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June 13, 1996. Idaho Falls, Idaho. When 18-year-old Angie Dodge failed to show up to work, two of her coworkers went to her apartment looking for her. There they found Angie lying dead on her bedroom floor. She had been raped and murdered. In January 1997, police had a confession from 20-year-old Christopher Tapps. However, the DNA at the scene didn’t match Chris or the other two men he said were present at Angie’s death. Then Chris recanted his confession, claiming it was coerced. Who else was involved? And was Chris involved at all if there was no evidence of him at the crime scene?


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kind of a hard one to grass, because on one side you have such failure and on the other side, you have a bunch of departments and different companies. Orchestrating the most I don't, intriguing investigation. I've ever seen to capture a criminal, a murderer so with that, What are we talking about tonight tonight? Talking about the rape and murder of an eighteen woman named Angie Dodge in June of nineteen. Ninety six, this was and Idaho falls Idaho. Now Angie was born in Vancouver Washington December. We first nineteen, seventy seven. She The fourth child, and only daughter or brothers, were Brett, Todd and Roger Father I joined the Navy and met her mother Carol and they got married in LAS Vegas Nevada,
Angie was highly intelligent and had just lust for life. She would preschool in San, Diego California, but the rest of her schooling happened in who falls she cried It is high school in nineteen. Ninety five and for short time went to Idaho State University, so she but most of her life in Idaho, false her family to camp. In anger, to she loved nature, her her The time of year was Christmas, Herbert they felt right before Christmas. She loved the Christmas parties and made these homemade Christmas necklaces that she would hand out and in school. She had a car, she called the boat. It was an. it's mobile and Oliver friends would pile in, but in url in nineteen. Ninety six. She sold that car and bought brand new Chevy. She, is getting older and looking to move out on her own. So she an apartment in either
falls. She was growing up. to something that her pet we're very aware of, and in fact last time that her mother saw her? They had real conversation about this and her mother said, always going to be my little girl and Angie told her mother that she loved her. That was on June, twelfth nineteen nineties? six in the evening. now, the morning of June thirteenth, one thousand eight hundred and ninety six Angie doesn't show up for work workers went to her apartment to check on her because obviously It's not like her too. A wall and not call so they went, apartment, they found the front door was unlocked. When they went inside, they found her laying dead on her bedroom floor, I called nine hundred and eleven and Bessie started
being off the area. She was lying neck it on the floor in a pool blood she'd been stabbed and cut. Fourteen times her throat was slashed and There was blood everywhere upon examination. They would find semen on her because she had been raped and Harris were also found at the scene that they believed how to the perpetrator. There wasn't any signs of forced entry, but obvious signs of a struggle in the apartment, the first things that police do. Is they start to think about how this all might have happened, and so looking at the kind of wounds that Angie had stained and look over the crime scene table if someone attacked and killed, Angie out of anger, and they thought that, there might have been more than one person involved as well. They think she was killed bit
one thousand two hundred and forty five and one thousand one hundred and fifteen in the morning. That's quite a time frame you have almost eleven hours there and mother Carol. doesn't know that her daughter hasn't shown up for work and she actually called the beauty store where Angie was simple to be an ass to speak, with her daughter and informed her that she hadn't come work and she was found dead Imagine finding out that your daughter was murdered when you call her employer. Angie's parents and her brother Brent went to the police station and to id her body kind of a sad note Andy's he's Heidi asked her dad did you lock? The doors are we safe tonight, it was six years old.
you would be laid to rest in fielding memorial park. Cemetery in Idaho falls. Her headstone reads our precious angel from our heart and from hell above she sends love standing and compassion to all I think early on the family had a lot of faith. That this case would be closed quickly because there was, since at the scene it was just a matter of the forensics being done. The Pooh Yes, they canvas the area into do anyone that knew Angie. Anyone that had any kind of connection to her they did to all of our neighbours, but no real leads, they did enter the one friend of hers named Benjamin Hobbs and they had kind of a about him, but after talking with them, they felt like he wasn't involved, but into number of nineteen ninety six been with.
