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November 08, 2010. Markham, Ontario. A woman calls 9-1-1 to report that intruders have been in her home, that she heard "shots like pop" and that her dad has run screaming from the house. Apparently, Jennifer had been tied to a railing. In the end, Jennifer Pan's mother was dead and her father was in a coma at the hospital. Detectives worked to piece together what happened and early on had located footage of several men approaching, entering, and leaving the Pan residence. While the evidence seemed to indicate that a home invasion had occured just as Jennifer had stated, some things didn't add up. What did happen that night at the Pan house? The answers would be verified by an unlikely source.


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From wondering, I guess I'm doing. Ok when you start with a joke before a pie, cast it puts you in a certain mood. Yeah, you guys don't ever know, what's happening for we hit recorder after we stop recording, but sometimes is shenanigans happening. It's like a bleed through
you're in january, if you're in the Kansas city area pencil in on your calendars, but Replanting do alive, show with crime lines in Kansas city, more details, I don't mean to start off on a bummer, no, but now weeping initiatives. Since two thousand twelve, we had a look Now who is with us for much of that time? Almost as the beginning? Now, almost her name is Jennifer Purdue and we would chat once in a while, just through instagram, about music, she knew about industrial or new wave stuff. Like that, we talk about music. We talk a hockey. She was a bruins fan our redwings fan. She recent passed away. In fact, I had left her. they wish our page on facebook october. First, she had passed away on the twenty second of september so I know she won't hear this by it you're on instagram on facebook- and you know jennifer purdue- do you know
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view is incredible. More another round of room service, more sorry, boss. I'm going to extend my vacant. In price line? Knows every trip? Is a big deal so when you're ready to book your next one check out price line, dot com for the easiest way to get more. How an extent vacations tonight's case is about a horrifying home invasion where three men enter a home and kill a member of the family, tempt to kill and member terrorize and tie up the third member, still what money they can and leave, it all seems very random and chaotic, but there are some secrets within a family that are kept behind closed doors, and I think this
this is a example of how a family can slowly disintegrate over overtime. So where we talk about tonight, we're talking about the Jennifer pan case and this is out of markham ontario. Happened in november of two thousand ten. Who is the pan family, the pan family were way hand and big pan They were from vietnam. They had Nineteen. Seventy nine emigrated to canada as refugees. They like many, others were seeking a better life and married in toronto. Canada. Both of them had worked out agnes international. This is an auto parts company in aurora ontario. At the time. This situation this case goes down, he's a and untie maker and her mother bic is making car parts. They
had two children. Jennifer was born and nineteen eighty six and there younger son, felix and nineteen eighty nine they work diligently, so their children could grow up with a better life and more opportunities than themselves I think one of the quotes from their father is. I you designing the cars, not building them. They were making good money. People knew this by the cars they drew. Of hand, drove a mercedes and his wife, big drove alexis. Some would say this disaster tat. Someone say it's true. I dont Personally, no, but it said that this family had,
very high standards for their children. They had expectations and this involved the way they conducted themselves and their education's and their future careers. There's a whole internet culture about overbearing asian parents that we expect d a reasonable from their children. It's a whole internet, meme culture thing that again, I don't really care to speak to. I think any parent can be strict and overbearing and it doesn't matter right is not just that one culture or cultures from asia. It can happen anywhere, but in regard to this case, it's considered tiger parenting. I grew up in a pretty stricter So when I was young, there were a lot of things I wasn't allowed to do in some of the cases we covered. Where we talk about overbearing parents
My life was never like. This will put it that way. They started jennifer with piano lessons when she was four years old. and then she was later placed in figure skating, I can't tell you if Jennifer was avid piano player when she was four years old or where she was a avid figure skater, they put her in that later on, but they had sights set on the twenty ten olympics for her. For figure skating, I would say that's a lot of pressure and I would hope that jennifer was on board with this plan, so they had these expectations. You need to be involved in these activities. These are good for you. You need to get great grades in. All you need your education and to make sure that you don't get derailed. You're not allowed to date. No boys know boy is and any extracurricular activities we're going to
