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Diane Schuler. July 26, 2009. Mount Pleasant, New York. The 2009 Taconic State Parkway crash resulted in eight deaths and three injuries. Half of those who died were young children. At the center of the mystery is a woman who was a successful executive and responsible mother. When toxicology reports indicate that she was driving with a blood alcohol level of 2.5 times the legal limit, many who knew her could not accept the lab results. They rarely saw her drink. They spoke about her character and her devotion to her family. Could she have been a closet alcoholic? Witnesses stated that she had been driving a red Ford Windstar aggressively in the ninety minutes or so before the crash. Could such a responsible person knowingly put so many others' lives at risk? Is there any possibility that a medical issue was behind this? Justin & Aaron discuss the possible scenarios that led to the fatal collision that occurred in 2009 as well as what happened later to those left behind after the deaths of their loved ones.   See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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station so are releases a little bit delayed, but there was no turning back after we heard about that that I'm sure they did a wonderful job on their episode. In fact, I know they did what's the subject tonight tonight, we're talking about diane Schuller and the two conic state parkway crash. They claimed the lives of eight people diane schuller. She was driving her two young children as well as her three nieces home after a weekend. Camping trip, after some strange calls from herself in one of her nieces as well as reports of many van driving a radically her vehicle with, and driving the wrong way at high speed on the tectonic state parkway that resulted in the deaths of eight, including diane schuller, her daughter, her three nieces and three men in another vehicle, her son,
was the only survivor between those two vehicles. A third vehicle was struck as well, but that couple survived- and when was this and where this occurred on July, twenty sixth, two thousand nine in the state of new york and what makes this case so curious is that diane schuller was known to be a woman who had had it altogether. She took care of her children. She was a successful executive at cable vision. She was known to be a great mother, a great friend, a wonderful wife, oh, how is it possible that she could end up driving the wrong way on a parkway and cause such a tragedy? It's not she got on the highway and or the parkway, and just
mistakenly got on there and then had an accident. She drove almost two miles and other cars had to swerve out of the way to avoid an accident. So there was a question. There was a highly requested case by our fans and listeners, because there is a documentary out. There called there's something wrong with aunt Diane Diane schuller was the fourth child, and only daughter of worn hat senior, and I lean hants. Her brother Warren was the father of The three nieces we mentioned in the summary- and he was so the owner of the many ban that she was driving that day. Diane met her husband, Daniel Schuller, at a wedding. Those that spoke about their relationships said that Daniel was her first diane was an executive at cable vision, telecommunications, company and Daniel worked as a security guard for the nassau county police department. On the night shift. Daniels parents are joseph and Irene Schuller. Diana was
scribes as the boss. Everyone said that she made the decisions she got. Things done, she planned things and she made sure that our kids were taken care of every day and she was very successful at her job earning a six figure income, Daniel work nights as a security guard, and so the couple took advantage of weekends together, planning things with their kids at the time the sun brian was fine I've and their daughter. Errand was to one thing we should know. I lean diane's mother left the family when Diane was just nine years old, Diane never wanted to discuss it with any one, and she never work anything to do with her mother. Since then, despite her mothers entered
and having relationship with her, I get it people estranged from their family, all the time so on the twenty. Fourth that friday, they pack up Diane does most of the packing and they head out to what's the partner, its hunter lake, campground in parks build new york. This is a normal, typical thing that they do on the weekends and there's no incident nothing's. Weird the whole time, they're out in come sunday morning start packing up to leave. Everything seems normal. No one at the campsite, the children or her husband or brother think there's anything The ordinary early that morning Daniel gets up and he washes his boat and later Diane will get up and get the kids up she's, the one that packs everything gets the kids in the vehicle and she's ready to leave
at nine thirty, nobody reports anything odd, so they leave and they hit up mcdonald's for breakfast and it's a little bit before ten a m. She actually has a conversation with the mcdonald's employees. She has to get food ordered for all the children, which is five of them. Nobody says she appears intoxicated or slurring her speech, not at that everything appears normal sometime after ten thirty, they leave mcdonald's and diane drives over to us. cocoa station to get gas, and then she goes inside. The sonoco walks ran a little bit and they say she asks for gel caps, but they don't have any like tylenol, gel caps or some sort of pain, reliever headache met, and you can see on the surveillance, cameras,
walking in she's. Not staggering she's not doing anything. Weird again, they say the employees do not detect any alcohol or anything odd about her. But on the surveillance tape you can tell that you can only see her there's nobody else in the range of the camera. So I dont know if the employees there would have been close enough to smell her or detect any anything odd. But if she was acting, we're They definitely would have been able to see that, after that, she drives onto route seventeen after eleven thirty emma hants calls her dad and says there are running late, but this is an hour after the gas station just a little weird to me, yet it it's it's about forty minutes or so forty minutes are more from the time that she leaves
