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Kevin Green. September 30, 1979. Tustin, CA. A heated argument between a husband and his wife prompts him to leave. He will drive away to cool off and get something to eat. Later, when he returns, he discovers that his wife has been bludgeoned and raped. The attack was so severe that she suffered memory loss and much of her ability to hear or smell. After medical care she will get to go home. But a short time later something will come back to her. The memory of her husband as her attacker... Kevin Green will be arrested and convicted for the crime. Many years later a DNA hit will alert authorities to a troubling fact. They convicted the wrong man. Green's former wife, though, isn't buying into his innocence.

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The I'm doing great justin, how are you doing wonderful, What are we talking about? Another will tie his case some of you, may know because it's been covered a couple of times. Anson true crime shows, but it concerns the rape and attempted murder of a present
woman back in nineteen. Seventy nine in southern california, her husband at the time it was. That they were arguing. Neighbours hearing the noise and it wasn't anything surprising because the police Is it in them a number of times in the past bad, a history of arguing in domestic abuse if five after one in the morning the husband takes off ngos to get some food when he returns a half an hour later. He finds his wife a legend. Bleeding and because the police and calls the ambulance to get her medical attention and she will go into a coma and she will lose her baby a few months after the attack. She suddenly recalls who attacked her because, she had had memory loss. She didn't know what had happened
and she names her attacker ass, her husband and he will be arrested, tried and convicted. That's that's summary, but the reason why were covering this case is because You never know what someone Do in a given situation because, you might say well, dispersed over here he's my best friend, I know He'll do the right thing this persons the police officer and I trust their judgment. You just never know what's going to happen, but in this case, as we go through, it you'll find that it's really interesting how everyone reacted to different situations, and I ever since I first learned of this case- I've read up on it. I would say several times a year.
It's just really stuck with me over the last few weeks. Reading in researching this this case, I've had a roller coaster of emotion. I know a lot of our fans and listen It would be really invested in a case. It might be a case that, on I, just think it interesting story, but I dont have any emotional investment to it. I dont really have an appeal. In either way if the guy's innocent are guilty or what the outcome was on this case I was fully invested, upset pissed off and finally, by the time we recording tonight, I'm sort of that peace with a lot of it. Tonight is the case of Kevin green who is accused of beating and raping his wife.
Which causes the death of their unborn child. Given the green was the son of Frank and sharon green and his father, I think, was a big influence on his life because he was a retired master sergeant in the marine corps and a be an armed veteran with twenty years experience and Kevin green will enter the marine corps as well. He has a sister named karen, which want to bring up something about her later, because something happens with her as well september, thirtieth of nineteen, seventy nine entrusting california which test in california in orange county, it's southern california, it's in between los angeles and san diego september, thirtieth, nineteen. Seventy nine is the morning and it's when the attack occurs, yeah at the
time. Kevin Green had been married. about six months to Diana, she was over nine months pregnant she was do yeah. She was overdue, it wasn't the only child he was expecting because he had been married before his first wife was too now and in march of nineteen seventy nine his divorce to his first wife became final. and on that same day, he married diana and she was pregnant with a daughter, just as his second wife was pregnant with a daughter, it seems like a would be stressful time? Because he has he's expecting to children, he's just gone through a divorce and he's is a relatively new wife, but he's yes or of a combative relationship with Diana
Well he's drinking a lot and said that he uses drugs and sorry he's twenty one years old, he's already expect. one child gotta divorce and expecting a second child a twenty one year old. That's that's a lot to take. I don't know how is dealing with this. Having volatile relationships so the police have been called out at least several times. They say that it has gotten quite heated. It said that he hid his wife, I'm at least one time he struck her feet. He admits two slapping his wife wants, but on the puzzle side. He was taking the pregnancy seriously. He was going to a more classes with Diana and he had practice driving their the route to the hospital so that they could just jump in at a moment snowed
