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November 12th, 1988. Hockessin, Delaware. Charles Cohen brutally attacked both his parents, then repeatedly stabbed them to ensure they were dead. Charles didn’t snap in a fit of rage. He carefully planned out exactly how he would murder his parents. But his crimes didn't end with the murders of his parents...

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in Hokosa Delaware November. Twelfth nineteen, eighty eight background, Doktor, Martin Cohen, he was other of one Charles our Cohen, and he of his family. He also worked at a hospital, as a psychiatrist. This was Delaware State Hospital, and it was said that he worked hard to make it a better place for patients. His wife at all around generally was a Broadway actress way back when from Chicago She also worked as a: U S, army, instrumental mechanic back then, and then later in occupational, therapist and time of it parents. She was the one that you say maybe voted on her son more simply. He was a man. Boys, they call it, but she felt
Charles, could do no wrong and was very pretty develop him so Martin met his wife when they were looking at the Mental Health Institute in Jacksonville Illinois, so they spent about five years in Illinois, beef, They moved to. Delaware another son. He liked play tennis. He attended gales, bark high school was considered a very good student, but some time later in his teens he acting out acting up. He became the class clown and you know if you read up on this case- probably the most part long story about him is that he would walk into a fast food joint and a seizure, so course people, russia- but to help him and m, tease are called, but then he would jump up and say never mind he gradual made it in nineteen. Eighty two,
enlisted in the Marines but dropped out after a few weeks he had been caught with drugs, Now his dream was to be in a band T certainly gave it ago me joined a bad name, bourbon and clorox, but yeah. I think he didn't quite fit in well with there's an damn he's, probably difficult to work with, but I dont think it's easy for me. To be in bans. Would you say, Justin now. There's always artistic differences and what not end a band called bird. in Clorox, I dont, know what they're topic Their subject matter would be, but assume that they wouldn't take themselves that seriously yet it said most of his lyrics were about a strange man following them around with a gun, so little darker compared to the sort of
ridiculous of the name of the band. He tried dating eyes, try because he did have a relationship with a girl that went on for a short while, but she was afraid of him and she broke up with them Now, according to people in the no Charles was kind of depressed and also begin and having violent and sexual fantasies, and he developed a bit eating disorder and began using drugs again so whether drugs that he liked to take was lsd. Apparently took it many times between one thousand nine hundred and eighty four and one thousand nine hundred and eighty six about this time at those, nor sixties and she's not doing that well, her health has declined, she had no problems. Arthritis. She had walked Cain and she had high blood pressure. Her husband, Doktor Martin developed colon cancer
So this is a rough time for any family. When you know both your pay, and sir having this use and your probable. As a child. Maybe getting the attention you're used to and your struggling with drugs and dropping out of the military. There is a lot going on here, but teen. Eighty eight Martin has father was offered a job as the director in the Delaware State Hospital. and it's the largest mental health facility in in that state, this is going to put some stress on the family too. and I'm sure that the Sun Charles having to uproot as life and leave all friends didn't help much so other things about this hospital was they had multiple directors in there a few years and so the great thing about doc,
Martin Cohen, was that he promised the staff that he would stay until we actually retired, so they expected him be there awhile. He was fifty eight years old. So that was that was totally isabel. As long as ever went well with his health, etc. He was there seven months he was helping them with all of somebody. One of their issues was their public reputation and you can imagine with all these directors going in and out that probably didn't help things theirs they like having a good, capable person, writing the ship right and knew it think that somebody that works as a doctor and a director add a mental health facility, would have a good girl aspen knowledge on a letter and need or people that her and having a mental health crisis But it seems that sometimes you might have your blinders onto the ones closest to you. Charlie
was enrolled as an art student at the University of Delaware and what we how about his she could say happiness level. Having moved from Illinois to Delaware is bad on a letter that he wrote to a friend and in the law He wrote my father and especially my mother would need my help in Delaware and so sad, facing my own happiness for them. I moved to Delaware, about you just in there, but it certainly sounds like he didn't want to go by felt like he had two and he's not happy about going there, obligation because of the I guess healthy is that his parents are having and the boy him not being able to really take care himself. He's gonna go under dollar, so he gets a job at a gas station and he meet some new friends and he's able to start a new band