it for raping a woman in Eli Nevada and when the these were going over the similarities between that crime and Andy's murder. They said we're going talked to this guy again, they talked him. After the murder, he seemed to have all the right answers, but then, when he's off see a raping murderous criminal and he a tide of her. This is a good lead. They don't have anyone else to look at so focusing, on him, I also talked to a friend of his name, Christopher Tapp. and they said you, we have strong evidence that Ben was All demand is murder and we you may have been there at the time now. Chris said wasn't there but I'll talk to you if I can help, I will Chris A stand up, guy and trying to cooperate. They lean hard on Chris and from December of ninety ninety six to January of ninety seven he
interrogated, nine times totalling Twenty eight hours over those twenty three days. Given seven polygraph tests I don't know why one or two wasn't good enough, but he took seven. The detectives told him that it showed he was being deceptive, they told him he could get the death penalty and suggested he had repress memories, they even offer immunity, if he gave up Ben is feeling cornered he's feeling like the world, is caving in on him I guess started, telling them what they wanted to hear and he will admit to being present when been killed. Angie, But there are two ways to look at this: on one hand, you could say will detect is put in a lot of work and finally
Add someone to cave because we know they don't want to come out and admit their crime by Had you might say, when you're threatening someone with the death penalty and trying to them every reason to tell you what you want to hear, then maybe they will Aaron. I just have throw this out there of the Geneva convention. Is you can't like simulate an execution or say kill somebody like a a prisoner you're interrogating, and this is interesting that we can tell our own citizens you're going to get the penalty, unless you talk to us, but this legal loopholes that they can slide through to do that now. Why would you think that he just. was telling them what they wanted to hear Erin, I think part of it This is because we know that
there are suspects or persons of interest who the police talk with and at first they, no good information, but offense they start to repeat things that the police have suggested to them. These or to say things so that they don't have to look at an additional twenty hours of interrogation and so starts to feel like. Is this real or are they just bending someone to their will? We, that. There was dna at the scene this was more than willing to give them a dna swab, so He was present, then, that dna should- it's either been or Chris the two people? that's, raped and murdered this woman right these are early days of dna, essentially because dna really take off until the late nineties. But what they had was results that showed Chris Ban, not a map.
For this dna that was found on Angie's body, the police, Tal Chris. We think there is a third man involved here when Andrew was murdered. And he said well how about me sergeant, The police said: okay, we're going to give you an immunity deal, but we need you to talk so ok. I'll dolls speak against Ben and I'll speak against Jeremy, but when there was no match. Jeremy Sarge, either the police or like well. You know just not given us all the right information. So there's no deal now think you're lying to us, I'm surprised, that they didn't go out. Are Jeremy and get him to knit two being there, I think, this, though, is is when the police talk to people some people they can tell might bend to their will might talk some people. like you have nothing, I made go away, and so
it's, like you said many times in the past low hanging fruit. In this case Chris Tapp low hanging fruit, he's easy to pick now Chris, who feels backed into where is willing to say that he was a participant in this murder. He said he ban third guy who he was dead. Positive was named MIKE meaning I didn't really know him went to Angie's apartment that night twelve, nineteen thousand, ninety six and there was an argument Chris held Angie down while Ben stabbed her now there's no dna matching then or Chris, and MIKE is some guy he had already named Jeremy, but no, is there no ties there? So This is the only one. That's admitted I confessed yeah this
a thing works out for the police, because now there's a mystery man DNA might belong to so now it's not a problem. so one Smith goes after him process he's go after him, but you gotta, Is this guy's story? Is Christmas present. when Ben killed. Angie. Not I until later on. When he said. Okay, I took part so there they go to trial when Chris, was arraigned. He pleaded not guilty, but by this point the Dodge Van they're, looking Chris, like you're, despicable and Carol at this arraignment said you beast you horrible beast Meanwhile, Chris is trying to recant his confession, but that trains already left the ho yeah, and you really can't fault this drive to solve the case, because this was a horrific crime
You know you already said the scene covered in blood they wanted to solve ass? They wanted to help. The family Carol was very out front with this shit, is constantly involved checking with the police asking where things were at and it look. Her like they were moving quickly. They were solving this case and it made sense because they had forensics so surely between the forensic And a confession: this was solved quick suck about the trial. What did they learn from this trial: well, the defense, obviously pointed out that the dna was not a match There was no physical evidence that tied Chris to the scene. there was nothing but his confession. You know when you record a confession or just have the statement and the person signed it that goes free far with the jury, there were
