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September 1, 2013. Middleburg, Florida. A woman named Lois Kay Skeen is told late one evening that her granddaughter, Kayla Skeen, has hanged herself from a tree. The messenger is Kayla's boyfriend, Allen Marsh, who asked her to call 911 before running back to Kayla. The Clay County Sheriff's Office responded and conducted an investigation. It wasn't long before Kayla's death was ruled a suicide, but was it? Join us as we discuss the people, the evidence, and the circumstances surrounding the death of Kayla Skeen.

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However, a lot of these, but I always find these cases fascinating, but it was a homicide or was it suicide That's a little different about this case. Is it touches upon domestic vi, once it touches upon why so important to lockdown crime. Scenes there's a lotta aspects here that if even one of those goes horribly awry. The whole thing can come crashing down. So with that. What are we talking about tonight tonight we're talking about a twenty year old woman named callous Skene who lived in Middle Burg, Florida and on September first twenty thirteen she found deceased? I will get. into what that's him his like when we get into this episode Keller, was born November six to ninety ninety two. She was
twenty years old, she was a member of the first church of God in Middle Bird Florida. She's described as being very smart kind, giving bubbly she got straight. Is and she had aspirations to become a marine biologist, pretty good stuff here, She was also really into astronomy. She was all planning on joining the air force and power. Simply becoming a nuclear engineer, lots of dreams and aspirations here, Keller had a man and her life. I think it was Valentine's day right. Yes, at the time, She was seventeen years old so that what a ban ten and he was twenty three full name was William Alan Colby Marsh, but he went by Alan Marsh more days background later, when it becomes more relevant. Now the first thing
I say is that the family was well aware of the age gap between the two of them, but came a really liked him, and so they tried to respect that as usual at first, the relationships going pretty well but quickly makes it turn for the worse and her family. Didn't exactly, approve of Mr Marsh, and even his mother, told killer. You should play probably not be dating my son. So people are giving her warnings but she's in love, and I guess she felt sorry for him and Wood always find places for him to live and pay his way Kalen lived with her grandparents and Clay Hill Florida. Her grandparents war
Louis K and Rayburn Scheme. She was very close with them. They had fairly decent size lot of land and in looted on this land was a mobile home. As you said, in the beginning, everything seemed great, but things got sour after awhile and not sour, where there is no hope other relationship continuing, but I think the family Why should I think both families would have liked to have seen them break up, but Keller was pretty committed to Alan but Allen was exhibiting some behaviour that should have that. but a big warning sign- and this is the trouble people are in love, it's it's more complicated than just oh. Did you see what he did? You should begun an hour and he's not working, so she has two pretty much However, all of his bills and he
doesnt have anywhere to live because he seems to burn all of his bridges with family friends whenever they, stay with them. his parents knew that he was using drugs, and that was one of the reasons they didn't want. Tat living at their place another reason why his own mother, told Keller, she probably shouldn't be with her son. What was it about Alan? That was real, concerning for those that loved Keller, while he had a temper. He was very. violent. There was one call to police where Allen had picked up a crutch and when, after callow with it and struck her, her vehicle several times damaging it. This was in August of twenty twelve, I was about two years into the relationship and he literally went around
this vehicle smashed out the headlights, tail lights in the windows and tailor called the police they arrest him. He gets put behind bars, Kalen has made a note about this. She says yesterday? The closest person in my life betrayed me. He put his hands on me trashed, my truck broke, my heart. I never thought I was capable of sending the man I love to jail. I never thought he was capable of hurting me I love him so much. It hurts I ask myself: why did this happen? Why did he do these things? He's the ass. His friend and closest person, I've ever had in my life. means everything to me and he wants me dad. he threatened my life said I'll, never be safe. If he loved all these years. How could he wished death upon me Anda. While islands in jail, he wrote Keller, note
