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Death of Diren Dede. April 27, 2014. Missoula, Montana. When homeowners are burglarized multiple times and the police seem to be able to offer little to no support, they choose to take other measures. They set up a camera and motion sensors in their open garage and wait for another burglar. A high school student named Diren Dede enters the open garage within a few days and the homeowner, Marcus Kaarma, heads outside armed with his shotgun. Diren is shot and killed. Kaarma feels he acted within his rights as defined by Montana's 'castle law'. Police and prosecutors disagreed. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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well under the weather justin, but I'm hanging in there awesome. We haven't seen each other in weeks. Well, yeah, not really just got back quote unquote from my florida trip and really enjoyed the meet up. I love mike to death, but he makes me drink too much. Did you want to quickly give a little shout out to somebody? Oh justin from Toronto? I've never been to toronto. I would like to go. I would like to visit canada sometime. We need to make this happen, but hey justin, good name. Tonight. We have a case about karma and anyone that doesn't know what karma is. If you do something good, something good happens, chief, do something bad something bad habits to you. So what are we talking about tonight said I we will be discussing the death of when day day at the hands of
individual named marcus karma from Mozilla Montana. This is considered a castle, laud type case of a homeowner defending his home and property, with the use of elite force right endearing day day of turkish descent citizen of germany, foreign exchange student. Yes, he was living in montana, to go to school. He attended big sky high school and He was out one night April, twenty seven, two thousand fourteen and he into garage that was open, little did he know that the homeowner was ready for him and was armed with a shotgun and wood, I hear that shock on four times hitting dear in twice and killed him most of the shot him in the head. If it was a group
death, marcus, maintain that he was defending his home. He had his girlfriend and they had a ten month old, So he felt he was defending his property, his home, broken into a couple of times previously correct and what's really define that people had gone into his garage and taken things and broken into his car and taken things. Whether there was quote unquote forced entry, not so clear, but he had been burglarize So that's the summary. So, let's go. At the beginning, then mark karma. He has his long time brawl friend he has it. Child with her Their home had been burglarized a number of times. I e the garage just vehicle and at an on the previous burglary,
are of marijuana a born, a wallet in a cell phone, and I found I think it was were stolen everyone knows I'm kind of appropriate guy, but pass not legal in montana to say you know but it was still stolen from It- was stolen from property- was removed from the home there, we're not shy about letting other people know that they were pretty upset about these robberies and they were also very upset and very disappointed. In their local police, because they felt like the police work. responding, sir, silly enough to their calls for help or timely enough, because the assailant, always gone once the police show up there? Never there when it's actually happened? so what happens? Please show up and they take some statements- a report, a right up,
wertz and then wine yeah- that's it I mean, do cops- are there to report, but in the in this case interesting enough, marcus We need to make sure that we lock everything up at night seal everything up, gooden tight so we ll get robbed her. You know stolen from and his girlfriend says now she actually disagrees with them says. We should get baby monitors and motion detectors, so we can find when these people come to our house and catch them in the act. What sort of makes sense right, the police when they show up the credit, we have run away. So there's no one to arrest but would assume that his initial reaction of we need to lock everything up at night, be a normal reaction, because if I had some stuff stolen, I would make sure that
my car doors are locked. My house is locked up, good and tight and just did not make it easy for somebody to come and take my stuff, but his wife said they installed. Motion detectors in the garage and bought like video baby monitors and placed them in the garage, so they could watch their garage. I get it it's added security, but wouldn't you want to close your garage? you're there were people that were able to tell exactly was going on because karma and his girlfriend been vocal about this, a neighbour Cross the street robin rosen quest said that markers was very plant with a response from law enforcement in regard to the break ins she asked him if he believed that the burglars would strike again or target their house again and response was oh yeah he's coming back.
