run little counter totally at least to what we heard in the campaign. Where is this, this moderate guy, who, just wanted to work with Republicans, unite the contrary, rather and being led? The most transformative left wing president sets the nineteen. Thirty is what do you make of it? this reminds me of when, when Joe Biden first announced that he would be running for president, it was with this very sort of reluctant tone and no worries me. I didn't want to have to do this, but it's my almost my patriarch duty to step in and of the council, made up exactly stepping in and unite the country in the wake of triumphant, the Charlottesville Riots and I remember had distinguished member him promising if I'm nominated, if I'm elected the one term president interest kind of you, no six, six tromp everything that happened yet
back on track and are all sort of right off into the sunset, and then just last week finds that actually I'm I'm going to run for- Second turn I think you'd be lucky to get their frankly but clear the town, has changed. I think that's been the case with very many things. Will pardon me we were he position this campaign, at least in terms of how he talked about himself and in his goals as president as being moderate, as you know, are being a present for everybody. Even the people did vote for him and then Meanwhile, the actual policy goals, if you dig Dugan the specific summits campaign were quite radical and those policy goals have proven to be what Didn, station plans to follow through on at at every point- and I thank you hoping that he can in a kind of benefit from media cover that will make him sound, moderate and nice and pleasant, no matter what also get away with radical progressive action items like covered stimulus, almost which was really just
stimulus door had very little to do is covered most went, but was position discovered, relieve the burden presidency is going to be. I think, he's looking to make some kind of legacy for himself like Obama's while still telling people. I'm hey, I'm just as moderate, abandoned I've always been governing for everybody. Yes, sir choice and points out that this or that wasn't what you gotta heard if you're a casual observer from buying campaign during the election. But if you actually read the the policy papers and detention on that level. There wasn't any mistaking that this was the most leftwing Canada democratic. run it and a very long time. So do it? Do you have it reason to complain about not being warned yes or no. I think it's fair to propose that Joe Biden, his heart of fraud.
This campaign was fraudulent. I see now live in Florida and Florida was hotly contested and it was hotly contested in the center no prison, and your candidate runs around Florida sounding extreme and pretty not every single Biden televised. commercial, radio, commercial and flyer suggested that he will was a moderate suggested in in some cases that he didn't have many plans for the country beyond fighting covert the themes that were hit him. art by Joe Biden were his support for, and respect for the military. His desire to defeat covert had a line was endlessly replied that he would fight the virus.
The economy. He had a commercial reiterating his support for the affordable care act and then he had commercial in which he talked about decency in unity. And I'm today left wondering what in fact would have been different, had Bernie Sanders, one the nomination, and I think it is fair for voters to fail. Somewhat tracked, and we know one of the things that would have been different. Most likely had Bernie Sanders one. The nomination, Donald Trump would have won a second term. The surprised that you see in aggressive commentary.
Gee melbury in the New York Times. Net Christoph in the New York Times shows that it's not just Floridians, and it's not just conservatives, have noticed this in the story of the last six weeks has been pleasant shark, expressed by those who are more to the left than the average american voter. The Joe Biden has turned out ass. He has not been, as is a degree to which This idea that we all knew what we were getting a little bit. Clever by half it was certainly the case that many journalists said look at him he's quite leftwing, but that's not the case.
For the Biden campaign, that's not the image that he wanted to to strike and I am non rhetorically interested to know what would be different had one of the other candidates, one of the much further left candidates, one of the candidates who was rejected by. the Democratic Party had prevailed. There seems to be no topic on which Joe Biden is prepared to stand up to the left flank of his party. There seems to be no idea. The Joe Biden will not indulge if not agree with. What's the point at him, So this dispels, while the frustrations of a campaign has Trump obviously was trying to fix Joe Biden and find him as a radical and that things he kept on trying to use, define the police know, but by and by say that you didn't didn't go there. Joe Biden was falling short of the kind of things
squad was saying that troubled have loved him to say at the same time he had this subsidy of agenda. That was the monster bleed further to the left of of any Democrat in our memory yeah. I think that it was important if you look during the campaign, you had to things that were going on One is that Biden Speeches rhetoric was trying to be. A very moderate restrained, sort of we're gonna work with republic gains over and over I'm gonna be the present of all Americans, not just the Americans who voted for me, but if you actually looked at his policy proposals, his policy proposals were always quite radical and he had adopted, even though he resisted some of the most extreme, unlike
Basically I mean when Bernie Sanders is, is proposing a thirty four trillion dollar healthcare bill. It's not very hard to be radical by all measures and yet still seem moderate relative to brace Anders. but what happened was it was there is a moment after his inaugural speech, where fight in talks, bout unity in and sort of try to talk about in broad. arms about being a more moderate president and it's pretty clear that liberals worked very fast, try to redefine unity, not is, compromise, but is basically Radipole policy radicalism, without the mean tweets right. So it's not gonna be calling his own
any general a loser whatever on twitter right he's not gonna, be attacking. Is opponents and Nick you no name calling people two in the morning on Twitter, but he'll just pursue radical policies that make air sea happy and so that's kind What we have going on that? The question is how long he consorted keep that up with voters, because right now it sort of working well enough right. He still has a majority approval, he's having a more traditional honeymoon period than what we ve experienced with the tramp, where he basically never had a majority approved.
