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July 22-23, 2015. Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015 at 11:30 pm a call came in to 911. The caller was twelve year old David Bever who reported that his brother was killing his family. This disturbing call from a nice suburb prompted an immediate response to the Bever home. Police found the home locked and blood was on the porch. By the next morning, five family members were confirmed dead, one was badly wounded, and another was found unharmed. The two older sons were located and arrested. What happened to this family and why? Join us as we discuss a case that involves isolation, obsession, and blood lust.

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and broken arrow. It send tulsa county oklahoma. This case basically takes place July. Twenty second in twenty third of twenty fifteen is very recent. No real, quick, broken oh area is really high. End nice part of town, it's rich suburbs, so not the place, of course. That people would expect the murders to happen. You it's. The old cliche things like this just don't happen around here. Well, we have a whole podcast where we talk about things that aren't supposed to happen round here. So I guess they do right? I think I read one article that was saying the worst thing that their use to in that area is maybe a broken mailbox or to develop family because its nice area. They obviously had some money. They had a nice big home David bever work for asia, Enterprise services April took care of their children. They had seven children. Robert ever was eighteen
michael, better. Sixteen crystal bever thirteen, Daniel beverage, twelve christopher was seven victoria, five and autumn the youngest. She was too big family and the parents were david Bever. He was fifty two years old and his wife was April. She was forty four neighbors are really who we have to go with. As far as information on his family because they didn't get out much the neighbors said that you would see the I'm leaving and there s you sometimes, but they pretty much state indoors that parents didn't let their children play with the neighbour kids, so for entertainment, the beverage children spent a lot of time on tablets and phones because despite being kind of kept in an isolated. They were alive access to the internet. It sort of a contradiction in my mind
do not allow your children outside to play with others yet allow them full access to the internet. I think family time would be. Well spent socializing your children as opposed to leaving them to the EU. Rules of the internet and whatnot one. That's the thing is they were trying to protect their children, from bad influences, but while the internet not a person per se, the content, american vary wildly. I can't really even get into. Why think the beverage were the way they were but does just how it was they even at a pool although neighbors reported not seeing the kids in the pool very much. If at all, so it's like, they have this nice big home, but they. pretty much stayed inside, I read one thing where they didn't even open. The pool up, meaning it was covered or empty. Most of the time the kids were home schooled that's another way. They kept them from social,
I or being around kids who might be bad influences, though or the oldest he was eighteen. He did have a job at a call center now, I give a little warning here at the beginning because of what happened in this case and as some of the victims are fairly young? I just but you know that I'll just an. I dont really go into too much detail on these things. We will have to talk about this stuff. There will be child murder It was Wednesday July. Twenty, two thousand and fifteen at eleven thirty p m at night, A nine on one call came in from the bevers home in broke arrow Oklahoma, the sun. Daniel was on the line, who was twelve years old, and you can listen to this call its available re much anywhere out there. at the beginning of the call Daniel is talking to the nine hundred one operator. He is very distraught and not exactly
answering the nine hundred one operators questions or he's trying to answer, but she's not understand what he saying but essential. he's asking for help saying Family is under attack. He says it's his brother. That's do Yet, although the nine one one operator, here's your father, so it's a miscommunication, the police are dispatched and arrive shore we, after the call they did not initially enter, but they forced their way in after hearing noises from sighed the house, such as people moaning in pain when they entered they found that there was blood on the front porch and they found the daughter crystal bever wounded. She at her throat slow and was in critical condition. They got her medical attention centre on an ambulance and continued further into the house where they found a nightmare,
Less than an hour later, robert and Michael who were eighteen and sixteen respectively were apprehended. They had been cooperative when they were countered by authorities they had been in the woods crystal their sister pointed them out as being the iter actors. So there's no mystery here. We have a call from one of their brothers. Tonight. I want one saying you know my bra did this, and then you have the sister, who is thirteen identifying them as the attackers. So we know right from the beginning that the oldest siblings in this home attacked their family now, while they were out in the woods the police dispatch, canine unit to hunt them down its reported that Robert was wearing some sort of home made body armor that the canine unit ripped off.
