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December 01, 1987. Townsend, Massachusetts. Andrew Gustafson was a 34 year old lawyer who had just closed a successful real estate deal and was attempting to let his wife know about it and to see if she would like to go out that evening to celebrate. A babysitter would be needed for their two children, but Andrew didn't think finding one would be a problem. Upon arriving home, Andrew found the house to be quiet. Too quiet. Upstairs, in their master bedroom, he found the body of his wife. He would then leave the house. Afraid of what else he might discover. Law enforcement used tracking dogs which led them from the Gustafson home to a home a half mile or so behind it through some woods. The killer it seems was within walking distance and was now on the run. When the criminal activities of this murderer were brought to light, many felt as though the young man was truly evil. It all began with home break-ins not unlike those of the Golden State Killer that escalated to terrorizing a family and murdering another.

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I did some other I'm due good just and how are you I am doing pretty good. Something funny happened to me today I was out to lunch with my wife and I came home and a bunch of keys tractors at my house at our fixing, my air conditioner, that's always fun and
expecting my needs to be home and my wife and I had driven separately and she wasn't there, but our car Is there so I looked in her room. I looked out of the house and I went downstairs, and I said his is my niece home, while the contractors, as we haven't seen her, She probably upstairs in her bedroom. I said no she's, not. Like. Is she out with your wife and I was like well, I was just with my wife and she wasn't with her and the guy, I was actually right. Knee deep in my air, conditioner looks up and goes on dateline manner message that stuff. I said already there and then I got a text for my wife saying: oh I picked up came before you got home and took it a starbucks surface I thought I was spotted anyways I needed to give a quick shot out to allison for all our help on my question,
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unless they didn't. If this is you talking to yourself or whoever's, next to you on the couch, we say, keep talking. Who are we to judge ready to stream some crime stories? Hulu, it's a crime not to watch. What are we talking about tonight? we're talking about someone who has almost become myth and there are legends and stories written about this killer. Probably I would say some of them are true, and some of them aren't true, but this is definitely the a story that, depending on who you talk to and who they talk to. A good evolve over time into something that horror movies are made of everything it is said about this. Guy is rooted in some kind of truth, it's totally just made up just my he exaggerated a little bit here and there so, he was a nasty evil person and base are at episode. Josh and Susan powell? We ve had summer,
wes coming in to please give a warning I know we are watching film or something it I'll say. This programme contains by content, etc, etc. Well, this episode will they won't contain offensive language? But there are a couple children that are victims, but we won't go into details too much. Yet a lot of that, I think, is just just an I sort of to ourselves a little bit and it's kind of worked out good, because we often hear from family members when we cover stories we or from them enough that it feels good. Knowing that we didn't focused too much the brutality of what happened, and we focus more on on why things happened. Now But, of course, will always break the stories now for you and give you give you the story, but there have two children are victims in this. One just say you know, so this
is nineteen, eighty six in pepperrell massachusetts, and we have a, I guess, awkward very anti social young man named Daniel LE plant. He was about five foot about a hundred and thirty some pounds heeded have very good hygiene. He didn't groom himself, just not very well kept. and neither was the homey lived in now. He had a tendency as a teenager, to break into houses and move, things around steel, stuff but he never really tried to cover his tracks. He would leave things out glass of water or some sort of alcoholic drink. He would just leave it half drink on a coffee table or something people that followed. The IRAN's case will remember that he would move objects around and it's terrifying because
you would think, but I don't see any evidence of a break in. But now, when I'm walking through my house, there are things that are just not in the usual places yeah and it's really a calling card to terrify people when the not trying to cover their tracks when they're not trying to off escaped their criminal activities, while in this case It's to create terror right to scare people at the young age of sixteen, is not fitting in with society as he should He didn't have any friends so he's breaking into homes, and it said that he's broken into this one home, any fines. that. There's two young girls that live there because he's look, photographs, and what not and I he finds the phone member of the home and the name of one of the girls that lives there, and he will become infatuated with her, and he will call her
