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April 26, 2005. Durham, North Carolina. 30 year old Raven Abaroa returns home after a soccer game to find his wife slumped over on the floor in their home. At first he was not alarmed as she would often do this when she had cramps. But when he got close to her, he could see that his wife, 25 year old Janet Abaroa, was covered in blood and appeared to be deceased. The couple's 6 month old son was found unharmed in his room. Investigators did not suspect that robbery was a motive in the crime so they began to look at the people in her life. It took nearly five years for authorities to arrest their suspect: Raven Abaroa. The investigation had turned up a number of troubling red flags about him, but would they have enough evidence to bring Janet's killer to justice? Raven claimed to have an alibi for the time of the murder and said that he had witnesses to prove it.

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add a six month old son at the time named Kaden with a k. Just so you don't worry about it. Kaden is unharmed in this story. Janet Marie Kristensen was these seventh of ten children, the family was devoutly mormon and her sister Dana candle said that she was a very sweet spirit, loving kind janet was an athlete and she loved playing soccer. She attended the southern virginia university. She attended southern virginia university and played and sea devils division. Three soccer there, Well, it was the schools first, women, soccer team, it's this love of soccer that actually connects her with raven abba roma in nineteen. Ninety eight, at the time, And they were nineteen, they are both attending that unit.
intercity in in buena vista virginia. You know she was seeing someone at the time, but man raven, love soccer and and they just really hit it off within two years. They married in a mormon temple in Washington d c, and then they moved to southeastern virginia is the cool kid on the block, his name's raven yeah and the way people have described him. People that went to school with him said he seemed to have more energy. Than his body could contain. So. Ah, he probably was pretty charming to now once their living and durham north carolina, they move into a new,
secluded home. Janet tells her sisters that the marriage is kind of trouble there already experiencing some problems and its because, even though raven seem so charming and energetic, he was becoming controlling and manipulative, and he was experiencing mood swings. Violent mood swings where he would lash out at her call her just horrible horrible thanks and then and then go back to normal and act like nothing was wrong. So coarse because you're not getting along and things look pretty bleak around early, two thousand for they separate janet, was thinking about leaving em, but she found out. She was pregnant. You know to her. I think this was a moment where they're starting a family and me
Maybe there are problems that they can be solved because it's not about them anymore. They have a child on the way there working through their issues and on october, seventeenth of two thousand for janet gave birth to their son kaden. They were both working at a sporting good place called euro sport and in february of two thousand and five raven was charged with embezzlement and he was accused of taking almost fifteen thousand dollars worth of sporting equipment by listing them as employ purchases and then never paying for it obvious when the company figured this out, they quickly got the police involved and raven and his wife JANET lost their jobs, because even if JANET wasn't involved, they're married and they're just not going to play that game.
a lot of the friends and family notice that they were having financial problems in months leading up to the death. They both got new jobs, they were struggling, their landlord allowed them to live rent free for two months. In their home, while they looked for new jobs, so that's how, on hard times they were, they were almost live. On the street yeah. You know raven wasn't paying the rent, and then they ended up having a conversation. The landlord was considering kicking them out, but he saw JANET. He saw the little child in you know he he fell like this was a good young family and that they were just on hard times. So he thought will get an agreement here and I'll help you out. So we fast forward to april twenty sixth
two thousand and five janet picks up Kaden from day care and she and raven drop off her car for repairs. They met, this member of their church at her home and that person left at around seven p m and around eight thirty p m Raven leaves in his ninety ninety eight dodge durango to go play indoor soccer
He would later say that janet was in bed when he left and he returned at one thousand and forty five p dot m, so he's playing a late night session, indoor soccer that you mentioned, that they had someone from the church there and his name was Michael guzman, Michael guzman. It kind of struck me as odd because he was acting as a home teacher. Supposedly. This is something that happens with the lds church, but as far as I could tell they dispatched people in pairs, they don't send one person at a time now. Perhaps we have a listener or more than one who attends and lds church and would tell me different, and I even found an article about this case- were they showed two people who are doing,
teaching at a house. So it's it just makes me wonder. If Michael was there in a different capacity and I'm not trying to say what it was I dont know I wasn't there and I don't personally know these people, but it's just something that struck me his odd. This detail might not be important, but when we're talking about a murder, ah one that's been in contact with the victim and in the household I think needs to be focused on. So when raven arrives home he claims he goes and checks on his son to make sure he's in bed. Asleep and then he finds janet on her knees leaned over with her head on the floor in the office. Now this is a sort of a sitting, fetal position and it was a position