He says this is the man that loves you so much. Never wish death upon you about that day. I lost control of myself. I still this day cannot explain what happened. There is no excuse me why I acted the way I did one day I'll be able to make up for financially, but now. All I can give you is my love, my heart and soul. Only a few promise not to hold a grudge I truly I'm sorry and will never my hands on you in a bad way. Again. I am very proud the job you're doing working. and staying busy. We are on the right track. Keep your head up! Everybody loves you from his note back to One thing that just screams at he is when he says I
give you as my heart, soul and love, but only if you promise not to hold a grudge he's telling the victim not to hold a grudge against him, Just turns me off all day long. He know how to talk to her. He knows what buttons to push and once he released he slipped back, the careless life, but things South again it's one year later, when TK Alan were at a friends house. The friend was Heath Smith and people were drinking alcohol well according to Smith. He said Alan started getting mouthy decay le and was getting an attitude with everyone Kalen Alan went outside to talk or argue I dont know well anyways. I think it was my on who came running back in saying that Alan was beating came up. And dragging her around my gravel driveway accorded him. He said
that Jenny and he ran outside and they saw killer on the ground by my front steps at my front porch and was standing over hitting her repeated in the head, so he had to run over and pull him off of killer and then he said, Alice are running around asking if he wanted to get aft up. Alan obviously has major issues and Everybody sees it, everybody knows so this isn't out of, blue. This isn't even happening behind closed doors it spilling out in front of friends and family and I can only imagine what happens behind close doors if he so blatant, and brazen Kalen severely beaten. Her face was all swelled up was not pretty, but we mean be clear here: sheep fast, her love for Alan, but he had definitely crossed a line at least twice tacking her in the truck
he was terrorizing her and these incidents we're about a year apart. We don't know what happened in between there, but I have a high. time believing these were the only incidents. I think these were just the extreme incidents that occurred, because it Is it really feel like he seeking forgiveness as much as he's trying to manipulate her? You know it's it's difficult and someone love someone else that much it's like that. Other per and can get away with a lot more because this is a true commitment on cases part and he's manipulating that he's taking advantage of that There is also this time where he needed to be picked up. Remember he's working anytime, you ever got a job. He didn't keep it, I think price. Because he knows Taylor will work shall make the money he doesn't need to heed rather be doing drugs, or turn off his time where he said- and you do come pick me up and if you don't
I'm going to hang myself from a bridge, and she said I ve got to go get him that's just pure manipulation right there, so Justin discussing Kay scheme, because she's dead and the night in question This is the weekend actually of August thirtieth September, first of twenty thirteen, and just before this Caleb, her mom dad other went Tennessee to visit her grandmother, her grandmothers. making more and while she was out there, she ended up a necklace with a on it to remind her of Tennessee because she really enjoys it out there they get back to Florida on Timber first, and this is in the afternoon about three. Thirty Caleb gets back says: hey, I'm gonna go get Alan Of course he needs a right now.
Kalen lives with her grandparents, as we stated, and they returned. home from church at around seven thirty p m Kay in Ireland we are be there at the house sitting and careless truck, Her grandmother said that Caleb account need them inside, but wanted key to the mobile home. Now her grandmother, knows that she was. this key to give to Alan and she's the hedging on I'm not going to give you this key. Why do you need it came a fine They comes out and says our needs is to live in a course. At that point you know both Grandparents are saying: that's not gonna happen. He cannot live here. Live even in a mobile home across the dry from us, but Taylor is very persistent because she's trying to help her man.