One is John Hinkley, kids and I'm sure people know that is, but if you don't John Hinkley, was the man who attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan, what a name of a band so November, twelve nineteen. Eighty eight. This is the day in question. Just in there was a regular day for the family as both of his power, we were awake that evening. It was around eight or nine. P M: they were watching tv downstairs. Now the house is set up, his parents, pretty much lived downstairs and the upstairs belongs to Charles their son. Charles will end up calling down to his dad and telling to come upstairs, so he could show his latest artwork. So Martin goes upstairs and goes in and looks
to the artwork and when his back is turned Cha girls takes a ten pound metal dumbo, and smashes his father in the back of the head, strikes him repeatedly and will fall down to his knees, but he said conscious and you end up trying to fight Charles off but Charlie is going to continue beating him once Martin is pretty much capacity did Charles stabs him with a pocket I've just to make sure he was dead. Now he stamped his dad all over. He sat in the chest the neck, the thigh that back in the stomach and they believe that, even though he was fairly incapacitated that he attempted to triumph and often because there were a few defensive wounds on his hands. Now it's at this point, that Charles comes back out
the stairs and calls out for his mother- and he says, mom dad, fell down, come up and look quick and so Ethel who has bad knees and is not in the greatest health she runs upstairs she finds her husband laying their at that she's turning around to face Charles right. When he's swinging the dumb bowed to her and he beat her with that dumb and she to defend herself, but she can do anything to a young guy, like Charles with a ten pound dumbbell, think anyone really could for that matter. Butter there. She fell down. He used the night to finish her off too, He had taken the the portable cordless phone up with her tissues intending to call for help for her husband, but You didn't get a chance.
Charles was afraid that, it made so much noise. and commotion that he looked out. To his neighbors houses, to see if any of them were look at him or calling the police in he way to see if the police were gonna, show up and then, when he decided Everything was safe. He brow sacked the house. did any money and jewellery or valuables that he could find he made no effort. Clean up the crime scene now, stolen what five to seven hundred dollars from his parents and his next stop now taking one of their cars was to go by cocaine, but apparently he was unhappy with the amount that he was being offered. So he went with his dealer too, ask your Pennsylvania so that Charles
could acquire more drugs. But what happened when you went to go, get more drugs Justin well. when you shop to your drug dealer with more money than they have drugs and in demand that they find more drugs for you, sometimes drug dealer is gonna take advantage. So they re Charles at gunpoint and take his money. I'm travel how bad form him right. Yeah! Ok, that original deal went bad but Charles, really wanted more cocaine, so here that driving back to Delaware, to drop, is drug dealer off now the one I had gone with them, and then he went back to China sir by himself. He met another dealer there who did get him to the drugs you wanted. They went to focus in and park behind the post office. so he tells this dealer to wait in the car any saying you know I've got to vehicles
to sell one of them and if we can and do that then I'll give you half the money from the sale, so he's planning to sell the families Nissan and he's going to drive the Ford L Tv, so this other drugs color is driving the Nissan, but he just takes off in it So now he doesn't have the second car. So he got twice now once when he was trying to buy cocaine and can time when the other drugs. Took off with his family's car, got it life and ass line right. Yes, he's some he's commit two murders he's bought drugs ay doesn't really have much to show for all this because We have a originally had the five to seven hundred dollars wherever that was, but he didn't get any credit or anything like that, so he is very limited funds he murdered as parents. Ali got was a car in a few hundred dollars. That's how
much value he placed on his parents lives. Why think? That's just it, I think, it was just about murdering them. I don't think he did it for profit. I think that was after thought. It was like that, let's see what's around Martin, like I said, Patty but on Monday November fourteenth, he didn't show up for work and because he had been so reliable, they took this to mean someone go and check on him so two of his coworkers decided to head to his home that afternoon and while they knocked they even ended up calling the real ter who rented this home to the Cohen's, that's who let them in and that's when Marty, and at those bodies were discovered, so the These are brought in of course, and when got to the scene. They started around. They couldn't find Doktor Martin, or Ethel's son and the family vehicles were both gone