he's seen her take before whenever she has cramps. So at first. It wasn't odd for him to see her in this position, but then the closer he got. He realized that she was covered in blood. She didn't respond to him and he ends up calling nine when one, luckily, their six month old kaden, slept through this investigators and police show up and they lock,
the home down for about twenty four hours. They collect blood swabs from the floor, the wall they collected a cheque, book loan papers, cellphones block and knives, and they searched his truck. They seized a knife, pawn shop, ticket soil samples and took clothes that raven had been wearing when he discovered janet now he said that he leaned down and cradled janet when he found her. So Oh, we would expect to see blood all over his clothing, but when I took his clothes they notice that there wasn't very much blood him. I don't know I mean how how much of an embrace did he
ivar and from which angle yeah. You know it's sort of a it's. The first thing that the investigators sort of key off on is. He says that he embraced his wife, but he's in doesn't have blood all over him. So they're thinking this fishy, they notice their didn't seem to be any sign of a break in the autopsy showed that JANET had been stabbed several times once to her left hand once to her chest and then once in her neck, and they said that the stab wounds in her neck was the cause of death and that had gone down to
when artery and into her lung. They said that she had lost a third of her blood volume and would have died quickly from that wound. I'm assuming the stab wound, on her hand, is probably a defensive one. I would think so. The other thing that they discovered during the autopsy was that JANET had been pregnant with her second child. Now this is early stages of pregnancy, but she was pregnant, they're taking raven for his word that he came home and he found his wife this way. But what are the chances that somebody would just show up and murder her while they start going through his records? Well, you know just,
focus on. Who else could have done this? They had dropped off her vehicle and some people guest. Well, what if they just hand over her keys, they might have had her house key on their. That would give a stranger access to the home, because there was no sir in a break in yeah. They would know where they lived because they dropped the vehicle off. You have to provide your information and then they might have had a key, but still what's the motive, there were no signs of sexual assault, But as we know, if someone's dead, it's a it's a homicide, then they look at the people closest to them. This is a wife. This is a mother, so they're, looking at the husband and sure there are no obvious signs of break in who would do this? To JANET I mean I didn't read one bad word about JANET. It seem like did you know? No, she seemed to be a very liked and respected wife and mother,
so this is a mystery, but raven doesn't look so good. Here again, we talked to already about how he supposedly cradled his wife after she had been stabbed. She was covered in blood. They said her top was just literally soaked in blood because she had lost a third of her blood volume an raven was gone for. He claims about two hours, so we have a two hour window. Somebody coming in gaining access to the house without breaking in and murdering her while she upstairs in an office. You I'd run online that these games that he would participate in were later at night, because younger player play during the day and then they I stayed about an hour so if you factor in travel time and the game that pretty much accounts for his, in gone. The other thing here, though, is that he says this is his alibi and since he was playing soccer
nor is there were other players at who could bout she ass. He was here. Investigators dig little further. They find a half million dollar life insurance policy on janet and a million dollar policy on raven. A kind of interesting is not weird for people to have life insurance policy. Yes, but it's always one of those factors that when a wife or spouse is murdered and there is a large life insurance policy on them and never looks good for the year. The accused- and what's really strange here, is typically in cases like this. We see that the wife who up murdered, has a larger policy than the husband, but in this case is the opposite. Raven has twice the policy which I think goes in his favour. He's the
the husband, the father, so he thinks well. If something happens to me, my family will be taken care of, but it is a little suspicious just because, while he couldn't pay his rent, he was still paying to keep these policies in place now, just weeks after the murder raven. Ah, he packs up and moves to salt lake city with his son and he says he wants to be closer to his family. So it's another thing where it's like this murder happens. Now I get it. Your wife has met a tragic end, and maybe you don't want to be in that house where she was murdered? Maybe you just need to get away, but when the police are investigating and kind of have
one their sides in you pick up and leaving move across country. Not in your favour. Raven does return to face embezzlement charges on august thirty, two thousand five. He was ordered to pay back ten. wasn't dollars and receive probation. He was to continue living in utah and JANET's family tried to keeping contact. They did this by visiting or calling Kaden now raven moved away. As we said, he you tall and the day care center, where he drops Kaden off. There was a woman named vanessa, fond, who had a daughter that also attended the day care and the two headed off and these dating in december of two thousand and seven and were engaged by the following mother's day in two thousand and eight and on September six, two thousand and eight they're married pretty quick. Now, if you, if you recall right,