gas station. So it's kind of strange. What is she doing because they say that if she had just gone home it shouldn't have taken even that long? Maybe forty minutes tops to just drive straight home, but I get it they ve stop that make. An old and made another stop at a gas station, but where two hours later now- and it said that maybe they're stuck in traffic somewhere, it's sunday some time before noon. Diana seen on the side of the road bent over as if she's nauseous or throwing up yeah- that's not good, then this is also where other drivers are reporting a minivan on the road driving a radically swerving in and out of lanes. They say they say,
woman driving and she seems very intent very focused on going around traffic she's tailgating people. She ends up tailgating a car she's on their bumper she's honking at them. Flashing, her bright set I'm trying to get them to move out of the way. So this is very road rage. He says very aggressive at around twelve thirty is when the these people that she was tailgating, they actually pulled off to a rest stop, and these notice that Diane actually pulls off too but she's over kind of in the truck parking area where they're in the car parking area, they're thinking about approaching her and confronting her about this road rage incident because it was that scary, but they see her puking. She got out of the van and is vomiting before they know it, she's back in the van and she takes off
one more thing I wanted to say, is on the video of the gas station when she leaves the gas station. If you can see her pulling out of the parking lot had a high rate of speed, pulls out under the road, apparently not really looking at cross traffic very much cause. It just looks dangerous. I personally think everyone drives kind crappy, but this appears to be on another level, especially when she's on the highway and multiple people are reporting. This menace on the road going in and out Elaine's, but they say that it does not appear that she's so moving or weaving they're saying that she's driving aggressively with a purpose. After that point, there are some wrong number calls made from Diane's phone. I was not able to find the phone numbers that were actually dialed, because I would have liked to have seen if they got the air
code right or if there was any coherency in the number dialed or if it was just random numbers and the and why I question this is because did somebody not know how to use a phone like a child trying to dial out for help? Where was this diane not understanding how to use the phone, but then right before one p m, we get Emma talking to her father and she's in a pack. She doesn't know. What's going on she's saying that there is something wrong with aunt. I am. She says that Diane can't see she saying that she's distraught, but this is an eight year old child trying to describe
a panic situation. So it's a little vague, but where did you get from that call? Well, I think it says that there is a real possibility here that the wrong calls that are happening are coming from Diane, because emma knows how to color dad. They say that they have the other children in the car crying in the background. Diane actually will take the phone from Emma and say everything's, fine kids are playing around, but they can tell that everything's, not fine, and they can sense that Diane is slurring her speech. She is not as coherent as she was just an hour before around one o clock. Dame we'll talk with those jackie and warren
well she's talking to Jackie. It just seems like there's something off and then the call gets dropped and then Warren we'll call diane back he's talking to her she's, going through a toll at the tappans abridge area. Emma we'll talk to her father and she will try to tell him about some of the signs that she seen, including tarrytown and sleepy hollow trying to give them a location of where they're at and diane takes the phone back and Warren asked her to wait there now there is, this point from what we understand Diane has pulled off in. Where does she pull off to its? It's like little pull off area that
it's very small. It's only a few car lengths, it's for emergencies only so if you had like a a flat tire or something there's, there's not a shoulder here. It's just a pull off area, because it's a bridge and apparently Diane pulls off, hangs up on worn, gets out of the car and drops the phone off on the side. rob while for wrong calls are made from her phone and then Dan leaves her phone on a barrier or a divide. Her in that pull off area where she had been at and then she drives away, and it's after this that Warren starts trying to contact her again. Only now it's going to voicemail, like the phones turned off and there's no one there to answer it. Warne and his wife will start calling authorities and saying you know we suspect, a medical emergency. We think that there's
something wrong in there trying to give the police the location of where they suspect she might be. But when you're in a car driving I mean you can cover a lot of ground and at a very short amount of time, so it takes a little bit for the response to happen for them get the authorities on the same page of we think there's a medical problem with her. She says she can't see and she's in current round one thirty diane turns on to the exit ramp for the two state part way going the wrong way. Other vehicles are swerving to avoid being hit. Some are attempting to alert her ass to the danger she's in their honking, their horn, their waving their nine to get her attention. The minivan is driving very deliberately, they say and its picking up speed it drives for about one point, seven miles and