then say hey. My buddy gave me your number and I thought that we could out some time and he describes himself as you know, I guess what he wishes. He was as this tall muscular good lookin jot guy who play sports, which he's not Some article say that they correspondence, the phone for several days, if not weeks before, they finally met for a date, but it might had just been a few phone calls so an andrews is interested in this young man and they apparently went on a gate, although it didn't go very well know in the odd thing about state- is an had just. Lost her mother to cancer and she wasn't
making it very well. No one in the family was taking it well and in that system horrible thing to go through, but la plant first, he shows up at the door and he's not who he says he is so it's kind of cat fishing here, and then he goes on to ask her. Her mother. How, She died. What is she do about it? You know she tried to talk to her mom, really creepy questions in its. That an and her sister, I guess she gave some sort of answer of she tries to talk to her. at night and la plant said what does she had back again. This is all sort of hearsay on how the date went, but regardless after an hour, she's like I'm done here and She makes up an excuse and why she has to leave, and she takes off in the middle of the state to understood that
He's very, very interested in or maybe even a little obsessed with this young lady, but she doesn't know that right, but this is What leads to what happens next, which is course not her fault. You she's not interested, but he is and I believe it's on December, tenth of eighteen, eighty six he showed- up in the home, and he has war paint on his face or that's what he was going for and he has a hatchet. and he's wearing what he's wearing the deceased mothers, wedding, gown, so the daughter there's no, that there's somebody in the house, their hearing, knocking noises again a lot of these, tells are a little murky, but there are messages left in what appears to be blood but its catch up and it's one of em says. I'm back come find me
and another says, marry me really creepy stuff. It said that he tied up the girls, and then the younger one got freed right. Next or the neighbors to get some help. Daniel a plant was not up to facing off. Instead, adults, I guess so he would go hiding just disappear. He early disappeared. They couldn't find anybody in that's so crazy, because he didn't leave the house, but he was gone running around the neighbourhood. Locking the neighbourhood down but he's nowhere to be found in others. This idea that he didn't leave the house right and they found across space behind a dresser and that's why danny was. They also think that he was able to look through the thence to know when the father was home and when he wasn't home, so he could attack or make noises and free people out and
looking around they end up finding a space behind and apply and said it was a drier down in the basement and it turns out that he had collected things from the home like snacks and that he hid put coins on the walls. So it's lake imagining create a little rats nest for himself inside the wall, ass. He was playing to stay there. He had been there for several days, at least, if you read about this case, and here's were some of the myth comes in. You will hear stay hence from police you'll hear statements from the family saying you he could have been in there for months. You'll hear that d otters were doing sciences to talk to their mother and he was in the wall knocking to signal them that their mother was alive were talking to from beyond the grave.
None of that really gels with what the final official story is. So take it with a grain assault. I dont know if the daughters had really been doing sciences and he happened to be in the wall at the same exact time, knocking to give them a sign. The chances of that playing out that where slimmed none, I don't know what you think. bad at this. Guy has the personality to to do that? No, he absolutely would do that if he was in the wall when, if they had a say on something, that's his personality, definite when you read up on cases like this, where It almost sounds like a horror film I mean this is one that sounds believable. There's some movie tie and later on, but yeah this? This is what I mean I think of people under the stairs or So many horror movies, where there's people living in the attic were in the basement or whatever and yeah the police catch this guy
sixteen years old at this time, so he's a minor he's, a juvenile but there's a lot of charges against him for what he has done in this house. Just a few days so they intend to put him into the juvenile correctional system. Its yeah juvy hall is what the common and they put him under psychiatric evaluation. Oh yeah, because of this manner and appearance, said he had just wasn really making sense and the daughter was really free that I went on one day with the sky? Never had any contact with them so wisely behave in this way. So basically, at that point, He had been responsible for a number of house break ins. He had been stealing and then has he got into the Andrews home and is terrorizing, that family with an ax. So it's not just enough the third to put him in the juvenile system. What are they
to do with him. I mean this probably as a result of his psychiatric evaluation and taking into account of his crime activities while they end up charging them as an adult because he's wrapped up such a list of crimes. Here, it's not Oh you shoplifted from the local store or you vandalized some car or something like that. It's your breaking houses. Your attacking people, though going to treat you as an adult for these crimes which allow some to leave the juvenile detention centre and be given bond or bail, which his mother we'll pay. According to the sources. I read his family, which amount to his mother and her husband, which would be danny stepfather and his brother? really like him by it.
