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Jens Soering - 290


March 30, 1985. Bedford County, Virginia. In 1984, 18 year old Jens Soering, a German citizen, and a 20 year old woman named Elizabeth Haysom met at the University of Virginia where they were both students. They subsequently fell in love. In March of the following year, Elizabeth's parents were brutally stabbed to death at their home. At the top of the suspect list were Elizabeth and Jens. As the authorities sought to gather statements and evidence, Elizabeth cooperated while Jens did not. Once she confessed and implicated her boyfriend Jens it was simply a matter of time before he was arrested and eventually tried. Jens Soering had confessed as well, but after being dumped by Ms. Haysom he recanted. Despite his conviction for the murders of Elizabeth's parents, he has maintained that the confesion was only meant to protect his girlfriend. But what did the evidence show? If Jens didn't participate in these murders, how was he found guilty? Join us as we discuss this bizarre case of love and murder.

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