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November 15, 1989. Peekskill, New York. 15 year-old Angela Correa carried a camera and telephoto lens in a plastic bag and wore a Walkman-type cassette player with a New Kids on the Block cassette inside with headphones on her way to work on a homework assignment for her photography class. The homework assignment was assigned to students in pairs; a boy with a girl. Angela’s partner bailed on the project so she was working alone. She walked from her home on Main Street to the woods behind Peekskill’s Hillcrest Elementary School where she was assaulted and murdered.


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it was originally from Colombia. Am to New York, with her TAT Father, mother and younger sister. Diana in the young man was named Jeffrey Mark Desk of EC. They had a couple classes together They knew each other not very well, but just like anyone. That's in the same classes. You you know their name. You say hi to them in the hallway. Angela was, was in a photography class and her instructor had given them an assignment for them to take pictures together, and they see be at least acquaintances right right and one of them. ass, as they shared was when they were fresh men, and the other one was when they were sophomores and theirs sort of a difference in their ages and its because Jeffrey was the students who was excelling school and so was able
skipper grade, so that is of a barrier there. Possibly it makes you no more difference when you're in high school. Then, when you're out now what happens on November fifteen nineteen. Eighty nine or Angela left school are about to forty five in the afternoon, she went home to change your clothes. She was ready to work on her school projects and the teacher for this class had assigned to students. Breach of the projects that everyone had a partner, but Angela didn't have a. partner because well he decides He was not going to work on the project, for whatever reason I don't know if it was that day or just in general, but she wasn't a lot that stop her. She was going to get this project done so she left her house. She had her camera with her for a lens and a war when type Cosette player for anyone. That remembers those. Yes,
She had a new kids on the block Cosette inside that so high intention was to go from her house too? the woods behind Peak Skills Hillcrest Elementary School. It's not too far from her place, This is her neighbourhood. It's a pretty safe neighbourhood, no one's gonna think much about this. The next day Angela's family reporter her missing, but get this, and we heard this before and yes, we know this and how it should be handled, but the pig skill Polly department consent. at her a missing person on the seventeenth of November, not the day she was reported missing so they delayed twenty four hours after the time. That's too seems to happen a lot, but luckily most police departments do not have any kind of twenty four hour delay anymore, but this
nineteen. Eighty nine on the seventeenth Angela, was located. Police dogs found her. She was found at the pit, which is a wooded area. Deceased teenagers, like tat, Go there in congregate take out, drink right around Gryffens pond in peaks. Go now the information that the authorities gave said that she was found in the soup pine position. She was found naked from the waist down, except for socks, then, her shirt and sweat shirt were pushed up. She was partially covered with leaves her clothing. That and taken off of her meaning or underwear and jeans. They were wrong into a ball and play between her legs. Her shoes were near her feet and they could tell that she had been beaten, raped and angled. Well, the first clues that police found was a torn wet white paper.
that had been placed under her body and it look be a partial note. It was right, by Angela too Burundi dated you'll fifteen nineteen eighty nine, so that would have been two days prior the day she went missing. Yes on it was written dear Freddy those eyes. They kill me didn't take long for detectives to figure out that Friday was Freddy Clacks and he was in the same sophomore class as Angela and lived in an apartment near this Gryffens pond and he was dating a girl Ruth. Asia, so police are most detectives, are picking up. Looking for, any kind of evidence there finding beer and solar bottles. There's broken glass typical stuff, like cigarette button, gum wrappers, but They found three areas that they believed were tied to this crime scene. The first one was a path where
they believed Angela, first encountered whoever killed her. and it was determine that he likely tackled her from behind and forced her. Onto her stomach. This is where the Please found her Cosette player, the Cosette and bag she was carrying with the camera and accessories scene two is a hundred and feet down an incline and EAST I've, seen one on the same dirt path because a lot of winding trails, and this in the pit is just a small clearing where they have a couple makeshift places to sit so at this site. police found a torrent White bra piece of a broken Cosette player, so during the all this Cosette player that shattered and they find more of it, they found more impressions in the dirt and the leaves showing us
ago. They were Did it in the ground, impressions and the dirt, and the leaves were all flattened out and then there's seen three witches were body was actually found in this. down another incline down a narrow path about a hundred and the three feet away her body was in a depressed part of the ground called you know the pit and it was just a densely wooded area, but because this was sort of e hang out spot. It wasn't exactly hard for them to discover The medical examiner, as well as the police surgeon, were called to the scene and they for now, Angela dead, one away, p m on November seventh,
One thousand. Nine hundred and eighty nine, so there was an autopsy performed on Angela. They found evidence of a rape. There was seminal fluid that was taken with swabs. There were eight Schwab's in total that were collected. They also found foreign hairs. who cares, and one of them seemed to be african American in origin. He was bruised and scratched up pretty good, her neck admiral. blah abrasions and scratch marks. These were wanted to inches in length and there a one and a half inch tear on the back right part of her head. Her skull had been fractured. There was pressure of about one inch that was identified, it is the location where a blot object had struck her head with force there are other various injuries, including ligature strangulation, there're contusions, on her face.