It also seemed very clear emilius that his mother believed he didn't do anything wrong. that he wasn't responsible. You know she's, She was asked: do you think he did this and he she doesn't believe it now. She supports her son. She believes in her son and she pays for his bail and he's back out on the streets. Now which is one of those things were if he was left in the juvenile detention centre. He didn't have as many rights but treating somebody as a juvenile. Usually the outcome is more of a slap on the rest, a sort of correction as opposed to a punishment, but in this case we got this little grey area of they treated him can a door which therefore gave him an out to exit and be free again that cash bail happened in october of nineteen. Eighty seven that's ten months after
He terrorize that family with an axe and, of course the Andrews family here that he's out and they are not happy about this because they had decided You move away from Massachusetts to new Hampshire, Yes. Well, when you find somebody living in your house in your walls, it doesn't really leave you feeling safe, so they wanted to go, but it takes time to move, takes planning to uproot your life, but now they've heard that he is out on bail Take a moment to get a word from our new sponsor priceline. Do you have a group chat where you continuously talk about summer getaways, but never they go anywhere. Well
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and you get hold of his wife without success has been call on home and no answer- and this is eighty seven So this is landline phones, there's no cell phones or anything. But she's supposed to be home with the kids just close the deal. A real estate deal he's a lawyer and a lawyer for actually at the time of a famous individual earnest coke and so he wanted to celebrate and his thought was hey. Maybe we can arrange for a baby sitter and we can go out, but that requires planning with the wife only he can't reach her. So he heads home the very very quiet, and you know how it is. If you have a family, it's not that quiet, dead, quiet and her cars out front, she has to say she's pregnant, so he knows she's home and even contacts the neighbour and says hey have you seen priscilla and there like no, the
way, that the street is it's kind of its a call to sack or dead end. Yes, a dead end street and according to the neighbors. They say: well, we kind of look out for one another because were kind of off away from everything no one saw or heard anything, and they certainly didn't see priscilla or the kids they have to children. Girl who is seven and William, who is five and she was supposed to be, home with william and abigail, coming home on the school bus and then gets dropped off and walks the rest. The way home but that also have finished by about three thirty or so, and this is now getting close to five thirty andrew, doesn't know where his wife or his kids are. He goes upstairs to the bedroom, finds his wife face down on the bed with a pillow head. It becomes
we assume that there has been too gunshots put through the pillow as if to muzzle the gunshots and blood everywhere. He said she appeared gray. Very much deceased had been deceased for hours at that point andrews, said that he had to leave the house because he said he was afraid to lie any further. Because of what- ass- he might find no he'll be asked. You Where are your children? Did you look for them and they ll say no. I did not want to find them, because I was afraid of looking into their bedrooms and fight in their bodies finding that they were dead. Also, please, entered the home and located the body l a of sin, who is thirty three years old As we said, she was face down on the bed, she had
and bound with nylon and with neckties she had been raped. They located the children in separate bathrooms. They were found in bathtubs both of the children, had been drowned. Although Abigail their daughter, had been attacked, beaten and strangled as well as drowned. We Assume that Abigail was found, beaten and drown, because she came home last and probably walked into the middle of this scene or after the fact, and the perpetrator had you deal with her and since she was a little older than william, she put up a fight when they found the gust of sins. They didn't know? Who had committed these crimes? Of course the husbands coming home and reporting this. So they're looking at him and are questioning him, but he seems Mary distraught and he seems,
Believable snap standing lawyer and their thinking, while others out of similarities in this house, there's things that have been moved. Their drinks that are left out and we know that home invasions don't happen. ah here. But we do know somebody that does home invasions right, because there were items taken from his home, which included kay, television box boxes, a cordless phone and a cable television, remote control, as well as some coins there looking to see who would fit this profile, at least in terms of this robbery, so they get their dogs out and start sniffing around the house and the dog start leading em out behind the house down a trail into the woods to a house. That's located almost directly behind
the victims home yeah, it's about a half mile away, but literally it's just woods in between they go to twenty two elm street and towns in the home, belongs to la plant or its, whereas mother lives and he's been staying with her that's on elm street. They knock on her door and cool in her and immediately she's, saying always been in a lot of trouble. Did he miss a meeting with his parole, officer or a lawyer what's going on here and their pretty legislature we just need to talk to your son right now because they know this is probably the guy but yeah anyways, the the two homes, the one where LE plant lit lives with his step down his mom and the home where these murders occurred. I think it's about a half mile, if you go through the woods, but if you take the streets, it's about two miles,
