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D.C. Mansion Murders - 341


May 14, 2015. Washington, DC. In the afternoon of May 14th, 2015, the mansion of Savvas and Amy Savopoulos was the scene of a fire. After firefighters finished battling the blaze, four people were found dead inside. They were Savvas, Amy, their son Philip, and their housekeeper, Vera Figueroa. Evidence found in the home told investigators that those who died were held against their will and tortured for hours before being murdered. But who would want to harm the Savopoulos family? As the answers came in, police realized that things may not have gone as first theorized.

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From wondering you tonight, I'm ok well not really. Hooker, I know I had some procedures done on my legs recently and they're a little painful, but you know I'll get through it yeah. I had a procedure done on my head, so we're both sitting.
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in price line. Knows every trip is a big deal so when you're ready to book your next one check out price line, dot com, for the easiest way to get more how an extent vacations one of the greatest fears that people have not just in america but probably most places is the fear of a home invasion and being held captive in your own home, not knowing, if you're going to lose die, being tortured and it's something that used to keep me up at night, especially when we fall started. Recording you know about sir your killers and other crimes. Tonight's case is about a twenty two, our home invasion. So what are we talking about tonight? Iron tonight, we'll talk, about the dc mansion murders wash andy, see twenty fifteen at around one thirty p m. There was a fire at home.
in a very upscale neighbourhood belonging to survive, and amy sebastopolis the homeless. Four and a half million dollars and was three stories wow now savannas was forty. Six years old, he had three children His wife Amy was forty, seven years old and they son named philip, who was ten years old. Only listing them because they are the victims that are found after the fire department gets control. The house, yet their daughters, Abigail Katerina were away at the time they owner multi million dollar home in a very upscale neighbourhood savannah was the Ceo of american iron works, which has a large company that is located in height, ville merrill and when survivor first met Amy and back then she was Amy Clare. Martin about a year older than him. But he
always smitten with her from the minute, saw her it, I'm a little while to get her warm to him. Eventually, she, out with them and I guess they headed off pretty well. They were both very successful people atta ba in business and analytical philosophy from the university of maryland. He had a law agree from the american university, his company, American iron works actually helped in the restoration after nine eleven and a lot of other projects when he was seventeen. He started along long time, hobby of martial arts, so very busy guy amy. She was born in Brighton mass. She and her young brother were military brats. They had grown up in germany and other basis, because when you're in the military, you don't have a place, you call home you're, just all over the place she asked
a ba and economics from the university of maryland. That's where she met of ass, they up getting married in nineteen. Eighty four, there are prominent family The pursue lived across the street from them was the ambassador from Australia. I guess It's a well paid position, so lived on Washington's north west side. They lived there for a while and having money they, I guess, procured art to fill their home with their art collectors. They had very nice. thanks they owned a porsche in several other vehicles. The poor sure was Amy's. Was a blue porsche nine eleven, I'm not into portions myself. I have other cars that I favour. What's your favorite coherent, my favorite garza, mustang yeah. They also had to house first one was now: let's goody areas, and the other one was vera figure Ella. Now, let's is when you boy.