and was married to janet, and it wasn't very long into the marriage when they start to experience major issues. Well, history repeats itself here when JANET aberrant, his sisters heard that raven Had gotten married, they were appalled and terrified for or whatever woman married him, so they found vanessa and they reached out to her name I am that day just wanted to make sure that she was aware of the things that had been in the news about him and that she would know what she was getting herself into and that they were few full for her, and I can only imagine the sisters reaching out to venice. Because they didn't know how vanessa would respond. I know I've had female friends that have reached out to others to tell them
hey that that guy you're dating now not the best guy, and it doesn't go well because they're like with him- and I love him and I'd, how dare you Oh me, that the love of my life is a bad person, but I think they planted a seed and vanessa ponds head and she was able to find and the news articles in core documents about raven and she starts to question him about his wife's death and he just tell sir, I came home and I found my wife. An intruder had murdered her. While I was at a soccer game, but.
Ravens composure doesn't doesn't go well. His behaviour searched to change and vanessa says that he would turn honour on a dime and then moments later would apologise to her and then eventually the verbal abuse became physical and she says that he grabbed me from the door and threw me up against the wall, and I fell down later. Raven would come back and say you tripped and fell and deny ever laying hands on
so it's a total gas lighting move that he's doing he abuses the victim and then tells them it was them. It was therefore it was on their head and their imagining that he did this. So vanessa does not exactly liking this situation and cheese doubting more and more his claims that he had nothing to do with his previous weiss murder. They separate at late, two thousand and eight two thousand and nine, and she goes public in the spring of two thousand and nine, with her fears that he killed his wife, so she's call em out on new stations and news, members which doesn't look good when near current wife is saying yeah. I think he did it yeah their marriage was involved in two thousand twelve vanessa and her parents apple to north carolina and they talked to investigators,
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Calm suggestion why code jen? Why so the investigation still ongoing janet's family? They want justice, but what's the chance here that they can connect raven to this murder talk real quick again. What did they find when they search the home? I mean they didn't find any smoking gun, as it were. Janet apparently was stabbed several times, but it wasn't the kind of stabbing where you would think. Oh well, that evidence is gonna going to get all over the killer, necessarily or yeah. You said that he stabbed her three times ass. She was in this sort of huddled position when she was stabbed, there's not much to go on there. It's not like blood was being slung back
is the the ceiling and all over somebody, whoever the person was stabbing or might not have got a lot of evidence on them or left a lot of evidence, because it was very quick yeah. This isn't one of those cases where someone stabbed twenty times. I mean they can't really connect in what they can say, though, is there are some possibilities here for one: they dont have any one else with a motive to kill janet, as far as they can tell to the home didn't appear to be broken into three was there a robbery? Well, they couldn't find his laptop and they couldn't find like a set of knives like they say they they take the butcher block, but does not missing. So it's almost the things that they don't find, looks
specious, not the things that they do. Fine right, but I dont know anybody really drives that home and that's what struck me in those cases. You know a raven did this, then he got rid of whatever evidence could have been used against him. on the laptop well, if he was using the laptop to look anything up or order anything while they don't to look at what was she stopped with? She was stabbed with a knife while their knives missing did they miss a knife. It was used in this crime. I mean there's a point where heave and points out that they missed if in the home that was in some of his luggage, I think or something yeah when he packed up and moved across country, he had a knife that he brought with him, which okay you're you're, saying that the investigators missed it, but I'm kind of like thinking well did they miss Or was it hidden from them and you knew tat the with you the sense that I got
Maybe I'm reading too far into this, but I think he was mocking the investigators absolutely which that it's going to keep them in on you more right. It's almost you're, daring them yeah. I mean, I think, that, ah, if my wife was brutally murdered, I wouldn't mock the people that were investigating the crime. I might inform them of evidence that they looked over. I might say, hey guys, I found this. It wasn't put into evidence. Maybe you should put it into evidence, but taunting them with it. Oh he didn't. Find this knife doesn't look good you. I got the sense that raven didn't really care how he looked to anyone and when he spoke to investigators, you can tell that His demeanor is a little weird if this is supposed to be the worst day of his life. But when he's talking to them he's somewhat happy,
