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Adam Kaufman. November 7, 2007. Aventura, Florida. Adam Kaufman, a successful real estate developer, called 911 to report that he found his wife, Lina, slumped over in their bathroom. Paramedics are dispatched and take her to the hospital where she was later pronounced dead. By all accounts the couple, who had two young children, were very happy. But a case of murder would develop against the husband after the manner of death is released a year and a half later. It was listed as manual asphyxiation which meant that she must have been strangled. Adam maintained that his wife must have died from natural causes even stating at one point that the spray tan that she had received just hours before might have been the cause. At trial, the prosecution sought to show that Adam had behaved oddly and that he had an interest in another woman while the defense illustrated just how much he loved his wife and that she hadn't been murdered. Had a crime occurred? Or was a loving husband facing a possible prison sentence because his behavior that morning and his wife's death were being misunderstood?

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at that. I literally thought that the guy put some sort of horrible toxic chemical in, spray bronze and killed his wife with it and try to get away with it because- the way the title reads, but I was completely wrong. That's not it at all! You watch James bond movies. Don't you yes? Yes, I had seen a a date line or what it was. But I saw age who crime show that covered. This case, we'll just put it like this it's. What is known as it may or may not be a murder and it may or may not have anything to do with a spray tan. Exactly just going off the pulse of the internet. A lot of people out there find this guy very suspicious. He is absolutely guilty. And I will say I came into this case with that attitude- which are normally don't do, but I did and will see where we end up by the end of it. A quick summary
the two thousand seven, a man by the name of Adam Kaufman dialed nigh want one because his wife Lena was slumped over in the bathroom and she wasn't breathing. She was called to the touch because of the marks on her neck. The question came, did Adam of men strangle. His wife did that or did she die of nature? causes. That's the question. This place in a suburb of my emmi florida known as Evan chirrup, quick by Adam Kaufman was a real estate developer very six, four five years old, he at his wife at a party and her name, was eleanor kaufman, although she went by lina, she was thirty three years old and two thousand and seven will definitely be referring to her as lena for the rest of this, because that's how everyone talked about her so and has kind of an interesting background because she has a brother. They were raised in five different countries before she ended up in florida
and so she spoke multiple languages, including while english danish russian flemish hebrew and some italian that's crazy, yo, I feel so lazy right now. I need to learn more languages that way when we go meet people in other countries I'll be able to ask where the bathroom is, that thing that Adam told people about Lena was that he really felt she was intelligent. She was sophisticated he was. I think a little bit and offer of absolutely She was very motivated also. She was very healthy that she worked out or exercise two or three times a week. Now I feel even more lazy, but she was really fit there. In florida there, this power poor. Ninety ninety seven they start dating and by Two thousand they're married And they end up having to kids, they have a five year old, named Hayley and
a two year old, named Jake and two thousand and seven adventure is a really nice suburb. There one hell of a house Dante, he's a real state, guys so of course, they're going to have an amazing home. It's in florida, I am sure that they can afford this and by all accounts. They have incredible relationship. Everything is looking out for this couple ma weird side, no, he has an identical twin brother name. Seth, if you were tv shows dateline whatever. Sometimes they won't put sets name when he talking on the screen it's very confusing, because I cannot tell these two guys apart go to the day in question november. Sixth, two thousand seven and Adam and Lena, are supposed to go to says upcoming wedding and his marrying his love of his life raquel, and so
Lena was going to get a spray tan dis. I guess I'll look good for this wedding. She was going to be a bridesmaid and Adam was would be the best man and that's what people do I mean you can't get tan overnight. So a spray tan is the second best thing, also a spray tan, is supposed to be healthier than you know, bombarding your skin was son, so I know there's a lot of arguments out, thereabout spray hands in the carcinogens used in some of the chemicals, but for the most part it's a quick way to get a tan. An look good for an upcoming event after she starts by a friends house. Her friend looks are over and says tat looks good and then they eat something and drink glass of wine and thence heads home and she gets home about eleven o clock at night. Right and Adam has been home what the kids and he already gone to bed now court, Adam. He woke up about
five. A m. On november. Seven, two thousand seven and Lena not a day with him, so he thought. Maybe she got up to care for their little one by it. After a little while he decides, I better get up and look for so it's. I guess it's about an hour later. He gets up. he's walking around he goes into the bathroom and he sees her slumped in the bathroom and he says that he sees something pink and frothy all over a place near I'm sure any parent has gone through this work crying and one of you gets up. You guys take turns and takes the kid and it's not a big deal, but he was ex acting her to come back. Then it's on the six in the morning, you just well whatever the issue is, should be resolved so when he finds her he he