Consistent with her being hit in the head the hand there also signs that had been dragged topless along this path, so, of course evidence that they collected from her body and the scene. This was to be sent to the Westchester County Department of Laboratories and research, the cause of Ass was asphyxiation by ligature strangulation and fracture of the skull. From blunt trauma, he estimated that the murder occurred between three thirty and for thirty in afternoon on November 15th, fifteen thousand eighty nine, the very day she went missing and now an hour after she left her house so of course S way to begin this investigation from there would be to go to peek scale high school, who knew her, whose Freddie Guy, so they are conducting interviews with many students who would have known her would have known Angela hand. There
one person who was supposedly absent from school at the time of death, so What's the coincidence here that annual murdered. At that very point in time, one of the students seems to be missing from and the investigator sir, going too SK other students about this missing student and dirt. I can give a very good pitcher of they're going to say that he doesn't talk, he's very withdrawn. He doesn't sports. He doesn't do the things that normal students do he's more. Outsider police also learn that this It has been very distraught and has been crying about an his death and not only that, but he attended her wake. Furthermore, he seems to be conducting his own investigation into action smarter he's collecting paper articles and he's been to the scene.
individual is Jeffrey Desk topic. So, of course, they're gonna talk to him and tried get his whereabouts on the day she went missing, but these are all teenager Caesar fifteen sixteen year old kid so there going a little soften there talking to over time, but eventually they're going to talk Jeffrey in to the police station and they're going to end up interviewing him for several hours, six or seven hours in Jeffrey is going to confess to this murder and this rape and he's going to break down and cry tell the investigators all about the horrible things that he did to this poor girl and he's going to go on. To face trial and at the time at sixteen. They could try you ass, an adult, and this kid you know, he's confessed
Tal lining up he's got trial. Now he doesn't have any kind of a defence here, because he confessed to the crime, defence, attorneys, saying hey, I'm not gonna, put you stand, this is Over already aren't you know why were at trial, so he's found guilty, he's gonna be fifteen to life. We're gonna put this monster away because or sixteen right- I mean if you rape and murder a girl. You should be true listen it all your adult enough to make that vision, so you're adult enough to do the crime the time and we know it happens to a rapist when there behind bars, don't we earn they get, but common tone and Geoffrey he's gonna be assaulted. Multiple times or behind bars There's an attempt on his life will be made were some of the other inmates. Think that her smashing him over the head with wait plates and the weight room might do a man
he ends up surviving that attack. bad right at me. Weep justice system, really isn't good enough. We need that extra additional prison justice when there be and bars just to make sure that they learn their lesson in the sky gonna spend so ten years behind bars, but eventually there's a problem there. What's the problem with this case by the first problem with this case is that the police felt like they knew who had done it early on because some stood out that was Jeffrey Desk of egg. They had two detectives who from the criminal assessment and profiling in it and they created a profile of the perpetrator, and they said it would be somewhat less than eighteen years old, shorter than five foot tat someone who knew the victim, who is a loner sure around women and had little in movement in school activities and probably had a physical
handicap or is mentally slow. Well, when they looked at Jeffrey, he seemed to fit most of the thing in his profile. Not only that, but any time we wanted to speak with Jeffrey. He entertain them, meaning he was too happy to assist them, telling them what he thought about different aspects of the case Now he kept denying his involvement, but, like you said, once they actually brought a man and did some real interrogation. That's when he broke down before we go to that interrogation of its up almost three mm. so I think were one Astrogator is being a mentor tomb, befriending him talking to him Jeffrey didn't have much of a father figure back then fact he claims that he was so involved a school in Starfleet didn't hang out with his mouth. Much either so he's proper. drawn to somebody. This investigator, whose
give him this father figure. This this role and his life and Jeffrey was considering getting into law enforcement himself. So he's really feeling like he's, helping out with this case he true believes that this investigators asking him his opinions for his insight, which any sixteen year old would believe that the rest of us, we all know better. Then when it comes to the time of the inner you were the interrogation, they tell him none of the kids at the school or talking to us. So we really need your help but before we can get your help, we need to give you a polygraph, allied, attacked or test. Are you ok with that and, of course, freeze all in to help them, but they don't just take him down the local station. They drive him hours away to another police station to give him this polygraph.