and talking very nonchalantly. He can't recall what for dinner that night. He just says that they prepared a meal and some of his statements or disorder vague and he totally glosses over anything about the discovery of his wife, but will take time and effort to talk about other details that seem to be. Very, I don't know ass an I really so the case against him seems a little if he it just makes sense. Is that enough? to arrest him yeah, oh ano, you have vanessa, saying I think he did it and he's an abusive guy. You have janet's family who absolutely thinks he did it and pointing out the issues they have, but this is almost heresy. That's what a lot of the newspapers and stuff start to report is this whole case is,
say as early as two thousand and two, it was said that the husband has temper and anger problems, but this is just really character, assassination saying his is behaviors bad. There is really no direct evidence tying him to this crime february, first, two thousand and ten north carolina authorities contact the idaho authorities while they set up surveillance on it on raven. They wait for his five year old kaden to be out of the house and a move on raven he's charged with first ray murder in the death of Jana Abdullah. This is interesting because, again very circumstantial case, there's not a lot evidence, but there still moving on him and I dont know if it's, because they felt like they Did it do it for janet's family mean they were staying in contact
telling the authorities, we need justice here, don't let her die, and the murderer get away exactly and a lot of time has passed at this point, so they made a move and I'm glad they did. I don't know what they really had, why the prosecutor decided that he had enough here to indict and get this guy extradited ravens mother and step father gained custody of five euro kaden after raven was arrested.
Once back in north carolina, his bell was set at five million dollars and well here's a question death penalty. I think with the lack of evidence here. I don't. I don't know if that's why they took that off the table or if it was because JANET's family said they were not in favour of the death penalty. It's not a solid case so far in when they took him from idaho. They did sees proper from his house and day retrieved, his laptop but get his lawyers are arguing that the search warrant was in valid because they didn't list his computer equipment near. Maybe they listen
papers or any evidence, that's deemed suspicious, but they didn't list a computer or personal computer. So there's a fight going on here with his defence team and this arrest. So when I heard about this fight about them, not citing the laptop The warrant. I see this every time and every single appeal and every single defences move is that the warrant to search the property is never correct, so I would just assume that either a law enforcement needs to take a little bit more time to make sure there search warrants are perfect. tottered eyes or dotted and teaser crossed, or maybe this is just a tactic that every defence attorney this throws out there, which is that search warrant wasn't right
he remained in jail until his trial, while he's not gonna make the five million bail yeah when they reduced to three million at some point, but yeah he remained in jail in interesting turn happens when the authorities ass to zoom janet's remains what they want to do as they want to take care of her hands. Take her finger prints check for the marks on her bones made by the murder weapon and also look for contact lenses, because raven said she was in bed, everyone that knew her well said she didn't get into bed with her contact lenses. She always took them out first so the kind of detail where they want to check into that and see if sea of her contact lens they're in there, because if they are that's another lie when there is a contradiction, he says she was in bed yet she's found and this curled up fetal position on the floor. So she wasn't in bed, I mean
statements, dont really add up and she could have moved after he left another one was he claims? He was wearing the sweatshirt that had the blood on it, but then they found security, footage from a survey its camera of his movements. Earlier that day he was wearing another sweatshirt. Maybe he switched sweatshirts because there was a lot of blood on the other so maybe raven anoura was a liar and maybe he's a killer. Now raven because he's the husband he did want to sign the order that would allow janet's by to be exude. But of course, JANET's families like with don't listen to a murderer. We need her zoomed so that the authorities have a better shot at convicting him, and so it came down to a pennsylvania judge. The judge said now she will be exude, I mean they did it to Michael Petersen, why this was even an issue
raven pleaded not guilty and his trial was initially set for october of two thousand and twelve, but it was moved to January two thousand thirteen. And then it was the late again till April of two thousand thirteen, this happens all the time again with the plea deals. Just then at raven, was offered a plea deal before it began. He declined it. I guess he felt confident with the lack of evidence that he might be, let go and he was maintaining his innocence. So, let's get into this, the prosecution stated that JANET had told others how she was afraid of ravens temper and how they had talked about divorce after she had found out is about. His affairs neighbours testified to hearing intends are immense from the average home, but they didn't hear any. hang on the night that JANET died, there were other