people. That said they overheard Chris talking the Whitney. was destiny, Osborne and she claimed that Chris and Ben were talking about killing Angie and that they all reed together, so you have confession, and you have witness saying they talked about it, you don't need. physical evidence at that point too, can the jury, you don't need any sort of like physical tion, because you have a guy admitting to it and other people saying yeah, he bragged about it. When you someone bragging about a vicious murder or plotting a vicious murder. At that point, many people are like ya, throw under the bus who cares? What and storm anybody who is that evil to do They like that. We don't have to look any for we know what they're all about it's. May twenty eighth nineteen, ninety eight after
thirteen hours of deliberation, a jury found Christopher Tap guilty of rape. First, you re murder. He was sentenced to thirty years to life, he'd be for parole in twenty twenty seven. That's the the story. Writer and I mean they didn't go after and because I didn't have anything on him, but they got this one I at least was a problem, and that's that there was dna that wasn't matched to anyone and Christopher Tap really tried to teach back his confession soon after he had made it and, of course, he's alive, to file appeals when they look at how he was interrogated. He said he had been coerced and can watch this confession, you can see how he's kind of FED a story, and then he repeats it back. It's because he's not able to give them information that matches what they know he's not a
the give them ever mention that they can use to really close the case that they went outside of him and away. He said, oh, you confess that's all we need we can get rid of all as for ends at evidence that really throw it out, but they don't use it because they don't need to so he's giving information after he hears it from them, first met of you listening, you know how this works, that smells really fishy. There's no way That makes for a good case closure. It just doesn't work It's a bad interrogation. When you coach, the sun When you reveal the information during the questioning So now they have all the pieces to repeat back to you. He was asked why he didn't how to stop the interrogation and just say I'm done talking. I want a lawyer or I'm done talking go away. He said I didn't think I could do that people don't know the rights. You know if you
pulled over on the side of the road and a police officer, says I'd like to search your car. You can say no, but how many people know that how many people would say now you don't have my permission to search my car and is it any different when you're in a room with several police officers, questioning you, you think You can exercise your rights Chris. He kept talking, and he thought he was trying to end the interrogation by saying what they wanted to hear. Over the next ten years. Multiple appeals were filed, there was peel filed the Idaho Supreme Court that went nowhere in two thousand and Chris filed a post conviction, relief petition, his defense. I was trying to establish that he I have a lawyer present when he confessed. He need to have some sort of legal representation, but that was shot down to and in two thousand and nine there was another
conviction relief, petition and that was dismissed. It just kept going on and on and on every time he would file a petition. It just get dismissed now. Aren't you would think that you file a petition, saying there wasn't any physical evidence placing me at the scene, please we examined my case, but then have to find some sort of technicality in how the person was convicted and not the truth, Emily. This went on for a total of about sixteen years, but in at time something significant happened, and that's because Carol The mother of Angie really started thinking about this? How could. A man who confessed to participating in her daughter's murder not have left any forensic evidence at all. I mean by his own account. He had held her down. How
not anything left at the scene. There must have been a struggle. They saw a struggle there, things knocked over. She sorry did out this confession, even though she had fully believed for quite a while that Chris had is bay in the murder of her daughter and also Erin. I mean DNA that doesn't match anybody. and somehow com hasn't named the person Chris wasn't able to identify them in the police able to track them down, it doesn't add up if too but murdered somebody of three people murdered. Somebody One person sings like a bird usually the other two come crashing down: pretty quick law it seemed like Ben was the ringleader here. Why wasn his dna. It is didn't, make sense, and I really because we know that cases, where a mother, a father, has to deal with the aftermath of
our child's murder and is really differ, for them to see things objectives. We the Carol Badge she. started to really see things objectively in do you have to give her a ton of credit so Carol, the mother of the murder victim, is now trying to help Chris get exonerated This is an unlikely pair to say the least. Take moment word from our sponsor. A great documentary makes us question everything and shows us the worst and the best of what human beings are capable of each be. Oh docks club dives, deep into the true stories that captivate our imaginations on each episode of HBO Docks club host NI loose of the nod in four colored nerds and run
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While you may not know everything when it comes to the business side of things with Quickbooks, you can he'll get everything done for your business. New business, no problem success Starts with Intuit Quickbooks Quickbooks Payroll Quickbooks payments in Quickbooks online Account required. In two thousand and nine Carol contacted Greg Hand, pick Ian and He started to look over the dna in the case and he said this is really unlikely that Chris would not lefty, nay. If he was there, holding her down like you, if did in his confession, so that's just: up which he already thought. But now she has an expert telling her this, and so they go To the investigators- and they said, why? Don't we use dna to look for someone who's related to her murderer. We've heard of this before, or familial DNA Golden state killer. That's right, but Idaho doesn't allow familial searches of its convicted offender a database.