We are going to bade him yeah so You can see how they have the monitors all set up, and then they raise the garage door up big. Supposedly their airing out the garage from smoking and then his girlfriend wax. we'll put her purse down in the garage so that it will be visible. If you go in front of the garage cracked in, I think the purse was actually a coach or louis baton. Purse like it was a high end, one at least that was said, but regardless she left her purse out in plain view, and they turned the lights off in the garage. So it's dark, but the grudged doors open and there's multiple cars. There two figures Cars truck and suv, and then a car now that night dear in day day He is hanging out with a friend of his name, robbie according robbie dear and Didn'T- how him why
We're going to enter that garage had ever seen what he was planning to do when he went into the garage and let it be said that these two kids were not the ones that had previously entered karma's garage. These are another set of kids, so these kids are not related or connected at all. They were other students at the high school, but they did not know each other garage hopping. Entering people's garages seems to kind just be a thing. Well, that's what they said. And if you are just garage hopping, looking for alcohol, It almost seemed like these kids didn't relieving, consider that much of a crime or if you have like an extra refrigerator out in your garage that keep your beer, your whatever and the kid comes in and just grab some because their kids and they can go by our call so Fourth steal your marijuana that you leave out in the open whatever it is right that I think they were looking at
differently than they would. If you went into the garage and took a chainsaw power, washer generator light. It is taking small little objects, but the this time they were the first kids that when in the garage weeks before they, they went into the cars and stole wallet and phones out of the cars. Where is a their statement as there are looking for alcohol and they would just go and take things like alcohol dear and enters the garage and you can You can see video of this because is online once he the garage ins, the home market in his girlfriend, are alerted to this, but because of the baby, monitor and emotion sensor and they watching a movie at the time, I believe and then well marcus up and he gets, is shocking and he whose outside around to the front of the garage correct
I just know that he cuts off days exit he is now standing where data cannot leave the garage because he's cut off his exit and win marcus shoots. Some of the buckshot actually enters the home, and you would expect that the buckshot would exit the garage if he shooting at somebody in his garage, but no he's shooting at him and the few times he missed that buckshot goes through the walls, back into the home, so he is cut daddy off. So marcus fires, four shots from the shock on an claims he shooting from right to left right as if he's tracking someone running, but at this time its night. It's a darkened garage. The lights aren't on and he says he hears metal on metal or a metal clank noise, which he,
assumes is either a gun or a ranch or some sort of weapon, but again the garage pitch black. He just knows that. There's somebody, there. You have the noisy here as he says that he, tools in his garage and that could have and the noise there, but he didn't know for certain if, what's grabbing a tool and they know here. There is he's fearful that he will be attacked and his first shot is said to have hit data in the back. The second and third shot seem to have missed and then, as fourth shot, is more strategic or aimed and had stayed in the head. The lights are not on so he says he's shooting blindly, but for him to hit at least to, if not more, of the shots,
target. I would. I would argue that he probably can see at least a silhouette of a person. Righty is using a shock and which gives you a much better chance of getting your target. So it is possible that in order to hit him at all, you still have to know generally worthy your target is or the person is that you're shooting at but in this case he didn't know exactly who this guy was, and they never had these Cameras at before when they were burglarized, will he just assumes its the same meddling kids that had been in there before they have these monitor set up, and so when data- and hers he can see it. they can see him on a screen. Definitely do He dies at this point market. This thinking, I defending my home in his girlfriend- calls nine one one that nine. When one dispatcher is walking, earth
through cpr and stuff, so she's on the fire with them for a while until the cop show up in the officer, shows up. She hangs up with the nine one operator after the shooting. She says that Marcus ran out there, and I heard the the kid say: wait: stop pleading for his life. Essentially, she was speaking to a police officer on the scene, yeah you're right, it was recorded on site by an officer and said no? No, no! No! No! No! Please don't. And a recording is better than a written statement anyway, exactly the police invest gate and then what happens well, They. They take com karma in two for questioning, correct and ain't