only that they talk about manipulation. Alan said, if you don't get that key If we're not moved into that mobile home, I'm leaving, you saw her grandmother finally relents and says can stay the night, but he can't live here. So it's time compromise, maybe just to defuse the situation for that evening, Kalen Alan went out too grocery store at around eight thirty p m and returned home just after nine k, her grandmother she's that she was watching tv around eleven p M and she got up to get some coffee and looked out at the tree her and she said it was odd, because every light was off now she seemed surprised because she said those lights were never off like that. Even the porch light, but I mean there two people staying there so maybe
chose to turn out the lights. I think her grandmother was expecting. Caleb account back by so It was a little surprising to work ass. She thought what did they go to bed? I thought, who's, gonna, come say: goodnight, bring me some of the groceries that she'd bought, but not a big deal. thirty minutes later she notices. The porch light was back on at the trailer and she I started getting ready for bad turned off for tv when she I had set her clock, it was Levin forty five p m. So, even though its level, five she's heading off to bed still wondering if she should wait up for Taylor and which he sees something. This is creepy. What does she? the outside of her back porch door, standing back there, just staring he's not moving is not saying anything and She sees him cannibal,
it's a little bit to see if he'd Knox, but he doesn't So she walks over and opens the door. She asks what do. You want Alan and he replies Kayla down here. yes now. Obviously, his insinuating. He can't find Keller, she left the mobile home and, of course, her. and mother knows that their relationships on the rock so she's thinking Caleb took off So she goes and starts getting her shoes on incomes back outside she hears Alan yelling Kayla Kalen, and she walks on down to the trailer that's when she sees Alan stay right in front of her starts yelling call nine one one go call nine hundred one killer hung herself, so she runs back up. to the house and calls nine one one. Now
obviously she's waking up her husband, so both of the grandparents are now trying to deal with this situation so I didn't actually see Keller all. She knows is what Allen, hellenes insinuating. That Karl had hang yourself and so now she's just worried about getting medical personnel. There I mean it's the middle of the night, it's dark out, she just hear him yelling. So she runs up to the house. Obviously, policing, first responders are going to come out, but we think from here is going to be from the point of view, or at least the statements taken from our Marsh Alan's David that, after they got back from the grocery store, Kalen had an argument with her grandparents and she was very upset and then she stepped out. The mobile home. Why
was putting away the groceries here. That killer was speaking with her best friend Gabby on the phone. He said that they talked for around fifteen minutes, then he lost track of her, and so he went looking for Taylor for forty five minutes prior to going to the grandparents House so we have almost an hour gap here, where He doesn't know where killer is, while he's pudding, where the groceries he tells investigators that went to go, find Hayleigh. He thought Maybe she went up to the house, but her grandmother said she wasn't there, so we walked back beyond the mobile home and he saw her hanging from a tree. An extension cord around her throat. He claimed That she was not touch the ground. So we went and grabbed a chair try to prop her up
claims that he was holding her up for a good time. Fifteen minutes and he couldn't get cord off from around her throat, so he had to go and get a knife something to cut it with. You when he came back, she was no longer on that chair she had fallen. and was still the Corbett still putting pressure round her throat, so he cut the core the police, an ambulance, show up there really question Helen. not much at the scene. He just tells them that he found her there hanging. I guess They just take his word, for they take and pictures of the scene. They have to cut this cord out of the tree, so the investigators on the scene are actually damaging this cord by cutting it again, but luckily that photographed it before they also collected, a t, mobile phone
some money, a knife, those items that were in careless possession, except for the knife, of course, now Alan says that once he got her down the tree he performed CPR on her and tell her responders, showed up, but An ear mass did show up she was already called to the touch. So they didn't do any lifesaving techniques on her, because they were thinking she's already dead, take a moment to get a word from our sponsorship recruiter? Are you hiring first? Maybe you need to hire somebody that Jack of all trades that might be challenging, or maybe it's a simple position to fill, but it's taking forever to find someone who's a great fit for your company. That's where Zebra critter Come said: sip recruiter, confine qualified candidates fast, and now you can try it for free
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Topsy was conducted September, second, twenty thirteen there Were photographs of Kalen he had in is to her chin. that she had a bloody lip. Her shirt had been torn and the front and she wasn't wearing. A necklace There were also abrasions on the right side of her chest and abdomen, and her right thigh Obviously, there was a ligature mark on her neck, any ascending direction behind the ears and disappeared. under the hairline. This medical examiner rules her death, a suicide by hanging, and he does not know any external issues with her face like her boy.