and he could get him right there. So one o five in the morning or so he and I been arguing Kevin, decisive leave. Now, knows by staying it's just going to get worse, so he's going to go out and get something to eat and blow off some steam? Probably just a separate himself from the situation, because we fear arguing with your pregnant wife at one in the morning. That's just not a good night. He has his heart set on getting something from jack in the box. I think it was some cheeseburgers, so he heads to the one across the street from where his apartment is, but it has kind of a line so he's looking at the and thinking I could drive to santa anna and go to the jack in the box. There it's about fifteen minutes away, so he does. Should we mention the look
in the parking lot that he noticed. So as he's leaving to check the jack in the box cross the street, he does is that there is a strange man in the parking lot. Lurking around, but then he's getting into a vehicle and leaving kevin notices, but doesn't think much about it because you see people know my getting into their cars all the time, so he didn't want to think much about it is the guy and he sees the guy getting into a vehicle, so he assumes he's leaving, but he just takes note of it, but doesn't take much of it and the vehicle is a black van yeah, so he drives to get his cheeseburgers. The crosstown he's gone about,
half an hour, so he arrives about one thirty five in the morning and he notices one of the doors to his apartment is open, it's ajar and he hears eight snorting or snoring sound, which is probably a little disconcerting, unless you think, maybe you know maybe his wife's asleep, but I don't think he had the sense that she was sleeping think it. It sound weird. So he goes in and the sheets are bloody and he saw that she had some sort of wound on her forehead. It was a star shaped pattern and so his first thought was: oh, my god, maybe she's been shot the first it
active on the scene will have that same assumption that she's been shot in the forehead and the gurgling sound of courses, her choking on blood terrible site, her forehead is, has been opened and her brain is exposed. So it's very, very brutal attack. She was still alive, but obviously in really bad shape, and he saw tat. She could open one of her eyes a little bit, and so he calls for police at the hospital. He is with her holding her hand and he's watch in the monitor of her heartbeat and their unborn child's heartbeat and he's fixated on this wall. While he's trying to comfort his his wife. That's a pretty
ten seem to think about. They will do a an emergency sarian on his wife and try to save the baby, but she will not live. The wife will make it through the night and fall into a coma, and she will stay in that coma for about three weeks when they deliver his daughter. He name, sir, what his wife had wished to name the child, which is shown she wanted a neighbor sonntag, because she had a childhood pen pale friend in france. Now the injury to his wife damaged her frontal,
tax. This went through her forehead left her with amnesia and she was unable to speak yeah, it's known as F asia, and so she has trouble forming words, difficulty speaking and she also has lost a lot of her ability to smell or to hear so her
asked memory is before the attack in that last memory was her arguing with her husband. The doctors will tell Kevin, do not tell her what happened. Do not feed her em for any information, because you will form her memories for her and she needs to remember on her own, so just interact with her, but don't tell her what happened, because we need her to remember the doctors and form police detectives and her family and everybody of this, because you can very easily implant of false memory or in full. once their memory because they, they don't know the police. They check Kevin's story line from the night and it is shown that he did go to the jack in the box
he did have a receipt from the jack in the box and the food he brought back was still warm and the bag. So His story of I was not at the house checks out, but what are the chain some of you leaving your home for half an hour and something like this happening to your wife or loved one and a half hour time. It's it's pretty cool They were finding problems with what he was saying. He said that he drove to santa Anna get is hamburgers when there's a jack in the box right across the street, so to them. They thought this doesn't make any sense. You could have just gotten in the line and waited near an be right near by and then they also listen to his story about seeing a strange man out in the parking lot that he felt was suspicious, but they
