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Leigh Occhi. August 27, 1992. Tupelo, Mississippi. 13 year old Leigh Occhi was left home alone for the first time while her mother went to work. Tupelo had been experiencing storms as a result of hurricane Andrew so Vicki Yarborough, Leigh's mother, decided to call and check up on her. After she couldn't reach her daughter she became concerned and headed home. Once there she discovered the garage door was up and a door to the house was unlocked. Inside their home she discovered blood outside of Leigh's room. Vicki searched desperately for Leigh but could not locate her. The Tupelo police department began an investigation which would result in two persons of interest for the crime; Vicki Yarborough and a man from their church named "Mike" Kearns who abducted and raped a 15 year old girl the year following Leigh's disappearance... See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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hey, don't matter, I'm doing. good justin. How are you red, bull and ritalin kind of day any announcements we need to make mr a reminder that we will be visiting los angeles here new towards the end of the month march. Twenty fourth, from three to seven p m pacific time at idle. so, hopefully, some of you we'll be. There will also be visiting sir
Paul Minnesota in june. So if you need to know about these events, head over to our facebook. Events. Page will also be a crime khan and if you haven't bought tickets, yet go out to their site and use the courage and why There is a new convention coming up in new orleans, called potter, love and will be going to that. One also go out check out the details, more details later. So I don't have haven't been right now, if you're a pot, ass fan. That will be an amazing, a bad, because they'll have podcast her from all sorts of genres. It's the good folks over podcast. We listen to that are organizing it. Yeah. Look them up on facebook So what are we talking about tonight? One tonight talking about a young girl by the name of Lee oki, why you give the listeners a summary justin. It was is twenty first, nineteen the two. So this is a little bit before
graduated high school to below mississippi, hurt Andrew had just made landfall had ETA actually strafed across Florida come up the egg the golf and hit Louisiana and then spiraled out over this is to be an album vickie. Barbro was the mother of lee marine a cheat. She went to that morning, as she normally would do and was a concerned about the weather being nay, can't Andrew was over their heads and she called back home to check on Lee who deny answer the phone. She got greatly concerned and left work drove to check on her daughter, she found the garage door was open. The house was on law there were signs of a struggle. There was a blood trail. Leading down the hallway
the living room and out the back of the house This concerns her mother very much and she will call nine when one law oh Gee will never be seen again. So it's missing persons case. That may actually be a murder case ye. I call this aid. They burn case, but they haven't found a body also typically win. a case such as this, where there is signs of a struggle, the police, the investigators will look at the amount of blood or just it's like. Maybe there's a bullet stuck in the wall and they'll see. If there's you soft tissue on that bullet to deter and whether or not a murderer occurred now in case there is blue, there is signs of an assault or some sort of fight happening, but is it enough, that the person died. Well, that's questionable.
And we also know the circumstances of this incident, so it could be that if He was attacked that she was struck in away where she didn't get to struggle, though we have evidence of blood but don't really have any other evidence. Apart from that, and then the blood trail, but we get into that evidence later. Let's start at the beginning, where come from right, LEO. She was born august, twenty first nineteen, seventy nine just a few years after me, Lee was ten years old at the time of this disappearance, her parents, a divorce when she was less then one years old and her father Donald was military man, so he didn't see his daughter much, but they did keep in touch. He would end observing twenty four years in the army, so he was always moving around mother, Vicki left the military and
of two tupolev donald master sergeant was stationed in virginia when he disappeared either, but they had actually met in the military, so They knew that life well by it didn't long for that relationship to sour. Unfortunately, Donald has said that he was really. Looking forward to having a family. That was his dream, but it just didn't work out If mother they do. for I believe, as very smart sweet girl She was a dad girl. Like to hang out with him. He showed her how to shoot in, I think, right, a these and staff. They ve cut it out dorsey. She was your topic teenager. She liked pizza dogs and she had blonde hair, hazel eyes, and she was about to begin the eighth grade
yeah. She really light hanging out with their dad because their personalities went very well too from what I understand, I guess their thing would be. She didn't get to see him very often so when they did get to see each other, they try to make the most of it and that's why we have stories of them. riding eighty bees or shooting together. I think you know that difficulty of having that military life and not seeing your daughter very often, it meant that Donald had to make phone calls to his daughter. That's really how they spent a lot of their time together was on the phone and from what I understand. He would call her once or twice a month, This went on for years, and some time before disappearance. She actually do spend a month in germany with her father by his account a great time. Let's go to the day, and what happened so you mentioned,
cain andrew at the time that has dominated the news, if you just scam over this case? You make it this idea that there's this man stir of a hurricane bearing down on mississippi by it really the time it got mississippi This is causing a lot of rain right. It was a pretty severe thunderstorm, I'm not gonna downplayed. As ought severe, but it wasn't a hurricane any longer. It was spinning out it does cause tornadoes so I'm sure they were on a tornado watch. Even in twenty, fifteen. We had a, I don't remember which a hurricane it was, but it made it all the way up here to Kansas city, but by the time they got ass. It was just a bad thunderstorm, so either it, was probably still raining really hard down there very windy, but so a tropical storm, yeah yeah, but still something people should be aware of panic.
