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January 17, 2008. Berkeley County, South Carolina. Kadie Major had always wanted to be a mother. At the age of 26 she found herself married with a daughter of her own, 9-month-old River Lynn. It seemed as though she had exactly the life she had always dreamed of. She was also 4-months pregnant with her second child, a boy she planned to call Aadon. But a terrible discovery on January 17th left her family devastated. Join us as we discuss a case that we believe will stick with you long after the episode has ended.

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I'm extending my vacation, sorry boss, priceless knows that every trip is a big deal. So when you are ready to book your next one check out price line, dot com for the easiest way to get more while and Buddha, just to name a few out of it. So with that tonight's case is a bit of a mystery. staff and covers a mother and child who were found in South Carolina and their death was ruled a murder suicide, so the mother, killed her child and then killed herself, but her family never accepted this And after hearing just one interview with the woman's mother, I can see the families coming from Sir, with that, we talk about tonight her tonight, we're talking about the death of
Katy Major she was torn six years old and also with her the body of her nine month old, daughter, river. This is the situation that is unclear was this an accident Was it suicide. was it murder? This went down John way. Seventeenth, two thousand and eight near a set of railroad tracks off Oakley Road in Berkeley County South Carolina. Katy was also for months pregnant at the time She had gone missing and her husband had shown to our families. House said that ran out of the home and apparently state, say that she had felt someone was coming after her somebody was going to kill her. According to him, she was extreme afraid and didn't take. The time I'm to pack anything or do anything she just ran out of the house with the child.
Katie's mother wanted to call the police but Erin waded her that Katy was probably at a hotel and they look for her in the morning and that's not that I just because, as a husband he's, probably thinking, I need to give her time. I'm not make the situation worse. You think well it's out of control, or I don't know where she is. Should we call the police or a file of missing persons report, but at the same time the police. Might Well, how long has he been gone for she just laughed, and is this going to escalate the situation. I can't get where they're coming from so they will end up going out the next day to search for her so late. That morning at eight thirty a m. They found Katie's body near this railroad tracks
first they found her vehicle and justice. Short, walk away. They found her and honor river, lend major river appeal: Molly had drown arrow near nearby pond, and it appeared that Katy was struck by a train, now the police interviewed the family and the husband Aaron Major and would tell them that Katy had been depressed, acting just out of sorts and had been depending on alcohol, but he caught up since picture of sheep. Really struggling and the last couple days up until the time she left the house She was completely acting irrational The investigators are look, At this they look over her body
and they end up finding a like a hand, written note in her pocket right? That's right! these sentences, I'll call them on the note pertained to spirits. He theories So you might wonder why is that what this about? If you look at this no apparently it got some water on it. You know the Incas a little runny and it just looks kind of like scribbling, sir, and there are some printed text on their some of its been crossed out, and then you have random sentences written all over it. and honestly earn. Doesn't look like something that a co here, person right, I think, that's a thought shared by many. because the initial investigators was the coroner they looked at all of this and they came to an agreement. The coroner said this is a murder suicide and cited
Mental Illness and post partum depression as factors Katy. She how history of mental illness, but it doesn't mean that she didn't have it and I'm not saying she did, I'm just saying you know until your I'd, nosed yeah and she had just had her daughter and she was pregnant again so they're. Looking at this and thinking well, maybe she snapped whatever the. Irrational thoughts are that's what the Warner and investigators are looking at and I will say that post partum is a real thing. I've interviewed some people on my peripheral that it is scary and is something that we should pay, probably address more in society, but here we are, it's not please outlandish to come up with this theory
there is some supporting evidence here. Just in winter vehicle was looked at. It was parked in a way that they call haphazard Lee they found a thousand dollars inside of it and wedding rings were in her pocket, and this might suggest that It was plain to run, goes along with her husband statements. That she seemed like. There's just ran off, and she was under a lot of stress and was depressed. As we know, the story ended there. I don't think we should be talking about this hair. She disappears. Essentially, night of January, sixteenth in What did she done that day? What had gone down? it seemed to be a pretty normal day for her right Katy had attended a hospital appointment on the fifteenth about the gender of child that she was carrying. when she was informed. You have a boy
