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March 1, 2008. Emory, Texas. When Erin Caffey’s parents told her to end her relationship with her boyfriend, Charlie Wilkinson, she only had one solution – kill them. Were the Caffeys bad parents? Absolutely not according to everyone in their small town, so why did Erin want to take such a drastic measure to be with Charlie?

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Join wondering class in the wondering apt to listen ad free from wondering yeah? you doing tonight, Aaron I'm doing good Justin. How are you All right. I feel like were almost at the end goal line for getting Oliver Paperwork together to travel to the UK.
So there has been a lot of things in the news lately there has been some updates on other cases that we ve covered in the past. First is they found some remains up in New Hampshire. in the same area where more Murray was they haven't confirmed yet at the time of this, recording that it is more us remains, but it's promising its given the family. Some hope maybe they'll have closure, and on top of that, it's in an area where they had question people previously, so if it turns out to be Maura They possibly have some leads already and for anyone whose forgotten this case began on February knife two thousand feet
or when more Murray's car was found on route, one twelve sets one big update the next one. I think a lot of people have forgotten about this, but Robert Durst found guilty of first degree. Murder, for killing Susan Berman, that was more than twenty years ago, and as some of you might remember, there was the whole Beverly misspelling situation and his whole. gaff on the jinx, where he had a heart microphone and he said Duff as there it is you're caught. He was right. I was wrong what the hell I do killed them all, of course. Well all of this made it a trial and some of you might be thinking well it's about time, but this is how
years of justice grind, and I think we finally have justice right. This is just such an interesting case because he seems to have a lot of luck. his side or money. It felt to be like had money and luck, but you luck and run. and I think that's what we saw with Mr Durst here. His luck ran out and there's something too people who feel untouchable where they say do things that are very risky for their freedom and well, That's what happens. We have cameras on you when the evidence piles up it's just really goes to show how important that the jinx documentary was because all of the groundwork for this guilty verdict That was all laid out in that documentary. The producer of the jinx he's not done
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the thing about PAM screening dot com. So, tonight's Kasr whew to say that I just want to give a little disclaimer to people this a brutal one and I dont want to shy away from some of the details, because I want people to your stand where That night I want people to. your stand. Why the system came down so hard on the perpetrator. of this crime because There are things that happened here that made me cringe, and that takes a lot so with that, what are we talking about? tonight were talking about the March first, two thousand eight murders of members of the coffee family in Emory, Texas, Justin, who where the coffee's they were a god, fearing She family mother penny
When coffee was thirty, years old, she was attacked. Did seamstress subsidy. the driver for a local charity, she delivered me those to the elderly and indigenous shit. George singing in a gospel group, the Gaston singers, her friends said they were like family to me. The best people you could imagine they enjoyed cooking together She would bring food to the church after Sunday, services and her friend John need Dunlap said: unless she was sick. She didn't miss one service Matthew rank He he was thirteen years old. He was so known as Bubba. He was in the seventh grade. He played harmonica, an bass guitar at the family's church. Tyler Paul coffee was eight. He was in fourth grade at the time the Father, Terry Coffee, use. Forty one
He had met penny at a revival meeting and garland taxes. She Twenty one at the time he was twenty four Terry worked delivering. Medical equipment to home healthcare and would preach at sermons at the miracle faith Baptist Church was on the threshold of becoming an ordained Baptist Minister and was looking forward to ministering, others, the daughter air, Michel coffee was sixteen at the time she was born up this conservative family. She was scope, the family moved a few times which messed up her friendship circles and she had to say schools and churches, but an eighth grade. She started attending public school. Her parents had a bit of a freak out,