ring to Vicki Yarborough, her daughter Lee was pretty afraid, If storms they made her anxious. I love storms myself, but I get it people they don't. Trust, the weather and they think that a tornado or something is going to come down and suck their house up and then they're going to end up in wizard of oz or something yeah. My mother loves storms. I've always been a little wary of them. It's like I am impressed by them, but am also very wary. Am I mother. She loves to set out and watch the storm come through, so everyone's little different. But of course this is least mother saying that her daughter afraid of the storm, and so the night before She said that Lee slept with her probably to help her sleep better. She had that comfort of knowing her mother was right there with her, but there is some about august twenty. Seventh, I was a little different and that's that She planned, leave her daughter at home for a number of hours until her grandmother could pick her up in this is
according to Vicki, one of the first time, she's ever left lee home alone, she's a third, you're a girl- I guess I was left home alone, alot more at by that age. But this is according to vickie, yeah. I think she said this was the first time one The things that she mentions is that she had a secret ring. Can you describe but that is a me I'm sure most people know what that is, but described what the whole situation is? Well, this is enough time for cell phones and cholera idee and all that good stuff, and this is something I did with my friends and my girlfriends at the time. You all the number you let it and twice and then he hang up and then he call right back that way. They know it's you who's calling and if you had multiple people that did secret rings well, somebody else would make it ring once hang up and then call right back. Another person might make it ring three times, hang up and then call back because you didn't want to.
Answer a phone call if you didn't know who it was so this is. Arrangement that she had with her mother ring. Twice, hang up call back so mother gets up at six. Forty five a m that morning. She says that they had this together and sk dust going to the open house at least middle school. that she was going to end There are going to go to talk about for dinner because talk a bell is where you have a fabulous dinner with family Vicki says she left around seven forty a m to go to work, and then she he called home using the secret ring at around eight thirty She says that she was worried because there was a tornado watch, any area for those that don't live in the there's tornado, there's tornado watchin than a tornado warning, meaning the possibility that a tornado could be forming, in the area our
the conditions, are right for a tornado, but leaders and answer the phone when she calls and at this point vicky's grown concerned in sheep wants to leave work go home and check on her daughter thereof, ports, though, that she actually call the grandmother to go on Lee also, but regardless She is a bleeding work, driving home getting home? Obviously it takes her less than twenty minutes to drive to work, so she gets home, at around eight forty five. She finds that the ground, the door is open in the garage light is on which that indicates that it had just been opened The lights are usually on up like a fire men at timer or something like that, so who just left had been, does moments before
the door was unlocked, and she went into the house called for Lee searched for her daughter. She get response and that's when she comes across the blood there's spatter, on the wall and assume a pool blood on the floor outside of liese bedroom? She checks the backyard and there's they like who will shut out there. She caught all nine one one. at around nine m m d throw it out there now, some people have a problem with it, taking her ten plus minutes call nine one one. I dont know what d correct timeframe is for somebody to call nine when one when they come home and their daughters, not there- I dont know if its thirty six Hence or if its thirty minutes, but it was for ten minutes before she calls nine, when one might think what people would have a problem with is if you're looking around
find your daughter. Then maybe you keep looking, but if you're looking around and don't see her, but you ve blood blood. Spatter on the wall and you find a pool of blood on the floor. Then you maybe you should be calling immediately yeah detectors now to the house. One of the detectives he is: trying to find any indication. We and the injuries sustained. They couldn't tell how It was from the the blood but from the door for it looks like somebody is smashed her head up against the door. It's sad about five feet, so this is liese height. So they know it was her and it's her head yeah or more than likely. Yes, she stood for but ten so its power, ugly Lee the missing on girl who was injured at this doorframe, There was evident