She had already had a name picked out which was Aden, Robert major and the first thing she did after their appointment was handed over to her parents house to tell them that they happen. Grants are on the way exciting news right. I just want to give her credit that they didn't she Iraq it up into the sky that shot blue paint all over a forest. So I'm I'm happy and mentioned, working with her father Jeff. She said that her husband, Erin, could use some help that is something we can do well Aaron was a sub contractor for Jeff Painting apartment com. Lex her husband worked for her father and Jeff said absolutely so he assigned three people to help to the people who sent over. Haiti's brothers, Jesse and Jeremy, so definitely some concern here in the family, but it's not for Katy it's for Erin,
and Katy had met back in high school. They Together for a long time, so this is our family, everybody gets along the most part and they're going, do what they can to help him out, and then a daughter already to have another kid on the way it takes a village here. The next people to find out about this grandson were errand parents, and this is where we start to see that there might be some issues in the family because Rhonda major Booze, Aaron's mother, apparently replied. I hoped it would be a girl and didn't seem you excited that it was a boy and an argument began Katy didn't really get along with Rhonda and didn't allow Rhonda to watch over her children, her daughter, but Kate out of the families pretty happy and at around new that day,
these mother Vicki and her sister Sarah called over one or two bring over some day be close as a gift for her and help supporter day knocked on the door, but Katy an answer, so they left the I hanging on the door handle and dumb they didn't take anything of it. Katy then went by errants place of work. She also talked with her father, and was asking him where's aronnax at said: Katy, wasn't brilliant used by having Aaron's mom watch her daughter by town it was on wednesdays whenever small was allowed to watch river and this week between the hours of one p m and five pm, she didn't want to just drop river, off at the house, so she would mean her at a Kmart in Charleston and that's where she would let river go shopping with her
I don't know it seems safe, like it's in a public place and not in a private home. So this is just one head of where Kay in Rhonda, don't get along and Katy doesn't exactly trust Rhonda with her own child. Why think the main here, though, is that she doesn't trust that, if she's alone, with her in a house at there, won't be an argument and being in that safe public, space maybe keeps things calmer than they otherwise would be but on January sixteenth we can't confirm it Katy had met up with Rhonda that day, there's no effort. Issue about phone calls or anything. So this the normal routine. But nobody knows they actually met up, but we know tat, he's still around because at around six forty five pm dot Vicky, received a phone call from her and care explained her that she was in the process of trying to get a hold of Rhonda. But,
had read into this about right. If she sang she's trying to get a hold of Rhonda Y know, maybe she did need to pick her daughter up from Rhonda, but that again, that's just a guy What happens? Next is a little confusing, but Some phone calls here and oh misunderstand: what's beings right we're talking about a call at one, forty four in the morning, this is a call from a major to Vicki and Jeff Hall Katie's parents. and you know, if you get a call at that time the morning- that's not a good sign now. Jeff picks up the phone here's Aaron stating to him. I need to come in and talk to you about something that means that he's outside their house that Aaron in an telling them that Katy was convinced that someone was trying to kill her. And he was in the shower when she laughed and then he said that Katy
book booked herself into a hotel room and said: please don't call the police don't report missing and he just seemed like he was. I guess com is the its described, so he wasn't agitated he wasn't scared. He wasn't nervous, but of course he's talking. Bout, their child. Who obviously is what twenty six? So it's still concerning air then Katy had been with each other for up to a decade so Vicki and Jeff? They trust air and they don't see anything really out of the organ here and He's telling them she laughed and she checked herself into a hotel room so obviously he's telling them out of concern, but why Is he telling them? This sat one, forty, four, whatever it is in the morning? What's the point unless he worried about her and when
to go looking for her, but that's not part of the plan Is he telling, unless I agree because forty four in the morning, if she's checked into hotel this is something you tell them the next day if she doesn't come back right away. Absolutely they're not think about where their daughter is at that point. But now you ve brought it to their attention and how never once asked Vicki or Jeff. Is she here have you heard where he just saying she and when checked herself into a hotel, the conversation seems really odd. But then it takes a turn. It becomes even more odd right. This is when and starts bringing up conspiracy theories and he talks about mobile, them is about the nine eleven terrorist attack on the twin towers. Skies, but watching loose change or some crap right. So, of course, Vickie is feeling like she should trust Erin, but she does try to get a hold of Katy and can't
key then asked Aaron does Katy. Have her glasses Does she needs them to get around and she definitely can't see at night drive and Erin said no. She she doesn't have them that is kind of. I guess a red flag for Vicki, because as Katy never went anywhere without worrying losses, especially at night and with her daughter, I that's just a risk that she doesn't think she would have taken and then Katy Why did you just let her leave with river an errand while she had she had river. her hair. I wasn't gonna take the kid away, but if you think you wives and distress. You just let her leave what the child you just go, get in the shower, not worry about it, and so that now, morning generally. Seventeenth Vicki drives with Erin Major in her your see they're going to nearby.
