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Episode 319: Courting Disaster

2021-04-09 | 🔗

Today on The Editors, Rich, Charlie, Jim, and Daniel discuss Biden’s executive order on guns, the unionizing failure at an Alabama Amazon warehouse, and a farcical blue-ribbon commission to study court-packing.

Editors’ picks: • Rich: Daniel and Andrew’s work on Capital Matters • Charlie: Cameron Hilditch’s piece “Farewell to Prince Philip” • Jim: Luke Thompson’s piece “The Rise and Fall of the Lincoln Project• Daniel: David Beckworth’s piece “Why Investors Can’t Quit U.S. Debt

Light items: • Rich: Runners starting on second during extra innings • Charlie: Laser tag on the beach • Jim: The Heritage golf tournament • Daniel: Garrett Cole

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Joe Biden, moves on guns and Amazon unionization fails, will discuss all this and more on this addition The editors homage Larry, I'm Joe. As always by the right honourable Charles, see, Debbie Cook and the siege of authenticity, woods, Jim Gary, and also especially sponsored this week by the an Heizer Bush Brewing Company Dan, too narrow ultra, Listening to a national you podcast are sponsor, is quick, chewing gum. If this is five cast on national, you, dot, com and click directly on the corner were delighted to have. You will be easier for you and better for us. You made as part of your feet at industry. Messrs has helped therefore Spotify to Itunes, and if you like what you hear here, please consider giving
A glowing five star view on Itunes, if you dont like like that you hear here, please forget, I said anything so Charlie we get this executive action from Joe Biden on guns, what do you make of it? It's a mistake and I think it's a mistake for Joe Biden as well the laws around firearms at the federal Level and the United States are fairly tightly written, the executive action that has already been taken, and it's pretty much the executive action that can be taken. This is a second democratic president in a row who, having grown frustrated by what he sees us congressional inaction, has resolved to do something to not wait for
grass, but there's not much. You can do in fact he told come hours. This during a debate and the democratic primary. This is when she laughed in his face when he said that constitutional constraints on our present can do yeah. She said she would get rid of assault weapons so called with an executive order, and he said now you want and then she laughed at him. Well, peas, right! You can't do a great deal and if you look at what he has proposed, it isn't a great deal. He wants to go after so called ghost guns. Ghost gun is a projection. The way of describing a homemade gun right from the beginning republic. It has been legal to build your own gun and if you build, your own gun at home, doesn't
serial number doesn't need a background check. You can't sell it to anyone without rules applying, but you didn't keep it for yourself and the early republic. Obviously homemade guns, most guns were homemade were muskets rifles. Now you can build and fifteen most people by the lower receiver and then at the other bits, but you can also by was good and eighty percent receive essentially a hunk of metal without the whole strolled in it, and you can then put the main yourself get the other parts. Without a background check in Hey Presto, you ve got a carbon without having gone through any government process. This is a big problem in the United States. Frankly, It is one that Joe Biden is looking to address
he has said he will change the rules around this, or at least looking doing so so that perhaps you will need a background check before you get this. Eighty percent. Lower. Quite how that will work. I dont know certain points which should saying a hunk of metal is a gun when it's not But this is the sort of thing that he has passed. Today is also going to look at whether an arm brace turns a rifle with a shorter barrel. Into a short barreled rifle, which is differently regulated rather than a pistol ass, you can see These are not the things that are on violence. Big list Biden wants to ban weapons that he calls assault weapons he wants. the limit the size of magazines he wants to superintend private transfers in all states. He can't do that because he doesn't have the votes in the Senate. So he's doing this.
