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Episode 318: MLB Strikes Out

2021-04-06 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, Alexandra, and Michael discuss Commissioner Manfred’s damaging and ridiculous decision to move the All-Star game, and CBS’s detestable hit piece on Ron DeSantis.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: Ryan Mills’s piece “Dem Abuses Prompted Georgia Voting Law’s Food-and-Drink Rule” • Charlie: Rich’s piece “Anyone Using the ‘Jim Crow’ Charge as a Political Weapon Should Hang His Head in Shame” • Alexandra: David Harsanyi’s piece “Moving the MLB All-Star Game to Denver Makes Zero Sense” • MBD: Isaac Schorr’s piece “All Boycotts Are Not Created Equal

Light items: • Rich: John MaCarther’s preaching • Charlie: His American grandma • Alexandra: Laying off the Easter candy • MBD: Jacob deGrom

The Editors is hosted by Rich Lowry and produced by Sarah Schutte.

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say it ain't, so rob Manfred and say it ain't. So sixty minutes will discuss All this more on this edition of the errors umbrage, Loretta Joint, is always by the right. Honourable Charles see W Cook Alexander's and sanctity. An the notorious Michael and and Dorothy you listening to a national you podcast or sponsors this absurd. about one branch sheets and freshly more about them in due course, felicitous broadcast on NASH, review, dot com
I cleaned directly in the corner. We're delighted to have you but it'd be easier for you and better for us if you made as part of your feet at any streaming services out there from Spotify to Itunes. If you like what you hear here, please consider giving us a glowing five star review on Itunes. If you don't like what you hear here, please God. I said anything so Zan got the news late last week that Major League baseball has weighed in on the side of justice and fundamental fairness by pulling out the Star game from Atlanta are the greater Atlanta area there in Cobb Cow. Money for unspecified reasons? They released the statement that didn't actually site any provision of the the Georgia law that was so offensive, I think, and in part, because it would it actually cited anything more and allow had made this decision to see see even more ridiculous that
It does otherwise what to make of it. Well, you know, I remember the last episode I joined last week. We were all talking about how ridiculous it was that a few Democrats just essentially invented discharge that Georgia's new voter Idee law is racist or a reincarnation of Jim Crow and how the lies essentially innocuous yo, maybe not the exact incarnation of our voting, though that I, create, but really nothing super problem. Can it nothing at all racially. Debated or that would have a disproportionate effect on racial minorities. And then Four days later, I hardly expected that the next episode I joined we'd be talking about how the amount be pulled. The start came out of Georgia in protest of this law, and it is obviously outrageous, as you say, the fact that they site nothing in the law. That's problematic to them gives away the game because there, nothing in the law. To cite there's nothing problematic about it, which I think is proved by the fact that they and went and moved the also game
two Colorado where the lies. Essentially, the same requires voter idea does not allow pole workers to hand out food and beverages to people waiting in line, but their distress, to pass this offers some victory for racial justice and fairness endemic at our praising them, despite the fact that nobody Georgia. Lawmaker is going to suffer, but the people who are now going to miss out on jobs, economic opportunity that would have been brought to Georgia by the US games those of the people that are being punished by mutually baseball. For having done nothing wrong in a state that also has done nothing wrong. Am I going to the amusing aspects of this? Is that the pickle that Stacey Abrams is in because she has said she doesn't want boycotts and has said you know, although she understands what major league,
Don Cheto. She didn't want them to to do this, but in the same time that she's telling this monstrous lie about hit her own state. This shameful misrepresentation of what this law is described me and has a new, Jim Crow and vote pressure and expecting you corporate Amerika, not to take her out a word not to take it seriously and Major league baseball not to act on this nonsense, which it has I mean I read her statement little differently and I know No, she was disappear. needed in M obese decision to relocate. We all start aim, but she doesn't why she said I am disappointed that Emma B is relocating the all star game, so she didn't Firstly, I regret the decision, and even before that sentence was up. She commended the players in the owners and league and commissioner for speaking out,
So I read her statement much more as lake. This is what you get for. Voters, suppression, and down, you know the topic, The statement is I've Republicans who pass the bill how did this economic damage to their state, which the damages, I think vastly overstated? I dont think the twenty twenty one I'll start aim, is gonna, be this sir pot of gold for any state, but I mean if it hurts it hurts. You know retail one and entered businesses around the park that want to recover after this crisis but you see I mean she's in a pickle because she's a liar I mean It'll she lies about her last election lies about with his bill is