get him. Meanwhile, his wife at some poor girlfriend at some point, tells the neighbours Oh you don't have to worry about those kids, stealing your stuff anymore, and they say. Why is that? Because we killed him. Sort, a brain will send a message right and you, your brain. into a garage or at least walking into a garage and according to the homeowners you're there to steal something you die before you can even do that who else is going to want to break into a grudge or enter someone else's garage or home, knowing that they can be gun down. But at the same time, do the bad guys really go and tell all the other bad guys. Don't go there like it's big news, what it is is. This is from people that were speaking on this, they never expected to be shot and killed,
while trying to get a little alcohol from a garage or refill force or deadly force here, but now it's happened, and this is big news now, but This happens a lot every day and it doesn't make the news, because typically it just doesn't- and I just hate the whole mentality of well, I'm a bad ass and I do something and in there all the time, gathering and tell the other baggage stay off my block, and it's like you actually think that all these bad guys know each other and communicate like unless it's big news, this messages in getting out there his girlfriend brings the neighbours into the house, and showing them around and showing them where the buckshot from the shock and entered the home hit miscellaneous things in the pantry in, and I think the dish
sure, and they say that she's very nonchalant about it, like she's, just giving a tour of her home like your old here's, where the buckshot it and then she takes them or to wear the kid I'd, were his body was lange and said this is where he died and that point the the neighbors were like. We don't want to see that does there's something wrong here and they didn't go into. The garage were where the kid was murdered. The police, while their response to the prior burglaries, wasn't what mark as karma wanted. They certainly have something to act on here now that mark has shot and killed someone who had trespass into his garage, absolutely the end of charging him deliberate homicide, or at least that's what the prosecutors and urging and not manslaughter, not second degree
this was deliberate homicide so can be very confusing for some people, though, why marcus is detained here. There are people on facebook in throughout social media that are supporting him absolutely because they feel like he is acting within his rights, What law within Montana? Are they referencing? Will the general laws called the castle doctrine in Montana? It is called use of force in defence of occupied structure. And how this reads is a person is justified and the use of force or threat to use force against another win and to the extent that the person reasonably believes that the use of force is necessary to prevent or terminate the other person's unlawful entry into or attack upon, occupy,
the structure, you have to say, occupied structure, because that means your home or where you are. It does not pertain to a detached garage or tool shed, and this garage was attached not a detached garage. Two on this occupied structure law, a person justified in the use of force worse pursuant to sub section, one is justified in the use of force likely to cause death or serious bodily harm. Only if the entry is made or attempted in that person reasonably believes that the force is necessary to prevent an assault upon the person or another in the occupied structure or the person reasonably believes that the forces necessary to prevent the commission of forcible felony in the occupied structure. Now forcible felony means a saw
two kidnapping death. Something to that effect. I dont think most homeowners are pulling out their legal handbook in doing that, but the original a statement here. Is you can use deadly force to prevent an unlawful entry or attack, but then qualify eyes with, you need to reasonably believe your life is in danger, so it doesn't stop with just unlawful entry, its unlawful entry with forcible felon now a lot of gun, owning homeowners, here, castle doctrine and say as soon as they pass the threshold into my home. I can blow their head off and then they justify this. With. If you're coming into my home, you get what you deserve, you get was common to you in
I don't know what your intention is so therefore, I to assume forcible felony or murder, or something to that fact, and in the case of guess karma gary mar, but is the one that drafted de thea, the defence of unoccupied structure or the castle doctrine laufer montana and he goes on to expand upon that- that you have to show opportunity- which is the person or threat is within striking distance. You have to show ability which means there, able to attack you with either a weapon and or numbers or whatever three? They have to show intent to do this so, for instance, if you saw on open, carry guy, walk down the street with a gun on his hip, well,
he's within striking distance. He has the ability, but he's not showing any intent because he's just wandering down the street in a case of somebody breaking into your home opportunity there breaking in ability do they have a weapon or not. What's what's their ability you got a kind of defined that in their intent, that they are a actual threat. In this case sure daddy had opportunity. He was in the garage he was within striking distance in a sense only because Marcus ran out their data had not entered the home. Proper home he'd only entered the garage, ability. Well, if you go by marcus's statement, he said he heard metal on metal which met. He grabbed one of the tools which showed ability, intent.