I'm torn on that Erin. I don't want to get into a huge debate about it, but if its people that are can instead of crimes. I mean hey. If you, did the crime do the time and then you should be ok but to say time. The way we treat the acute the incarcerated. We all their rights away, so it's kind of an listing dichotomy there, that they don't allow searches, database like that. Why get Carol. Dodge was attempting to have this done so then, this hair that was found at the scene was tested in two thousand and nine. and it was a match to the Semen sample that was taken, so they know that the hair and the seamen sample belong to one person and that doesn't tat, their suspects or their convicted Chris for TAT So they start testing more pieces of evidence that was collected at the scene and it came back belonging to that same individual. I think
the things that really help this case in a way was Nbc dateline covered this story and really shined a spotlight on Christopher Tap, because at this point when you really look over everything, it looks like there are two victims. It looks like Andy's, Angie, Dodge was murdered and Chris for CAP lost his freedom, but why and so in a we don't often talk about this, but I think there is such good work being done. With date, leinen- and these other shows that people watch on tv by this point too twelve, twenty fourteen, dna analysis has come a long way, we also have things called ancestry, dot, com, twenty three and me and the the gaieties well, they see some options here- they see at the end of the tunnel to solve this case. Using the a chromosome from the sample.
But to match up to forty one names now these are partial matches, meaning this isn't an exact match. They don't have the individual but tat people who might be related while the ants history. Dot com database at the time was open. They still needed to get a court order to get ancestry, dot time to reveal the strongest matches name it had thirty, four out of thirty five markers and it was September of twenty fourteen when they learned that that profile belong to a man by the name of Michael Luthra. Senior with someone who lived in Mississippi now I go head blue into a Mormon church and they had sponsored a genetic profile to find out your family trees. So he was in play gentleman and didn't quite fit the the file of a murderer get a dna sample from him and it does not match. So it's like The killer is one of his relatives, somebody related, so they go
his family tree. They find three men they fold. It's on Michael a son He had two sisters that had actually attended university about twenty, have miles from Angie's apartment, so he if his son doesn't live in Idaho falls he family. That does now Michael Junior happens to be a filmmaker and his short films are all focused. on murders he had just finished a movie about a young woman who had been murdered so Oh yeah, if the name MIKE and if you we're back Chris. and his confession said the third man there was MIKE, I'm sure of it. So we have familial dna. We have sisters that lived in the area and we have a name now, MIKE lives in New Orleans. So
Next turn police got a search warrant. They wanted to obtain is dna, they also asked the Louisiana State police to get to go to their offices. They use the sense of asking about a hit and run they may have been involved with or witnessed so they knocked agreed to go down to their offices and then, it wasn't long before he realized that there was, hit and run that they were interested in talking about but murder. They asked, but I do hope- and he said I probably been through the Idaho Falls area. When I was nineteen He said he couldn't remember actually being in the city, so he sang I've been died a whole, but I probably not been were anything relevant has happened, so they did get his dna when he got home Michael called his friend, who co producer on his short film called Murderabilia
that's how he figured out that they were asking about Angie Dodge Michaels interrogated and has his dna taken he's left by himself for about a month, can you imagine Aaron, like I mean I should like an std test coming back into what are the result of magic waiting a month to find out. If your dna would be found at a murder scene. This is torturous. him he doesn't know what's going on, but I think so. There is a lack of trust Maybe they'll make it fit it not until January 13th, two thousand and fifteen that sergeant Hoffman NEO nazis call not a visit, just an email, and it said we just to let you know that your dna did not match our crime scene dna, something you already knew.