because they learned that another girl at the school had tried to kiss Aaron and their reacted by pulling her out of school at sea. Then she got her driver's license and an old shabby pick up. She was working at Sonic and her coworkers would say she was so sheltered. It was like she was seeing the world for the first time, and what's when those things that happen just in when a child feels sheltered, but then they start getting opportunities to spend time around their peers? I think they can crazy myself, I think they can just go buck wild because they ve never had a chance to enjoy their childhood and they can definitely fallen to the wrong crowds because they're trying to rebel. Why think another asked That, too is if they feel like their sheltered. It's probably because the pair
I feel like they're, giving them the best opportunity to live a clue in godly life. But you know There are temptations out there sometime. those new things that pop up like kissing a boy become very exciting because it some that was never on the radar. Until I tell it happened, really how you have some, boy giving you eyes in touching you, egg or whatever. This is probably something that shit is really wasn't ready for, but was ready, or if you know what I mean her parents didn't talk to her about this stuff. I imagine, but this adds up bidding. There's a church fellowship meeting where the youth director, Erin making out with a boy and of course other kids at our witness this
and her parents were very happy to hear what happened so they quickly separated the two and her dad said you're not going to see that boy no more, but Aaron thought she had a new boyfriend but of course the parents. They don't want her to us anymore, and so they don't want her going to public school, but she wants to go back. She wants to go to post, go because her brothers are going to Papa School, so she felt like she's being punished unfairly, but her parents, they have a vision for how they want their daughters. Life to be errand would in meeting Charles James Wilkinson. He went by Charlie. He was nineteen years old I know that's only a three year difference, but when somebody's outside of high school dating
somebody that still in high school it's a world of difference back then we're just gating somebody that was an indifferent grade and high school seem like a huge leap so Obviously her parents are not going to be happy about this. When we know about Charles Well he's the kind of guy that when, shows, up Aaron's parents are very excited, they see a guy who looks like he's broke, not well put together under the me. described, them has not being polished, but of course they got to meet him and then they started looking into him and they found his myspace page where he by the name hillbilly and Essentially, they could see that he'd alcohol and was partying and may be being a little graphic sexually in terms of his language, so they saw him as a big red flag. Now they
at Sonic, just before start of his senior year and he had gotten home from boot camp. He was Texas National Guard. He lived with his dad and said: mom is that brother stepsister and a half sister. He was also an avid hunter, so he really light after wild hogs in fishing, he didn't have any history. I keep it here, never been arrested before he hadn't even seen any serious disciplinary action at school people thought that he was hot headed. and it was easy to get arise out of em, but for the most part he didn't have any history of violence. But the two are smitten with each other, and it said that,
Charley was nervous, ask her out, but he did she instantly said. Yes, she wanted to date him, and so they survive hit the ground running but there are rules and again this is a very strict conservative family. They already, don't like what they see of Charlie. So they said. Look you too can go on, dates and things but you're not going alone, but how it works. You can set the ground rules, but teenagers. They're not going to follow all these rules? Are they now that's what teenagers are best at is breaking the rules, so there finding those twenty minutes, thirty at times where they can be alone. And another sign that these two were crazy for each other, was there were set
times were Charlie, had to leave at nine p m. Okay, Charlie, you gotta go home, ok, so he would go home, but then once he did get there, he an errand which, on the phone, which sometimes I was an hour long before that our long call before she was told, ok, you're done with the fund for the night, but Charlie seem to want to extend- and a branch of sorts. So he started attending their church. The Cathy's church miracle faith he's trying to make a good impression. Maybe it's just an excuse to be around air more, but hey, it's a good foot forward, so What this case is so far is these four many on the outside. This is a case of puppy, love, Aaron, Coffee and Charlie Wilkinson. According to Aaron's family. This is a guy.
