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November 15, 2004. Bethlehem, New York. A 52 year old law clerk named Peter Porco unexpectedly misses work, prompting someone to check on him at his home. There, a grisly scene is discovered. Peter and his wife, Jean, had both been brutally attacked with an axe. Surprisingly, Joan is still alive and is asked a handful of questions by a detective. Among them, she was asked if she knew who had attacked her. She said that she did. But the investigation and the case would take surprising turns. Who tried to murder this well thought of couple? Was it one of their two sons? Or did a stranger invade their home with murderous intent?

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its home somehow is able to gain access using a spare key and possibly disabling. The alarm system enters the home retrieves and acts from the garage goes up stairs to find the parents lying in bed asleep. They will attack the father first. multiple blows to the face and then turn on the mother striking her in the face with several blows. Also It is said that this is a vicious and savage attack. I can't imagine any attack with an ax not being savage their son, missed for Porco was at the university of rochester. He was notified about his parents being attacked by a report.
From the times union name Simone Sebastian, according to chris she had asked if he had any comments about here his parents being killed, his parents weren't killed. But at that point that's what christopher had been told he was in shock. He says so his next step was to call the bethlehem police department and inquire about this. There are many analysis websites that talk about his call to the police department, asking questions, but seems to be a innocent enough call saying What's going on my parents, I just got a phone call from a reporter, so a reporter is getting in touch with him about his parents before law enforcement is which yeah that's a little questionable there, but for whatever reason this is the first colleague jetson he makes funds
law enforcement who tells him to sit tight. They can't give him too much information right off the bat and they make the drive out his campus to start questioning him Chris, wasn't the only son of peter and joan Porco? their other son was Jonathan and he serving in the navy. He was six hundred miles away at the time of the attacks and crew, was attending the university of rochester, which is about to miles away from his parents home. gonna take you while driving either wanted, places so we got Keep in mind that they are both claim that they are where they are so Jonathan is in the military. So I would suspect that it's fairly easy to verify where he's out right right in its shown that he was definitely at this name.
Base and nowhere close to his parents home in bethlehem, but you know in any case where you have a vicious murder and in this when we have peter Porco having been killed as a result of this attack with an ax, his wife, though hanging on for life, she did not die. Although the rope It's where that win police entered the room. She look like should have been dead yeah. The wounds to both of them were such that they just wouldn't expect either one of them to be alive. so the first step obviously is to check out the house see if they can find any evidence of who could have done this also to find out exactly what happened to this couple. The way I understand it, this town and I'm sure this then said many many times, but this is not the kind of town where murder happens. I'm
and to think of a town were murdered, does happen, especially an ax murder. I can't really come up with one. but we do have towns were murder happens. But yes, when it comes to axe murders, I dont think there. nearly as common as say, murders as a result of firearms or knives? Even while the whole reason they even knew that something had happened was because Peter Porco, the father, was a law clerk and when he didn't show up for work, they need Something was wrong here. He called he would have given some sort of indication but He was a reliable person. When investigators were going through the house, they discovered a lot. Blood, they also notice that nothing appeared to have been stolen and that even drawers work rifle through or even pulled out. It was a little bit of a confusing crime scene because they found
the father he was at the base of the stairs as if he was going to be walking up, and there is blood just trailed throughout the house into the kitchen to the front door. So your think When was this attack happening all through the house and no one get upstairs. They find the mother and the bed. I have to say that this investigation team do actual bang up job on figuring out what on this night yet Peter had been struck with, sixteen serious blows from the axe and one had gone. Through his skull and Joan, had been struck with the acts it had split, open her all again when they saw her, they thought she couldn't be alive, but she was. She was breathing and the sheets and cases soaked in blood the handle of the act
was actually sticking out of the comfort her on her bed. This is a part that I really struggled reading, but apparently the police decided to ask some questions because she became conscious. I was surprised that they questioned her. especially in this state, but I have to say that this is the best time to get any useful information, its fresh. It has just happened if she's able to communicate they're going to get something out of her. So what are they say? How do they know that she's able to communicate well a detective chris beauteous? I think his eyebrows his last name Notice that she was conscious and again just like what you were saying. There's this instinct to try and get an answer before she's taken to the hospital, and she was
conscious, because the m tease were actually asking her questions and getting her to respond, saying hey. Can you move your leg over here and she would so the detective says: can you hear me and Joan nodded her head? Yes, the paramedics are trying to get her oxygen. Then the detective. closer and asks did a family amber do this to you again, because there, no sign that it was a breakin yeah. So it would not be a detective. Ask that question and she nodded her head up and down. Yes, did Jonathan, do this to you, they know who her kids are. There is probably a picture of the family, what the two sons and they know who they are. So this is where he starts Jonathan and shook her head back and forth. No. At that point, seem to be responding very well to his questions. So then he asked
about the other son did christopher do this to you and he said that she then shook her head up and down. Yes, this is important, it's not just the detective there. There are paramedics there and the paramedics are. Giving her instructions that she is following her saying: lift your head, so they can put the oxygen. to telling remover leg she's doing these things. She is responsive. She is messed up, she's, probably in shock, but she's comprehending what's happened and she's unable to speak because not to be graphic. But she had an ax but through her face. So Chris is the one. At the camp is that's two hundred miles away now? The detector
are wondering. Well, how do we put him here? We have a victim telling us that it was him, but we need to tie him to this crime scene, like you, said there was no sign of forced entry. We know that because despair key was in the front door. And it said that the alarm was set that night at nine. Fifty four p The alarm was sad, but the alarm turned off at around two fourteen in the m. somebody knew the code. It will be argued later on whether the intruder, is turn the alarm off and knew the code or if the fog was letting the dog out in the middle of the night turn the alarm off and then just left off. Yeah. This is something that was known to happen.