and he started around forty five percent. So the question is: how long can kind of keep it up right? The first spell was massive, but it was sort of chopped up a sort of a covert relief bill. Does you know four trillion dollars of the infrastructure plus climate bill does? Is that as popular I don't know, that's gonna be the big issue, but I think the Republican ass, a joint strategy going forward is really gonna have to focus on this disconnect between his promises of trying to be the president of all Americans and policies that are clearly just rewarding
the liberal special interests you- and this is a well tried path, and this is the case that public and made successfully in the midterms, both against Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, which they they weren't, what they seemed and work governing for, to less than they lead people to believe Suzanne. As Phil mentioned, we have. Get announced here sometime soon. What some report suggests a beer as much Four trillion dollar naturally, and our infrastructure bill and sad thing is that there is some significant chance he can get it. Maybe not. Maybe have you begin to have some flaking, often spending, but so far was is clear. That bind candy spend a lot of money. It's gonna be much harder. And or impossible for him to do the big policy trends, Nations, minimum wage isn't gonna Ben Gun control is going to happen. Immigration is going to happen right down the list.
and I guess at this point as frustrating as it is, it feels like. money almost- is fake. I guess that's. Son was silly way of putting it about, given how you know exorbitant and massive the the stimulus, slash suppose it covered released. There was an almost feels like inconsequential, whether we add another four trillion. On top of that new infrastructure spending. I wish sort of thing that could be stopped- and I am hopeful- maybe it it- what s happening everywhere, doesn't listening this passed away its ten trillion dollars. According to the Washington there, there is to be clear: there is, as lucky in debating law are pushing for a separate climate bill that calls for ten trillion dollars bending. So basically, what I want to do is there is an infrastructure plan plus climate plan that might add up to four trillion but Marcie and ten dollars saying that it needs to be
ten trillion so obviously will be a degree of back and forth, but its import direct, as a when bite in started, the the debt as a percentage of the economy, was at the higher since world war. Two and is sort of on the Casbah beating the world were to record that the difference was world war. Two. Once world works, ended up. Here we were able to return to normal and the debt the Europe Strang coming. We did have Medicare Medicaid in Social Security was in its infancy. Now, all those programmes are hitting the point which, with the morning around for decades with the explosion of baby boomers and rising healthcare costs and now you have the covert crisis on top of that, and instead of say Ok, after the crisis we are going,
now work on getting our fiscal, else in order, I didn't say: no, let spend trillions and trillions more dollars in and there is a good chance that we're gonna actually break the world were to record this year. If binding, yet thing that he was the child s question to you. Another dimension of this is binds competition with Burma in about and progressive were really disappointed and Obama and Biden was looked at condescension by a lot of Obama's it's. So let us look at it and in that respect and binds terms, will he exceed Obama Fall short of Obama and
roughly the same as Obama when it comes to substance, think demand at roughly the same, because his only passed one bill and all of this high pipe. That bothers me because strikes me that his obtained his position from gently is the product of one bell. It seems there will be a second spending splurge that probably be some tweaking of it, but other than that he he's not in a stronger position. Is he thinks we talked about this on? The last episode has problems not ready to fill up after getting two hundred and fifty votes. So it does seem possible to me that will have another horrific by Marcel Outlay in six months, and then things will grind to a halt and possibly permanently after the midterms, which is truly what
Obama felt like yeah? I mean, I think, that its it sort of The main issue ultimately turns on your mansion and what your mansion is willing to give Biden right, and the question which we don't know, is where his actual limits are he's been fine. You know he's we have sort of held the ground on the filibuster, but you could also pass trillions of dollars. spending on reconciliation. If you just want a sort of spend money and raise taxes that something that you could do through rapids aviation in mansion is talked in support of an infrastructure bill. Now. The question is whether, if you start to see problems, if the sort of air Sea and Marcie Dingle contingent are pushing harder,
on the climate portion of the spending and mansion that sort of There is a way mansion and that something that we don't care about, but I think that an area of tension potential tension to watch It could potentially be navigated by just giving everyone more money and by didn't you, I must muster most things are worth Dounia taken in gay inside the Bell way there exceed I'm a fall short roughly the same. I think our fault. Short- and I say that because I don't think you'll get anything through legislative, where significant, our or consequential ass Obamacare was until accepted his His legacy, so to speak, would rival Obama's it'll only be because help be betaken credit for a recovery from covered that has little to do with him.