something's wrong. It's a shock to him and he sees this pink froth. He he thinks. Oh, my gosh. This is she's choking the dead, she's vomiting she's doing something so he asked call nine when one, because he doesn't know what to do. He had touched her back and she felt hold, which is really a bad sign maybe an indication that she bit about them for a while she's been possible, dead for a while for all he knows, at six ten a m Adam called name on one and where going to play their call here, but he tells the operator that his wife is in the bathroom dying, she's, the floor dying. There's blood, there's stuff out of her mouth there's foam. She looks pale. She looks sick. She has marks on her neck. I dont know what happened. and he's very distraught sounding in this call,
everyone's going to listen to the nine when one call in here, They want to hear I don't know what you're supposed to sound like a nine when one call any more, but he as give a lot of details. Sometimes that can be used against you. Sometimes it shows that your trying to do the right thing, but when he's doing the cpr on her your hearing. Him do the compressions in your hearing, him count them off he's out of breath so you can tell that really sounds like he's actually doing this and not putting on acting job. Now we ve come other cases where it really seems as though someone was just pretending especially when you have a doctor. Who's got his wife on, and air mattress and she's half on it moist trying to perform cpr. That's really sketchy hear this he feels legitimate, but four heathen called my mom one. He called his brother
and his brother lived just I mean minutes away, if not less his brow. And his fiance recall show up while he's on the phone with diamond one that doesn't ring alarm bells for me because brother is so close and he needs help. He doesn't know what to do. If there to take her to the hospital themselves. May he's thinking I'll call. My brother, who helped me carry her to the car and we can get out of here quicker, something that effect I dont think he was trying to stall. But again you can look at this. in two different ways and one is he's stalling cause she's in trouble and he wants her to die or too is he actually was trying to get help from a family member. Well any needed his brother there, definitely because of the children, so the chill. are going with him to the hospital this is a tragic event. They have to
children and here, to explain to his children that their mother isn't going to come home anymore. It sam it's, it's you. it's thing reading his comments about talking with children about this. On the other hand, if this as a death by natural causes. Then he's lost his wife, the mother of his children, and he's now going to be a single dad exactly when e m tvs and launch show up at the scene there. Trying to gauge his responses and let's just say that there are not question about this in time soon. So all we have to go offer is notes. They turn at the scene, one first sponsor name, Kimberly burke says that Adam I told her that she might have been slumped over the toilet, like him
limiting into the toilet. whereas he tells others that was slumped over this magazine rack that was in front of the toilet. So this two different body positions right. He started saying: She was slumped over the magazine rack which was a leather magazine racked by the way, a kind of a pop up, one, she was dumped over that. He says that at the hospital before going to the hospital, he apparently tells cam that she, was over the toilet, vomiting I wonder if it's him just trying to make sense of the situation by saying. Maybe she was slumped over this way, vomiting into the toilet, fell over or he's getting details wrong However, it is this is what That m t says she heard at the time of the event Michael castro. Another first responder said that,
kaufman was sometimes very calm, and then just A moment later, he would be grieving completely out of control, It was an act. He fell Adam was trying to think. this through- and pretend to be grieving in the nine one one call he talked about. There were more talks on her neck. He actually mentions this in the call so long someone gets therein. Lo and behold, there are marks on her neck and they don't look good but they're not forensic pathologist they're, not experts in this. All they see is marks, and so this looks like he's been strangled or how some sort of rope wrapped around her neck, something to that effect. There were injuries to her neck according to Adam on the call thereof, four marks? I think there were two on each side now, if you look
the testimony from the first we know from them Responder Kim said that it seemed like had set a story about how she was slumped over the toilet, the story, changes at the hospital, but that's when this bruising around her neck start showing up with the injuries occur, to people who are looking into this anybody who's paying attention there. Thinking he's it resting his story to fit the evidence, so it looks very, very suspicious also one of the investigator says that he was fully clothed at the time which, if he jumped out of bed house. it's possible He also says that the hood of his car was warm to the touch and that he could hear Taking sound as if it had just been driven yeah. Those little engine sounds. You can hear it all tink tink as the in cause in Hell,
The question was: did Adam take off before coming back and dialing. I want one Where was he at that? At that time?. so this isn't looking good for Adam theirs discrepancies in his statements. Why's he fully dressed. There's all these problems that the investigators, our king off, on their not making an arrest until they get the autopsy report back. And that's going to take some time. It will take eighteen months what oh, how long? well we'll take eighteen months before the examiner will make a determination on manner of death. Ok, I No! What the typical amount of time for an autopsy report to get back is, but I know it's not eighteen months, and during this time Adam is calling try. To find out. Why