Play who they're not refined, oh, but they know Aaron's crazy about him and they're trying to right that fine line between here's, the structured life that we want for our daughter and here is the life she seems to want. There is compromise, going on definitely with her parents but this can only go so long before something breaks in this case. Well, Aaron is fearful that her parents will make her cut. Charlie off- they ve done it before and now this situation is Pro even more risky, so the writing on the Wall February. Twenty First Terry's other passed away. Terrier die the visit his dad, but he didn't under the door turn went around the property and ended up using his spare key to let himself in he would end up in his father dead here way from natural causes, and sadly there
enough money left behind to cover the funeral so tat three in penny did what they could to have a burial Sonny his father, we talked about how the whole family participated in music at their church and they performed amazing grace at this funeral, but something happened that was noticeable, which is the whole families playing their parts but Erin Burr normally she would sing and steal the show in terms of you know, before it says that she was a gifted vocalist. They could tell her heart was in it. Is it because her grandfather stead or is she thinking of something else? That's distracting her. This is put lot of pressure on the family, the passing of the grandfather, and at this point they're telling error and that she needs to break up with Charlie, I mention that they had looked up his myspace profile this
about in February, because penny, but so by her sister you need to- get Charlie's Myspace Profile and when they really gotta look at it, while he was talking about how he was having sacks getting drunk things like this, and they do said now now Our daughter this. This isn't the kind of person we want associate with her family or Erin, so but the power and came down on her and said it's over it's over now Aaron's tone her parents that she's gonna break it off with them me: while she's on the phone with Charlie there having so tough conversations, but not exactly breaking it off. said that Charlie talk to someone his friends and said he wished that he could get her pregnant so that her We would have no choice but to accept him. That seems pretty disgusting to me, but Aaron she's only sixteen years old, so she's
telling him that she's way too young to have a baby. Charlie seems to accept this and it said that Erin had him around her finger and she could get to do whatever she wanted if she asked for something she got it. So I'm not. sure who wears the pants in this relationship, but Fred We are saying that Charlie will do anything for error in February. Twenty ninth nine thirty in the evening, Terry arrives home after a day of work and his wife reach him outside this assists tradition between two of them when it goes through the house. His kids are watching a movie and penny had it. Dinner, ready for him and she went upstairs so she could read. But before she went up there, she kissed her kids good night, her boys, and then she stopped to talk with Erin and she asked her. Are you sure you gave Charlie back all his things
answer was yes, but then penny said well. I found his dog tags earlier. Remember he's in the National Guard, parents response was just to grin, so He said you need to give them back to Charlie and she kissed her daughter. Goodnight Terry finishes his dinner and he makes a mass on the floor and slips and falls. So all kid start laughing at him and he said. Do you think? That's funny? I threw her pillow at Matthew. and he returned into something fun. Some people would blow their top at a point like this, but this is just a kind of daddy is so he cases his kids good night and goes up to bed. The last thing this family did together was have a pillow fight and everybody. was laughing and having a great time, and he allowed his boys to stay up late. So they get finish their movie getting. Quality sleep isn't easy for some some
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audible, dot, com, Slash Gaeta, BP or text Judah BP, two five hundred five hundred: that's audible, dot com, slashed cheetah, BP or Text Gaeta BP, two five hundred five hundred this is March first, one thousand two hundred and thirty in the a dot m. Terry wakes up, he hears black lab max barking, and this isn't that unusual. But you know it's a fifth jarring enough to wake up in the middle, might hear your dog barking something and you don't know what it is but he's awake at this point. The dog stops barking and then he hears a door flying open and during the washing machine. So they know that door to their houses been busted through. He said hearing what he describes explosions, but it's really gunfire and he sees a man