at the same time like I dont want to subject to pass without at least acknowledging that you know after what we went through from November two January in Georgia. I I just dont begrudge Democrats their suspicions flank republican who, who are passing new rules about voting just after a giant. controversy in which a substantial portion of party falsely alleged that the election and rigged against them on yeah- I think that's we talked about this before. I think that's the best case Democrats have as the impotent listen, listen! I'm! I agree with everything. The answer: about how the bill doesn't do most of these horrible things that is alleged to be doing its edge Georgia's actual
regulations are pretty liberal as far as such skull. I mean I, like, I think of you, democratic, New York or California, really jealous to have Georgia's laws on voting but here I just I do thing I want to grant them. We democrats some. I know some epistemic room here for maneuver here. It doesn't help the people that are consciously lying, but, like average Joe Democrats, They deserve our suspicions. Be, however, does not deserve any sympathy. I mean and I'm glad Marco Rubio and others are trolling, the hell out of them try its retreat, Michael
To start with, the proposition that this bill represents, Jim Crow Oh, oh, worse, then, Jim Crow and then to fall back on a misrepresent, nation of the part of the law that has to do with handing out food and water, which is very common in the United States. and then eventually to say. Well, I don't try Their motivations oars, Joshua sites dead. Georgia has a history of this is a retreat. The coroner when we are talking not about whether given in visual is fit for office, not about whether somebody is guilty of hate crime not about the inner motive
nations of I hear and being but a law that is written down. That is accessible, but has clear unambiguous terms and the key be compared to other laws in fourteen in other states the fact that, after the rhetoric was, debunked em I'll, be still decided to do. This, I think, speaks L orbit, I'll be but also Auguste disaster for our common. The standing in the United States. I said last time I have written about this that Georgia is now where people lie Stacy, rooms, lied and twenty eighteen Donald Trump lied in. twenty twenty and now.
People are lying in twenty twenty one and you can tell their lying, because the same people who were upset about it in twenty twenty refers Berger is a good example baffled hair and NL bees statement shows you what happens when you retreat into generalizations, and assumed motives there's no argument in the statement that major league baseball better this now. There is a vague reference to the things that are happening in George There are assertions, restrictive, voting, lost, drought, backed up the can't be backed up, and I am, Alarmed by this, because I think this is going to be the way that this is done. In fact, I more
they sing. Rumblings hair in Florida. Disney good luck, pulling out of Florida view Disney and Geico. I think complaining about florid is pending restrictive voting law, which I let them and is about securing drop boxes, not removing them increasing security on them. But of course it won't be referred to that it will be referred to in, in vague terms, the fact that I might be took this measure after it was clear that there no they're. There then moved to a place that has very similar laws, in some case, more restrictive laws in others not It is now rely
upon other people to say on the differences. The motivation I think is, is weak and I think this destructive so Emily. I had some anybody reflexes one. This news came out about that major League baseball, pointing asked again because we want we ve talked about big tacky. Occasionally, and forgive me I might not be characterizing with the requisite. Suddenly a basically a position is well, let's take quantities, companies down his countrymen, the nervous you know that they deserve it and that's kind of way. Fuel up. by wouldn't ban an eyelash. If tomorrow it's not gonna happen, Republicans don't hold Congress in the presidency if they revoked the antitrust exemption. That major baseball has that's kind of you
If you read the history kind of it, it came about servant a bizarre way, as is its a bit of an anachronism. Now. Other major exports don't have such a far reaching our extensive at. I trust protection and would mean that the league with collapse in a puddle the next day, but I think, if you're corporate entity- and you think you can take partisan size and a dispute like this, when your business model is in part dependent on government favour that eventually needs to be demonstrate two: why these entities that you can't do that without paying a price? Oh I mean yeah, I mean this is a logic that and I'll be understand perfectly. I mean you're, not gonna, find em I'll, be. officials criticising the Chinese Communist Party when they have a lucrative deal with ten cent to protect, won the day. they got partly because the NBA lost its only when one of its own executives said something rogue,
and they'll be understands power, and it understands money in it responds to incentives and conservatives in a concerted and a good boy cutters, and that that's a tribute to conservatives in in some way its content A tribute to our lack of group think, however, you know I have no problem with least showing a little bit of teeth. Here I mean I my own thing. I think the antitrust mention. I just don't think you're gonna get that pass through Congress at this point, so I don't think of it as like. Oh I've threat, but I don't know can Gregg Abbot or the Santos or other red state governors. Can they look for wiggle room in their deals with these teams provide policing to provide maintenance of parking lot? its work were any other subjects.