but he didn't need a car. He didn't even need a bike. He could just travel by foot but the time, though they were experiencing a lot of bad, glories in that area these, burglaries ever happening were they didn't have obvious signs of break in, but I've also heard. It said that a lot of people just didn't lock the doors there Well, this is the eighties ends its in a small town oh, not the same sort of men too policy that we have today a mean dateline and always true crime, shows how scared the wits out of us to the point where we're all locking doors, It's the murderers of the cost of sins that get people to start king their doors and get people very fearful. especially at night and the authorities Forests are telling people hey locker doors, but I think the the police are pretty confident that they can get the purse responsible for these crimes because they find
of evidence at the scene, so we're looking at a triple homicide, a pregnant mother and her two children. Priscilla gustafson had been a nursery school teacher at a church, again here at all the time everybody loved her. She was known, ass, someone who didn't raise her voice. She was always pleasant, the people allow this family Nathan out of her husband of her and their children. This was an area that they, had a murderer in over a decade. I think you fifteen years ago. Mere that's what I read too Strangely enough, this and on Saunders road and that other murder that happen before wherever was happened on the same road, so the original Andrews family who had this kid, hang their walls is told. Not only is the out free, but he is
are the prime suspect and a triple murder. So the fathers on edge he's trying to, protect his daughters, they're trying to move out of this town, and now they think LE plants gonna be coming and around for them again he's on the run. He wasn't at the house. He took off out the back door and has disappeared again. On that thursday, which would be a couple days after the murders he used a gun and stole and orange volkswagen van from elm street the same. three lived on the owner of the van with them. So it's a heart, carjack yards car jacking but he's desperate and he's on the run shall end up jumping out of the oh. I don't blame her one bit. He ends up going to a lumberyard somebody
arresting officers will say that they go to the lumberyard, their searching it and Dave pretty much identified where he's hiding but they pull a ruse where they say: okay, this areas clear and they start pulling back, although two officers that are outside the doors where he's hiding waiting for him to come out. But there are trying to trick linda thinking. Ok, we're leaving now, of course, they're not really leaving they had, again these crimes so seriously that they put up roadblocks and They are really making sure they can control the whole situation as much as they could, and so when they had it narrowed down that he was in this lumberyard it's the g, more lumberyard, but there are railway cars. Nearby lots of buildings is at six. thirty pm when a police, officer was looking
a small door leading into hydraulic system of a dumpster, and he said he saw feet dangling and a plaid shirt, so they knew exactly where he was once they had everybody in place. Then these calling out to him. They said this is the end. And so finally, he came out from under the dumpster as soon as he did, they said at least fifteen police officers jumped on him these officers were overjoyed because they were this guy brought in bad. They found a twenty two I have stuff down his pants and it is said that he does not resist but is laughing monopoly. It's also said that he was laughing the first time he was arrested when found him in the house, so not somebody with their grasp the severity of what he's doing yes, crazy, because he didn't.
just hijack van. He had broken it, another home and a woman who entered her home just fell like something was off. It's like she could tell. There was another presence there and she went back outside and flag down a cop and said Can you go in my house with me and as soon as they went in, they heard a thud and there was a shot gun that had belong HU, I suppose, because it was in the house, it was drawn. On the floor and they believe it was Daniel, a plant that it headed out the window. So he went out the window onto a garage roof and then went flying off into the woods so again, desperate and look for weapons, but he was able to go into any house because apparently alot of people just didn't lock their homes he's a very brazen about this. So, as a question of he had our,
been breaking into homes, stealing stuff, that's where he got the gun, he had stolen it around the time that he had or the gust of since he had been asking people four bullets I guess he said he was going to make one big bullet and sell it, so they may be used is trying to make some money, but when they got some of Bullets that had come from. One of his sources turns out. that they were probably the same type, a bullet that was used to murder the murder per se the gustafson. So it's MIKE everything was with lining and of course he is definitely not getting out. This time we talk before about when he terrorized the family in pepperrell? They the charge him as an adult, but he was able to post, but he didn't murder anyone. Then he adjusts threatened them will now with. Murder charges now they're going to make sure that he doesn't boast bail, he's to stay and he's going to court. What are the charges they bring against him.