in vienna, now, let's they had worked for the family for what almost two decades Vieira had worked for them for about four years. She was actually saving money because she wanted to provide for her children and she had from El Salvador, and so her actual plan was to work for this of atlas family for a while. They had a great reputation and now lets us or by them said they were litter, her family. So we're was save up the money and then go back home at some point, probably not too long after this time. Unfortunately, as will be talking about something terrible occurs, if you watch any tv shows or documentaries on this case, village is referred to, as nellie will refer to her as nellie for the recipe case, because that everyone knew her, her friends and family on thursday may fourteenth twenty fifteen. at about one thirty in the afternoon smoke was seen coming out of the upper windows of this obvious home
and so a man ran to the house and try being on the door trying to get people live there get their attention because he was afraid. But if they're not aware what's going on here concerned, so he contacts the fire department, they respond pretty quickly yeah they get to the home. They use their ladders to break out the windows because they know that the second floor is mostly bedrooms. my man and try to extinguish the fire after twenty five minutes. They pull three bodies from the home here to be three adults. This was survey ass, his wife Amy and their houses her Vieira and vera was the only one showing any signs of life, although she didn't appear to be hang on very well, he looked very dire for her. She will die shortly after arriving at the hospital. They then
find the body of fill up in the next bedroom over. He was tied to her, charred mattress. thing in his room had been burned up. There was evidence of blunt force and sharp objects used When I first saw the remains, though they couldn't tell the gender or the age of the, some because he was so badly burned. Vieira was reported to have her gasoline port on her, she wreaked of gasoline. immediately investigators knew that this was foul play, arson homicide all of those things. They also found a blueprint on the front door next to the door knob, it didn't look like they kicked in the front door. Just look like summit. Tried to kick in the front door from this blueprint they dont know. If that was somebody trying to break ended,
house or if it was somebody trying to alert the family, they just know there's a boot print there, and that goes along with their idea that this was foul play. They couldn't find out if anything had been stolen because the house was on fire, so it's really hard to tell what the motive was here. If it was a breakdown or whatever the phone lines had been cut. The security system lines, which probably are the same phone lines, were also cut. There was duct tape residue on a chair where the adults found investigators are thinking. Bed been bound to these chairs as they goes through the home and obviously there are going to have to take inventory, though, have to investigate. They will decide however, that there are things missing. One of the first These things as missing is the blue. Two thousand eight poor nine eleven been seen that morning. All
oh missing were the families phones, none of the people that have been in the home had their phones anymore, so they're all missing, which we all have our cell phones on us all. The time unless we set it down on a table right next to us. So it's obvious that there is something wrong here. The car is katy later it was down in a parking lot behind a choice. In Atlanta maryland. That's about twelve miles, the northeast and it was found because somebody had torched right. Yes, because it was torched. the police do the right thing and they start looking around for any security cameras that might be folk on the area. and sure enough. They find footage of a man leaving the porsche on foot with what appears to be a bucket white bucket. So they have your first clue. First, they do try to locate the daughters they have to
sure they're, ok, because they don't know if this is a hit on the family, all the family or why it, but they do locate them. They were at boarding school, so there safe, but of course they were eve, the terrible terrible news. This was obviously a crime that has now spread out over large sections of the city with the house being burned down their car being torch, so they tried to setup I'm line of events surrounding when this family his last seen heard from when the As was said a blaze. There was a joint task force created members of the eighty f secret service and oil and pity, and over the next few days they were able to set up a timeline of the event. Surrounding de is home, and this madness that it occurred yes, really improve. to establish this time line, so they can figure out details of the case when those would be we know
when Amy, when she was walking the dogs based on that and based on who else was at home shipping we'll figure out kind of when whoever did this got into the home. On Wednesday may thirteenth boss and nellie were going to a martial arts studio, its is dough Joe that he had created. That was around five thirty p m Aimee had called spouse. golden to come home. This was a little out of the ordinary because nelly it said. Amy had been planning to go out that evening and now she needed him to take care of philip, but other excuses will come up. That's one of contradict that sit around eight hundred and thirty p dot m ass calls his assistant, jordan, wallace, to arrange a drop off essentially to go pick up a package for him. They were supposed to do some other thanks. So this is a change of plans. Also, there a busy fan
we. They have a lot of stuff going on changes of plans happen, so nobody's really catching on, but Allie, is a little suspicious because at one point its amy I was gonna go out and service had to take care of philip, and now it's Amy's not feeling. Well, so I have to go home early little things are starting to cannot get out there. Cobb, Jordan. They tell me as to good iron works in the morning and wait for a package. Then he's told to go to a bank and pick up a large sum of money to the tune of forty thousand dollars. Now it might seem a little out of the ordinary, but, on the other hand, service is the kind of person who has made deals like this, where he needs cash. In other words, he can get things at a discount equipment if he has cash, he goes to auctions and that's a cash only kind of business, so Jordan gets with ted who's. The cf oh