Be lip poor, her chin, but if you look at the crime scene, photos. you can see that she's probably been struck or her face. Has struck something how we want to look at that there were It was taken at autopsy that reveal these injuries and he still haven't made any notations about them so doctor or really in Nikolai S. Coup is the medical examiner and he, of course under fire for it autopsy, because the family was saying they're all these notice or issues with killer that shouldn't be there and he didn't even make notes about some of the staff that you think would have an obvious and he deflected criticism by saying, if you have any trouble with this, go talk to the police, go talk to the people
is about an autopsy report that I did. Ok, good call guy so the families obviously taking major issue at this, because they ok were they don't think she would have done this there looking at her shirt being rich, the injuries to her face and body and ligature mark way. She was hanging each I've been going up like a diagonal angle, but it's to be more level horizontal you can imagine that of somebody's pulling on a rope around your throat behind that's more angle it would be at as opposed to hanging from a tree. They got problems with this autopsy report. Let's cannot go back here. a because there are so many issues. If you don't just take the police
and the medical examiner at their work right if you or take our marsh at his word. If you just look at the evidence, and how many times have you washed his show and they ll say, all that matters is the evidence because but he can say anything they could see. anything that they can imagine, but this comes down to what does the evidence show and you ve already said If she had been hanged in a tree, they expected those MA. To go all the way up behind her ears, and yet those marks go more horizontal behind her neck and disappear out. Hair is. and there's something else, that's troubling about this extension cord redder and if you take measurements of the extension cord and the measurement of how tall Caleb is she truly was hanged from the tree, which the branch was about? Eight foot up.
She still would have been standing. I may now be it you know at the extreme, and she still would have been honoured, tippy toes, but she could have reached the ground. It wasn't likes you been suspended above the ground now and, as is their people that take their own lives by merely hanging themselves off adore Knob with Roper some sort of ligature, so you have to be suspended in the air, but the fact that Alan when I saw her in a tree hanging for an extension cord off the ground. All that doesn't quite gel now it was dark. so could he actually see if she was above the ground or not? I'm not sure struggling with this extension cord, so maybe, when he relays this story here he knows what she has been hanged with cuz. You could look
dark night and see somebody hanging and know exactly what they were hanged with. You know what were the ligature was but Some details that are wrong here and so, this is to happen after lay that there might be a problem, while the other thing about this is there were three double hitch knots in the extension cord and, like I said where it was secured on the tree was over eight foot up So by his own admission. This is what he said as he says that he lost track of her for about fifteen minutes before he went looking for her You know if you're determined Erin, I think that you could of swung add extension cord toss it up. Or the branch tied some. What's in it and done this within fifteen minutes, but This extension cord was actually behind,
the couch in the living room of the mobile home in a lamp, was plugged into it. Alan says that he was he putting away the groceries and careless doubt side to talk with her friend Gabby. He never says she got beyond the couch unplugged, the extension turning the lamp off in walked outside. With an extension chord in her hand before she talked to Gabby It would have taken a little bit of effort to get this cord and if he was putting where the groceries he have seen this, but he doesn't say she did that and in the groceries were still the food was still on the bags, and he added put any of it away. Well, that's bad enough, but you said she could have just tossed the extension cord over the branch. But how does she hang herself?