they were covered in blood and mud and just not in a good place, I personally think I'd rather be shot than have a canine unit. Come after me, it sounds like a more pleasure experience, but they were apprehended just a week later on July thirty. First, they were each charged with five counts of first gray, murder, one kind of assault and battery with intent to kill, Michael, was interrogated by the police and he was asked about the attacks. He went through a detailed account of what had happened. I think it's interesting because I hear I'm different officers that people usually readily speak two officers. They want to get things out their chests and I dont know If the age played a role here, for whatever reason he gives a detailed account
now. Michael, is somewhat matter of fact somewhat freaked out during this interview I think, he's being very open and not lying. I think he's telling the truth during this interview, because, as you'll see of the evidence lines up with his accounts at the story. He does seem a little weird it out by whereas his brother Robert well that's a whole other story. But what do we find out Michael. He says that the planning of these attacks began awry june thirtieth of that year of twenty fifteen, and he said it's because robber found that he could buy guns on the internet, and so he bought blocks a shotgun gun hundred and fifty shot gun rounds and about two thousand rounds of ammunition for the pistols. They were shipping ammunition to their house, You can imagine that their ordering
things, but their parents. Probably aren't you happy so it changed the plan as soon as he realized wait a minute our parents are like this. This is when we're going to go through with the plan the reason this plan was coming together. Truly was because especially Robert was into these notorious kill Yours who had done mass shootings like dealing, keep old eric harris james homes, the aurora shooter. They remembered their captain their home. They don't get to go out really. their spending a lot of time on the internet and their starting to find these videos on these reports of these killers. While or gets this idea that he can probably kill as many people as they or more so historian too. I guess you could say idolize he's guys, but then think he could one up them. Michael who a lot of time with his brother, they would hang out late into the night talking and watching videos
and things he was along for the plant. They were tighter than they were with any other siblings or even their parents, so they decided their family would have to die, they were planning more killing. so they needed start a home and they make their get away before this plan. Sorry to be carried out in terms of the murder as they already started going through their belongings. So they could get rid of some things that they didn't need anymore. I don't know you got that includes, but you could imagine maybe things from their childhood they no longer needed. I mean they were and be killers, so some stuff just needed ago. They were going to probably pack light when they took off the day that they choose was July twenty second at midnight. This was because the shipping patient show them that their package of ammunition was arriving the next day, so they needed to take out the family before they happen. Now they plan to
murder their family with knives or blunt force, a beating them and not use gun so to essentially do a silent killing robert and Michael had assigned each other family members. They were going to murder and in what order they were going to be murdered in this plan. Right, because their first victim was to be crystal. They call her into their room, so they could say hey. Would you check this out? So she walks over to the desk with a computer is, and robert grew her by putting his hand over mouth and attempted to slit her throat, but she dropped the ground she's freaking out and as Robert is trying to stab her there mom entered the room. Robert attack, the mother. At that point, so the mom walks into the room and sees her daughter has been injured, horribly
and she start screaming- call nine when one call the police, but it hasn't dawned on the mother that the daughter has been attacked by the boys. It's probably in her head. A terrible accident has happened and she wants to get somebody to the house to help so she's caught off guard when she's attacked by her own on Robert is killing his mother crystal manages to get outside the home, which sets off the home security alarm. So Michael went over the, doors we get disabled out alarm and then Robert went back after crystal and pushed her into a bench that was on the front porch and was trying to choke Robert then goes back into the house because he thinks that he's killed her and Michael drags crystal into the house, so that she's not outside now
and robert and michael are back in the home. Their dad comes, rushing out of his room occur, into the testimony that is given he russia's straight out robert, but robert is ready. While there is a little bit of a fight put up, he has managed to stab his dad enough time said he is rendered him incapable of defending himself anymore. These deaths that happen, these murders Their stabbing deaths with their also quite often ending with slit throats, know the rest of the family. Here's the commotion and scatters two different rooms and lock the doors because they want to save themselves and that's where we have daniel calling nine when one so. The seven in the five year old, christopher and Victoria, in the bathroom and Michael starts by on that door outside that
or, of course, is robert, and he points his knife at his brother and says, get me in there and so Michael says. Let me in he's going to kill me so the door is unlocked. And Michael just kicks it in this is such an under handed way. I mean his siblings, think he's in trouble and let her men to save him when he was lying the whole time just to get them to open the door and that's what gets them murdered after bird stabs his two younger siblings, to death. He then his way to the office. Oh Daniels in there and once again, Michael played that same ruse, he banged on the door. He asked hey, you need to let me in Daniel obliges unlocks the door Michael notices he's these on the phone and he checks the phone. He can tell him on the phone with the authorities with the police
So he takes the found from him and destroys it now, as an eerie moment, Nine one one call where you hear him pick up the phone and say hello and Daniels already being murdered at that point stabbed to death by robert at this point in time. Everyone has been it acts, except for autumn. She was two years old. She was her room. Some report say that the boys forgot about her, but I think its most likely that they had gunnar they just ran out of time, because the authorities are on the way. So they had to make their get away the only other person that had survived at that point was crystal. She was in the entry way and she was bloody, but she was hang in there, so they gather up their survival supplies and what not
That's when Robert puts on this body armor, but I think it's something that he made himself or stick together himself? They exit the home run out the back to the wooded area they were planning on guy. A car and driving to washington state in doing a killing along the way. But there plan to murder their own family had not gone in such a way that its now kind of put a damp on their plan in their having to flee on foot. One of the important questions that the detectives had four Michael was: who did the attacks now Michael admits that he was a part of that but he didn't knowingly, kill anyone, but he had stabbed his brother Daniel and had stabbed him other. He claims that he only stabbed him in the shoulder and he intentionally missed already during his statements.