Instead, none of these provisions is the end of the world, but it strikes me that is just not worth it for him because he is now come out and said. I am doing gun control by fear by executive order. Instead of saying that worry, there's not a great deal too. It is, of course, had to pump it up because he's a politician, so gun onus, very motivated vote, Is they hear him say this and they say? Oh, my goodness special when they heard him say in the midst of a press conference in which he lied and light and light into the second amendment that really matter then other voters who are less obsessed with this issue. I've heard say he's doing something concrete and will be less receptive next time, gun control advocate, say nothing ever changes. This is a mistake. I think it was a mistake when Obama tried it back in two thousand fifteen. Sixteen, I think it's a state now Joe Biden is trying it. I dont think it will,
see anything useful and I think it will damage the position of gun control. Advocates once again suggests. How do you think about The word lie in and apply it to two. What binds sat on gone to. This has also been true of a number of other issues where it's a little bit. They ve said the gun, Joe loophole thing so many times that the scientists for at least ten years, it's completely wrong. If you, if you and five minutes with an open, mind, googling issue, you understand how completely wrong, but this Keep on saying that so. That is the case, Sir it epistemic closure away. We just doesn't know what do you think he's deliberately deceptive. Oh, I think when it comes to Joe Biden Mentally and verbal avis, probably a lot of closure red shutting lot of doors that are close. It won't open anymore. So to speak,
you could say that this is democratic habit. Nor substances, Bert, is pretty deliberate. I'm looking at the fact she'd be White House put out but it's utterly mass shootings, summarily gun crime. Gentlemen, it's the gun, violence, public health epidemic, a blurring covert nineteen and all these other words with some dissociate involving the corona virus and we're gonna throw gun violence into this now there, six proposals. I dont want to rehash too much of what Charlie savages of the six proposals five of them are really doing. Almost nothing goes to guns idle. Little bit about guns. Charlie knows a lot Charlie. Just stop your head. Have any mass shootings ever involved a ghost gun, I dont believe I think there was a murder with a gun that was bought from somebody who had built it at home in the last couple of years, but that's a separate question because you're not allowed to do that above all
for. In fact, she did begins by saying and overturned by the recent high profile, mass shootings in Boulder and Atlanta rights of their specifically target these two mass shootings. So they mentioned a ghost The mission of stabilizing brace Charlie again at the top, your head, have any the mass shooters in recent months or years involve stabilized. Braces are, I think, with stabilizing brace is in Africa's one was used in boulder, argument they made was that it turned an air fifteen into a concealed weapon, which is just preposterous, point three? They want to have evidence based community interventions, but the quick to emphasise these are tools other than incarceration. So the one proposal they ruled out is putting bad people who commit crimes. The jail. Not. I can't do that. That's that's all! It's not go overboard here.
We're just gonna have evidence based community interventions for an annual report on fire arms trafficking from eightieth. Basically, there can write a book reports and this is the sort of thing eighty actually be doing normally then you're alive, Last time I was in office, we had fastened furious and maybe this year, if we don't want the Biden taking greater interest in all the stuff, five is due. Eighty after actor, and I understand this- the gonna nutty guy, who it was claiming that the Waco Pro crowd had been shooting down helicopters and opened the box There's stuff like that. The six one is red flag laws and maybe red flag laws would have something to do or we somewhat applicable to some of the mass shootings we ve seen in the past, so a lot of cases where people have reported to the cycle. just out the aurora shooting or the unit city professors and aunts, university staff for thee, Tucson, shooting
you, don't usually somebody says yeah this guy's a ticking time bomb, but unfortunately they don't either don't go to the cops, sir. The cops don't have enough evidence to charge him of the crime and situation, like that, maybe that could have an impact on the march the five of the six really wouldn't you if anything- and it's just kind of amazing- that the entire rhetoric from vied with We're tired we're finally, gonna get something done. Returnest malarkey! This time are big action here, our five little things on gun, braces and goes guns and writing a report by the eighty of its kind, a laughable if it wasn't such as Christopher Sudan. It this isn't a situation. Their eyes caught in an even with more ambitious measures them than whereby was able to put into this executive order is not make any difference in the I think can do to make it a difference is like a massive gun confiscation. Even there, this some question, but they costly in this area.
Have to be less ambitious than anything that would make a difference to the problem there trying to solve That's right, I think that in general- and I brought this up as time goes on, the broadcasting of their freedom. her very good at identifying what they consider problems. The very good at have complaining about, and a failure to address pounds, whether or not so good at his actually writing a policy to address the challenges that they point out to this. This so called epidemic of gun violence nodded As Jim pointed out, everything is in the language of public Health in Europe. Is as rightly pointed out, not going to be solved by a cab tweaking certain rules that are already very easily. Circumvented goes guns braces deserve practice, those that are designed to circumvent federal regulations chain.
And then marginally is not going to stop people from circumventing them. So I think that they should be honest. What they want. The weather data was, and just go, go go for the gun confiscation because otherwise you're not going to solve some of the the ostensible issue with with them these these little executive order, Enjoy what'd you make Abiden going out his way to his second amendment is an absolute. I find that that construction is invariably and attempt to obfuscate, rather than to inform nobody in politics ever as in an academic sense. You know the first amendment is an absolute because under the stand
laid out by the Supreme Court in Brandenburg fear higher. There are some exceptions for the incitement of illegal action no, they they always say to you. The first two amendments, not absolute for whatever I want to do is ok, that's the argument The first two amendments, not absolute, is always followed by an hate speeches and protected, which is not true, but the first amendment is not absolute. There are at the leading edge some exceptions, but it is more accurate to say its absolute than to say that it is toothless. And the same is true of the second amendment button. wasn't saying, Second amendment is an absolute because it doesn't apply to convicted felons them finally, our children, non residents, and so for he was saying- and he did say in fact. The second amendment is an salute. Therefore every single thing, though I'm about to propose, is fine, doesn't
even intersect with the second amendment, and that, of course, is nonsense. Its nonsense from him. It's not and from the media and its nonsense in the gun, control movement, which doesn't believe. Second, a member protects an individual right at risk. really what Biden was doing. There was sites Being the question of the scope of the second amendment, not defined meaning it is another reason I think this is gonna hurt him, because he stand up and say here the modest changes that I wished to make. He read iterated the most. Radical gun control agenda. Any democratic president has put forward in two decades, at least he He trotted out all of the usual lines you can't shout far in a crowded theatre. No right is up.