reach charges of murder for priscilla and her two children Abigail and william. He has breaking and entering charge. Ten diamonds in connection with ie home invasion from nineteen. eighty six armed burglary, sought with a dangerous weapon and kidnapping. Three charges of receiving stolen goods more. breaking and entering charges The remaining nine indictments are breaking and entering two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon. An assault and a dwelling kidnapping and firearm violations larsson of a motor vehicle and two counts of larceny and that's from when he carjacked D, the volkswagen they are able to find some stolen property
forum, the homes in his house in his possession that ties to these crimes. So it's pretty obvious that he is the perpetrator of all these, they tested him as well as the the seamen that was found on priscilla bed and that matched now back, then they weren't using dna testing by it as billet blood types, naked, tat work secrete her. He was they also and a sock in a closet there. saliva on it and they believe it was used to gag priscilla and there are also five found that they were able to match, or the footprints found flower bed outside the home. They were from a convert sneaker. That was size eleven or twelve, that matched in I also found Daniels left thumb print on this one telephone,
he had in his possession that had taken from one of his victims. So if, if you had any doubt it's pretty much. A done deal now and the dogs traced. You know they sniffed a shirt, and rack that all the way back over to the more home, where Daniel plant lived he. He pleads not guilty but again we know that this is just a default. Please, that usually goes and so this trial is held october of nineteen eighty eight, which I mean that seems like its quick enough right. They have a good amount of evidence against him and they feel calm they're going to get a guilty verdict and now he's seventy. at the time of of these crimes, but he'll be teen when he goes to trial, yeah the defence- and I have heard it add that his lawyer isn't really a fan of his and that's because and always smirking he doesn't seem to take.
this very seriously or he's getting of joy of this. The pain he's cause and that everyone's making a big deal about him, but his loss ass, to try and defend him. What kind of defence to they put up just the lawyer is saying all evidences circumstantial he's placing a lot of weight on there's more but people that live at the moors home, so you can't tell me it was Daniel was doing. These things could have been his brother than a step dad so on and so forth, which is kind of a weak, defend I think what I don't even know. The lawyer believed it would work. I think it's one cases of well we're gonna, throw it against the wall and see if it sticks there might get lucky. You know you you can get what you want to be alone, even ask for it. So he's is trying that out, but of course, there able to prove that
might that his brother was actually at work at the time he had an air tight alibi because he had a very solid schedule at work. But look I mean that this trial is kind of a joke because they have too much evidence against him and, let's face it, he's not doing himself any favours, because every time is in court, he's smirking and laughing and showing no remorse and all this as is it, aligns everyone against him if, if his defence attorney had if he had wanted to actually defend this person, he might have gone for an insanity defence, but again he had all the psychiatric evaluations that said he was competent but suffered from mania and different forms of anxiety mother might be jumping ahead, but he did ass. The judge
fourth, that as an option for the jury, to consider that maybe he was insane at the time of the murders which I don't think that makes any sense because he seems insane. You know at court too. So I don't know, doesn't it the jury more than what five hours to deliberate on this right. They return guilty verdicts and the sentencing, which there's day smiling away and he thinks it's hilarious, but they give him three consecutive life sentences, so in other words He asked the complete every life sentence before he goes to the next one, which means he's never getting out. right. This is a way to make sure that he never gets out, because everybody associated with this case, family members, jurors. The judge, everybody feels like this guy should never be able to walk out of prison. Again now the defence did give mitigating factors day.