to monitor and probably prevent so there's a lot of bearing parenting going on in their maker, these decisions, and maybe this is what they grew up of as well. The olympic dream of figure skating died when Jennifer tore illegitimate and her knee I'm sure she was devastated, that she disappointed her parents, not that she hurt herself, their son. Felix was being pushed too I think, engineering school. A lot of this has to do with the parents' expectations, so they had it in their head which careers their children should have when it came to jennifer. They said she needed to be a doc, and that is how it was that's almost again
aid of schooling and half a million dollars in student dead. If you don't get any grants or scholarships, I mean that's a big commitment to make some point, though I guess this is just through speaking with her. They figure out that maybe she can't be a doctor, but she should be a pharmacist, further son there, essentially working on cars with their hands, they wanted him to design them. It's a step up, and we ve heard this how many times I want my children to be greater than I was. I want them to sit feed more than I did so. I dont You can say this is all bad. You can see how they reach these decisions, but it's a lot of control. You can only imagine her parents expected straight ays use expected the most from their children. She
accepted into ryerson university. But then it was rescinded because it was discovered that she had been forging her grades to make it look like she was getting a's when she actually getting what like cs, bs and cs so she had been forging her report cards by using like photocopiers. Central. You take your report card with your see minus and you. in a on it. You copy it now. It looks like it's in a. She would show that to her parents and the parents never called the school to verify. They just took their daughter. Word for the university found out, but that didn't affect your parents, because her parents didn't know Then she started forging her bachelors degree among others. is she just started forged nothing else so their parents, not oh she's, attending university she's in a farmer com, The programme and she's doing well
getting scholarships so for them she, he's doing what she was supposed to do, and so it's a success, she's actually leaving every day to go to school she's borrowing money or getting money from her parents to pay for textbooks, to pay for different things, she's. Finding documents whether it be homework assignments or pamphlets from the school printing them off just leaving them around her room, so they can be found by her parents and she put together fake notes don videos she found on the internet, you haven't you do with it ram. She was supposedly in this is an elaborate story and scam she's pulling all to pacify her parents and not face their disappointment, if she's lying about her education, which is probably the
primary want of her parents. What else is she lying about everything? So one of the things that she's not allowed to do is to date, and apparently she's, really not supposed to be dating. Someone who isn't vietnamese like she and her family? Are she met a guy named Daniel long who is mixed race, but her father felt that he was predominantly filipino. That's good enough for his daughter, so little races too, but this is very controlling family. That's how goes, but she would continue this relationship with Daniel, even though it was forbidden, going so far as to even get a extra sim card for her phone, so she could call on make plans without her parents knowing or being able to track it on her They kind of have a romantic story about how they met and they have more
an action beyond that, but they met while she went to europe for studies and they hit, off, but while she was there, they really met because she had an asthma attack and he saved her. That's a heck of a star to a relationship. They kind of fell for each other, and then it turned out that his parents lived twenty minutes from hers. Crazy coincidence,. and he sounds like a really nice guy. But then you find out he's a drug dealer and hangs out with some. Not Oh great crowds! A drug dealer now what was he selling, because I had read that he was saying marijuana? I would concur with that, although things that happen further along in the story, tell me that he probably had more sinister connections to people, and if you do, selling marijuana. I dont really think that you're going to know some of the dregs of society that you might know
This ruse carries on for a while at least as far as her parents being in the dark about what she's actually doing they find out, though, because she tells them that she's volunteering at a hospital for sick kids, her parents, looking around their thinking. You know we ve never seen anything to do with that house. On our home- there's no uniform, there's not a badge it's like she's telling us something but we're suspicious, and it's probably parents intuition right. you can't really lie to your parents that often most of the time they know you're doing something wrong because they did it when they were your age. So big, followed jennifer jennifer isn't going the hospital she's going to meet her boyfriend talk about unravelling Now they know she's involved with Daniel long and they're not happy her. Parents are very, very unhappy so
her dad wants to throw her out yeah mom kind of talks him out of that. So he gives her. Some options says, cease your relationship with Daniel long move out or you'll have to wait until I'm dead. That's pretty ultimate me, but the secrets are coming out, and so they learn about our education. Isn't what it was believed to have been now Jennifer is working towards her tea. She didn't need and finish high school, yet she was showing them that she'd graduated from college cause. She was able to you. You can just go by a degree online. If all you want is that piece of paper, I get you a piece of paper by two o clock. Ok, epithets is something you can do with nail polish to be clear at this time, Jennifer and Daniel their adults
