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September 14, 2007. King's Cross Railway Station, London, UK. A bright young student named Andrew Gosden leaves for school one day. His family didn't know it, but Andrew waited for them to leave then returned home and changed into his street clothes and headed for the Doncaster railway station after withdrawing £200 from a cash machine. When his parents discovered that he was missing they began to look for him. Once they learned that he had purchased a one way ticket to London their concern grew. Andrew wasn't someone who just left like that. He had a perfect attendance record at school and was always reliable. Though it took police weeks to get the CCTV footage from King's Cross railway station in London, they were able to locate Andrew in it. What was Andrew doing there? Why did he leave? Had he planned to visit a relative or a friend? If so, then why has no one heard from Andrew in more than 10 years? Join us as we discuss this mysterious disappearance case.

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we get many requests to cover missing persons cases and die There are so many of them the disappearance Andrew caused in has been on my mind. I bet I think it's because we ve all been teenagers and misunderstood. I think that is a big part. this case andrew gauze, in being a teenager who disappeared on Friday september, fourteenth of two thousand seven, there are a lot of questions about who Andrew was and the longer that is, disappearances continued its like they're, just more questions about who he was and what he was up to some background on Andrew Paul caused in, he was born in nineteen any three in july. brown hair brown eyes, he was fourteen years old. At the time he were prescription glasses. He lived in south yorkshire in england as far as his
physical appearance goes. He was five foot three kids, a smaller guy. Here the slim build he added distinctive double ridge, on the side of his right ear. If someone were to bought andrew out and about. If they looked at his right ear, it be an identifying characteristic. Definitely absolutely unless his hair was grown over it and you didn't see the ears hands, who was known to be a gifted mathematics student. He great attendance, great grades. He was on the gifted and talented programme, which means yes, he was in the top five per cent of the kids who were in his school as far as what we knew of him or what we know of ham based on what is family said he this ST wise kid. So when we talk about andrew leaving home unexpectedly you're, not exactly the type of person, that they think he would be in our he'd, be ok that this is something that yeah
He does it all it. I know he doesn't. This is a kid is known to stay at home. A little background. On his family. He had his dad cabin and his mom glenn, ass. He also had a sister named charlotte, who was a couple years older than andrew sharp, was trained to be an accountant, so just like her brother gifted in math They didn't have all money. I guess you could say, but they were so generous and were known to give about fifteen percent of their income to charities their parents were christians, and their father was a speech therapist. One other note about Andrew was that he was in cubs and scouts, although he left scouts just months before he disappeared. All we know is this dad said that andrew wasn't finding weekly meetings very interesting. He wasn't really looking forward to going anymore just in go to the day of his disappearance, which was Friday September. Fourteen two thousand seven. What happened that day?
will that morning it took his mother a few attempts to about a bed, normally he's very punctual and he has great attendance. So a little bit of a differ then a regular morning. He leaves the house for a school bus and essentially Family thinks he's off to school, because that's what you do, I guess they have school close, possibly a school uniform. He goes off and he waits at a local power dark and tell everyone else at the household is left in any comes back to the house. One of his neighbour is actually has a closed circuit tv or security system that shows him walking back to his house. He takes off as uniform Some reports say he places it in the washing machine and leave blazer on the back of a chair. He then change,
into what he normally, whereas which has a slipknot t, shirt and black genes and he gets a bag and his backpack has like metal bands and patches and stuff all over it. He took his wallet has a big all key chain on it. His playstation portable, that's a little gaming council that you can carry around, he doesn't bring the church you're for it. He doesn't take anything else from the house and he does take a what shirt or a colored jacket or anything- and this is september though so it's not too cold out, but I think we would just have a jacket with you. He leaves the house and he goes down too little more lane towards westerfield park. He goes to occur, ash machine. Him withdraws two hundred pounds from his bank account. He had two hundred and fourteen, but atm let you pull out like denominations twenty, so he pulls out two hundred
goes down to the railway station and purchases a one way ticket to london, the ticket seller says that this is a pretty young kid. That's a little odd for him to be out buying a train ticket on a school there. And he also offers him a return ticket and the return ticket costs like a pound more or some it's just like a dollar more. You get to come home on that same ticket and Andrew says He doesn't need a return ticket. So at nine thirty five, a m. He seen boarding the train from his hometown, two kings cry: station in london witnesses say that they saw him board the train alone. He sat by himself very quiet and playing is playstation portable and eleven twenty, it's about a two hour trip he arrived Zat london's king cross station, then bout eleven twenty two eleven thirty a m-
ass, citing is him on the security. system at the kings cross station leaving and going out to london, the school this is that andrew is not an attendance and they attempt to call the parents to check because normally the pair call and say my kids are not going to be in school today, so everything's, fine. But if the kid isn't in school the school will call well, I guess the office staff, miss dialed. The number edges rang They never knew that they called the wrong person if the parents never were notified. That andrew hadn't attended class that day that night, the family comes home. They start getting ready for dinner. Parents ask his sister, charlotte, hey, run upstairs, grab your brother dinner's ready. She comes back.