and, as he's waiting to be hooked up, they offer him some coffee. Sixteen year old, he's in this environment. They offer him a couple coffee, he drinks it. Well, there was a cop, He dispenser right there and, as he would finish a cup, the cop would go and fill it up again. Jeffrey claims that he might have drink six cups of coffee before he took a polygraph test Those tests that track your blood pressure and your pulse and you swear and all those things that caffeine a serious effect on that ride earn like. Why would they give this kid? Six cups of coffee They before allied attacked her task, like maybe They didn't have any water to give up right. Well, if you're not being FED and you're somewhere four six, eight hours without food and all their is his coffee, you're, probably going to drink it. Whilst I would only like coffee
If you're angry, you need something so Jeff sits down in this chair, they hook him up to all the devices and little thing, for this test and they start laying enter for normal. a polygraph test a long one will take three hours typically there around an hour, but If they're going over its three hours, he was therefore over. Six and a half hours, and it was a very intense questioning the detective that had Befriended him came in and said you see all their guys in the station that are questioning you. They want to the herd on you. They want to beat you up. I'm the only thing standing in between them and you, so you better start telling them what they want. here got other words. If, if you don't give him something I may not be able to hold them back anymore and then the other.
officer who was in on the polygraph test. He tells Jeffrey you keep saying you didn't do this, but the polygraph test is He told me that you did I just need you to confirm it and he chose free how all this I call on the little graph unknown his heart rate is accelerated and all this stuff and how is totally nervous and he's completely failed the Tessa they know. He murdered this girl. They know everything they need to know. They just need him to say it out loud inside. Little piece of paper saying he did it take I want to get a word from our sponsor best fiends to fund game. Free download. What's your excuse to not be building up your bed, The characters and slang slugs on a daily basis, best has it all and amazed storyline clucked, bovines and tons of fun puzzles. I can't put it down it's quite possibly. The best puzzle came out there, no wifi
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scratching at him, and then he it sobbing and crying and had, hand over her mouth but he says, was alive too long and he had torn off her bra. But by this point he's now curled up on the desk sobbing, but that all they really need. I mean they asked him to repeat it and he didn't want to. But- they had enough in their opinion, to make this arrest. Absolutely you get it and that's all you need- details and evidence, be damned redder and there's something that's that's very important. With this interrogation being that job. Free was this young guy going to high school. He didn't take this test at the local police station The police drove him an hour away to Putnam County to do this and Are you back anything? Well, they probably did that. So we feel really on his own, like
the police had all the power you couldn't just get up and leave and say questionings over because he had to ask them for I ride home, which, if there telling em we're gonna beat you up. I doubt going to offer him a ride home, they can tell him whenever they want right because another thing they had told him was just tell us. The truth tell us what happened, and this will all over you can go home now the investigators they'd been talking to him for a while and he was very up front with this is who I think, killed her. This is what I think happened, and he would type up. Notes and stuff for the police he's sixteen. He doesn't understand that their targeting him he doesn't understand that investigators would never ask sixteen year old. What his three on the murderer. Is they don't
you! How do you think this one down unless you're the one that's in the hot seat? So the data confession January? Twenty fifth, ninety ninety here arrested and charged with second degree, murderer and first degree, rape, Jeffreys, condition deteriorates quick because the following day he's described is suicidal and he was specialized Thou, so Jeffrey arrested, released on bail and his house lies for quite a while March till August, and this is at the Rockland Children psychiatric hospital. Now this is this- is key Justin January is not only the month where Jeffrey Desk of EC confesses. But it's also the month that the effort, Hence from Angela's body is sent to the FBI, laboratory, dna analysis and compared with a sample of Jeffreys blood that the detective Scott his back, then DNA analysis was still in it.