by that either they said I mean it's like he. They felt like he was just making up a character. Another thing he said and I dont know his exact words, but he said something to the effect of. I hope my wife doesn't think I did this to her. I hope she doesn't remember something that didn't happen, which sounds really bad and the police also felt like he wasn't sure any emotion yeah. So when you add all this together, did he
oh further away, and then he didn't show much emotion and that he made a statement about. Oh, I hope she doesn't think that I did this or blame me for this. Then it really doesn't look good for cabin and even if he can prove that he drove across town to jack in the box who's to say that he didn't raven and beat his wife before he laughed and then
go and come back here. That's not unheard of the alibi as much as he had worn. It's not a foolproof alibi cause. You can't time stamp when she was brutalized, so it's it's a little flimsy there. Also. He admits to having consensual sex with his wife that night, yet they ve been arguing the neighbors heard them arguing they did a rape kid for the time and they found that she did have seamen inside of her, in that seamen was type o negative and that matched kevin lotta things look and bad for cabin right now he's. I can understand why the investigators. are not believing historian kind of king,
on him as the potential suspect because well it's always the spouse and his stories pretty flimsy, So she regains consciousness and starts regaining some memory right Well, she's living at home with cabin and one day this is about three months after the attack she's with her mother at the time she's reading a baby magazine and suddenly she starts recalling the attack and she recalls that are attacker is her. Husband came green, so she remembers that she lost the baby and she remembers that it was him now she's trying to kid. May this to her mother- and you can only imagine you know them. If you the mother of of somebody who has been,
brutalized raped and who has lost child? you're gonna. Listen to anything, they say they say. Well, it was cabin. Why would she lie? Why would she say It was any one else. This is her husband. You recognize your husband not like a stranger. You don't recognize or she picked somebody out of line up. This is it's my husband why wouldn t know or be able to identify him. So now the investigators are going after cabin now Kevin actually takes a polygraph with the investigators. According to everybody, he passes this polygraph. He says he had nothing to do with it, that and while you, if you listen to our podcast enough, you know how I feel about lie detector tests. So I don't give much credit here. It's up to the investigators to figure out what has happened and I don't care if he's passed, one of the
you're not my still give him a little bit of credit for actually taking the test, be, as I think it's a bold move, yet he could have denied it. It doesn't really protect you all. It shows a z willingness to be exposed, in cooperate with the authorities right, but it doesn't really earn you points I don't think with the authorities, because if they decide that you were involved they're going to arrest you and prosecute you any way and that's what happens here yeah and it's because you have the most powerful witness. You have a victim who survived and can point out who were attacker was who wouldn't believe that so you have the victim pointing it out. You have a
really odd story of. He leaves at the same time, the attack happens and you have a not a match because it and have dna at this time, but you have a blood type match which at least it just it would exclude people, but it doesn't exclude cabin. So they arrest him They charge him. Some of these charges are attempted, murder and second degree murder for the death of gentle they taken to court. It varies from state to stay on whether an unborn foetus is considered a life or not
in California, it is so they were able to charge him with second degree for the loss of the baby. We won't bore you with the details of the trial, but his attorney put up a good defence for cabin, but again he's got his wife upon the stand and cheese. You know disabled now and she's pointing the finger at him. So what do you do? I think he looks. guilty as hell yeah. He looks very, very guilty and the jury surprisingly to me. I think it surprising anyway. They take two days to deliberate and then he's found guilty of attempted murder and second degree murder. So he's found guilty he sentenced to fifteen years
life, everyone knows. That means that you serve your time and then, after fifteen years, or even before, if you're on good behaviour, they could parole you, but in order to be purled, you have to show remorse, you have to admit you ve done wrong and that you have become a better person. Kevin says I did not do this. It was not me, you got the wrong man and he's never going to admit to a parole board Daddy has remorse for something he hasn't done and he exhaust all of his appeals to the point where he is he's giving up. He doesn't, he doesn't even really wanna live anymore, he's contemplating suicide and in prison.