solid, and he reiterated lies. You ask him whether its first call what he said about gunshots. Lies, I think it is. I am less squishy about safety. Lying as anyone who listen to me talk about Donald Trump for the last five year. Well now Joe Biden case. He was in the Senate long enough to know that this isn't true. You said ridge. This has been put out there for ten years, some tat he would put out there for thirty years, Biden knows this. Joe Biden was instrumental in the passage of the Brady Bell. Joe Biden wrote the gun, free Schools Zone ACT. Joe Biden shepherded through the crime, bail and ninety ninety four, that included the ban on so called assault weapons. Joe Biden was the point man. After sandy hook, Joe Biden work. Joe Mansion and Pat to me, I'm trying to get that bill pass I met with all the relevant parties the sole question into Me- mansion was the extent
The federal government would in enforce private sales in states that do not have them. He knows that there is no exit soon forgot shows. He knows that he may not know all the details about the scandal that gun or the length of a barrel or the terms of the nineteen ready for National firearms act. He may not know but he knows that this isn't true and peace. Anyway, and in so doing, he infuriates a lot of people who will go reliably in vote. You're, going to explain to you this executive order is effective. Actions represent the high tide, of what Joe Biden will be able to do. I'm guns over the next four, years, either unilaterally or legislatively yes or no.
How to say no in that. I don't think it's unthinkable. They try to get something else through on mother. Fifty slash. Fifty vote may be attached to other legislation in the other one of these reconciliation things they want to try, but but this is stood at. This is probably others closely high water, but they may make one more attempted by the apple between now and then terms, then yeah Jim that be the on the red flag laws included here a kind of the meat of it, and that's that's the best, the dimension along which none they could make some real changes. two. Unless I don't think this is the end. I dont think that there will be a need for a major change, but I would expect red flag was too a little bit stronger and then on enforcement, United Dignity, he could use the violent use. The eighty have much more aggressively had been used over the past times.
Two decades or so which the but other than that. I don't see any major major legislative changes, Chelsea Toby Cook. I don't think they're going to be any meaningful changes. I think that it's possible that a few states will pass red flag laws, but I think red states again to weaken the red flag laws, because there was a considerable overreach in those laws. Scope and, in terms of the eighty ass. I think, on as they are not being facetious here. I think it Biden has a real problem if he starts rigorously enforcing the gunboat. Given what we learned about his son, I think the answer is no, I think you'll end up doing something else. Perhaps he'll loosen that the way it above I did. It is view over time what the constraints on what what he can do, but I think, will probably end up doing more so that lets pause in here from our sponsor this
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Burma, Amazon, warehouse workers in Alabama design, their union. An alternative to holding a vote, would have been to ask any of these warehouse workers. If they wanted a job at a member of the retail hosts wholesale and department store, at union- and they all would have said not because Animal Amazon does so much then bricks and mortar, which is plagued by unions and a host of other kind of organic issues that it can afford to pay fifteen dollar wage mascot savings. The alpha prego healthcare packages, so that the a line as they voted against the union because the that they have now at Amazon, Warehouses pay better and offer a much better benefits than ever their job in the entire retail industry, and that's true, has Amazon has the flexibility, because it's kind of a new company at an end
still young industry, to avoid the kinds of regulations that have hurt its competitors, and I mean I don't think this is the end of one of the union's position DR, but so long as sand Amazon pay. So much better, that's that its competitors- I don't see, I don't see any of these boats going where the union's Jim, rather than acknowledging goddamned points out, that paid benefits at Amazon are pretty good as a threat. company. You have the union complaining about a mail box that was placed outside this facility during this vote, which supposedly dissuaded intimidated people from voting for
musician waiting. I get that argument were no Charlie wrote a bit about this earlier and even though we can't see each other, I can just since, through our connection, it spoke shopping at the bed. I dont want a step and everything he said, but to make an observation, there are a lot of issues in which the way a topic gets this dust in mainstream media circles and D. You know overtly lie: the centre or not so overly left in some circles. Get disgusted is completely out of touch me lately, a completely different perspective than you get in the rest of the country. The abortion would be a big one. Gun control and guns be another one, but feel unions would be another one of those issues where unions are almost entirely presented in a positive light and you'd. Think, oh, you know this. It's always these good, noble workers work
banding together against these big, mean corporations and David she's gonna this generally well, why would anyone not want to join the union? Well, apparently, lots of people don't want to join the union, and I suspect there a lot of people who have been in states where it is mandatory for certain jobs, I'll give you the really short version of joining the union over Food town in Europe's biggest me get a midnight late, late, nineteen eighties, where the was a new jersey, I was they require to joy union towards be futon supermarket. I was supermarket check clerk. I check out clerk if you live in New Jersey during those years, and you remember long lines, you remember the kid at the counter didn't see. Denoted was doing. I apologize. Not that good at the job, but as required to things like twenty bucks a week or something like that, a certain number of ours is a summer job. That's a fairly sizeable chunk and the only thing I remember getting This union was this newsletter full of that italian guys who kept smiling at its at big spaghetti dinners, and I biases