of iron works. They make this bank trip and this money withdraw happen. This took a lot of coordination on services part. Normally he has their person. Normally it would be cashiers checks. Normally it would be a lot of different things, but he said had to happen digitally he had to sign it digitally. He could not be present. Jordan had to be the one to go, get it had to be this amount of money in hundred dollar bills, so very specific details here that he had to orchestrate. He was trying to get this money the night before, but the banks were killed. Closed so and await the person who is working on this from the bank. They had to make a call
The call is either know this, isn't how we conduct business here or hey it's of us of our policy, its fine and that's what they ended up saying was we trust the sky and not only that they had to make sure they had that kind of cash on hand, sometimes as possible. That bank doesn't have that much money, so they have to pool their resources from other branches all these things had to come together for this withdraw its at nine thirty. When nellie gets the voice mail from savannah, telling her that Amy's not feeling well and vera their housekeeper had elected to stay the night to help the family out, he mentions that virus phone is dead they don't have a charger so to let everyone know that viros, ok, nellie attempts to call him back, but he doesn't answer it's sort of a weird message. But it's still not ringing a lot of alarm bells, as
terribly wrong. It's just odd. Behavior amy calls dominoes that night. She tells dominoes. I want order these two pieces anyone's pepperoni ones, cheese. I guess yeah she paid for it all vance, along with a five dollar tip and gave special instructions to just leave the pizza on the porch and not ring the door. Now or bother them in any way because she was taking care of a sick. Child Vieira was married, her huh and was Bernardo I'll far. Oh, she was expected home that evening. Now, of course, we know from what we have said so far. That savannas had told nellie that Vieira had elected to stay the house, but bernardo- didn't know about this and is concerned she normally gets out at three p m in and she goes home. So this is quite a number of hours. He hasn't heard from his wife, the next morning. This is thursday may fourteenth he and his death,
Claudia alfonso went to this abolishes home. He goes to the front door and he's knocking, but no one's answering then he hears something that sounds like furniture moving across the floor like someone getting up kicks back and makes a scraping sound on the floor and so thinking someone's in the house he's hearing noises, but no one's answering the do so then vast calls him. He says: hey Amy went to the hospital, years with her everything's fine bernardo saying, will that's fine but which hospital. I really want get a hold of my wife. I haven't talked her in a while and he says you know what I dont know right now, but I can get you that information. Let me call you back after I find out, and he says ok, but he doesn't here back from service, and it's not long before he started to call everyone again. He can't get ahold of vera.
At about ten, a m nellie got a text from Amy saying this want to make sure you know you are needed here at the house, so don't come over and at some point during this morning a sprinkler system, repair, guy or service man shows up at the house and is not on the door. No one's answering he's there, boris a scheduled service call and, of course his company gets a call and says no one's home right now so cancel the service coffer today, so you can see that there is. a lot of stuff going on what this family every day, people coming and going they're always interacting the people and their having to come. Council and change plans and make up all these weird excuses, so people will essentially leave them one. Also that morning, Jordan wallace, who was services assistant, he picked up that money
forty thousand dollars about, ten thirty! I am here into the house and deposited the money inside a sports car in the garage wallace will say that he moved the money from a backpack to an envelope and then put it in the car. A whole also say that the car, was locked and then he'll make another statement saying no. The car was unlocked these details, only come and later because he will become a suspect here. This of apple S, home, was destroyed by fire. Right essentially for people were murdered. Investigators are trying to figure out how this would happen. It seems as though they were held hostage like how else would Amy and survives be reaching out to people contacting them, and yet they returning
away. So it seems like this was all constructed to get money to the home. What kind of pattern is this? This is a ransom drop essentially to pay off whoever, so they could live, so they can get free and there being absolutely compliant with their abductors demands in every way possible, whether be to protect their own child. Protect themselves What have you I'm? Assuming that its to protect her child, because that's most parents number one priority and they loved their son, philip, so they're doing anything and everything to get through this alive. Based on the evidence that they have based on the timeline they ve constructed, based on all the phone calls and the tax they feel as though there were multiple intruders at least two. They also feel that the survivors
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they could have been there. Obviously, the forty thousand dollars that provides a motive money ass there. Looking at this, as this is a desperate person or persons because that's how much money they got out of a forty five. it doesn't seem like a lot, not really not out of a family. That's pretty wealthy! The computer that contain the security video because Our cameras at the home was missing. All the cell phones from the people in the home were missing There was even an alarm sensor and a latch that just happen to be the broken window. Now we already said that's probably due to the fire fighters. In the end, I think The investigators really feel as though whoever gained act to the home, get in a way that didn't need to break something to get in, they might have followed somebody in whether be veer or just found an open door.