up to eighty five miles per hour, or so when it collides head on with a chevy trailblazer. That trailblazer will then strike a shabby tracker. So we have this horrible in it, and the many ban would roll down a media in and come to a stop with the front the vehicle in flames. It's it's a media, but about six to seven. People are attempting to get people out of this money. and it's on fire. They can see that there are children inside there trying to break. This ban because its crumpled up diane wash they fall at the feet of a couple of people trying to rescue them brian, isn't even seen right away he's underneath some of the girls kate Emma and aaron are removed from the side of the vehicle while send him. Brian are taken out through the the rear of the vehicle and Brian, is clearly alive his his eyes or shut, but he's crying- and he is tat
in immediately to an ambulance and rush to westchester medical center in Valhalla new york. The couple from a chubby tracker also alive there taken phelps, memorial and sleepy hollow kate is rush to phelps memorial. But she sprouts, pronounced dead and, sadly, Diane Erin emma alison, as well as Michael and guy the and daniel Longo from the trailblazer are all deceased. But the people in the tracker are ok, my big at minor injuries. This is one of the worst accidents up in the northeast and its.
Shut down the highway, but with that you have the media and you have other computers that have gotten out of their vehicles. A lot of people are helping, but there is a large number of people that have their phones out and are taking photos, that's kind of gruesome. But luckily, though, the police took care of this right well more than just the police, but you had police and others who formed barriers too preserve the dignity of the victims, they were holding up things, land, blankets, umbrellas in tarps and stuff here, and warming walls, so that pictures could not be taken of everyone and especially of the children who, at the scene of the accident, they recover a shattered bottle of vodka, and this is kind of our first hint as to what might have caused this.
situation. It was a one point: seven, five leader of absolute vodka, yeah people are wondering how I am could have got on the wrong way wrong side of the highway in cause. This in the police immediately start looking into it as a drunk driving accident because of the vodka, but people are waiting to hear about the autopsy and toxicology reports, but this is at odds with what people know about Dan. The feeling out there is even with that bottle, found its not her. She wouldn't do that. She wouldn't go drinking and driving this. This is so outside of her character. They do the autopsy. They do. The toxicology, the police, are treating it as a drunk driving accident, but her husband, Daniel, is saying no way. That's not.
is not the case and when the state comes back, that she had a b, a sea level of point, one nine, which is equivalent to ten drinks issue if you take a regular standard bottle of your fit the vodka they hold between twelve and fourteen shy, they're saying that she had the equivalent of ten shots. So she drank of fifa vodka. They also fight that she had th see in her blood, it's always hard to determine. If somebody was high or if this is residual things in their their bloodstream, but She has a blood alcohol content of this high and she has th see in her. and her blood. I think we can kind of go with gas. She might have smokes marijuana that morning either so question here, because testing for tee hc is kind of tat
He some tests will reveal long term use or at least use some time in the past, and some tests can reveal recent well, then, if you look over the rue de toxicology report, their discovering t see in all of the tests so they see long term use and recent use, which would dictate that she had smoked recently that morning goes against what her husband Daniels been saying, which is now she doesn't do this stuff. She doesn't really
smoke marijuana. She doesn't really drink before the toxicology report came in. The cause of death was listed as blunt force, injuries, multiple skeletal fractures, lacerations and contusions of internal organs. She had lacerations on her face, but I what I read from the autopsy report was a lot of the contusions to her torso were. probably what killed her. So this toxicology report is really indicating that she was under the influence while she was driving again. It goes against what everyone seems to know about her. Investigations Our starting up and one officer. James boil starts interviewing witnesses
and they are describing a minivan that striving deliberately but aggressively honking continuously for a mile at one point when it is when the vehicle was going the wrong way and no one could get her attention. Many these drivers were calling nine one one in trying to report it, but the trouble here is that the accident takes place so quickly that, even though these calls are coming in there's no way to respond in time. Officer boil also interviewed sergeant. Kenneth kano, who reported that Jackie hands had called Tarrytown police to report a possible medical emergency with diane schuller, and they were given a description but no one figure out really where Diane was at the time, the reason wise, because she actually went down the path
way one direction and then turned around and came back. If you been listening to the timeline, there is huge gaps of time here. It's really hard to find out where she was and identify that you know they knew she was getting onto. Was the turnpike, but after that everything's game, she could have gone multiple different directions on the highway. You would suspect that should be heading home which kind of was. But this is an area she drives a lot. She shouldn't have been lost as best we can tell she had made some stops. she was ill, but she also was just driving around and doing so aggressively with unlimited access to over ten thousand work out from world class studios and instructors lula lemon studio as everything you need to be. Your best see reflect alongside your trainer, on a full hd display with the lulu lemon studio, mirror track your heart rate and metrics all.