Is that what I was? Of course they look happy. They have twenty bucks for me, I'm not doing anything for me right lots of people look at and say you know what unions dont represent a good deal for me. I, like the benefits I have. I liked the pay I have. I dont want to pay more in unity. good, I'm just not convince they're gonna get me bore and make life better. For me, I trust my own ability to negotiate a better deal for myself with my employer. They might be right. There might be wrong, but I think most was its ambition to have that freedom, because job for the joint debate has not worked out well, for anyone just got a fundamentally on American to say: hey, you have to join this organization. If you work here otherwise, you're gone. and the ivory. I guess the great ironies abiding came out made this video, which you did not explicitly mentioned Amazon, but everybody knew exactly what you have spoken about, and based on that you figure somebody at the White House and getting yelled at today, because you don't have the president come out. I guess relatively late in the process. Georgia, unionization effort if it's gonna flop
and apparently was running behind, there's a good chance of growing behind before bided made his pitch Baden. and makes its video and now he looks better foolish because it end up losing by like two to one march of color, while The workers didn't want it did that it really that simple. This went down hard. This went down in a landslide two to one possibly more so. Seventy one percent, as the most recent number. And ass is typical of our moment. The union is now Acting in a. humble self, reflective way. The union is saying that it was cheated and
hinting that it will take this to the National Labour Relations Board and ask for a do over fight. They can do more than that. If the and our bee acquiesce is, they can get tee and allow me just to approve the union. would be outrageous, probably unlikely, but it is possible. The union representative told the Washington post. The system is broken now. Where have we heard that before out? That's right? It's! What we have every time something happens in America. The progressive don't like this is discreet
the ranks or loser is a man crazy, crack and led conspiracy theories that Trump exhibited, which is just as bad but the system is broken, is a particular tech of the american left. The Senate is broken because it went through Water Biden once the electoral college is broken because Hillary Clinton lost the twenty sixteen election, the Supreme Court, Broken because it comes to decisions that vocs dislikes and now apparently, the National Labour Relations ACT is broken as well. Because a warehouse in Alabama, in which around eighty five percent of the employees are black said now. We don't want this
union and the reasons for it being broken that, given by this representative Stewart Apple bound. His name is just absolutely farcical, apparently the union lost in a landslide because does a? U S? P S, mail box outside the warehouse and this tricked. a super majority of employees into being intimidated, because that's where they their mail in by just doesn't make any sense at all. a lot less sense too, when you know that the union in question, the Retail Wholesaling Department Store Union is in favour of cod It is in favour of getting rid of the secret ballot, which means that its people,
Is that the mere existence of a? U S, PS mailbox, is intimidation by abolishing the secret ballot is not. There is simply no reflection going on here. There is a total inability on the union's part to accept that the employees didn't want it, and it is. Indicative of our moment that they can't you say, ok obviously, what we were selling was not attractive enough will, rethink and then come back to the table. So damn what do you make of some of the thinking we ve had the right recently about how we need to find some way, even if not traditional private sector unions, to give workers more leverage. These of ie
employers, I'd, say kind of strong version of this was was Markka videos endorsement of the innovation effort in Alabama. I would say that the best way to give workers leverage is to have a type labour market, and it looks like we're going to have pretty a pretty strong remark in the next year too. That's why Amazon face well. That's why you know I mean there are concerns about we're being overworked, and Amazon does not as a low margin business. It does it's not that Annabelle per unit. They don't want to pay warehouse workers fifteen dollars an hour and they don't want to offer them retirement accounts, but they do that because they need to em. They need the capacity to meet the demand the man for their product? So I think that organically you you're saying exactly that. Right now, people are paid according to two companies demand for labour, certain businesses
because of economic factors, and just because there were good business tourism and them customers like them, need a lot of work. Frozen their willing to pay more ceremony, see why. you need any sort of legislator or some other type of that mechanism for bargaining when the market is doing the bargaining for workers, rights, now and then we're gonna. See that my opinion continue. You know, Amazon, Amazon. under a well over the past year. Covered and other reasons, but the am I the indication at Jd Peep, real GDP growth, is going to be very high in the next couple of years and the businesses that will benefit most one really be big tech companies, it'll be more traditional, no manufacturing type companies and down lies at about the offer from market perspective its because some companies that are earning more money
Further into the future, well, I'm discounted more affirm their higher real interest rates, but probably not worth going into too much about that. The point is that, on that basis, women have strong economic growth, that's good for four, like legacy industries, for what people call sickly goals for defensive, the utilities, manufacturing and so on and on Turning to the original point, Amazon is a case study in the labour market getting worse, leverage. I think that these jobs are fort for low skilled workers are made of paying twice as much as the as the M average job in the region and Alabama Amazon really really really needs, whereas workers.
