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Jaryd Atadero. Allyn Atadero shares the painful story of how his 3 year-old son Jaryd went missing in the Colorado mountains. He had gone with his sister and a group of adults to visit a nearby fish hatchery. Without notifying Allyn, the group would later decide to drive to a trail to hike on that was 16 miles away. While on the trail, the adults would lose sight of Jaryd. The search for the boy encountered many obstacles and it would be almost four years before some evidence finally came to light. Many questions remain unanswered in this case. Allyn learned a lot from this experience and has used this knowledge to educate others on trail safety and to assist other parents who face similar challenges. He and his twin brother, Arlyn, wrote a book about Jaryd's story titled, 'Missing: When the Son Sets'. For more information about Jaryd's case, please purchase the book & visit the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Missing-When-the-Son-Sets-1379628532365438/ See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Alan got into the generation white hot cast you ve written what I would call a very powerful book. I think everybody should be reading and its titled missing when the sun sets. If you could please introduce yourself and give us a brief summary of the book before we
get into the story. If you were not a problem figure in the first vote, just wanna tell you appreciate the inherent my boy call missing when the sun sets, in its spelled s. So in because it's about my son and it's about my son more or less vanishing out of my life, the book. Might my son was up in the mountains with me, So if we used to honour a resort up the maputo canyon and you're in colorado, and it was, Nineteen, ninety, nine and and there was a group of people who went on it. They took my son with them. And he vanished, on. A hike in the book is about everything that happened to me from the day he vanished in up to about a year ago, a year and a half ago, but he vanished. No one knew and to him it was a mystery, his clothing. was found about almost four years after he vanished some other Things happened after that. The term it did the book is about.
the mystery. The theories that be represented, disappears and when I wish you to this day, exactly what happened to him, It's a strange story. It's it's one, that's very hard to believe and its de comprehend that it's true, but it's all about that, the parents of my son and my quest to find out what happened to him. Your background is in education, correct, correct. I been teaching G. Almost thirty years now am I teach physical education in a state of colorado is a matter of fact, I've the middle school teacher of the year for the state of colorado over two thousand fifteen. It is something I ve been doing. a long time and I truly loved and enjoy it in it. It's really working. Me going out is you purchased was at a hotel. It was a resort. it's called the put a river resort in we hadn t cabins up in the mountains, along with a store we'll gas station campsites up and down the river but
we moved up to the pudding river resort. To actually have a different lifestyle to get away and enjoy life, and that's exactly where I wanted to be not realising that something this tragic can. While I was up there so, while you're up there, you have a lot of business to conduct because well now you are resort, but there are also people out there that you know a christian singles group, it was a christian single group that they were called the christian singles network and they were out of denver and nay. I met him in the denver area ending can. We were using our resort to invite different groups, and they were one groups like to come up and use the resort. They came up quite a few times. They had the weekends. If their retreats barbecues in the works and this when the story actually originated. It was a weaken that some of the people were coming back up to the resort and they were there actually help us one as a result. For the year,
It was the last time they were gonna take advantage of the being up the mountains until the next summer and in that way we actually originated about how many p but were in. This group was an eleven well it in an enemy group. There are quite a few people. I believe they were maybe thirty people altogether, but when went on the hike. There were eleven adults that took Jared mt alike, eleven adults and my daughter Jocelyn, my son Jared. Was it jocelyn that express a desire to go with them on the hike because she knew a woman named janet, correct that's correct up. She originally was going on I'm a hike. that she come up and ask then I'd give gave permission and really wasn't gonna be a hike at the time they were just going down the road to a little fish. Hatchery aunt, em, it may have been about a mile and a half miles away from our resort. In the meantime, There came a band, he was all excited and he wanted to go
the fish to end. It was caught her up because I never shared out of my sight before in as we talk- and I funny gave permission him go but again, like I said I was under them, If that they were going about a mile I have two miles up the road to look at the fish around this hatchery and then I'm back, haven't idea that they were going to add further up the mountain. This is the part of the story. I think some people have trouble understanding by as apparent myself
you're, always wrestling with this question, especially more times than others. Where you say to yourself, do I have to keep telling them? No, the children are very curious there very adventurous and they want to go and do things, especially when they have a sibling going. So sometimes your face with that question. Should I let them go word or do I just keep telling them no, and I am sure, in this instance you're busy trying to get this resort going, and you know these people somewhat right there, yes, acquaintances and friends as the daughters already going. So I'm sure it worked out. That way, we felt We should get away there they're just going to look at these fish right, that's what it was more or less at the johnson was going. Johnson was six at the time and dumb. I was reassured that no problem wanna take ever and That would be a really good experience for her, not realizing it like that. You're talking,
I realise that jerry was going to walk up and say: god knows ass, his dawning in order to allow the fish to go to, and it was gonna hardly at first sight, I did say no signal like, I am not You need to go up there with them in the more I was reassured in and the more he asked I can. I looked at him in when I finally suggests he had the smile on his face and jumped up and down in, and I felt well that's he's really excited to do this. I was happy, it was going they take off and at this point you raised they're just going down the road. There is a point, though, in between where they decide to change their plans. Do you know why in and what they decide to do, yes that from what I understand, they went to the fish area and as walked around that area when they were finished. A couple of the adults have a comment that damn you know. This was fun
we're looking for something a little bit better we're looking for something else to do, and so with that in mind, they are the gardener, vehicles, and decided to drive farther up the mountain for a nice little trail to take tick icon in this trail. Actually that they arrived at was called the big south trail. And it was another six year and a half miles up the road so arm again, I had no idea they were going up that I- and this was in the late nineties. Not everyone had self At this point, correct dragged. It was october second in ninety nine and in not only you not everyone else, Offers but up there in the mountains, no signals at all you? You couldn't pick up a signal of if you, if you tried all day long so on, it was hard contact. People was there a point at which you
lies. They ve been gone awhile or did something after her. First, before we started thinking about the time frame, if they were just going to a fish hatchery, the time part, never really hit me. I was. I was kind of busy back at the resorted Joyce and planning to get things set up like you said, to one right things. Adam time got away from me actually and I know what time it was. They were gone for a couple hours yours and I just figure there enjoy themselves and the first sign of anything was. I was in the back. We haven't. We had an apartment attached to store. We also had a convenience. right there, and I heard a bus, commotion going on in the store. I do not know what was going on in three people walk through the back apart a friend of my name, but she was our manager into the ladys who had taken Jared
try with them, came into the back of a store and they looked at me in you tell somebody was going on not sure what's going on yet and they say Alan em, you know when you sit down we'll talk, you want something happened, a jared, and, unlike what do you mean something happening shared and- and they didn't answer- was kind of like that playing a game, twenty questions in it. and I started asking questions, and I find it somewhat what happened to him fall and like no, he and followed it does. Indeed he did. He know her. Self note in autumn services or no broken legs robin arms or as no no no and there, bonds to me, which is totally baffling and their actual risk HANS was he's. Ok, we just can't find him. and I thought to myself he's? Ok, you can't find him what do you mean? You can't find him and I couldn't. can have someone can tell me at the time. How would you know he's? Ok, if you can't find him,
about that time. That's when my exit, as I already level started to really creep up. Clean and dumb fear started during my system and It was one of those situate. Where I'm like, okay where is he and that's when I found out he wasn't the fishery ice the panic I wanted to go up to see where he was Well, we took him up the mountain after this place called the big south trail, and I had no idea where that was so when we eventually got into our vehicles and we started of the mountain I mean I was literally yelling and screaming pounding my chest in screaming all god here what they do to my son. What do they take my son and I drove this.