happened to my wife and for the most part They are telling them that their waiting on test results or its still undetermined. Now one of the test results they claim they were waiting for. Was the toxicology report? That's fine! overtakes eighteen months to get that bad, but if he's been strangled, you dont need toxicology report you know cause of death or you know that there are marks or bruising on this person and you're going to tell law enforcement that so not doing that. And they're saying that they're waiting on toxicology report eighteen months, his approach I'm here well, but if she's fallen and her neck, has struck the magazine rack with all the magazines in it. It would bruising and marks on her neck to, I would hope
But that somebody can tell the difference if some he's been strain or making clearly asphyxiated you could the difference maybe not a forensic pathologist, but I would think that there are circumstances where it could. Either way and so you really want to take your time. I dont personally have a problem with it taking eighteen months, but I do think that's kind of a factor in this case Not meanwhile, Lena's friends are saying that they know that she had a problem with this upcoming wedding and add, do with Lena, had approved with Adam. Why king, the maid of honor down the aisle because she wanted to walk with Adam. After all, that was her husband I couldn't. Someone else walk the maid of honor down the aisle the best man's traditionally, the one that does this and its rico wedding. So she does it. However, she wants, but this apparently was a problem.
According to Adam, it's not really that big deal she'd kind of asked for him. They didn't seem like Lena. Was that about about it. I think She was trying to see if they could buck tradition there, so she could walk with her husband, or I mean she went and got the spray tan, so she was still planning on going it wasn't She was going to not go to his brothers wedding. Over this minor fell PA If this is considered mode for murder? Well, if you ve ever seen bride zilla. I guess every single one of those shows as motive you're saying I mean its traditional right right. So it's it's this isn't like a mistake or anything I mean. Just trying to run the wedding and a very traditional manner now and I didn't have a very traditional wedding. When I got married. The fact that I do do traditional things, rubbed people the wrong way and I think in fact,
to this day. I've never heard of a wedding going complete The smoothly lay were everybody was happy. This is big red flag. For me, yeah. Well, I think, that's. Why so many people do it in a traditional way, because you have less people upset it's funny, how people will want to get married and everyone else's opinions that matter. it's not really a day for you it's a day for everybody else. Something else happens again. We said that it takes eighteen months for the examiner to put a matter of death down something else happens just one month remove from We know that and that's that Adam Kaufman began dating a woman named fair. a car emblem in this most people's eyes and, of course the media's eyes is way too soon. This is problem because he's be morning. He should be
I don't know- wearing a black veil and staying in his house for six months or something to that effect. He should have no interest in women at this point. This is too soon, and personally, I think if you are in a relationship that years long and you just have a normal break up you, probably get your head on straight and you know BC go for a while, but hey this is him going back out and, starting to date, I've has passed most people look at this as being very look at this very poor taste, take a moment to get a word from our new sponsor priceline. Do you have a group chat where you continuously talk about summer getaways, but never actually go anywhere well
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I think I would have been blatantly obvious, but they weren't well to come up with this for eighteen months, more. We already said that Adam was well to do. He was a very successful real estate guy, so Unlike most people, he's able the higher very, very competent attorneys yeah that The first thing he does when he here is that he is the prime suspect and being charged. with the murder of his wife, Some excellent attorneys here just based on what they have been doing career wise one of them was an police officer and the other was an ex prosecutor. better run your defence and someone who can think like a prosecutor, exactly crazy thing in this case- and we write it up early on- was that this is known as the spray tan defence or spray tat. Murder. really doesn't stick, and I think it's because it sounds
They kill us right. We all know that you can have reactions the things we know that peanut butter can be deadly, for some people and this was lena's first ever spray tan, and so he trying to come up with a reason as to why his wife would suddenly die because by Alex This was a very fit and healthy woman she's in early thirties. She exercises she doesn't seem to have any problems now. If this is true Adam is calling them nickel examiners and people asking them what happened? happened to my wife. They are not giving him answers, so he's Looking for his own answers, it's like you take According to the shop will, have this problem or you go to the doktor, you think, what was the last thing that changed your grasp at straws in your trying to figure out what- could have caused this completely.
