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July 24, 2016. Bend, Oregon. After a night out at her friend’s bachelorette party, Kaylee Sawyer walked down the street outside her apartment and disappeared. Edwin Lara, a campus security guard, kidnapped her in his campus security vehicle, took her to a remote parking lot, and murdered her. This was just the beginning of what would be a multi-day crime spree that ended with his capture. This case was important not only because Kaylee’s killer was identified and captured, but because it exposed serious safety concerns and legal violations within the Central Oregon Community College’s campus safety department.

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The In the agents, another I'm good justin. How are you feeling there I'm doing? Ok, we have our ten year anniversary, coming up in we're doing a huge events in if you haven't bought tickets for you're going to be missing out. What are the details on that? Are
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Questioning does he just snap and go on a murderous spree but once I got reading. I understood that there were some some flags, better crop up, but still its heinous case there kind of, in my mind, comes out a left field and I wouldn't have expected something like this to happen: going off of deep people involved do you have any other insides when you went into it. Not necessarily, it was mostly train figure out. Why, happened course. I'm always interested in a families response. After something terrible like this happens, however, respond to it. Where are they their quest for justice with that. we talking about tonight tonight we're talking about the disappear.
and then murder? kaylee sawyer from and oregon in July have twenty? Sixteen! That's the of this case, but as you alluded to it, it spreads out from this core element: now cayley. She was twenty three years old at the time She was a student at central oregon community college after graduating she was trying to figure out what she wanted to do. She thought maybe she wanted to be a plastic surgeon or work and law enforcement The questions that we have on were about enter the workforce, but she had worked as a dental assistant and she loved her job and going dentistry wasn't too far out over the question at issue. lived in some apartments across the street from the campus with her boyfriend cam ream offer they ve been day.
for about two years dating together, their living together, and are even Kelly's parents approved of the relationship and liked cam very much. They seemed very happy together but July, twenty third twenty steen cayley had attended a bachelor party for her boss lisa castro initially cayley told boss at she couldn't go catch she'd, be at a town, but then her plans fell through so she could go. She too many. ex bar in bend oregon around eight p m and she hung out during this bachelor, a party and tell around eleven. heard another friend left mavericks to continue their night out and keep partying before midnight. Eight. Her boyfriend received the text from her friend Kelly was dancing with another man at the bar.
Now. Just in you can imagine what this means right. This is gonna go over well Obviously there is a whole involved and can is not appreciating that his girlfriend is dance, with another man or other men are hitting on her whatever it may be so he's gonna jump in his car and drive on over there yeah, there's a little bit of a dispute here, because some claim that cayley, it actually called him and asked for him to pick her up but either way they ended up meeting and cameroon and cayley got into an argument da after midnight. He was outside their apartment. and can get out of the vehicle but clearly stated in the car, and he said- you come inside. Just come inside, calm down, but cayley wasn't feeling she got the car. Just our walking off the euro. Tell your girlfriend calmed down that doesn't go for. Well, that's exactly right.