Wow that's some good customer service there. He ha at there's a lot of care involved here, but Michael contacts and his mother Carol. and they get to talking and Michael seems, very interested in learning more about this case. He was almost dragged into I guess you could say, and so he Carol start talking they I believe that Chris had been coerced into his confession that he was actually an innocent man You could say that more people, are getting behind Chris for Tap but of course, of his appeals likely said just kept getting shot down, give credit to the investigators because they didn't just stop many times? We've seen this? Where police will say, we got a conviction. and yeah we don't know if there were other, well they're. There may have been and but luck we got someone put away for this.
And so far this dna tracking is pretty cool I'm very intrigued by how they're going about this and clearing people I think they could do it a little bit better with a little bit more tact, but I do appreciate the process they're going through. So in twenty fifteen, a retired superior court judge named Michael Heavey he ran judges for justice, a wrongful conviction project and when he looked at the v as as the interrogation. He knew Chris, wasn't involved. In this case it was, Chris knew nothing and he was ugly to say things said the police would react positively to, and he said Chris seem to change his story six times what did you say earlier about threatening people to get confessions at you can't threaten them with death? He said the United States, Supreme Court ruled that it's improper to threaten because
the false confessions. They threatened him with the gas chamber, the death penalty, being accessory to murder and being Spirit, her I'll tell you what you have judge on your side, as someone who understands the system, may two thousand and fifteen, Christopher filed another post, conviction, relief, petition, and this one was laser cast on two issues. The first was or prosecutors should have turned the videos events of his interrogation and the polygraph he attacked. seven of them Second one was, if new evidence that the confession was coerced the polygraph videos that should all be presented. It should be taken into account. A good defense attorney would see these videos, see these polygraph tests and say hey. bring it all in the chair, the jury exactly how this guy was fumbling through his confession. And in an interesting move. The prosecution
I tried to get this dismissed. The judge said now we're not dismissing this, so it really understanding this threatening of a suspect that helps Christopher Taps case, move forward again This is where they'll say, but he did this and other people would say he didn't know his rights. Why? that so hard for people to understand. Again seven polygraphs That's insane, especially when polygraphs are not simple and court. Yet, if I was the defense attorney, I would say: yeah, let's bring those in, as you The videos they the polygraph, were, used as a interrogation technique and an effort, to course a confession in the Herr Gaiters, the police. They say they do, nothing wrong. They say this is part of our standard procedure, they said that we I think we were trying to cause harm
there wasn't any malicious intent. I think the is to find out the truth that was said police Captain Mark Mcbride we had asked a retired Ba giant agent to review these videos the gains the polygraph and this agent Gregg Macsharry, said I thought was interesting. He said, while the investigators should be commended for engaging in the best practice of recording, virtually all of their contact with Mr Tap, because we know It does always happen they became ensnared in a host of cod devices biases, which I take to mean figured they knew what had happened and were just trying to help that guy get there right. Yeah, that's nice way. To put it a very diplomatic way to put it in this case was featured on forty. Eight hours, which is on CBS, this was titled the dna of a killer once again, focus not only on Angie dodges murder, but of Chris's false confession.