hotels and they're going around the local area. Just looking for Katie's vehicle her vehicle was it thousand six Schaeffer lay Colorado pick up, but it's why their driving around in Vickie being a mother she's, looking everywhere her eyes or scanning everything the car every hotelier, but she looks over at Erin from time to time he's just sitting in the seat he's not even looking. She noticed that one the times they stopped and got out when errand got back into the car when he closed the door. He said ouch, like you, himself and she looked over at his hand and noticed that it was swollen, but she doesn't. ask him about it, because she's were concerned and focused on finding her daughter and grandchild. While they too, around Katie's, Mr Sarah waited an errand and Katie's how just in case Katy, returned and whilst
Was there she sat down at the dining room table and the table was a Bible was open and it was open to a particular chapter. it was open to Genesis twenty two, the story Abraham soccer. missing his only son Isaac to God, and I feel like we need to read this because it was open and highlighted. So there might be a connection yeah sometime later God tested Abraham. He said to him Abraham here I am, thank God, said Take your son you're only son, whom you love Isaac and go to, region of Maria sake. If I seem there as a burnt offering on a mountain, I will show you early Next morning, Abraham got up and loaded his donkey. He took with him to us servants and his son Isaac when he had cut enough would for the burnt offering he set out for the my God, had told him about. On the third day, Abraham looked and saw the place in the distance he said to us.
servants stay here with the donkey, while I and the boy over there we will worship and then we will come back to you. Abraham took the wood for the trees offering and placed it on his son Isaac and he himself carried the fire and the knife, as the two of them went on together spoke up and said to his father, Abraham Father. Yes, my Abraham, replied, fire and water here Isaac said, but where the lamb for the burnt offering Abraham answered got himself. Provide the lamb for the burnt offering my son and the two of them went together when they reached the place. God I told him about Abraham built an altar. there and arrange the wood on it. He bound him on Isaac and laid him on, Walter on top of the wood. Then he reached out his hand and took the knife: does his son, but the angel, the Lord called out to him from Heaven Abraham. Here I am, he replied do not lay a hand on the boy he said. Do not do anything to him, I know that you fear God, because you have not
held for me, your son you're only son Abraham looked up and there in a thicket he saw RAM caught by its horns. He went over and took the ram and said or if I stood as a burnt, offering instead of his son, so Abraham called that place. The Lord will provide and to this day it has said on the matter. of the Lord. It will be provided and just Obviously this story is about a man who, at the request of God himself willing to sacrifice his only son, but it was a test and we of Katy whose, with child with a son and you can infer what you want from that. It's a real question of who put this Bible out open to this chapter. Who highlighted these passages. This part
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hotels parking lots. Looking for it is struck, but then at around ten thirty, a m Vicki feels like she's trying doing all the work and she suggests to error and that maybe they should split up then cover a lot more ground. Looking for Katy in the truck, so she dropped Aaron off and Aaron will end up calling Vicki to inform her that instead of driving around town, is going to go to Colombia to search for his wife and daughter, a nearby town which that on a confused Vicki because she's thinking where we're trying to just canvas this area right here. Why would my daughter Why would Katy go all the way to Colombia to check into a hotel? She? She didn't have any one there that she knows it's just that just seems to her it's another red flag. This doesn't feel right and she already
gets the sense that he's not really looking? This is really the point where she's probably starts to the speck, that era knows a lot more than his letting on set an hour later where she gets other phone call from air. He tells her that, according your report. He heard on a radio to people had been seen by a train near Oakley road. maybe she should go check it out. Here is about the story. It's a lead so ye be lines it over to this area and goes to the railroad tracks, but She doesn't see any emergency vehicles. She doesn't see anything out of place if you heard a report that people had, struck by train. You would expect to find Police and ambulances there so she's, driving around. She said thinking. What the hell what's going on and she decides
to call the police and report her daughter missing this where she I think has lost out asked in Erin. because she doesn't sinew emergency vehicles or anything like that. She's thinking, this isn't real, but she does have to go. Over the train tracks to get to the local station and as well he's going through this area that she spots Katie's truck, which is about five hundred feet from where she sat. Her first thought, though, is I should report this to air, and I should call him and tell him what I've seen and ah he responds I now I know I just heard on the radio that a woman and small child were killed. He doesn't sound, worried it's very matter of fact This point all she's founders, her truck. She didn't say I found Katy and granddaughter, but errands behaving as if
he knows the outcome already now. I think it's a huge had flag for anyone. I pray. They don't even see this as a red flag anymore. I think this is if you're the mother of a war Who's been missing and the husband of your daughter has been very disinterest I'm telling you add stories bringing up conspiracy theories, his acting oddly, the fact that he's coming out with oh yeah. This is what happened. when obviously there's been no report now this is a reveal so after she gets off the phone with their chief cause long for my back, and they can down to this area. Obviously that's where they find the bodies of Katy and River Lynn. Now swear. Our story started, earn that's where investigators, said, looks like