I hate to say this, but I don't blame you know if you are accused of, farming, your wife and taking the life of your own child, and then you put in prison for them the guy's a strong guy, but I I think I would have felt the same way he did yea seems to have a bit of a roller coaster in prison because early on he really suffers. He goes in and he's labelled as a child killer which, as you know, prisoners don't take kindly to people who have killed a child. Now his life gets endanger, he's he's caught with marijuana in prison, but then he turns everything around and he starts taking classes. Andy earns degree, it's an I t, degree of all things
And he becomes a liaison between the prisoners and the the warden by it. It is rough when you go before the parole board, you know you didn't do something, but they want you to express remorse before they can even grant you any type of freedom, because he's he's done wrong and he needs to have. He needs to be held accountable. He needs to show that he's ready to do better in the future and and by not expressing any remorse they're like well, we might as well keep you in just like justin, said it's fifteen years to life, so they can keep bringing him before the parole board. But he's not going to admit to this because he didn't do it. That's his staying a sticking with it. This episode is brought to you by peacock bridge Did the original limited series, a friend of the family, based on story of the Jan roper, kidnappings from nickel,
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store all your shopping, rackets and outcome or get the rackets an app to start saving. Today, that's racket in our aid, hey you t e dot com, so where we had now with Kevin, green and so salaries and his life around and he's probably served? Sixteen years now, lieutenant Tom tartly joined the tustin police department in eighteen. Eighty nine and worked as a detective in the ninety nine these in the crimes against persons unit which handle robbery, homicide investigations. He attends train session in san diego real, it's about an online database that would allow the police to use forensic samples from unsolved cases and compare them to known offenders. If you can get some data on an unknown offender and plug it into the system
you get a match, then you know you have not. An unknown offender but a known offender. So it's a way to help clear up cold cases essentially or cases that aren't very promising, and that's awesome that they're going through, because I'm sure there is a ton of cold cases that have ties to currently solved. he says that they can clear they can tie and they can charge somebody with more years if there already sitting in prison and the first case that they start looking into is the case of a men who is living in a ground floor apartment in october of nineteen, seventy nine, who was found murdered. Her sister discovered her on the sofa and she had been bludgeoned and raped. So the blunt forced trauma is what killed her eventually
There was a an unknown offender who the police had labelled the bedroom. Basher was the police or It was that the media, more or less did bedroom basher and the police called him the bludgeoning killer, so this serial killer was breaking into apartments ground floor, for apartments and raping and murmuring women, but he would hit them in the head with a two by four or a hammer or mallet, but typically a to buy. For so that's why he was called these things very and he would he would overkill when you would do this, he would beat their head in. So it's in the summer of ninety ninety six, when lieutenant tarpley receives a phone call and
the data they had submitted matched matched to an offender back then the database was knew it said, didn't really know if it was going to work while because since it is new, they didn't believe they had enough offenders in a database to actually get ahead hits look of the draw really, so they get a match too. a gerald parker, who is a former marine who lived on the EL toro base before he started serving time for the four raping a thirteen year old. They think of what we ve got a hit on some of these victims who were being raped and bludgeoned. Doin problem here is that general parker is due to be paroled in a month ago move on this because they're about to let out a serial killer, yeah, it's terrible
so at the prison where he serving time to coastal mesa detectives are questioning parker and he's being very I would you say, I guess they invasive yeah vases stand off if she's not working with them. So then lieutenant Tom tartly goes in east trying to get him to open up so he starts with asked him if he'd, like the handcuffs taken off of him, which he does and starts talking to him about these cases, but he seems to focus in on the Kevin green case and he asks him about. It said you know anything about the Kevin green case and he says he notices that parker sort of lights out like you, can tell that there is an awareness that keys aware of that case, something that he knows
a lot about knows the details about, whereas the other attacks he's done are passing thoughts or memories, but this one he knows a lot about and so parker does give him some information. He keeps nudging em for informed Somebody says there comes a point in your life that, whatever you ve done wrong, you have the chance to do the right thing. You have the chance to atone this is your moment: you're never going to get this moment again and he speaks about Kevin green being a marine, so parker asks to use the restroom it's almost like he. Let them know that he's going to start talking when he gets back so they let him you the restroom we gets back, they ask him if he has anything to tell them Yes, I do there's a man In former that I committed- and I think we all know what he's talking about parker, ends up telling him what happened when he was outside the apartment. Where
kevin, green and diana green lived, so he says he hears im arguing in their apartment and he's waiting outside and he sees Kevin leave. So he he tries, the door is unlocked. He goes inside, he goes back to the bedroom and he says he sees a woman sit up in bed and then lay back down because she assumes at its her husband coming back and she can't see is allied seraph. She doesn't realise that it's not her husband soap. or go then starts wailing honour, whether with a two by four and then proceeds to raper. Parker says that she sits up in bed, seize him and then lay back from this. We can kind of assume that she assumes its kevin from this. We
no that she's not alerted from this. We know she's, not beaten, she's not injured at this point, She is fully aware, but just unable to see what's going on so within assumption, she assumes that's her husband, but we now know it's not lieutenant sharply is thinking about this in he moves quickly. He checks to see if there's a rape kit and he's a little. What do you say he sceptical that anything will come of it because it's been so long he is able to find the seamen sample that was taken. It has not been refrigerated, so he's doesn't our high hopes, but then are able to get a dna profile from it and it matches Parker yeah. They use a process known as pcr.