once in a while Peter would shut off the alarm, let the dog out and then go back in the house with the dog. But then wouldn't reset the alarm. The phone line was cut and the secured system did have some damage on the control panel. So I'm looking at this and I'm thinking. Somebody came to this house, possibly use the spare key to enter, else knew the master code for the alarm knew were an ax was in the garage, image, knew where this couple was sleeping, attack them and cut the phone line. This is a planned murder. This isn't a break in rome. Regan wrong. Nothing like that. The purpose of this intruder- was to murder. This couple right, I mean there's no other explanation here in my mind, right, it's almost like a hit,
though the weird thing for me, as is, why use an ax? We could say that anybody would know that you would and acts in the garage earliest most people haven't acts in the garage. I don't I, I mean a lot of people. I know. Do it's a common thing like if you decide, you wanted to use an ax. Where else would you go in the home or yeah, you view? But what, if you have a tool shed or something to that effect right? But this is just where their acts happen. To be. So it's I don't know if it's proof that the person knew where it was it's just and we No, the other than we don't know, is how long the intruder spent in the house, but I'm thinking I come into a house maybe- I am planning on killing people. What do we see? Typically, you go to the kitchen and he grabbed knife. You would. You would think that would be common but I will say this, it's possible that the act plays a certain role in this case will absolutely
doesn't this case, but for anyone in any home intruder coming in idle suspect that they go to the garage to find a weapon. I think going to take something that's more available, but then again I'm trying to get into the head of a murderer. Let's talk a bit about, out their sons. We already established that their sunday with and has an alibi. He was twenty years old, He was in the military and When we said he was six hundred miles away, he was stationed in south carolina, Christopher Porco. Was two years younger than Jonathan makes him twenty one years old, Chris was at school here. work at a veterinary office and had come to a reputation at school. He was a high roller or flashy guy. He liked to flash money. He liked to
by everyone at the bar a drink or throw a party and float the bill. Yet he had told people at the school His family was very, very wealthy and some sis, active that he was doing this because he was trying to impress the women absolutely well. That's the whole p, cocking kind of thing where you flaunt what you got just to get the attention and act like you're cooler person than you truly are in real life. Now his parents seem to do ok, didn't they financially, but they weren't super wealthy. So he seems to be lying. Yeah he's a he's putting on a facade- and I guess, when I think of his parents having to pay for his college. Float his bills, do all these things form. I amiss
they're, probably not going to be too happy about his debt and his expenditures. So often in cases where hearing about this person, had a lot of tat. They could be the killer, because if they murder these people, then they saw and to gain from their deaths by way of insurance It's always a motive but I will say that just because somebody's in debt doesn't make him a murderer in two thousand and three the university of rochester, told christopher Porco that he was buddha from the school because of his grades. Hey just because you have bad grades, doesn't make you a murderer. Well, let's put it this way. Christopher was having trouble at school, both grades and then he had also lied to get into the school he had forged transcript from hudson valley college that showed he had scored really hard. I marks so
we're getting tossed out of your receive rochester. He then went to hudson valley, community college, where he and doing well either, while his parents were away on a trip to the uk. This is march two thousand for chris got an email from his mother's account. Shoes We have sat with them because they does your his his parents, discover that he was failing his classes there. They told him, you just laughed We can't believe our eyes as we look at your interim great report, you know what they say. Three strikes and you're out explain yourself he wasn't letting them know about his issues at school. So then he replied, to them and he said their income. Act. My lowest great that I got on anything was a vienna physics test, don't jump to conclusions They knew he was not being truthful because he, lied about getting into the university of rochester and he had told them that he was able to get
to the university of rochester, because a professor had miss placed a final exam, which of course, screwed up his grade. Then the poor, its were under the impression that everything work out because the school realized it was their mistake and they would cover his tuition by christopher needed the money for his. while two thousand for tuition- and he got thirty one thousand dollar loan. How did you get that loan? What's the other, talk about these loans, so in november of two thousand for his father, Peter ran a credit check in disguise. heard. There was a thirty one thousand dollar loan, as well as a sixteen thousand four hundred and fifty dollar loan and his son had forged his father's name to get a yellow, jeep wrangler in florida, with custom, aftermarket tyres and so p, is not happy. He he talks was sent about. He says: did you forge my signature as a co sign her? What the hell are you doing? You should have called me to discuss it,