put her own daughter in the pond and stepped in front of a train, but I think anyone listen has probably inkling that that might not have been what happened and specially Katie's parrots there thinking. That is not what happened to our daughter Vicky sure start looking to this report of two people hit by a train she couldn't find, a single local new or radio station. That said anything about this how we sailed out, because something important happened, something that ain't, this case, which was the coroner the getting officer? They agreed that this, a murder suicide- and this is exactly why some people take such an issue. In a case like this, you need to get to know the people involved.
you need to figure out what was going on prior to the deaths and if you don't do that You don't have enough information to make that call you're literally making up a story to fit what you see out of what convenience cause. That's what I get out of this if they, go back and interview Vickie and Jeff or any of the family members, They know how errand was behaving the night. and the day after and when the boy were discovered, but they do take Aaron's word that his wife was acting erratic any rational and paranoid. You would think in the lead investigator was asked about this me. Don't you think it's odd that Aaron would have told anybody that radio station was reporting the deaths of two people by train. When that never happened, he said I no idea how he would now and he was asked, don't you
that suspicious, and he said absolutely there's one thing for him. to do any real investigative work, but they did lock anything down either because the major home: they didn't do any investigation there at all and well as we know when you let things like that, go what happens? What happened the day after the news of Katy and River being found dead, looks like Aaron decided to clean up right just take everything that was in disarray in strictly the floors, and there I mean close away. I Stan that Resources might be slim. I understand that you can't treat every single death as a homicide. In a case like this, even if you do think the matter I killed her own daughter and then stepped in front of a train, that still homicide and theirs
investigation work. That needs to be done. I can t just in all the case, however covered. This is one of the most upsetting to me, because I Stan like you brought up dead resources are thin. We ve heard this from so many people but I'll. Tell you what, when you're talking about a young mother? Who is pregnant and- a young child with her and all our the ceased and the police just quickly right it off as a murder suicide, without asking any questions that upsets me- and this is the a case. That is, is just going to stick with me for a long time, because I dont know why anyone would not look into this item care about your thin resources. This lead investigator. He can go talk with people and if that's too much for him What is his motivation? It do this job again. This is very clear to me There wasn't any real investigation here. I'm trying to support the victims in
case. They deserve better than this. So, of course, all these family members are going on or to Jeff and Vicky's home and they're, trying to be supportive. Vickie didn't even notice that Aaron showed up at so her couch, he was just sitting there now its interest. because the police showed up and they led him away, they wanted to get a statement from him and just in Europe, set up earlier that when he got into Vicky's vehicle and closed the door, he obviously was injured as he said out or something and his hand. small, the police officer who was speaking with Aaron had to write the statement for him guess his hand was so injured, possibly broken, so just in There is more evidence here of poor investigative work, which is the lead investigator was talking Erin Major in his broken hand, and he said why think that happened a couple days after the discovery of his
life in childs bodies, he said a funeral director- witnessed errant punch, a wall while picking out often, but that doesn't mean anything to me because both Vicki and Sarah had noticed Aaron, swollen and injured hand day that Katy and reverence bodies were found in that funeral director did, He punch that war with his right or his left hand. It's pretty quick to discard a piece of information especially when you have multiple other witnesses. That say they thought hand was injured. I give up. not one euro and it appears Katy was excited about forming everyone about her being pregnant with a boy she was. Broadcasting this out. Everyone. She even got into a little bit of an argument with her mother in law, because She wasn't showing the same level of excitement about this,
Now, where was her husband Erin this whole time? Was he broadcasting? Was he calling people up and saying I'm gonna have a boy. He was gone if I'm Vicki and Jeff. This is making me angry, because it's the height of laziness and after air was led away and he was being questioned. His parents showed up to think he's residents they ask about Katy or River Lynn. They just asked where Aaron was didn't ask how anyone was doing, they didn't say sorry for your loss. Nothing like that. Just where's our sun Aaron statement to police basically was about how he had told Katy that he added care of some job responsibilities and he will leave when it was finished, and he was saying that Katy was acting so paranoid that he couldn't speak with her. He couldn't reason with her and after she laughed he got dressed