But it basically what it does is. It allows a a very small count of dna to be replicated and amplified so that it generates thousands to millions of copies of a particular dna sequence. So since the sample was the great because it wasn't refrigerated just they had no concept Using dna does all crimes back in eighteen. Seventy nine so just wasn't store properly, but luckily this process allows them to you is a degraded sample and it points directly to parker. Now it's not a mix or anything. It is parker and parker's alone. So when you think back to Kevin saying he had sex with his wife that night, you almost wonder if he did or
so lieutenant tenant visits, Kevin green at so it add state prison. At this point, I think he's pretty sure that Kevin's not responsible but he's going to do, is due diligence and he's going to question Kevin again and inner, because there is a link here that both Kevin green gerald Parker were marines. He has no idea at this point if they ve ever hung out together, if they know each other, he want to make sure that he didn't. He really did everything to do with it and he said that cabins. Hounds of what happened. That night was very very close to what he said back in nineteen, seventy, nine from where he was sitting it seemed ass though Catherine was signed it
story hasn't changed, and now he has this other story from parker that actually fills in the blanks. What are the chances of? so lieutenant sharply will tell him there a man in another prison who s confess to killing your baby. You were going free, Kevin's a little overwhelmed? At this point, I think he from his now. He says he still had his doubts, because there's no way it's going to be this easy that he's just suddenly going to be freed yeah. But this is some very big news and it's coming straight from it. active and I'm sure Kevin has seen other people get. You know new evidence get things that should exonerate them in as watched them for years sit in prison while the slow gears of just this grind it out. So a night
seventy nine, his wife was bludgeoned and raped. He lost is, unborn daughter in october. nineteen eighty he was convicted for the crimes and then in nineteen. Ninety six he received the news that someone else has confessed to the crimes against his wife and his unborn child, and that he's going to be exonerated. This is unbelievable. They move quickly. I mean lieutenant sharply calls the prosecutor's office in he asked them. Are you sitting down? Yes we're sitting down and he tells them general parker confessed. the attack on Diana green, and he said it's just dead silence on the other end, so the good news is they work together and they move to get him freed from prison. How long does it take on june? Eighteenth of ninety nine, he said,
ex Kevin green is informed. That is well they. he's, probably going to be exonerated. They ve already got someone confessing. They dna match. So looks all wrapped up. Amazingly, it only takes two days and then judge Robert Fitzgerald mrs the case against having green and it's free After more than sixteen years in prison, ten days, slow gears of justice just got turbo charged the judge apologizes to Kevin green for his wrongful conviction, and he starts out by saying you are about to wake up after a sixteen year nightmare and he let them know that what happened doom is wrong, but I think Everyone involved in the case when they look back, they feel
though they were doing the right things. As we said, his alibi seemed a bit ridiculous. It seemed unlikely the chances of someone coming along and beating and raping his wife. While he just happens, go get burgers it. It just doesn't seem to work. It doesn't seem very very likely so and he doesn't walk in on them or you know there is no the guy slips in and slips out indeed pretty much the exact time that he's gone, and then you have his wife's saying it was my husband its Kevin green. That did this to me really says well those cases where you may not like that some was wrongfully convicted by with what they had to work with it tina? Seventy nine nineteen eighty, while this makes a lot of sense. I mean it's scary, but it makes a lot of sense given his background, given what was going on at the time.
Given his alibi. They doesn't seem to work and his wife pointing the finger at him. I mean this all make sense. Doesn't it I would have found him guilty of house on that jury. I hate to say that hindsight, twenty twenty, but it doesn't good I'll have a lot of time to sit down to read about a noise on the go going from one festival are made up to another and audible offers mean incredible selection of audio books across every genre. Although I think I stick to mainly the aea, thrillers in true crime section as an audible member, I can choose one title a month, including the best sellers and new releases audible members get access to a growing selection of audio books, audio originals and podcast their included with your membership. You can listen, all you want and more gets added. Every month, Gillian flynn is gone to be putting out a new book, soon all the news about sharing penny. You might want to go back and give gone girl or listen. Let audible help.