out of the ordinary circumstance, so they were worth while I think she was get a right So they believe that he murdered his wife he's headed to court. Now back king up this idea of how health is she was they even oh with her plastic surgeon who had seen her what how before very recent, and she said she was imperfect health according to him. so again, you have many people saying this woman didn't have any health issues going the trial this looks bad because I've been to rest at the time when the first responders showed up. His car may have been. You shortly before he's giving for an account of what had happened in that bathroom yo, his first offence was well. She just had a spray tan and he David, a woman just a month after his wife, had died, and they start referring to this woman that he dated as the affair.
insinuating that had been having an affair with her before him. Wife's death, because how would he hook up with her so quickly after this event, The prosecution wanted to lay out there theory of what happened that morning, according to them Lena and Adam had been arguing, got into a fight and he strangled her in the bathroom they did really have a motive, because up until this point they had no wreck words, no evidence no witnesses to say that they didn't get along and a mere disagreement over whose walking down the aisle at his brothers wedding, just probably wouldn't key the jury oftener. So now they go with well. He was having an affair with this woman, hey he. Fully dressed his car, was still warm. Maybe he
it's gotten back from a night out with her or something to that effect. This is the insinuation they're trying to make and yeah It doesn't go well now that, if I did not let the prosecution run with this affair idea they, tell the judge: hey this, isn't right the jew calls them over to the bench. She asked the boy skeer do you have any evidence of an affair. I'll keep in mind this woman that he dated this was after his wife's death and the secure responds We don't have any evidence. No, so then fancy choruses angling for a mistrial, basically like this, we can't continue. They ve already poison the jurors they ve used. The word a fair one. And he went out on a date with a woman a month after his wife's death. This wasn't cheating. This was all after the fact and if, unless you're gonna, produce ex messages or emails or something before
his wife's passing the we to drop this. Now in the fact that you ve said he had an affair, well now the jury heard that we got a mistrial, that's very, very prejudicial the job it does not agree to ending the trial when they come. the jury back in He tells them hate their whole idea about the affair. Forget about it. it's not relevant, strike it and so They continue on the trial and, of course, this trial comes down to having different experts called in to, I guess determine how mina died, because it took eighteen months for it causes to be written down by. These different experts, they don't agree on how injuries happened, not a single one of them and their die. Amicably opposed to each other. the point where I don't even know how this He considered science any more. If you have to
experts to pathologist to doctors literally saying that this was is by the eu, m tease or the magazines and the other one saying no, these this is deep bruising and can only be caused by strangulation an ice. Get that because, If you imagine her sitting in the on the toilet and set very small room, just has a toilet and a day, and then the wall is not that far from the toilet. In the day She would literally have to be on the toilet and then slump forward and off the toilet onto the magazine rack to land there. This is Another area where the lawyers will wrestle with the information and that has to do with us. described it. There was foam coming out of lena out of mouth and solar
A question of? Was there any foam on the magazines or on the magazine, rack and that's a problem, because during evidence collection, they didn't grabbed the magazines they only took the leather holder, so the magazines are gone. I wouldn't spect him to keep magazines around for teen months or years after his wife's death. So, can't say if there was foam on the magazines or not because they were tossed aside. This happened in two thousand seven and he didn't go on try on until two thousand twelve, so keeping these magazines around it. Doesn't seem likely and its to the investigators. How does that look? HU, a jury. If the end Ass, the eighties didn't collect evidence. There wasn't much in the bathroom to begin with. So why didn't? They just take everything. Everything is the leather magazine, rack and the magazines right pretty much ya. oh, they only took one of
two things I mean this is not a clue I'm seeing that takes place in multiple rooms, as far as we can tell theirs, question of did any of that phone there, came out of her mouth it end up on the magazines in we can't say debt or didn't, but if you watch twenty twenty year, forty eight hours or whatever they in hence a photo from the crime scene, and it does appear, that there is fluid on the magazine she might have been sent over also shed. how many clothes on so here, is that she had gotten up in the middle of the night. Maybe use the toilet, Maybe she hadn't, even sat down on the toilet fell over. She fainted also Is years later and work testimony from this T. This investigator this whatever of what they thought they saw the night of its years later