it was a dark and garage, so you can't show intent because You have no idea what this guy's intent is, but that works both ways you dont know of his intent is to murder you. But if somebody's breaking into your home, you assume the worst right hand, nor homicide, central streaming on short time, I have attempted to format the oasis decides, who were tunnels, notify the medical examiner crime scene, and almost
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sit back and think hey this place is pretty nice download, thumbtack and start a project today home. Yes, then again, this is the garage yeah, but then he made no attempt to come into the home proper. He was in the garage- and this happened so quickly that he probably couldn't have shown ability or intent. It was so dark and so quick that the only and you could really show- is opportunity right there. So did they discover any weapon or tool of any kind by different body nope, so the clank that he heard. Who knows what that I was right, there could have been in his imagination or he could have made it up. Data could have knocked against something. You know if it happened that happened, but he could have made it up. True. This goes to those trial. We find out a lot of details about marcus and his girlfriend. Marcus was
salon, stylist, barbershop and bragged about how he's going to effing kill the people come into his garage and the stylus. Even Ed you needed lower your voice and not use foul language and so on, at one side. I do. I always take people statements with a grain assault, but I believe the stylus this barber, whoever because it was a situation where he was making a scene because he was getting so upset over this scenario that she actually had to tell him to come down. I can aside with that statement, so coarse. The lawyers are there yet Marcus's attorneys are arguing that he does meet the criteria, for operating under Montana is cordon quote castle doktor. Yet
and then on the other side, you have the money who accounting prosecutor, jennifer clark and, she's, trying to make it known that you can't just murder people in she's, making it known that this was intentional, and this was planned. So that puts a new spin on rights or in other words There is some recent cases around that time where homeowners, shot people who entered their home forcibly in both cases. Someone broke in through a window and then was subsequently shot. One of the individuals was and the other one injured and the authorities deemed both cases as justifiable shootings because the people were brow. King in through a window and getting into the home it hence breaking in breaking forcibly. tree not wandering into an open garage,
It's an alarming event. Having someone breaking through your picture window yeah go right into your home, so those people met the criteria and That's where the attorneys her marcus, we're trying to show hey, we feel like he met the criteria, but he didn't, according to the prosecutor of gray the prosecutor, because he was baiting some one to come into his home, your into his garage. I guess we should say so. They left the garage door up girlfriend left her purse down on the floor with which he says were identifiable items. You know things she can identify later if they ever showed them to her as part of a criminal case and markets and her state up literally for three days
waiting with the monitors on and tracking and making sure that, if someone entered, they get inaudible alert yeah. So it took three nights before this happened. I think that's tell You're sitting around waiting for to happen. That means you're planning on it to happen in your planning on responding to it. So what hurts their case we give this whole time they have support their their support in community not necessary their neighbours, but there are people in the community who fully believe that he was justified now in court. What hurts them, I think, is that his girlfriend changed her statements yeah. She would deny stuff that she said in that dick you'll, because all they have to do is press play on the recording and bake in here using her own words saying that dear in basically, pleading for his life and then lay
here she says now. I d remember that around our call saying that yeah and she says I don't. I didn't say that even when they play back her statement, so her statements changed also you take into account that they have witnessed testimony saying that they're going to bait these people, they say they ve been up for three days. They leave their garage door, open intentionally with motion, sensors and baby monitor and you have marcus, cutting off the bad guy, the assailant, whatever his exit, his exit in shooting from that point now. This is a pump action shock on two. So if he shot wants, ok, maybe but the prosecutor says he shoots like three times and then he pauses and takes aim and shoots that final exit
shot, but again this is a pump action shot gun. This isn't bam, damn damn damn. This is bam. Chunk, Bam, chunk, bam, chunk bam. You have to pause in between each of these shots. You have time to deliberate and think about what you're doing, And you can shoot em pretty fast, but this isn't semi otto, so poor shots really another thing that his girlfriend says is that They weren't really baiting someone because they had smoked in the garage and had left the door upward to air out. There while the baby monitors. Why why he's a baby mired up to monitor the garage in that fashion. If they weren't baiting someone it's pretty obvious and then, of course they ask her about the purse and she has to admit to the purse and