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there are often red flags like manipulation, isolation, belittling and volatility. Do you know the sign an unhealthy relationship, one love founded, in a national nonprofit dedicated to ending relationship abuse empowers you to see the signs of an unhealthy relationship before things go too far, viz join one love, dot, org and learn how to spot the signs of unhealthy and healthy relationship behaviors and Daniel is not happy with the toxicology report. He will end up hiring a lawyer, Dominic Barbara and he hired a private investigation firm. They call a press conference I guess they want to make a statement now normally surviving family members of a drunk driving crash are not making public statements so this is very out of the ordinary, but I d
connect. Their lawyer tries to run this press conference like it's in a court room like there's some sort of court of law here, and he starts off saying Oh, I witness detected marijuana breath or alcohol honour breath. So We will not answer any questions about those things which ok right, that's a lot of alcohol recovered at the scene. There's a lot of questions there he will not allow journalists to ask questions, he will shut them down, he's being very combative to them. He will go into diane, showed a tooth pain for the months prior and she might have had,
add a tooth abscess. They also will say that she had a lump on her leg that moved around and that it's possible that she was having a diabetic attack and or a stroke if he was nice to the press. This probably would have come out in their favor if he would have allowed any questioning. I'm sure people wouldn't have thought much about it, but he was such a jerk and so combative to the people attending that this has sparked more questions and more hate for this whole tragedy and the woman who is responsible for it. The autopsy reveals that there is no
signs of stroke, they say that they didn't see any evidence of a tooth abscess. How do how do you tell if you have an abscessed tooth air while the main way that they tell us? You go to your dentist and they'll tap on your teeth with a probe? You will feel it if you have a tooth abscess, because it's an infection in your mouth, it's extremely painful right. It is very painful and I've had one and it's definitely something that you would want to treat. If you had one and dentist can They care before you, although here's something about diane, that's well known to her family, which is she didn't like going to a doctor.
And I would imagine she probably didn't like going to a dentist either. She just didn't have the time she's running the show. It's a priority thing now in autopsy. You would think would show a tooth abscess because they x ray your head, but they didn't see anything that indicated that she had an abscess tooth. All we have are reports from people close to her that that said that she was touching the sight of her face on the right side and to be in a little bit of pain, but and ban is not known to be someone who will complain to about any kind of pain, she's having she keeps it to herself pretty much since Daniel is not happy with these results. He hires tom, ruskin private detective, to look into this and Daniel, and the lawyer are one hundred
and on the side that these results are wrong and there's something else to explain the situation or she was in pain and she was trying to self medicate that pain with alcohol, and they will point to her going to the gas station to find gel caps. Okay, well, that's proof that she was in pain because she wanted gel caps. Nothing to do with, she might have had a headache- or maybe she drank the night before and she was a little hung over no mention of that just she's in pain. So, therefore, this is evidence or proof, but to drink an entire bottle of vodka for pain. You know there's the question of where she is, a closet, alcoholic. Well we're we're not too sure, but if she was, she could have hid it from them, but even a closet, alcoholic doesn't get up in the morning and chug a bottle of vodka. People that are in pain, don't really chug a bottle of vodka either, especially if it's tooth pain or even mike
Brain pain, usually you'll, drink you'll have a drink or two. You might sip all day long, especially if you're a closet, alcoholic your poor little bit in your coffee or pour a little bit in your big gulp and you'll, keep that buzz going all day, but the time frame of the morning to the accident in her blood alcohol content level plus she had and digested alcohol in her system. So she, her blood alcohol level, was only at point one nine. If she would live longer, it would have gone up and at length point three you're in a blackout state. So this is a interest
in case they're, trying to make that she was in pain? But unless you got your leg cut off in the morning, I don't think you're guzzling a whole bottle of vodka and we don't even know how much she drank, because she threw up twice. She only had ten shots in her system. She had another, you know shot in her stomach, that was on digested and she probably puked up the rest. She finished the entire bottle and that does not seem in line with somebody that suffering from tooth pain. to me at all, yet especially you a woman, has been described as very responsible, a great mother. Why would she take down a whole bottle of vodka and and again we could bring it up
I mean possibly smoking marijuana as well. Why would she do that when she is responsible for these five little ones in her minivan yeah? Her husband is defending her and he's denying that there was alcohol in their system. I this is a one hundred per cent saving face defending your loved one situation, but he's, got at least accept that she had alcohol in her system. He initially comes out and says she doesn't drink. She doesn't smoke pot, but then it's like well, she would drink on occasion you know, but you never get drunk. I never saw her drunk and then he came back.