I don't know why why we would need some sort of thumb, legislate effects for a problem that doesn't seem to exist that you bury. This outcome tells us that private sector, unique utilization, will not revived in the least anyway by years, yes, or no, certainly not as much as the binding ministration hopes and Democrats generally hope. It will turn out to be a tougher cell than they think because they never to the criticisms are carefully take up here. I think it's an indication that the demand is not there in the way that it once was there's a piece in the New York Times this morning with an interview with one of the Ladys who works in this warehouse. She just said it pretty bluntly. She said there, the union had failed to convince us that it would do much for her
she was happy with her health insurance and she was born by the rhetoric that she'd heard she said the union had as well as trying to convince us that it would bring more benefits, which she didn't believe, it has cost the union drive as an extension of black lives matter, because most of the workers in this warehouse a black and she just said this- is not about tat. I don't unwelcome, there's no racism at work. Eighty five percent of us our black. This is about more elementary issues such as pay and benefits and healthcare, and so on, and she happy with them. So why would you want the union to take a portion of your paycheck death yard? I don't think that there's gonna be any sort of major place too Two unionized, the young, the unemployed,
and re blasted factors- the laundress, seven percent, it's kind of remarkable after it. After all a pandemic. Here, I think that binds tax haiku will probably not go through the heat he almost immediately gonna backtracked between eight percent number federal stimulus spending, as may continue flowing through sheer gonna, have a situation where workers have a lot of flexibility to where the work, especially because, now that you don't happen necessarily relocate, the near astronomy points out is just not there. I think the workers will going into like made twenty twenty one the Abbe media in? U S workable, We have more leverage more ops nowadays than at any point. Since the than since the two thousand a recession- and that does not bode well for for unions, private,
yeah. I've really understand why a lot of us on the right or disenchanted with Amazon. Given some of these, these woke and decision specially around the books dealing with the transition and away they find an unwelcome, but I just don't know how you can slam Amazon as an employer and its hiring overwhelmingly people with high school degrees and and nothing more, asking for a resume. they show up. They hire you. They give you about a day of training and any paid pay fifteen dollars an hour away above the federal minimum wage. higher than that the medium wage and allow these places. The evidence is that the they pay more than the traditional retail sector, So it is understandable that this vote was now and it's a sign that the private sector, innovation is set.
AIDS and indeed trouble and will be for the foreseeable future with that I do a quick and our plus plug and our plus the digital subscription service at national view, dot com It's your way around increasingly extensive and hardened meter pay wall, an hour. I hear more more complaints from people who have hit their limit of articles, one read more, and are and want to find a rat way around it all the way around. It is just a pony up and go sign up for an hour plus, it also, if your and our plus member and actually take the time to law yeah- that's really important. They need a log on homepage, you'll, see must know out it's a totally transformative experience. You can also comment on articles and blog posts. You get invited to special events in conversations with an hour writers and editors.