drove around the monks corner area. Looking for her, he checked a hotel there, returned home after forty five minutes to wait, because he thought well should come back when she's done, cooling off or whatever. but eventually said he knew something was wrong He started checking some revealing. whose creek and other surrounding areas looking for her vehicle, but then eventually that's why he went to the halls Home Vicki and Jeff and walked em up some time after midnight and talked with them. But again, if you'd just compare his statement to Vicki adjusting men's, they don't match, but he was telling them yes he's gone, but I think she'll come back in, don't call the police, but now he said the police that he was concerned. Something was wrong, I will say this. I think if you took this case and dry get into pretty much any other police departments hands. I think this would have been handled while her. There is
No, let's figure this out. It was just like this was their summits. Let go home and get some sleep or get some coffee whatever. I think, virtually any other d meant would have brought errant in and they would have kept them for a while they would have really broke his statements down and got him talking is investigator asks Katie's family. Do you? no, if Katy was fear, full of anyone in her life did Have any problem with anybody. Katie's mother Vicki said, TAT, her mother in law, Rhonda Major, so you literally somebody saying she did have a problem. She did fear somebody you have What you say is a murder suicide that you're not investigating as a murder, suicide, you just say: oh that's: where was in port on my parents, mother called Vicki on Friday January 18th and asked her. Please don't tell the detectives,
my son's conspiracy, theory Rance about it. Thoughts on religion, because that may get them thinking things my Sunday are true or I don't want them to think of him that way, etcetera. Now. This is important because there that note found on Katy that had apparent scripture it's about conspiracy theories on it, but the only person at that home that was into conspiracy theories. His errand did. We ever confirm whether or not the writing on that note was her. Writing I believe that it is Katie's writing, but there's a idea based on stuff that was found on Aaron's computer, that may be. She had been looking up what he was looking up and when you think about the clothes being in disarray, possibly being pact for travel. This might suggest
add, Katy was really not feeling comfortable home anymore that she was fearful of her husband and then His conspiracy theories were taking him to a dark place. So maybe she was packing to leave because protecting her clothes here they weren't errants. This is all. This adding up to me Katy wanted to leave and air didn't want her to some things here. and when they were arranging the funeral and D. Emily's apparently we're in the agreement. This we started with random making a request that only Aaron be present at the funeral as for Katy and River Lynn, which was going to be held. hundreds of miles away in Wagner South Carolina at their family. Lot. Rhonda was saying she wanted it to be just a private event, for her son, only an was making a request that when they were going to help
with viewing that he wanted Katy the coffin with her unborn. son Aden on top of her. This is something that you know weird literally painting this Aaron major guy. In a light there is going to upset a lot of people, but this might just take the case while their having the viewing Aaron major is sitting and eat Mcdonald's meal. He didn't. locked anyone, he didn't get upset. He just ate his meal, completely emotionless I always wants you happen and say we don't know how people, deal with grief. We don't know how people will deal with the shock of losing their family. Everyone behaves differently, but screw this guy everything about em
I think this guy had something to do with it end its ultimately based on his behaviour and the lies and inconsistencies that he's told up until this point and because the family is obviously not happy with Aaron and not happy with the police investigation there. ago and higher the room. I've. Had investigator name, guess: Sanders star Looking at it s, because everything we ve covered thus far is just it's mine, blowing and God awful that nobody's taken this Investigation seriously and nobody's put even a single lots of pressure on Aaron, too get him and in a way, the time line was of that night he was that day look into his phone records. Look into all these things. Nothing has been done before we get
You far find that I want to talk about an incident that happen between Jeffrey Vicki, Katie's parents, the halls and Aaron's parents, so Jefferson Vickie, and over to the majors home at this point there feeling might they need to confront them there literally taking their daughter away from them even in death. and so, while there there there Not really getting any answers are not getting any communication and Vicki when upstairs to go to river lens bedroom, she had a bedroom there. It was standing in the room Erin approached from the doorway- and this is what he said- to her. This is according to Vicki. Ok, isn't it odd that eighty thought someone was going to kill her and someone dead. The total contradicts the murder suicide. Aaron's not worried about who murdered his wife and daughter, just thinks it odd, we also need to say that this idea that Katy had posts
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His sanders, a private investigator, was brought in to help with this case, because police weren't, helping Does a fabulous job by the way I would hire her at a heartbeat. Let's get into this, just in so things that she has said was Katy didn't step in front of that train and point is if she had there wouldn't have been an open casket. She believes a cat would have been torn apart, not to be gory but dashes what you'd exe act and is also this note that you know something what say revealed Key had mental health issues, one things were written on that note is the anti crisis could be a woman that was scribbled on it. Hop left corner of the note, there's also stuff in about doomsday and the world kind of stuff nine eleven into the world all his. ideas you and you can up them too.