said somebody had tried to clean the blood and in the bathroom it looks like they were, trying to wash their hands of blood. They are so found a bloody nightgown, Indy laundry basket or the hamper for dirty clothes. what it showed was it. It appeared as though the blood had fallen on the nightgown right dripped or Streamed down onto the nightgown, it could have been that he was wearing. It suffered a head wound and dropped down on it or the nightgown on the floor and somebody was bleeding upon it. There wasn't any dna testing at this time, in early nineties. So all they have is blood type testing, how they checked the type its type o and They say that Lee was typo, so this is her blood or that's. Determination, they're making yeah? If you take the height
which the spatter was that and beat the blood type, which was less than it seems like yeah. That's a good the case of gas it this Lee who was injured. And now she's missing police locked on the neighbourhood, but they, dont, really lockdown the house where the crime scene they do bring bloodhounds and trying to kid. just sent from the back door, see if they can find. Where this traitor or possibly Lee has run off, or been carried to the dogs, hatching assent have to realise that its pouring rain. It is storming out. So I have a lot of faith in the dog I think they can find people. I think they can smell through the rain, but If it's raining that hard, if that person suspect or victim, was not in that area. Very long, I'm sure
that it could be washed away pretty quickly. The dogs also do not catch sense on Vicky's car the home, at least as far as we know also, they asked vickie we welcome your daughter be wearing because, as far The mother knew she was wearing nightgown, but that was left in the home and then she said there were some clothes missing and the clothes that were missing. Just have to be closed that she and for her recent birthday she had received a pair genes. some underwear and a shirt There is also a sleeping bag missing from the home and the way I understand it is that vickie, such a neat freak as they call it that things were in their place and so it was easy to look around and see if something was missing, and sleeping bags were arranged. I guess in a row of some kind, so we
and one was missing. It was obvious. I found this view the interesting, because if my wife went missing and they asked what's missing from her clothes, I wouldn't have a clue. So her mom is very familiar with all of her clothing and all of her possessions to be able to give these this level of detail they're going to arrange, searches to try and look for me and they needed to know what she could possibly be wearing. Encase someone catch sight of a young girl and they can look you kind of clothing she has on, but one import in detail here at this point. Is that Vicki called her ex husband donald oki, which is- his father and accord donald, He calls and says that Lee has run away. very strange right justin, I would think the blood evidence would dictate something we're not sure why she said that to him.
which he said, but according to donald it took of days beyond that day, this is getting into september. Here about mid september when she finally says to him that there was blue I found in the home and its at that point when Donald oki, whose stationed in Virginia says I'm cool, the two below and he the two below the first thing? He does? He talks to the police. He wants to know where the investigations at what's going on, because when he first that she had run away to him it was odd because he thought No, she wouldn't run away which he, but when he thought, there was blood. Now, it's a crime investigation. It has to be right, so he saw here, the police getting a gauge unless been going on. I think at that point he understand why his wife would tell him about the blood immediately and
Maybe she would have an excuse for that were a reason I don't know, but he got a late start on this because he was under the impression that she ran off maybe she had a fight with her mom and she did want to be at the house, so she ran off, but does that happened. There was blood in the home here helping to search for his daughter, the police, contact, the mother, they contact her, Her husband, whose I think they ve split up because he wasn't living at the house. His name is, Barney, Yarborough and barney is very cooperative with the police and even helps with the searches its during This time they get some polygraph stun crack justin yeah, which Everyone knows milo opinion of those, but barney passes. With flying colours, Donald who we know was stationed. Miles and miles away, and he was military, so they gotta.