I was, then, I think for sure I think they're there's not going to be as many things are. Our is transferred formation of there's gonna be a heck of a lot of spending, but most of it will be called on quote just, I'm with you here asked just wasting money, just wasting trillions of dollars. That's all so, let's hit few other things before we go Charlie watching the show Miranda. I have searched everywhere ten years ago may be slightly more storing. Wanna go Miranda heart. He is really one of the funniest women, I think is ever lived. She placed herself broadly its self deprecating humour, but she has such extraordinary comic timing. The scripting is
go to settle. Campi asked the show. I think you can find it on Hulu I'd. She had the dvds and brought them with me to American, alas, I think you can find it on Hulu thereof. Maybe eighteen episodes in very light hearted, not not serious, something you can just relax into after along their work dad. You really went crazy the other day and took a trip to. apples dead and gone too far, redress from live in Virginia and went with some friends on Saturday night and I think a lot of people had the same idea was alive called her those expecting and yet the entire downtown area was packed and if people are really a thing to be done, covered to be out in getting back to normal on. Not only
I go to dinner, but you'll be surprised. Now I went to listen to irish music and had even more fun so a hooker. So it's good to see things getting back to normal and believe that run the centres is opened. Annapolis, it is to set out arrogant, bought on his hands looking for the best possible. Yes, I can't wait so I'm it gets fan any Yankees fan, which often means that you know it some time when the Yankees season finishes, it's a few games into the football season and by that I'm the jets are out of the play. Our fire said that in the sort of wait for the start of the baseball season begins and so I am really looking forward to it. The only question is sort of euro. At what point I try to go to again, because right now, as much as on itching to take baseball this summer, the idea of going to
stadium that sit ten or twenty percent capacity and wearing a mask for three and one slash two hours in the humidity with my glasses and trying to see the game through the fog of my glasses is for Well, sir, situated at least in the beginning, I think I'll probably be watching tv alive, but I'm just sort of excited to get the season guy you're here here This thing is the day before the season starts as one of the longest days in the year of the year in my view and then the worst day. The season is always the second day, because they know play the second Etsy waited all these months and months months to finally get baseball, and then you don't get it the next day, but these are quibbles. Comparative season actually beginning, Sir might minors is that I got the job I got. J J vaccine over the way. Ganz yeah. I got a sore shoulder it did. It did not me out for about a day a very, very feverish,
had had the chills pretty badly. the night after I got it and then aches headaches. The next a lot of fatigue slept almost almost the whole day, but that was it and back to normal and incredibly great the people not say this enough. Thank you, pharmaceutical industry. as just incredible ass a whole year, just build, go into a gross store pharmacy and just sitting. plastic chair and had this tax logical, Marvel administered to you, like you know like it's any just routine thing is just it just amazing, and we should all be grateful further. The miracle of it with that. It's that time in the podcast fur editors picks Charlie Kirk. What's your bet I do this so so often, but Kevin Williamsons, Tuesday newsletter.
So good, and today's hides classic governed. The title is Elizabeth. Warren is a ridiculous power, hungry crackpot and if anything that title under cells vitriol in this newsletter, it features one of Kevin's trademark, nine thousand and word opening paragraphs and it slums down from their taking satisfying aim at Elizabeth WAR, in particular, her recent threats made against Amazon. She said she wanted to break up big tax, so they couldn't criticized but really highlighting across the board. Just water would have been far person centres were really is you have never Kevin's paragraphs come up a harking back Charlie with I'm sure we ve talked about this repeatedly, but tenets. Lena Dunham PC wrote that caused them controversy and why
imposed had a piece critiquing, whether critique this house's five thousand were peace, wasn't five thousand words. He had twenty five on our peace, just five pair us along the that's. That's given Zan. What's your pic, I take it a recent Kyle Smith please on our reviewing a new Netflix documentary of Audrey Hepburn, too great peace, self, but also made me want to check out the documentary soon they apply What's your begging, you better have when you're professionally obligated now is a new additive anoura to have editors picks all time yeah well, given them He talked about the Georgia lot. I think I may mention this. Peace damage laugh and had a good, great piece on, in Joe Biden, Boches, the George and voting law that went through his claim on the feeding of giving people water any sort of
Furthermore, the law and explained some contacts. So if you want to continue the sort of Georgia voter. You know voter deeper the voter bill, caution. I think that that's a good place to start, so my pack is Jack sailors quarter posts keeping up with are whether thorn unplugging, how or where both on and noting contributors risen and what they said why they contributed. Did this wealth on we ran out of three or four weeks just has been a tremendous success. We can't be more grateful for all the support we have out there. Believe us talking to Jack about this. This morning, this may be our most successful websites on ever. We had initial goal of a quarter of a million dollars which is
a good for us now, I'm looking at it the tracker, as we speak online? We have raised four hundred and three thousand two hundred dollars. there's this. This is the last day of other web is, I think, a sufficiently clear now, an proteome another twenty five thousand dollars or something in snail mail purchased it just Blaanor socks off. If you contributed. Thank you. Thank you. So much it's just amazing, and these things, Wouldn't have a chance without you conceive in them driving them from the beginning to the finish now might enjoy some of you, readers out there. You don't want to come down are added to read them. Raising pitches but is really important to her our business and Jackie for listening. I know usually are thank you so much and and really well done so that's it for us. You been listening to a natural view park.
And you re broadcast retransmission cow this game without express written permission of NASH Review magazine is strictly grow. Isn't it this park, acid, embraced produced by the incomparable. Sarah shitty makes us better than we deserve. Thank Jerry, thank you and thank you fill thanks to MIKE and thanks especially to all for listening where the editors and we'll see you
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