downstairs and says he's not in his room and they start looking around. They start calling his very few friends that he's had that he has and they call the school and they realize it wasn't in attendance. Nobody has seen him it's about seven p m, that the family know something's up and they call the police. It's just a bad situation, because their working against the clock now like time, has already passed almost eight hours. This path sense. They knew where he was and because you didn't get on the school bus, they start searching on their own, his dad and his, mr head out, and they just go along that route that he would take the school and you know stopping on areas that their concern. Maybe he ended up by they don't find him. They don't On the evidence, at him
driver on the neighbourhood driver under the parks drive to his school. That's the common sense move, because they don't know that he's bought a ticket to london and jumped on it. Rain within three hours of discovery, Andrew is nowhere to be found. There is a leaflet that is sent out. Putting people know. the look out for Andrew goddamn, so the families sir Gene is room trying to figure out if they can find anything They had a bus fare. I guess box car action where the kids or anyone could take money out of the box and use it for public transportation he also had like has forty pounds. Set aside. This money has not been touched. So the only money that he's taken is the atm withdraw that he did so he has another additional dollars at home that he didn't bring with them.
They see that his passport is there and It is shocking and what not are there? So it doesn't look like he's pact for a long trip or anything, and luckily, since as passports, there. Probably unable to get out of the country. So that's a good good sign. They contact the authorities and, as part of their investigation. The police show up and searched the gods. Its home. Seven, these later, though its confirmed after speak. into a woman at the train station Andrew was sold a train ticket a one way train ticket to london. So this is their first break in the case, Family knows that he knows people in london, so maybe he's on two visits: friends or something his grandparents live there other family members, hopefully, but the fact that there has been
call in several days and makes it seem like he never showed up, although we do now, but police and law enforcement, they don't check. the security footage from the train station or any these other places. For weeks and most places that have a security camera that footage will override or delete after just a few days, sometimes a week at most. So they are lucky that able to find some of this security footage from the train stations like a month later. Usually investigators will look for an election, on ec trail to see if someone had been making internet search is or writing emails that would indicate what their plans were before they disappeared and in
case, the family had bought a computer just two months before and you didn't, have an email address and they didn't seem to use the computer. So when search that machine, they found nothing. They leave HU, the local library, so they don't have an electronic trail at that point, to give them any idea why he would take off like that yeah if he had an xbox and I'm not exactly sure how a playstation portable works. If you can chat with other people online, but he didn't have a mobile phone so his way of communicating, are very limited. I would just assume that, since we only have certain ways they checked the home phone did they know he doesn't have a mobile. They check with all the Oh, he knows all his family members. Nobody knows where he sat, so it appears that he didn't talk to.