So because he's known her to do this before this, and unusual he thought you know what I want to stop her. I want to bring her back, but she does need a blossoms theme in prague, They will just make the situation worse, so he let her why off without any more trouble, but just after this time, cayley texted a friend and said, I'm home everything's. Ok, I'm sorry about earlier tonight. Will this friend tried calling her back Just before one a m but got no answer, cam sites about an hour. He does It's too call cayley around the same time and answers and said she was walking down the sidewalk. They talked just for moments, and then she told him goodbye before hanging up, but Cayley never came home that night and can became very worried and begin calling her and then
her family multiple times, but he didn't get anybody to answer the phone Sunday comes around July. Twenty fourth julie, Cleave, which was these mother. She was just getting back from weaken camping trip. she didn't have a signal until she got back to town and that's when she started getting these notifications that can was trying to get a hold of her. She found, that he was basely wanting to know if she knew where cayley was she probably are to feel a little panicked because she had seen that can- been texting, her probably What every hour on the hour for a full day so julius next step was to call cayley, but she We only got her voice mail, but you know Dont want to assume the worst. So, she thought well, maybe cayley forgot charger phone, so she texted haley's dad jamie and his wife crystal to see if they had heard anything from cayley Jamie
and camera now texting back and forth. The trying to figure out what happened this is work camps, says cayley, went to a party, he admits that they got into a fight and she walked off now, Jamie, the father wasn't worried at first. He did figured cayley called a friend to come pick her up and she was still asleep. Yeah yeah, partying all night right. Obviously there was a lot alcohol involved that point because she's out at me bull bars and what not? But cam is the last person to see her. Cam is the one that had a fire with her so this is kind of you know, like all. I hope he shows up because she doesn't who's the last. And to see her alive. So there are men, people family members calling around to each other into cayley try figure this out. Ok,
his family ended up calling lisa castro, which was Kelly's boss and asked her if she knew anything and she said I have not seen her since she left the bar that was on July. Twenty third toe lisa starts getting a bad feeling that something may have happened now talking about this, add feeling setting and with everyone, because eventually it hits a point where someone would have heard from her by then who can cambrian her boyfriend, calls normal one on July, twenty fourth, which that's a good sign that he's the first one to call nine one one report his girlfriend missing. I think we will relate call here he says high when I got home from the bar with my girlfriend. She got up me and ran off and I still haven't her from her. Her phones off she's mad at me, I walked inside and tell her to come meet me in there when she was like calm down and then
I went back out in ten minutes and she was gone. I called her She said she was walking down. The street haven't from our sense and then, after that, that's when Julie, called mammal one, and she said Yes, I need to have an officer call me. My daughter is missing. She is, twenty three, but she has epilepsy and some medical issues and just in Kelly sawyer apparently had had a seizure before, but it's not really a serious, a condition as julie's making out to be but- Julie is exaggerating it a bit because she believes that our help the police to respond faster and I listen to all of these nine one. One calls and justice side note operator that can talk to was pretty helpful and appeared. Take him seriously. I will say that one julie, the mom called in we're pretty short with her. I I just want any
law, enforcement or nine when one operators out there to listen to these things and understand, like there's a little bit of compassion that is needed here, because I kind of earth me listening to herd nine one one call- you know we ve heard a number of these calls over the years, and it seems like, at least in my estimation, that most them duco well, I feel like there all the good people working the phones out there, but it's a scam, Anything else is always going to be someone who doesn't quite the call with the seriousness or empathy that we would like to see. So I this call tonight. Will one julie decide it's too go question. Can she wants to know what he knows, but she doesn't What he has to say, she's varies the of his story. and when she leaves the apartment she season officer and she goes over this police officer and says I need you to talk to and because his story doesn't make sense to me. This office His name is kyle benny and
he goes to interview cam and he also gets the same feeling that camp story doesn't make sense me if it's me I It doesn't make sense because it's a little too simple the to get in a fight and then cayley walks away and that and he doesn't know what happened to her sounds a little suspicious gets out suspicious, but certainly doesn't stop there. He is able to down the person, the man who cayley was seen dancing with at the bar, but here as they didn't exchange numbers or anything, and he says I haven't spoken with or seen cayley since dance, so Now they don't really have any information that screams that Cameron's line, but there still suspicious of him and then officer denny. it was Kelly's family. You could help by driving around too place. You think cayley might have gone and just if you can find her