Yes, I left it there because then I, if someone took it and I could identify items from it or the purse itself if they were shown to me later, can tell she's trying to sort of backtrack on some things and and there are other things that she feels she can't do that with no. I dont know what what her thought processes were on that, because, especially with the audio recording, how do you backtrack that demean. He does. It isn't really make any sense, and I think those in court can see this and its very obvious that these people set out to get revenge she and those who would burglarize them in it. wasn't even the same kids that did it totally new set a kid so they're, not even getting revenge on the proper people, as they would think they were dear, and data was a foreign exchange student he was
staying at home with some people and so he had sort of his american cordon quote parents, and then he said, his his own parent, in germany who had to fly in for the trial. and they had originally planned to come to america. To montana d c dear in bad. It ended up being because of the trial because he was killed. For them? This was horrific because. far as I am aware, his the host family here, the whole family. They said that cause of what happened with dear. They could never have another foreign exchange student at their house. This was just too her. They felt responsible, like we weren't
we want a good host family, we weren't keeping track of em. He got himself into trouble, it's our fault. His friend blames himself, even the previous burglar. What's his name martin, I think he says that he feels guilty because of this shooting cause he stole stuff previously from the house and drove the homeowner to this point. Everyone- feel guilty, except. Oh that's, right markets in his girlfriend not shown a lottery morris about this right. In other words, everyone that new dear in or had something. With dear whether dry clear indirectly, aside from markets carmen his girlfriend felt horror about what happened. There lie forever alter by this event, but marcus throughout The whole process seems to be
guy who's, almost smile like hey. I I did what I was supposed to do. I took care of the problem, exactly This is where we get into what's a proper response. We already talked about what montana quantum quote. castle doctrine law states, and so this is the trial that lets the community's no in montana, hey, if you any questions about it or you any preconceived notions paid you know what the ruling is on this, because this will let you know what you can and cannot do under this law, most gun owners and homeowners that own guns- they don't want to shew people, then that if they do feel threatened or their life is threatened, they do have a right to defend themselves, but most of them. Understand the castle doctrine is, I can shoot
when it comes to my home without threat that that's their normal common take on this. But it coincides with stand your ground with self defence with castle doctrine. All these things coincide with each other, so you have to have a threat forcible entering you have to meet these criteria in every state. Has a different law castle doctrine. Law montana is, I won't even says that vague, but it is, it can be interpreted in different ways, so at least the the courts
interpret this as pretty much premeditated murder and they sins marcus to seventy years. But the public has a very divided opinion about this most people, I agree with the courts and say yeah what this mandate was wrong and killing over property is not justified. but a lot of other people. Then I've read all their comments say that this man did what was right and this court sentencing is setting a precedent for the bad guy is telling them that they can come in and take whatever they want and all you
Can do as a homeowner is say paper or plastic when they walk out the door because you're not allowed to defend herself, yet the previous people them stole from Marcus are being punished. They were caught, the items that were stolen were returned, or at least the bomb was returned, but I can't say that the marijuana was returned and wide marcus wasn't charge for possession of marijuana is kind of weird to, but not gonna get hung up on those two it. But that's the the mentality there is
it's my home and I can defend it. How I want how I choose and I can use deadly force whenever I want a lot of people truly believe this and their justification is. I have the right to defend my property, regardless of whether I'm being personally threatened and then they'll Go back to we used to hang horse thieves. Why do we hang a horse thief because when you steal somebody's hoarser, literally killing that man? So, if some stealing my job, I marijuana or my iphone there still in my horse, and I have the right to kill them I am, I summarizing the ideal, the culture rainest curious because at least so far as I am aware, this country doesn't execute people for being a thief. Where does I come off thinking- oh well, there breaking
into my garage and stealing my ball, so they should be put to death with my shot gun When you say it, it's one of the most redeem gillis things that you ve ever heard it just doesn't make any sense whatsoever. You know you can debate the death penalty? All you want, you can say, will this person killed twelve people or purpose? they ran over a child in the street and drove off? You can argue that this is a person who, from what we can tell, was probably just going to look for some beer and then take off, but marcus doesn't know what his intention, marcus, assume, right he's their murderous family well, does my his really feel that way or have establish that his girl, he had had things, stolen out of his garage previously, and he wanted to stop. The theft of property is mad as hell yeah. But whose the real danger here, because marcus,