Said she smokes marijuana to relax. Well, that's a little bit of a diversion from she was the perfect mom and wife and there was no problem and she never did you know any drugs or alcohol. So statements are stored of changing a little bit. But again it does not explain the amount of consumption that morning and people say it's not possible to consume that amount of alcohol. In that short amount of time, and apparently they lived a bit of a more square lifestyle than I did, because I absolutely could drink that much alcohol in fifteen minutes or less Daniel goes with J, who is his sister in law and a visit doktor vernier spits he's a medical examiner. They talk to him about this. They
make the case for diane, not being an alcoholic at all or being a drug abuser. Doktor spits is coming back with well. This is what the autopsy says. This is what the toxicology where it says- and they seem to have been done very well- that there is nothing wrong with those reports and gain is saying, but there must be something wrong because she wouldn't do that and he starts talking about Diane's care. and what he knows about her and doktor spits comes back with alcohol. The results will always prevail this situation, their showing you what happened? This is why went wrong, and if you can't accept that I dont know what to say to you. Daniel is left with. We need to run more tests. And that was something that Tom ruskin, his
bessie, is supposed to do. He supposed to have the lab test run again to make sure that they were done properly. I guess he paid Tom a lot of money. People think that the ruskin and his firm were taking this family for a ride in re victimizing them, which is possible. He might not have had the best customer service or level of attention to them, but it turns out- and if you saw the documentary his results, the lab studies and stuff that he did were in one hundred per cent compliance with the original tests that were run. So we have to test that say the same exacting and Daniel still does not believe them. There is a lie
but of conflict there, because ruskin will say that he sent the results to the lord. He said I sent them all of this and they claim that they never received it. I'm sure that out of a law office could have lost it in the fray, but ruskin saying he did his side of the bargain. He was paid to do these things and he did them and even went beyond what he was paid because he said toward the and there he was, is basically working for free at that point now I I think that they say it's thirty thousand dollars on. I think that sound steep, but I don't know- maybe we should get into the private security private detective business if we're getting thirty thousand dollars for a couple lab test well and They didn't just run the tests again they did dna testing to make sure that these samples that they testing were diane's and they were
So there is no doubt that this was diane and the tests were exactly the same as what this it found. Diana was five foot three correct two hundred and four pounds, so alcohol levels will ain't depending on male female wait size. I just did a an episode about Ben eating and bolivia and avenge eating and binge drinking can go hand in hand. Diane obviously, was binge drinking in the morning they say they never saw her drinking, but the investigation proves that some of her friends and coworkers had actually seen her drinking more recently, and one of them said something to the effect of she would complain about her marriage. She would complain about her
Job stress while she drank so her husband, might not have seen her drunk as he says, might be more saving face, but others had definitely reported that yeah. She would drank and should get drunk just like any one else Yeah friend of diane's named sheila, came forward and said that Dan was very regularly at a bar long island and she would drink scrooge, rivers and gripe about her failing marriage and stressful job. I know this kind of flies in the face of what we ve heard from her family, but, just like we talked about with the closet alcoholics, its appeal flung fear depressed or if you are having relationship issues, those aren't necessary things that people go to the people there having an issue with and start talking about, sometimes, you find someone outside of your circles to talk about these things with, because
you dont want to share with everyone its it's way easier to tell a stranger your deepest darkest secrets than somebody that and respects you now Sheila said she would not describe diane as an alcoholic. She would just say she liked her drinks and again she's. Confronted with this term alcoholic and chill It does not say yeah. She is an alcoholic, no diane, just maybe it's a stress reliever for she's having some drinks and she's talking about her issues. So in that regard it doesn't seem that strange at all, it just seems strange because the people closer to her, her husband and sister in law on people like that are coming out in saying no Will she rarely drank something that Daniel harps upon is her liver, didn't show
signs of an alcoholic liver which would be scarring, or any kind of stress like that, which is possible, especially if she's building up on her drinks not been an alcoholic all her life. Maybe she isn't even an alcoholic, but the definition of an alcoholic and the term is very vague. It actually doesn't really mean that you are addicted to alcohol and you have the shakes if you're not drinking it. It means that this drug has a detrimental effect on your life, even an alcoholic who is able to hold their own while drinking and hide it cannot deal with an entire bottle of vodka. This is outside the norm. This is way more than the human body is supposed to handle. Again. I dont think that she was even hiding it from them. That morning. I think this was. She began drinking in the car, possibly smoking,