into his bedroom, and he thought it was a robbery. So he actually threw himself over penny to try to protect her, and more gunfire rang out. He got shot and the risk and in the shoulder. Then he gets shot in his right cheek. This knocked him down. He heard this intruder come over and he's like standing over Terry. The intruder kicks one of Feet to see, if he's still alive and then he hears two clicks and that's the shooter reloading this is just very methodical and he says Lord, please take me quickly. at this point. He hears his wife penny crying out, whereas Terry, whereas Terry and he can't move, but he can. see what's going on and he sees now that there's two intruders,
and one of them has a sword in he see this man stab his wife in the neck with the sword, and he has to sit there and listen to the blood gurgle as his wife is blue thing and slowly dying. Then these men leave the room start going upstairs towards his children's room. He trying to get up his trial to go protect his children, his sons, his daughter, but he's messed up, he's been shot multiple times once in the face. And he slipped on his own blood is able to it sort of onto the bed and that's when he hears his son Matthew yelling from upstairs and
Matthew is saying: Charlie, no, don't do this. Why are you doing this at that point, Terry recognizes a familiar name, Charlie, and he knows This is his daughters. Boyfriend should have been ex boyfriend you. You would think it may be that something flashing through his head is well. She broke up with them, maybe he's mad, I don't know, but he knows, who these intruders are now at least who one of them is and then he hears a gunshot and he doesn't he Matthew anymore. Then he here these men, go down the hallway to errands room. That's where his other son Tyler is hiding in it. was it he doesn't know exists. Clean, what's happening, but his best right. election, is that their taking turns swinging this sword at
youngest son, who was just eight years old He assumes Aaron is killed during this time because he no longer here is any more noise from the upstairs and he falls off the bed onto His dying or dead wife's body he's seen not he's endured enough. He doesn't know, what's going on he just now set his entire family is dead. He passes out. So we came to he's coughing, he said, to get really hot stranger undressed, and what's going on and he quickly realises that his house is on fire and he to get out. He somehow made his way out of the room and into the bathroom he got into the shower and he knew that there was an open window there. So he pushed hard and
crawled his way out and he was well to fall to the ground. His neighbor lives four hundred yards away for football fields through pretty wooded area and he is dragging himself on his stomach he'll. Get up. Try to take a few steps and then just fall back down. so he's just trying to reach the neighbour yeah he's just The call for help at this point finally It's too Tommy's house who his is: is older neighbour, Tommy, Gaston and he gets his door and knocks anti. me comes out and just doesn't even know what he's looking out. It's a mess and who just covered in blood. His car
and dirt and woods and debris in leaps he's. Just a mass, but Tom he's going to our call for help this call goes out at four twenty in the morning. He calls the county sheriff's office. There's an officer that takes the call name Charles Dickerson, wasn't difficult to find out where the crime scene was because he saw a murder Orange glow in the distance as he drove out there, though whole house was engulfed in flames, to now he has to call and get the fire department out there. You know just and you too bribed earlier where Terry knew what was happening in the house for the most part. So when officer, the sheriffs deputy is asking him questions, he's able to tell him what happened here, and this is what hold the officer. He said, Charlie concern shot my family.
Man's been shot like five times then brutalized I haven't This takes me back to episode. One the jury duty where the The man was shot multiple times once through the face once to the back of the head survived and then what to his neighbour's house, but that neighbor was twenty thirty feet away. This man crawled four hundred yards. It's unbelievable doesn't take long for these deputies to track down Charlie does it now they had it out to a blue single wide trailer and when they go went to this trailer they're going through it and their seeing just piles of clothing beer cans in other places, a mass, so they come across Charles weighed and Bobby Johnson. These are friends of Charlie. Welcomes