He saying that he was scared of his brother, Robert, such as to distance himself from these murders. yeah, there's a feeling that he was trying to put the blame and a robber, because robber was the one who came up at the plan. There is also this air about his testimony. That seems to indicate that he partially to help his brother. He was when he looked up to there. Is this part of him that his bothered by what happened, but he also was afraid of robert I also wanted to help him. So I think there's some difficulty in his mouth, sorting this out go also said that before he laughed, he went around talking to his siblings, because not all the maker, lately died by the time they were leaving. He said he was Why didn't you know that he was on their side? I don't know if that's his way, just trying to protect himself in case there are
survivors but as you'll find out that didn't go his way. The detective informs Michael that he's going to be talking to robert and any surviving family members, Michael seems to think he's covered, doesn't seem to respond. Much to this, statement from the investigator, so he's like. If you have anything else, need to say before we go, You want to get it out now, because once we leave we're gonna go talk to Robert, I guess Michael's response was simply that he didn't think that Robert whatever, and story because Robert wouldn't lie now when the investigator, do bring in robert ever he's somewhat excited to tell the story and is laughing in cracking jokes, while he retails the massacre of his own family, it's hard to watch. If you see this interview- and it came out that robert,
had told Michael here's the plan and said I'm doing this, no matter what you decide to do, but if you do so not to do with me. Then I will have to kill you so michaels not exactly lying when he says his brothers threatening him or he scared of him, but he's not exactly challenging him either and, as we heard he's coaxing his siblings out of locked rooms, so robber can kill He went after his own mother, so Michael definitely has a hand in this, regardless of his fear of robert they had talked to Robert and where the detectives ahead spoken with Michael talked those other detail. Is, and then he went back to talk to Michael d. Tell him hey. You haven't told us everything. We know this because we have now heard from Robert. He say
The EU stabbed more than one person and because Michael didn't, Your family was talking about. The detective then said well was either that or that you had said someone more than one time, and That's when Michael acknowledged that and said that he stabbed Christopher more than once christopher his seven year old, younger brother, so when we say that we felt like he was being honest the kind of situation where the detail wasn't quite correct, but I mean it's pretty close everyone's goin try to distance themselves when they tell a story except for Robert actually roberts revelling in it. Because again, Robert has idolized mass shooters idolize serial killers. whereas Michael seems to be the tag along little brother, whose very impressionable
because these too are being charged with first green murder. They must be tried as adults- that's just oklahoma law. They are scheduled to being court on. this third of twenty fifteen on a monday, their arraignments, they appeared visa video call their lawyers just entered a plea of not guilty on behalf of each of them. I guess that's because that's a standard procedure, as is the default plea here. You can change it to guilty later, if you like, but it's always better to plead, not guilty right out, relegate Eric bands, who is a detective he had been present for the interviews with both of the brothers. He said that Robert was laughing or chuckling while describing he and his brothers plan to murder their family It was also revealed that they would kill five random people. Each location they went to. They had a plan to become famous serial killers.