yes and just take them away. I mean, like you have to hit the owner. If you want to get to the League office, Abbott said he wasn't gonna throughout the first pitch and people all are laughing that off. But here I just don't think and nobody's gonna respond to charges of hypocrisy in the public. There are only going to respond to like a credible economic threat and concerted effort are pretty poor wielding them, but I think there are tools out there for creative governors and and I'm like a gut level, conservatives are desperate to find a creative way of pushing back at this, because we have seen how big sports have bullied?
numerous states on trains, gender bathroom bills, on religious liberty, protections in other states and now this and it's it's a guy. a sign of alienation and in this respect from ITALY, baseball, like a lot of conservatives, are thinking if America is going through a divorce how're progressing getting big sports in This in the divorce settlement. It doesn't make sense so yet concerns have to find a way to punch back, but you know we should we shouldn't give up our principles to do it, and I don't think we have to say. I think that the next punch you back there, I think they're, there's something to pardon me can wish that you know. I guess We would never happen D. I sort of wish that whenever city or whenever state, that than and I'll be tried to dost our game to just
No, we don't want it. Sorry, like we do want to be part of this partisan game of shifting here and there and our vote. Our laws are actually the same. So no thank you to all Sorgen, obviously wasn't can happen, a pipe dream, but there, think what might have happened if they tried, to put it in, say, Houston, share yeah yeah, but I mean I, I don't know how much the government that we what government role there is or what policy solution. There might be something like this. I for one, am not When you stop washing baseball over, I've only been angry about changes to actual game, and I haven't stopped watching baseball. So I don't know, that's all thing is really in the conservatives nature, but I do wish. There were something that could be done because it does make me I rate, and I wish you know politics and have to be part of literally everything, especially when it is built on a lot of them and when the eighties started wanted to lost the first series. I was ready to boycott, yes, I boycott it'll, be because on securing Yankees, not because of any thing the commission has done. The joy was
server tyrian position on revoking antitrust exemption or any action that nature. I don't think this is a problem that will ultimately be solved by government action, including government action spearheaded by conservatives. I do think that there is a lot stronger case for government regulation when you are dealing with a monopoly, especially a monopoly, that has a government provided exemption asset Maltby does the the distinction drawn by libertarians on say, civil rights questions is between private companies and monopolies, I'm more comfortable with the Civil Rights ACT of nineteen. Sixty four than many liberty,
but I do think that you need a different approach when dealing with say an airport or the federal government. Then, when dealing with say hamburger joints, there's lots of hamburger joints and if one of them doesn't like a given personal, gets ethical, ok, there's only one airport in most areas there's, only one federal government, and so you need stricter rules governing the apple or the federal government. It would not be acceptable, for example, if the federal government started discriminating or engaging in viewpoint discrimination. All
Frankly, the diminishing given group or given religion or given political viewpoint. I dont want to shop at Jacksonville Airport and see official document saying we like this. We don't like that. Just just fly the plane. I much I'm worried about Dick sporting goods or Mcdonald's doing well. There's only one m l b: F, I'm sort of past to use it if they like baseball and it asked and was granted a monopoly exception, so have some time for the idea that the government get to have some say over how it behaves either one government to get too involved in it.