This helps because the public can start see what happened here. If you just simply follow a case in the news and watch the press conferences by the Idaho. falls police department. Well You may not be getting the full story. It's Our twenty seventeen Christmas attorney was approached by the prosecutor with a plea deal and in this deal the rape charge was dismissed and The first degree murder sentence was two time served and Chris had to do was take the deal. which means he's admitting guilt, but gets to walk, free and Erin he's been behind bars for all eighteen years. At this point, it's really disgust. because you know if the prosecutors going to do a deal like this, where
it's going to let him out that they're pretty Much admitting he was involved. But since have him illegally. They don't really want to admit to anything like wrongdoing or a mistake, because they don't have to pay him anything by the way I Idaho is one of the vital fifty. States that doesn't offer compensation for the wrongly convicted, but it's the ego of the system that doesn't want to ever admit fault. They want to always cross your t's and dot daughter eyes and show that they did their due diligence. I feel like it's an over protection and it d humanizes the entire system, which is why It happens to be so cruel at times and who wouldn't take that deal. There might be some I get what you're saying it's really hard to say no
and you could say, look at their common at me with this deal then there's probably- way for me to fight this now. By the other hand, do you really spend another couple years in prison there so much pressure to get out of that situation that just like it was easy for him to confess now it's easy for him to say I'll. Take your deal. It's a deal that says. You. Don't get to make any other changes here. You don't get to file any other petitions. Whatever you just get to go home Maybe at the time that sounds like it's good enough. Did you watch the resentencing Justin a little bit yeah. It was in emotional re sentencing, where Carol her son Brent spoke and is kind of a big because they had believed for a long time like we said that Chris Tapp had been responsible Angie's murder, Brent. Basically, and I'm sorry I was wrong and
spoke for a long time. After a while, I almost thought wow you're talking so much. This is about you, it's there Emotion of I was for a long time, and I I'm looking at the guy who was wrongfully convicted and I feel, like, I can't just say a few words and walk away. I need to spend some time with him. I think she was coming from a good place and here's some of what she said go forward without bitterness and without a hardened heart in this day forward. It's up to you, the path that you choose, stay clean and stay. sober stay on track. When you feel strong, take big giant steps when you're weak lean on your higher power. Your mother has loved unconditionally throughout all of this, and now it's time you to give back. So I feel like saying I know you must have been through a lot, but I hope it does. Derail you completely. I hope that you take advantage of your freedom, but it was so kind of sad to hear because she's essentially saying you don't
have a lot that you're leaving prison with. But you do have your freedom. It was powerful I recommend people watch through they we sentencing hearing, because there's something about watching Christopher Tap sitting there with tears running out of his eyes and he was so appreciative that Angie, His family was able to embrace him and they actually did after the hearing he felt loved. He fell. like no matter what had happened in the past that things were, turning out better, they were going to be, ok like. You said earlier, when you're a family member of a murder victim. It's hard to look at that it's hard to remove your emotion out of there. In fact, I would say it's impossible and we for so many other cases where to it's blatantly obvious that it's a wrongful conviction, yet the families of the victims They know in their heart that dispersants guilty it's nice to see Carol, have the that change of heart and to support the sky
it's Carol who contain. he's pushing the police to find her daughter's murderer this moment after the hearing when Vera trap gets to hug her Chris, of course, they're crying Chris said I'm just great, for everything it feels different to not have handcuffs on? I want to prove everybody that I can be something and something right? I'm thankful for all the time and Gee Carol had given me, help me get to this point. She's continued. Leave him my innocence and I'm grateful now, one other, I about this if you watch the recent saying Carol Dodge indicates that the he's had told her that some of them would be there, they never showed up and she was disappointed. I guess, it up at the beginning of the episode just in but I one hand you can see how the police have worked very very hard to get answers this family. They have do over every stone, even after getting a conviction they continued on
which is amazing, because that doesn't always happen but on the other hand, it's like Chris disposable Chris Tap is a nobody and they know what's going down, they know that he is not involved but not showing him any care or any respect- and I don't know what that's, because can't because it'll admit to wrongdoing, but I think it goes a long way if would just show up and say we're here to support you, but they don't. Well, the Idaho falls. Police department decides to re, evaluate the dna in twenty. Seventeen and they're using parabolic now no labs its basis Virginia and able to isolate down further the rebel to amplify the dna and you these profiles of both male and female sides of the murders family too, I guess just