May it's one thing to put that up there, but it's another thing to actually secured around your neck, where you can suspended from the ground she's five foot to so how does she pulled out off How did she get it to wear because it wasn't like there was a table there. call table or a ladder May he says that he moved the chair over there to try and get her, chairs, so she could be propped up. That's definitely proof that you wasn't suspended above the ground, so it doesn't work that she was ever hanged from that branch. Not my opinion, any says that she was having an argument with her. Grandparents obvious lay about whether or not he could stay at the mobile homer, not yet Gabby her friend that she was on the phone with tells us different story. she says that she wasn't upset with her grandparents She was upset at Alan,
be says that she could hear Alan and the background cost. her out and yelling and just being Alan's typical self. I guess so at this point it's really obvious that Keller did not kill herself, or at least if she did, it didn't happen. Anything like anybody has suggested and the other thing here I think his odd is. We already gave a couple of accounts of domestic violence and the police never thought that the guy who had not long before beaten Taylor to a pulp and threatened to kill her, had thrown a killer that you know up. Why would he be involved in her death? He said It was suicide. Sure they didn't ever put that together. This is the easiest math in the world. In terms of need at least talk to this guy and I'll taken to the station. Talk to him.
Or in know, I'm sure some people say well what if they didn't, have the facilities for that take him to the side and talk to him. I mean it most like they're, saying well, was after midnight, and we got the call it twelve o seven. We don't need to be. stay up all night worrying about this. The poor woman killed herself, because this his lazy work here, Alice it was this air. We see the but on the ground. She's on the ground makes sense. I guess, them, but anybody else and another thing here too, is when people show, They saw that Kayla was on her back with her arms outstretched and I know that the family makes a big deal out of this- they feel that doesn't make, sense. If she was hanged, she should have fallen forward because of you know the position of her body by it. I may who knows how silly, when they're so-
Even if she was hang, he could have moved her afterward and later out like that, because he needed to give her cpr other That's another problem because there's no evidence he ever did giver. Cpr yeah, that's Another thing about the autopsy and even the M tease that responded is when you get someone CPR, you have to give them pretty forceful thrusts to their solar plex. This usually causes even smallest fractures and ribs, and if you're doing it right, you're probably break a rib. But there's no signs of that at all. and another thing they missed, but the parents obviously caught on is her necklace was missing. and it was found inside the mobile home on a chair. It was torn apart. Between the necklace being ripped off of her throat and at Air in her shirt
imagine a hand wrapping her from the front and twisting and throwing her around and in that the click on the shirt get torn and ripped off absolutely. So the family, because they really feel Justice slipping away. Here they hire a private investigator. in so that this post thinking go in conducting her views and look into this matter and see if well, maybe they get the evidence together and turn this thing around because stands a marsh, so free man, he wasn't even question. Was this a private investigator that they hired his name was clue right and it is pretty thorough with this allegations he to the scene. He interviewed law
lots of family members and friends, and he put together a whole analysis in less than a year and one of the stunning things he was able to accomplish was an interview without in March and accordingly whew. He said I told them right. but who I was, and I think he suggests that he was able to get this interview because he told Alan hey, I'm just a p. I am not a police off I can't detain you, I can't arrest you by the way. Here's my business card Alan agrees to talk to him. Alan says I just want closure to see if it was a foul play. Alan's asking It was foul play he's insinuating. He doesn't believe the court quote suicide angle and thin that somebody came along and killed his girlfriend gas
he's doubting the suicide story now because way he thought it was suicide, but how you be one I mean it's not like the police came after him, so why the sudden change of opinion here goes on to tell this detective p I at earlier. In the night there was an incident were there were arguing in fighting in Keller, had picked up a knife. and threatened to harm herself and he had to take that knife away from Taylor. Not mention two Anyone else for this time, but if the police had interrogated him, he would have said we were hiding and she had a knife that I think would have set off some alarm bells. I agree I think at that point it would have put him in some trouble, and so, if this story is true, then he wouldn't