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Quality ingredients mean a healthier and happier life for your kitty. Try small today, customize your sampler through a short ways at small doc slash generally for total fifteen dollars off your first order that small last suggestion why code jen, why? The detective also talked about how crystal who has survived. This attack had said that robber plant kill his sister autumn, the two year old by beheading, her with an axe and when crystal about this? She actually went and told her mother about it and said robert talking about killing people her mother. I guess I didn't it seriously? She just couldn't imagine that, was a real thing. She thought her son, mrs joking. I get it in the family and you're trying your heart is too
your son or your children, and the best light. But that's pretty morbid thing to say, and I would hope at some point a red flag would have been raised before this incident happened. Robert was also asked. Why would you do this? Why would you want to murder people become a serial murderer like this. He said that when you take another person's life, it makes you godlike. I don't know where he learned that from, but that was his belief in some way. Maybe it was tis fascination with mass murderers. He saw. The mass godlike, so he felt that he would gain that power There is a journalist that was. This arrangement and she told some other reporters that she heard Robert tell detectives That he was glad he was wearing body. Armor kevlar, honest, is because he said some of them tried to bite him when he was attacking them.
Other gruesome details here by think will spare you, but I believe that when they occur did the stab wounds for all of the victims. They were well over a hundred and forty total, mostly to the net. area. Obviously they collected evidence from the home and everything wind up with the broad. Statements- this is pretty easy for that judge to ruled out there was plenty of evidence to go to trial and give them five counts. First to be murder. Peace. One other interesting thing that came out, though, was that Robert said that he was beaten his parents when he was thirteen. I dont This is his way of trying to explain the person he had become, but I get He wanted them to know that his parents were abusive before it went to trial. I june seventh in point sixteen robert ever attempted to take his own life. He tried to hang himself with a sheet
but he was found. for any serious harm could be done. They and put him on suicide watch and kept him alive, Just as you said, he was going to take responsibility and robert did just that. What happened on and they September seven twenty sixteen robert pleaded guilty and took a plea deal to avoid the death sentence. Obviously, five council, first to be murder, reaches the threshold of capital punishment, but with this plea deal he's going to get life in prison without the possibility of parole. The district attorney and tulsa steve cons weiler said that he made this decision because he knew if they went after the death penalty. in this case that these sisters of robert, both crystal in autumn would have to testify. I don't know how they get autumn to testify, because she's only about three at that point, but it's just
in the family in mind, and it's a balance. You know you need to block this guy out. We need to bring justice for this family, but I mean is it worth making crystal go through this and I think they made the right decision there personally, but obviously, with a death penalty case, there's going to be appeals and drags on four up two decades and autumn at that point would be able to testify. Although I do said she was an old enough to understand what was happening, but still they're saving it for crystal the judge. Overseeing the case was judge Sharon holmes. She entered a not guilty plea for all because he wasn't speaking the attorney for Michael rob, nigh add to the judge that she could count on a mental health defence for Michael asked for a trial day for him or pretrial hearing was.
Four april, eleven twelve, seventeen and the trial was set for june. Fifth, twenty seventeen at this point crystals fifteen. Sixteen, the attorney for Michael nigh. he wanted. This whole thing dismissed because he said Michael is being tried as an adult and just doesn't make sense. The judge wasn't going to hear it. And she said now he's going to retrain as an adult, but he was sent or a mental health evaluation october eleven point. Sixteen, There are some serious questions about the mental health of both robert and Michael better. They seemed of sound mind and body during the police, Variations plan, this very coherent manner, but then again it's not all about or they saying they have taken due account their age and their mental capacity now
as we know you can charge a minor as an adult, but In them a life sentence isn't exactly cos traditional anymore as well from our firefighter case, but the judge still is going forward with charging them, both with five counts, which is inevitably going to result in a light, Long since friday April twentieth, twenty eighteen, michael bearer, went to trial and his sister crystal better back there, and when this was going on, she was just identified. As c b testified. Visa closed circuit tv, she was sixteen now and she testified as so. how the whole thing unfolded, she said that when she was attacked, she ran to her room to try and find her phone but as she was moving. She decided just to try and get out of the house which he managed to do,
She heard her mother screaming She also said- and this is a bit disturbing- that ashley running. She realised that part of one of her organs was coming the whole in her stomach. While robber was packing her and then later I was drawing her back in the house. She was actually going in and out of consciousness, and she s said that's when it really sunk in that her brothers were behind this jury heard the nine one one call made by Daniel Bever. He was twelve at the time and the operator took the call. Lisa Smith also testified. She said that she heard. The collar say my brother's attacking my family and that she could hear him say. Michael and please don't murder me thus putting Michael FF