triangulate further down and get more names and get more matches Perabo, Abs, is essentially cecy, more she's known as the genetic detective. Is actually a show called the genetic detective and she's an expert and genetic genealogy. So the police will end up releasing dna profiles sketches of the man who raped and murdered Gee one sketch he looked like how he would have at twenty five. Then they an age progression. At age. Forty days, put it to Michael all they showed it to the family members. Nobody recognised this person. This is about to be a family member, nobody's recognising this sketch and you're too. Ussuri family. To answer dot com had a partial match. Yes, but this is where it's interesting. Justin is just because they figure
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the murder of Angie Dodge Well she's now saying that she had lied under oath during the trial. She said that the detective fed her information about the murder and claimed she Prob. Add suppressed memories from drug use. She felt pressured into testifying because they threatened her will charge you with a crime I doubt she had already told Carol Dodge a couple years. Fire that she had lied, but now She's coming out public with it. I brought cecy more Carol Dodge met with her and the d Nay, that was from the perpetrator of the crime was, put into GED match Jed match Gedmatch. aunt Cecy was looking through the Jenny, allergy and crew family trees. She was trying to figure out by partial matches where this suck act likely was in the tree, so they found out
that this person was actually further out in the tree, then they suspected and they thought someone who's not on our list. Essentially when that's done genealogy You know that it's it's your own investigation. You find somebody's name. You go and research documents you fight the obituaries. You look at Amy that are listed as surviving members of the family, there's a lot of investigative work that goes into genealogy and that's a centrally what cc's doing and she's aims the peace this together. Now, she found out was that was a woman who had a son with her first husband, but because the son born after they had split up the sun. had taken. The name of her second husband and that essentially hid him from them quite a while. So then, of course,
forwards, this information on to the police and they find this receipt, and some utility records that show This man did Idaho falls Idaho from April third August? Second, second, ninety, ninety six, and that this home was direct across the street, from where Angie was letting again, I have to give them props here. They isolated down a suspect they backtracked on reference to him and found Hey This guy was living across the street. This guy was most likely question. At the time of the murder, but he was. simply a neighbor with ties to are victim we want to see. If this person is the perpetrator, you need DNA. Luckily, actors who have been trailing this guy song scarred a cigarette, but they weren't able to find it, but the smoker, so they continue to follow them and then
may tenth two thousand and nineteen he threw another cigarette butt out of his car window. This one they found. They got fiction sample from this the dna going to see. Seymour was a match to the semen left at Angie's. Murder scene now earn they had few names of different people who they were following around and picking up cigarette but Cynthia finding Tibet. go to ensue keeping not up off the ground and stuff like that. There was a massive effort here, electing dna samples from a few different men, but This was the one that day re. home in on. I think, because he essentially been a ghost in the family tree because he took the name of. his mom's second husband so now I have a name Justin Brian Lee, senior The police forces
been going on for almost twenty years now, and I mean they don't want to mess this up, so they You a plan to bring a man. They were following them around and they knew that he would typically go to a convenience store every day and buy cigarettes well they're all in place to intercept him at this a convenience store. and he gets in his truck with his dog and he drives right past the convenience store, and at that point the police were thinking. Oh no We cannot fall Moran and then take em down somewhere else. Will you is going to his bank too, deposit some money, so the cops have to drought. How are we going to do this on the fly and they just say, plan for just going to intercept him when he walks out of the bank. So he goes in. He walks out. and that's when they go up and start talking to him
Fortunately, he had his dog with him and he said I can go to the police station with you, because I have my dog, but that's not a problem for the police right. They have a. They have a plan. This is very uncommon. This is very far This is something that I if you would only see in the movies, but one of the Officer says: hey man, I get it. Your dog means a lot to you I'll jump in, truck with you drop off your dog and then take you down to the police station. Our helpful I just think of how Michael the maker was treated. I just of how some of these other suspects retreated, I think of how other murders heck sore, but on the street are treated and its we because I understand that they want to do this right and they want to nail the sky, but the fact that we offer to drive back. His house, so he can drop off his dog like to me, I'm just thinking,
slam onto the concrete, take them in and have relative or a family member or the pound, pick up his dark, but they lead take his dog back to his house. It's it's just weird. he voluntarily goes into the police station and he will be interrogated for five hours and at least for the first three, Give those hours he's not admitting to anything. And, of course, this interrogations a little bit different than the one that Chris Tap had to go through their asking him. Just regular questions and finding him tripping up in some of his answers being inconsistent with stories and then slowly revealing to him hey we have some more evidence, tying you to this murder, and I don't know why