sixteen and half miles, which was a winding road again, like I said not realising where I was headed to hand down, it was incredible that my gosh, where were they, take my son and I'm getting out of the car when I finally got to the trail he was. He was to take in this big vast mountain areas. It. My son, is out there somewhere and nobody knows where he is. When, were you told the story of how the events unfolded once they got to the trail because they start up as a single group correct, correct they. They started off as a single grew from. There were eleven people actually went on on the trail, and I wasn't really sure the time what had happened, what was going on, I know the term the kids were with janet and I assume that she was the person that had the monitor The entire time, but what I want found out ass time went on at war when they got to accept- and I had no idea might do those that there was a guy.
at the bottom of the trail I actually got out. In the meantime, the back at the resort, butch had said the are asked me. If he should call the sheriff department of search and rescue in my wrist. costume was no. You know what Ok, they said he's. Ok, we just can't So I really thought it was ok and they also felt that when I got up their me being Jared dad, they have to do is get a first. Our yelling and he'd come running to me and I really believe that soon we to the trail head. I was running up the trail and it's very seat. Drill drops off on the side and settled places, but I yelled and scream forget mile trying to change the law. Jack, and I realize oh, my gosh. This is vast. I need help, and now I can a terrified it. I told you not to call the sheriff department, I started getting back down the trail and we radios and bush had driven after the parking lot right. There
need called makes it alan them sooner. Let you know that certain rescues on their way, and I was right. Safe the time still not knowing what happened after got back down on the bottom of the trail. I was worried about my daughter. it's like you where's my daughter. What happened here and I think JANET head. She had gone back to the resort, hoping that someone had taken shared back there and she had taken Jonathan back too. So I kind of confused on where johnson wasn't she got back. She come up crying Tell me the day she saw him. We're gonna find him in that. Found out. There were no eleven adult on the trail and jeered was actually walking. We were to do that. The group is split. There was a fast group and slow group and jeered had moved from the slower group today, upper group and when he got to the top group, he had actually passed them and one of them had said if someone needs to keep an eye on him and jerry continued work
asked him, and I believe that was the last time he was seen. Now it comes out later that Jared had come across a couple of fishermen who were fishing in the river. Yes, I believe he had passed the upper group and he came across a couple of fishermen and he walked with the two fishermen for awhile talking to them. He even asked them. Are there any appearance and they talked about the wild animals. The bear and stuff- and I say, came to another fork in the road they decided to head down to the river to continue their fishing and Jared. Continued up trail and from what I understand these guys just start. You know what his group is not them far behind them, they'll catch up with them, and they did nothing to try to.
Stop Jared and they were the last to see him in the book. I was trying to figure out what they meant by the group. Wasn't that far behind, I didn't know if they meant that they could hear the other people or if they could kind of see them down a ways. You know that's what I'm not really sure of an eye I believe that there is a chance if they could hear the other group, so they figured again like I said that they were not that far behind and they I assume that jerry republic, slow down, or they would speed but eventually they would catch up the jeered. At the same time, like I said, if, if you look up the trail some it's pretty wild there and before I said, Take a little guy was walking all my himself of their trousers. And one hard to believe. We know three year olds have energy, but once you start getting into something, that's physically taxing, you think they would slow down the incredible thing about Geraghty was he was very athletic,
He believed I think he could conquer the world anyway, and I really If he was, In his own mind, he was just really enjoying himself thinking. Oh my goodness, you know I've lived in these mountains for awhile and I've never seen anything like this, because we stayed at the resort. We had the river running behind the resort. I talked to safety with them all the time with baltic. We go down the river. We talk about. Why you today way from the river, why you wouldn't go wandering out because of a lot of it, just the mountains presents. I really think he may have just been can. The whole situation is: oh, my goodness. This is just really different and beautiful in awe of nature. Yes, exactly and I haven't been anywhere as majestic as the colorado mountains, but I been out on some trails and you do sort of in his own at least I recall that being in his own just wandering just taking it in yes, it's it is it's very beautiful and if you like
the mountains when you get a cholera rockies it's so a place where summarizes you it's the beauty, just incredible, undone, it didn't realize. While can something like this exist and even as a child he was, he was literally exactly three months- shines forth birthday and at that- I'm sure he was walking view there just don't mesmerizing, there's a point where you have this protective nature coming up where you want to find your child you're determined to find m, but you also have this great concern that he had gone off with these adults, but none of the adult seemed to take it upon themselves to keep an eye on him. So that's a lot to do. With all at once and do you remember how you ve been dealt with? That was there a party, that's ok. I will deal with these.