we can at least not confirm that he talk to anyone before he left that day. Nobody was planning with them that we know of. There are a couple. Possible sightings that place andrew on Oxford street. The day he went missing. There was pizza hut down there. Some people say that might have gone in there and bought a slice of pizza that same day, it said There was a kid sleeping in a park right by their on september, eighteenth but these sightings. These things are coming in like, after the fact, so they're kind of hard to confirm in november, two thousand eight a man visitor police station and in hertfordshire, west midlands, there wasn't an officer right there to talk to him. There was an interview now, and he is that and he reported that he information about Andrew caused in this was, after all, whereas I guess you could say, and so on,
officer was despatched, but when he got there, nor was there So if someone did have information on andrew, as was indicated, they don't who was, and they don't know how to get a hold of him. So the please had to say hey if you're, the one that came and try to report and for me Never andrew goddamn we'd really like to hear from you conduct creepy that Somebody comes in and says they have information heck. We don't even know if it was Andrew himself now because they were gone. It's all of these moments that are almost like opportunities for the family to find their son and then they can't follow. These leads some believe the same individual someone who to be that person who was at the police station, I wrote a letter to the bbc after they covered the case on show that they have He gave some details about andrew and shrewsbury,
in november, two thousand and eight. But again this is just an indication that there is information, but we don't really have any good details. So what is this? Is this a prank? Or what is it? Who knows are in this is the problem here you can't confirm or deny if this was a valid led kevin. His father said that there has been multiple people have come forward. Saying: oh I'm, your son or I've, seen your son and none of them can be confirmed, but the people, obviously the people that are like hey, I'm your son there just pranks there is trying to take advantage of a really bad situation can a second disgusting way, but I mean this families hurting their missing their son. the family it ass day, forensic psychologist to look in shortly after andrew, went missing there
he said that there was an outside possibility that he could still be alive, but after more time passes, that possibility is dying out so they're, more or less accepted the fact that their son probably is not still alive and that was sort of a a hard hit to take for the family. When this forensic psychologist comes back and says, I had the the chances are pretty slim here and I always wonder when somebody goes missing if they were to fall victim to play. Somebody word a murder them menaces. London as wilderness or stuff outside the city, but what happens to bodies taken to the morgue. How good is the tracking system to say? Hey. We have an unidentified body here, we're going to take fingerprints. Do they have
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now. This forensic psychologists report has a huge effect on his holiness negation because they weren't will they get a lot of information. They re able to understand, at least from the parents perspectives. What Andrew was like what his Teens were like what kind of person he was, but nobody knows why he went to london obvious He was pulling some sort of a ruse because everyone thought he went to go board the school bus and he didn't do that. and any other coming home after one also left any change. to his street clouds, so without understanding where he was going We don't know what his motivations are and this psychologists report says we fear, he's probably dead. essentially that's what his parents were concerned with they they were concerned and that something had happened to Andrew and, of course, no.
Knows it faces a suicide. If someone attacked him they just now, now. That's part of what makes these missing persons cases difficult is not knowing motivations, you dont know where they went or what they were up to this. I report effectively, case the police essentially say you know we don't really have any leads, and report is saying that he's probably deceased sober the scale this down. Point resources off of it depending on the police department and how big they are. Some police department it's the same investigator that goes after homicide. Cases is assigned to missing persons cases. Other larger departments have better funding. You have a name products department, you have a homicide department and you have a missing persons department, not sure how this was handled but
any time you have a child that goes missing. It sucks because After what law enforcement does, if they're not finding your child the families, not really thinking that you're doing your job doing it well enough. They have taken issue with the fact that that took them almost a month to get the security camera footage of their son at the train stations, They had taken issue with d policies and the approach of the investigation is. There also took issue with the systems that law enforcement used. They were deemed sorely unfit for tracking anybody, or especially missing persons. They have since an upgraded, but at the time of the investigation, not the best systems to be using the vault took issue with the. I guess the reporting process
and how they went to the house and searched around the house, as opposed to searching the neighbourhood or searching at the local hospitals or train station. it's just the way they go about it, but with the way I see it as well. Time you saw was at home. So that's where we're gonna start The other are a number of criticisms against the police in this case, and you have to be fair. It's easy to find fault. with the police when you're looking back when the police are actively bob and investigation. a lot of them are doing what they can they're doing, what they feel they should be doing. in this case, it's really easy to look back and say: well it do this right, they didn't do that right when witnesses, saying oh I saw him boarding the train at this time and then they said