it's a big deal, but everywhere you read about this case Erin. It says that three hours in. Brian asked for a peanut butter sandwich. One of the tat went and got him the sandwich and shortly thereafter. They about all the dna results and he admitted to raping and murdering and Dodge, makes you if he was hungry or if he was looking to take some sort of a break because he was feeling the heat but, of course the Idaho falls Police department? They inform Cara Labrant, the developments in this case- and I may sixteenth, two thousand and nineteen- the police held a press conference, This is one where they, you know they patting themselves on the back quite a bit, which you know, there's a lot of deserve credit here for all the work they put in and they announce that they solved the case
when they ask about the arrest and about Chris for TAT, because he had already been convicted of the crime. The chief. Johnson said Chris map is another important part of this case that deserves it. Stay in the sunlight. That day is not today, today is about Angie. and you know I hate to say this- but I felt That was not quite I thought like. There was no empathy there I mean they're not even willing to acknowledge a wrongfully convicted victim not willing to speak to it, and- when you're representing lawn for when you're representing the state the system he got have some more tact there I honestly think that they should have some sort of PR representative go up the cameras, because it's just a sick level of respect that they did not show
To a man that spent almost twenty years behind bars, Brian drips, he didn't have any other crimes like this in his past, we had a misdemeanor driving without privileges and littering he had a misdemeanor drug possession. But nothing like this again. You just don't know who your neighbors are. so he was charged with first degree, murder and rape after his confession and His attorney immediately said. Well, he should be really because he has medical issues he requires pain management, medication, and the judge said I and I think we see that a lot with people that have grown old and gotten away with her describe crime there attorneys try, they do what they can, but sometimes yeah he's not deserving of a break here so Carol. Dodge and her son Brent started. A charity called five for hope. they wanted to raise money to help solve these unsolved.
Voters nationwide and because of this long journey with the dna they realized but like Cecy more while their amazed, and now there's more hope that these cases can be closed. And on July, 16th, two thousand and nineteen Christopher Tap, had a hearing to see if he would be exonerated of the of Angie Dodge and the prosecutor to dismiss the case and vacate the murder conviction. This was a good moment because The judge was well versed in its case and agreed and Chris officially exonerated of Angie's murder, something that just just don't see happen, often enough and on his way out of the courthouse Chris said. I hope that things get. Learn from this mistake, and I hope things get changed Chris, had no. recourse. At that point too, file suit or anything, because he had taken a plea. He had admitted guilt twice
nuclear so now it's maybe he'll, have some sort of justice? Maybe he'll be able to get some sort of retribution for wrong. That was done to him. And he made sure to bring up. Angie Dodge. He said I hope Nobody ever forgets her now Islam Chris Suit the Idaho False Police department and ask compensation. He said there violations to his first fourth, fifth, sixth, eighth and fourteenth amendment rights and Department replied, Idaho the police department is proud of the work done in recent months that led to the arrest of Mr Drips and edition. Information about the Anti Dodge case. The city has received notice of MR taps into to file a lawsuit and will participate in the process moving forward, but what really made a difference? I think, was in January of twenty twenty in Idaho State Representative, named Doug Rick's, introduced a bill, and
He wants to see people compensated when they're wrongfully convicted in Idaho, again Aaron. If state if a system will offer any of compensation, for doing Can we assign ego to a system? Can we assigned some sort of personality type to a whole process, because It blows me away that the city and law enforcement, if they can show that they did their due diligence and they convicted, you. According to the letter of the law, they don't suffer any repercussion. The system did the right thing, even though it was absolutely wrong and then when it says we don't even have to compensate you. If we did you wrong it's just the audacity of that. What was that conversation we had Justin. This was a case where there is clear,
evidence that these officers did their utmost best required on this case, and I know that everyone in this case cecy more the police. And everybody points back to Carol Dodge and said. If it wasn't for that woman but Sir, Actually, there is so much credit to be given to the officers here, but I think been nice. I know will find this unreasonable of me. But been nice to see some officer show up a crisper taps. We sentencing it's the little things. It's thee We know some stuff happening, but we, you know we care and I guess that's just asking too much, but when people ask us and say why are you so hard on law enforcement? Why he's dogging them. One we do always cover these clean cases because there's less to talk about. So there are many law enforcement officers doing solid work, and in this case they did solid work, but is that human element, that's missing when
obviously got the wrong guy, and so I will There is a lot of credit to be given to the officers in this case because, even after they the guy they thought. Did it they kept working. The case and when we seen other cases where the officers quit looking quit searching after they ve got, eviction, then this case does look brighter, but it would be nice. Subscribe on Apple, podcasts, Spotify or wherever you're listening right now join wondering class plus in the wondering app to listen ad free?
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