in time the please put out a missing persons flyer that evening, which I know so far- I get the feeling like the police are taking this seriously. You know we're not getting there while it hasn't been twenty four hours or she's old enough to make her own decisions, they're listening. the family here I I thought, you're, taking them seriously and they're doing their due diligence me. Indeed, they were able to track down that guy at the bar. question him. They still are looking cam, because what just ah razor. You know, boyfriend gets into five with his girlfriend says she walks off what are the chances of her walking off and then being abducted and murdered, or something mere hours later What are the chances? Just do the math So I understand why there is some suspicion on cam here, because I would suspect him myself Monday July. Twenty fifth, there still are
that somehow cayley would show up for work and these dad is the one who contact. Lisa castro and asks have you from cayley at least the says now so now? spend at least a full day since anyone has heard from cayley theirs detective Eric back with who works in the nearby town of redman, Oregon he's guided by the police officer the lobby of his office. So police officers named isabel ponds and he scholar she's sort of out of her. You know dixon his sergeant, will column into the office to speak with isabel and the bell is actually crying. She told officers that her husband had been in an accident somebody with his car in believed it the missing girl. So there this weird,
so we have a missing girl. we have a missing woman, do your saying your husband possibly hit her he says her husband said. I hit her with my car. He said he was leaving, took her gun from her paw worse and said. I need to go, he got his car and drove away she told the police. He was most likely going to his grandparents house who lived in los angeles She also worried that he might be suicidal ya mean what is he post to think. telling her, I think, killed a woman with my car. I guess he's implying that it was an accident, but then he takes her gun And so she's worried He doesn't know what else to do sweets fleeing and he's going to take his own life, so she's going to the police out of desperation. Hopefully they can fuck em down, and maybe He won't be dead right.
maybe she'll find him in time. This detective thinking. Why are you just reporting this now How long did you wait and wendy this go down this person's been missing over a day. we can assume that the reason is because she has her firm sense, then, so her worry is compounding right, he's not returned this is her husband, so she's, probably not trying to protect him but she's, giving him a little bit of the benefit of the doubt of more maybe he'll call, maybe he'll show backup, maybe he's just freaking out at the moment. While she's reporting to the right. In oregon police this one. Like you says, from bend, and so this is possible connection right there. They start by trying to find out where his smartphone is his cell phone and I find that it ping didn't eagle crest. This is a resort near redmond, but
they go there. They don't find him how isabel told the police that they didn't have a family and redmond. There was no one there that she could imagine at when running off too, for safety for hiding, but his step, other did live five minutes. From his house, so maybe they should look there. The plea found at once car abandon outside this house and a swat team went into the house, but found nothing little bit of her. stand off, but of course they recovered nothing tracking him down. I mean they're picking up these breadcrumbs, trying to figure out where he sat and they search his house, on July, twenty fifth and inside the yard shed. They found a trash bag containing a bloody green purse and inside His purse was Kelly's passport. They also found cayley shoes and aid bag, for Boss in alarm,
bloody rock The evidence here obviously is somewhat contradictory of his wife, isabel statements about a hit and run if you just hit somebody with his vehicle and then took off. Will that person would still be lying in the street and why would he go in? remove these items? Take their purse their shoes? All these you know, belongings from them. If you never get tired of a good who done it, then you'll love june's journey you play as june part, an amateur detective on a quest to solve the murder of her sister anne uncover her families, many secrets, you'll hunt for object, and devilishly hidden intricate scenes full of little details. All before timer runs out this of right. If gain modes and puzzles all with the backdrop of the glorious roaring twenties sit back relay, and let your inner sherlock escape your search for hidden clues to solve mystery after mystery across thousands of vivid scenes and with new
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got. The information that I went had visited their abandon car asked for money and then took one of the cars from that house, this especially as a way to delay, while enforcement's ability to track down this is a man on the run so obviously her kelly's, but from camp is now off of their radar, because it's obvious that his story is matching up. They had a fight she did walk off and now other person. Is forward very legit. A person with a story about her husband and they found and all of kelly's belongings at his property. So can he's off just- and this is where the story escalates the situation escalates. What we know is that, after leaving this house had one drawback, hundred and thirty miles from red meat
