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Catherine Woods - 322


November 27, 2005. New York City, New York. Catherine Woods was a 21 year old dancer from Ohio who had moved to New York several years before to pursue a career in theater. Joining her in New York was an on again off again boyfriend, David Haughn, who lived with her in a second floor apartment in Manhattan. Catherine had also dated a man there by the name of Paul Cortez who was active in theater, music, and was a yoga instructor. After the young dancer was found murdered in her apartment one November evening, these two former love interests of Ms. Woods would both be considered suspects. Both seemed to have motives and both were confirmed to be in the area around the time of the murder. A bloody fingerprint and disturbing journal entries from one of these men shifted the focus of the investigation. But did detectives ignore crucial evidence in their quest to find the killer?

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