calling citibank this morning to find out what you have done you tell them, I'm not on it. As a co sign her. He will go on email him. I want you to know that if you abuse my credit again, I will be forced to file forgery affidavits in order to disclaim liability. If you attempt to reactivate it or use my credit to obtain any other loans, and that applies the citibank college alone. This is all emails back and forth between him and his parents and he cannot cuts off, communicate asian, and yet that's why they're emailing and because he wouldn't answer the phone. So then he gets an email from his mom saying dad and I are very upset about you, not communicating with us. We don't know who are well or mentally stable, and they wonder if he's mentally stable because there was an incident at the school where he got into a physical altercation with another student He was actually strangling the other student and he had to be pulled off of said. Stood
Can I just because you forge signatures, doesn't make you a murderer just because you're a con man doesn't make you a murder just because you have a violent confrontation at school, doesn't mean you murdered anyone, but let me just say that all of these things doesn't make you a good. person his parents love him. They write to him and say you know what upset with you were disappointed, but we want to meet with you and we want to work this out so decide light their son doing all this stuff fail school line, you get loans out with them, supposedly as co sires, which they weren't there willing to work it out with him because they care about him. Their ultimate goal, obviously, is to see him graduate college do something with himself now, but they don't
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calm suggestion. Why code jen? Why those The only issues with Christopher Porco in two thousand five bethlehem police detectives went to san diego california, because they were going to pick up a laptop computer that had been sold by Christopher Porco to someone I think, on Ebay the on Ebay. Now, let's purpose that, with picking up a stolen laptop that was hold on Ebay. Yet, where exactly did he get? This laptop from well depend but I'm pretty sure the one you're talking about there was a break in at the parents house, and there was a bunch of stuff stolen, including the laptop which was there and turned around and sold to a guy out california. So there was a break in at the parents house. A computer was
on and then it was sold under christopher is ebay account. I dont think it takes a detective to know that he was the one that got into the house store all the valuable items that he could and then turned around and sold those things. And if you want to establish a pattern here There was another break in that happened at the veterinary clinic that Christopher worked at in either means such as laptops and phones and whatnot were stolen from that clinic. They never fear you're out who broke and install these things well intel. They checked the safe at the pork home and found some of those stolen. seems so somebody has pattern of breaking in and stealing thanks for money and he's able to get into his parents house
probably because he knows where the spare key is hidden under the flower pot up enough on the front porch Somebody might know the master code to turn off that alarm. To will ebay suspended both christopher and jonathan porkers ebay accounts. Because there were customers complaining that they paid for it, that they never received pen. It turns out that Christopher head posed as his brother and send emails to the customers did didn't receive their item saying well, his brother died and we Was it possible to send the items we'll just because you're bad Ebay doesn't make you? A murderer? so leading up to these vicious attacks, the parents were working with more or attempting to work with their son christopher to get him to come home, so they could work. All of this out. Let's talk about christopher
alibi because he says he has an alibi and that he did not attack. parents with an axe. he says, he's at the school campus and he tells investigators that he never left the campus never left the campus. Keep that in your mind. Yet they have on camera his jeep, leaving the campus, the yellow jeep, the one that sticks out like a turn upon people. He claims that he now left the campus and that he fell asleep in the lounge area and that there were other students and said lounge area that could testify? be witnesses that that's where he was all night the eye he had said that he had given up his. Spot in the dorm room to some from out of town who is visiting the university. So he plans to sleep in the lounge area,
but they have it on camera. His jeep had left the diversity grounds. So what time was this at around ten thirty six there's a survey on camera that picks him up, leaving the campus? Now christopher is going to say. Oh well, you can't park on campus overnight. So I just I had to move my jeep off campus and then walked back, which ok, that's cool. I understand that you can't park there overnight, but he happens to leave at a very particular time during the night. Only does he leave at this particular time, but then we have at one thousand and forty five p dot m. We have a new york state toll, collector john fallon, who
remembers handing a ticket to a young man, driving yellow jeep with big tyres. Now I will be the first to say that if a toll booth collector, says: oh, I remember that person in that car unkind of suspicious of this of somebody saying they witness somebody coming through a told with, because how many cars comes here at all hundreds, if not thousands round, I would be get to conceal, because here too many people driving through, even if you say it's kind of lighter traffic time, It still seems doubtful that you remember something like that now. we'll say that a big, yellow, jeep sticks a little bit. More than other cars mean I drive a wanderer gonna be making waves here. No one's going to remember me if I came to that tollbooths, but a big yellow vehicle of some type, it's a little bit more obvious,