But if the idea here is it this is America's game and that we don't want to divide it up into competing leagues. Maybe it be America's game for all Americans and maybe it's reasonable to stipulate that it shouldn't be getting involved in politics. That said, I see this ultimately ass, a cultural problem. I don't believe that imposing more regulations on major League baseball is going to fix this. I don't think that taking shots at Delta, rural Disney or Coca COLA he's going to fix much. I don't think it would be a particularly good idea to set
economic policy subsidies and the like, based on whether a given company is in line with our supportive of and incumbent government. I think that we have to fix this ourselves. I don't quite know how I don't think the people who were asking to use government due to do no either yeah have Sanderson Abed mission on the boycott Incas, my job at the Yankee start aside. There's no m boycotting baseball is also no way. I'm boycotting Coca COLA. Should he knows if she has to edit out all the coke opening sounds on this path, Gaston Hepsey is just it's just There is nowhere near as good a soda sorted out. My dearest people only order Pepsi at restaurants and establishments that have Ado with Pepsi that meet you can't or a coke. Otherwise one would work, but that aside, That's a question to use and major league baseball will pay up
Price of some sort for this decision to move the Astor game- yes or no, I. I don't think so. I said I only because if there is any sort of price or any sort of backlash, I think it will be so my new to that end, We will really be paying anything at all. They want really suffer as a result of the unemployed. Back and maybe I mean they're not going to suffer. Huge low back, but they are run by a commissioner who lacks respect for the games, tradition and for a sizeable portion of its fans and that will have a price over the long run. So not this discreet decision, but this decision is. Is
Part of a larger pattern that is unhealthy for baseball. Can I cook hiding? It will pay a small price yeah. I could see diminishment in view a ship from six seven, eight percent to ten percent. It's happened in other sports. I dont know why wouldn't happen in baseball. I also think that M l B will pay a certain price in that its position is not as popular as it thinks it is, and the consequence of this may actually be to have restored to prominence and possibly to electoral viability, brine camp, the governor of Georgia, which is not I imagine what Manfred had in mind I say mostly: no, they won't pay a price, be happy for the Anti Trust trust exemption to be. Vote, get a couple more. What the heck get a couple, more teams and in New York. I can't hate him and began
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your first set of pollen branch sheets, thanks very much joy, Bob Cratchit, please check it out so Zan. Sixty minutes, which does not exactly have had a reputation for fair and balanced coverage, is totally out did itself. With this report. On were Rhonda Santas, supposedly distributing vaccine through the public's grocery stores. As of a donation that he got during her. gubernatorial run from this company that also donated to his opponent, and sixty minutes is complete we distorted the story. Disregarded every single countervailing piece of evidence that showed this was a complete fabrication. What he may Oh, you know it isn't. On the one hand, terribly uprising because we ve seen ever since the centre.
began rolling out his vaccine plan for Florida, just all sorts of ridiculous smears on him. I remember when the media line for a couple days was ok, Believe this round, Santos is making sure that seniors can get the vaccine first because they all are republican and vote for him and it's like watch actually maybe because seniors are the most likely to die or have serious, serious problems if they can track covert right, like his motivation, probably not that he wants to rush them to the poles, to vote for him by that, getting accede to them first, but of course the media reading of it was- and he must be doing this for political advantage, not for any common sense reason. because they have this sort of rested, narrative in blue state, succeeding with covered and red states failing, and that is required, alternately, ignoring stories, red, reinstate success or in the case of dissent, is pretending, but there's something nefarious or a malicious about his various
plans to succeed in the fight against covered in this segment was, I think, the most egregious example thus far truly unbelievable that it happened, but at the same time I think it's understandable in the sense that they know who, whoever concocted segment, whether it was spared in producers or the editors who totally failed to backtrack, or maybe let falsehoods go through knowingly. They don't think they're going to held accountable by anybody, because the entire mainstream media essentially is in league on these sorts of stories and will cover for each other. There's not going to be you, I guess you there, this one has been so gorgeous. There have been a couple minutes outlets, I think, to admit that there have been errors here, but by and large they're, all in lockstep, pretending that this is accurate and that the scientists have done something wrong when it's based on entirely fabricated information. So I think assign really more than anything, not only of the threat. That day
he d Santa's as part of a really corrupt and toxic culture and our media the child ones, always known that you, you don't wanna, sit down for an hour, long interview with with sixty minutes, because I just that their shop up the interview take out the parts use the parts that are most able to wherever point there trying to make contentious way and with an rebels see, thank goodness that how this happened with the Santa's, because the report from sixty minutes questioned him about this at a press conference. So we have fallen yeah and what they basically did. She asked the question that is, I know that is completely wrong and then explore and really calmly, for three or four minutes the entire process how this work tells above board worked with other officials on at night, Then he says again so dear. That's why you completely wrong and ass. She tries to follow up. These are good. I explain its ally you're wrong and they took out cut out the entire substance of his answer. The part that you refer
two angrily is being irrefutable that they left in they took that out. They cut it out to make him look, is bad as possible and to make him look on hinged when he he'd really are forcefully, but calm with, for the most part, explain why this is a completely bogus story. This is a strangely in comedian who talks about the smoking ban arriving first in Ireland, especially in pubs, and he has the spit way. He said it talks about how they must have been received by irish people. Wait, wait where first us in pubs, but we live in pubs us, and that is how I felt a whole year watching this relentless parish.