people later on this mission, or I mean how did you deal with that situation? Shirt, not you're, right that I was on a mission period, nothing else at that time. matter to me, I was I was concerned with my daughter. Where was she and I was concerned? my son, how to find him nothing in the world mattered at that time. To me, I was there was a guy actually with me, then enough with me as I yell and scream for Jarrett, and I to this day I cannot tell you what he looked like when his name was. I continue to think about him. I was that focused on you know what the only thing that matters right now is me finding my son. So what's the furthest that you were able to go, it's obviously a long trail. So at what point did you just have to stop and say? Okay, I have no idea where I'm supposed to go to figure this out. Was there a point at which you felt like you'd gone far enough or had to wait for the so called experts to come in or how did that work yeah? Then there was,
point actually and I could sit, I originally hit the trail thinking. This is my son. We have a great connection and we heard my voice he's gonna come running on seeing daddy there you are, and I really believe that and as I ran up the trail I believe I wanna come only about a mile up the trail and I've never been on a chair before and, as I was up the trail and realized. You know that the different drop off some boulder fields and everything on one side and in trees everywhere in the world, a yelled without having a response come back tomorrow thinking- oh my goodness This is a greater task than I thought it would be in that my terror level, served to go up, and I realize you want. I need to get help. Beginning was I I don't need up till I got to appoint were gosh? I can't do this alone. I need to get help and that's when I
and around in realized, I need to get back in the parking lot as fast as I can because I need to go somewhere where I can get to a phone. I knew there was a resort back, a couple I was down the road and that was I got was due to run back to the parking lot. Get in my car and go to a phone and call the authorities- and I literally ran back down that trail. Yeah. That's such a difficult thing to wrestle with there on one hand, you do believe he just has to hear my voice. On the other hand, that logic part of you comes out and says this is massive. This is a huge area and there's there's no way to know if you're being effective or not at the time. So it's better to have more people up there to help you. specially rang, who have been on this trail before or have assisted in searches in the area before exactly what you know when I find it down the trail him. It was a matter of I dont really recall, but it wasn't that long before the first group of
search and rescue team members showed up in a neat thing was: I saw them pulling their equipment. The car is because these guys, they do this on their own. They volunteer they pay for their own equipment and and they're just incredible people and- and this one person walked up to me and said, don't worry if he's up there we'll find him and when he said that to me, I There was a sense of comfort. They came over me because I thought you know what these guys, experts? They ve done this before the minute before
in the words that he said. If he's up there, we will find him that meant a lot to me tat. It really express their determination and their confidence in what they do. Yes, I imagine that if you're in that position, where you can help your close by and you feel confident that you can go out there and assist, there's no better feeling, then maybe I can help find this person so credit to these people that do this on a regular basis. Yes, now there's a point at which you have to communicate with the sheriff right, because in the book it you state that everything has to go through the sheriff once they basically claim the case I mean everything has to be approved through the share of correct, correct and at the time what was the sheriffs name
sheriff was that sheriff alderman and if you ve ever been aware of him before this moment. Not really. I met him at one time when he was originally running for the sheriff and it was just a quick. How you doing any introduced himself, but am I never thought I would ever see the man again or talk to him again. You end up speaking to him. Is it in person or by phone? Well, when the original group came I was talking to on different members, have the sheriff department who were actually setting up the command center and the whole works. I don't believe I saw him until the next day when he he didn't show up until the day after gera disappeared and that's when I first made contact with him. What was your first impression of him when you met with him when I first met him Jared already been gone for over twenty four hours. And so am I still had in our faith in the faggot
they were going to find him sure I was very frustrated, deter. They had found a trace of him yet, but am I I just really believe it. Again these guys know what to do in its thereby game Let them handle it at the time. It's you know, don't interfere, they know they're the experts. Let them do what they need to do now. Did they make it clear to you that you should just stay off the trail and let them handle it or did you just acquiescent, say: okay they're here I need to try and has calmed down. Well, you know when I originally got off the trail. I didn't realize, realize term. Eventually they were taken over everything and they were like putting gates up in a way to where no one pass them on it. Just turn into a word. A weird thing I mean it became a national story. It became a worldwide story out and we phone calls and letters from people all over the world and at the time people wanted to come up. I mean they were people
who literally had trained search and rescue dogs and best dogs in the state, and I can remember, I was back in our resort and I received a phone call and people are asking to bring the dogs up in the man in charge of the time of the search was in resort- and I said oh, my gosh- you know the summit on the line, it has search dogs and they want to bring them up. I said you need to talk to them. handed the phone owner this guy and he got on the phone, and he said his exact words were hey guys. If we need you we'll call you thanks for the help and he hung up and I'm thinking when a second? If we need, you will call you want. First of all, you never asked for a name on a phone number Call him back in white, turning away so now, the senate, I'm sternly. I get a little frustrated. by this time it was the next day my family had from California. My twin brother, his wife, my mom, and my aunt had flown up and we
first of all, my my mother and everyone drove up and the trail, and I were still waiting at the resort. They got to the trail, and I heard over the radio saying we're gonna arrest. He added arrow families if they don't stop causing problems. I'm like I guess what problems are we causing, so I did driving up. to the trail had too and we are met there and we will try to get up on it well to to certain for my son and that's what they were telling us. That's the problem regarding that we wanted to get trail in search do and we were told no, you will not allow you up this trail and dumb that's what they were saying is we becoming a problem, because we wanted to go up there It's like you know what I'm the kids dad. Why would you even want to stop me from going up the trail we argue with them over and over and over and finally later on that day, they took a deputy. They took my family up the trail to help look and then
away down the trail, we were on almost back in the parking lot in again by now it was a media circus. In them I mean there are so many cameras. It was just insane button when we just about got them bottom of the trail. He stopped and said, listen we are again radio back on the trail. The media's farming annoying asking a lot of questions I let you know that you guys have caused a lot of problems for us right and, unlike what yeah, but you guys want to go up the mountain. You ve got a lot of problems and I thought why that's that's really rude and insensitive to say this to me, but no, I was just happy. I got to go up the trail again in there that's where a lot of the issue I started taking place. A part of the book got me a little round because I was thinking I could see. I am saying that if you were telling them what to do from what I gather. You are just saying you wanted to be involved. You wanted to be out there looking
There's no one more personally invested than you at that point. It was really surprising that he would take that tone with you and say: hey you're, causing us problems. We don't like that if the public caught wind of that, what would they think of their sheriff? Well, you know it's. It's kind of. finally because there are a lot of people that we're trying to help the people there lived up there, but there are other try I was trying to show up. As a matter of fact, there was, another tracker name by dawn, who finally showed up. He had been on many searches in the set of colorado. He had some search dogs even had some train horses want to go upon the trail and when he got there, the sheriff told him no you're not going up on the trail and so dawn. Took the sheriff by the arm and pulled him over the side where nobody could hear them talking and dont actually said to him. Listen, obviously were up there for two different reasons. I'm here to help the boy I hope you're here to find the boy. If you don't,