two salem Oregon and it was there that he kidnapped a woman who was heading back to her car after working a double shift at ROS. This was andrea maize she got it. Or car and too picture of herself using your phone right posting to snap chat and its, then that she must have seen someone reaching into her window and unlocking her door. Then she was met with a gun. Now, starts yelling at her dessert driving, but his the gun? Justin choice does she have right? She thought it was a joke, but obviously this is no joke. He says I can the girl and banned and I'll kill you too, if you don't do it, I ask so she drives away with him in the car now Her car is not in the best of shape. she has an oil leak scott engine lights on. So tells this man who
name, she learned was Edwin that they should find and a different car, because hers would not make it. Why think, So I just ass. She was telling him he should find it every car. Like you, don't need me, you need some one else, because my car socks yeah. This is true she's trying to get him out of card trying to get away from him right, but He doesn't seem super worried about this because he just makes her stop at a gas station and mcdonald and always hungary and andrea who spoke to people there. but she was afraid to say anything to tipp them off, because Well, there's a man with a gun. Next to her now there Stop is about ninety miles away, that's where they stopped relax in her kidnapper paid for the room, then he handcuffed, andrea, we could shower. Then he I heard a shower, but she said
I don't carry you do to me by IRAN die, then shower and five you. What about all the ways she could kill? Edwin she thought about getting behind him in strangling him with the handcuffs but she's nineteen, she smaller she thinks that if she tries to attack him, he could we're power. Her take his gun out and kill her and when handcuffed her to the bed and he forced her to take a sleeping pill. An alarm on andrea's phone got his attention, and so he said what the hell is this and she said it's a timer for my daily medicine, so she lies and said that she had a sexually transmitted disease that she was taking. Medication for she's, quick witted were see. If not, or that edwin was the process of assaulting her, but that stopped him then his phone rang and
that's when he was tipped off that the police were on his trail, just in its unbeliever, ball. But Edwin has a bullet proof, vest with him and he puts it on forces andrea to drive further through California, he's obviously got off of these items- and I mean, I won't say he was planning any of this, but he sure was prepared It tells Andrea that he comes. a family of rapists, murderers and criminals? So It's on the twenty six, the tuesday when they reach in california, andrea had been driving for eight hours, she did it, I can't drive more than two. I think her car was overheating and he told Andrea that he was gonna have to steal another car and she is going to continue to be the driver, so they reach a super eight in. Why rica, California, at five a m and they
again too. Well, edwin bread send to an elderly man room with andrea in tow those men, and he starts yelling because he doesn't allow these people are in his room but headwinds yelling at him and say I'm gonna kill you if you shut up, but this guy wouldn't listen to him. Now Just knows that this gun goes off right and if haven't been around again before, like. If you haven't been around a gun, that's fired, it is loud and it can be caught shocking so according Andrea? She doesn't remember of edwin deliberately the trigger she doesn't really know. But I went- punch, the man in the stomach and then dragged her off with them. So then they go to a mobile station and and jumps into this car where a woman is with her two kids inside pulls andrey into the car with him, and when of course is using the gun sang. You need a star driving, but there's a near by the calls nine one. One
these tease at arrive perfume later, They save the life of the man that add when shot in that hotel room sky has just gone on this rampage now and is trying to kill everybody and leave a trail of dead bodies and thirty miles in strive, he releases, the woman and her kids. But of course he her car and he keeps Andrea now. One of the kids, though, had hidden his cell phone. So the able to call nine one one. So another call comes in reporting. What edwin is doing here now: driving down this highway. He's dead. over a hundred miles per hour, he's there patrol cars behind them andrea, that there's a helicopter following them and he uses phone too court a video of himself and he apollo
as for what he did and said that he slightly would get caught. that. He was sorry about the girl one or two. Let Andreas family know that she would be fine because far she's, been doing what he asked. Then said, he hadn't done dirty thanks to her By saying I kill that other girl, and I regret it should screaming. So I silenced her forever, tell the cops not to shoot us because they shoot us then, as now fought. he tells andrea to post this to her facebook page. She plies but sets it too, like private, so nobody can see it and then at six, forty, a m edwin make a call to nine when one and I gotta say on is you have to go out and listen to this call yourself? It's this