On his position, passes with flying colours. Vickie we not only fails one but three polygraph tests at sensing, section yeah. She takes one through the police and they She has a couple more weeks later through the fbi, and each of these tests is conducted by a different examiner and she fails all of them at the time this was an information that was released to the public, but later Vicky. Well, talk about that and shall say that the reason she failed she's Why sure? But she said, if you have a missing daughter in their hoping you up to a machine and asking you a bunch of questions she doesn't know how you couldn't have a reaction. In other words, examiners are looking for a change right there. For reaction when they ask you certain questions and if they ask you
it's your favorite color, and there is no response, then there skew did you have anything to do with your daughter's disappearance? If you have a reaction to that, then they to see that your reacting to questions that you should react to, but maybe the needle moves. A lot then. Maybe you're really nervous and you don't want to talk about it, but She's, never really wanted to talk about it. and I'm not saying she was not cooperative with police but out of all of the people that were close to Lee, who they were talking with. She said to be the one with the most reservation there also doings urges the wooded areas around to below nab huh I set up for anyone call in and give leads a days after the disappearance of philip copeland is weak, atta, mcdonald's, he's running the drive through and he sees a truck come through that
as an older black gentlemen, and a young girl girl who here things looks like Lee. So he reports this to the police who actually able to track down the truck driver and the girl in the truck and it wasn t, but at first It seemed like a great led, like maybe she's, ok, maybe she's alive, but It's not me There was another citing of a man walking down the street with a female. The man was wearing a hoodie and he wasn't making, I contact with anybody and he was pulling the the girl in to him and said that the girl looked a little bit like Lee or a younger women where as the man was wearing. Like a military jacket with a scruffy beard, he looked out of place with this person, but nothing ever came of that sighting, but then a package
pray right in this, as in september of ninety, to an end I arrives. That's it to be Yarborough but it shows up at Vicky's house an inch this package least. a glasses. So whoever has taken her has mail her reading glasses back to the home, it's letter b and last name and then it's too honey locus, but Honey is misspelled and its h. Oh, and why the ads ass ever home. Of course the fbi gets hold of this. It has while the postage that it needed to get mailed. they find that whoever mailed it you water on the back could the stamps and not saliva they're? Not well to do much with this, but they know that it's been mailed from bougainville which isn't too far away. Yet the police, said, wanted the fbi to look at it, because
they were to get any evidence? They would be the best people to look for it. They're just wasn't anything to get there glasses didn't have any evidence and by I just want the stamps were wet with water. They know that even though they didn't have the means in other for testing dna. They were still trying to collect whatever events they could. What do you think these eyeglass, is being mailed, like that I would just assume if it was Somebody warning ransom. There would have been some sort of message in there if it somebody That's trying to terrify the family. Well, all they got, were eyeglasses. they didn't get any farther letters or phone calls nothing. so I think we can do when that whoever took Lee mailed these eyeglasses, but why just that.
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He described the garage door was up. The light was on the door was unlocked, so act As the house was there, if you into the mother Vicki she makes it seem like the only way someone got in that house was, if Lee let the men. So He is concerned, it was someone they knew and trusted turkey also makes me statement that she remember, ass. She closed the the door when she left, which I guess, what simply give somebody access to the house if the inn The door was unlocked being This is a semi small town, big case tal over the headlines. It's all over the news, rumours are running, abound, theirs, crazy, rumour that there's a local doctor that did this and has buried lee on his property. This rumour pics so much steam that the police, are actually talking about it, but the police chief at the time he doesn't ring
like rumour, so he institutes a gag order, on all the officers and any police officer that wasn't actively working on the case and if they were caught talking about, or spreading rumours about it they would get. two weeks suspension and this as the way the police if was trying to put the combash on rumor spreading and media leaks, any concern about media leaks whose varies forward about that. They had, evidence that they weren't releasing to the public, so were holding some of the evidence close to their best. they didn't have a suspect, but they definitely add a person of interests, and that was Vicki. Barbara. and I'm sure some of you think. But how could a mother be a suspect in order? there's disappearance by well We cover stories like this and it quite possible, I'm alive. Times someone becomes the victim
of someone they now as time. Is by another spect shows up there is a man named oscar mckinley currents. He goes by MIKE. So was gonna call a mike MIKE, went to Holy trinity, lutheran church was Vicki and Lee at the time he was involved than sunday school and vacation bible school there. common interests and poorest back writing. So it's possible that he might have been at the stables when Lee was doing riding lessons he lived. A little more than a mile away from Lee and vickie you're thinking about what is this guy have to do with anything? Well after this disappearance He was ninety. Ninety three mike kidnaps, memphis teenager and he rapes. Her this team was fifteen years old and he dumped her off right.