yet she still under the power parents, but because of all this stress and everything that occurred with the parents coming down. Jennifer the annual is like this too much trouble for me. So he moves on jennifer, really upset because she really did love Daniel and she want. Continue their relationship but he's no longer around. She attempted to try and get him back and she did this by saying: I've been attacked, she's trying to the sympathy card ass. She fabricated this whole story that she was gang rate and she needed his support and I'm sorry, but any Man who hears about women being attacked like this is going to feel sympathy and is going to reach out and delay, comes that happened to you. What can I do? But just like everything else in her life, it's all lie, but it doesnt work. Right I mean Dana doesn't come back.
he continues communication, but he doesn't come back in november. Eighth, two thousand ten, I'm giving you the stay because in the evening, at ten o five p m that jennifer's on. with a friend- and this is, I believe, a guy that she knew from school, and this is ball. on the phone. But something happens in the home. Something doesn't feel right. She hears a commotion downstairs, she hears her parents screaming and she knows there's something wrong. I've heard that she had heard her mother call for her husband and she spoke in English. I guess from the tunnel. Voice. It sounded like I need you here, sir. kind of a command or request that serious it's one of those
Intuition of I've about something ages doesn't feel right. Something's going on so Jennifer apparently goes to her door and she had had what it was at the tv that was up were choose a scene or something, but she actually had to get close to adorn. Listen because now she's here stuff and she know something's wrong. When she looks out a man sticks, a gun in her face, pulsar of her bedroom and binds her arms behind her back to the staircase railing. I guess and the parents are taken downstairs now, according to jennifer, there are three of these people in her home better intruders and this is later on, but she will be interviewed by police and shall have to descriptions of these men and there are three of them with guns. I think she describes at least two of them having guns she's
as their only two of them speak for the purpose of this there's man, on man two and man, three man, one in three talk. Man to doesn't and most of the things they say are where's the money give us the money. What Do you got there has to be more money, of course, when she's in by police. They ask her: did they assault you? Did they do this? Do they do that and She said it was all about the money, what happen In the home, harmonies, intruders or in their ultimately well, they take her parents downstairs into the basement. They shoot her father in the face. and they place her mother face down, put a blanket over her and shoot her multiple times once in the head once in the base of the neck. Once in the back, take asked her for money, she'd been saving up money in sir. She had over twelve hundred
dollars in her wallet. They took that they took the little cash that her parents had on them and around the house? They ransacked the bedrooms, but They weren't there are very long. The whole action took less than ten minutes, maybe five minutes, while the way that jennifer was bound she was able to work herself free because she was bound with string like shoelaces. I think yeah Yeah string shoelaces, something like that: it wasn't it that was significant enough to keep her bound. She was able to free her hands enough to get her phone out of her pocket, so she called for help. She called I'm one while she's on the phone with the operator, her dad this moaning, because he still alive, he was shot, but he still alive so she's on. Does nine want one call, and it's just this friend
phone call. You can listen to it. You start to hear her father yelling in the background, and then she starts calling out to her father police are on their way. If we didn't mention it. This is a very nice neighborhood. This is about as safe as you can get as far as a neighborhood in toronto. It doesn't take long for the police officers to arrive. Her father gets up and runs out the front door towards law enforcement. He doesn't. upstairs check on his daughter? He is taken by ambulance to the hospital. There was a local hospital, a markham. Everything that hospital they actually transfer him to a hostile in toronto it was sunnybrook hospital there there treating him forward the trauma, he's
offered and they have to put him in a medical induced coma to try to remove the bullet fragments from his head and face they go upstairs and they find jennifer bound to the railing banister. Her arms are actually pretty tight back there, so they have to use scissors to cut the shoe strings off, so she can move in the phones there too. now. They know that they have to get as much information as soon as possible to get these I suggest, invaded her home, murdered her mother and tried to kill her father, you don't know if he's going to live yet, but he's critically injured. Sure to check out where the crowded sing in theatres July fifteenth based on the best selling.