so they go to another room and there's a door frame. The has a blanket and they pull it back and inside that room. They fine, Charlie Wilkinson, and he has a gun right on the floor. Beside him, they're not taking chances, they have guns on him, and there are telling them. We need to see your hands they'll make any movements they a pan, cuffing I'm and they leave him outside. They start interrogating around way. Just then they want to know if he had something to do with this, because according to tarry coffee Charley was there so they're asking him were you involved in this, and he tonight He says. No sir, I got drunk last night and passed out They get him some more clothes, because it this way just basely wearing jeans, again some clothes and they prepared to take him away. But they're going to
Ten you to look through the trailer for anything else of interest. They get a warrant and as they headed towards a closet, there's a blanket on the floor. That's kind of all piled up. they see some blonde hair her first, they figures the doll, but they moved the hair, and this is Aaron Calf, they ask for her name and she replies Aaron. So now they found Erin Coffee where they had talked to Terry he just assume she was dead, so they ask her. How did you get? here, and she says I No, where am I I think, she's able to really tell them is that she's Aaron Coffee they end up taking. To the hospital, and dumb she's interviewed in the hospital trauma room, They're asking her all kinds of questions. What she would He knows and she's saying
two guys with swords she sang in oh they're, coming after me, There are not getting a lot of useful information out of her, but they know it leave that she's a victim that, yes, the feeling here mean after All Terry was telling them things that made them thankful, maybe because she broke up with him, Charlie, get upset and took. His revenge out on the family and is part of that he just took and with him when he was done, and they her how she was able to escape. House. and she says out of her bedroom window, stats, pivotal, think so: Now the detectives have found iron, they go back and they let her father know that she's alive and this makes him very happy cause he's thinking wow. This is something You know terrible that has happened to us, you arrogant
I can come together and work through this. This is you know this is gone. Giving me one thing after mind. Our families dad it gave him hope and happiness knowing that his daughter was still alive, a gift now because Aaron's having so much trouble. Recalling anything that's happened to her. There thinking she might be on drugs there. Thinking that she might. been given g h you're, something like that to have blocked her out. During this whole ordeal, so You are drug test turned it comes back negative, but that's not to dismiss that its aim Horrible, stressful situation that could have you know she could have just blacked out cancelled out, but over a number of hours, as
air interrogating Charlie. He starts giving them information and the story he starts. Painting involves Aaron Coffee as the ringleader and Charlie tells them, she was really pissed off that our parents wanted us to not see each other anymore, and he said we could just run away, but he said errand wouldn't hear of it. He said Aaron wanted them dead, and this goes back to what you said earlier. Some people really believed that Aaron had Charlie wrapped around her finger now. So this is a possibility, after all, Charlie's talking Aaron's, not really talking. This could either be he's coming clean. He knows the gig is up or he talking- and you know how it works. If you're the first person cooperating well things Michael better for you,
you are now setting the narrative absolutely and doesn't egg, much for Charlie to start her in skating a lot of other people too, such as friend Charles Wade. He says that his twenty one year old friend needed money. So he for him, two thousand dollars to help him kill the coffee's. Now this is important because they knew where they could find two thousand dollars, meaning Charlie and Aaron knew where to find too. and her parents had a lock box inside the House right Charles Wade had em aviation here. He wanted custody of his five month old daughter, but He needs to be able to pay the legal fees to make tat happen. That's where the two thousand where's comes into play now the investigator there are still questioning earn, but she's,
like she doesn't know what happened she's, giving them you no kind of fragmented details that until they let her know that they have weighed and Wilkinson in custody yeah because they hadn't taken Wade. Were Johnson in right away and so again, This is a situation where Johnson didn't like she anywhere else to go but but this tell them. When I know so with taking their accounts, they can compare the notes and what are they find Justin when they impair the stories of all three Wade, Wilkinson and Johnson. There be consistent and they all revolve around Erin? statements are the only ones that are inconsistent. Wade seem to have the coolest head of all of them.