unloading the shock and at dear any in the garage and buckshot now going into the home year. Would, if that had struck his ten month old, he is responsible for where his shop, the land. Can we imagine that if he had struck his child accidentally that he would have tried depended on dear and he would have right, so, and this is something that come up along the news lately, as well as, what's an appropriate response. To certain situations. What were we taught in our conseil and carry course? Well, as you you- and I spoke earlier about this. As you said, it's best practice to this. Let's
one take something: if you're not in danger, go ahead and call the police by all means, but don't fire three four shots into them for trying to take a blu ray player or a bong. If you're in your home and they break into your home if you're endanger, then you should used any force, but is it really worth killing someone over and having to go to court to find out if it was justified or not just to send a message that oh yeah, my tv stays put, you can't touch my tv. Is that really worth going to court over, because that Can happen wears a tv worth a human life right? That's the well you're getting to the ethics of it, but I'm just saying for a person who isn't thinking about that and it just thinking about, right and wrong, which is what I believe a lot of these people who are defending mark. is our going off of their not worried about the fix to the morality of it, the worried about writing wrong. What do you do is wrong.
Yeah. So I can shoot him it's that simple and I was very thankful to find. I I subscribed to a lot of youtube channels. Some of them are very pro gun advocate people and typically you can imagine what their rhetoric is towards normal things such as this, but one of them actually did a fine it bit on this exact case and he was pretty disgusted by it and he says us responsible gun owners need to speak out when there's a near responsible gun owner and us responsible gun owners know that you pull the trigger to save a life. You don't pull the trigger to take a life, and he made it pretty clear that in this case he felt that Marcus was pulling a trigger only to take a life and not to defend him.
for his family. Legally speaking, that's where the prosecutor says Jennifer clark. She says if you're going to own firearms and plan, and using them for your own protection. It's your responsibility to safely operate them and understand the law that allows you to do so. So you can't just go and buy the firearm, and then assume what the law covers or what the law instructs you'd furs, what your rights are when you can use it and how I believe that marcus add a little bit of understanding of this law, for he read the first sentence: you can then that lightly? As far as he got yeah, he had exactly why it would read the first sentence again. This is more is doing a brief freed what the lies and then using that to execute dear and data that the persons as a person
justified in the use of force against another. When they reasonably believe that that use of force is necessary to prevent or terminate the other person's unlawful entry or attack upon their occupied structure, unlawful entry heat that that's it right there he stopped written site most people stop ridden after the news headline than anyone read the article this episode is brought to you by progress if a leader in army insurance, you're off to see the country and progressive is here to help with basic liability are protection for as little as one hundred and twenty five dollars per year. You and your crew can go from mount rushmore to the gulf of mexico, knowing your packing discounts and service for the trip come on. Let's go get a quote today at progressive dot com to see if you could save progressive casualty insurance company in
its rate excludes travel trailers and is not available in mississippi new jersey or oregon dearest parents and said that they can't work demeanor? They said their lives or destroyed. His mother made some comments. She said rob worrying to karma. She said that guy is looking at us and smiling at us like he didn't do anything he didn't break a computer or anything he killed a man. He took someone from our lives. I am asking people how and can survive and continue her life without part of her heart. But I am happy because dear and was a good boy, so why you have these people saying oh Marcus is justified. You have all these other but who knew dear in who sure you could say: oh, he entered a garage unlawfully and was probably there to take some alcohol they didn't belonged to him, but
the homeowner shoots in kills them and now were left without this guy who, by other counts, was a great student. A great athlete and a good friend, so they're saying, you're trying to justify the killing of somebody who was a good person it that's where these gun advocates go off the deep end is they think there just because they have a gun. Now they're justified in defending only there lies, but their property as well, and this is just ludicrous Someone over nearly low, but a mere marijuana hour of beer? It's something I could never understand. I I one hundred percent agree. I I think back to win the kid walked into my house, and I literally chased him out of my house through my backyard