Against Florida. Like wake us Florida. New Yorkers are angry with us. We are the ones Are you sure, and they are I need it. inexplicable from the start that the state that has kept more open than most the economies in good shape, and that is twenty seven per fifty in deaths
that has in the fourth highest number scene, is of any state, but I think, is forty first in senior debts. This is the place everyone is focused on inexplicable, is baffling and last Sunday sixty minutes segment was the apathy aces off. This missed placed attention and opprobrium. It was from start to finish what was more than unprofessional. It was a hatchet job, it was the sort of second
that you would expect in a political campaign, but not from a candidate from a super packed with extremely low standards and entirely disingenuous staff. The team at sixty minutes must have known within two or three minutes of work shopping. This thesis that it was wrong. They must have. We know they did because they cut out the answer They showed a little bit of they refuse to speak to the Mayor of Palm Beach County, who put out his own statement, not just saying that the second was based on bad information, but it it was deliberately intentionally false. This guy's a Democrat. We know that
dead, because they didn't talk to anyone who contradicted that thesis, including Jared Moskowitz, who's, a Democrat but is also in charge of the Florida Department of Health and has been in charge of the covid. Nineteen has we know, What happened? This is not ambiguous or but here, was that they discovered the public's, had given a high two thousand dollars to run the senses re election campaign last year they saw public's had been used in Ovid roll out said. Ah, we finally got him because you can talk about Florida and corrective hours, without starting with the premise you have to start with the premise and the premises Floridians or idiots thing is amiss the governors, corrupt them, you do. Is you match the data to those presumptions, and so they did, but they knew
maybe they sat down for the first couple minutes in the meeting and thought maybe there's something, but they knew instantly. They knew when they heard the sentences answer they knew and they talked to Jarred Moskowitz. They knew when they declined to speak to the Mayor of Palm Beach, anti. Frankly, they should have known if they ever faced. did Florida on vacation the idea but you would have a corona virus, explanation, drive and not include public's, is absolutely bizarre. There eight hundred and thirty one public stores in Florida. You can't move without hitting one most of them have pharmacies and justice important. Most of them have pharmacies at which people are accustomed to getting shots to getting flew shots. It's not just about the abundance of public's locations. It's about the level of
trust that people have in them. So they moved ahead anyway, and they put this up and it was debunked within Seconds- turns up. There was no exclusive contract for public's turned out public didn't get any special treatment whatsoever. In fact, the first step was a long term plan that was given to see vs and Walgreens turned out. It's not the only grocery chain, even being used its alongside Matt does out that this was trials and that, they results, was so good that the county that was used within the trial, which is run by Democrats heavily democratic county, said yes,
we want. More of this turns out that the reason that public's was the first short term grocery store used was that it was the first one to be ready, which is not particularly surprising, given that it is the largest grocery chain in Florida turns out. The public's actually gives money too, pretty much everyone. Yes, they do favour report, can save a Democrats, but certainly not exclusively. They gave a hundred thousand dollars the Democrats in twenty eighteen, thirty, two million dollars last year to the urban leak in the middle of all the protests over the death of George Floyd. This was not journalism. This was a straight up hatchet job by people who simply cannot cope with the truth. The truth is that Florida has done pretty well here and run dissenters has been a pretty good govern
and has made a lot of good cold. No he's not perfect. Nobody is perfect, but florid is done pretty well, it's state open. Its economy is in good shape. It has a high, ten percent of its students in school and its death rate is in the middle, the pack in general and at the bottom of the pack, foreseen as which is pretty remarkable, given how many people retie here. I think that people at sixty minutes should resign or be fired, we see. So many people have to quit their jobs in journalism because it turned out that they said something rude when they were fifteen on twitter. They told me off color joke and the word we always here when we say. Actually I think that sort of illiberal thing that's not how we should run our society. That's a problem. If we believe in redemption The word we always here is no. We need accountability, where's, the