so they didn't know what was happening here. They had no idea. You're gonna keep tabs on Charles cuz, they don't know if he's a victim or suspected this point by Everyone has a teen or a schedule they stick to. They're waiting to see if Charles shows up for his classes the following week and of course he doesn't and die After looking through the crime scene, finding there was no forced entry and that the entire- attack happened upstairs and Charles's Penal LAW Charles is bedroom were in his bedroom with a bell from within the house that who knows if they had the floor, your prince off, that dumb bell, but I'm pretty sure they did because at this point the police put a bollo. Were Charles and the Black Ford L tv and they knew which car he was an because the new sound was found November, fifteenth so that
The day later, this was all coming together rather quickly and here's another thing that have and while his parents there was a few, girl New York. There is a memorial service on November. Twenty first Charles was not in attendance, so There was a warrant issued for the arrest Charles Mark Cohen charging him with counts of first gray, murder and two counts of possession of a deadly weapon during a felony. So it's from this not just in when he's on the run down his conning people out of money, doing whatever it can to make it he'll end up in LOS Angeles, now Anyone that lives in LOS Angeles knows that there is a three things. that you can rely on and that is death taxes and park
tickets or parking violations and are apparently was a parade route that he had parked the Koran. It had been toad. Is there mess around out there? They they is tell your car usually a boot it, but since it was Christmas parade, they just Every single car that was on that road, including his car, back in a slow charlestown he's gonna go do the impound lot and can and the attendant there that he has left something inside of the car that he needs to go, get he's getting in that car and drive off and try to run over the parking lot. Impoundments attendant on his way out the door so yeah. He is now a con artist and trying to kill people they get in his way. This part sponsored by better help online therapy this month, better help
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so he moved on to another city because he was worried that they were coming after him. So it's February 23rd, one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine I mean he's been on the run for a while. He ends up. Befriending Wells Fargo Banking, executive name, Conrad Lutz now, is a very Successful single gay man and they hang out takes Charles out for dinner and invites him back to his house. It's at that point. When Charles decides that he's probably going to kill Conrad, but he is waiting for the right moment. I guess because the next morning, Conrad gets up and go to work here, Charles some money to buy food and tickets to the movie theater and
Charles is promising him a special night that night when he gets back. But of course, when let's get off work and comes home. They have dinner and they get back the apartment at around seven thirty Charles is either ice cream and watching a movie and he notices all of nice, expensive things that Conrad Lutz owns TV, stereo system and so tat night when they go to bed Charles leave, the room says: hey, I need a minute ago, freshen up and instead He goes and grabs a knife, a dagger he had hid in the living room earlier that day and he comes back. proceeds to stab Conrad LOTS and the heart com I will try to fight him off, but Charlie, As you know, you just can t stabbing him over and over.
kill almost and just like before he had murdered his parents. He doesn't tried to manipulate the scene at all. He just cleans himself changes his clothes and they start looking for things to take. But while he he's looking around in play looting the place he has a knock and this because the neighbours there was a fight, and so they had called the police, and this was the police asking Charles to come out and he had an interesting reaction. He basically sat down on the floor and just stay quiet until they laughed. He really thought they were gonna get him. But since the plea, never came into the apartment. He got away, if he would have answered the door, they would have been able to improbable cause or say they could search the place, but he- Mansour the door. So they would
probably need a warrant to enter, and they didn't have that, so they ended up leaving so he said, a few hours there packing up duffel bags full of stuff He only ended up finding fifteen dollars in cash. They did feel some jury and a watch, then he called for a taxi and he headed to San Francisco is he has no value for human life. He killed. Parents and all they got was a few hundred dollars and this this man Conrad he could of hung out with him. Conrad would have probably paid for Charles to live for a while, but it wasn't about that Charles wasn't even gay he was therefore relationship. He wasn't there for anything. He was simply there as a con too get what he wanted an honest.