The other thing that sticks out in this in the tollbooths guys mind is at the time, He was actually trying to sneak a smoke break. You know it. I have a little bit of downtime. If there's no cars coming step out and smoke, real, quick and this yellow jeep was the only car that was pulling up Toby guy says well, sometimes the bosses will drive through to catch it to see if your slacking off. So at this point you know it's late at night. There are not a lot of cars coming through and he thinks it's his boy, because he's off trying to sneak a cigarette. So this is the only car that comes through at that time. and it's a yellow jeep? This just re emphasizes the point that this toll booth operator, knows what he saw have a second tollbooths operator at one. Fifty one, a m
This is at the exit. We have another collector. who believes that she saw the yellow jeep reason why she remembers. This is because it was speeding to her lane like they weren't slowing down to pay the torch to give her the ticket it. Actually Freaked out how fast they were driving and she remembers a yellow, jeep witches again conner amiss and a white male driving with a baseball cap. He pays for the toll right yeah. He ends up paying for the tall and they actually have a ticket from that. Now, what bothers me his, usually tollbooths? They have cameras, because if you don't pay the toll Have your license plate number, so I'm wondering like. Why are we relying on these tollbooths operators for their memory? Why don't we just check the cameras but its power
Both the cameras were overriding themselves after twenty four hours or that they just don't have them operating here in new york on oh, no, The really strange thing here is that Christopher Porco has a pass that he can put up in the windshield of his vehicle and he doesn't have to go through. The town area. Oh yeah, it's at least in kansas, for the toll. It's called the k pass and that's a digital pass that just register's you and you have a running credit or running bill, but it hits your account when you drive through but for some reason he doesn't have that up and dash So it's not registering his electronic passport and it's him paying in cash. From these toll collectors who, both of remember his vehicle and remember him, but you know we'll go on well when they pick up his vehicle
this passes on the floor yeah, we had talked about how it fourteen. I am a burglar alarm was deactivated at the Porco house. It's really damning if christopher spotted at will fifty one, a m exit the highway for his exit to go to his house. Yeah yeah he's taking exit twenty four in albany and his parents home is about nine miles away from that exit. That's pretty damn! information Why has he left the campus when he said he hasn't and driven on this highway paid these tolls and heading home. That's not what he said he was doing. The sky wouldn't lie right. It's for fifty four, a m when the phone lines caught at the house and they eight thirty, a m, the yellow g, is seen on these surveillance cameras again
these cameras or on the roof of a medical center and its heading back towards the campus? The timeline just really matches up and again, it's sort of a circumstance. the thing, and just because you happen to move your jeep off campus, even though you didn't informant together that you're doing it and then driving back onto a campus at about this time, that phone lines or cut at your parents house after they ve been murdered or attacked, you doesn't make you a. I right So what we had started talking about was that Christopher Porco had an alibi, his alibis that he moved his vehicle off campus and germany, back. These frat brothers of his who told the police We never saw him in the lounge. He claims that they were all asleep when he got to the lounge, so there's no way they would know that he was sleeping in the lounge, so I didn't leave campus, but I dared to move my g
and I slept in the lounge and those people that can verify that I was there, but they can't verify because they were asleep. Ok. Needless to say, investigators, don't by christopher story, That's strange! You know it's really interesting. If you went back and looked through his history of his ledgers here of working at this at this bet clinic and the burglaries that happened at his parents, ways I think it's pretty obvious that he has just been acting in criminal manner that whole time and now he's expecting the investigators not to focus on him right. This is just a witch hunt. I mean he's lawyer up almost immediately and his lawyer is due their job, which is attacking the police. Investigation and
really going after the fact that the investigators were asking his poor mother who had just been attacked. Who did this then like that fact. There also saying this is completely circumstantial. You don't have any Would it showing the jeep entering the highway? You don't have it exiting the highway. You can't show that he actually went out to bethlehem, new york and increases favor They don't find any blood on him. They don't find any. in his jeep, but we do have a witness that says he saw the jeep part at the house at around four in the morning. One of his neighbors- goes to work. Early in the morning and knows christopher knows the family and knows christopher drives, a yellow jeep, and he says he saw this jeep parked in the driveway again
a yellow jeep is kind of hard to miss. Of course, Christopher defence will say well people just like to help people like to assist in the investigation and the investigators probably told the neighbour. We know this undead it. We just need to play some there. So did this neighbour see the jeep there, or is he just trying to help the investigation court? Unquote the police went through these. Through way tickets, they were hoping to find the one, the one that christopher it supposedly handled and Running tests on some of these tickets, they found a ticket that had might okay real dna matching porthos. This is something that debated in court, and it's a big point of contention, because you have this prosecution expert, terry melton of mighty typing industries. He says it's a high probability.