weren't going to kings cross, they were still focused on doing interviews. Some people would say: will s lost time or why didn't they go and get the footage that was from buses or other stations your by. Why didn't they look for that staff mean they could have put together, where andrew was going possibly at they spotted him on us on some of these other cameras by their doing what they think they ought to do. If their intervened, a family. I think If I were to try and see their side of things, I would imagine a big part of this is trying to understand what his motivation was for skipping school and leaving that day trying to better understand who Andrew was so that they could figure out where he would be going in london. and in not a small play. No, it's not. It's huge would be easy for someone just to go there and get lost for a while. Now I don't know, but I understand, when a family has
one of their own going missing. You can't help. start to see the holes in the case and that it's there right now, they're the ones that are hurting the police we're just trying to do their job in uk about a quarter million people go missing every year. It's like a hundred and fifty people a day Half of that number is between fifteen and twenty one so than under fifteen. You have about seventy kids going missing every day in london alone, so you have them not knowing where he went missing from it first so there in his home town and then rising that he goes missing in london, which is this big city, which has lot more missing persons This is a lot more of a burden of trying to find these people
I can see how there a little overwhelmed who were trying to track this down now one. Talking about his motivations, you, I think he didn't bring charger for his playstation portable This sounds like a short trip to me and he didn't bring a jacket or anything so again my logic, is he's not leaving for an extended period of time, but that's how I think an adult would think. Maybe he just did not a pack. We were talking about an a fourteen year old here. Trying to find the motivation. I guess there were some concerts going down in london that night one band was skiff. I think it's pronounced. That way there, a metal band he was easily and slip not so he's into
metals and some garth music and what not its past. Well, he was going down to see a concert and he didn't want to tell his parents about it. He took money out for a train ticket, but a one way trip I figured maybe he was going to meet somebody at this concert and they were going to give him a ride home or maybe he was intended. to leave for an extended period of time and that's what we're gonna try to break out break down here that's the question: why would he leave money at home and then withdraw money at an atm and, like you said he would you, two hundred, which is the maxie, could withdraw just because it was and denominations of twenty, and he didn't any of the money that he had available at home. So we re can't make sense of that. We don't know why he would leave him charger at home for his play station for
will, unless he didn't think he would need it, but why bring it so it's it's a real question for me. I guess this day of cell phones, you're always looking to charge it throughout the day especially if you're on in a law and if he's travelling by train, I imagine he's probably playing that play station portable quite a bit right was the bad. Run time on that he's going to need a charger right if going to be gone for any significant amount of time, unless you could argue, if he's just taking a train to london, and there is going to meet somebody. Maybe talking with them and then he'll go to the concert, and then he figures me We can use it on the way back, but he refused his return ticket, which was just a I mean just as such a small amount more than what he already spent on the ticket. So what does that tell you? tell you anything. My feeling is. I don't
when I'm gonna be back here, and this is where I think is he running away permanently he just leaving for possibly a day or two and then coming home he obviously left on his own accord. He wasn't being held by any one. He wasn't being dragged in the street. He showed up the translation himself. He bought his own ticket, so is his intentions to do this now, what happens? once he gets the london is foul play. Is it him running off? Who knows, but he is very young. I remember when I was thirteen fourteen. I thought I had the whole world figured out, but I didn't know anything, Looking at this kid thinking, you you listen to slip? Not and all these bans you, definitely our mature for your age, but that doesn't mean that you can last a day
for a week out on the streets of london. I have issues with leaving the money at home, because I just assume, if he's taking off forever, why not take all the money at home? Why not take extra staff. but I'm thinking logically like an adult. If this is a kid, what is easy to forget justin I mean that was one thing that happened to me while reading up on this case, or I kept putting myself in the in the shoes of Andrew saying, oh, I would have brought that and I would have brought that too, but I'm not teenager when we were quickly discussing, as you said, something to the effective, well housing and get a job is not even odin and Da Da Da. How is he going to get more money? Why didn't he and I'm like yeah? No he's not thinking like the way we would fourteen year olds, don't think about getting a job. That's not on their mind,
At all hits music it's having fine, it's playing their play station or whatever. So what are some of the possibilities? What are some of the theories that peoples think here will a very popular one and one that sort of come up again recently due do, I suppose, da runnin andrew on line is that he was gay and that he didn't think he would be accepted by his family, and now he wanted to start living his life his family, her christians, but I dont know how much water this theory holds simply because when you take everything into count. I don't think there's any evidence that his parents would have been strict, yeah, so unwelcome of his being gay, that they kicked him out or anything like that, he and his father has this page.