and conservative news makers. I didn't and our plus call which got that the most obvious be peace, I believe of any enterprise. Go down with great Megan Kelly yesterday. We feel to feel that questions from Members- and it was it was a great time. So, if you're in after reader, you have signed up for an hour plus. Yet please please, please go do it won't cost you much. We have great first time deals running at any given moment, won't costume an arm and a leg. It's your ticket deeper into the energy community and also is a way to support our journalism. So please check it out, so jam were finally getting the Biden Court Packing Commission, it's a of a mishmash. You have major court packers on their like Lord strive. We also have some familiar conservative names, who are can be supportive of core packing, apparently not gonna, make specific
accommodations is just going to analyze the issue what he make of it. So I guess I should give burden a molecule of credit for keeping a promise pressure on him. To answer this question during the latter months of the campaign, really wouldn't answer it, which is really an untenable position. He had made prior plenty comments earlier where he said the court backing the terrible idea, but then he and into a really important principle. Disagreement, which is that lots of the Democrats wanted him to do this and that principle that he asked us to be popular and stay popular and he doesn't want to fight with other Democrats it he doesn't want to tell of the Democrats, but they can't get what they want. He pointed- and I don't really think too much is going to come out of this isn't say I guess: there's no danger there, some night, rather than we had a presidential administration. There was not creating a now bipartisan commission too,
I'm an expanding the court, our wedding cake, setting a time limit for justice or a mandatory retirement in new journey. One of those so consonants nonsense ideas. But here's the thing I don't think a bipartisan commission is gonna, really significant move publication You know this is not a popular idea. Was a pole came out last year and only thirty, two percent of Americans back the idea of expanding the size and Supreme Court and cut our export corner post about this right for restarting taping, like Mr President, what what what what president wants to do, something he just got out? Does it right with a present it goes to a blue ribbon commission. Now that's that's kind of Saying either they don't know what they want to do or what they want to do, but they know it's unpopular, so they want cover for its. They might give us all. they you know, don't wanna really deal with the issue, and this is a way of getting the came down the road and you look back as I asked the Argo New
Edward and my friend, I feel fine. This ignore what was the last by partisan blue ribbon commission that actually influenced anything and we came up with this nine Eleven Commission Iraq Study Group, pretty much got ignored, does it was calling for withdrawn? Bush are drowning. Did the surge, Patrick Moyne bigger pattern, one a hand with Bush into bipartisan commission on so skirting form that didn't go anywhere said balls that do not just you know, we just don't see. bipartisan commissions, really moving the ball or changing the political environment in these sorts of things. So I am sure that lots of Democrats are hoping, MRS create covered by the democratic about, say yes, this is the time to make a lemon peel Supreme Court cases in Serbia, thirteen or some other. I just don't think it's gonna happen. I think this is kind of bipartisan conditions are where I did go to die instead of where they go to become an acted into law.
I think one can level the same criticisms of this ass of biting his gun. Control Executive board is scope to yield nothing for him while irritating Voters who are already suspicious of him Republicans and conservatives, more interested in and motivated by the Supreme Court than are Democrats and progressive The mere mention of packing the court probably heard Biden last year and lead to some of the discrepancy that we saw between the presidential results and the results in the house and in the Senate Biden should know better than this. He should know better than mass because he should realise that this isn't going anywhere. Even
the commission comes out, and since the only thing to do, Mr President is to pack the court so gonna work, it's an unpaid, pillar idea in the country at large. He doesn't have the votes for in the Senate or in the house, and it happens. The Supreme Court is now more trusted, unlike than it has been for on time. He should also know better because for his entire life he has opposed packing the Supreme Court. He besides it in no uncertain terms when he was running for president until the last few months, when he refused to do so, he criticised it in absolute terms back in two thousand five in the same series of speeches as he defended the filibuster. He said that after ya had been correct, did by power, and he praised the Democratic Super majority, in the House and Senate for standing up to it. He also
the Supreme Court, the most important institution in american politics that he should know better than that He knows, even if Corsica, sad, that this commission is, not really studying whether it be a good idea to expand. The court is not really studying whether it would be a good idea to impose term limits, studying whether or not the Democratic Party should try to stamp out changing the numbers, the first original list, majority that the court has had in decades. It's not gonna help him. He should know better and is yet another example of Joe Biden not just not living up to how he built himself during the presidential election, but not living up to who he actually is today absolute core backing
travesty. It's not gonna happen about other things. Gonna happen come of this, but what do you make? Listen theory of the idea that the floated by some generally sensible people that there should be some sort of turmoil: Saint Eighteen Year term, limit on offspring, Porthos I mean, I don't think that would happen is for it. On the merits- and you know I just don't see any particular reason for it like there's- been a pretty consisting what's a balance on the Supreme Court has merely swung one way or the other. Even when the conservatives have a strong majority, it doesn't seem to yield many of us, I'm out of them. You know that the last time that there was a very consequential court- I guess, was that the war in Court- and it would be hard to a tribute that too long terms,
but more generally, on this on this commission, I just fine. I find the eighty eight d, the M, the creation of this commission funny, because just the nature of the issue, which is basically, should it it's it's a purely political issue. The question, as should the Democrats, try to try to diminish the the power of conservatives by breaking out long norm on the court so It's not like, like the M it's on on cyber security or on on nuclear power, where she need experts Who were really study carefully and proud of the grab? A family, an objective answer to to question. This is just Pure you'd rather have, I think, said David.
