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Felonious Florida

Leave behind the beaches, the theme parks and the tropical breezes. This is the dark side of the Sunshine State. Listen to Felonious Florida on Apple podcasts, wherever you’re listening to this or go to wondery.fm/gen See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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We had the generation. Why would like to tell you about this new podcast from the sunshine state called felonious florida? It will make you question what evidence can and cannot do? It follows to amazing reporters from the sun sentinel newspaper as they uncover new details about two gruesome crimes. Were the murderers of each crime might still be out there? The first story begins after a long night, Ninety ninety four: when a night club owner goes home, what to women? The owner of the night club is very paranoid and he's installed a top of the line surveillance system at his house. Little did. He think these surveillance system would come for the last twenty two minutes of his life. Twenty four years later and two death sentences. Later nobody stands convicted of those three murders. The second crime takes place in two thousand and seven christmas afternoon a mother and daughter were found executed in the back of their s. U v, it turns out that the killer might have struck in the past.
And might strike again in the future. These reporters do an amazing job. They uncover some of the dirty secrets of florida. Here's a preview of the first episode of bologna as florida bees to subscribe to phony as florida on apple podcast, reverie or listening to this or find a link in the episode notes: it's sunday morning june, twenty six nineteen, ninety four, just after dawn the quiet suburb in south florida, a forty something well dressed man with shaggy hair stands over a table in a tile, poured dining room, he's laughing in full with two young women. Their share A bottle of wine demand for floats around the house, puts on music checks out his hair He passes by a mirrored wall in the living room. He come. Behind one of the women as she sitting in a chair,
Tips her way back, playfully then puts her upright and gives her along hug. He does a hat and tips it to the a woman with a smile and places it on her head. This little party looks like it could go on for a while. Then an intruder burst through an unlock sign, glass door. He hasn't machine without hesitating. That's it over his head and slams the but end of it into the man's face, knocking him to the ground. An accomplice comes through the same door care
If something that looks like a long stick, they turn their attention to the women and the scene turns brutally violent. What they don't know is that every step they take every blow, every bullet fired, is being caught on tape from the sun sentinel and sell florida dot com. In association with wondering this. This is felonious florida, the podcast that lead you into the dark side of the sunshine stay. I am lease arthur and this is the story of the cases. Nickelodeon murders episode, one, the executions.
Palm beach county florida, a deputy sheriff on his regular patrol spots, thick black smoke billowing over the everglades he drives toward doubly a remote, should retaining town in the far west of the county wildfires come out here and it hasn't reigned in days, but as he approaches the location of the smoke, it's not a wildfire. The deputy finds its a burning car allow Three black mercedes sl convertible on the side of the road fully engulfed in flames. There's nobody inside. Seven hours earlier and seventy miles to the south to young women are looking to cap off a night out, there's a popular app. Hours, nightclub near hollywood, Florida called casey's nickelodeon and their late night regulars.
Rogers and Sharon Anderson pull into the parking lot up casey's around three thirty sunday morning. They always after the two, a m last call at other bars in the area. As usual, casey's is crowded. A marine and make their way to the bar, that's where they wanted to bush casey the flashing manager former owner of the club. His real name is casimir shikar ski junior. He just prefers butch and he looks like somebody named book. The forty eight year old is something of a local celebrity in the south florida bar scene, and he fancies the role which is known as the party king and a ladies man, a woman eyes or some would say,
He is larger than life and women love him. His roguish good looks a dazzling, smile, shaggy hair. He favours aviator sunglasses and silk scars and he can actually pull them off your chunky silver chain around his neck and a diamond encrusted pendant of the cases nickelodeon logo on one risk was a courtier watch on the other. A bracelet with butch spelled out and diamond studs letters, which is well known for carrying two things. A chrome played it pistol under his jacket
and was of cash in his boots. He also has a penchant for mercedes benz is which has worked in the crowd when Marie and Sharon arrive any spots them as they move through the bar. It was hard not to you. They are the kind of beautiful that draw up stairs when they walk into a room both for twenty five years old slender, with fine features and dramatic cheekbones. They move gracefully. When they're, ambitious, they're, just starting to break into south florida's, burgeoning fashion modeling and entertainment scene sharon had dedicated the years after high school to preparing for the entertainment career. She dreamed of sculpting her body taking acting and dancing classes. She had scored roles in several music videos shot in south beach. One of them was rapper heavy, these girls. They love me where he had studied fashion design and dreamed of making it big in the south beach fashion industry.
she had coordinated fashion showcases around south florida. She juggled her budding career with being the single mother of a toddler which case he makes his way over to marine sharon and the three spent some time talking. He flirts with them as a plate of oysters rockefeller sent over on the house as don starts to break and the club is closing down. Butch invites the two women back to his house. In the quiet suburb of miramar a few miles away, they arrive shortly after six. Thirty right around sunrise and butch gives them a tour of the place he's in fine form tonight entertaining his guests attentively. The impromptu little party goes on. Oh.
Within an hour, all three are dead, brutalizing shot in their heads at close range. What happen over that? Our outputs casey's house is hardly a mystery. In fact, we know second by second detail about the movements of which casey and the others who were there. It's. What makes this case now known as the cases nickelodeon murders so remarkable to listen to the rest of this. In the second episode, fine polonius florida on apple pie, cas wherever you're listening to this or find the link in the show no set will take you there when you're scrolling through social media. How can you tell what's real anything can be posted on line without being fat checked. But if you heard about the secret,
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