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Who are these men? Do you know any one that would want to hurt your family? Do you have any idea why they would do this. Can you described them all? The regular relevant questions she's in Viewed again, a couple of days later, you can find the interview online, it's in three or four videos. and you can see how police target. Somebody is really interesting. They have her go through the story. Then they have go through it again. But then, though, act like they're, not sure about who she's referring to from the first time sheet that was it man. One was a man three and they keep doing this again and again to see if she tripped up they want.
She can tell this story again and again correctly, at least in regard to the first way she told them, and one of the tactics they use is now. I want you to retail the story as a third person or overlooking the room at which it happens. This actually might do somebody's member. This isn't even a I'm trying to trick you up and try to get you to say something wrong. So I call you out on it: it's actually hey if you look at this from another point of view. Maybe something else Jog your memory and you can give us more information, but she's retelling the story and each time she tells it she's adding another detail which hey, maybe she's, remembering more details right. If some of them seem significant, an additional hand gun. I don't know. No. She describes these intruders and she describes them as being black, but she says that one of the men. She never really sees it just in shadow. She sees the
either to men, as one of them has what might be islander accent: origin make an accent, but She wasn't sure on the accent she does NOS one of them had a little bit of an accent, the other men she said. Well, one of did speak the other didn't have any accent. The officers find the keys to HANS Lexus right by the front door and start to one Well, they could have taken this really nice car. It could have taken a lot more if they wanted to. This was just really a smash and grab kind of deal with murder, but Han has a lexus. I don't remember what kind it was like an e three fifty or something like that. This is Car, where some money more then they got from inside the home. So why wouldn't they take it? I'm thinking
if you're driving away in a stolen vehicle. I think the cops can put out an a p b find the car find you driving it, whereas if the cops find you just, walking down the road, and you have a few thousand dollars in your pocket, there's nothing. They can do about it. actually buying that they just came in grabbed much money and took off. I'll say this right now the police are doing a great job on the investigation. There are some things that their questioning with her story, the primary one. Now the one that really sticks out to them is that jennifer was never blindfolded As far as I can tell, and she was left alive and unmolested their logic is they come in. There is no sign of forest entry, so how did they get into the house then attempt to kill two witnesses, but they leave a third unscathed. I know that care
ass things happen. Not everything is perfect police in their mind there thinking no, they would have killed. All of you. The only pass I could give is: maybe the one dude you no person number one upstairs didn't, have the courage to do it, but again it's a little odd that she was left alive. They get search warrants for the house, they get search warrants for jennifer's phone and all of her call records. So weird he talked about what they were suspicious of. Well, a good investigation turns out facts and the facts they turn up when they serve these warrants and they collect this information they find out who she'd been communicating with.