Looking at this like ok, so he wrote some stuff down in your little notepad good for you because they needed but unless you have video video wing adam and his reaction, I witnessed money from years ago. doesn't stand very well, but I remind the listeners as the why she might have been undressed. At that point, she had a spray tan here and you can't just go pudding: clothes on, because you'll rub it off right, yeah in fact the the first. I don't remember if it's six to eight hours, you really have to wear light clothing or just nothing, because you have to for that to dry. Otherwise, it's going to rub off it's gonna streak. It's gonna have problems. There is different. types of bronzes and spread hands and what not, but the one she had hadn't dried yet, and that made me think something else when they did the
topsy on her. They found blood and little bit of tissue under her fingernails, but it was her. It was Adams, so you Well, maybe she's! gripping at her neck to to get that roma for something to that effect, thinking if she's struggling in this tiny little bathroom there's gonna, be signs of struggle. There's gonna be things over, and you know what else there's gonna be browser her her spray, tan marks everywhere it's going to rub off. It's gonna rubber. On Adam, it's gonna rub off on pretty much anything. She touches at. That point I was out on a message board reading reviews about spray hands, and one lady said that she a spray tan on Thursday her wedding wasn't until Saturday
and it ruined her wedding dress, because it rubbed off all over her dress that day, later we're talking hours half a day later, so looking at this, and I'm thinking is the sign of struggle. Now is a big guy and she wasn't that that large, so it's possum like he could have overpowered her. But I just one expected more from this scene, not sure kind of signs of struggle they could have found, because there's really nothing in that bathroom other than like, I said, there's a toy. A day, and this magazine, rack filled with magazines it was insinuated at one point that if she struggling? She would have either scratched him or maybe put her foot through the wall or something but
I don't think there's really anything to knock over in there. No, there really isn't and that's why I was looking for streak marks or some rubbing off of this spray tan stuff. As any sort of- I guess evidence of a struggle being that if we don't know what time exactly he got home more if he was out that night or anything like that world and how much time do you have to clean up? But again they didn't right down on their little note book that it smelled like bleach that smells like cleaner or anything like that There are cpr attempts when Emergency personnel are trying to intubate a patient They will leave marks right. I mean it happens, and so again, like many other trials, there the question of well, how did you All of these marks we know from Adams. Nine one call that there were about four marks already, but that point there wasn't breathing
at least we assume there wasn't because it wasn't mentioned it's possible that people who are trying to save her life left some brazil s remarks. All I can say is during this trial I think that's coming clear- is that If all these experts who can't agree on that the cause of death here, the real manner of death, and that some people have different recollections of what happened, Adam himself says I never changed my story. I say she was slumped over the toilet. He said that he had always said said that she was slung over the magazine. Rack. his word against kimberly's word from you, as earlier I dont want the call her memory and into question here cause. I believe she remembers it. That way I mean, I don't want to say she was lying. I don't think so. I do wonder if he had said something because he saw the the former
on her face in on the floor, or if perhaps was thinking that maybe she was vomiting and me had vomited into the toilet, but did you hear anything about any foam being in the toilet. No, I didn't. It was mostly on the floor, at least from the pitchers for the crime scene that I saw they tried inserting this tube into her throat three times that's when they were trying to integrate her here and they moved her several times? from this small bathroom Out into the bedroom, so they get work honour in it. a little unclear if she had all. He died or, if it died later because they they declare her dead at the hospital, but There is a little bit of a question here, because what are these other marks on her and after you die, you do now Bruce any longer, but you still can. Received marks
still have pooling the blood, and if you push on certain areas, it can cause what appears be a bruise, but it's not a bruise. So she's been moved around. She, I have already been deceased before where the m showed up one of the lead evidence collectors was named anna howl and she testified about what she collected from the crime scene. What she witnessed, the defence had found out that she might have been seen the lead investigator he's a lead detective. There her if she ever socialized with him had any sort of friendship some and on the stand under oath. She said no, he is merely a work partner, well the defence knows better than situation. Brings her back on the stand. The next day, where sheep