ninety nine percent, by some estimates that the nay. They came from that through way told ticket in november to you as for matches that of Christopher Porco by christopher defence attorney said that the sam, only contained eighty five of the seven hundred and eighty three base pairs. of chromosomal material that make up a dna profiles. So for him he sang that's, not precise enough. No, I find that if you track down the ticket, from where the toll booth operator says remember, seeing this yellow jeep coming through and there's only one ticket at that time and they're testing it and you're getting a partial match even how I have to say that I'm not I'm not feeling this is circumstantial anymore, because there is some,
The saying I saw this jeep at this time there finding a ticket at that time and then finding. At least partial match. If not a good match. I don't others that much question here, but again it sitting. its attorneys job, to put everything in and destroy the argument chris Porco was indicted for the murder of his father and the attempted murder of his mother in november of two. and five so that literally a year later, which is typical of most murder trials, is about a year turnaround sometimes to his family. His friends and even the owners of the veterinary clinic who had items stolen by chris chipped in and he was able to post two hundred fifty thousand dollar bail, so his family and his employer are helping him. This is how much support this guy,
as we gave the damning evidence from the home. One of the things we didn't talk about was that a window had been opened and the screen was cut, so it appears to be a break in the window was open which we have to whom that this window wasn't locked, or this intruder to use as an entrance point? But the police don't think it's an entrance point? No, it's not the best entrance. point for an intruder, especially when you have the front door with a spare key in the doorknob? But what does Chris have in his favor? Well, there are some things there, joan Porco. After gone through surgeries she's now defending her son and she saying she has no recollection of what happened, but she doesn't believe he would have ever attacked his paw.
since they also have on his side, they have a fingerprint on identified that was located right next to wear the telephone wire was cut, so there is a network box where your phone, why comes in and it's right there. They don't know who belongs to, but I'll tell you what every time company or your internet company comes out to work on your lines. They send a worker out It is said that they tried to match this fingerprint to Chris. to every other family member. They went on to say that they try to that. The telephone company employees also But we don't know when this fingerprint was left there's no way to time stamp it and I've worked for telephone companies most of them big bloated monstrosities that you couldn't even get through their customer service line in fifteen minutes or less money.
Let's find out who was the person last at their house, maybe a year before that? So I don't think you can bet the telephone people or much of anyone on who left this fingerprint and when it was left well for some, though this would cast a little bit of doubt on things, I I'm surprised they only found one identified, fingerprint, I'm sure that there might have been more. It doesn't mean much to me. One thing that happened I thought was really interesting. Was that joan Porco, because she was rally to her sons. Defence wrote to the times union. The news agency out there and she was asking the least to go after the real killers and after this let her went off some anonymous letters were sent to the paper allegedly from real killer o weird, boasting that they were risk,
Spoke for attacking, joan and peter porco. As well as another unsolved murders in the town who would be cable. of writing a letter boasting about these things. I wonder I mean then again I think who could who can forge a signature for alone? Who could tell lies just speculating here most of you know, I've been an audible subscriber for like a decade now, audible, offers an incredible selection of audio books across every genre. I personally love the audible originals. They have everything from tee celebrities renown experts and, as an audible member. I get access to a growing selection of audio books, the originals podcast, it's all included in my membership. I get title a month to keep, and I get to hear exclusive podcast that I can't find anywhere else. I just started the audio book anti social about online.