aimless, weird I'm not pull over because its unsafe, all over on the highway, yet he's doing a hundred and twenty miles per hour with police right behind him in that somehow safer than pulling over and he just goes. Back and forth with this none when one operator, but during call. He confesses to the crime, see promote, says yeah murdered this girl, but he keeps looting that he hit her with security vehicle. Guess, apparently he worked the security guard, so he emphasising that it started out as an accident and then he had to silence her. That. Doesn't really sound like an accident to me now, but does allow his captive. You speak to the normal one operator and its the most I
call I've ever heard, but this obviously he's in a fight take mode and he's just try, to get away from all of the things he's done. He eventually pulls over at seven a m and he gets out of the car first and is arrested they also arrest andrea, but have to figure out if she was an accomplice or not, even though he had stated that he had kidnapped her and she'd. Even you verify but the name on one operator that she was ok, but they got a vet hurt while part that too is a day They don't trust him at all, and so what is it? You think it's several hours before the police I understand that she's also a victim but edward, He wants to talk, does any he wants, talk to the oregon detectives so sergeant back with a detective mclaughlin. They drive to why rica up with them and he
as the map showing where to find Kelly sawyer. He doesn't do right off the bat it takes a little of interrogation and talking and working with him and trying to appeal to him before he gives information up. it's hard to watch this interrogation or this interview, because d detectives are to be jovial with this person who has murdered, an attempted to murder and kidnap people its part? Job though right. It's so interesting that they have to do things like this. and that it works. So this is where he gives his version of events chest in any says, and this is of course, after some work by the detectives but had winter then in the early hours. Her delight. Twenty fourth he's driving in his cruiser
at the c o c c right. This is the college that Haley had attended, he was the curate guard they're here. that he was putting signs up and use hurry, because this shift was ending he's they go home, but he said he was to turn into de force lot. But this is do not enter area that going in and he said he did see cayley down the sidewalk because she was wearing all black say, turned and thumped her with the patrol car but not very hard. He said Molly went down and he got out of the car and he said it seemed like cayley was drunk. She looked M and started screaming, but this is where he he needs we're prodding. Doesn't he so detective Mclaughlin now is trying to get him to give more details. So Edwin saw cayley and
felt she was the one you understand this justin I mean He saying that she's the one and he goes on to say that he felt the urge to kill her now leading up to this point. Tactic is asking edwin about his christian faith. And it's almost as if Edwin is saying this is god's will Well, it seems to me like he couldn't resist the opportunity here, and he felt the urge to kill her. He drove along cider and for a ride which cayley refused. So then he grabbed her by the throat and, of course- wanting to scream and make no Is so he yells and shut up by action. That passing out he's strangling her. He puts her in the car. He took her feet and he said he felt safe because
He couldn't escape then so that, when he drove over to lot be twelve, because we got up. She awoke- and She tried to get through the plexiglass divider in the car. She tried to on emergency lights, hunk, the horn grab his radio. She tried anything she could to draw attention to them its again started. strangle. Her telling her to shut up. He threw down and hit her with a rock then he dragged her behind a tree and beat her to death with this rock know them these. They don't know yet that cayley. has been sexually assaulted no her cause of death yet because they haven't gotten to her body, so their able take a lot of this interrogation with a green assault, but They know that there is a lot more. That's been done here and they
prodding edwin and not taking him at his word, which I appreciate during this interview,. His eye to manage here, because edwin seems to be I don't If there's a centre line, he keeps crossing it right again and again on one hand, he start saying they thought K Lee may have been a sex worker and that he does the killer because since you wasn't, she might report him, the police Then he also later tells detectives that he author, his life struggled with the urge to kill. He said that, one thing that help represses urges was being with his wife isabel that marrying her helped a lot by he said we saw cayley he and control himself. of course he says I did not rape her the police. They suspect that he did now, according to the time of the sun, He says basically that she
killed around one fifty in the morning and he to the schools jam and washed his hands, but he was pretty dirty wasn't justin. He was covered in some dirt and blood, and then he his boss. His boss wanted to talk to him. and, of course, is acting with in front of his boss, he's nervous and stammering and he clock two, a m to get the hell out of there. Before his boss suspected anything had gone wrong. So this when he started to come up with a plan, because he still, I did with Kelly's body, so he grabbed ash can and trash bag from custodial room the driving to ditch nearest parents, house and thrower in it, but he so paranoid about what he's done, that he knows he needs to move her so that night after his wife goes to sleep.