They did try to show that general had a rough childhood and hopes that you would get some sort of leniency, because, ass, a teenager, picture of his death there was not the best to em- would physically abused him and virtue We abuse him. It's also said: when the police went to the house, they found some really questionable things all over right. Yeah they found and a lot of pornography magazines at the home of the moors, and it is in doubt It was room, it was in his step, dad's room, they found it all over the house and they even found a crumpled page or two of pornography at the gustafson home this
young teenager has been exposed to all of this. It said that he was getting therapy when he was in high school and that a therapist his mail counselor, was all though, sexually abusing him for over a year these are all allegations that his defence is making for mitigating circumstances. It's really just his word, but it's not that far fetched to me because of his very three outlandish behaviour and his criminal mindset that something's gone awry. Here I mean when we think of the nature verses nurture. Well, I would disbelieve this on the face of it. But it's coming from him It's coming from his defence attorney. Alot of people had the idea, his family didn't really care for him. His mother Elaine more really seem too dick by him, and you
talk bow. She posted bail for him and She believed he was innocent and I don't know that's because you really loved her son or if she thought it would reflect poorly on her if he is found guilty of killing pregnant mother and her children So the kind of lines at people drawn the sand, I'm I'm not sure how they get, air, but it happens. In ninety. Ninety three Daniel plants appealed his conviction The lawyer listed something is being in error, so they could somehow maybe turn this all around for him. He wanted to see. press the search warrants, which I mean, that seems they kill us to me, especially since they found stuff but I guess that's why you would you would want to suppress it. The search warrants are one of the things that sunk him. If you can get the search warrant ro. Now, then you get all the evidence thrown out, but absolutely had probably cause.
So it's that's. Gonna stand also they weren't very happy that his brothers workplace. Was all too happy to hand over the work records to show that his brother Michael, was actually at work. and then also- and I mentioned earlier- but they judged didn't, instruct the jury about the issue of insanity, so they're, trying to say hey. Maybe he was out of his mind if he did this, you know, and the judge didn't want to include that. But I mean that's the thing: is it didn't play that strategy They can't really come back and say: what's a strategy we will we wanted. I guess it's its hind it's twenty! Twenty! Here I think, because they should have fought hard harder for that and the first go, Well, he goes away quietly. It seems until about the year two thousand and that's win then The plant is saying that he needs to be. He needs to be safe, so they have
the place him and segregation here, third suing the border prince and because they didn't allow him access to the library He was also upset that there were some pronounced free. There was sent to him, which they said you can't have. That knows it's considered your band in you're, not allowed sorry when you're in prison, you you'll lose all your rights. Why should we. Let the prisoners just get pornography sent and it seems ridiculous right, ma He says this is a first amendment right that he is. denied, but that's the problem is he asked to be moved in segregated in one year placed in. that you're not allowed to do all the things because you ve been separated. Now that's the problem. There are going to me special concessions for him because he asked to be separated. From everybody else, because he was getting threats according to him
well, the law suit comes to a close in two thousand three and a half Lawyers, the one who made out because Daniel got foreigners dollars for his rights being denied, but his attorney got. Ninety nine thousand nine hundred and eighty one dollars and attorneys fees, gosh part of the law suit. Is based on religious freedom. and religious beliefs, and says that he was not allowed access to properly ray or access to religious services and baby to exercise his faith wall incarcerated. He could embassies wiccan again. This is something that as much later like we don't really have this idea that he had any sort of religious belief before he was incarcerated. Yes, details
thirteen when he brings all this up and says that he needs to build practice his religion and now they include herbs and medallions and different kinds of cakes and he needs to conduct rituals and I'm going out on a limb here. But there is moon rituals with this that would require a window so passed, boy he's trying to get a a nice or sell. That has a view. I don't know, I'm just speculating I think he's scheming. I mean. Why did he want access to the library and I dunno know and the thing that successes very much person of don't shoot the messenger if they want to practise their faith, while incarcerated. I think that's a reasonable request. I dont know how genuine his request is, though, but when it comes to any one
Our surrendered, whether before property crime, a drug offence or murder, they're all kind of We did the same way and they I'll go through the same meek, ranger. I think there could be improvements on their treatment. I just don't like the fact that its coming from this guy, You catch us out somewhere and you ask us scene. I do believe that prisoners should have rights. Well sure I think prisoner. should have some basic rights. But you know, if you say, ok, but what about daniel a plant man? I mean you, I believe, in prisoners having rights but yeah, it's tricky, but you have to kind of let people pay It is for their religion whatever it is, within reason. Now, let's say he wants a dagger as part of his ritual. You can't give this guy a dagger. If you like. this guy out now he kills again right. I think I'm going out on a limb there. No I mean he he's not murdered a serial killer because he had no cool down period, buddies,