we go up the trail and when you go to, everybody over there. I'm the call on the cameras over here and let them know I'm here to find shared and you won't. Let me go up so what's up do you. Do you want me to tell the media? You won't, let me go up or we'll. Let me go up and he finally said I'll. Let you go so you know, don had to. Actually you know convince him that it was better that he go up and stay down and face. The media is this attack that could have been used more. If you think about it, where, if you threatened him with the media, maybe he would back off or was he just more intimidated by dawn? I think what it was at the time. No one had been in that situation before and they did not know what to expect and they will again they thought they were going to be successful and they d. I don't think he wanted to be seen as turning away someone who had experience, because I said don had a lot of experience and on their return, quite a few people away, and I
You dont, want to come up to me and said hey. I can't go here He drove along where he drove him. King and cities are dead about four hours, five hours you get there over time you got there met effect on it called me and said: hey can I and I said yes, I said: I'm not gonna ask anyone anymore. I'm just gonna tell you like to have you here because last summer ass, they talk, people know so this but you said you know what time if you can help. Please come and am I was just open it they would realise that this was another professional and at the same time they never took it that way. They looked at him as a threat into well. He- finally had to tell them you it's one where the other either till the media. You won't, or are you let me in so it was kind of wood. I know you may not know the answer. This question, but part of me wondered if the share of just wanted to be able to take credit if they did locate jerry well, I believe that
exactly what was going on it was. You know what we feel like we're going to find him, and if we find him get the credit for. If somebody else goes up there and find them, they're gonna get the credit for and they're gonna be like a while. How did this person find them and how guys didn't find em an end? I do leave it. There was that an element of the power play. It's happened before in a state of colorado were a couple of different term groups. Him up to a search area and they fought for hours over whose jurisdiction it was we believe, a solid searching for this person, and can it it's it's a pretty interesting situation when these guys get to get any real lady, whose job addiction is it and who's Are we going to use for the game in this way? It was it's a cold facts of life that we have humans that are more concerned with how they come off then getting results,
right it's. The coldest form of politics. Well said now at some point, you're around the people that had gone on the hike right. There are search teams out looking you're back with the group. What's that feeling like? I can't even imagine, given all the different personalities that must be there, how each of them are feeling beau? How are you taking us in knowing that this is the group that your son was with and they're back, and what's that room like at this point well. You know that's interesting because then, the next day this was accepted, a christian single group and so the next day everybody got together to have a big prayers. Backroom, we had a gathering in back there and everybody again. Meal was praying for jared, safe return, the only person The term wasn't in the room, was janet, She was still back in a cabin and So people are worried about her to their concern and pay,
for her and then eventually about fifteen twenty minutes after ruin sorted. She come walking up into the back room, the weird thing was it was like when she walked in. I was more. So for how she felt. I felt at that time, because I could see the pain on face the grief and I knew I had lost my son, but not only I am. I was actually looking at some else. The town was experiencing poet the worst part of their life too, and so my heart kind of cried for her at that time. Compassion! Yes! Reading through this! It reminds me that, no matter what happens, there are parts of us that are going to come through no matter what, and so, even with your pain and most likely anger, you have compassion that won't be stopped by any of the other factors that are going on you're able to see when other people are hurting and
You still have empathy yes and then had happened many times it happened many times in and that we can turn my brother said something can a strange. You said it's kind of funny, because he says you would see people and you are more concerned about these other people. Then it seem like people were send about you and it was just a win win. situation so where these people support above you did they tempt to help you in any way after this went down in terms of while the search is still going on, and you obviously need support. You may be standing, but you need support too. Did you receive support from these people? Yes, a lot of them, but at the same time you know we went up to the or on a friday night jeer disappeared on saturday. The search was going on a sunday about are supported by then, but come sunday afternoon and sunday night, your people had jobs to back to their to get back to work that monday
so a large percentage of the people left that's. That was this. The strange part I'm watching all these people leave and watch them go back to their life and I'm thinking. While you know everybody is rational because they have to work tomorrow, and here I am I'm sitting here can figure out what happened to my son so it's like you know, everyone knew that something was going on, but this time their to get back to one of the first things. I'm sure that came up given how large the search area could end up being is that a helicopter could be useful. How did that come about that? They brought a helicopter in. Was there any issue with how quickly they brought it in in well originally, they. They tried to get a helicopter up as soon as occurred, but they said that they couldn't find anything and at the same time,
the infrared that they would use when wouldn't work that well up there in the whole works better than I found out saturday morning. I found out a day we're getting a huey out of a base and it was fly up the canyon and I wasn't sure exactly where it was coming from. But the interesting thing was, as it flew up the canyon You know the way that noise those humans make when they're coming at you, it's a big on whopping sound, you swap weapon and you can hear it coming up the canyon, and so I wasn't sure if it was coming but I knew when I heard the noise and and my daughter, actually went out in the parking lot stood in for resort and watched the huey fly over us and We were both kind of excited. Like wow, there comes a helicopter they're going to today, they're going to in german, the works and what happened as the helicopter flies by and it's up on the mountain for I'm going to guess about an hour and a half
and I started receiving some phone calls in the resort and people from down below on the mountain of the canyon recalling, and they were asking me, did they find Jared and I'm like what he meant and they find your. What are you talking about and they told me well there, there are ambulances and up and up the canyon, their cars with science and its flying at the canyon. Unlike, why are you serious, yeah? Something Maybe they found my son, and so this happened maybe three or four times as these emergency vehicles would come up the canyon. I would receive phone call from someone else asking a shared was found and never heard anything. Oh Jared mom took my daughter and she drove to the resort below about a mile and a half down below us. was gone from maybe ten minutes and she come flying back in the parking lot. And she got out of the car and she said you're, not gonna, believe this helicopter crash, like oh, my gosh,
what do what do you mean it crashed? How did they find out it crashed and we didn't even know what crashed so I get busy and I make an phone calls. I call me shares department. I talked to several people asking if they could give information about the helicopter and they all told me no, and tell you anything, that's going on up on a mountain or a lotta, given information so far, hey. I got a hold of one of the ladys here and I said: listen there for my son and people think they found myself but now I'm hearing rumours the helicopter crashed please me some information. I just wanna know. What's going on, and she finally reluctantly sending me yes, you're right. The helicopter crashed so in time well when they were searching for Jared. The helicopter crash on the trail, and there were four five people I'm a helicopter, no one was killed. Injuries, broken bones and such like that button It was just a sad situation to wear the search for jared turning