stability here where's the accountability for the producer for this scriptwriter, the journalist who asked the king certain further person who edited the video. Where are they? The sixty minutes can choose. It can either be a low rent arm of the Democratic Party or it can be a well established new Chauvelin combine both everyday discuss a turkey point it is said to be accountability, for this is not RON Desantis complaining about it. It's not even in a local Democrats saying it's false: it's not not us blowing the whistle and has to be other media outlets, which occasionally happens, you're very occasionally happens but but there's not a tsunami evidence of denunciation of the lack of standards here from the rest of the meat the weather should be now. There won't be a mean. Listen like that, the gods the truth is
New York City governed by rules the Plaza YO and then at the state, level by Andrew Cuomo was Thi in action point for most of the rest of the country, including Florida when New York's political officials were ignoring? every warning and telling people to go out to the Chinese New his parades and hugged people to show you're, not afraid, and you are not a bad person, so that's kind of the start of the pandemic. That's fact number one fact number two is run dissenters made two mistakes. He allied himself in a kind of funny way with Donald Trump in his campaign, and he beat a progressive hero, Andrew given seems to have never met a lobbyist or private equity investor that he has done, a shady financial deal or cope with any
We beat him in a tight election. So of course, since this is the worst thing that ever happened in the world and he must be guilty of much worse stuff then give him is much worse stuff. Then Andrew Cuomo. is much more stuff than anything you ve read in California, right where the governor, puts people Almost an italian style lockdown and Undines in fancy a restaurant, the most famous restaurant in the country. Disregarding its own rules- and you know, Rhonda Centres must be worse than this. This guy, he asked me worse- guess you'd there trying to salvage this narrative, which has also salvaging in some twisted way progressive self esteem right, cause they're getting beat up by Florida. Man and, at this rate, they're gonna make run dissent as president
right he's gonna he is Josh was saying, and this is exactly right- they are setting the bar so low for verandah scientists who actually has a little bit of political intelligence in him to just hop over it for voters in future elections. He's an he there, actually even giving him running room towards the middle ripe, Is there saying effectively we the progressive over class, who heat every floor to man and woman, all white evangelicals, all Christians, all people from Georgia, anyone who offended by kneeling at football games. We who hate you hate, Rhonda Santas, so he's got from space locked in with a little competent governance and the ability to put a sentence together, he can reach the middle its thickness they're, making it easy for under Santas.
dear event, dissipated. My ex question, which our throat Zan first this controversies and in political terms, helps hurts Rhonda, Santas or doesn't effect his standing one way, the other. I think it certainly helps him and, as in the past years up, there has done a very good job with covert and, I think, being attacked for line bout by media that people on the just trust is nothing, but hopefully him strike up. I think it helps him because Its turned him into a national figure. People forget that, prior to covet run the sentences approval numb. As in Florida were off the charts, he had about a seventy seventy two percent approval rating and that's because weighing a majority if Hispanics, but is also because he was, We think the majority of Democrats of fifty seven percent approval rating among Democrats and that's because he's actually not crazy
he's a guy who is conservative, but who cares about other things that people in Florida care about charter schools sways Governor has he made that a big issue also environmental questions, now he's probably taken some slack because of the media attention. I doubt he's going to go back up to seventy two percent approval in Florida, but, of course, to win re election. He doesn't need seventy two percent approval in Florida. He needs about fifty six, fifty seven percent, which is where he is at the so would run. The scientists have taken this trade to have been oh vilified in the national press that his numbers will drop in Florida, people were returned to their partisan crouch not, but to have I'm famous in every other state in the union and an example of some, Who stands up when he's hit yeah, I think he'd take that do everything it can to help them.