in the car and her husband does not want anyone to think that he would knowingly put kids in the car with a drunk person behind the wheel. He doesn't want to believe that, so I get his denial here. We don't know what kind of pain people are going through either, but apparently Diane had something going on that day or that we can't ride nets, thing I was thinking about. If you are chugging alcohol, perhaps what's bothering you something emotional people will say. Drink your sorrows away again. I with you, I don't know. That's all we drink like that to cover up tooth pain. But it's not necessary. The only reason that she we consume that much alcohol. Obviously you could look at this situation. This tragedy and you could come up with multiple reasons for why things happen. The way
did one scary thing that occurred to me? Well, upon. This was that she, this consuming that much alcohol, because she was intending to die working up the courage to do but she needed to do to stop the pain whatever that may be whatever that may be because it took so long that morning between stops mean she's meandering around. I don't think she had a plan. I think she was trying to figure out what she's gonna do next week didn't she just have offender bender somewhere? Why didn't she just suddenly go off the road the way things went down. She went south, and on a northbound lane. And ran head on into another vehicle at eighty five miles per hour, Burma's she could driven home much earlier that day, she didn't have to out their driving around like this, he could have gone home, dropped the kids off and then decided to leave something by
She ends up driving around in that area, the correct way and then turning around and they sitting on the wrong road, the exit from two conic stake, parkway to pleasantville road and for her. To do that, I think she turned she turned right to go up the wrong way. and she accelerated if you look at what happened yes to this she's drinking a whole bottle of vodka, essentially possibly smoking marijuana and when things are a little tense on the phone with her family, meaning the handsome. She leaves her phone on that divide her that barrier and it was left there. It wasn't tossed it wasn't thrown the phone with set down there. The man who found it described it as it looks. like it was just set there, so she had to pull
what are the side of the road, get out, walk it over to the side, set it down and then go back and get it back into her car. It's very intentional act. If you think about it, she was starting to get phone calls and in fact, after she left the phone there, the phone was continued to be called, although it may have been turned off because Is it all the calls were going to voicemail, but if she was intending to get into a horrible accident which is a real possibility, she wouldn't want that phone ringing There was probably enough stress in the vehicle, as is on one of the calls taken here. Kids crying and I can only imagine that it that speed and cars honking unswerving that it probably got v very scary in that minivan. A whole bottle of vodka is enough to wipe most people out, but when you combine alcohol and marijuana
that gives you a whole other level of nausea, dizziness and disorientation yeah we see her driving aggressively on the road and, as other drivers report deliberately maybe she's not full blown drunk yet because its taking a while for that alcohol too. absorbed into her system, but I know the one thing that keeps me sober is rage and anger. That's a buzz kill for the most part. So if she's angry about something not really sure what we can speculate but she's had something happened, that's broken. Her perfect world were everything's in order where she has control of everything and she's now drinking excessively. I think you can say that she might have been in a black out state. Doing
these things, but they seemed that rather deliberate to me right and people will say, but she had herself so well put together and she was able to take care of everything. She was planning everything she was the boss. That's Maybe why this happened. The way it did when you can't maintain what you have to be when that gets broken, the maybe the alternative is scary and deadly rock bottom is different for everybody. Most of us, think of rock bottom is becoming homeless and dry
seeing ourselves into oblivion in an alleyway, but there is executives that throw themselves out of high rise windows when their stock goes down. Their rock bottom came up a lot quicker, then most of ours, and we don't know where hers is. We don't know what caused her to snap cause. I I don't know if, if I believe that she wanted to die, but why would you drink that much and then start driving that way like that? It makes a lot of sense. What you're saying and I had not considered that this was deliberate before we started doing this case. I just thought she's drunk she's blacked out in the story this is sort of, ex book drunk driving incident. What what? What more is there to think about? But she has some very deliberate actions leading up to this, and I understand why there's this drive to try and protect diane or her reputation, because she had. I mean she had essentially been mother the year. Emily