He didn't seem to be as nervous as the others when being questioned and It seemed the express any emotion when he was describing the murders he took part in and before the interviews over, he said something else no one else had told them. He said ass. They were driving away from the calf he's home. That was on fire. Aaron yelled out holy shit, That was awesome. So if there is any doubt about errants pardon this hearing that well That point, I think there are thinking she's, the ringleader. Because she's, the one that's not cooperating. and everyone else's accounts are consistent in our hearing that she was celebrating they drove away after committing murder and arson so long for whence looking at Aaron and thinking is soon
You're done with this hospital stay, we're gonna be taking you into custody parents. Grandparents had shown up. After all, I mean who's going to help this family Terry's in really bad shape. Aaron was being checked out, so the grandparents show up and their informed that law enforcement be arresting errant coffee in connection with the murders of her family members, the end the Gators, also inform Aaron that her father, He's still alive and the look her face kind of tells at all This is a moment where it's a verification of swords and What they got out of that was. She knows that of her fathers alive. Then he probably knows what happened. She's been caught and she knows it, but errands a juvenile, unlike the other, there's, so she has to appear before a justice of the peace. She doesn't
want to meet with investigators. She declines, so she makes it. Written statement instead and which he writes down is that there have been smoke. and strangers with swords, but that she really couldn't remember anything else. This does it and sound Justin like someone who had a real plan. We ve talked before about how youth have this problem quite often here it's one thing to say: I want this. I need this, but to actually, plan at a higher level, where you can deal with adversity, deal with different situations, if she was involved in this like it seems like she was yeah. She didn't give this a moment thought, and that's why her story is so simple. I mean she's a sixteen year old girl It's not a criminal mastermind, she doesn't know. What's going on she just knows what she wants. She wants it now. She wants her
parents out of the picture- and here we are- the investigators will go back and inform Terry that they ve taken some people into custody home that his daughter was taken into custody. while they're telling him his daughter is alive. He asks she escaped the house, and they say that she, through her window in her bedroom, and this guy some pause because he knows that there is a window unit in her bedroom He doesn't think that she is strong enough to have opened. The window that unit out so will later come back and inform Terry that they have people in custody, including his daughter and this this devasted. TIM all those feelings of hope that gift that his daughter was spared, has now been take, away from him, so they
a lot of information. At this point the sheriff's office does and the Texas Theatre General's office is having to figure out how to proceed and I find it interesting because the assistant attorney General LISA Tanner made a comment. She said this was not the most. brutal or cold blooded case I had ever prosecuted as she starts one about how all these different factors coming together, give it more weight, make it more disturbing, but I don't know just in this is pretty bad. It is. I don't know what other Crime she seen I'm sure she's had her her run of it, but this is one of the more brutal once we ve covered in awhile right I'm not saying she hasn't seen more brutal, but this seems brutal enough yeah.
don't miss. The upcoming limited series on Hulu dropout dropout explores the rise and fall of Elizabeth HOMES, the founder and ceo of fairness, the company that to revolutionize the face of healthcare story, a man deciphered the sea This goes beyond what has been published to understand the complicated woman behind the notorious scandal unravelling her story from childhood to present day as she goes from Stanford dropout to self made billionaire to alleged criminal miss the series premier of the drop out. There is day March third on Hulu. Theirs some investigation that happens that really clear up the case for the investigators, because you know you can take all the account. put them together and see how they all work. What is your gut? Are you etc? What is the evident say, but it's the phone records that they find most useful here, It shows that from eleven forty six in the evening until twelve forty,
the morning, Aaron called Charlie six times between one hundred and twenty two in the morning and one hundred and fifty eight she called him seven more times. This fits with what Charlie had told them, Has he kept calling and saying where ya, with the hold up hurry up, come back and keep the dog quiet so for someone who's being kidnapped, it makes sense that she's calling this many times. It doesn't make any sense So they know that all the statements they took from Wade well consented Johnson. They make them a sense. Now, those three on me. seventh of two thousand eight all played not guilty at their arraignment. They find out there Wade and Wilkinson are looking at the death penalty some brutal enough. I would say right now I mean if there's any,