a rescue mission for these people who are on ala, copter and rightfully so they needed to be saved at the time. I believe that's one of the reasons. One of the many reasons you state the story seems unbelievable, because how does this helicopter crash now? It said that they wanted a hover low so that It would draw attention you're acting. They were trying to fly as low as possible and did not just right but at the same time giving and they're saying things better and their searching the area really well with helicopter, and you think it was about a month. later were in the report. At where the helicopter just got so low that where it could getting more lift- and it literally just fell out of the sky, Episode is brought to you by peacock bridge ending the original limited series, a friend of the family based on story of the Jan roper kidnappings from nickel sky executive producer of the act and candy and direct
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ok yeah! When I was reading the book, I wasn't quite sure if it had just struck some trees or what had happened, and maybe it's just poor rock recollection on my part, but I gotta back and look at it. It literally edge at last, lived in. It literally fell through the trees in everything and I'm sure it and had a tree at one time, and after that I just felt on the ground and from what I understand if the trees actually went through the helicopter in the work. So I do recall you staying there. It seemed surprising that everyone survived that crash. Yes, yes, the helicopter was a mass matter of fact. When we went up the trail it was already after the helicopter trash- and so I saw the helicopter on aside there there was a person from the air force there. The trail and they were made. and people sign in his they went through because they were- you know everyone going through their their sight me
It was a protected crash sight for the military and am I actually said of a guy any. He had tears in his eyes and we started talking. and I asked him why survey you mind when they finally claim is: helicopter up can you get me a screw irving, often helicopter, because I would like to give it to my son, because I want to show what happened when they were searching for him. I will show him that people this gave their lives searching for a guy said it was. It was strange, Suggest, sir I'll get you something, and it was probably a couple of months later when one of the officers from the air force shut up at my school and they actually cut the flag off the helicopter and he came to my school. Recently the flag and say we want you to have this flag from our capital was searching for your son. So the sheriff is giving you trouble, but there's a tracker that you may contact with names, sue
Yes, can you tell us a bit about him, because your factor in this case, in a larger way than you could have ever predicted right zoo was. I believe it is about six four, he was in the military and he actually was training to I'm going afghanistan to help locate your bombs and stuff like that, it's huge man and he happened to be in the area. The time teaching a class to the search and rescue team so he wasn't part of a search and rescue team, but when they got the call to up the mountain he joined, search and so that that's how he got involved, you met with them correct yeah. What happened, how I met suit? I had no idea that guy was, and I believe it was either Wednesday or thursday night after jerry disappeared, and this guy comes into our resort, and he's buying some food and when he's buying the food, I'm sorry,
keep my mind busy, so I got the cash register and bring them up, and he just makes the comment yeah, really tired and down the mountain, had been up their up and search for that little boy than the all day long and I may become a term. Thank you. I just want you to know the term. I can't think enough anything. Why do you not think me- and I said well boys, my son, and he says my gosh, your yards farther away yes I got to show you something and he pulls out a piece of paper starts drawing the actual trail, the river in the hall. Works and he says he takes this map any puts a acts on this map and he says I attract tracked your son to this area, and I think this is where he is the problem is, is I can't get anyone to go search there? I've tried over and over to get people to go search that area, but I've been told. No, do me a favor take this map and when you asked the sheriff
surface area and, I said sure, no problem so that night we call the sheriff that night and told him about the map ask if we can present on the map and ask if they would simply, but in that area and and well, you know what let me get with my group tomorrow morning- and I will call you back- not let you know what we're going to do well, he call us the next morning and here the snow We decided we're, not gonna, subset area. The helicopter who, by that area, so we're sure that was good enough. So we're not going to send anybody in that area, and so they never looked in the hard part was three and a half years later it took them almost four years to even find jeremy clothing when they found children's clothing. It was almost exactly on the spot where he had put the acts on an app wasn't within thirty five feet or something. Yeah. It was which is I mean. How do you get better accuracy than now? I know I know Adam to wear
artists when, when we had the press conference when they found Jared's clothing, I had forgot about the map, because, if I would have remembered I'd have brought it out. It wasn't until after the press conference when I was looking at the top of the map, when they found everything I got home and I found this map cause. I I saved everything and I found this map in my box. I'm like wait a second here's, this map and here's what I found your clothing my gosh. It's the same place and then I again became very frustrated. You feel you have a lead from someone who, by all accounts, should be taken seriously and then the sheriff just says no right, and we don't know his reasoning, at least at the time correct, correct, but later on it starts to become apparent that the sheriff has had a certain mindset from early on, in the case
and correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't it developed because he says something very cold. I mean I got mad reading it in the book he says. Are you all as tired of hearing about this? As I am right? What happened was there was a report that saturday after Sharon disappeared? There is a report It makes a very national park there to arrange a believed he soldier in there. He built there was a man and he was taken this group on a tour something in this little boy kept ripping away from this man and running to the ranger innovation didn't make anything of it and I m so. The radio take it back to the man in a few months after the summer break we from the man and wonder the range and round the ranger. Well, that night the ranger was watching the news. In the story about jerry was on tv and the ranger freaked out told his wife, oh my gosh, that's the kinda kept trying to grab my handed. The man was calling them gerald or something and I'm
positive. That was him and they want to investigate that. They couldn't find the man as a matter of fact, they called the sheriff's department. The sheriff's department never ever talked to this ranger. Never matter of fact the ranger actually sent me a letter a year later saying to this day. No one's ever taught me, but that's how it originated and what happened was there was a guy named crescendo. Who was on the news? you're in colorado, he started it you getting that story, and while he was in there, you're getting a story of german punctured, possibly being seen. It makes a very national park here when he came and interviewed me, then he went in and of you. The sheriff will mean There was the reforming this documentary on the learning channel so sky on a lonely, china was walking around with somebody camera. So, Chris women, In our view, the sheriff talk to the sheriff about the story when Chris was done talking to the sheriff Chris his knees cameras. They asked down the works, and so
the share of thought. The interview was over with but in the meantime, this learning channel guy still thumbing the sheriff stands up a little smile on his face and says you. Guys is tired of the stories we are and it made the documentary a couple weeks later, when they showed on tv, it showed me harris saying that and I'm like all my gosh here, my son's been missing for three weeks when this is found and he's telling people there The story already I receive many phone calls at night from people throughout the country watch the documentary, I actually received phone calls from people working at the shell. Department saying they were going to go in and quit the next day it was only frustrating. I just can't believe it. That was the comment that they were tired.