but once he was out of my house, I wasn't pointing my gun at him any more. I was berating him verbally, but I did not point my gun at him. I knew at that point the it was gone if he had stayed in my house now. It's no story now. I asked him believe in my own colorful way and he laughed I mean he was gone before. I even asked him to leave cause. He was gone as I was running up. The stairs where does data, have the chance to leave? Where was, is warning: where was anything there? There wasn't one. I had two kids breaking into my garage repeatedly: they were forcibly entering my courage using a screwdriver to jimmy the lock and they had gone in their several times and my roommate was like somebody's getting
or garage and steel and stuff, and I might really at even know I didn't know one thing was missing cause. I don't you know most of the stuff in there. I don't think about. If my garage burned down we wouldn't even know I was missing, but he knew is happening and You remember, I was hanging with you the night that my roommate actually caught these two kids breaking into the garage and he tried to grab a hold of one of em That kid took a swing, am I remained? My roommate beat crap out of him and held them until the cops came and arrested them turns out these two it's one of them was eleven years old in the other. One was fifteen years old, but technically they had opportunity. They had ability because they outnumbered my roommate and they had intent As they had come back many times, so I guess my roommate should a blood both their heads off than eleven and a fifteen year old right like if that's How you want to interpret castle doctrine
then my room mate should have killed these two kids outright. Think about that. Let that one sink in while they did blood tests on both Darren and marcus durant. Blood tests came back clean and marcus had marijuana in his yeah that's not really a surprise, but it is to me because I would assume that he would be a calmer, more mellow person, but apparently not. I guess just just think about you- have the right to defend yourself, a happy I agree with that, but morally, is it worth taking a life just I can't come up with the reason behind that and as gun owners, we need to be more responsible I happen to have seen another article about home intrusion. Where an eleven year old boy
home alone in a large man, force boy, entered the home and was cussing and threatening the kid the kid pulled out a nine millimeter pistol started, shooting at the man. The man had grab day, hamper full of laundry of all things and was running away from the kid now that the kids shoot. I got him this eleven year old and the man is now out of the house and is running across the front yard and gets hung upon a chain link them. and this eleven year old boys still shooting in his final twelfth shot, hits this man as he's hung up on the fence over a stolen hamper. Now the guy force, we entered the home, he threatened the kid and he had opportunity, met all those criteria when he was in the home. But as
is fleeing away, he's no longer a threat, just like the kid that walked into my house, but this eleven year old, continued, shooting and ended up, hitting the man not killing them, but struck him in the hip. There saying this. Kid's a hero and the kid to defend himself- and I would absolutely not want- is key to be victimized or murdered by this man, and I absolutely agree that kid that the kid should have shot at this man but chasing him across your yard and continuing to fire at somebody. That's running away does not responsible. Now the prosecutor said I could never get a jury to charge or sentence a eleven year old boy that was home alone defending himself, so he got some jury nullification and right there. But how responsible is it to continue firing upon somebody that is no longer a threat or somebody that was no not a threat at all, such as
today. That's my final thoughts. What's what's yours, just what I said earlier, which is you have gone advocates? You have people who actually believe, and the right to defend oneself, but it just doesn't seem like we should allow people to bait some one to come into a situation by leaving the garage door, open intentionally by leaving a purse on the floor by setting up cameras. That's an execution. that that was that was not a defensive, a home, and then they either leverage or use the laws, a shield to protect themselves from prosecution right in, and this is something that will probably san many more episodes as it relates to gun rights and gun advocates by it. People need to call each other out when they miss apply the law or
they misunderstand the law or they give gun advocacy a bad name which this absolutely does now before we find, Is she here for those of you who have purchased our premium episodes or have yet to try them or you're? Looking for more content from us, we hear it all the time. Do a daily show do two shows a week, and we just can't do that, but what we can do is release an additional episode down again. So, if you're interested in additional content, our latest episode is on the port arthur massacre. This occurred in nineteen. Ninety six, it concerns spree. Killing mass murderer, mental health issues, gun rights, those that are in australia or aunt has mania in new zealand. I'm sure you're very aware of what happened, and you know how
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