It's all right or someone like that, advising you on this than than a Harvard law, professor, so that the m. The reason they do it in a maybe it's just to seem like he's doing something Then why not? Why not? I'm just have sooner, but it too about and and if it gets voted down. Fine Biden tried try it and they couldn't they couldn't and I'm really not sure what what they're they're going for here. I don't think
will come of it and even our armies. Other questions on term limits. I would say that I wouldn't predict any sort of major change today to the end to the Supreme Court said: you'd Gary what we ve talked about it. A few vine related things here on this absurd scope to extra question with a broad scope overall question about Joe by Joe Biden. So far in sheer political terms and for his own purposes. His performance has been excellent. Good, ok, terrible would go with ok, but I think what jumps out at me is how much look at by large tracts nation up it's my pretty well and has merited get more back, get button. We're back stated. We can open,
our economy life and get back to normal. I think from much twenty twenty, that's almost emit boundless wording really wanted and if he had the good sense to just do that and let us go on in your lives. Pine could be really popular. President he's not going to do this. Was. He keeps trying to sign out. He speaks imagining himself as an Ex ante arguing these big sweeping political changes. What he's got a fifty fifty cents, the smaller Democratic House majority, that five seats air and he himself one by these among the Torah knowledge and symbols with four buddy. I still vile, very loud, vocal group opposition against them and he's just not these committees The landslide he's gonna mandate to completely changed the country. It's not what people want rain check up. I think he's done it hey, but I think increasingly his doing badly, I'm with Jim we have to do. We said all has to do about Donald Trump. A lot on the spot cast an ice
speck. We may spend quite low time over the next few years, and also has to do is about Joe by In this well, We ve just identified in one week to self inflicted wounds, two topics on which, by the seems, unable to resist the siren call of the crises in his own party. We also saw this week, which will not have time for on this podcast German. then take to the Washington Post and say in no uncertain terms categorically, I'm not changing the filibuster, I'm not reforming it. I'm not abolishing customs Cinema said something almost identical to was regional a few days earlier, so think we are beginning to see the Biden presidency change after that. Big quick wind would be covered relief bill and I'm not convinced Ireland is maneuvering himself to deal with that change as well as he could hear what.
going to need is a change in the Senate, rules that allow stuff to be passive. Forty nine votes but that's what they really need to move this agenda. Dan, excellent, good, ok, are terrible I'm I'm the guy Eddie. I think he's done a good job and I think he could have the tab done an excellent job. One, he has all these tail wind swept them waiting at the economy coming back back tonight, and so on, which are now to no credit Mr President, madam, but he's just lucky to have taken off said this time. The covered belief was a huge ass. I think that sandbagging be the vaccine numbers and then, and then at floating it as I as a major success. Pretty much worked in effort for for a lot of voters,
and I will disagree with Charlie and and Jim that the IMF that moving too quickly on on the infrastructure that that moving too quickly on the infrastructure package. I think he will have to front load any sort of major legislation or or its We want to pass like I'm Obama's. Big mistake was that spending. It's time on Obamacare that you can do anything else for the rest, the presidency. I think that on five and has a lot of Tell whence I really think it's gonna be a couple of years for him to be honest with you that doesn't necessarily make me happy, but am, but as long as he is able to kind of create commissions and do and then put out can t toothless executive orders on the issues that. Our favoured by the far left of his party he's going to do a decent job and would probably have a good get shouted reelection amygdala,
I put it a good because I think that the big things people are gonna care about most and payments must tension tension to pretty pretty good. You know the vaccination distribution effort has has, with exception of of Michigan his gems written about some other places is really picked up steam. This spending, just much though we wish it were true, is- is pretty popular and now the conditions are going to be really good. So I think, with the exception of the border, which is been a completely self inflicted debacle, and it is an issue where he's pulling at Rochas Lee he's going to he's going to look pretty good but now there there is a possibility, as as it grinds on any gets more more frustrate without doing stuff. Legislative. The the temptation to reach too far, just in terms of his active action, is gonna, be there. He hasn't governed as a moderate at all
Washington Post story about a week or two ago, and we got saw this, but it was House Biden managed to keep such a good relationship with the left and and part of the thief. because he's doing everything they want. You know as much as plausibly and at his Matt continuity reminded us in a corner post recently, we still don't know you know what the first year looks like. He had this almost oysters pattern, where first couple months you how to dealing with the issues that were were left over from the other guy and then inevitably something happens that there's some some crisis or development. That's totally are on your watch in you're, totally responsible for and how you respond to that. Oftentimes has more to do with defining you're you're a first year. First term Then it than anything straight out of the box. So, let's hit a few other things before we go Jim Gary. Looking forward to the heritage golf tournament