look over what she was able to do in her life holding down such ay a great job and doing so well for her family at home as well. It just does not make sense, so you can take that and apply it toward the actions of her husband who completely denies and ignores these reports that come in that say that she was two and a half times, legal limit drunk and had thc in or system it doesn't matter what the truth is. You have all this time years where she has proven herself, and then there is this one day where who is this person You know it says diane schuller, but the actions here. amount of alcohol consumed and the he had seen her system. It just doesn't make sense if you aren't her husband, if your outside or new start reading. The reports- and you start hearing from these other people, including
Daniel sister in law, who admits Yow she'd smoke marijuana all the time when you start to factor that altogether, and we don't have exact, what it is. But if something happened, if something was said to her that day or she discovered something that greatly upset her mean, you ve heard other cases Where someone will just break up their girlfriend and she shows up at his house and puts him scissors and his neck, every in reaction to news or to stressful situations, is different, and I think there is a real possibility here that something happened that day that caused her to just her bridge just collapsed Daniels trying to save face questionable. Whether he's truly believe that all this information about his wife are lies or if he's the ultimate sociopath and trying to cover for her. But these hired lawyers to be his pr wraps. He said
filing lawsuits, one of all, my concave sea or get his point is the do not enter signage on the exit ramp. He says that the signage is not good enough and it's very fusing one statement. He said there wasn't any signage which is completely false. The signs are there and if you're not suffer, from dementia or have a bottle of vodka inside of you. You will see the signage and Nobody else had ever gone the wrong way on this highway before so. Apparently, the signage seems to be adequate But he's suing the state saying it's: not he also filing other lawsuits against his brother in law, which I know you took a lot of issue with Aaron. Yes, dad his wife Diane was beyond drunk, possibly high,
and drove the wrong way on the highway that resulted in the deaths of eight people, half of whom were young children, and I think, if your wife, responsible for that, and then you sue the father or the parents of these little girls that died as a result of that crash. I think it's beyond disgusting and I just don't accept that there were good reasons to do so Apparently, his statement is because this was his brother and laws vehicle. He has to include him in the lawsuit which, I don't understand the legalities of that he can say no. I dont want to sue family, he choose
is, who he Susan, who he doesn't. He sues an insurance company, fine sue, the state, that's fine, but he chose to sue his brother in law. His family members, who have just lost all their children. There are suits from different. sides and you had Longo family at the distorting families you had the handsome and these lawsuits civil suits are all settled in two thousand fourteen, but we no the results or the terms of them, because the judge sealed them the lawyer for, The authority in the Longo families stated she didn't just wake up one morning with the drug problem and capable of drinking that much else. All if the driver we're alive today, the charges would be second degree. Murder. I believe there is a strong fragrance of criminality. We need to find out water has been brother and other family members know someone
had no, but that someone chose to say nothing and now all these people are dead. That's their justification, bike someone had to know something, and that's the feeling I got researching this case. I feel like Someone new that something was I'm dyin and hasn't said why, in it it. This is just a possibility, but I think it's because they may have upset her either given her bad news or did something that upset her. in its telling that her husband is suing in the opposite direction. The police report has determined that this was vehicular homicide. Now this term gets thrown out and you know most times when there is a drunk driving accident because you have consumed alcohol. You are intoxicated if you kill somebody they
in that a homicide doesn't really matter what your intention is and the debate between daniel her husband. What they show on the documentary is why she intoxicated or not that shouldn't be the debate. It's it's been proven beyond any doubt that she had alcohol in her sister she was three times the limit. I mean this is just not normal. What we have to figure out is vehicular homicide, intent or not. That's the real question I wanted to briefly go over those who lost their lives that day, obviously diane schuller. We talked about her at the beginning. Emma Alex, and her hands. She was born on September night, two thousand, and you can get a lot of information about these girls from the hants family foundation website which
it's foundation that these young girls and started to encourage younger Stu have self confidence and self esteem in memory in the memory of their daughters, emil, Sandra earned on In reading and math, and was in soccer gymnastics track and softball allison Elizabeth Hance born December twentieth, two thousand and one excelled at school, as well as soccer gymnastics and volleyball kate, Marie Hance, also known as katie born on February. Nineteen, two thousand for she was known for making many friends both boys and girls, and love to dress up. And they say that emma was very much the big sister and took care of her younger sisters.