I mean listen he's he's a guy that I mean throughout the pandemic, dating back to last year's spring break and then the way he set floors rules different from other states, even other red States like Ohio and so on. He's been this kind of test case for conservative governance and for people who are links. Lockdown sceptics of one degree or another were all looking to Florida and were all looking at all the vilification there, and this is just more of it. So at least, I think he was already becoming a politician of national stature least among people who who pay in a little bit more than average attention
and now even bigger, and now it's gonna be a self feeding dynamic. Because now you know the the mainstream presses gonna feel its honour is at stake with dissenters and they're gonna doubled down on attacking him end again. It's gonna make it easier for him to step over the low bar, so I think it is definitely help some prostitution lie about him, but there is no doubt that it helps them politically. With that us pause in here from our second sponsored
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extra question style round here about John Banner and his new book, which caused some ripples when it was accepted in politico. He had some, not very nice things to say about Fox NEWS about TED crews and about what he calls the political chaos carcass that caused him so much trouble when he was speak. the house into question. Anybody is, is John Vainer right that the so called chaos carcass was the precursor to Trump and Trump ISM. Yes, or no year was do it was the precursor and adjust elaborates for one second like he? I bet things to say about TED Curzon Fox NEWS all the time, but this is more like the IRAN, Iraq WAR, where you want both sides to lose, I mean Vainer spent. The last
half of the Obama administration trying to cut a deal on immigration or form. that not only his conference didn't want it, but Republicans overwhelmingly rejected skirt obeyed. I mean like he's right about these jerks, but he has no right to save himself now I think, Michael's hitting on something important now think he had better is right. That in a way that was the precursor trump, but I think he is he and the way that he ran the joke in the house when he was there. What is as much responsible for in a trance rise and wide front, because our killer months, outlook and voters yeah yeah politically I'm closer to TED crews, thin John Vain, but be disservice that TED crew stared was too
normalized. Among the republican lecture, the idea that conservatives never win anything that they want to lose in fact, and that You just say loudly enough or frequently enough that you're gonna fight and you're gonna win. Then you will. And that's not how politics works. It may work like that over the long run, but it doesn't work like that when, for example, the other party holds the presidency Well for another three years and also holds the Senate and well for another year, and yet, if you look back to what baynard complaining about conservative voters rely too over and over again well if we just hauled out long enough on, say a budget shut down present Obama will give us everything we want.
wasn't going to happen and I think that did translate eventually in two trump winning the primary. As somebody who said I will fight some. Buddy, who said I will do what nobody else has which wasn't true, but who actually achieved Everett He achieved because other Republicans one other elections and had control over the government, not because he shouted louder than everyone else gets sake fine day. Yes, that the casket was the precursor it's it's a bit of a crooked line is not a straight line for a straight line: the can't cash carcass as better cause it took over than their public and party be obsessed with the debt and levels of government spending right now, which it isn't
the key thing is: is overlay that Michael on Zan alluded to which it it wasn't really Fox news or or TED crews. It was the republican establishment being wrong for so long. On immigration and not being willing soon enough to say that the Iraq war was a mistake that that was a huge factor and this disenchantment that republican voters had, with their there, own establishment- and I also agree that there should have been some midway- be caught between Canada, the thoughtless tactical MAX the wisdom of the folks who made banners life so miserable during a speech The ship and kind of the unimaginative establish materialism that sir, that danger
represented by anyway, this gap between the rank and file in the establishment that opened up obviously created the the opening for four tromp any he drove a truck through it and twenty fifteen and twenty six tee with that was pause media. quick, our plus plug, come on people, a part of that our plus get with the programme go check it out. We have great first time deals running at any given moment, doesn't cost you much is your ticket to get rid of that He singly extensive metered pay wall at NASA. You had a meeting just yesterday. Will where we're going over some data- and I gotta tell you more more content- is pay wall, hear more and more grumbling from folks. I can't read everything I want to read. Well, there's one easy way to dispense with that complaint, which is to sign up for an hour plus also
you will see many many many fewer ads. Basically, no abstract you anymore in articles you want to read, you can be a commoner on articles and blog posts. If that floats your boat. Also, you get invited to special events and conversations with a writer's editors and conservative newsmakers. Have one of these calls coming later this week with the great Megyn Kelly? So if your Nana plus member look out in your inbox for that invitation, if you're interested to be part of that call and finally being another plus member, is your way to get deeper into the in our community and support art journalism. So please check it out. So, let's hit a few other things before we go Suzanne you been struggling to try to take it easy on Easter Candy,
have. You know. Easter came in a tough time this year. For me, a lot of friends of mine got married right after Christmas, and so they had the holidays to contend with before their wedding. I have. pretending to contend with my weddings coming up in. Wedding dress is sitting on a hanger in my closet and yet a bag of Easter Candy is sitting on the floor in front of me. As we recall So it is a battle now haven't having to decide, which is more important, mean getting my user candy. While I couldn't fresh or city and my dress in a few weeks medieval about Jacob Jerome. That's how to delete opening day, and I was watching the game snakes and Jacob De Grom just pitch six innings. I don't know why they cabin come out after only like seventy pitches or so, but he was just like
good is any met. Pitcher has ever been, and I would include Tom Seaver in that calculation. I think he gonna have as yet have the siting of Anti Mccarthy. I think to Graham is the best the Mets have ever had since to end. And he's been that way since twenty fifteen and less better. I think he's better than doc, certainly in it he's, I think, he's edged out Seeber by this point and down. Here the team as an accomplished as much. But that's the Mets, the issue, is just like a funny reintroduction to baseball, which we ve talked about a lot which is in the its character, which is that they have this transcended starter, but the wrestling and behind them will find a way to watch it and make the fence humiliated on the starters behalf that so it's just classic Byzantium way out topsy we're just finish it on his own, I mean and listen.