firmly in the position of murdering his own family, regardless of whatever he says. His motives were being afraid of his brother he's the one that's gaining access and entry to these laws rooms and he's the one that's gone after multiple members of the family. You can say sure Robert did most of the stabbing, but Michael is not free and clear. In the situation, Robert took a plea. Deal he's guilty, he's never getting out of prison the public defender, cormorant brewster, wanted to save Michael did what he could. He started. Establishing that it was robert who is behind all this. It was robert who was into serial killers. It was really just because Michael was under the spell of robert that he was involved in this, and so he's trying to minimize the intend tier of my. Or to say that he was willing
going along with this fully. This was more of a brother is threatening me. My brother is my whole world. I dont know what to do, and so, spare my client, essentially anyone to establish how's robber, who was getting on the internet and ordering weapon ordering ammunition that it was over who is into these violent films and violent videos and had planned this whole thing. So, in other words, yeah Michael, was there. He moving around the house with robber, but it was robert who is key everyone you have to understand legal situation, because he was stuck in this constantly his parents sheltered him all. He knew was his brother. He didn't have other influences. He didn't have friends at school, he was homeschooled, so
thing, he's learned it been from his brother. His whole world is robert. Who has gone down this very dark path. I get it. It is a mitigating factor in his actions. He also went on to say that there are abuse in the home by David, better echo and robert had suffered physical and mental abuse. Again, I don't think you can present a better case. They already have testimony. That shows that Go is a part of this, but now that France, is just trying to say, hey pudding, context, everyone. It turned out that, despite there being Cameras in the home. They didn't find any footage of the killings, or at least it and bring it in a trial. And not only did they not bring in any footage, but they didn't bring in. I think the autopsy photos either right.
there are certain things that weren't going to be allowed in judge home. She she made some decisions here, one of the things that. didn't allow n was Michael's journal. The attorney brewster said it included a confession to crimes. I guess you could say, that's prejudicial yeah between that and showing photos of your murdered family very prejudicial. So she was really making this a fair trial for Michael. I applaud her, even though I actually disagree with her. I applaud her for her fairness. They had taken. three hundred and fifty eight photos of the home and the victims. The jury saw less than half of those photos. They didn't see any of the crime scene photos and they didn't see any of the autopsy photos, the defence is trying to set it up as Michael,
is going along with this, because he is being threatened by Robert as well as robber was basically as world and the prosecution is just methodically going through the evidence, so Everyone understands the violence that took in the home and the devastation that occurred there. It's kind of interesting, because that's what you would want if you're prosecution on this you'd want them to go with the evidence. If you have an interest in the defence there and you would want them to say, hey you can't lump this on. Michael has really just robert and you need to have some mercy on Michael here now, one of the things that institution does try to do? Is there is testimony here to indicate that Michael had smirked at some point? Of course that's denied but you put that in the jury's mind that Michael was enjoying this for some reason, then you can't minimize this uk
say: oh well, he was forced to go along with this. He was a belated and going along with this. If he smirking right, I hate that they bring this up, because it's such a petty tie- and I think the Evidence against Michael is strong enough that they dont need to poland. Pettiness like that. I think also The reason why they did it was because that offences putting up this whole thing. Oh well, Michael, had no choice here really, and you can't just let the defence play their game without quest. bring it. They also try to say that Michael never showed any signs of remorse now. I would think that it's quite possible after all this happened that it might turn a bed for this. All there really sink in my going, Sixteen so we're His maturity level at You can imagine, even though they didn't show allow the images that were taken from inside the house. Some people
add real issues. Looking at the images, that they saw while they were testifying so you had people choking up and getting. pretty upset again. Many of the victims were young children and while they had the detective on the stand, he was walking. the jury in a very matter of fact way through the murders and when a pitcher of the daughter came up, he broke down on the stand which seeing a large grown man whose seen at all breakdown, add it's not gonna help the defences Yes, there is a detention officer who testified he had found a notebook, in Michael's possession. He said the drawings inside were morbid and violent based on what was in the snow book. It made him think that, Michael
was either suicidal or homicidal he had given the network to a jail, psychiatrist, prosecution. wanted to show this notebook to the jury, but I guess is deemed inadmissible and prejudicial right, I'm not sure because there are a lot of talk about it and so that This testimony comes in it was you is to show at least when the prosecution side, that Michael's mental state really lent him to being a part of these murders, because the note book was filled with violence. There was testimony by megan jones of the oklahoma state bureau of investigation they'd found a bloody handprint by the front door. This was crucial evidence that showed Michael had dragged crystal back into the home when she was