Somebody was letting the dogs out. What have you? I think this is me personally, but I'd read online that there kind of lax about locking the doors. At times there are people, we'll, go and tested or receive it's locked or not. talk, but that on the yeah, the lipstick killer case way back in the day they had two dogs. They were chesapeake bay, retrievers bare and gender there's this idea will. How did this intruder get past the dogs, not all dogs or attack dogs? Sorry, maybe they would barked maybe they were gone up and licked his face. We don't know how are going to respond to a stranger. It said.
at ginger, wasn't very friendly, but if this intruder had told the family get your dog away from here, I'm gonna kill it or I'm going to kill your son. Well, they can take the dog downstairs. They can get a hold of the dock. So there's a lot of questions that people have here that I'm like. Why is that a question? They just handled the dog situation. There is even a question of Why did they order pizza? I just think cause they were hungry. While I can answer that, I bet the captors with one or two wherever was wanted pizza their hungry? These are all these. Questions that I read and see online and unlike they distorted pizza because they ve been held captive for hours now so oh, maybe there wasn't any food in the house they wanted to eat, anyways, there was a young dog and ginger was older dog, it's my
stating that they were very good about going into their kennel when they were asked to. I don't think it would take much frame, you say kennel and have them go in the kennel. So for me, yeah, it's not really occur, Jim. We don't know what the routine was like as possible, that she would kennel them after the walk for a bed, and, if that's true, maybe she put them in the candle before something happened to her. The outstanding question at this point is detectives want to know about the porsche, because whoever did this took off in that ports and I think if they can figure out the answers to this, then they might find the perpetrator or perpetrators, so they found the porsche it had been torched. That was the last known location of whoever had done ass. They were able to obtain surveillance, camera footage from a near by building and it shows person wearing dark clothing carrying a bucket? They release
at footage to the media. But I've seen the footage it. Somebody can run away from the camera, you care really make out anything from the footage, but hey every little bit helps the forensic evidence is always important and in this case, probably the most important thing. So I think this is your consensus, because they test the pizza crust, Someone had eaten some of the pizza, so they tested this cross and found saliva. They gotta dna profile from it and were able to get a match with for whoever is doing this for them to be so careful about not leaving it. Fingerprints, not leaving any evidence for the most part, taking all the phones taking be security for age, burning things and it's this pizza that doesn't look the other way say so little thing yeah, and this is a little thing. It's so easy to forget,
you're, leaving evidence when you do ex wires e on may twenty two thousand fifteen the police send out a key all they want help. Locating a man by the name of daring Dylan went and they issue a warrant for his arrest, They look for him at his father's house, his dad as in inland maryland therein stay there and sure enough now have seen him there just sitting out front just a few miles from where they found the porch daring happens to be hanging out with his beyond say in bed. When a new story comes on the tv. Lo and behold, whose faces up there is in his fiance jumps out of bed and says what did you do pretty much doesn't want anything to do with it so daring yes to take off and he gets with some family members and some friends they take the money and try to run. I guess, but they don't get very far
the police apprehend darin during a traffic. Stop This is on rhode, island avenue. He had been traveling with three women in a shiver lay, and there was a box truck following him. It was being driven by his brother darrell and his cousin George Elias was in. There is well according do them we this travelling little bed, but he was in his turn himself in If I buy that, what do you think you think there's anything true about that? You think he was going to terms alfin will up until that point and telling his friends and family that he had won the lottery than buying all kinds of things for them using under dollar bill you know his face bases on the tv and all the monies with his brother and his cousin in one car he's in another car he's going to turn himself in really
yeah. They found ten thousand dollars yeah. I think they were on the run at that point. Let's have a little bit about who dared win was. He grew up in guyana and south erika in Iraq two thousand. He moved us now, the next year he started. With the: u s: marines, for some reason he didn't make it two long before he was medically discharged I don't know that. I know why he was. I wasn't able to figure that out after that he became a licence welder and that's how I got the job at american iron works to describe him. He's five foot, eight hundred fifty five pounds and very musket her he had bounced around between family members and friends, but most of his relationships would end poorly his step brothers too fond of him.