he used a ruse. He was offering to give her a ride. He said he was going to take her to school, but he or somewhere else and raped her for this, He was sentenced to twenty four years, in prison with sixteen years suspended so essentially, is an eight year sentence and then the rest suspended, so you'll be paroled, but here serving less than half of an eight year sentence, always out three now a few years almost four years for abducting a teen, raping her and drop her off. I know drug dealers that spend more time in prison, but we got our priorities after he gets out of prison. He then of ducks a couple rapes, the woman in them go. This will actually get em a lot more time and he was convicted in march of to that,
in any, is actually scheduled to be released next year. So well, yes, twenty nineteen feeling good about this by this man and his spent less time in jail than I am done with them, but the ammo kind of fits here he is targeting younger women he is a sexual predator he's a pedophile Lee was thirteen. it is set on the first attack that deep abducted, the girl from her home but It was more of a ruse. Thing wasn't like he broke in, so if you want to fit and to leave disappearance you can. Magic in. If you will, he shows up he's waiting for at least mom to leave the home, and he now on the door simply let a man or he barges and he goes to
attack her leave, fights and so on. Turkish breaks out he slams liese head against the wall and then not, sir unconscious, and then feels like ass to deal with the situation and he takes sleeping bag apps her up italy's with her but that would mean that he was waiting there to do this attack and he knew where mother was going to be gone at a certain time and she wasn't gonna becoming home anytime soon. But it's a very quick action. talking about a timeframe of an hour to an hour and a half which is of time for someone to attack a child. and make off with them. I would say in being that the initial reports say that the investigators thought that the blood was fair
really fresh. We know that this attack happened recently. Now I looked up how ass blood dries and depending on the temperature, depending on the humidity allotted different factors, it can be anywhere from. five minutes to an hour and a half. Well No, it was kind of cold and its pouring rain, so the blood could have stayed wet longer, now. That is a mean hours longer. It probably means fifteen. twenty, maybe thirty, minutes longer, but typically blue driving around in our depending on the amount of it So if you have a puddle, obviously its backing to drive fast, if you have a smear, it'll dry faster, just like any other fluid no that whatever happened, probably in that morning, but did it happen in this house.