I heard of this story already, let's see you want to control the whole situation, you want it to go down the way you want it to go down, but you're tired of it. If you don't have the interest handed off to somebody else, correct and your image did happen It's kind of interesting that you said that, because, as a search got into a second or third day, they had actually removed person in charge of the area right there any insert a new cap n in charge of the search. So change leadership at one time. Yet another thing that happened, that was, I mean just unbelievable. Like you said you had an outpouring of support people with experience ready to come ready to help, and you even had the national. Hard contact. You right, I was told that it, I can't remember the dollar amount, be it was astronomical that they couldn't ring. the national guard, because it was gonna, cost accounting way too much money, and when I I got a hold on the national guard to talkative
the money part they laughed and said. No, we we mission in volunteers for situations. I guess all they added was collars and ask us and we'll get volunteers and will put him up there, so it like just one thing off another after another and from frustrations, like your being told it through Dogs are better than ten search dogs. I wasn't a trader one day in and they were trying to tell me that and I the guy in charge of the search of the time, obviously not a father, because if you think more than ten. Then you have no idea in, of course, he he said, that's true as also in the trader, and they had a bag full of moving and it was in a ziploc bag and I was sitting in the middle and there are two deputies, one on both sides of me and this one definitely pulled out this bag and said: hey. you. We we've been searching for your son with with what in this bag you and so the other day.
I mean on the other side of me said: hey. Can I see that so they pass this bag over my head and as they pass the bag over my head, I I looked at the bag method that doesn't make sense. it's so they're looking at this bag- and I said, do you guys mind if I look at the bag and they're like nah? No problem, so I unzipped the bag, and I pull my short out of the bag, said so you're trying to tell me you ve been for my son with this pair of shorts and they're like yes and I held them up, I said: can't you tell the shorts won't put a four year old or a three year old I said because these an adult shorts and I said no wonder of It- I come up on this matter and that it down with his nose in my armpit. I said these are my short, so exit stuff like that happened over and over and over to the point, even where the next summer, there was a search and rescue group called the rapporteur rescue patrol? They were gonna come, that summer
the mountain and we had it all approved in the night before we came up, somebody from Burma, county called the director of research team and told them. If you show up we're gonna arrest, you from being in our jurisdiction. So there director, the search and rescue team. His name was Was she called me and said I m? We were, This trend, I said so, what are we gonna do and he said, were still going go up tomorrow. thank you. I still want to go up and what happened was they search and rescue team? They have their own beautiful did they, where were they all showed up in their street close because we showed up as a birdwatching group, so we figure. If anybody can but it s where just tell him that we're up there and will look. For birds on the other side, a? U s there's one was on the trail with us and we were walking up the trail. we confront my brother and I any said I don't know what's going on with many call my office yesterday, if I knew it was right for my career not to show up today
What's going on and I'm like you know, I I no idea anymore- this whole thing is. Just they frustrating now and the images and it got worse from there, but he showed up anyway, oh yeah, the congressmen showed up the search and rescue teams showed up. I have pictures of eminent matter fact. I am pictures of the group on my feet, but page where you can see them working for the words in their interest close to this day. I work with that group, and I raised money in Jared's every year to support that group, because they, They were wonderful going up later
I'm trying to help find my son. They know right from wrong. It doesn't matter what the sheriff said. They know what they need to do right now. The shorts is there any explanation that you can think of as the why they would have your shorts and not a pair of garrets. I think what happened is they went back down to the resort, to get clothing that belong to Jared, to get assent from, and I think they just started grabbing things without looking and dumb
if you would have held the shorts up, it was obvious, but no one on the shorts and they just grabbed the shorts. Put them under the dog's nose and said: go find him it's like when I'm wondering you can't find him you're looking for me. So that's the only thing I can think of. As you said, they find the clothing at some point. Yes- and I remember youth stating that the best way for you to check out the clothing was to have the pictures emailed to you so that you could just look at them, because there had already been a false alarm before with clothing around, so They send the pictures to you and about how many patients did they send you. I believe a cent on three or four pictures. I was out shopping, I got home I opened up the email, one of the email my heart dropped, because I looked at the clothing and I realized. That's chairs jacket? That's jones pants,
Those are my shoes. Oh my god, That's my son's clothing and am I right away: it was his clothing emu and the sheriff back quickly, and let him know that. Yes, that's my clearly. In the meantime, I emailed the pictures to my family to my father and I didn't think anything of it, so I call my dad about five minutes after that and my dad was you know Alan dismissal stories just really confused. It's me and I said why dad instead did you look at Jared's pants when I said yeah what about them? He was looking at them again, so I looked at Jared's pants. He says there inside out. How did your pants get inside out on the mountain looks like somebody pulled them off and threw them up there? So I went again and looked at the pictures and I'm like oh my gosh. he's right. There are totally inside out now. When you look at the pictures, you see the pants and one of the parent. Later
totally destroyed. Told me missing in the kind of both your mind. Look at it, but on what I found out later was the reason, the patchwork of alluring material and when it happened was thereupon, the mountain and the roads and birds and stuff rashly taken apparently, and they were ripping it apart and using it investing too to make Yes, so one when I got up there when actually got to the mountain and look at the area, there was blue material all over the area, so it was something that ripped. You know jerry lay off running. It was just the pants there were, laying their those big story about a man lying, but a lot of people in by into it and at the same time chariots pants were sent to the see me. I D, colorado, bureau,
allegation they tested his jacket, his pants and his shoes for blood and for mountain lion hairs and there's not a trace of blood on his clothing, nor a mountain lion there. What was the temperature out there? Do you believe that night, the first night he was missing? I believe it probably got into the low forties. Maybe it wasn't, using at administered dropping down in the thirties. A couple of days later. As a matter of fact, they even predict its know. A couple of days later, we'd covered a case in the past, where it got so cold that the people actually remove their clothing rise. When your body starts to go through extreme cold, it can get confused right. Well, what one of the reports?