how bad break so they're, not even friends. They don't speak him in darrow still talk, but even they had their frances. This isn't somebody who's close with his fan We who has a lot of strong relationships of people detected who are working. The case interviewed many people who knew him. A few people were remarking. They didn't know why Darren turned out to be so combative because he had such a good family. This isn't his first crime. If he is guilty as a rap sheet, he has a rap sheet. Two thousand five, someone sought a restraining order against him that wasn't granted in following two years. He was arrested three times for assault. He served to ten months sentence in new york,
and two thousand and nine. There was a conviction for second degree assault and in two thousand and ten he broke into a woman's apartment, stole her tv, vandalized, her car and threatened to kill her little daughter. Now he pled guilty to malicious destruction of property and in two thousand and ten he was also arrested outside of american iron works because he had been seen carrying a too long machete appellate gun and a beer
plead guilty to possessing an open container of alcohol and spend a day in jail. I know people that have been charged with making terrorist threats and were on probation for ten years. He broke into a woman's house vandalized your car and threatened to kill her young daughter. Yet he just keeps getting these slap on. The wrist keeps slipping through the cracks if he was on probation when he was again arrested for container. That would put him behind bars but again he's getting shuffled around daring used many aliases throughout his life. His Actual legal name was darin dalen dennis went even father and a woman they lived with had obtain protection.
It is against whom they have a suspect in custody. They feel they have multiple connections here between the suspect and this of home and the crimes that were committed during this investigation. They knew that jordan wallace, the families assistant, had made the money drop. So they arrested him and questioned him. He was getting all kinds of details wrong about the money who he was with. He actually sent a picture of the money to his girlfriend and said: whoa, look what I'm doing. Then he talked about how he dropped her off in the car. He forgot to mention that he moved it from his backpack to an envelope. He forgot to mention if the car was locked or unlocked. The investigators are really coming down hard on him as an accessory to this, like
was working in cahoots with dern. Getting these details wrong and then trying to correct them later just make similar more suspicious to the investigators. Absolutely let's Talk a little bit about what happened to those of our policies. They detect is the forensics team. They have a good idea of what went on in the home. The details are horrific and let me just stay up front here. The savage policies were held captive and they were tortured, probably from the beginning, until the time that they were murdered. Yet as soon as savage came home, they found blood and scuff marks at the door, so was attacked as soon as he came home, but somehow is able to make all these phone calls get. All these things accomplish. And still sound sane and composed they will is that a fire was started on a queen size, mattress using
in accelerant and matches the suboptimal son philip, was on the bed. He had died from thermal and sharp force injuries and they said that when they first saw him, they couldn't tell his age or gender. They just knew that a human being had been burned on a bed. The three adults that were found, which were sebastian amy as well as their housekeeper vera, had been struck gold. They also showed blunt for and sharp force trauma to their bodies. They again feel. Like there are many ways they can connect daring to these crimes? We always say it search. History can damn you right, but of course, any true crime fan. They look of all kinds crazy staff, but then again there not being investigated four murders. Therein went search. History showed things like how to reset an iphone sick
which to the phones that were missing rife and six is also which countries do not have extradition treaties to the united states. I don't know anyone that just randomly searches that yeah Don't think that daring went had a podcast and was trying to figure out information for an episode. Daring wint needed an attorney up to this point here, one attorney that represented in four years- and his name was robin flickr after Mr Went- was arrested. This attorney mountain was pretty vocal in supporting him, even though he wasn't officially representing him. What was he having just in about his former client, he was defending. I'm saying and was innocent, because there
didn't even like pizza, why would he have ordered pizza and eaten so the police probably had what tunnel vision right? I am just were honing anon the wrong man because he didn't like pizza. And really so. Why was his saliva? The crust? You know, did right there was so a knife that was found wedge in a window that had his dna on it and, of course this is said well that must have been cross contamination and blah blah blah. it had to be because daring wind went down every bit of evidence that he was confronted with in was able in his own way, to explain it, except for the knife. He couldn't personally
plane that he seemed surprised when they brought it up well, and his own explanation essentially makes him an accessory to the crime regardless. But that's just trying to distance himself from what happened on february, 17th, two thousand and sixteen darren went, is and died with twenty felony charges for council, felony, murder and, of course, kidnapping felony murder. In the course of a burglary and felony premeditated murder, he was also charged with one out of burglary, extortion, arson and first degree theft. All these counts possibility of life in prison without parole, Well, we know what they're doing here, they're, basically saying we're gonna, throw twenty baseball's at you good.