That's one minute outlet pitchers finish on their own terms. He moves around today. He'd never be allowed to finish here so Charlie were said. Here you lost your american grandma. I did have often referred to my american grandma she's, a besieged, not my real grandma, because until three years ago I wasn't America but she is a family friend, actually knew her. My whole life, my parents met her when I was in utero and because my parents all die. When I was very young, she grew from being a friend of my parents to a great friend of mine, she was a California in and ass a kid. I would often go and stay with her, often with my family, but ass, I got old. I would see her a man state
and she was a human force feel better Eddie no other way of putting it. She had more energy even in the seventies and eighties than most people will have in their twenties. She was their remarks more intelligent and right carrying woman hide came over time to conceive of us a real grandmother. Even though, of course, she had no biological connection to me at all. She passed away over the weekend. She almost made it two to ninety five says she had a fantastic innings and there I shall miss her great dome. Sorry to hear that Charlie
so I was looking for some Youtube preaching further good Friday and an Easter Sunday, and I usually may go to his TIM Keller about have wondered branch out. All of that I know this isn't exactly as startling Scevra on my part, but I I watched him John Macarthur videos and is one of the most famous evangelical preachers and in the country, the holy cow still so good. That disguise is justly famous and I'm sorry, I've been so coming term, so that its Tiber editors picks M made. Would you pick up my pictures he's spy Isaac Shore called all boycotts are not created equal Isaacs, as some colleagues whose work I wanted to highlight here for a while- and this is just one of the best recent opportunities to do so- he can
goes through the idea of boycotts in american history and kind of the perils that undertaking them. Naturally, damn. I just think, When should read it as their thinking about how to deal with woke capital Zan. What's your pic I take as a peace on our own today by David, her son, you about the amount, the decision to move the asked our game to Denver without a lot of great content on? of silly. It was for the Monti report came out of Atlanta and David highlights why it's so silly for them to relocated to somewhere that basically the same track. Peace is by you rich. It's your piece on Jim Crow
They won using the Jim Crow charge as a political weapon should hang his head in shame. I'm just glad somebody wrote it down so concisely and made this point that we should not be comparing criterion political disputes to tyranny and the examples that you gave in this peace. Ah devastating and their devastating, because that's what Jim Crow was that actually happened in this country. I think we should raise the cost of the casual invocation of tyranny to try to win much less important political arguments in twenty twenty one. So my pack is from one of our partners. Ryan Mills picked some stuff before this piece is title: Damn abuses prompted Georgia.
voting laws, food and drink rule and Ryan had this crazy idea that around me, General CERN America, what thousands of journalist Nothin actually call the guy who wrote the food and drink provision has been so controversial and George and say why did you Do this, where the sources of this, where the rationale for this and it turns out, there had been a problem with politician warming up the line as it's called putting on their at their campaign, t shirt and handing out pizza, Atta appalling place in line having someone videotape it and put it on Facebook or Youtube or whatever. So this is just a form of politicking, that's as it is discouraged all over the place and Georgia thought it had to tighten up its rules and the guy who was largely spotting This also points out that, based on New York's law, then similar provision, so
gas is a shame that no one else did this, but Ryan did and did it extremely well and check it out Rita if you haven't already so? Ok, that's it for us see been listening to a national you podcasting Yuri broadcast retransmission on account of this game. Without the express written permission of National you magazine is strictly pro gibbeted. This part gases produced by the incomparable Sarah, should he who makes a sound better than we deserve thank Charlie, thank you and thank you envy D, and thanks especially to all of you for listening. We are the errors and see you.
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