people who detailed the troubles that the two were having and then, of course, you have been as upon testifying that raven threw her against a wall on the day of her bridal shower and had exhibited abusive behavior during their her four month, marriage, a coworker of ravens, testified that the pair of them, meaning raven and her had sex in the fall of two thousand and three on a trip, and she said she only did it because she wasn't sure of what he would do to her if she didn't and she never talked to him again after after the encounter- and I think this is just a lot of testifying to he's a dangerous guy, he's abusive and he's the exact kind of person who would kill his wife. It's a character assassination or it might be a character revelation where the review. doing what he's all about absolutely and I dont want to sound like em defending them too much. But it's it's a lot of just character, witness testimony
but what matters is the evidence right in oh yeah yeah. They test his white shirt. Of course argue that there was no way that such a small amount of blood would have gotten on him if he had hugged JANET the way he said he did. Her shirt was completely saturated in blood and during the exhumation in two thousand and ten found remnants of contact lenses in her eyes. So she wasn't in bed, he said, yeah, I know some would argue: hey I've gone to bed with my contacts and then get out as I am like, I gotta get up. People's will say that but occur. to people at no her said she did not do that. She always took them out and then got into bed, so raven being so sir,
but she was in bed when she wasn't found there when he got back and being in a position that she would put herself in from time to time it seems very, very suspicious. So again this is setting up to be a guy who is abusive, dangerous and a liar, apparently because he lied about
his wife was when he left the defense maintains that he had an alibi he's at the soccer game. It's one of those things. Where are these people remembering that night that he was actually there? You know this trials from not taking place for years and years later. How credible are these witnesses that say? Oh yeah, he was there on this night. At this time I mean if he was out playing soccer games every night of the week. Could they get this wrong? The defense they have their own witnesses, they have witnesses who say: oh raven and his wife are doing great. We never saw any problems. They even dug out some emails that revealed that JANET had been flirting with an ex boyfriend just weeks before her death. They also pointed to the fact that raven appeared to be in
standing father after JANET died. Never let Kaden forget about who is mother was so they're trying to paint a different picture of saying. Well, yet there are people who don't like em, but there are all these other people that say he's great. So we have possible ex boyfriend involved we speculated on this individual from the church. That was that the house early, but we don't really have any motives here for these people to murder her. We also have a visa the car that they gave the car dealership shop that they gave the keys to. But you have an hour I in a loose
connections. He had a car shop. I don't I don't know, that's a very good lead there, but they also reveal something that investigators didn't make a big deal of. They had two pieces of evidence that introduce a little bit it out here and includes blood on a side door and an unknown fingerprint in the office that they can't tight, a raven or janet. So this sir trial plays out the jury, begins deliberations and tell the judge twice that they're having trouble reaching a verdict. So usually this happens and the judge us as well.
working on it keep going and normally, if it's four hundred and twenty five or you know six hundred and twenty six, whatever it is, whatever the numbers are, it allowed to judge to be like okay, we need to stop now, but it was eleven to one in favor of guilt, but one juror would not budge, and I noticed my. Take some people off, but I actually think that one jure might have been right. So I don't know if they actually proved this guy did it. I think that he probably did do it. I think that it really looks like he did it. I think that there's nobody
bills. That would have a reason to kill janet, so one and one is to raven, did it, but you have to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. I don't know if they did. I hate to be the party pooper here the naysayer that one juror, but I actually think that that one juror was in the right. Well, I think you could argue that they weren't wrong. I don't if they had it right in this case, is very circumstantial. I think one of the things that worked against the prosecution here is, as they don't have a very good time line for wind. Janet was murdered because did he say Her then go to the game. Did he go the game but then slip out, and back and murder her and then go back to the game, or did he come home and murder her? They weren't able to establishing a time line that I felt confident in backing up. So I can see
some would say you know it doesn't matter what we think it matters, what you can prove and it wasn't like he'd already been found guilty once now. So this is the first go at it. They just couldn't get over that one hold out again: it's there right,
where did their doing their best to follow the rules here and to them? They just had some reasonable doubt, but I think, if I'm trying to put myself in that you're shoes, it's you couldn't sol for acts because there was a lack of evidence. There was a lack of information, but that same lack of evidence kinder. What makes them look suspicious? Why did his computer disappear the day of the murder? Probably cause you got rid of it wise the murder weapon missing? Well, it's either because somebody else murdered her or he disposed of the murder weapon did a good job cleaning up which makes the prosecutions job much harder. I know this probably doesn't make any one happy, but that's the way the system supposed to work. So we have a hungary, the prosecution they're not done with raven ever Ella.