look batting any of them away. This is a common thing. Therein, wind pleads not guilty to all of the charges. The trial begins on september. Fourth, twenty teen opening statements will be made on september, eleven press peters say: Darin had entered the home and was desperate need of money. He held Vieira and philip against their will and tell Amy came home from starbucks, and then he subdued her. She called surveys to come home and then attacked him and held him along with all the other victims? Hostage for eighteen plus hours Now the details here had to have been really difficult for people to listen to especially family members. They were told how this family and there
housekeeper, who was family to them, were bound to chairs beaten with a baseball bat and stabbed by the way, this baseball bat was a gift from the grandfather there to philip it even had his name inscribed on it. It's just like everyone that spoke to them during this whole event and couldn't do anything, we're all power, Wallace. The prosecutors of course say luck. We ve got Wednesday whence dna. It was on a vast, it was pizza crust founded on a hard hat. even on a knife in the basement, we know he did this. They bring witnesses experts and the things they want to establish was this security system, because the security system wasn't even up and running. It survives
been called his security company during that time and the whole thing about the computer that restoring the security videos. Well, really it overhead capped and we're. Assuming at this point, his daring went, whoever it kept this of all places captive and torture. Them was trying to figure out how to get those videos they wanted to know whether the videos were being stored in a cloud or locally, and so this expert had to give testimony to explain how this all happened, because you have MR of apple is calling and trying to figure this stuff out, because his capture wanted to know, because by would suffice, as care services letting the security company handle it. But now What else wants to know because they don't want to show up on any footage, They also need to establish that people saw therein win, possession of a lot of money, because you didn't have money. He was living with other people and we'll get more in.
That later, but right now there are established in that daring the scene with hundred dollar bills, which that's not really possible unless he did when the lottery, which we know he didn't Vanessa hails, who was his fiancee at the time, testified that staying with a right after the murders, and he told her about the money in winning lottery and she talked about how he was spending at all. So this ties it in also talks about how dare and took a cab back, DC because he had torched a blue minivan that he'd been using at the time so hey towards, yeah torches, his own minivan torches, a house and tortures a porsche. So that sets a pattern here that somebody's trying to get rid of all the evidence.
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He w p now mention that there are obviously need a lawyer, and at this trial he had a new lawyer, Jeffrey stein. He was a public defender because daring really didn't when the lottery so he's its fourth, this theory or this. What he says is what actually happened: that barons brothers, darrell and Stefan tricked him into entering the plus home I may fourteenth twenty fifteen and that daring- that darrell borrowed his blue minivan the day before so his brother did return it therein, state at a friends house and that friend you know we'd like to hear from him, but he's dead. He died some time before the trouser it. So we can't verify this, but therein telling you the truth, etc, etc. is obviously the deck is stacked against them. I mean there's always forensic evidence theirs
video recordings. I mean you name it, but anyway this is alibis, saying it's his brothers. That did this crime and they tricked him and into enter in the home and that's how he left his dna because he didn't know people were being harmed or murdered in the house yeah. He was being talked into robbing the house by his brothers and he refused, but he showed up and ate some pizza and then left, but they have security, camera footage of him and his brother darryl, going to a home depot or some hardware store and buying stuff, including a white bucket and his brother talks about how he put gasoline in this bucket, so he could torch vehicles. This is all part of the whole plan, and it's not his brothers planets, like we said, Stefan had a air tight out
by where he was he was working. He was a supervisor for multiple construction sites overseeing things and that's actually part of the falling out he had with Darren was he was trying to hire his brother to do things and he wasn't reliable and he owed him money. So Stefan didn't have anything to do with him at that time and was had time sheets time cards showing he was somewhere else and phone records showing he was somewhere else and Stefan also says the reason he kicked his brother out, not just because he couldn't paying bills, but also because he was abusing his sister. I think this was physically use so with all that going on. How is it that darrell and staff on our doing this crime? How are they doing that. This is one of the most ridiculous hail mary passes. ever seen in a trial. I'm sure there are worse than this
as one of the worst ones I can remember in recent history- will be defence attorney, does throw darrow under the bus a little bit saying hey this guy's a criminal has a criminal past knows how to cover up crime. Scenes darin wouldn't have known, but darrow would have like ok but They focus on stuff on more than they focus on Darrell. Sorry, there's a lot of names here. Just remember therein is the guided. Did this darrell is caught with him with the money? Stefan totally nothing to do with this case had an alibi, but the defence is really throwing Stefan under the bus, which that's attacked glare, Just wasn't working out will end. Darrell has an alibi as well. hey to say, but I think this attorney is just doing what they can. You know they're all their tasked with is doing their best
represent their client to save their client from whatever terrible thing will happen to them if they're found guilty- and in this case it's like none of this math works. At all and that's the problem with it. You know the idea here is: if you're trying to save your client, you need to set it up to where there is reasonable doubt in this, I don't honestly know how they get there, but it's not like this. This is a big mistake, and I dont know how darrell does it, but he again says: hey My brother was going to turn himself in this is despite being thrown under the bus. At that point, you almost have to take him at his word. Like he didn't know, he wasn't sure he didn't want anything to do with this testimony where he is on the stand and they're asking him. Did you ask him why he was going to buy this bucket? Ask him why he was by
while this stuff and gasoline did you ask him why he was going to torch his own car and darrell saying no. I just didn't want to know which can you blame them? I'm actually more surprised that the prosecution didn't try to go after his brother darryl as an accessory, but Maybe it's because he was on the prosecution side. Essentially, he was more or less a witness for them, and not the defense. On the twenty fifth of october, two thousand and eighteen darren was found guilty of all twenty counts. He was charged with the deliberation had taken three days, daring with sense, too, for life terms, no power, stability of parole. Obviously, in appeal is expected, so we covered it. Daron wint is the murderer, he's the one that took the forty grand, but did he have help because investigators for the longest time said we really believe there.