Window hour and a half window that Vicki was at work yeah. That's one thing that I think should be kept in mind is not to get caught up on this blood. This aid of the blood because It doesn't mean anything just because it looks like it. Hadn't coagulated are skinned over yet doesn't mean anything to me and I I'm going to. Let that determine who, I think is the best suspect in this case, because, as you said, temperature conditions. I mean there are too many variables with all that you ve laid out but this suspect is like and he has a record and he certainly could be someone that leave might lead into her home if he came by and had a ruse of maybe something's going of his car. He needs to get out of the rain whenever it is, isn't that possible we are your mom called me. She told me to come pick you up just friends of family, theirs. All kinds of excuses they can make at the time,
Nineteen! I need to this isn't someone who would be considered a suspicious person right. He was very involved in that church yeah. hadn't been arrested for these grapes or anything until years later, yeah wasn't until ninety three that he some one where he was arrested and convicted for it. So a great success. Can I think, as I have read about this case, a lot of people really believe that might Kerns is responsible, for least disappearance and Vicki even says that after the disappearance MIKE brought her, photo of Lee and at that I'm she didn't think much of it. She thought. Oh well, that's nice! You had a photo of my daughter but org is what she sang. I feel like she's, the one that's roped him in This case rope demand now MIKE refuse to cooperate with any investigation about the disappearance,
LEO Oji. He will not speak too, Investigators and his lawyer has. Turned away any possible interviews if they had killed did any sort of dna evidence at the time. Well, they could pull d nay, from MIKE and possibly at that up being that he's prison. But again was ninety. Ninety two and dna wasn't quite a thing yet so less. There was some sort of mix and the blood and other things I dont know if they could ever track it back to the sky and nothing has come from the evidence. That's u swollen, kneeling down a suspect, the police, been very, very careful with their wording, and they have said they don't have a suspect. They just persons of interest, so I ve gone over, might Kerns and, as I said, he seems very soon
to be a very popular suspect as far as the public's concerns the arm chair detectives, but we need to go back. because there's vickie and there's her husband barney. Well, let's do barney first barney, was the step dad at a time. Lee was out, his dating, but she was friends with a boy named Jordan who, I think, eleven years old at the time, so he was younger than than Lee and Jordan has been interviewed. I've actually read a lot of his comments on line he's very open. I he seemed like a little bit of a tortured saw, but I hope he's doing ok he says that at the time he got impression or leave just came out and said that she was afraid of her stepfather, it's possible that he abusively The police will actually say that he admitted to abusing her but did not give any detail about what that abuse entailed. Whether was
banking or a slap or were not. There are rumours that Vicki and barney were abusive, but again these are rumours, design, anything that we can really establish, but schoolchild and that went to the middle school with her did report seeing that shall I black eyes and bruises, so one of her car made said that when they asked me about her black eyes, Lee responded that a whore Sample fell and struck her in the face in this is a hedge apple or, I guess it's kind of second crab apple. So it's a big heavy fruit looking thing, but what a ridiculous act like excuse, I don't I don't buy it well, people that are abused can have difficulty talking about it and will come up with other stories about why they would have bruises or black eyes, and that's why I buy truly think that
I was an excuse and not the truth, but Donald Oji, Vicki, Barbara, his ex wife had a temper He also seem to indicate that lee and her mother had strained relationship. I dont know of this goes beyond mother tongue, his daughter issue, but when looking at this case is going to analyse. Has any sort of conflict now, but one look at this case, the the timeframe for Vicki going to work and then coming home abruptly a little out of the ordinary to me. I don't know why somebody would drive all the way to work. If they're that concerned and then drive right back home. Also, the attack happened in such a short timeframe. It's a little unbelievable timmy. Her work was that far away so's. I think ten to fifteen minute drive and then the grandmother who was done yes, mother was about five minutes away now. Vicki said
that she called apparently ass the grandmother to come over to check on Lee, but vickie. Everyone there and then the next. but to get there are the grandmother and bar the ira, it's kind of strange that supposedly she calls the grandmother and, the grandmother sold hey. You need a check on Lee because, get a hold of her, Maybe the grandmother took her time to get there, but emma She was just five minutes, so it's kind of hard to place. and I guess, but it is suspicious that she calls doesn't get a hold of her daughter and immediately think something's wrong, but I'm sure many people out there would say maybe has that motherly, instinct and just know something's wrong people have an issue with how long it took her to call nine one. One already brought this up earlier, but