Infancy, but they could do the the blood type they could do a lot of other things to exclude people. But what a day find on this swab several swabs from the victim actually turns out that an FBI agent notifies weather tat is that the testing that they have question in January, had been completed so marked. Second, Eighteen, ninety, their results show that Jeffrey Desk of EC was conclusively excluded. As the source of the seamen. That was on swaps, not even close, no match nothing. Not even a possibility now. Well, we have a confectioner went beyond what better evidence. Then the person, you think, did it telling you I did it Now we mention that Jeffrey had said that he used Ie Gator eight bottle back then they weren't plastic. They were glad
that's interesting because I remember drink Gatorade my whole life and I'd never remember a glass bottle, but maybe that some sort of whatever the effective Mandela affect everyone would miss. Remember stuff Mandela affect yeah, so he was charged with murder. In the second degree, this is three separate legal grounds, intentional murder, depraved mind, murder and felony murder, rape and the first degree, and criminal possession of a weapon which is that gator a bottle in the fourth degree. So, of course, the prosecution maintained contended that every head rape and murdered Angela after he abducted her near the area where she was found out. There's dry, marks and there's three different scenes that their investigating better hundreds of feet apart so yeah he's taken control of her and dragged around. So they they lay out
case how it all went down, and they also talk about how Jeffrey had cried at sobbed, and to them. This is the guilt. So what about this? Dna minute, it excludes Jeffrey Desk of egg. Why does that save him at trial while the short answer is the prosecutor to the medical examiner to lie but weak, expand upon that? Can't we're well, let's, what they stated: a trial which is essentially that actual ahead sexual partners and so that seamen, swap from her body came from, sensual sexual partner of hers, and that's why they found it, So, in other words, it doesn't matter the DNA says it's not connected it's just interesting. How there urging him with sexual assault. Rape based on this evidence but then they turn around and say: well, that's not tied to him.
Doesn't match. I'm so, therefore, is not related to its like. How do you both ways did anyone? Think of that I don't know, but they just figure he did secrete anything, that's all. understand. They can explain it away, but that's his theory. If you have I ask of you of something you can test. You should test it right well and if they think it's from her partner, then at what point was she with her partner and her partner would have been this Friday guy, possibly or who was her partner? Let's go find it let's test them to verify, goes along with what you're saying bright and how hard did they try to figure out who were partners where I put that in quotes? when you have a commissioner and you don't have to do so, They set this up as this murder occurred because Jeff didn't like the fact that she was interested in Freddy Claxton and not him and they based it.
all around that no now Jeffrey also had an alibi for that day for the time of death. He was with a friend that day yet his The attorney doesnt call his alibi. Witness to the stand. Does even really and it into evidence or allow it he heard by the jury, and this actually upsets Jeffrey, to the point where he says. I want to take the stand, tell my side of the story, but his defence attorney? You don't want to do that, though just shreds, up there and it will make any difference I I personally believe that Jeffrey was demanding that he take the stand and his defence attorney said no, which they can't do that you want to take the stand and you can take the stand, but he's a kid: and he doesn't really have much say in this matter and the detectives who had talked to him.