to escape its important, because the defences saying there's no proof that he murdered any of his siblings or his parents, but they can. Show that he was involved in the murders. Well, if you rob a liquor store and I'm dr in the car and I'm an x three. If you shoot that cashier or I'm an accessory just to the robbery now, let's say the cashier at the look restores trying to escape in, I grab them and dragged them back into the liquor store. You can finish them off, come on. This is really showing that he was an active part in this when the clothing had been tested for dna. Now the investor I really just trying to have proof of the involvement of each them in the murders, and, while others testimony and robert seemed a really come clean and Michael, seem to come clean. It was interesting to see what dna profiles were lifted from the clothing and rob
His clothing had dna, hence from six victims, Michael's clothes, had dna evidence from his mother and so The defence is saying, look he's only got dna from his mother on his clothing. So you say he went around killing anyone and, of course they have robbed. stashed testimony. They have Michael's testimony. And again, it is proof that he wasn't actively trying to taking one's life. Although I would say the fact that he's helping his brother access to lock rooms and they used right in his sister back in after she loved well, you can imagine at this point the jury. Is thinking. Okay, You don't have proved that he wheeled at a knife and stab someone to death, but he's involved when the defence presented their case. They actually put robert on the stand
which interesting strategy pretty much need to show that Robert was the perpetrator of most of this, and hopefully lesson Michaels All robber gave testimony these hailing the abuse for the jury and talked about the way his parents spoke about the rapture and the biblical upon ups he's trying to explain the kind of house that they live dan and possibly explain why things turned out the way they did so at sea. Like he's putting the blame, lies parents, but then he's also Cracking smile laughing ways ass if he too can interest in mass killing and, most importantly, Robert says that he did all the stabbing and he never saw Michael attack anyone. He said that they acted in their own ways, meaning he was the aggressor.
And Michael was just along for the ride, which that is going to help Michael's case out immensely. If anyone's going to believe robert and his work Most of you know, I've been an audible subscriber for like a decade now, audible offers an incredible select of audio books across every genre. I personally love the audible originals. They have everything from top celebrities. down experts and, as an audible member, I get access to a growing selection of audio books, the originals podcast, it's all included in my membership. I get one title a month to keep and I get to hear exclusive podcast that I can't find anywhere else. I just but the audio book anti social about online extremism, techno, utopians and the hijacking of the american conversation
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so. I guess you could say that point he's just trying to say that Michael was telling the truth and that he had tried to amplify Michael's involvement, but in reality Michael's involvement was much less, but On the other hand, they have all information about what they plan to do after their family was murdered and how they were go on killing sprays so again, the jury's paying attention they might just discount. What robert saying at this point Has it doesn't really matter Mary was shown drawings from the network and the notebook had some very upsetting drawings in it, including murderer, swap because white power hale satan? This is Michael's no book. You could say that the prosecution does a good job. At the end of saying this is disturbing
The murders were disturbing. His notebooks disturbing he's dead, irving- and we can't let him have any chance of getting out because more death would probably follow novice, either france is trying to say that these are drawings there really crude, that's not really significant, but I'd say It's not something the jury's gonna buy as adjusting. Well. If you are trying to say, ask him or something before the murders. Based on these drawings, you could say that they're just drawings, but after your family's, been wiped out there, not just drawings anymore. Defence there last. I guess you could say gasped here. The last try that they have is to say, Michael, sixteen when this went down, but his mental age. really that of a ten year old and his whole. Was his brother
you take that into account. The jury they go. Whole this case they took five hours to deliberate and they returned guilty to five counts of first agreements. and one count of assault and battery with intent to kill the jury was very emotional. This wasn't easy for them to do. They understood this is a child by they felt like this is what they have to do now, half of them I think it was six of them actually passed an old along to the judge, saying please let him the chance at getting out at some point, approbation that was on may eleventh. This sing wouldn't happen till later that year in august and judge homes. Wanted to really consider everything, because this was going to be pretty intense, you're sentencing, someone who is a child at the time for multiple cow the first ray murderer, but
you use the when you're calculating this well Michael talk to the judge and said I about what happened every day. I think about how this could have different. He really hope too of a normal life some day by the adoptive mother of crystal and autumn testified as well. She gave testimony to the fact that these girls would have to look over their shoulders if he ever got out so I think there is some sympathy on their part. They don't really want to see their brother puts death, but, so don't want him out because what they went through was very, very traumatic. The judge knows that you can't exactly sentence a child to a life sentence it just unconscious. traditional now she has to find a happy medium. She has defined, what's not considered a licence, but still enough time.