definitely a spree killer and he hasn't really shown any amount of remorse or anything what would that entails that different than him smirking in laughing all the time, interesting anomaly that happened. We these supreme court decision in December, two thousand thirteen that says it is unconstitutional or considered cruel and unusual to sentence a minor to life, and so Some of you have heard us talk about this, especially when it came to the kansas. firefighter case and brian shepherd being released recently, and I guess I look at this in hopefully not opening up a can of worms here, but I think that it is unconstitutional to sentence a minor to life when I think of
a situation like that. I think of somebody. That's fifteen sixteen years old who had been an accessory to murder was get away. However, in the robbery when down poorly you know, I I I try they give concessions there. Try to. well. They made a bad bad decision never a minor and there are not fully developed there. Not thinking it they can turn their lives around. But then you, I say what about Daniel la Plante and again I'm back to? Ah, I don't want this guy walking on the streets again yeah. So three life terms, the earliest that he could get out, is forty five years that that's if they decide that he's served enough time. You know because it would be of fifteen years per per conviction. So he once these terms to be concurrent.
So he could be eligible right away. That would be fifteen years. These forty seven years old is, years old now and die. He even comes out and issues an apology which you can fine that apology on youtube. I we're not going played here by it. Damn I mean in my opinion, this guy didn't try real hard, it's kind of late, Ok, I'm gonna go through this motion now, just let me out only thing I give them as he's not smirking when he gives it. He'd seems a coherent and not quite as disconnected and withdraw on as he did when he was so ten years old, but It just seems like he's going through motions and filing motion, so not not real sympathetic and the judge instead doesn't exactly given way
no it's in two thousand seventeen when he gets the bad news, no Life sentences will remain consecutive and they remain in place. So won't get out and tell he's sixty something years old. If he's even getting out when he said yet, while okay, so I dont think they're going to. Let him out ever know now, but he will approach the board in look I'm over by it. I know lying this guy I'll? No, I but I think he becomes eligible. Four pearl. When he's in his sixties, leaves out. He was caught born bad. He hasn't shown that he can re interest society and do much good there any time there are murders people that are affected family members, friends, the community- and this is the kind of these were aren't. You know what the real number is that people that were affected by this. I know there were hundreds of children at school who were affected
the deaths of william and Abigail they had to provide, and they had to figure out. with this, because it was, the stating, then you had passed: Le gustafson sisters. They went to the trial did Priscilla husband, but he only went twice. He went to give a statement and then he went to hear the vote. Priscilla sisters were very, very anger. and upset by the whole situation. They tried to look into daniels eyes. They wanted him, no, that they were there and they were watching, but he didn't want to look at them that way. one of her sisters. She was asked if she thought that this was justice, that been given three life sentences and she said there can be no justice. They only justice would have been if it had never happened. Those were four people that were killed a yacht. Theres many family members surviving family members that all that did show up where at the recent answering hearing and gave them
victim impact statements to the judge, so as influence. His decision on whether or not this person should be let back out into society, Actually. This is the kind of case where I dont think that it was necessary, but it is necessary in the fact that they got to speak their piece and got to say what was on their mind in what was in their hearts daniel a plant. Again, I don't think he's ever getting out andrew precise has been asked, the murders he moved in with his parents and then into an apartment in towns end by eight months later he I move back into his home and he said that he wanted to emotionally reclaim it, and I think he started to heal a bit by being in the home and for him, I think it was the strength of going back really well members all the good times that happened in that home. Now, The family, home andrew got remarried
nineteen, eighty nine to a woman that he had known for years named carol, and she had lost her husband to a brain tumor in nineteen, eighty four, when they were wed, they were to wedding bans. They were ones on their left for each other. and then they wore their old rings on their right hands? And I think that's really it's really interesting because they both had that respect for the ones they loved that they lost a just show how loving these people were. Data having two daughters together, holly and laura Andrew who was a lawyer focused on child care and protection services Andrew gustafson would pass away in two thousand and fourteen. from cancer at age? Sixty
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