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motors bringing up his alibi, they will make the claim that we don't have his g getting on the highway? They will question the toby operators sang Do you remember any other cars coming through that night and, of course they'll say? No, I only remember the the yellow jeep So then I well I do you only remember that one car that was the only they were questioned about so I would add a reason to remember. Another car also did any big yellow vehicle come that night. Besides this jeep, probably not, they will go on explain the father would routinely let the dogs out at night and turn off the alarm and leave it off. And then, when you look at the spare key that was used, you think,
well, how did disparity get in the front door now? This is a detail that we haven't talked about yet, but we say is his father died during this attack, but here's something that's kind of gruesome and disturbing his father lived through the attack in died later but before he died. As I said, there was blood all over the house. He'd gotten up and started his morning, routine he'd gone into the bathroom and stood in front of the sink looking in the mirror, dripping blood all over the basin. In the sink, he's gone down into the kitchen, started putting way dishes from the dishwasher dripping blood everywhere. He actually opened up the drawer to get some utensils. possibly make himself lunch for the day he opened up the refrigerator? He walked to the front door and open the front door.
And looked out and then we believe that he walked back to the stairs and collapsed and finally died. So the defence claims that he walked outside got disoriented, locked himself out and then use the spare key to get back in the house. Well, he either did that when he let the dogs out, which I dont think or he did it as they are saying when he was disoriented, because he was dying from an ax attack. Yet the blood droplets stop right in the doorway they dont go over to the flower pot or wherever these spare key was and then back I'm gonna go at the evidence here. He didn't go, get disparity and come back and leave it in the door because of it
actions after he was attacked. They believe that part of his rain was destroyed. The part that would have made him aware that he had suffered something traumatic and that he was dying- I mean he was acting on his routine, so there is no connection between what had happened to him and what he was doing, no connection whatsoever and that's why he spread blood around his house. The way did its horrifying to think of this. This is nightmarish to me. I guess bother When I read about this, but the forensics team in the investigators they are stand that he was why during around going through his morning, routine dropping blood everywhere and he wasn't attacked downstairs at all. They put
together. They also will counter that the mother would have been capable of communicating with the investigator. Yet she was able to follow instructions from paramedics and whatnot. So the argument they It is you can follow instructions, but you'll have no memory. because she was so her brain was so traumatized and they will say that she was now adding or shaking her head just randomly. Or aimlessly and not act comprehending what was being asked of her at the time when best together was asking her did yours. Do this to you. So I get that argument that little bit of a shaky argument to say that she knew what she was doing when she'd been viciously attacked and might not have been comprehending what was happening, but
Their argument is about memory and I'm sorry, but she seemed to know what had happened to her I don't think you have to use a lot of memory to know your son. I don't think that's like hey. Can you described the stranger that attacked you? It's did your son. Do this sure that's not requiring memory capacity to come up with that, but that's their argument again, her responses, so the defence trying to cast reasonable doubt all over the place here and say yeah you have this. You have that, but you mean you're just haphazardly piecing all this together and it doesn't really fit only he seems to the prosecution. It is very, very confident in their case and They lay it all out. They say Christopher Porco had a lot of. That's he was trying to maintain his enrollment at this university. He was trying to keep up with
is facade of being wealthy, he had massive debt and what did he stand again well during the prosecution, his there is only worth sixty thousand dollars alive, but dead. Well, Insurance would pay out one point: one million dollars. It's really interesting that I ve had visited a bank before the attacks on his parents and had let the two percent I know that he was good for alone because he was going to become. Into some money. Soon do doesn't have a job that pays that ouch and he's in debt taking out loans in his father's name. I wonder, were this. Windfall money is going to come from. I do to address the question of the detective questioning his mother after she and viciously attacked. The jury would say
They ended up tossing that out. They didn't inconsiderate because they thought there is that chance that didn't quite know what she was nodding to at that point or shaking her head too. So that's in question: for them they throw it out. I think a big part of them tossing out and I hate to speak for other people I'll, tell you what if I was on the jury, look over and I see joan Porco. sitting behind her son she's there for him, then it's kind of hard to say Oh no! This is what you said, even though you're not saying it now, understand their doubt there, but man, I think about episode, one, The guy that I put away for life, the one victim surviving victim from that crime was shot in the back of the head and shot through
mouth mouth got up two hours later called the police and did his best to tell them. Did this this to me, but instead goes you know, because he can't talk because he's been shot twice in. There had, he gets put in a medical induce coma for months and he comes out and that dude still remembers who shot his girlfriend. So I'm sorry, but I can't really by into just because you had head trauma means you don't know what's going on or you can't remember things I don't buy it right, but but to me It see the jurors having trouble with this win. Joan is clearly defending her son. and she would tell you I don't want my nod or my shaking my head too damn my son. I support him I can understand their feelings about it, but I think this
us together. Had this crime solved within five minutes of showing up at the scene and questioning her, and I believe her initial response myself How many times we used the phrase they had the blinders on well She's lost her husband and she doesn't want to lose her son. I get it and possibly she. Is suffering from amnesia now, after being induced in a coma and what not and being viciously attacked. Maybe she truly doesn't remember and the other phrase is they had tunnel vision? Will the investigators in this case, I think, They were doing the right thing. Every time they were exploring something they seem to be going in the right direction, at least as far as I am concerned, I don't really understand I can have This many issues lined up against christopher. and yet you say he didn't do this- I mean it's kind of like follow the evidence, follow what
going on what was going on with the pork goes right. I know the defence tries to say that Peter Porco has a relative named frank, the fireman work go who was serving time in prison for organised crime and it just Happen said it's a fireman's acts that was used to attack peter and Joan, maybe because someone was going to be talking This was a message sent to say: you're, not gonna talk, because this will happen to you. This is their way of. I guess saying, don't look Christopher. This was an ax attack and who would do that not their son. Oh yeah, there they're sending a message, I guess, but what evidence do we have for that. Besides this loose idea, how would you even investigate that watches?