I personally didn't see ten minutes as a big deal, but if you saw blood, I think that that's an alarm bell. I think that's going to push the pace a little bit. you would think it would by Vicki explains it as she went all the place into the back yard, throughout the whole house, she really really looked for her daughter and couldn't find her, but I think, most people would have called as soon as they saw the blood again you didn't have a cell phone honour to run around and call with so, it's either a courted phone or possibly cordless phone. So I kind of give her a path on the ten minutes to call nine one one. Now I will the to you and that when we initially wanted this case, I was firmly India might kerns camp but have changed my mind and it's this next piece of evidence that really blow me away, and that is
bloody nightgown and the hamper this podcast parted by progressive, a leader insurance welcome aboard to care free boating. Here We don't worry about the what efforts, because we explore with progressive boat insurance for as little as one hundred dollars per year for a basic liability policy. Progress also offers a variety of other coverages and can help you cover repair costs. When you need it and with discounts like type holocene safety courses, responsible driver and more your minds can really float free crews on where do progressive dot com to get a quote today and see if you could save progressive, don insurance company and affiliates rates and discounts not available in all states. Are situations I would somebody put a bloody I gown or bloody article clothing and too the dirty clause basket well vast donald archie about it according to him, his ex wife was a neat freak, and it's quite possible that she put that
in the hamper, because something she would do is put dirty clothes in the hamper she kept. Things picked up, kept them need now if she would said that she came home and found the bloody night. down in just inadvertently pick up and threw it in the hamper. I might about this, but the fact that already in the hamper and she does not claim that she has any knowledge of how it got. There are problems and don't forget the Bathroom showed signs of a clean up so someone and there may be wash their hands and then, I to wipe the countertops off, although when the detectives checking out the bathroom, they saw a pink residue, as if someone had tried to wipe the blood off, but it didn't come off. It mostly came off, but the blood behind was pink from being diluted with water. This doesn't look good. I just I assume that if somebody broke into the house or was led into the house,
If they had intended to kidnap the child, if they into an altercation and then ended up attacking the child. They might have just left her. air and ran away knowing that they stuck around and then try to clean up through blue clothing and hamper things don't compute for me, but The bloodhounds are said that they didn't hit upon the car they didn't hit upon. any trails outside the house, but is it because of the rain? Also that sleeping bag was missing. So I think, weaken use our imaginations on how they got liese body or unconscious body out of the house without trailing blood everywhere. Well, that's a question. We can look through this case. We can add up the evidence and say that the mud looks like the best suspect, but waste don't have least body and
it's really a question of where she could have gone to. Given the time friend that we know picky went to work and then came back. Some People say well, maybe she dropped the body off. Either on the way there are on the way back, but with the dogs not really hitting upon the car then that kind of brings up a question of wool. If she had taken hard. Then how could they have found her body? she couldn't gone far right. That's the does the thing and they did so I the wooded areas around the place, so I don't think she is able to sneak body out after she's reported the crime. So I think you have two of disposed of it on your way to work, people that lived in the area and new his family knew the hour rose newly oki. They said that at the time they were redoing, a creek that ran behind the arbour house. It was very soon after that limestone rock was being dumped in their. So a lot of
but believe that she could have taken liese body and put it into that creek. And obscured it, and then it ended up being covered by a lot of rock that's the theory. At least I I with the amount of rain and everything else, the body could have washed away and then maybe she went back and found it and disposed of it properly. I don't know, that's the question How did she? lee out of there and that's where I obviously police, detectives and prosecutors. don't have an answer to that question either. Otherwise they would have moved on this case the detective have gone over areas that were initially searched. gone over areas that were suggested to be possible locations of least body, and they continually come up empty So it's not as other just sitting on their hands and they have not close the case
september of ninety. Ninety, three about fourteen months after the disappearance, Eighteen year old local farmer found a human school in his soybean field. It only had four teeth course. They automatic we think well who's. The most famous miss person in this town and that's leo. She they take. This and they examine it, but only using for teeth, it's a little hard to determine identified asian and they had contracted out a forensic dentist to look at the school look at the teeth. And they determined that it is LEO g. The papers and everybody break this new saying you know leo He's remains found da da. Meanwhile, Please mother actually says: do you have her current dental records
at the same time, please mother has hired a private detective also to help with the case. They. realized that they're not using her current until records. And they have heard local her her primary den just send those over and its found out that this. not least skull and an act really belongs to a twenty seven year old woman named polly Keith this looks bad because mistaking a thirteen year old school for twenty seven year old woman who went missing just months before so after this does every and miss reporting, of course vickie. and donald are very upset and few that the entire investigation has been somewhat botched, but they feel it's been large for different reasons. Vicki feels has been botched because they don't even have the