discover new ways to laugh, be inspired or be entertained. New members contrived for free for thirty days, visit audible calm, slash, Gaeta, BP or text judah view two: five hundred five hundred: that's audible, dot, com, slush judah, BP or text gdp to five hundred five hundred to try audible, free for thirty days or more time, audible, dot, com, slash gdp now, while he was in prison, his ex wife filed a civil law suit against him by default, because you can't come in defend himself. She wins for a large sum of money, which I think is kind of unfair, because I mean can I disco start picking out names of and made that are currently incarcerated and start filing lawsuits against them out when every single one. But she does this because she's suffered greatly. She We can't see out of one eye, as deaf has had all these problems.
she truly believes that its caverns fault, so he's exonerated in criminal court, but he still owes her all this money because he's lost the civil lawsuit. Now he goes to Who d the court systems and says hey? I was wrongfully convicted and you show that I was really wrongfully convicted what kind of compensation can I get in the court system say? While we have, we have compensation built tens you're lucky day. Anyone that's wrongfully convicted gets the law large pay out some of ten thousand dollars. So for sixteen years of his life they offer him ten thousand dollars, six hundred and twenty five dollars a year for sitting in prison. So he's not happy with that. He has to file a counter lawsuit against his wife to try to get the civil lawsuit thrown out. He goes to this.
eight legislators and they actually write a new bill, compensate him or real amount of money for sixteen years of his life and the compensation he gets is over six hundred thousand dollars. They drafted this compensation bill, governor gray Davis is the one that signed it, and this was in october of nineteen ninety nine. It awarded green six hundred and twenty thousand dollars for his wrongful conviction and his long prison sentence. Now
yes, a deal with the civil law suit that still pending. He is trying to explain to his wife and her family that I did not do this and the sad part is: is his wife doesn't believe him? His wife has trouble because her last memory is of him. She might feel that when Parker walked into the room, that was him. So regardless of the dna it just doesn't gel with her. So when the dna evidence is brought up, what's her response at that point, I think this gets into where, when someone's really really angry at somebody it's you can't just let go of it. It doesn't matter what changed. Since that time, you hold to it and in her mind, Kevin's responsible for this now
comes out that well, he beat me and then he laughed the door open so that this other man can just walk in beer, some more and rape her. So she says that she was victimize by two different men that night they get her anger, and if they were fighting that night it makes sense. Her family probably doesn't like Kevin very much because they had a crappy relationship and they fought all the time, but I hate to take the word of a serial killer, but when parker says I walked into the room and she sat up and then turned around and went back to sleeper, laid back down, Shaw viciously hasn't been beaten and she just mistakes him. This infuriated me when I heard that she had the civil law suit pending against Kevin and wasn't willing to drop.
I would have just assumed oh yeah. Let me call my lawyers and get this this lawsuit thrown out for you, but now she sticks to our guns and Kevin's able to come in and say no. This wasn't me and the system has proven that it's not me the jew, I just pretty much says yeah, it wasn't you and I don't want you coming back into my courtroom. I just want you guys to settle this out of court. I guess, as the best kevin can hope for we don't know what the final settlement was, but it didn't go back to court. I have so many mixed emotions about that, because I just assume that it was emotionally driven
between her and her mother and and family. They they wanted this and she absolutely was brutalized and deserve some sort of resolution from this, but the mishandle- I don't even know if it's mishandling, just the I dunno it's I. I can't even explain how I feel about it now, but Kevin is a very forgiving person and much more forgiving than I would have been towards the system. Towards the judge and towards his ex wife, when you look over the facts of the case and you realize that she had suffered such a severe beating to her forehead, you want to say hey you're, witness you know what you saw, but when you take such a beating like that review, have em janet aphasia and you go into a comments. Two of your senses are greatly damaged.