brian Schuller survive the crash. He suffers from ocular motor nerve policy and affects the movement and his right eye. He had surgery and did daily. I exercises for therapy J, whose Daniel sister in law, as well as a pediatrician, really encouraged and finally convince Daniel. to put it brian and therapy, because he was having meltdowns aaron Schuller brian's younger sister was born june. Eighth, two thousand seven Michael posterity was eighty one. He was a korean war veteran he had retired from the auto parts. ass. His son guy disparity was forty nine. He manage auto part stores and a with them was there friend Daniel Longo, who is seventy four? They
actually on the way to a cook out all lives ever interrupted. Due to this very tragic crash that happen on the two conic stake, parkway warnings Jackie hants, there's a lot of information out there about what their marriage and what their lives went through. After this horrible crash, they lost all of their children. They had a lot of friends and family who looked out for them. They would stay at their house so that they could make sure that they were gonna, be ok and offered whatever assistance that they could some of their friends said you should have another child and jackie kind of push, against that stating that she didn't feel
like she deserved to be a mother again, but she would have a dream where she said the idea got in her head that, yes, she should be a mother again. She should give this another go because life should be about love. Luckily, there is a doctor doctors, ev rosen, wax, who offered to help the cup conceive without charge. He did in vitro fertilisation on the first go jack, he became pregnant and in october, two thousand eleven she would give birth to casey rose hants, And this is something that really me while reading about it was Jackie, said even in the early days with casey that she just couldn't enjoy.
having this little one around, because she still felt devastated by the loss of her children by it. There's a moment where casey looked up at her with her toothless smile ass, she says it and she said it started to melt her heart and I think what it says is theirs. There's no way to prepare for something like this for the loss of all of your children at once, let alone because of something that a relative did this to me says this is not only survival, but it's they're able to somewhat recover. They have this new little daughter. They have their hands family foundation. Jackie had written a book with janis kaplan titled I'll, see you again, which of course has much more information if you're looking for more information, but it really just a very inspiring story that a couple could rebound from
because I dont know what anyone would do in this situation is so devastating and I think all bets are off. I dont know if most marriages can survive this. This is something that most of us hopefully will never have to find out about or deal with. Jackie has spoken about how she deals with thy early on. She had talked about how Diana had ruin their lives, but at some point she forgives diane and she visits her her gravestone and she says she forgets her because she needs to. She needs to be able to move on and obviously holding all that hate or that judgment is not good for her. Her future needs to be about love, not about hate, and so she chooses forgive one other statement that jackie makes that, I think is worth noting. Is she said
that casey brought a heartbeat back to their house again. I do think, there's a lesson if you are experiencing depression, if you have anything, emotion, the devastating to you, that's going on that you think you can handle. I think you need think twice because the one thing I know about this case, if I was going to put anything down on and say this is what I really, but eve. I believe that diane was self medicating. I think she was lying to herself. She was I can handle this. I can handle this and then something happened that she just couldn't handle. She couldn't hide it and she couldn't deal with it. Anybody who is listening this, who might have something going on that is really difficult and that their having trouble handling, but maybe they're, saying up and I'll get through it I'll be? Ok, maybe it's time to tee,
Somebody because I have a feeling that if Diana had opened up and had sought help for whatever was going on with her, then this would have happened. There's no shame in getting help. I think it's time to everybody just admit when they need help.
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