But then, on the other hand, he helped to wipe out his family what it did decide. What does she decide on august knife of twenty eighteen justin well She sentences him five consecutive licences totalling two hundred and fifty three years. That's pretty much a licence, but He is eligible for pearl, probably not in his lifetime. We cover these kinds, cases. These are some of the darkest cases, because, when you're in your own home there's a certain comfort there, you feel during your own home, when you don't oh that you have a family member plodding against you I can't imagine the trauma that goes along. That's in addition to the physical drama that happen during these killings. I think teenagers are impulsive. They get wrapped up in
horrible ideas and plans I know what I was a teenager. I did a lot of stupid things. Luckily I wasn't a violent teenager. Something like this would have never been even considered by me. But then again I was socialized in our normal public schooling system This is something that, when I read about cases like this, I don't condone it. I don't think it's nor, I guess I do know how why they did it in the sense that their idiot teenagers, who think differently they don't think about the consequences, So any idea in their head can sound like a good idea. This is the difference when we sit back and read these things were like what are they thinking? Why would they do this? This is just
insanity and their evil, but talked any teenager. Ask him about their plan. Ask him about what they're doing Are you gonna get some really ignorant answers and it just sucks that these guys never were caught. The red flags never raised to the level where their parents, intervened or any of the siblings. Besides their sister intervened, tried to stop it. The train had left the station point. They were on a one way track to kill their family. I dont know that the home schooling, or the isolation had a lot to do it, I'm sure some people would say that it did. I just feel like Robert ever given the way that he acted during the killings and after the killings that there is something more going on with him and so I think it's as simple as he
abused. He was kept at home and he was homes gold. I think maybe that might have helped him care less about his parents. You know when you think about the possible abuse, or the isolation, but I think there is more going on with him than can be explained by simply the way he was raised. Robert had been diagnosed. This is after he had been arrested and gone to prison. He had been diagnosed with multiple mental health issues, including major depression, with cardiff tendencies, borderline personality, disorder and ptsd, one that I found really interesting in this case, was in march of twenty seventeen, the better homework was vacant by then had caught fire and basically by
and up this is interesting to me, because the city, a broken arrow, had been wanting to purchase his home so they could get rid of it and turn it into a park. I'm not trying to accuse anyone of anything, but it just sort of worked out. Oh, and I think that their plan to make it a memorial park. So this did work out. I mean an abandoned house, people vandalize, lightning strikes who knows, but it caught fire somehow. So the city took this opportunity to go forward with plan. May thirty, a twin seventeen was when the groundbreaking ceremony occurred. And the city saw it as a way to move forward in the best way that they could, on July, fifteen twenty nineteen robber bever, who was at the Joseph harp correctional centre
to staff members, a psychological clinician and a social service, a specialist he attacked them with a sharpened instrument buds his plan was foiled, I a bare hug, the social services specialist, grabbed him and took his weapon away. I guess you could say that robert Bever is not done. He's incarcerated, If he has an opportunity, he will commit violence again. I absolutely thing Robert is a psychopath and a danger to society Michael, on the other hand, I could try to give him a pass. Maybe they can. give him a chance at life later on, but he definitely has to understand the ramifications of his actions and get whatever rehabilitation. Our system has to offer. I don't know that the public can forgive Michael for what he did.
I dont know if there's any way to explain away the fact that he let rob- get access to his siblings, who world behind doors that Robert couldn't have and into unless Michael had pulled. His ruse away did
the Annie Lee Bailey came to hollywood with a dream. She wanted to be someone famous when she married
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