Two perpetrators involved in this in these crimes, looking over the evidence, it seems like may be right one if you watch the twenty twenty or watch the date line on this they re We throw jordan wallace under the bus. Maybe it's just bad editing. They assert that more than one person had to have done this and they bring up jordan. They don't bring up his brothers very much in the tv show and I'm thinking darryl. His brother was arrested with him with ten thousand dollars. Why wouldn't he have been the accessory and if he's not the accessory, then who is, but I don't really think that he needed another person he got in the house by himself. He had taken control of the house. He had subdued the
women and the young boy. When savant comes home. Why does he need to people now? He could. He can jump of us and now he's got the upper hand at that point. Therewith is incredibly strong and it doesn't matter what some of us knows. As far as martial arts goes, I mean at that point. If he's got the jump on him, it's not a fight and then he can tell him hey I've got your little boy upstairs. I got your wife will in services. Martial arts was sword, fighting so unless he had a catana autumn, he's not going to really be doing much fighting right right were questions here like why order to pieces. Well, maybe the two pieces is usual for that family was to feed everybody, probably, and luckily, of course, the two daughters worn at home, because they were away a boarding school, The dna testing only provided links to daring went people can
All day long will darrell knows how to cover up a crime. Really they didn't find anything from him. Well, maybe he's together doesn't like pizza, who knows but Really. The only question here in you brought up about jordan wallace. Would Jordan wallace was involved. Remember when he spoke to the police, he seemed very very suspicious. He couldn't keep his story straight Every time he talked the police were looking at him like, I don't think you're telling me everything. I don't feel like you're telling me the truth. I feel like you're hiding some Why did you send a picture? The money to your friend and so the funny thing here, is that people that no Jordan wallace, they said you know, This doesn't surprise me. In other words, there not surprise you hear that he seemed a little shady when you started the police, it's not because they think he's a criminal. They just think that's how he comes off You could be nerves equally. Ok, maybe he's just easily, you know, addled, we dont know by
for whatever reason he just wasn't able to just tell the police hears. thing than I did leading up to the drop off, and let me just make this clear: daring had worked for iron works in the past. Jordan Wallis is their personal assistant. There is no connection between daring and jordan. They did they find any phone records, nothing! No personal contact that they did find something which was they both lived for a while in the same apartment. Building this something like what the defense could bring up. There's a connection here, It doesn't mean anything. I mean I've lived, indifferent apartment buildings. And never associate with. Anybody in my building, I didn't even know who they were, and I would live there for a year or something I think jordan was just freaked out. because he had been working for this family he become close to the family, he's sort of a young, immature guy.