Gee networks and tracking devices, you know in today's world, but it's the same dumb stuff. That's totally made up and unsubstantiated, and this is what the guys doing- and this is what on the no decision, Katie's words Sir Aaron's words they are. I found that he searched. He did a good. Search on a computer to dead in Berkeley County before he called Vicki and tone. about a train hitting two people down off Oakley Road. I look at this Google search and I think, isn't that convenient and then he directs Vickie two exactly where his If and daughter or found, this isn't right science. This is just straight up. He gave it away, he knew where they were. Ask a Sanders background specializing in unfaithful, spouse cases. She built timelines when
no kind of where all the players are and what they were up. what they were saying, what they were doing, what people had to say about what they are feeling about them was you can get a picture of what it's happening, and why and it's because of that, that is really clear: that the players in this case are different than the with a police thought they were a ghost, two erin being the one who is acting irrational, erratic things like that that here ranting about conspiracy theories to every one. He couldn't even help himself. If he trying to cover something up that he possibly is involved in regarding his wife and his child, Why is he suddenly talking about nine eleven? Why he talking about he is going into buildings, Katie? Wasn't doing that to she wasn't saying anything about that stuff to anyone, so where the since just in is here Erin was involved in this. Why did he want to tell Vickie to go to that area, to go to those
in tracks. He wanted Vicki defined the bodies so Jessica Sanders. As you said, she got into the computer search history and they included something about the Jeremiah project has to do with Bible teachings the end times new world order and she able to substantiate that it was errand, because all these searches were and when he was a home not at work, now that genesis passage we can deduct that here probably the one that highlighted it exactly, and also that this note that was founded Katie's pot That was her writing down which found on Aaron's computers, search history. again substantiated that case, this concerned, so you take the can Bessie theories. You take this one hand you take the lie about the radio report about two bodies being found. You put all that together.
how many times yes and do we say allegedly or we think it was It again here we think is very possible. That Aaron is a involved than he lets on, because by his actions by his own statements. You can't help but see that I am appalled that this went on for what decade close case, essentially right, no investigation, Justin giving example, one of the people that best gaiters could have talked too was Katie's obstetrician Doktor Christine case she spoke with forty eight hours and forty two yours did a great up his harness case she said Katy did have any signs of mental health she's or mental breakdown, but you know why and bother ask anybody and oh her eye doktor, remember Katy couldn't see very well. She required glasses definitely couldn't see at night. It's just. This was completely out
her normal behaviour to the point where it's almost unbelievable that she would have been beheading this way. But it's not level that some other dude who ran about in times believes in all these conspiracies, like we believe that guy, but we're not going to put our faith in a month, who seem to care very much for her children. There is good news that is there. oh yeah, but it took until twenty eighteen before we got it. The tenant dean, cocaine and Darrow Louis were assigned to the case when it was reopened and twenty eighteen, and they spoke to CBS News and they were asked was a murder, suicide and both replied. Now and when asked his case, husband, air, major, cooperating with the investigation, they said he was not So this is a coal case investigation unit its being raised
erected in twenty eighteen. This cases their having to work many years after this all, went down Tucker what ten years right Luckily, we have that private investigator that did a lot of the footwork form and has a lot of that information, and you can imagine the lieutenant here who can die. He was, admittedly, very apprehensive about meeting with Katie's mother Becky, because all the prior detectives that work there, case of you. I got working it, they had labelled her crazy and if you, if you want some hope here, it said this lieutenant did just think how she's crazy everything she says, I'm going to adjust their went out? No, he did spend time with her. He got to know her I've listened to interviews with Vicki. She seems very well spoken. She seems very coherent very with it. In fact, she brought up that it when they kept calling