wanted to tell the police this, especially if they're not asking for it there, not us for information? I give it another thing that D private investigator picks up on is that there are a series of phone calls from callous phone somebody. Happen between nine, forty, seven and nine. Fifty three p m. Those calls are two Alan's mother but of course, this is kind of around the time where he says that he was trying to get a knife away from her and in a lot of the news report, and articles, and even the private, detect This document he says he would impossible for them to be arguing right now, if one of calling and I'm thinking? Well no sheep, We have been calling for help. During this altercation, but police, never even pulled the phone records to see that there were
Random phone calls all at the same time to one person I again just It doesn't seem like normal behaviour for that time frame. So the A number of calls to Alan's mother were between forty seven and nine. Fifty three multiple phone calls then later from tenth, the ten thirty eight another call talents, mother and thats win Supposedly Alan said he was trying to get the knife away from Taylor and a calmer down, but that really seems we're that Why why his mother I'm assuming that she's calling his mother and sang you need to come up your son he's fighting me- and I want him gone- that's my explanation, but that would in that his story doesn't make a lot of sense. If she's trying to her harm herself, I dont know why she would be calling anyone. I understand your your complaint here I
What I'm getting at in and I'm sort of siding with her family on this, as I get the feeling that those calls from her found to his mother he might making them it's possible, absolutely possible. We don't know. In February morning, and any Annapolis Tony caresses woke up got dressed loaded is sought off shock on Andrew to his bank. After entering the office, he quickly found his investment banker and wired. The muzzle of has gone to the back of the man's head. Tony wasn't there to steal anything. He was there to take his life back
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M parents are not your friends. Now Gabby did say that Keller said she felt like killing herself, I mean I sinner moment of just sheer exhaustion and rage, be like I just can't deal with some anymore. I just want to die, I get it the happens but Form since after Caleb Death Gabby speaks with Alan again, that's one hour and told her. Before he got the knife, he tried to get killer down. So he was trying to get her into the chair and get this extension off from around her throat, but when he couldn't do it He ran back to the house to get the knife now. Gabby hadn't really heard this for four months and then and came back and told her a few months later that he was seeing demons the night of careless death
and Taylor was not acting like herself, so he will gives some one else. Did this tour? Ok, so we ve gone from I was trying to get her offer this cord and I had to run a get a knife to nay, I was seeing demons and I think somebody else did this to her. I think we can just make an easy assumption here, I was seeing demons. I was out of my mind. some one else: did this tour, meaning I'm going distance myself from it, but she was obviously murdered in Maybe it was me, but I is myself so someone else did it we're just to interpret his words yeah, that's how we interpret them. That's exactly what I think it's very straightforward He spoke to another of careless friends, Amanda Sanders. She was it. childhood friend and she got
now to the cemetery to visit, kill grave Amanda said that Alan appeared out of nowhere frightened her. She asked him about killers death and what happened that night and Alan hold Amanda. He could not explain it even if he tried really. You can write. I, what does he get out of trying yeah? I know in arrest heat older that they were not fighting but Kayla outside talking on the phone to her friend Gabby. While he was putting away crushers they weren't fighting. While we know they were, and he was inside putting away groceries that warrant put away while she outside talking with Gabby casually well. Gabby tells a different story, so nothing. This guy's saying adds up. Except for him insinuating. It might have been foul play cuz I agree with, and I think it was foul play too.
So, just and we'd already set up that clue. Right did an amazing investigation into this and boy has he got one heck of a case here? through and says. Obviously the clay County sheriff's office, who, which was in of the investigation, ruled careless instead a suicide and so clue. Right so in order to really make a determination harry, you have a lot to cover, so he went through how many aspects of this case? I think he he's got it very well covered. He said they didn't investigate the prior evidence or prior incidents of domestic abuse, domestic violence that Alan had perpetrated upon Keller, so that wasn't done. also these injuries to tequila and to her neck. They did even note some of these injuries in the autopsy. These as on her chin looked be as if she was fighting.