You wonder why there wasn't some guy. I guess they can't because they feel empathy for, but Where was someone to come along and say, I'm sorry, but won't make a very good witness. I know that sounds cruel, but we have to take into account what happened to her and it took her while to realize as this, which I know they say overtime. Your memories could come back and I know it just seems they. They just took her at her word. There is no real way to counter that, well I mean just think if a family, member or loved one has been brutalized, and then they say this is the person that does it you're not going to question them. No one's going to question them, they're the victim in nineteen. Ninety eight, though the year prior parker was convicted for the rape and the attack on Diana green. That resulted in the death of her
one child and he had made a full confession. So, between the dna evidence they had fingerprint evidence and his confessions. He was convicted of murdering five other women and the really sad thing as is when you look back and look at the way he was committing these crimes, diana greens attack. That is just like all the other attacks. They're all the same. There was a case of a woman who had her son with her, not in the same room, but in the apartment he attacked the woman, and then he heard her son call for her, and then he came over to the doorway. He knew something
is wrong with his mom and he said something like something's wrong with my mom. So parker didn't rape her, but he scooted the kid to the side and rushed out having the kid call out. I think it it freaked him out, but in all the other crimes he committed rapes and would have gotten away with it too. If, if we didn't have these detectives submitting these samples into this database and getting these hits and then of course, lieutenant tarpley questioning, parker and seemed to know exactly what questions ass because, as you say, brought up the marine corps angle in and that really seem to be the breakthrough. So they not only guide. Kevin Green exonerated, but they put a serial killer, a surreal rapist behind bars. all the times that we come down hard on law enforcement and on prosecutors. I feel it is a case where, despite feeling
probably some anger along the way. When you look back over the whole case, you kind of have to tip your hat to these guys because they were doing what they thought was right. They were justified in what they were doing. Given the technology of the time and they're invested nation in the end it all worked out now. It may have taken a long time, but if you think about using dna to exonerate people or the questioning of parker to get these, fashions I mean the dna alone. They had the technology for twelve years of his sixteen year sentence, but the database was growing over time and you won't know an answer until you asked the right question and that's just what happened in this case. It just took time lieutenant sharply in some ways, other investigators and in the process, it seems to me like in the end, everybody did the right thing and they moved very quickly to free calving grew
in once they knew he didn't do this. They didn't find it. They didn't double down. Like other prosecutors, have they ve? They said. Ok, let's make this happen. He was proud marine and when he was into prison. For the murder of his unborn child and the rape of his wife, he was dishonorably discharged from the marines that counts against you in a big way it and it's terrible. So this this was a sticking point with with Kevin and when he was finally exonerated he he had to go back and the local authorities notified the marine corps of his criminal case and it being a you know being thrown out. So three years later, the marine corps reversed his dishonorable discharge and changed.
It too honorable, which meant I'm sure, a lot to Kevin because now won't count against him, but it meant even more to him because he was a marine. This was something that was important to him. This is something that he was very proud of. As you know, his father is a marine he's, a marine, so a dishonorable discharge is just a horrible black mark against anyone. I wanted to give some notes before we close this out: Kevin Greene sr karen in nineteen. Eighty five was star, and shot by a jefferson city, police officer, Kevin green, went to live in jefferson city and that's where he is today. She survive this attack and ninety five and she would end at moving to saint Luke
which is where Kevin Green went after he was freed from prison. He met his family and saint louis and had a really emotional reunion. The most surprising thing about this case to me- and this is saying something because Kevin Green, his resiliency and his ability to forgive or be undersea. No, he was very understanding of what
The wife had gone through, never said a disparaging word that I saw about her know what she had gone through it. It was just devastating, but his first wife who he had left for Diana tina tina. She stayed in touch with him, so when he got sent off to prison, she would write him letters. Their daughter was born. Her name's Desiree Tina, told her. Your dad cares about you and she made sure that they stayed in contact. This blows me away because tina could have harbored a lot of anger towards Kevin for how their relationship went, and you know he left her. She was a pregnant woman and he he had left her. She just really stood by his character. You could point out that he used drugs. You could point out that he
abuse alcohol that he had struck. His wife afford that he had the police dispatch to his apartment a number of times because of how terrible their arguments were. She knew deep down that he could never have done this, that he wouldn't have done it. In fact, when he had got now, his daughter desert was sixteen. A new driver had her licence and she drove her dad all over jefferson city, introducing him to her friends and showing sites and that's her dad to me. There is nothing more surprising than that, because this just shows You never know how someone's going to react. Just like we said the police felt he was unemotional, given the situation and yet here's his first wife standing by him and saying he wouldn't do this
He would never do this, and not only that, but going the extra mile and telling their daughter he's your daddy, and he cares about. You the Do you hear that its
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