Missing andrew caused in on facebook. Recently he may post about this. I think it so x to the power of a parents who loves their child. He talks bout if Andrew has left home because you didn't feel like you would be welcomed. Kevin clears the air about that and says we just want to know your okay, so We all feel comfortable coming home. Just let us know you're. Ok, let some one note. Let us now they're worried sick about andrew and this has been going on ten years now easily, so it many questions beyond how they raised children or even this pole I mean this should all be cleared up by now that, in the end, Kevin gladness and charlotte just want to know the answers. No matter what his orientation is, no matter, what kind of lifestyle that he has. So let s go over the suppose it runnin-
someone reported speaking with someone online who is looking for help and its because said that their partner had left them and that they were stuck with the rent and they needed help, and so someone was like I, I can send you some money which bank ease and the person who went by the nickname, Andy rule reply that We didn't have a bank because they left home when they were fourteen, and they just don't have anything like that. So you put that together and you think wait a minute. That's that's possible. The andrew because Andy ruin having left home at fourteen and in all disorder adds upright, while the problem but that is andy route, is an aim. As far as I can tell that's been held, several different people, there's a children's musician that goes by that name
and there's even a story about a sex worker by the name of andrew and the other, just different people whatever, stories other than Andrew his family has said. That was his nickname when he was young, because he was, little guy, but he was quite bouncy, the kangaroo kind of tied together and you may so it's possible. You know if you think that Can't live your life and you don't think you can live it under your parents. Roof your outright. and you don't give a damn about what comes tomorrow as long as you can be, who you want to be. I get it. I get that desperation but in his case when you look over how his parents conducted themselves, I dont know you can find more open minded people, because I've read that
they didn't even baptize their kids because they wanted their kids to make up their own minds about whether it be christians or not, and if Andrew and charlotte didn't go to church if they wanted to skip parents didn't mind if they Andrew quit the scouts few months before parents are accepting. This doesn't sound like they're, really pushing any sort of agenda on their children now, with that sad perceptions reality and if he felt like his parents wooden accept him for his work. Annotation wooden, accept him for his music or interests, or just him just him himself. He could perceive these a rejection and sam out here. Maybe he took off and was like I'm gonna come back couple days. I'm just go see this concert whatever and then now is
fearing. Oh I'm gonna get in trouble. I dont want to come home. I don't know have to explain myself and then Other day passes and then another day passes. I mean have this problem with some friends around, like I haven't call them in a while. Now it's weird it's possible, but for him to go completely underground and never to be seen again for this long in the face of his parents and their movement to find their son mean all over them media tv flyers. I would just think you see what you play family through. You would at least want them to know that you're. Ok, even if you feel like you weren't, going to be accepted, but again, there's nothing. That is family really did that's apparent that they weren't accepting of their children
his father went on to pass out. Flyers had concerts, muse was playing and he was, their passing out missing persons, posters of a son because his son had a shirt. He goes to meddle concerts and asks around with I would just assume that if he was that hard core christian, he wouldn't want to rub shoulders with these, types of people but he's embracing it in going out putting himself out there trying to find a son Another theory says that Andrew was happy and that he left to take his own life somewhere far away from his family owen.
of all the other missing persons cases we ve covered and that's a thing were you're right. I'm I'm done here a minute not put everyone through the pain and suffering of my suicide. The kid showed zero signs for this theory. Although people do this all the time and don't don't give any hints, but for the most part he didn't seem to be depressed, yeah. That's where you'd say it is possible, but how probable is it and based on the information that we have and again We got a lot of information from Andrews family, isn't it indication that the only thing I could come up with when looking over the Fifthly, we have, which is the renewed, mental health issues that were known with Andrew. He was very, active with his school excellent grades? He was home a lot and he didn't
many issues with anybody at school than anybody knows of gathering and come up with, is sometimes people get dissatisfied and they're, not telling you about it, but their unhappy. Depression can be a very personal thing. People can hide their depression I dont know I would say it is possible that Andrew was depressed and that he was taking one way trip and I wouldn't rule it out, I'm just I would say so what the family has said and what other people have said who have known andrew? That's not rely on their lists, but again, I think we have to keep it as a possibility simply because of that one way ticket and the fact that he hid this trip from everyone. So is very secret. I guess he was a fan of this british sick harm, the fallen rise of regional parent.