Yet a ligature away from her neck. There's also Bruce there, as if she had snapped her head down to try and stop the attack there s a reaction. We already talked but the horizontal rather than v, pattern from the it chirping around her neck. It was inconsistent with hanging, the detectives didn't investigate the clothing on Kayla She wore a green shirt that night it was torn dating care, where her pendant was her necklace, they didn't look. Or her diamond nose ring. That was missing, didn't look for it. They didn't rule out homicide prior to ruling. It is suicide. They didn't tain written affidavits from anyone. Alan Marsh K Rabies skin the three people in the area at the time they didn't attempt to collect any evidence under Alan Marshes, fingernails, they didn't question his statements.
where's. He made a few statements. He wasn't interrogated, but he did make some statements according to him- and we did this before, but he ran over, Ok, let's suspended by an extension court. He said he tried to lift her up. place were in the chair hitting position again she could sit in a chair. Why would she be suspended in the first place That, of course, is the whole time line issue of how long she was missing before he went looking and his odd actions that night standing outside the door and then apparently even though he said oh she's, hanged call me one me how much time does that take right in the time that grandmother runs back to her home. To call nine hundred one he apparently holds came up. tries to get her in a chair and then runs,
gets a knife in cuts her down before the grandfather. their who comes running over already in essentially a shirt in his underwear gets there, that's a lot to happen before the grandfather gets there. And so that's all very suspicious, so they dont check out I should have these injuries. They don't for the missing jewelry. They don't look for finger. answer dna from the extension cord worthy elect socket to lamp where this cord was taken from they throw the sensing cord away. There's, there's literally I think they ve done except take some pictures and take Alan Marshes word as gospel. Yeah at this point. I don't even know if they could prove that this was homicide because they didn't investigate it. As a homicide All you have. Is this guy's word, but for the record all of his history all of the missteps
in this case I mean, I think it's really easy, and I tried remain unbiased? In this case I tried to just look at it and say: well, maybe he drove her to suicide. Maybe he was abusing her and that just broke her down but I just can't come to that conclusion. I don't think anyone can. Why do you think that there's enough here that something could be done I think just knowing that an autopsy was performed- and you have the same- minced that were taken I've. I believe, there's I'm to do something about this. The question is why is the Clay County sheriff's office not willing to do anything about it? Why they siding with Alan Marsh. Who had I said shortly before beaten Taylor. You know what earned You don't even need the sheriff's office to do anything. The process Peter the D. A could levy
charges against him and then the sheriff's office has go and enforce those charges. They have to go and arrest him and bring a man. require the sheriff to do anything, there are so many other people involved here? That could do something, and none of them are doing anything what a prosecutor under the case. Without the support of law enforcement, they can I've seen it happened in the past it gives some hope than right, but so I ass, where this sets that this family is without justice. Careless scheme without justice. We have a perfect suspect in this case who had already attacked Kalen. asked a couple of times that we know of so what we're hoping here is that eventually a prosecutor can put a case together they should at least go to court. I mean not saying what should happen. I'm saying you in terms of
The end result, but I think that Keller, family, deserve to have this pursued whatever the result ends up being, there needs to be some action taken here. If anyone's interested in getting more involved in this case on Facebook, there is a justice for Taylor S scheme and if they have any Campaigns or places to donate you'll be able to write to them there and find out all the information you need. When other note, and He ate? Teen? Eighteen, the Florida Department of LAW Enforcement review, careless gains case, how the report that the FDA Ellie came up with said that after of doing the clay counties files on the case, along with a complaint from a private investigator hired by schemes, family meaning clue right, the ftp would now be. Opening an investigation into skiing staff
this an independent review- I don't know, but it certainly sounds like a wasn't because I think Is anybody can see all the issues with this case and the fact that they didn't want to move forward its moral egg. They gave a nod to the law enforcement department that at investigated it. I e we're not going to step on your toes we know there is some heat on you. There he'd on us, but yeah. We can just keep whistling moving in our own direction, despite what the Van I want to see happen subscribe on Apple pie, Ass, Spotify or wherever you're listening right now join wondering plus in the wondering app to listen ad free
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