interrogated, I'm really they were to testify during trial, but that policy app examination that Jeffrey was told that he failed. That was actually used at trial. They didn't produce it and at the time they didn't have to recall third interrogations. They didn't have to document the times they questioned a suspect. So the only occupation, the only police reports we have or the one that make Jeffrey look really bad December seventh mighty. Ninety his way the jury reached. Its verdict may found Jeffrey desk of it. Guilty of felony murder, rape in the first degree criminal possess, of a weapon in the fourth degree and depraved indifference murderer So before he was sentenced, Jeffrey begged, the judge tell them I'm innocent The dna didn't match me. I know this and while the judge said. Maybe you are innocent, but still sir,
stem to fifteen. Here's to life also earn another little TED bit about that judge when the trial was starting and they were trying to. determine whether or not to have a jury, trial or a bench trial. It said that judge had committed to the defence attorney you better make. This retrial, because I'm not going to be the one that acquits this kid. It's almost as if the I knew there wasn't any evidence in this case. While we ve heard this before there's that sang someone's to pay for this? They have a guy jerry. and I'm guilty. Why question right? There's justice, four Angela Korea and her family. Now that view It came in and December, keep that in mind for later You mentioned some of the horrible things happened, a Jeffrey in prison, but he didn't go there and suffer he started reading because, while imprison his appeal: you're getting shot down over and over again and
he's doing all this reading and he's heathens hired by a story in the book. Chicken noodle soup for the prisoner soul and the story got his attention was the warden war pink and it was written by tackling Miller. She was warden of a maximum security prison at one time in California. So he started trying to contact her because he thought heck, maybe she know someone. I can help me and well he's writing these letters and one of them actually gets forwarded to Claudia Whitman and she the person who single handedly bill, a Non, profit organization called the National Kapital Crime, assistance, network and c C, n she's also over the innocents profit. At the University of Houston and she developed, the Capital Defence handbook to assist prisoners and their families. So this is connection. That's going to be very beneficial to Jeffrey, exactly
oh and upsetting her a copy of his all his life? paperwork showing that the and I didn't match, along with a whole litany of other things that will go into a little bit, but she never her a case prior to this- of somebody being convicted. Despite a negative dna test, like that's all heard of, but she does something amazing, which is she tracks down the person who did the dna testing on the case at Quantico, and she can tat in him by email and she wrote and said he remit this case- and he. spotted and said. I definitely testified in that case and there was no match in the DNA and he said that guy's not still in prison, as he Why was yeah, he sure is and he hasn't been able to get any help. So I want to pause air because that I can't even imagine what it would feel like four Jeffrey, to hear this that some guy said he's not start prisoners. He. Why? Why
This individual go to. Somebody and say what the hell I mean like. He thinks that the justice system would have taken care of this. As you know, it doesn't make mistakes. There aren't bad people involved in it right, it's all on the up and up. I mean if you found guilty than obviously are guilty. I fear sitting in the courtroom, your guilty, if you confess to a crime, mean nobody innocent confesses to crime. But here we are so Claudia tells Jeffrey the right to the innocents project- and he said already- did that. I content did them and ninety two and ninety three, but they keep rejecting me. and the reason is- is because the innocents price, Jack were really only take your case. If they can do, dna testing Oh, that you weren't the perpetrator that you're innocent right well
because that DNA was already known before the trial and it didn't match him and he was still convicted. I think they took it out Well, I didn't help him. Then it's not like that. It later and figured it out, no, this was no before and he was still convicted, so they hadn't ever encountered this before. Then we nowhere in that, if you put this often trial and it shot down, didn't really let you reuse it later. So he had his turn and court didn't work out I can't get why the innocents project turned him down. I don't agree with it. But I understand why, but some they changed, which allowed to change their mind, a DNA Data Bank where you could She submit the results and see if there was a hit. Oh you mean find the person that actually perpetrated by the crown Aaron this is that what you're getting at so. The innocents project said: okay,
we'd get behind this they help secure. tional dna testing and it took little time It took a matter of months, but a name. I'm back Stephen Cunningham and get this when Approached him with this information, he admitted that he murdered her and told the story. He said he saw Angela when he was smoking. back in the woods near Gryffons pond at the pit. He saw her? He started talking to her. He said they tie for about twenty minutes, and he stir out. She was she said she was we want now. This is according to him. We have no idea, if that's true or not, so then he asked her if she would have sex with him and he said because he was high. He got aggressive with her and he got into a rage and he's several years older than her. I think he was at least nineteen at the time so that whole file that they did