Man whose, having a mid life crisis- and he takes his own death- takes on a new identity. So kid runs off He's not really faking is on death, though, and I don't know if you can really come up with that much of a plan, not something I would expect a fourteen year old to come up with. I would expect them to grasp the car sapped, but as far as execution wise, I don't see that happening. right. I mean how does he he could start this emotion, but tearing it through successfully. That seems like a tall order for fourteen year old. I'm not true. To demean his intellectual ass. He at all, because this was obviously a very, very bright kid, but still a fourteen just certain things that either don't know yet that you would
needs to know to pull off something like this? I would think, unless you had outside help here, I mean he's books Mart, but street smart. and that's a missing component here- is like anything else. You and have a plan until you get hit in the face exact. I am not saying you got hit, I'm saying it's is soon. Something doesn't go your way. That alters your plan. That could be a problem. So this is it I think we need to talk about because again it's a missing persons case. We don't know what his motor actions were this is something was, I guess, the roma possibilities, because he was a fan of the second. So I think it there's some mentioning and what was that of the train station he arrived at in london kings, cross, yeah not has an association with Harry potter. I guess yeah and seen all the harry potter It is all the way through by the care
There's would go there in order to travel to hogwarts and so they would literally go through. I guess a wall at the station and then they would be so it's so weird that he could very well be deceived. Bring in a place where characters in the harry potter movies would disappear to travel, to somewhere else, and he was a fan, I guess at the book so There's a tie in there, but I ain't. If you're going to london by train you. probably gonna end up at that station, so I d really put a lot of stock. And now I am now speaking of harry potter. There are some things that need to be mentioned, related to harry potter and Anders disappearance. The play station portable video game for one of the harry potter: books came out on July, twenty nine two thousand seven one of the moon He's from Harry potter came out on July, twenty first two thousand seven and the last,
in the series came out July, twenty first, two thousand seven, so there's a lot of harry pie, activity right there at the end of July, he goes missing in september. So again this could all just be coincidence, but even his dad said, he doesn't think that he was he'll deepened into Harry potter, probably, moreover, casual interest, because it sounds like some deep reading. Harry potter fan stuff. There were The kings cross station. In these books, and by that rather hole that I'm sure some people went down, but I dont see him planning or into it, and if his father, saying that he was a casual reader than that doesn't really much emphasis on that either and he dressed in a slip, not t shirt yeah, not exactly a harry potter feel now, and that also strikes me is that he was considered to be a smaller guy. He was five with three and slim build and yet
he's into this really powerful, aggressive, music or yeah. I'm not saying that's on of I'm just saying yes Sometimes we probably don't want to be who we are I mean you and I listened to some pretty aggressive music, but do you think there's anything this, that he's listening that kind of music and he's may be heading off to see a concert, I mean this would be a a break. Protocol for him. He'd normally would tell his parents where he was going, he always stuck, routine with school, perfect attendance, great grades in all ages, Is there something about andrew here that we don't understand? Because maybe He is going through a change, my eyes, his small kid he's heading puberty, there's no real, words of him being bullied at school, but
being a metal head and of smaller stature. I can see him not being the popular kid not not getting the attention he wants. If he wants that kind of attention, I listen to slip, not skiff and amuse all week long just sort of putting my head in a fourteen year old ted listening to that anxiety, teen, music thinking, Is there something more to this? I think that it is powerful music in it gives you that feeling of invincibility. It gives you that feeling that it's a good feeling metal. Community is actually very accepting. So it's probably, why listen to you? hanging out with any one that was also in the metal music while there very accommodating and very welcoming so maybe he didn't leave for some reason tied in with Harry potter, but maybe he left go see a metal concert and again, if he's going to london, even if he knows people there
it, may not take long to get into trouble because he isn't so street wise. I would walk around london by myself down there for forties, I don't know The town, I don't know anything about it. I wouldn't have a clue if there is a bad part of town, in part a town or anything and stranger in a strange land, I'm not fourteen year old who thinks there invincible either, but even if he didn't, he the london, we know that much any the smaller guy and he's not street I am uneasy young kid. So he goes the london now You can just throw in all these other possibilities of bad things that could happen to them. as soon as my mind starts going down that rabbit hall man, I just I feel for his parents, manned if he's sleeping at a park or he's a target. if you're predator, looking the robber somebody well, this kid easy easy pickings we could support,
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the? What do you think is most likely? What do you think happened? Andrew Goddamn My initial knee jerk reaction was, he was planning on coming home, but I'd mantra. on that because I feel like well. He was play I'm coming home because he didn't pack this. He didn't pack that but then again I'm a risk. of adult, so that's what I would pack and then the more I'm thinking he didn't get a return ticket that kind about ways: thee grabbing other money, not grabbing a jacket and just defaulting too he's fourteen year old, he doesn't know how to pack. He doesn't know how to take care of himself, but it does know what a return train ticket is and he didn't buy it. So I'm thinking he ran away purpose, obviously, for whatever reasons he had and it's either that he wanted Go, see, concerts and go live a lifestyle