current dental records for Lee Donald thinks it's been botched because they didn't locked down the crime scene initially and then every step of the way. He sees a lot of this steps he sees a lot of mistakes, yan away it not so different from the german a case where they didn't lockdown that seen either and its because You have detectives coming in with a bias the already coming in saying the girl has been abducted. and so we need to help the mother out, but really detective show up there? come in unbiased and just to investigate and to do that, well, you have to lock down the scene. You need to lock it down and make sure Everything is preserved there actually say we couldn't throw these people out of house and home. I gotta says yeah yeah, you can we see them. Do it to allow of other suspects and clear. Stephen avery,
down the scene and they prevent anyone from entering it. They have that power. What's important here what's the priority, it should be this thirteen old girl, that's missing, but it's a dissatisfied and released For now they don't have the answer. They don't know where Lee went. I think most We agree that Lee died and when you listen to her father, talk seem like he really believes that someone struck liese head into the door frame and that may be. They didn't even realize that he's going to die early stage but it seems to be right. Just said: I mean that this could have been accidental death or a death that regime, did from a fit of anger, which could suggests the mother by it again, we don't have all the answers. We can just use our edge gases here and say Well, if you have a possible clean up- and you have bloody clothing, into the hamper and the body being hidden that
suggests to me some You wanted to get away with it because they were be known as a great suspect which is usually someone whose very close to the victim and whose com? sir than the mother who care for her on a daily basis. I've actually found most of the internet and people that No, the family all feel that vicky is the prime suspect and don't look at the might currents. Fellow as assessment They just don't see the connection there. It's MIKE's been somewhat. disregarded by donald their family members because they say that he was nowhere near the residents out of town at the time of the disappearance, but I haven't well that substantial that, at all, was any of my reading. Simplest explanation is Vicki. I actually think they have more evidence against her, then the
their case. We just covered with garrett philips. I think, there's more things there. you have a better time line there. So kind of conceit is why sometimes we see law, where's my go after certain says banks, but not others. So he said, We both believe that turkey is the primary suspect here had the means to do this. The time frame. worked for her and it was easy for her to just drive off to work and then come back and act like something happened. While she was gone, but are we really should to put up the garage doorn turn line on. She could do that or Did you say she could say wherever she wants right and we just Take her at her word because she's, the worst one there she was the last one there and the first one their ends, all this is under her control. As far us not being able to say for sir, it's a veto, have the body we don't know what happened to her body, and I know that Donald has talked at length about
that he really wants his daughters remains found so that he can have a proper peril and is also very angry. He who ever murdered his daughter to be brought in this. I believe that their great chance that her body is still in the area and just because they didn't find it doesn't mean it's not. There covering a number of cases where a bye is found later in the very area that was search multiple times. So it's not really a surprise that they didn't and her body, but its power well, that her body was taken in the car I buy that if it was put into. sleeping bag and then transported or she could have in place somewhere in the area, thereby construction going on in the area and multiply areas. So take your pick is dissatisfied because you have a young girl who I would say, lost her life. Her buys never been recovered, so
against that of beside about closure, though it's about answers can't say it enough. When you can't find somebody, then I'm not even sure you can grieve properly when you dont have a body and it's a big thing for people and aid when they can find their loved one. That bear it is really important to people it's it's culturally, very important to us is an adjustment exactly that the thing is parents want to have closed where they want to know what happened. Obviously Joe, this may not prevail, but at least they can get does as faction and knowing that their daughter has been laid to rest for vicky to be so concerned about her daughter and she actually says that she feels that lead might still be
live to this day, but shortly after the abduction she moved away. So it's just one more now. one more checkmark and a box that shows there interactions are somewhat questionable. Currently Vicki lives with her parents and to come some michigan and donald is re married and has a family since Lee Oh, she has never been bound. I'd like to read the description. I dont know how useful this is, since it's been so many years by Lee went missing august, twenty seventh nineteen two her name is labouring oki. She went from tupelo mississippi at the time she was or foot ten ninety five pounds She had hazel eyes blonde hair and both of us ears were pierced and she wear glasses. She has
strawberry birthmark at the base of her head. Small scars on our right leg and bumps on the skin, of both of her knees she has a lazy left eye and Anyone who has information on Lee's disappearance should contact the tupelo police department in tupelo, mississippi the
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