he admits to having a relationship with this lead. Detective and she's married not to him now according to her it's and relationship everyone's in the know, but she very ticked off that their king, sharing her about this personal life- and I'm thing king one you just lie under oath to if that's not conflict of interest. I dont know what is three it took eighteen months for them to come back with was a homicide. Well, if we have all these people in bed together. Maybe there was a little bit of pressure to get foul play as the cause of death to something on this guy. I just looks really bad on the side of the investigation. It just
is one more thing: we're I'm looking at this in thinking, I don't really trust any these people anymore, because they didn't collect evidence properly have light on the stand and they, then insinuated that Adam had an affair that he didn't have all too this narrative, it also turns out during trial that the first sponsors who said that Adam was fully dressed, were actually confusing him with his brother, Seth and, of course, south is going to put on clothing before he drives over to his brothers house south was there before any of the responders were there. It took them the sea personnel about fifteen minutes to get there, and I think it took Seth five minutes and took him five minutes because he got dressed gardeners car. Also Remember they said that the hood of
car was warm to the touch and had just been driven, but they were talking. not a car in the driveway. Is it passed, oh that they were talking about sets car. not adams, car, which was parked in the garage years later little, oh pad of notes! I can see we're things can get right real, quick. Well, let's beef, air to these responders, they don't know that Kaufman has a twin brother, no, no but so what? What are the odds and how many people have a twin right? Yeah? It's just confusion happening even I was confused watching some of the documentaries about this case. I'm like I can't tell these guys apart. They look identical. Let's also about this relationship that he had with this woman that lasted for what with three months. She was brought on to give testimony for the price the commission, but I don't think she helped them because she got into the whole reason
they broke up and she says it's because from the beginning, Adam told her, I'm going to be there emotionally. I'm dating you. You know that's fine I lost my wife and I dont know how I'm going to feel and I dont know how long it's going to take to get over this, because I still have my wife what I think she really liked Adam Adams a successful attract if guy he's got his stuff together, and She stuck it out for a while, and then she broke off because she said well- she didn't know what need ever get over his wife's death. In that helps the defence, because again, we already had a lot of testimony of friends of Lena's admitting that while the cup a great relationship as far as they knew so here is just one more proof of love here I would say being throw the pile and his brother tested. Eyes that
he's the one that encouraged Adam to go out on this day, he's the one hold him. You need to put yourself out there you need to get out of the house stopped being around you need to socialize again. He worried about adam and again the testimony of this woman, where she says Adam this, wasn't there emotionally it wasn't like he was having a great time and planning a second wedding. This was a guy in pain, you add in the debate here. between all of these different friends, pathologists these examiners. We don't have really, in my opinion, a clear understanding of exactly what happened to Lena. But they did find a scar on heart, correct, yeah there is a tissue damage to her heart
blatantly obvious to even the layman. Looking at these photos after they did the autopsy that there something wrong there and Adam talks about how she started to have some fainting spells where she would be shopping with him and she would fall over. He was right there to catch her. he said the worst one was when she was at home by herself with the children and she all them and said I fell over. I fainted now most of this is coming from Adam, so coarse. This man it his wife and is trying to find a man I called reason or an out, of course he's going to say: oh yeah, she fainted you know blah blah blah she's having problems. She wasn't that healthy, but he just grasped. At straws in trying to figure out what happened to his wife will bringing his death
his wife's mother to the stand. Who also testifies that she saw lena's fainting spells herman Frida free supported Adam throughout this whole ordeal I mean she said that she knew her daughter had some kind of an issue. And you wonder- but these spells like that Why wasn't it taken more seriously and are you would think that she would go and get some help, because That's pretty serious me what, if she's, driving a car and passes out while she's driving. That sounds very, very dangerous and that's the He meant there that I've seen it before the prosecutor and then just out on the inner webs is he was having an affair, how does somebody not know they have a heart condition and he gets his story completely wrong there.