of his own or he was unhappy and and tell anybody, but he ran off on his own, be because of the push from his family and everything, and because of the lack of. any sort of evidence that his family was terrible humming there they seem like a great family had I wish they would raise me At that point, I would just assume that he would want to let them know that he's ok, even if he doesn't want anything to do with them, he would just be like well. I've put my family through Hell, and I want to make sure that they give some sort of closure The fact that he hasn't done that which, who knows if that matters, but the fact that he hasn't done that, makes me believe that he fell to some sort of demise and I hated not hold out hope here, but it's been over ten years now, but then I come back to well if he did get
killed or have some sort of terrible accident. Why wasn't he identified at that point? How was he lost forever? actually in a place like london, but we don't know if you stayed in london or moved on. So it's one of those things where its I feel like he ran away on purpose, but then something bad happened after that fact yeah, unfortunately, I'm one of those people when someone goes missing and they continue to be missing for a long long time. I usually default to. I don't think they're around anymore, because many of these people are good people and they show concern for their family etc. But in this case with andrew gauze, then for me- it's also the return ticket situation. Added in with the fact that he does heaved everyone. He let them think he was getting on a bus and he didn't get on the bus and he went back home, changed his clothing and then laughed, I think,
but they had seen his uniform. They had to know something there. I would think point. They would see that uniform and no, he changed his clothing and he had tricked us. I don't think we should take that lightly. I don't think this is a kid who just decided I'm going to see a concert, As someone who broke his normal routine in a major, major way. I dont think that you kid look at this and say he needed a weekend break this Next, an teen. They have all kinds of pulse of behavior. You can look, get him and say well for all those years ago is great grades. He was in the top five percent. Of students and reliable. But again this me something that he deceived everyone and laughed the way he did so. In this case I don't know that I could come up with how he did this or how he
ten years to do it, but I almost feel like he still out there that when he laughed. He left his family behind, but I think. sometimes when you cut people off, not necessarily upset with them. You just need to cut them off. For you I mean I couldn't do that. I dont think, but there are people who, have and someone like Andrew who it, when no one was expecting it I were learning that there's more to andrew than anybody new and that's kind of sad, because when don't understand, someone's motivations, then you find maybe you didn't really know them at all, So this is really tough on the family. I his father Kevin. I can't even imagine what they're going through, but Kevin fell into a fit a depression which obviously right and he lost his job.
Life kind of spiraled out of control for a bit. There are reports that he tried to take his own life out of gill, because no he's blaming himself for his sons, disappearance, because of his sons, disappearances, no longer the father he wanted to be. He can't hold the family together, he's not raising his door, The way he wants he's not being husband he wants to be. I can only fathom what's going to this man's head and he's done everything in its power to try to bring a sun home. He, I guess, is got together enough. Where he's still active he's still out on social media posting and still trying right I think this is one thing I learned by interacting with boy who have a missing. I'm a member knowing that they're trying has got the help in some small way, and you know
really want to give up hope. I know but we ve mentioned how the family has said that they fear he is dead, but I dont know if it's exactly changed, but when you continue your efforts, even after the police have said. While we're not closing the case, but were y know, down until we get a break as long, you're trying as long as you're getting his name out there telling story working with the age progressed photographs and things like that Your keeping his memory alive and your continuing to get there message out there that Andrew caused needs to let his family no worries at or they need a break in the case, You had ever talk to him they needed. all about it and I think that's the struggle. You know he's gone if he did remove himself their lives he's essentially dead, but they dont want. To stay that way, and that's why when you are passionate about something you fight for it, and I really get the
and that, despite all the ups and downs in the struggles as family has gone through, they are continuing that fight, because. in the end, what matters most beyond all their theory is beyond all their concerns. Their own feelings of guilt, what matters most is bringing andrew home during searches. There obviously checking neighbourhoods and what not, but they also a running sonar in the rivers and waterways. They end up finding a body. Now it's not andrew, At least we can find a silver lining here were maybe somebody else will be able to find their loved one get closure. This other body they found it belongs to alexander, slowly yeah he had done here. His appeared after visiting a friend and enfield in of two thousand eight. He wasn't accountancy student so like an
He was very strong in mathematics He was someone who didn't bring the things you would think you would bring if you, going to planet disappearance plan to go away for a while and he had a great attendants record. This is not someone who just disappeared for days at a time like that. This was just ten months after Andrew went missing will because this is still in open case and they ve never found and regards then there were questions. Put to his father cabin so that we could. get some more information out there about andrew, at least as far as what they knew of him back then. Maybe it will but this case, maybe it will help with someone who may have come ah him or had spoken. In some way, either online or in person somehow kevin, asked about Andrews friends what they were like and kevin minor. By saying that Andrew had a small group of friends in school,