plainly wrong. He said that he had stay quiet about this until the DNA linked him to the crime. He said that he didn't know anyone had been sent to prison for the crime, but people don't believe that I'm sure that he was following the news just as much as Jeffrey was now. The good news is Jeffrey with his innocence project lawyer, Nina Morrison, who many of you probably have heard her name before he had no yeah that the results were back, that they had ouch, because in his mind he thought the results were coming in another month. Nina said now, the district attorney wholesome strings at the lab. and the testing was done sooner I want to say you know the original strict attorney in the case. Who was very much against Jeffrey, getting out at all. She had left office at some point and the successor was all in favour of this
additional testing and figure out what really happened. So I want to give credit there. Yet this is amazing. He's been in prison for sixteen years and these finding out They have the name of the person who did this and Nina said you're going home tomorrow, didn't believe her. He said now, I'm not! He started. dealing with their just because he had. Imprisoned so long. He was so used to the bad news: honestly Erin, I wouldn't If her either, we know that the gear of justice turned very slow and you Usually don't get dna results and our told you're getting. tomorrow? Typically, it takes months even if they do have another suspect in custody for your murder, there's always that I don't know what you call it. That period time where they have to do all the paperwork and bureaucracy and figure out. If the prosecutor doesn't
on somehow say that you were in Cahoots with the guy in charge of both yeah. That's it as we are having a district attorney who sympathise, with someone who is innocent is behind Nottingham. Go it. May this all so much easier and so that was on September nineteenth two thirds in six, ok September twentieth, Just like Nina said he was released from prison. Now the thing about Jeffrey Desk of Egg is he didn't just get out and bring the huge sigh of relief. It's like he got out and hit the ground running. He started meeting with elected officials. He saw her talking. Our policy changes to make the system more accurate, more fair, more just He went and got a scholarship for mercy College, so he could finish his bachelors degree. Is he had been working on his degree in prison than he was able to get a masters degree from the John Jay College criminal justice and he wrote his man
this thesis on wrongful conviction, cause and reform so many times you and I talked about this. Just then we ve covered a lot of people, on our podcast, and some of them are very impressive, with what they have done since they ve been released. But Jeffrey Desk of egg is right there, top, I mean he hit the ground running, he's a guy who definitely wants to change the system in he feels he the answers to making this system work better. I know you the ground running but he's Ruggles. So hard when he was released. He was sixteen at the time he lost half of his life, I couldn't get a job. Couldn't do anything he was really not in a great way because of his all time behind bars, so look I'm a while to get therapy get help get all the resources he needed, but he had that drive that you're
talking about, and he really is making. splash. Now he talks about that and I think that something there people are getting better at is understanding how important therapy is, but realize how far you can once you get the help you need This makes things so much better, and so this the guy that should be very inspirational and I feel like a lot of people are picked up on that he's very good. to do interviews and there's an excellent TED talk that he gave that you can look up on Youtube, so over twenty third twenty fourteen affair, jury awarded Jeffrey desk of it. Forty million dollars after finding that export sheriff investigator, Daniel Stevens fabricated, evident and coerced Jeffreys false confession, and this is one of the things he talks about is if they would just work, Ford, every interrogation, then
be easier to show that there was a false confession I want things he says is: if you're talking someone in their giving you answers, but they don't match the evidence and then the police, a detective are now giving you the information you need. That you sound, like you understand what happened there? Is your problem dashes one thing he also too but how important is that prosecutors are held accountable because they aren't and if you can't hold them accountable, why do they have to do the right thing? What's in it for them We always talk about how the system protects itself, but case which we never define. What that means we never give examples. This cases a perfect, a case study on that you have investigators to miss profiled. The suspect had blinders on when they went after Jeffrey codified confession out of him, knew there was no physical Evan
tying them to this crime scene because they found fingerprints. They found hair fibre. they found seamen, none matched him. Then we get into courtroom, never prosecutor whose, like oh, how I figure out how to convert the sky when none of the evidence matches him. Oh, I have to the medical examiner and on it now. Oh, that He knows that this kid's, probably innocent, but the judge big news in this this town and everyone wants this rapists, murdering monster, put away, and the judges like I'm not to be the one that acquit some, you get a jury. Did it that way, I don't have to deal need that backlash on makes. I don't wanna, be taken off the bench and then you have the parole boards. The appeals court. shooting it all down say no. We crossed she's. We dotted her eyes. This was a good conviction. The system protects itself now. This made big news air and when I did, we