He leaves again and moves her body. He gets rid of her phone. Her purse are these things that he touched and he threw as things in his share in the back yard, and then he took her phone and threw it in a river. as he drove away he moved her body and hold his wife that to turn him in here pretty vague and cryptic with his wife, he said he was leaving, so she could do her thing. I don't know how much she discovered to her about what he had done, but according to her, he was pretty quick to. Gathers stuff up and get out the door. yeah. This is, situation where we're not sure what he actually told her, but I get the feeling that about new, that he was in big trouble. I can understand if she was of the mindset that he might take his life, but
I think she also suspected the worse than he had done something terrible and He was going to try and flee, so confession, as we might call it went on for about six hours. So, with the police. They have to kind of put together theory here, just because at once not giving them all of the information. No matter how good a job there doing trying to get on good side. I don't think this. Is rocket science. Here he saw her- and he took this opportunity- the middle of the night cayley walking down the street, he wrote up and asked her. If she needed a ride he's a camp. Security guard and a security vehicle, so he looks sure, because he is possible Kelly might have accepted the ride because she felt safe its past well he might have dragged her into the car. We don't know, but once
he trapped her in the car, because again this is a security vehicle with plexiglas separation. He drove her to this remote parking lot, raped her and then killed her The organ police were working processing this car that driven away in the one day. parents alone him his his stepped out his mom and in it they found two notes This note is to say that I am sorry for taking her life one a seven zero zero, too dad. I'm sorry, then it says Is minus one, eight, seven, zero zero to her mom! I'm sorry it was an accident. She screamed the no said the place I killed her is on the beach wealth lot run over on college way. So this detective back with on tax, the police and tells them where Kelly's body can be found. It takes them. Think five minutes to find her body in a ravine if the highway,
can. This is eight miles west of redmond I mention these numbers, one eight, seven, zero, zero well He was found off one twenty six highway near a mail box that had the label one eight seven zero zero on it. It's the california pin code for murders as well. This is where you know he had reference before when he kidnapped andrea, saying he came from a family of serial killers, rape as murderers. Well, There is obviously something going on with I when, where he is. An obsession with killing and with murderers. Now her family expects you come in to and their daughters body, but The police say that she is unrecognisable, she's been b in bludgeoned, so badly, so after use other means to identify her.