he didn't really socialize with them outside school, so much. He spent a lot of time at home and he doesn't really know what they did for fun said that because they were all in the same age group and everything is sort of what consider the social niche he's his daughter- wasn't so dissimilar from Andrew either. That's all we know but his friendship. So again we talk about someone who's playing disappear. It doesn't sound like he at any strong friendships. That would talk at him either not to say that the family stuff have tugged at him, but at least looking out the home. It didn't look like there's anything there. That would keep him there, He is known to be very neat and tidy calving kind of laughed about this because said his daughter is not needed. Tidy andrew had some hobbes that included snooker. He asked had a half size table in his room, which was all they could get in there, because his room wasn't very big. He also collected
ox and minerals and he would polish those rocks. He did read a lot and one of his favorite authors with John grew. and he also read Jeffrey archer, he did enjoy video games. We know that and if he played on his export That's me is the only way he could have cleaner. Skating with somebody in london or anywhere else in the world talking about schooling Kevin said. He felt that andrew was pretty neutral about school, a thought that might have been tied to intelligence, and he said that he remembered a time when Andrew came home from summer school is a summer school for gifted kids. He was pretty enthusiastic about microbiology. They notice because they remember him ever being vat excited he felt like Andrew could crews school. He could literally just show up. You know he would pick them up and it would just he retain it. School came easy for him. There was hopes that the upcoming academe
gear. There would be additional options. learning the language or statistics that may be. That would pick his interests more something more challenging talking about his mood, I think, was interesting because Kevin said that many was asked about No did he ever mood. Swings like a teenager would, ever more so was, level, headed and kevin answer by saying inert would be nearer the mark. So he said that andrew just and get mad about anything ever this, No, it's a museum animated was when he was getting funny, so he was known to me moody, they concern, a pretty deep character and we think about a lotta, deep subjects and would discuss them with you. It shades speaks to his intellectual abilities. I think they really felt like he was going somewhere. but with his disappearance again, that's another thing with the parents, as you have these hopes and dreams for your kids and why
they're looking and andrew and their daughter, charlotte and thinking while we got some pretty good kids here, they they're getting great grades, their bright kids and their very respond. of all, but one of them is now missing. One other important thing I'd like to bring up is Kevin was asked about what Andrew wanted to do with his life. What did he want to do for a living? Where was he going well in? You can't blame a kid at fourteen. we're not knowing where they're going. I mean I didn't know, rob is going at seventeen. Did you just don't know hired no clue most school councillors told me that I should go into vote tack or something where I worked my hands, add zero support for me, into anything, that was intellectual, although
out of high school, I got into computers and became a high in computer technician, but whatever you, I think, it's really tough to know we're headed and I think there's this idea that, just because Andrew or any one else who is of his intellectual abilities, is somehow gifted as well in reading where they want to go in the future. I think that that's something! That really is something that needs be mentioned here that a fourteen year old stuff, Thirteen, it doesn't matter what kind of grades they did, what kind of capabilities you think they have they still have allow their life ahead of them and it's difficult to say where they want to be at in five years and ten Here's Kevin was asked about what they found in his room. He said that were very surprised that they found cash bouchers that he had won at school I don't know what the amount of these vouchers were, but Kevin's today
never spent it's like. He got them and didn't use them, and maybe it's because you know it's like the attendants record thing he didn't want to be honoured for that. He just wanted to competition, and so maybe these cash vouchers didn't mean anything to him, even though it was money we do in the past about missing persons cases and when you have a large city that deals with a great number of people whose families are looking for them and reporting about them. Let's be honest, the police really can't solve all cases there are too many of them. I may I feel, for the ass the family, they they continue their efforts and they have A massive amount of support, I think, although you can always use more trust me when you're, looking at the police in criticising them in a what can they do in a case like this? you already gave some crazy numbers for how many people go missing, even if you knock that down to ten percent of that it still overwhelming yes,
all these law enforcement agencies to tackle this to run down all those leads. I, you need a higher about a thousand more As for missing persons alone? That's accounting, all the other crime and other investigations they have to do. I guess what I am left with. I stand by the police, have to scale down an investigation, but we as the public if we are in an area where we could help out a family or something like that. If we ve heard about a case, if there's any possibility that we have some information, it might be useful. That's where we can help out it's like anything else. If it's worth doing, we should do it and as a public. Maybe we can help this family. So if you, or in the london area or if down line and think that maybe you somehow spoken with andrew, if you enough possible he still around. I think it's worth going to their facebook page. getting involved in some way. If you have some,
nation, if you have any thoughts on what might help them get in touch with them, because they haven't quit looking andrew and if there is anything that you can do to help out, that would be great the
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