and that turns out to be a pretty big break. Some of her call records seem to be rather suspicious. There's text messages that are speaking in code about prime time like a football game vip, access and if I'm remembering right, vip access was texted moments before the invasion happened. They also find security camera footage from a neighbour's house across the street. That shows a light which would be her bedroom flashing on and flashing off and police suspect. That must be a signal, so
this, her telling somebody vip access, front doors, unlocked these guys just come in after work. Will be game time that night hand had left work. Was half way home and then realize that he had left like a toolbox, unlocked or something that he could get rich not for somebody could steal his tools and devices, so he had to drive back into work and lock up and then come back home all these things that happen that could change everything. they get home and that's when Jennifer hast you communicate with somebody to coordinate. This is
obvious between her other sim card and her regular phone people were calling it a burn or phone, but she had assumed car that she could swap back and forth their finding. All of these text messages their finding all these communications and at ten o five. She spoke with somebody for three minutes and then a few minutes later three intruders come through an unlocked front door. It's a coincidence looks really bad. The users are also wondering why the intruders left her alone left her with her phone on her. It said that she was wearing yoga pants and the phone was in her waist.
Line not even in a pocket. So somehow this phone is able to stay with her not fall loose, and then she is able to somehow financial it out of her waistline and call nine one one and have a car station, and so they ask her to reenact this during the interrogation. It sort of a video rudimentary reenactment, but she says that her arms were bound to the banister, a pie and not down by her wrists, which isn't exactly true, because the police officers that cut d She strings off said it was lower and they were loose enough where she had a lotta give meaning. Maybe she tied herself didn't need assistance from somebody else.
Also, when you listen to the nine one call that she's on, I personally think her voice sounds loud and clear, but the police officer, the interrogator, says Well, how are you able to talk to the nine when one operator she said? I turned the volume up I of irony. I wouldn't you said I was talking to them on speaker, but it doesn't sound like she was talking on speaker phone. It sounds like she was holding it up to her face. It does not sound echo, we, it doesn't sound like she's having to speak more loudly and then when her father starts yelling and you hear cops coming, you hear her turn her head and yell. I'm thinking well, that's how the whole thing
How should have sounded, but it sounds crystal clear, like it's up against her face, dave and ask her to recreate this situation, so we can see how she could have possibly brought the phone up to her head to talk as she did it answer bound. Oh well used her arms her hands if she's tied the banister the way she was Apparently she had only free her hands, so she was able to get the fuck out of pocket, but how did she bring it up to her head? She didn't and she says she didn't, but when you listen to the call, it doesn't sound like she speaking to the phone from her hand out her way, the tip off to the investigators you're thinking someone tighter up before they laugh to make it look like she's bound and she couldn't do anything yeah her father his injuries were a broken bone near his eye. He had bull fragments lodged in his.
ace and a shattered bone in his neck. The bullet grazed his carotid artery. It's a miracle that he's alive. He wakes up. and as soon as he is conscious. He starts talking to law enforcement and he tells them that he witnessed his daughter speaking kindly and civilly to one of the intruders. That might be the reason why he didn't run up stairs a check on his daughter and he ran right outside. Please now have good evidence that she was in on this. She knew these people that had come into the home. It was something that law enforcement suspected, but this is just now we know They got the confirmation so now, when they go back and they see these messages, these phone calls
who's. On the other end of those calls these messages now they have good idea about who actually was in the home so who why she calling she was in contact with multiple people. One of them was Daniel Wong who was her ex. Friend. Only she wanted and back and turns out. It actually tried to set up a murderer previously lake I hit on her parents, but the first person she contacted He turned down. He ended of returning the money she paid him, which was what ten thousand dollars yeah. I think it was a few thousand with more payments to come, but he returned. the money. The idea here is that her parents have some money where they have like two hundred thousand dollars link ravings or something, and then the rest of the property everything down they have about five