No one was gonna, be talking, there's nothing tying yet there was a loose theory I would even argue we talked about the axe earlier and how its actually crucial to this case. I would argue that the acts was chosen just for this. It's a way to obscure the crime, even more by saying oh yeah. He didn't do this because This was a fire acts so now we're looking at frank, the fireman Porco organised crime guy. I guess I just look at it and I think how hard is it for the sun to come in use. The spare key turn off the alarm: go, get the axe, attack his parents and cut the phone line wash up because they didn't find any blood on him and they didn't find any fingerprints. Well, probably could just war some gloves: it's not our hard. We don't know how long he was really, therefore, but we know it
Phone line was cut at around four hundred and fifty four a dot m. I mean, if we're going off two hundred and fifteen, five, a m, that's almost three hours. I think I, clean, all the blood off me in three hours. I think anyone could its argue that He was a vat tax, so he knows how to clean up blood, but it takes a rocket scientist to go wash up, bring a change of clothes and dispose of the clothes that you were wearing during that the actual event, this is a rocket science, so we don't have any dna or fingerprints or blood, on whom we have him lying about, not leaving the campus and when he did and we have enough people that claim to see this yellow jeep on the way to his parents house, even a neighbor saying they might have seen it in the driveway at the time of the murder, I'm not mean
I want to add in one other thing, because one of the things that really clinched this case for me was the fact that it was argued that his father p may have disabled the alarm when he was like the dog out and didn't enable the alarm. Let me ask you a question: why the hell with someone smash the alarm console, I would argue because he thought If you disable the alarm, he can smashed the council and they know it would know that he had disabled it. Where are these? They wouldn't know when it was disabled if it was yeah, but the problem was that the information isn't kept at the console. There's a box somewhere else in the house that retains all the information keeps logs Oh, it didn't do any good and who put the spare key in the front door. Was it some random mafia guy that was going to attack them the new. The key was there? No, it somebody that's close to the family, like the son, who knows where the keys
I don't buy that the father did it in the morning when he was not. of sound mind because the blood evidence doesn't dictate that It's really hard for me to not come off bias here, because all the evidence is biased against christopher the judge didn't allow the irrigation or interview with Christopher Porco into the court room the prosecution wanted it. They claim, it would show that he was he was cold icy demeanor, but I mean how many times we have to say it. You can't always judge a person by their behavior when their being interviewed by police, especially up a shocking case like this, and tell you that I don't think it mattered. No, in fact you can throw out.