Yes, and I gotta say I'm not a huge gulf, then this is entirely because of where it takes place was off last week was busy my family down just outside of helping Ireland South Carolina and the heritage tournament. For those who don't follow the fijian tour, it begins with the masters which is going on as we record this. It's the first big tournament of the year I remember the images of the azaleas and the best National has its enormous amounts of excitement and tradition. and then the next week is helping the heritage meant the hell it heritage. Parliament having sprout Asia, is a protein slipped from Bob from conservative parties, which is What we have is the smallest community. The hosts of pda tore event, but they hold at Harvard children, see pines, partly Luxembourg, seen the red and white light. It's always well most popular events with golfers on tour because Emily they bring their families and they kind of the fund week out of it
and forgotten, headed a huge deal and impact. My dad has been volunteering with a heritage. Parliament blessed, cancel each other, the twentieth twenty first. So if you are watching the tournament We can, and you see and of older gentleman, whose on sixteen Hall apparently went where at his snappings, like help CBS sports measure, the distance from the hole on the on the screen or something like that he's been promoted to this important duty. I am very proud of him. I guess it can't wander off which hopefully that want occur, the term I've been there for a few years and is always kind of bondage. Doping is the Tommy. I pay attention to go up and then, after a while baseball and the NFL draft, nothing Gnostics over better, not afforded that child even playing some later tag on the beach I haven't quite yet, but this is in store for my kids have been invite,
Two? Maybe the most Florida thing they have ever done in their lives. Switches beach lays attack, which is exactly what it sounds like you're gonna be given laser guns. I think they think the laser guns are gonna, be real good disabused of that nation, and now I think, then, these these little jackets they put on which have received Are they gonna run around and beyond teams life five year old is asking incessantly when the bad guys are going to show up. I think again, he thinks the real laser guns and he's trucks been called on to save the butter. Maybe this will be the next best thing said: Dan even taken with care calls early returns. Yeah, I'm happy to see him on the man through thirteen strike out on Tuesday added. I'm sorry
no lock the close to your forehead. Otherwise, otherwise are perfect that I wish they'd. You know get that it's it's early in the season, but I wish they'd let em just that it's all night and aims to see see her would have taken out, but he looked excellent and I'm excited about the anxious prospects, despite some mixed performance rolling season. So we talk too much about it. A baseball podcast and especially about the Yankees bird I want to reiterate my strong support for starting a runner on second days during the extra ya know: he's had an extra gaming ass, the Orioles two nights ago and ended sadly, but just when it when he got the one you hear certain games can end put fairly soon, you not have step to midnight through thirteen innings and adjust ads on a strategy that totally missing from most of the rest of the year. you gotta run around. Second, what it can do I get it.
Grandma. The right side are you gonna bought just gonna swing way, so I think it's interesting. I know it's a distortion there and the baseball traditionalists hated. but I think is comparable to the overtime it shall. We have a couple of skaters to get get more often and try to end it in and a five minute period before you go to shoot out or a college football Where are you have answered both team starting in the twenty five, your line it just its entertaining? It. there is a fairly rapid conclusion and I hope I hope an is not listening to this. This part cask will be even more appalled. Then Charlie is by air my take honour on runner, starting on second base. So with that, it's that time, podcast fur editor.
Pick Stanton era, which you pick a mine, is a peace by David backwards. You say an economist marketers Sandra towards Mason universally. It's called why investors can't quit you s death. I need it explains why I'm, despite record federal death, a certain and blooming federal that? U S, Treasury security, such as? still then man then resilient, and- and why do you expect them to continue to be resilient, to bury? What's your pic, so our old friend Luke Thompson, who have not had a chance to have proper respond cast with, but done very good cover for or be made peace on the homepage today the rise and fall the linked project. I been thinkin, what's left to savings,
sharp observation about how central the programme morning Joe, was to the rise and thriving of the Lincoln projects, and once morning job I am troubled by the actions of one of the Lincoln Project, guys all of a sudden death not appearing on it in all the suddenly donations dried up, raising the question just how much morning, Jos responsible for that rival John comes out on the topic where it seem like everything that needs to be said, has been set. Can I got what you're back? I'm ended, destroy my libertarian American, smaller republican street credit here, but I enjoyed Cameron held itches obituary for prints, Philip, who Caesar queens husband, they were married for seventy. Three years he lived Ninety nine years, which is a great innings Cameron points. I came from a different age and re epitomize. The sense of duty,
and their respective one's opinion on the monarchy. We can still notice when people do their jobs well and Prince Philip, who had a strange job and a job that he, I think sometimes found frustrating possibly even sometimes resented, certainly did his job well, So my tape, where we have here, is Dan and Anderson
for all their work at national capital matters which, if you dont, know about having checked out every day you should there is usually a capital matters- peace in homepage, with his entire section devoted to markets and finance and economics, and defending markets from from all comers, both on the right and the left and just an excellent product that everyone should be reading so k that sit for us seamen. Listening to a national. You pop casting a rebuke s retransmission or countess game without express written permission of national magazine strictly prohibited, as progress had been produced by the incomparable sir said he makes a sound.
than we deserve. Thank Charlie, think Jim. Thank you Dan thanks to quit, chewing gum and thanks especially to all before listening, really editors and we'll see you.
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