hundred grand that she would inherit, so she could easily pay a hitman or three or whatever, but the first guy. He had a reputation supposedly, but it might have been talk. We don't know, we just know he end up going and I'm not going to do this. So does get help from Daniel long he's the one that set her up with the extra sim card and an iphone and and he had another friend whose name was linford Crawford. We, the same card, is to help keep people from tracking what she's doing a willingness sim card was I'm assuming initially to hide her relationship with Daniel, but now it's to conceal a murder plot landfill brings in a guy by the name of Eric sean cardy, and he brings another person and bought an aim of David mailbag, an m mrs mann, one man to, and man three
that morning of november two thousand ten, when Jennifer received a text from Lanford the text text was, after work. Ok, we'll be game time. Now, when you understand the players- and you see this message- and you have the testimony from the father it's not just talking in. This is obviously a familiarity thing now. You know this is a whole plot, probably run by jennifer, to get rid of her parents when she was talking to them He wasn't screaming at her to get on the floor and tying her up aggressively. They were speaking casually because she wasn't expecting her parents to be around. Obviously they need to make This look like it's a home invasion. It's a robbery jennifer's not going to murdered, she's part of the plot, but they re
sacked the house they shoot. The parents unexpectedly hand survives big, does not this plot as completely unravelled? They had interviewed Jennifer a third time. They know the truth and its time for them to get it out of her that third interview they do Jennifer's not doing a lot of talking stay interrogator whose just laying out the entire case to her and he's nailing it. He actually says to her you went through a lot. You were a prisoner in your own home and I'm a little surprised that this didn't happen sooner he's sympathizing with her really saying your parents were monsters to you. I get it? Doesn't she tried to say that her initial plan
It was for these people to come into the home and kill her yeah. That's what she changes her statement to after she knows the cat's out of the bag. You know they have all this evidence, so she says they were supposed to kill me. It's a hail mary pass sleigh because no one believes the story. I mean she trying to say. Oh, I attempted suicide. I wanted to die, but things out of control and then my parents, and of dying no one really believes this right. Yeah, she's, she's, saying that wires got cross. Communication was screwed up or She tried to call the whole thing off and they wanted a cancellation fee say well, if you don't pay is
eight thousand something dollars. Then we're going to come and kill you or kill your parents, which I'm sorry, but if you hire a hitman to do a hit and then you don't pay them they're not going to come and do the hit anyways as a penalty. That's like the logic, doesn't work there, they're paid to murder they're not going to murder for free because they didn't get paid when her father regained consciousness. Jennifer actually went and visited him at
hospital. Now you would think that she would either be apologizing to her father or trying to figure out if he understood what happened doing damage control, but instead she asks her father for like one thousand two hundred dollars for college tuition that she needs even won her father's in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound- the face she's asking him for money, she's, painting this situation, she's putting this picture together of I had a terrible home life. My parents are really overbearing there's so much control over me. She is an adult she's, twenty four years old, but then her boyfriend broke up with her, and so it's like her world fell. Part and she's essentially saying it all got out of control. I was just lost.
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They have her. They have her now and then now they can start making arrests, they arrest her, they arrest annual long lent for Crawford Eric hardy and David mailbag in him. All arrested. This is in the spring of two thousand eleven, that's pretty fast. I think they really do their eyes, crosser tease. They charge each of them with first ray murder, attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder. They got him when she changes her statements and starts confessing in say, while they were supposed to kill me, but then they didn't at that point doesn't matter anymore. She's admitted to hiring these people to do harm and she is responsible for whatever harm they cause, regardless of whether it was a miscommunication or not. It's done.