and this is terrible because I'm sure a first, they said no, we won't be having you do that in their saying, please we want to and they had to tell them the horrible truth, theirs a lot of question here on who done it is not a question about the case: going forward so slay the d a is going to put him on trial and seek the death penalty is trial is set for october tenth, twenty seventeen, the attorney john hummel he's labeling this as a heinous crime, I'm sure isn't just an area, and it is in our There are so many times when DA's prosecutors will label something a heinous crime and seek the death penalty. But in this case we have somebody who target a woman abducted her raped her bludgeoned, her to death and then went on a crime spree, so
This is one time where I agree with the day. This is totally heinous and I stand by their seeking the death penalty in this case than this, It is good because he has that video of edwin much confessing in them and he's gonna play there. Video for the court but see off camera he had asked if his lawyer was almost there and the police responded by saying when you get don't call you can ask for one but Defence team argued that when Ask that question. He was invoking his rights to a lawyer which mean they should have stopped questioning him and we for the attorney to show or allowed him his call. So we could call for that attorney. The judge agreed with this and the confession video was removed from evidence. Scary, good defence team- and you know what it sounds legit to me, but you what justin, this is a messy case. Every four edwin and
The prosecution still has plenty of ammunition to use against him. Hoeyer I mean this guy was talking about this a gave the police nine when one operators he even his wife, a lot of information that can all time. to this crime. There's there's no question here so either. though its assent back to not have that interrogation video from the police. most inconsequential It really is less go through some of the evidence they have against him kelly's blood. Was found in his camp as safety vehicle edwin dna was under Kelly's fingernails kelly's. and the murder weapon were on his property. So the only thing that really is affected by this video confession being thrown out was poor being that he had sexually assaulted cayley. So
That's where the prosecution decided, along with these family not to pursue a sexual assault, conviction, but because of this mountain of evidence against tat when his defence Does something else smart? They want the negotiate. A plea deal absolutely the other going for the death penalty. So this is what his defence can do and they're gonna save he pleads. And that's better than going to trial, Kay family, doesn't have to go through this painful process and are client will live there. Speaks with Kelly's mother Julie on the phone and advises her that please deal while it sounds like they're, letting him off the hook a little bit maxie, where out better because Your family won't have to sit through a link. Trial and lengthy death penalty case appeal process, so, they decide her. Family decides well
be. The deal is the way to go moment to get a word from our sponsor. Cove cove believe is everyone deserves to feel secure. purity shouldn't just before the rich and famous. That's why they make home security systems that are see to install affordable canned, reliable cove arrive. configured for your home and you install it and just mere minutes, no technician required and it's easy to control from the sleek touch screen or up its professional grade systems price to be affordable and come with life, equipment, warranties, faster spawns times thing competitors because threats, don't sleep sakharov doesn't either no contracts. Twenty four by sea friendly. Customer support. Try the number one customer rated home security system order today and get fifty percent off your customized system get started, cove, smart dot, com. So it's on january, twenty third, twenty Eighteen, when had been laura plead guilty too waited murder. And Kelly's family was able
Read their victim impact study, Hence They were expressing It's like, I hope you rot, and they should. This is their chance to tell anyone what they think they are upset this crushed them. Now just in edwin, made a statement. to the court room, and I really don't feel like reading it now, because I think anything asked to say, is worth a damn He didn't mean it regardless so. He received a sentence of life without the possibility of parole a few minutes Are you spoke as part of this? He also plead guilty to his california charges. Then, klute attempted murder, kidnapping and car jacking anna twenty six. Twenty nineteen, he was sense. The life in prison for kidnapped andrea maize. This was a federal sentence. The attorneys at when tried to argue that his behaviour could beaks claimed by a genetic digits,
Dave cognitive brain disability. The judge rejected that argument. glad the judge did because I don't have any clue what disability cause murderous spree like this, and there is good to be a civil kay, that arises were more of his past behave, here comes up july, if twenty seventeen, the sore family file, the federal law suit against central organ community college they occur them of failing to do an adequate background check on edwin, laura and allowing them happy safety vehicles too, so closely. Remember resemble police. troll cars, so there's here they think that, because the way the uniforms and the cars looked, that cayley may have been duped, it was at night she sees this vehicle roll up. It looks like a patrol car. She may have thought that was a police officer, instant.
