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Adam Braseel - 363


January 7, 2006. Grundy County, Tennessee. Police are called to a house after a woman is violently attacked. Becky Hill's son, Kirk Braden, had made the call after chasing the perpetrator from the home they shared with her brother, Malcolm Burrows. He also said that Malcolm had left the house earlier with the attacker to help him with his car. Hill survived her injuries but her brother was discovered murdered down the road. As part of the investigation, interviews are conducted and someone gives the name Adam Braseel to a detective. This young man fit the description and the car he drove seemed pretty similar to the car spotted by Hill. After Braseel's trial, though, evidence would mount suggesting that Adam was not involved. Would his guilty verdict stand? Or would another suspect surface? Join us as we discuss this unbelievable case of similarities and possible corruption.

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