Just murder somebody else that was part of the opportunity? Now San Francisco, he sells most of what he had taken from let's his place, except for the gold cuff links now we had talked for about how you didn't take any credit cards or anything from his parents, well from love, He had grab some checks and credit cards, but he didn't the access code to these cards and no one would take a check from him. now. It was on February twenty fifth, when Conrad What's his body was discovered and once again the neighbours are concerned, they called the apartheid, manager saying you know we haven't, this kind awhile. Normally we would have by now and manager did a welfare check. I was quite obvious police when they showed up that robbery was the motive, but least in their minds,
and some of the residents saw what they called an unkempt man which would be Charles somebody who's, not very well groomed, because Conrad was very put together. They say that this kept man arrived at nine thirty p m on the twenty. Fourth, and at eleven p M, they heard an argument and fight. That's when, of course, the police were called to the parliament, but did not enter when the police. Finally, got into the apartment. They found Charles is fingerprints and a used condom. Now they found his fingerprints all over the murders, insults pretty obvious who committed this crime and again. On February, twenty sixth of nineteen, eighty nine, a m it is most wanted. Premiers Charles is trying to find a restaurant is playing the show because he likes watching this show. But it's the episode
That covers him. You know his crime is making headlines. So here it's going all over the country I mean he goes to New York. He goes the New England he's trying to score drugs, and so he would steal from people he would target people who he thought would be too afraid to reply. At his crimes and he was using fake identities all along. Yes, the source of these names, these aliases, that he used, he would read books. In libraries to help and figure out what names to use so in Let's see the summer of eighty nine to the early part ninety ninety, he in New York any starts living under an Alias Jesse. corner and he almost got busted a police car show up and chased him until he hid in the bushes while he was in central park. I get because of his appearance. Another point
and in this park thought he was a killer and threatened to take him to the police. So are starts to feel like this isn't a good place to be anymore, so he goes down to New Orleans and its at this point, data. The FBI has created a profile forum. Taxpayer how he goes to park. and soup kitchens sleeps and alleys they they do a whole right upon him They offer a five hundred dollar reward, which I would expect more but, Sir, what they have to offer at that time now, while he's in New Orleans, he lives in a efficiency apartment which is essentially a studio apartment, is no electricity and
it's kind of a run down area which allows him to blend in very easily and not stand out to law enforcement, or anyone he has a new friend name, Gregg Fitch and they work. An organisation that advocates for the rights of homeless people and. As you say, Charles Neighbors, they fell like he was a little off and fake trying to fit in. No one really got along with him and are Charles and gradual won the bar hopping a lot in the end up at egos lounge and game Room and Charles attempted to talk to the bartender and she remembers. This encounter and she says I thought he was. As a psycho the first time I met him He was one of those people who thought he. Convince you with his good looks
So even when he's an unkempt gentlemen He still has his charm and boyish. Look about him that makes people he's innocent, but she saw I threw it on April, so in eighteen. Ninety there was an instant with a cab were Charles hailed, a cab and he asked the driver to taken too certain community budgets Charles started to get a real attitude and became angry inserted cursing at this cab driver and when an intersection he jumped out. So this driver chased. Him and die actually helped an elderly woman who Scott carjacked by Charles, but unfortunately every ran away. He approached in aid, old woman, who is in her front yard and this, took him for a meter reader and he grabbed her and forced her
back into her house and ask fell down, she became injured and her daughter saw this happening and came running out. The house Charles try get her car keys. Then the daughters husband came out and Charles had him and stopped on him then ran off, and this this husband gave chase for a couple of blocs but tat. He lost him, but the key driver was waiting for, I'm have driver and yes, the Euro. This cab driver was a bed I'll fuckin, kill you and he grabbed and by the hair, Charles tell them the police rafter Emmon. He wanted help the cabdriver put him in the cab and told the hide on the floor. He then flag down a police officer so this cab driver was a hero. I mean he wasn't let Charles go and when
Charles tried to manipulate him. He played along with it nets, Charles will end up getting caught and arrested so he doesn't have any idea of or anything so in the past, the rest. They just have to go off what he says: he's gonna give him a fake name. He's gonna say his name. Is James MC down and die gonna hold him in the parish. Jail and set bail at fifty two hundred and fifty dollars which he can afford cause you don't have any money, he's gonna sit in jail for six and a half weeks tell his trial and his lawyer thinks he's talking to James, not Charles. The court thinks there too. Two essentially a kind of death, you almost man who happened to attack a couple people that day, so
they're bringing them up on charges of attempted robbery in battery what happens extern. Well, it appears that he wants to get everything off of his chest and the judge can hell they're, so the judge judge says a anything you say in this court can be used to and you Charles doesn't seem care. He announced that he murdered three people. He said I'm guilty of the charter here today and not the least of which three murders My real name is not James Mcdowell. My real name is Charles Cohen, and I'm one of the America's most wanted criminals, and he finished with. I make this fashion in Jesus name apparently He had found religion in his few. X, in jail, so the dossier General John Downs from Delaware. Able to New Orleans to pick Charles up to bring him back
The Louisiana deputy attorney General Stephen Walter asked for permission to call Jean Charles, but he refused now think am Del. has it right. This is more important that they take care of his charges in Delaware, Fur murder charges will trump. You know us battery charges yeah right so when they got back to Delaware, Charles confessed, everything he did. He gave a detailed account, and this in fashion took place over multiple days. Emmy he's both from May twenty six to the twenty Eightth and police, accorded these confessions. This is commonly referred to as the fried chicken story. Because at the time Charles was willing to talk and ie to get her downs offered to buy him lunch