And this is how he responded. The police really hard on. You couldn't have just gone to a bank and picked up forty thousand dollars. They would have just done that you had to have planned this, but the police at that point did not know that jordan was with the cfo of the company orchestrating all of this with service on the phone. They think that jordan's lying, but he's actually telling the truth in the discrepancies in a story are just that mere discrepancies. If you're, not used to sing forty grand in your hand, I can see why he'd be a little excited and take a picture of it and send it to a friend yeah. We could paint the sky as being an accomplice. You could do that, but it's not fair to him. This guy is not connected to the case. Other than he was ass, vice of ass to go, get this pick up the money and then take it to the house and he did what he was supposed to do now:
There is an outstanding question because the workers across the street, who were working at a mansion at belong to the australian ambassador. They said they watched, went an hour before the fire walk up to the garage and the garage door went up about half way and went entered. This is kind of a question because, as they admitted, they didn't see garage door opener in his hand, but he could have had one. They looked toward the garage and it was up half way. They didn't seem legs inside that doesn't mean someone wasn't in there. They could have been far enough back. He just didn't see. insinuating that somebody opened a grudge form, let him in and then closed it behind accomplice, meaning therein, only seen visually by a witness an hour before the fire. Maybe that does fit with this If him being brought in the day of the fire and the murders, and He was saying I don't What's going on here, he had some pizza
said I'm out of here: I'm not going to be a part of robbing this house, but again it out. They didn't help. Therein went when it came down to the jury They didn't by his story and all This dna evidence really sunken plus he was portrayed as a desperate man. He was kicked out of the home of his his home. He didn't really have any where to go except his dad's and he needed money. I mean it. I think obvious he was trying to impress is his girlfriend also question, because a witness saw the portion on eleven driving and they describe the person driving it as a blackmail with short cropped hair which would better fit jordan, wallace and daring went. But if you look up pig, of daring wind. His hair isn't short cropped here. some braids going on, but it's kind of thin braids, so it's possible
I think that someone got a glance and didn't quite notice that just assumed it was short cropped. Now I dont think I dont think the description whoever was driving the porsche. Is that valid unless they just completely got it wrong but the person running away from the torch porsche looks like durned me. The other thing is: that jordan wallace cooperative approach. Why do we know that? Because he handed over his phone when he was asked and he also said yeah sure you can swab me for dna sample. He talked them as long as they needed him to railways. You should probably get an attorney. Jordan Wallis seem to give them a lot of time and even though it took while to get his story straightened out, he did and you're telling me end turned out to be the truth. What's the question here, justin? Why?
the darren. We do this, we can say he was a desperate man. He wanted money, but he kept these people for eighteen hours. You know it. It took a while to get the money together, but why tour sure them the way he did. We know why murdered them because he didn't want witnesses, but why torture them I'd say: comply I know that I've I've in so many shows about abductions and kidnappings where people keep a cool head and comply with their captors and do whatever their told, so they can live through it, and in this case you see a family do every single thing that they were asked to do and they still do this shows me like your fun ever put in this situation and is fighting I'm not going to comply.
If it's my own demise, because I won't be compliant with my my abductor, my kidnapper, then so- be it because I feel compliance sure you might live through it, but they can kill you just as easy. If you're complying adela thinking This is my first thought was: maybe he started to taste his own power that he had in this situation and decided exercise it in the most vile spiritual way, but and the more I thought about the more I thought he's asking survive. To get this money because of us has money, but, as we know, That's all numbers it's in a bank somewhere they just get that money is a whole different ball wax because he is not able to go where so he's trying, probably to tell darin hey I'm doing my I'm, making calls I'm trying to get this done, but you know where we're after business hours after banking, our
im having trouble and he saying oh yeah, you better make it happen and then he starts torturing. In other words, he's not going to accept anything until he gets that money and that's a lie too, but he will make them hurt and he will make them suffer because he wants, It done asap and he probably doesn't understand that these kinds of His actions are so easy to do over a phone and with assistance, and I dont think anything better clarifies the whole motive in this case Yes, then the torture. This was about money and this It's about. I want that money and I want it now. He was on June first, two thousand and fifteen that a joint funeral was held. It was attended by hundreds of people. It was hosted at ST sophia orthodox cathedral, it was for service Amy and philip. They were bare
read in the oak hill cemetery vieira figure out remains, were transported back to her home country of El Salvador, its sad because she had worked at this home, the family. It brought her in Based on now, he's recommendation again this was family had a very good reputation, you're well thought of, and Vieira was working there to get money to provide for her family back home. In april of twenty seventeen, this about his home was demolished. It happen. sulphur three million dollars a few months after the murders Yes, a lot of the neighbors didn't know how to feel about it because they love the family so much, but it was a constant reminder of the horrific event that had happened.
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