His interview. You can throw out his phone call and oddly enough, according to these jurors, you can throw out his mother identifying him as the perpetrator of the crime and still find this guy multi just because you're not getting along with your family, just because you're not doing in school. Just because you forward your father, signature on loans. All these things doesn't make you a murderer, but it makes you a terrible person and terrible people are capable of doing terrible things. This wasn't an easy case for the prosecution, though there were a lot of setbacks during the trial those were the two led detectives on the case. Had unexpectedly died over the past year. I mean this is pretty big deal you're too
king about people that would have been witnesses for the prosecution who suddenly aren't going to be there at all to the case. I found this one comment or statement from the defence. I just found this common sort of ridiculous. I say we dont dispute for a second that Peter Porco was killed and this brutal, probably sadistic fashion, and we don't dispute that his lovely, beautiful wife joan was horribly injured. We do, however, stand before you and say that our client, Chris Porco, is not guilty of this horrible crime this is in the opening statement. I dont understand the entire opening statement here. We dont dispute for a second that Peter was killed in a brutal fashion like what it. If you did you'd, be a fool I just I guess I look at people's words and statements and I just want them to be very good
clear, concise and to the point. Why would you even say that you're not disputing that somebody was murdered? I don't get it. I think that the defense is a little off. filter here and I think they had more issues than the prosecution. Ah, One of those is Sarah fisher, a girlfriend of christopher porticoes. Her testimony, I think, just did him harm, I mean there's a point at which she is being questioned about how he had come home from. Diversity and was staying at her house, and then he had told her that he felt bad didn't? Stop and visit his parents, but then laid because there's an instant message, showing this Porco had message. her and said that he had stopped by his parents home to pick up a jacket. He had also pressed her how he and his parents were getting along because his bands were telling him. If you don't pick up your grades,
you're does not go a state university You know it almost seems like in this case that christopher Porco is someone who wants to be. Certain kind of person for everyone else. It's like he's got his big facade that is putting up and is willing to do anything to keep that facade up, and even people that he's stolen from wronged glide too, such as his mother and employer, still believe in It just shows the charisma and manipulation this guy has the ass a gaiters and prosecution claims that christopher could be a sociopath which would allow him to kill his parents or attack as parents in the spring manner and then go on acting as if nothing has happened.
In others that whole argument of sociopath, verse, psychopath and I dont know what chris would fall into because he's trying to fit in he's trying to behave as if he's just like everybody else, but he's obviously got some problems. A sociopath claim to be nice at first but very fake and that night, this will wear off after awhile, whereas us psychopath is very anti social, very disordered, aggressive, perverted criminal I think Chris had his life together, enough were I would throw him more and a sociopath camp and not a psychopath can, but I don't know it might all be for nothing. There just might be a con artist who was trying to get away with murder. So what does him I would say, according to
The jurors said it's. The process since time line they were able to, peace together, the entire night, and we were taught king about when he left in his jeep and exactly what happened from their including the toll booths, and when he arrived Did the house and it fit With when the hour law, when the alarm is disabled, then of course later therefore my being cut and then his heading back towards the university I mean they could. It is time line and no matter how much doubt the defense was trying to throw on stuff. He also had just a lack of decent character, so you you combine this these character issues with this damning time line and the fact that yes, he's dry this yellow jeep he's not very inconspicuous to me. They painted a really good picture and it wasn't very difficult for the
hurry even with them, throwing out his mothers sadly nodding. Yes to did your son Christopher? Do this they through that and they still believe he's guilty murdering his father and attempting to murder his alma December twelve, two thousand six. He sentence to fifty years to life on each count a minimum of fifty years in prison. and the judge judge Jeffrey bury was quoted as saying I feel very much what happened in the early morning hours of november. Fifteen is something that could happen again. You wanna talk. a minute because to me I already said I think that who willing to do whatever it took to maintain this facade. If he's going to attack his own parents, what what else money do? I think you would have killed his brother to get the full one point, one million
you, I don't think you would have wanted to split that and he would have finished his mom off too, because he didn't do it right. The first time it's it's scary to think that there are all these little things along the way that could be used that he could use to keep committing crimes his mother had tested. I did the trial and she had talked about how they were a couple of occasions, ere. She had seen some one that scared around her home and she reported and no one would do anything about it. Now whether she's telling the truth. Whether she's not it doesn't really matter, that's out there now and christopher. If he hadn't been convicted. You know he could say hey. Whoever did this came back. and then we might have a letter going out saying yeah committed. Crime- and I came back- I finish the job it scared of but you can imagine that this was going to be over. That's what's so haunting about this
No, I absolutely agree, and I think that it it's sad that his mom is either denial or truly think seti's innocent some of these people that support em they just Sure you can go through and you can start arguing for every single piece of evidence, but where it's just so overwhelming and time line is just that. The timeline just is too perfect. Crisper porco appealed his conviction, but that denied it, went all the way up to like the supreme court Essentially they were trying to argue that the question his mother was not proper and that there were mistakes made data. Your typical appeal argument but all the judges looked at over looked over the since I was presented,
original trial, and find any errors. All I have is empathy for joan Porco losing her husband. I mean she was brutally attacked, maimed. If you see pictures of her if you don't feel something any kind of empathy. Then I don't know what to say: I feel bad for her. I feel sorry that she has had to endure all of this, so I dont really well come too much on how she did this which, supposedly from saying it was her son to know it's, not my son, it's something that I have loved empathy for for her situation? So when it comes down to it as much as this. Upsets me. I feel glad because they were able to convict christopher Porco and he's not getting out
or at least if he does get out somehow he'll, be a very, very old man. the
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