Charles said I'll? Tell you the whole story after eight, my fried chicken, so they sit there and Patiently, while he eats and they read him his Miranda rights and are there wondering, is this guy point our leg here is he actually gonna confess and now he's done eating? He talks very candidly about house. murdered his parents, he tells them in great detail about how he Lord his father, upstairs and then attacked from behind with the dumb and then all this mother up to check on his father and that's when he attacked her and he describes how frail she was and how she couldn't fight back and once he's describing, murdering parents. He breaks. and cries, and at this
an error, and it's not like he's crying for sympathy, ease, not lackeys, pudding show we he's is really crying, but I think he's crying at D just adapt city of himself at the the monster, he's become yet this can fight Saint Clair, some things out for the police. They had thought that he, had been set off and then started his parents, but said now. I I planned it. He said. That he was sober was not drunk or on any drugs, and it was very much planned and he says, the same thing about when he killed Conrad Lutz said he did not rank or do any drugs the night because he was intent, on killing this man and he needed his wits about him. So now, if you don't understand that robbery and stealing, probably wasn't de intent or the motive. Now you understand that this guy
Molly was aiming to kill people now chow as is the fence team? Doesn't his confessions used against him and the prosecutors want the death penalty on the table, And they actually had eleven aggravating factors that warranted that they also had people lined up to testify against Charles. But what do you think the odds are that they can get this stricken, so they can't be used. Hurrying not very good, regardless of his confession. During the end, negation with investigators. Theirs a court room in New Orleans that. Has his confession, so it doesn't matter at this point if they at his one convention thrown out there's. So many
issues here with what he's done, that his defence team doesn't have anything really to work with well it's in November of nineteen ninety one when Charles Mark, and changed his plea from not guilty to guilt but mentally ill and the judge ordered him to take anti psychotic medication so his mental illness becomes a topic has trial and too like and psychologists psychologist testify about, his mental health. Now they all agreed that Charles had schizophrenia and depression, but they talk about paranoid schizophrenia and I guess you can relate that Back- his life Ec Study wrote for his stupid band of a man following them around with a gun, but I'm not really sure how that translates into planning on and murdering your parents and then furthermore,
planning on and murdering a man who is, can you into his home. It's it's not like he was thinking. Somebody was against him and that's why he murdered them. He claims. He was doing this because he was bored he was felt oppressed by his parents like he has a whole litany of excuses, none of which are. I thought my parents were coming after me, so, regardless of his mental state. It doesnt really fit D, ass, the narrative of his actions, but by pleading guilty but mentally ill he's basically saying that he didn't have the willpower to refrain from doing these things because he had a disorder and the court accepts it, march. Nineteen nineteen, ninety two, so they
onto the sentencing phase, and this all starts with the recording of his confession and he had an ex girlfriend who testified against him She talked about a letter that he had written to her saying here. Is going on a rampage of real destruction. He also I'd, love to rape and kill. I would love to keep people at gunpoint or slit somebody's throat, so she apparently received a number of letters from Charles and they were all disturbing, even told her. He wanted to rape her, so this isn't going to go in his favour, but At the same time, it's a death penalty Kay and I had a lot of yours. They don't want that. On their head. They dont want to know that their putting someone to death and going to consider all mitigating.
actors such as his mental health. The jury recommended eight too, for that he should knock at the door, penalty, so he received two lifetime plus sixty years from the judge, that's As for his his parents murder. This has nothing to do with Conrad LOTS in California yeah that that's a case. That. No one knew who the perpetrator was until his confession If he didn't say anything, he would have go through all this trial and everything I mean really. and if you want a just stuck to his fake name in New Orleans and plead guilty to do assault and battery charge and the robbery charge he might have gotten they with murder completely and sat in a jail in New Orleans,
those who knows if they would have been able to get his fingerprints and to a national database and find that he was Charles Mark Cohen. You would think, it would be simple. You would think that that would happen, but We ve seen how this works and This was the the ladys and early nineties. I dont know how much the national database was going on back then and if they would have been able to tie him back in his identity, back lay definitely had four. the evidence, but if he hadn't stepped up in literally confessed who he was and what he did in court in New Orleans. I think he he might I've just been charged iron. Time behind bars for robbery. in Battery the attorneys and July nineteen. Eighty two wanted him moved to the dollar State Hospital to receive treatment, but that request was then by the court and
in that year, Charles waved his claims to his parents estate, this totalled Three hundred and thirty thousand dollars, then he was to face charges California and was transferred their for trial. We got a bit of an unusual sponsor for this episode. The Jordan Harbinger show its podcast set on a big fan of and I realize a lot of you- had a big list- Ipod Cassie, probably already listen to but highly recommend. Adding this to your cue, Jordan has conversations with, variety of fascinating gas on one episode heat. to a hostage negotiator from the FBI who offers makes on how to get people to like entrust you, which, I think sounds pretty useful. One So that resonated with me was about regret, challenge what you think about regret. If you're either regretting the correct things in life and defines the differences between a regret?