This isn't surprising, but every suspect each and every one of them says not guilty. When they're asked to put forward their plea, what do you plead not guilty? This goes to trial. Just in honestly is this. trial. We need to go through every day of no, and the reason is because of the unexpected event, which is her fathers testimony yeah, he's survived the home invasion. If it had gone correctly, was the parents would have been wiped out, sure It was suspicious how she survived, but whose testifying I think that if he'd hadn't had survived, he had been killed. That night, I figure they were still gonna, pull her phone logs and still put this together, exactly. But but I think this is icing on the cake. You know cause you can bring up some doubt. There are many
it turns out there, they can work their magic, but when you have her own father Having that testimony, I dont see how that you can ever get pass that on. This is very reminiscent of the case. I was on where the crack cook was shot multiple times in the head and his girlfriend killed. He wakes up, and he says this is the guy that date. It I'm gonna believe him. And he knew the guy. Oh yeah. He knew that his like hand knew his daughter, yeah hands up there and he sang she's, the one that orchestrated this, she was cool the intruders. Nobody on that jury to gonna. Doubtless he was to have died. He was to have been murdered and he made it, of course Hands suffered a lot because he's lost his wife, big died, and he saw her dad on the floor when he got up
He knows he's testifying against his own daughter and his only is that shall become a good person. Now that this is rock bottom. Where can you go from here? I guess it is positive outlook, as you can have given this situation. This trial took place three years after the arrests and it was a long trial, took many many months almost a year, really, which I dont know why Part of it is the number of witnesses and the number of exhibits, because I think that more than fifty witnesses testifying- and they also had over two hundred exhibits- I think they are really were meticulous and how they put together relationships and how each of these people were brought in and how the communications happened, how thing got set up as well as painting the picture of how This family operated. They really just had to tell the whole story and make sure
This trial was going to be very clear for a jury December thirteenth, two thousand fourteen a jury, found jennifer pan daniel long linford crawford and david mov agone him guilty of those charges. That's for sri murderer, attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder air cardy his ernie had become ill, and so his trial was held later Eric Eddie was sentenced. Eighteen years after pleading guilty to conspiracy, knit murder. Was in december of twenty fifteen. He was going to be eligible for parole. after nine years, but in twenty eighteen he took his own life well. In the end, the sentencing for these individuals were life sentences, no chance of parole for twenty five years for the death of big pan.
Additional life sentences for the attempted murder of jennifer's father handpan, is a tough moment. I think, but this took place after the sentencing, but handpan asked the judge he said I need you to make sure that jennifer can't communicate with myself or her brother Felix ever again. Some of you might be wondering where was felix. Where was jennifer's brother, while he was twenty one when this happened, but he was at university at the time and hamilton he was it. ending the master university for mankind engineering and he graduated in two thousand twelve. Now these days he's a mechanical design, engineer and software developer and lives in toronto. Handpan He went on to say that when he lost his wife, he lost his daughter at the same time, and it feels like
lost his whole family. He says that some have are probably think he's lucky to be alive, but he feels he's dead, he's lost so much as I said it, or he does and with their hopes his daughter- considers what happened and can become a good honest person some day. Her father can work anymore because of this situation is sound he has ptsd. He has anxiety attacks, he can't sleep properly, he has nightmares, and can't do the things he loves. He used to garden a lot used to work on cars, his life, his misery. Now we try to think now how our lives going. How do I feel, and sometimes we get this tunnel vision it seems to me like Jennifer pan got tunnel vision. How do I feel
Why is my life suck in someone had to pay for that? But look how much damage was done. Look at the body she left behind, whether their walking or not devastating early early on in our podcast. We covered the dark night trilogy and talked about each other arms in its commentary on society in the dark night, with heat, ledgers, joker, you pretty much puts the question. Ford You live your simple life in your fine, but how are people gonna be hey when their backs are against the wall. I think this is us witnessing how jennifer behaves when she felt like her back was against the wall and she planned this whole thing out. Even when the plan fell apart
she kept trying because she felt stock. You are talking about your childhood and how you had a strict household. I didn't. I didn't have any order in my house at all. I can do whatever I wanted. I'm looking at this case and I can sympathise at all with their arms like why? Don't you just move out? Why didn't you just leave? You know like your parents, you're over eighteen go. Do your own thing! I have zero understanding of tie to family this obligation, this fear of disappointing them. I feel none of that. I just think he should it moved out. You didn't have to kill your parents can't blame the victims. In this case no material. King for information on this case on you too? There is the issue interrogation of jennifer pant. I think it's very
interesting. You can also hear I will one call and if you want to oh really in depth. There's a book out their written by june. Maker mouldy. The book is titled a dog the deadly deception, the jennifer pan story,
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