Austria, yeah and I understand their their logic here, but yours supposed to make your security team recognisable and stand out really sure everyone associates your parents wide car or uniform, look to authority. Please. So I'm not sure why The college was supposed to do here, but they definitely drop them on vetting in background. This college had I've been accused of acting out. I'd legal authority by staff by students and the and police chief Jim porter before sixteen this college had paid for an internal safety audit which seem to confirm the accusations and It recommended changes in the department, but no changes were made so after the audit, this car
it was advised that allowing security guards to make traffic stops arrests and investigate crimes was improper and unlawful. This is partially because they said you don't have required background checks or training to act as police officers? empowering them as the end. All authority when if there was some out of their control, they probably should have called the real police department given them, essentially the power of arrest and attainment and I have twenty twenty. There was a settlement announced Kelly. Family one. two million dollars settlement from central organ community college. Now, as part of this, the college denied any wrongdoing, but they ended the family, the maximum settlement allowed by the state, and they release statement of sympathy to Kelly's His family and then made changes to their security team. They change
the uniforms and the vehicles too makes that they didn't look to similar to regular law enforcement, They also increase ground and criminal history checks for new and current employs it's nice to see there were some changes made, whether they, you know, really had to or not. This is a good step, and just Everyone understands that it wasn't just the youth forms and the excessive authority of their secure team, but there were coworkers so that one who gave statements and are some of his coworkers said that edwin had told them that he was a police officer in honduras and then he saw bodies all chopped up here, highly aggressive, he wants penned a female cadet to the wall and for
her to reveal her religious beliefs and great. detail, meaning he want to work with her. If she didn't have the same religion is him, sir. He assaulted her and tat. She said that she felt so scared of ETA that you refuse to ever ride in a car with them or be alone with him He also would show porn agree. The images of himself a woman whom he was having an affair with two as coworkers or This was ever reported. Sent up the chain they never, a background check on edwin and he never received any disciplinary action for his behavior. It said at the college, knew about these complaints, but had done nothing their work, aims made against at laura by. or your family, but those were later dropped because well at when had no assets to pay them with anyway,
Ok, liese, mother. She watched the testimony or statements given by some of when's coworkers and She was waiting for a statement from them. She wanted to question them like why to report this or what didn't they do anything about this. She was so enraged about this history of violence and weird perversion, but her mother said that, as she watched them, give the statements she could see guilt in their eyes like they did. Do enough and all the co workers would end up going to the mother and apologizing to her, because It just obvious that this was a terror person who never was checked this too late it too late.
Now the sawyer family. They work to pass kelly's law that require background checks for cap, a security guards and other safety regulations. It pretty students and citizens by defining the role of campus police safety employees, and I would also say when I upon this. Just in that the ability security officers, to stop in frisk. I think that's deaf, something that should have been allowed, at least from point of view. What do you think torn on that because we give say a bounty hunter, a lot, authority and a lot of leeway They have probably more freedoms than most police officers. So it's not that I think they should have stop and sk ability, but it's a lot harder to argue again
that, as opposed to arguing against an officer of the state or the government because they're not working for the government, they are a citizen. So it's a grey area I don't think they should have it either. But it's it's a hard argument to make. I guess my feeling on it is is just what the complaints were and with it stability of cayley being duped by someone because of the uniform they were wearing the Go they were in. This is just a way for people die, stand if their dealing with actual law enforcement or security personnel. I think then that the main problem with this call it is. They weren't conducting sir, is background checks. Other sick eddie personnel and we're taking com it's against them seriously serious, complaints you know exactly and if they had would have found these complaints and maybe said
not the guy for our team headwinds. Why isabel pants. She filed. Divorce and resigned. the band police department, Julie van cleave. She K, K readers, mrs a children's book club in honour of cayley and the pro am donates books to children and headstart and early education programmes, and I love this. I think that's amazing julie, as part of the settlement she received to expand case readers. You can find more K, K, readers, dot, org, never missed an episode of generation. Why subscribe to us on apple, podcast, spotify, cast box or reverie listening right now also be sure to follow us on social media. Our tik tok is at jen wiper god are instagram is at generation. Why podcast joint quandary plus in the wondering app to listen ad free
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