choice and disappointing choice: it was a finance episode and choice, my way of thinking I really enjoyed a show and I think you will as well there's a lot alike Jordan, harbinger dot com. Slash start for episode, recommendations or search for the job, and harbinger show that's a J R, ion G are on a pod casper, fi or wherever you listen to podcast. There's a book on this case. If you're in then a reading it. It's by MIKE Walsh, its titled, the file son. This is consider to be. I guess the best Consider to be the best or some information about Charles Mark Cohen and his crimes at his life, one Things that he strove to discover with his book. Was he wanted to know why Charles killed his parents,
and according to MIKE walls, he said here. Is it who seemed part of the perfect american family- he had a lot of it. Energy in life. through them away- and I think that's not- call just every. We ve brought this up before indifferent cases like why I so, and so do this if other really cool thing was going to happen or their life. Seen really great, but that's just it. You, and say from the outside. It looks great, but in offer people who are actually in the situation, whether its mental health issues or whatever else it might be. There are reasons why people don't think they have a great life. Even If you ask everyone knew them in other. how'd. You know I was a great life that is a matter All that matters is what the person in the situation feels. He very loving parents and tea, by all accounts had a life that most people would love or dream of
but in his mind parents, love and support, had strings attached. In his mind, he felt like he couldn't do or be himself living under their roof. Yet he wasn't very impotent. He wasn't competent enough to go out from underneath their number their support, so accordingly, here he kind of place it off like he felt stock under his parents. April nineteen, eighty four Charles our Cohen plead guilty to murdering Conrad lots, and he received A sentence of life in prison without parole An interesting thing happened in November, eighteen eighty four several in May said the gander he'll prison were Charles, was staying at escaped. Charles, knew their plans and could have left with them but chose not to leave which
he says he's found God he says he confessed in them oh Jesus and he's trying to, I guess: make amends he's trying to do the right thing and he had an opportunity to escape and he didn't take. It doesn't He's a good person doesn't mean that too, I think he's real the stated, but at least he's trying, I guess now. He I wanted to have his and can you did in August? two thousand six Charles went before the State Board of pardons and explain how finding God. Finding Jesus changed him for the better he wanted to become a christian minister and preached others and help them. Said. I've made a full turn around: I'm not there, in person. I was, but as part of this hearing he had to expire
in a recent transfer, they had back to the Delaware Psychiatric Centre and his reasoning for it was because someone had placed a witchcraft spell on him I think this is where the the board exchanged glances and within three minutes denied a request I mean. Let's say he got his request in this fantastical world. Will then we'd have to be transferred to California and serve a life sentence. Their personally I think I would rather stay in the northeast in the prisons there than a California prison myself, but I dont know what his thoughts was here because he wasn't gonna be led out free use. And after go serve another Sutton somewhere else. This was one of, if not the biggest crime stories in Delawares history thereof
course many journalists, many reporters that wanted to talk with Charles Mark Cohen and if they could get some answers out of him, get him to tell a story, but he just really feel like talking about it, he replied dad too, the Delaware aligns request for an inn view by writing back. I dont want to be interviewed sincerely Charles Cohen, and damn I kind of want to think that this is because he is still trying to do the right thing that he doesn't want to talk about these crimes, because our horrible he's trying to put them behind him and and be a different person rather than think about them all the time and Libya, I don't know if it's like an alcoholic who knows not to take it, Maybe he knows not to talk but this anymore in Egypt behind him and not focus on it, because maybe he'll have that
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Everybody has something that they would give anything for. End Fortunately, there's people out there who will explain there's, nothing like nothing from wondering comes a story about true I love you so much power you're gonna, have to completely submit to me and give me your complete and utter obedience and far. Some people are willing to go to get what they want. I'm Stephanie Beatrice Twin flames: premiers on February, twenty on Apple outcasts on using or you can listen one week early and out free right now by subscribing to wondering plus an apple podcast or the wonder, yeah.
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