it came back right after they found the clothing and stuff. One of the professionals wrote up a report and the report states. They think they said no, it's just a theory, but at the same time, if there are other evidence, Then they can go ahead and change what they believe, but their understanding was okay, so Jared was walking along the trail, mountain lion attacked him close to the trail. then the mountain lion heard everyone coming up the trail. The mountain lane took Jared and carry them up the man about five hundred feet up the mountain. Ok, that's! Ok! I can see that. But then later in the report. It states the reason why there was no blood or anything on Gerrard's clothing is because he possibly took them off before he was attacked. Okay, I can go along with that. So Jared takes off his clothes
then he gets attacked. Then the mountain lion hears people coming up the trail. So then he grabs Jared and he takes them. Five hundred feet up the trail. Well, if that's the case is closed, will be at the bottom next to the trail. Still so the mount mind go back down and retrieve his clothes and take them back up to where he was so. It doesn't make sense Not only that Jared do not tie his shoes didn't like to detailed shoes and if its body I've been drug up that high mountain there would have been scratch more. An attack on his toes. If his toes women ready and there are no scuff marks whatsoever on his toes. If you, I have been dragged where his healing was dragging on the ground. His shoes would have come off. They wouldn't have been up in that area. Dr Michael bay, he used to work in new york and the pathologist over there. He worked the oj simpson trials in the works. He actually came out and said: when he saw everything the shoes looked to be too to be a man from us for years, theory was that somebody took them and through them,
on the mountain at a later date, hoping to throw us off the trail right. I've seen a lot of speculation about this, and the only thing that keeps coming up on my head is we just don't know there are so many questions here, and so when some comes along and says what has to be this, I don't know how they can make that statement because, as you said, one of things many people dont know when they need to read your book- is Jerry did not tie his shoelaces so raises she was found with the laces undone like that was normal. That's exactly it
as you said, the king. I would if they were drug which doesn't seem to be the case. They would probably just popped off right away right, but why isn't there any evidence of anything on the clothes now again whether different factors might a race and things, but it's all just speculation, and I keep thinking to myself. This is why this books important because there are so many cases out there that are mysterious, but this case has so many mysteries and so many unbelievable turns of events
that it needed to be written. You had to write this book right. It's part of the process for someone like you who has to go through more than the average person. This is the best way to deal with it. I think in terms of coli into something that will mean something you can hand this book to people and say understand when I went through the answers. Just aren't going to be there, but what we can do is weaken, take these parts of the story and put them into something that does matter, which is the amount of support that you received. The people came out to help you the bond with your daughter. I imagine strengthened. It had happened because, this situation that you could never have predicted, read, write and you're right without when it came to my daughter. It was. It was kind of interesting because I remember many many times even when she was only said, in seven years old. She it would seem sitting there
next thing I know she have her arms around me. She'd sneak up me and shit but my dear she said, she'd say: daddy is shared. iranian when you re now and I honey and in she says I can tell- he's her way of just coming up in and providing comfort, and, like you said there, I went into a lot of people with a lot of support we helped ass the amber law here colorado. We wish ass, a lot of laws and had the opportunity to work with different organizations, and I've literally have the opportunity to talk to meet with several people. For the same thing I'm going through even in the last couple, to where they reached out for help him again. They had no idea what What's going on it and how to handle listen, they said, since you ve been through this. What's the next step out me and have had an opportunity, I mean I've, I've I've had it
to speak with them. The lead investigator dylan when one case for hours and- and you know Jessica, ridgeway went missing in colorado. In Oh Keller, here just as this past year and even their little noah chamberlain, who just vanished january fourteen days, here and so on, have the opportunity to reach out to help others do at this time. I think that's amazing, because someone can go through such horrible situation, but then, when another person ass to go through something similar, you can show up, you can talk with them and they can look you in the eyes and no hey. This is someone who knows where I'm going through and from there you can help impart your knowledge upon them or at least advice. There is someone who your recently helping and they needed a death certificate? Yes, some elated by demean still and her husband del went missing. It makes a very national park in the summer
two thousand thirteen and listen your time she's been trying to get a death certificate Addendum one state. She lives in taxes, so colorado's. I call you know you live in taxes. It can. I help you in taxes what will happen in colorado, so we can help you in she. Finally caught gun contact with me in asking it was anything I could do for her, and I have a lot of contacts and I guess been through their sign over who to call in the works and m threats. A process. I got her set up with them of our. our state senators, and we are now in the process of working to get her death certificate. Now, one of the people that you were in contact with was congressman Tom Tancredo. Originally you wanted to rename the big south trail after your son right they, the economy. we introduced a bill to rename. It makes our trail after Jared, aunt, em was almost a year later, when he finally got the bill past What they do. Is they dedicated the big? Our trail did
erin legacy and they put his picture. on the trail head and it totally the safety tips, what to do when you go on, I can the works and dumb to this day. If you walk it makes our trail. You can see where It's been dedicated to share its memory and off with you, well, look at the safety tips, the travel safety tips, and hopefully we help people every year you know stay safe yea. It seemed like some other group got involved and wanted some changes to the bill, and in the end I mean this is just my take, but it seems like it was done. The right way it's about getting that information out. This is nature and you can't take it lightly. There should be some safety tips followed and it should be, a remembrance of what can happen grit in that's a key right. There is just you know. I can't change what happened to my son, even though it I dont, as has disappeared the still industry, but I can help prevent other people from going to
same situation. We had to experience the gerrard added arrow whistle project. When I was reading about this, I thought it was amazing if you do take children with you on such a hike, that's brilliant yet bring whistles and if they were to get lost or become afraid and they were separated from their group they could whistle and that we give people a chance to find them, because it's much easier. here than to see right we're not only that if you, if you run in the wilderness and you start to yell and scream, in a matter of hours. You lose your voice and then all of a sudden but he comes around and you see them yet they can't hear you because your voice is gone, in that whistle carries a long distance and all you gotta do is blow to make an offer. So I think the whistle is very important and am I do a lot of presentations and I talked to care to talk to martin no trial safety in and things that they should do. You go on a hike. I think you should do If you get lost in understand it,