To complain about the investigation. The police department told her well, you need to file complaint against the officer that you're having a problem with and when she looked into that she found out that by filing a complaint, now of her questions and all of her concerns could be shut. pushed aside- and they could you say: well, you filed a complaint and that's under review, so she was being a pain in the ass because this is her daughter. This is her granddaughter. This is her born grandson and they didn't want to deal with her. It is pretty upsetting, I'm gonna use her word a lot here. That apparent has to fight and fight and fight just for the bare minimum like this, and that is basically told your crazy as disgusting, but and twenty she's getting a whole different feel from these other detectives. One other thing
had to do with the train when the dude it was looking at this. The so called and in the case he found that the array investigators had identified the incorrect train that could have struck and killed Katy major. They called at the South Pole, train, but the lieutenant with just a short better work was able to discover that would have not been possible for, where the orientation of where her body was found YAP, it had to have been the northbound train so I'm not saying he saying this is sloppy work, but I think you saying this is sloppy work, because if you can't get the train right, then you can't get the time right. Then the lieutenant kinda also looks over this interview, tape that was done with Aaron and its it's right there on the tape, Aaron lied to the detectives and this is what errand had set on the tape. That's when I heard on HAWK radio. Ninety four point: three that there
a person and a young child hit by the train in Berkeley County that never happened was never any report on talk radio. Ninety four point: three like that: between the private investigator between Vicki between new investigators. It never happened, Aaron tone heard to go there, so she would find the bodies, how did he know they were there? He shouldn't have known there's no way he could have known unless of course he put them they're. Just now, get towards the end of this episode. I just want to put out a little bit of a warning here because some of this stuff we're going to talk about at least I find disturbing, and maybe some in the audience well to suggest it's not that I think you'd have to stop the sitting, it's more of a just steal your a little bit, one things that happens just in when families are aligned against each other is things can to get nasty and following
de in river lens? That's Aaron began doing things too. I guess upset the whole family anytime flowers, or things were left at Katie's grave. They would be destroyed. I knew he was doing this He was also taking some of the items left there, one of which was a miniature figure of case horse, and he had taken this from the grave and rip the tail off any later. and it took out his family. He also this allegedly, but he placed a porcelain figure of a baby with a whole punched. In its stomach on the tracks, there were Katy found Erin left a VHF tape at his family's grave. The video had a time stamp of November. Fifty thousand eight ten twenty nine twenty seven a m this video is laughed about. Ten months after the death of his wife and child
When you play the video it shows, tour of the family, home Berlin's highchair was set up at the door table there was a jar of baby food. from the tray. There is also the shape of a human body with a pillow in couples bed, so it's like a videotape, a tour of the home with hints of the family. So being there. the time stamp shows its after their deaths so he's arranged the house this way and then left this video for them. This is some really twisted psychotic stuff. What can I dont want to put this on? investigators now, because we have ever bit of evidence that they are taking seriously in their doing their best and where stands now well, lieutenant was asked whether things said was initially. It is leave. Katy was suicidal and have some psychological issues.
Tell you. That is not the case, so for right now, they're working the case there so investigating they are looking at their prime, so that which is air, major and right now, Vicki Hall, Haiti's mother. Has it go find me camp and they're trying to raise money to pay for this investigation because well it's on them really. This is it case investigation, so it has whenever resources they can get, but it's it's not a full fledged Investigation like chippy. I'm glad that their investigating this, I'm glad that they reopen the case, and I, want to see justice happened here not, me that that I would like to see justice in. Is there going to be the accountability the original investigator, because when I screw up at my job I get written up for I get a pay cut. I get fired but here we have possible double murder.
and a murderer walking round free. Do we not care about somebody Screwing up on the job I mean when you go, through a drive through Mcdonald, screws up your order, you get enraged over a two dollar hamper something you get delivered show up on your doorstep. Your call in a customer service you're mad what happened, but we're not gonna get mad. When somebody the murderer, walk round free for a decade. If anyone wants more information wants to get involved, maybe help out there is a website. Katy her babies, dot com and these k a d I e so Katy, and babies, dot com thoroughly- stare and plenty a stuffed her red subscribers.
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