in fact, after this mistrial they offered him another. Please deal, and this is for a second degree, murder, with a sentence of nineteen to twenty four years in prison. The conviction of first degree murderer would have had an automatic life's ends with no parole. Well, he declined the deal. I mean. Why? Wouldn't he I mean he made it through his first trial and, yes, he is facing an one, but there are having the same issue of how are they going to prove to twelve jurors? That he's? Definitely the guy. I dont like his chances, but now he's he's gonna role, was dice again yeah. There are people that go to the casino and they barely make it, but they still win that they're going to go back, I mean heck, they go back, no matter if they win or lose, but there are people who tell themselves hey you're, lucky. You can do this and any new. We know our works because, even though you can say you need the
and see, need approved this or that if you're, the husband and your wife was murdered, there will be people who will look at you and say come on. You must have done this, especially in a case like this, where It's janet christian, sentenced, JANET Abdullah she's this law. that everyone loves by eta, who else would have any motive to killer, except for her abusive husband, and that makes the job at the fence a little difficult, even though they can point to all the problems with the evidence. There's just not a lot there and like we already said the way that she was murdered it it wasn't. This vicious bloody attack. It probably was relatively quick where they supposed to do with this. The second trial days before the second trousers start missus march twelve raven takes an alfred plea. Now I think it's because
aspirations and give up. I think raven is starting to realise. Maybe he's not going to be so lucky the next time because People are moved by the witness testimony and people saying hey. I know this guy I've seen what he does, or he grabbed me by my throat
or he was having an affair with me on and on and on. Eventually, there will be jurors that just don't like him and they're not going to find the the reasonable doubt to help him because they don't want to help him. I just found it very interesting that he took an alford plea without being convicted of anything. I normally when you hear of this plea. It's somebody. That's been sitting in prison rotting for twenty years and their dislike. I just gotta get out I'm sick of fighting I'm sick of trying to prove innocence. I just want to be free, so I'll give people what they want to hear, so I can get released. This is the first time, at least for me that I've heard of an alford plea before the trial. I mean he's already been through one trial, but it was miss trial and the prosecutor.
and allowed it and took it. This plea deal it seem like JANET's, family, okay, it, but I think it's a very begrudging kind of ok lake. I think they saw the writing on the wall that they were going to have the kind of resolution to this case that they wanted, and I think it stung the model knowing that raven still denies having any part of this murder, so I mean what are they supposed to do here? The evidence was a little tricky. The first trial ended up in trial and then they were headed to another trial. I mean the prosecution maintained for the big. that they were going to prove beyond reasonable doubt that raven was the killer of and ever oh, oh, but I mean it, I don't think that's accurate, I think gum they kind of lucked out here. because I dont know what would have happened had raven not taken the plea. I have already said that the jury could have been persuaded to just not like him
and then maybe wouldn't have even really thought about that and about so much because look what they set him up ass. He was a criminal. He was an embezzler, he was an abuser, but he was described as narcissistic worries do with a guy like that, right eventually run out of friends and you need, though, in ITALY's one friend on the jury, to make it and for what the reason I guess Raven decided he was going to. He was going to pull his chips well, and I think that by him even being offered this plea or the prosecution accepting the plea just shows that the prosecutor wasn't that confident in the trial or wasn't that confident in the evidence or maybe they were
lazy and didn't want to go to trial. But you know I've. I just feel I I think of a what was it gabe watson, the diver accused of killing his wife, and they claim that he turned her her air tank off, but nobody saw him turn the air tank off We just found his wife floating dead in the water and then they base the whole trial off his behavior after the fact, while in here we're basing the whole thing off his behavior before the fact and he looks guilty as sin, but they're not proving it. This alford plea, ah yeah, if anyone's wondering his sentence, isn't very long and he said a lot of time in prison waiting for trial. He was like fifteen hundred days, so that's time served