a case forward its now. They they definitely met the threshold, Terry Calf, He has shown the phone record evidence. And this is where the the assisting. Attorney General LISA, Tanner. she showing him the records and she's, and say look. This is why we are trying to to certify Aaron as an adult. This tough, because while Terry fans. What his daughter may have done, because I dont know if he fully fully gets it because you are you parents who can't go there with their kid. They can't fully set them as a murderer. Do not I mean it. Know, where he's out with all that he has the information, there's no doubt is being shown that she was the one Charlie over and over again and being told, look she's egg came on pushing him to do this, and so we need to
get Aaron certify as an adult. So we can punish, are properly because the juvenile she's should be getting life without parole. A juvenile cannot receive the death penalty right, daddy, MAX's life without pearl It's twenty days later, it's decided that airing Cathy will be tried, asthma at all and she's charged with murders of her mother and two younger brothers, her bond, was set at one point: five million Mars Terry's at least agreed enough that she should be I'd as an adult, but he doesn't want the other members of this party to receive the death penalty yeah. He makes a statement that I felt was really touching. My heart tells me there have been enough deaths, I want them,
in this lifetime to have a chance for remorse and to come to a place of repentance for what they have done. As many other people say, killing them will not bring my family back. I know some people would say these are the people that need to be put down I respect what Terry is doing here, because it was his family that was destroyed, It was his family who were cut down shop and stabbed. I don't think there's any one more qualified than I guess Payment light that exactly here, the victim. So it's it's his prerogative whether or not he wants to forgive and move on. so? How does this play out and quarter on January second, of two thousand: nine, both Erin and and Bobby Johnson pleaded guilty to killing Aaron's mother and her two brothers. So this
means that at that point, in early two thousand nine? This is all been mostly played out in court. So you have all four who participated in these murders and these crimes all having fled guilty, so Eric was given to life sentences plus a third count of twenty five years? She is eligible for parole and if she were to be ended parole at the earliest Opel time she would be fifty nine years old, Bobby Johns got forty years and he will be eligible for pearl in twenty years. Now that would be twenty when nine for Bobby and twenty thirty four for Erin Coffee. now. What happened to Charles Wilkinson edge was weighed, Charlie Wilkinson and Charles Wade. They were both given
I've sentences without the possibility of pearl? That's all part of their pleadings. So a lot of people wonder what happened after all is went down because the Scott cleared up fairly quickly, justice with swift here and it seemed like a lot of people came clean within a day or so so MAX who tried to warn the cafes of what was going on. He went to new Home and Terry Coffee. Remarried, Mary, has forgiven his daughter and he does want anyone to think that she's a monster now. Why do you think He came to that conclusion. Do you think this is his faith at play here or is it something else I no, I think you just nailed it. He went back to
rubble of the burned down house and found a page from the Bible, and he interpreted that as a sign for forgive this and a sign from God that he needs to learn his life and limb, of those around him, including his daughter? I can't disagree. He again. I can't disagree with White Terry's doing because it makes sense for it and we can all look at this and say well, she did this. She did that she, sixteen years old and I do wonder how shall- This whole situation given time because so often There are teenagers and make really bad choices, don't dies but they're, really bad choices.
and I am in no way excusing, which he did. I mean she needs to pay for her crimes. There disgusting, they are horrible, despicable. but somewhere along the way would be nice if, because of what her dad has done for her, that she becomes a better person, it's important to me this It has to do with how much good is there in the world lies that there's a trail of bodies behind her, but there should be time for reflection and remorse. I think it's important it's important for Terry, maybe he'll, see that and he ll feel a little bit more peace, because what happened to him That's enough! There's just shake you off your feet and never be the same again. It would be nice. formed a better look in his daughters eyes and know that she's back with him again that she's turned the key, doesn't mean let her out. It just means.