They go on to say that frida is relying on Adams, financial support, so she's throw her own dead daughter under the bus to condemn You getting money from Adam willow might be the theories, but when it comes down to it, having the woman's own mother out there supporting the husband- is pretty serious. Then I think that that matters right, but I I would say that just like we know when they can hammer case where you are family mirrors on both sides supporting todd, despite the evidence in this case. Well, the avenue is questionable. I personally, looking through all the arguments about whether she was the victim of a homicide or whether she died of natural causes, they get that clear and this- When does fall and it's their neck on, say a magazine rack. I could see where that way,
creates and damage that could look much like strangulation she was wearing. On top of the magazines in her head was turned to the right. I can only imagine lane with your neck on that I think that you would cause an issue now the argument is she had bruising on both sides of her neck. So if her heads to the right, then it would only be on the left side but we don't know if she was walking around. We have no idea, also stated that There was nothing like finger marks on her neck. probably listening to this podcast, because you're curious about something and that's why They created magellan tv, a kind of documentary streaming service for smart, curious people who want to see something worth watching if
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you two are met, go condition or drug use, and it in such a way where they cut off their own air supply in there and well to breathe correctly. They essentially crush there chest or crimped their net? in such a way where they suffocate its, really not uncommon I was reading a university medical document about it ironic Lee they talk about a lot of illegal, st drugs that, whether ecstasy or ketamine not once did they ever talk about alcohol causing this, which I think is the most common drug to cause this occurrence. But in this case if she had a heart condition that me her collapse or faint, and she was unable to recover.
She could have had positional asphyxiation and that might have caused some of the marks on her neck from the magazines. or even other Conditions that appear that she choked be not just in her throat, but also by vessels broken in her eyes, other symptoms other characterised six of choking the death medical examiner says he did observe what he believes to be the blood vessels in the eyes being broken, which typically caused by strangulation or choking. But it's not the only thing that can cause that june if two thousand twelve the jury those to deliberate this case, and it takes them. Eight hours defined Adam
Half men not guilty of the murder of Lena Kaufman, and according them this they came down to them, Go testimony, adjust created reasonable doubt and they couldn't find a motive and so going through all the evidence, testimony they just Have a clear enough picture that this guy was a killer. I will say that I went into this thinking. This guy was guilty. I don't think he did it. I think they, were able to prove the heart condition. I will say this, though, that if this happened to you or me or any joe schmo on the street. that doesn't have the finances and the resources. That item did. I dont see this going this way I see The prosecution getting away with their affair narrative, getting away with any
science they want to throw in there and this guy being found guilty, one hundred percent will think about it. How many times have you said you know they always look at the spouse jas at true crime, clothing sent some shirts to wear it, crime, khan and the one I wore said: the husband. Did it a horse right? It's always husband. Well, that's just something we have it in our heads. You know people are murdered by someone they now typically, and this one when didn't seem to have any enemies, and me you can't prove. What is motive would have been sometimes we'll kill for reasons you can't understand, but in this case I dont know what happened in that path through all I know is it was about small room. If he had been, involved, her murder. I just I feel like there should have been more evidence. Of that I mean just the fact that her neck was damaged isn't enough. For me, it's a very small room and I would think that there would be
something else. There either more spray tan rubbing off on him or her He would have had more of that foam on him or some such thing would have indicated that he was. involved in and I agree with the jury, at least at least the comes to a verdict in this case and I think that Reasonable doubt is all about. You say you know what you can. think what you want to think of you think he's guilty. I get it. The husband did it, but This is not a clear cut case. As I said, I went into this thinking that he absolutely did this went into it with spray tan defence. Your moron obviously she was strangled. and I listened to all of the horrible comments out there on the inner webs talking about how guilty he appears, and after really reading through most of this, specially hearing, trial testimony. This was. mass the
instigation was a mess. giving testimony from people from years before and it's obvious that there was some confusion between him and his brother. The whole prosecutions, narrative, fell apart. Pretty quick, so it just comes down to. Can you prove her cause of death And they couldn't do it, they say can't judge a book by its cover and if you look this case. You can, misjudge everything does by looking at the covers, you could look at lena, kaufmann and say: she's healthy she's fit This is not a person is going to drop over dead some morning look at Adam kaufmann and say this guy- is rich, he's big and strong and probably cocky and sure he's probably knocking off his wife's weaken, find someone else. But you look underneath when you turn that cover aside and go into the book
There's more here- and I When I look into it, I just think there isn't a clear cut case of murder here. you doing now Well, he's still and real estate. Adam is vice president of sales and operations for a real estate company, and he's involved in some major sales. and is doing quite well for himself any is continuing to raise his two children, and he still has the support of his mother in law.
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