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Slash judah beauty. He was given a sense of aged ten years, but he had already been in prison for years. So, if you take those numbers, two thousand fourteen, in well. He ends up getting out a little early and he's out on christmas day of two thousand and seventeen. He had served seven years ten months and slightly over three weeks for the death of his wife janet. Now I get it that he wasn't found guilty. He took a plea, but, as we all know and alfred plea is I'm just admitting to the fact that the state has enough evidence to find me guilty, but he served less than eight years. Drug traffickers serve more time than this. So it's a weird odd situation I am torn on. I truly am torn on this case because I do think he's guilty, but I dont think they had enough to prove it might do women
talk about two of the people who testified people that I knew raven ab aurora new Jana opera and one of them is the home teacher from their church. His name was Michael, and he said that of he was there that name? You know he didn't notice anything weird, but when he came back the next day because of janet staff, he said, raven was speaking oddly, he was saying things that he couldn't make out he was saying and down. He was crying a lot and sleeping a lot. It was odd behaviour now, granted ravens wife had been murdered, Have you dont know how people react, but a hundred to hear this guy talk, I dont think he's trying to say that ravens necessarily guilty, but I think he made it seem. Like it just didn't make sense to him, and I dont know how we're supposed to take that. But he was someone who is close to the family. Also,
The woman who baby sat for them. Her name was don act off and she and her husband also talked quite a bit about janet and raven and about this murder. They said that JANET was very, very quiet and submissive. When ray was around it and he would dominate the conversations he was deadly. The guide talking a lot and leading congress. Nations, but when raven was away- and it was just janet- they said she would open up and she would joke and she would tease and she was this very talkative, but around her husband, she tended to be very, very quiet. Let's talk about motives b as I know that they didn't really have a motive going at the trial is not necessary, I would say, go back to when they had these money troubles. It was said that dawn who was the baby sitter for kaden. She said that raven had mentioned selling his truck or as motorcycle to get money because he needed money
and he also talked about maybe having the family move if they had to to save money. But of course they ended up negotiating. The least. They got a couple of three months because of their landlord, but I think really what this comes down to is its of like a two fold kind of thing. One. I think there were money issues, but I don't know that the main reason for the murder. I think
main reason for the murder. I don't think raven handles someone who's pushing back on him at all in some of his police statements and interviews with the press. He talks about when I, when I talked about those asinine details, he'd give talk about how clothes should be put away, and it just shows a sense of control that he has over everything. So even if it's not somebody pushing back or just maybe somebody not doing it the way he wants it done after a while, he just keeps lashing out. He did it with vanessa too. So we see a pattern. There yeah he's able to keep that that charming face on very long before the year. The darkness comes out, but in a way this kind of reminds me of josh power, maybe not to do the same in the extreme level that we saw the josh powell, but that was a case of narcissism
run a mark, and I wonder if that's kind of what was working here with raven. I one thing I like to finish with was when JANET first got pregnant. Her marriage didn't seem to be going very well, and that was the time when she really made an effort to turn things around and to keep the family together. She had said how she was nervous about having a baby, but, of course, the families at once. Kaden was born. She just fell in love with them and she had said that She didn't know that she got love another person as much as she loved her son. She spent a lot of time holding him and playing with him and caring for him. It's it's a tragedy.
The. bonnie Lee basically came to hollywood with a dream. She wanted to be someone famous
He married actor robert blake. She thought her dream come true until it all went wrong on may fourth, two thousand and one at nine thirty pm Bonnie was found in a car bleeding severely. She had been shot in the head. Oh my god, I don't know. Within the hour she was gone. night. Bonnie went from victim to villain The press called her a grifter, a liar, a scam As he was in the pornography business, she was in the prostitution business. She had criminal convictions all around the country in various states by who was bonnie mailing and who wanted her dead, listened to the execution of Bonnie lee bailey on amazon, music, apple, podcasts, spotify or you can listen early and ad free by joining wonder, replaced in the wondering app.
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