their relationship gonna be like, because it's one thing to be very forgiving another thing for someone to truly change, she's going be spending a long time behind bars. As usual. Multiple Tv personalities reached out. For interviews, Doktor Phil peers Morgan. It said that her Doktor Phil showed her pictures of her fathers wounds and it was the first time she had seen them. He went through the details of what happened. her family and She didn't seem to have any idea of the level brute. Howdy that her father, mother and her brothers faced that night. I think that's weird because normally during trial, they put all that up for the jury
see. So I'm not sure how she missed this, but this interview was pretty emotional there's a lot of things that doctor Phil did that we'll talk about on the after show so tune into a patriarch, a few. If you want to hear, Thoughts on that charge, he was later interviewed by the Texas Monthly and he had some interesting things to say and they they sort of organs. sent with comments that people have made about him. Though we talked about earlier He was saying that when he was at the coffee home, he could tell them. Was just the perfect family. They had the white picket fence, the pictures on the walls. Smiling happy together, and I think it's times like these where he understands the gravity of the situation that he participated in
one thing to sandy to do this, so I can be with the love of my life and its another thing to look back at the devastation and the true loss that occurred and he spoke about Erin hey. I guessed according to Texas Monthly, he became very sentimental and he said I would have done anything for her. She is very smart, very carrying I don't know why she wanted it done why it had to be like that, but she will a very nice person. Do something that happened, though, that he told the Texas Monthly about, which is. Why after he participated in the murders of the calf he's here now from his own defence attorney. That Aaron had asked a previous boyfriend to kill her parents too, and this we friend was the one that errand was caught kissing at their church and its at that point, Charlie said
it made him question a lot of things. So he got caught up in this a were in love. We can't be together. We have to be together with They do something, and then he look back at realises. She would have you anybody to get this done. So how poor, was Charlie. He was useful. There he's just upon not trying to say that Charlie is this. Saint Geier that he should be forgiven. Necessarily, I think that's up to everyone to decide. themselves. I just like this has it shows that he has spent a lot of time thinking so if you believe in spirituality or just mature, whatever it is. It does feel like rarely has matured and has given All of this a lot of thought and has a much better perspective these days, Finishes by saying once you love,
somebody, you can't quit now we talked about this perfect family Justin, but tarried divorced, his second wife and then married a third wife in Toby have twenty thirteen. I think he's been through a lot, so I dont know Establishing new relationships might be pretty hard for him. It just goes to show its Like Terry Coffee penny coffee. They felt like they had this great life and they tried their best to steer their family in that direction. They thought was most healthy. as we all know, errant coffee decide one day that her parents needed to die like. I would just go back to those phone calls that she was making two Charlie and just the urgency the amount of push she was putting on. Early saying you need to do this. Let's get going.
Where are you, I mean it's obvious and they questioned fell students and friends, and it becomes apparent that this had been planned for over a month and he had been considered well before then yeah, absolutely so, If you read about this on line, if reading articles, whatever often see that people are asking the question? Why would Kathy want her family murdered just to be with a boy. and, I can say, is now People are in love and their young and dumb. Well, you get the right people together, and it goes from little mistakes too horrible
waste. Thankfully bus these things don't end like this. Do they just, and I think that its teenagers. How immaturity impulsive behaviour as a whole litany of things possible: mental illness. I know there's a lot of talk that Erin is a sociopath or a psychopath. People have tried to analyze, her or Like no sir, I don't know can do that when somebody's sixteen seventeen or even eighteen years old, I think Tina, yours and children can have very search behaviors, but it doesn't mean that that's how they are. That is how they are at. That moment Dont know what kind of person Aaron is. I don't know what Kind of person shall grow up to be. This was a pattern
Behaviour that went unchecked during a large portion of her adolescence check. True crime weakens sticker where they are kicking off this spooky a month of the year with the creeping Crawley S, true crime, podcast, listen to the generation. Why and other true crime podcast all for free on stature, also check out their curated homepage to find her. Extra crime pot obsession if you're on your phone. You can download stature in your appstore or go to steer dot com.
Everybody has something that they would give anything for end. Fortunately, there's people out there who will explain. There's nothing like nothing from wondering comes a story about true. I love you so much power You're gonna have to completely submit to me and give me your complete and utter obedience and far. Some people are willing to go to get what they want. I'm Stephanie Beatrice Twin flames: premiers on February twenty first on Apple, I'm using or you can listen one week early and out free right now by subscribing to wondering plus an apple podcast or the wonder, yeah.
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