people come to. Look for you, so don't panic, stay calm, stand when placing make sure you're out there in the open. So if somebody comes by and they can see you all that came about because of the discovery of some bones- did that help you in some way. I know there's so much mystery to this, that it's never settled, but at least when they found some bones. Did it give you some peace of mind that there was at least a partial answer, we're just very touching the tip of the iceberg with them? What when is a week after they found the clothing? There was argument on tv whether they had found Bones are not now works better. Eventually, they found the top of a cranium and a tooth, and we sent both the tooth and the creator love to get it tested to see if they could extract any dna and confirm that it was chairing well when we I the dna tests bag. It confirmed
six percent chance and that it was Jared such music. Eighty percent chance doesn't mean anything to me I do a dna test, they generate these things called electoral fare grams and I'm not a scientist. I don't know a whole lot about them, so I contacted a doctor of ohio and sent him the electoral fair around to see if he can make any sense. Them and saying that he came back with me, was well yeah, you're right, you really. Can Termer Fitzgerald out he said, but the thing so really frustrating he said. Is that the two was contaminated in a tooth came back with more than one person's dna These are all understand that that never happens. I don't know what's going on here, so and it was like another mystery is like: ok is a shared, and why is it with contaminated? Were the two not only was it contaminated, it was completely destroy. So no one else can ever tacit. So again, I never knew it was you so in the meantime, the years we had three
total dna tests done, and it was almost two years ago the tunnel finally got the results from it. Archer out of the euro area and he confirmed to us that the chromium did along the journey now the Only thing that did for me was made me I said he's not out there anymore because of the time I don't have. It was still out there, the person it hurt. The most was my daughter, my daughter, I Jared was still out there and she was hoping that she could find. one of these days and how works him and she was torn. By it to me at least because I was in in the mindset all the time that you know what I want to move, I mean what, if I move from my place, in Jared remembers where I live, and he comes back looking for me, put weird things in my head that I just make sure that I dont change. Anything people would say I'm ask me an interview. Well, you know
I think your sons dead and I told them. I will never look at my son being dead, because what, if he's alive and he's watching an interview, MRS Maes, is oh my gosh, that's my dad, oh my dear, some dead he's ever there look for me. So again, never say was dead either just in case just in case. He happened to be out there but dumb, thing is yes, it's knowing the term he's with. God gives me a lot of peace, more peace, and you can imagine, but on the other side of the coin, the big mystery to me now is: do you happen to know what really happened to him and that's part of what the book is about to us just exploring the different theories and the different things that have happened to me in the past here, a minute there are. I get people calling me with new these what's a year to this day, still and so on,
because it's an open door, there's nothing that proves anything there. Tat happened for sure and nothing that disproves anything. So I guess what I call the open door theory because lungs, we don't know think the doors open for people to come up and say this is what I think and that's the life I live now people walking up and saying what? If it was this and you could be- I don't know your your idea is as good as my idea right now. If I met you and shook her hand, I'm not sure, that's something I would ever present to you yeah. Your case is so mysterious that I just don't think
I have enough information and you provide a lot of information in your book and you do provide a lot of theories in your book. So I like how you come across as very open minded, and you understand the complexities of this for people that are trying to narrow it down. That's fine, but, like I said I just don't think I could ever come to you with a theory, because I might have a thought, but I will be honest and say I don't think there is enough evidence to support any one theory at this time. That's the way I feel exactly but again that to take away for me overall in this book, is that your love for your son is
evident and for anybody that wonders you know how, in this world, with all of the the hate and the violence and the despair, what are we doing here? Why are we having children? Why do we keep moving on it's a case like this, where you can point and say that guy loved his son? That's why we keep moving on because we have love and you have it- you had it with your son. You still do you have it with your daughter and it doesn't matter what kind of bad things happen in the world. The experience of love and the knowledge of it is all we need. That's true. You know I, this is how I put it love and pain. They reflect each other, the greater the love, the greater the pain and that's what I tell people when you love someone deeply the famous d
and that's just the way. It is that's life. This was a powerful book. Normally, when I read a book, I am very analytical and your book caught me on the analytical side, an emotional side, but that's why I couldn't put it down. I was reading two books at the same time and when I started yours, I had dropped the the book until I finished yours. I just want to thank you, and I appreciate the fact that you ve taken the time to read the book and, like you said it it's called missing when the sunset and my brother, noble came up with the idea and son, is spelled eso in, because my son actually sat in my life for I will never see him again and my lifetime we just, It was just a play on words, data. We're because accent I up in the mountains and you watch the sun literally set over the mountains out. I was up on a trail twice in the six months in little,
when the sun went over the side of that one cliff, it started to get dark and cold, and that's what it's. You know when you when you lose your child is a second. on the other side of that cliff. Where sometimes life can we can of and cold in moments and em. You just have to get through it. Appointing the book where'd. You really come to the realisation of just how important having Jocelyn is that she has really your anger to this world, I know. I'm probably not doing it justice, but I had a chill when I read that, like you said you know, imagine how you would feel, then it's just way worse than that, and I have two young children they're, four and seven again, it's just an imagination, but reading the book it really hit home. Just how things can just happen
the in a moment and you're not ready. You know, you're, never ready. I just think this is something that people should pick up and there's so much more that we didn't even get to that's in the book. This is one of the best edited books, I've ever seen and very, very compelling, and I'm glad that you're out there telling this story and you're assisting other people, because most people aren't qualified to help they're, just not they're, not equipped, and here you are with your experience and you can get in there and you can do for them what most people can't. So Thank you. I really appreciate it again. Great work will definitely be urging listened again. Thank you
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