those jurors one of those initial jurors from his trial came forward to his her nieces new attorneys said Zack I get now to present their like yeah. And that jury said well, that's good, because I never thought he was guilty and, of course, His attorneys were like, then, why Did you vote guilty and then he said well, it was ten against one. I was the last hold out, and they told me that if I didn't get to a verdict soon we would all be sequestered for the Christmas holiday, so all the pressure was on him because nobody wanted to miss Christmas with their family. It's here to vote guilty and put a guy way for life programme. You didn't commit now we can all be mad at that one sure, but we had The other jurors who were blocked, to evidence didn't
here it and just wanted to go home and be with their families, and we had a judge. Wasn't brave enough to do the right thing, because again You can quit you even if your found guilty by a jury. So as much as I am appalled by this jurors decision to vote guilty snatches his fault, but I think it's easy to point the finger and I think you're should feel some guilt, quite honestly, but no we're not in their shoes and there's something to be said for all that pressure that was put on them what does that say about our system that were more worried about getting home for Christmas, then making sure that choice we make. You know when we decide I must say that it's the wrong, one? I don't think so, That you're, I think that might be society as a whole. How many? but would have done the right thing there. This is twelve angry man? I always try to find
the silver lining. Just then, in this case it's that, despite all the horrible stuff, the happened, Jeffrey Desk of EC is me, he indifference, and there was something he said in his TED talk that really hit home with me, which is when the system failed him. It also failed Angela, Korea and her family because is when they went after Geoffrey and took him to trial and convicted in the person who eight and murdered Angela went on to kill a school teacher. Who is a mother of two kids, so when people say well, the system isn't perfect. The pro Here is: is they had it right in front of her face? The evidence they needed to show that Jeffrey Do this, or at the very least, it was unlikely to be him and they never bothered to hunt down who the person was that left that evidence on Angela take me
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testing, incomplete its parents c. In the end instigation? We bring it all the light in the courtroom. Just slope eve of mine when I hear people say there: tough on crime, because this guy, this murdering rapists when I do more harm to society because they thought there being tough on crime and someone else died. Because of that. That's why we're Jeffrey talks about holding prosecutors comfortable. This is why we need had to happen in a. Why is it that everything has to be regulated except prosecutors when they want regulate everything under the sun Dante, but not a prosecutor. Why is that? it just doesn't make sense, but if you're on the up, you shouldn't have to worry about it right now what they say. If you ve done nothing wrong, you don't have to worry about it because of you, Nothing to hide them. What's your problem, but yet Sir system have to hide. Was a prosecutor have to hide Can we have some more transparency there and the whole appeals process and Jeffreys case everything,
time, it was shot down regardless of solid. physical evidence, proving that he wasn't the perpetrator and if there was ever a case for, in effect, council not bringing up his alibi, not letting him testify, not cry. examining any of the witnesses at the prosecutor put on the stand, Gimme a break, the appeals This is a joke. It's just a rubber stamp of what the system decided in your first trial. Rubber stamp is right again Jeffrey noted in his TED talk that one of the judges who night is appeals. Was signed, a sort of my or she is a supreme court. asked us these days. So let that sank in you really think she examined his case before she made her determination, as I don't feel she did. How can we look at this? yes and say he has been fully exonerated.
This isn't just they let him go because things got a little weird know he was a fully exonerated. How did she missed that? and the silver lining here. Justin is Someone like Jeffrey despite Ali went through can talk about how the system failed. The victim has failed, m and not only as he fighting to make a difference, but in twenty nineteen he was able to, Ass, his bar exam and he's now attorney. He said he to be involved, not just one He wanted to be involved at that level, because this is out of S, Elsie punk! You can't make changes to the system from the outside. You have to be part of it and you to be the change that you wish to see in the world that doing and he's how other, wrongly convicted prisoners, get free and not just going in there and talk to him all year, you didn't, do it ok. Now you have to prove
your case to Jeffrey first before he takes it and he's only going after actual innocent prisoners, He doesn't go after technicalities he's going after prisoners like him he's been a part of it, of cases now where people have been released from prison so definitely would suggest checking out his website. Its disco, VIC found asian dot Org one clue Lincoln. The shone out also a light to give Jeffrey desk away a shout out as well as Marty tank these earth two of the guys it really stand out that we have had interaction with and there I think these the types of people that are gonna, make a difference down the road. I really hope that the dreams are realised because one day my Bela say our systems are perfect, but damn it's trying
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