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Amherstburg, Ontario Canada. November 12th, 2005. In 2002 nurse Lori Dupont met physician Marc Daniel at the Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital where they both worked. What started off as a secret romantic affair turned into a public tumultuous relationship for all of their coworkers and family to witness. Marc Daniel had a history of toxic and abusive behavior not only with Lori, but with other nurses at the hospital. Incidents of stalking and harassment escalated, and on November 12th, 2005 Marc Daniel did the unthinkable.

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Joint, wondering plus in the wondering app to listen ad free from wondering I dont another doing! Ok, just and how are you I'm, ok, to be in Colorado February eleven through fourteenth. If you go out to us and bright if you search for true cry
in Colorado, Springs and Denver, you'll see all the events I'll be out and the dates and the venues I'll be out there with colts crime in Cabernet, true consequences and true crime IRA. They may a decision on a case that we covered a long long long long time ago, yes and I would say that take on it is the dude looks guilty, but there were questions and his defence. Brought up a lot of issues with her He was convicted in tried, nor that, so what do we have update on right now, Scott Pearson varied, vice of case and one that has some people still outraged, while other p I feel like there is no. for him to have a fair trial, because there was a trial by media leading up to the actual trial. So
They gave to go through the case with everyone here, but we did cover it, some years ago, and we had in our previous episode that he was doing court for re sentencing heads they go through a lot of evidence and, in the end, the court as we said, had taken the death penalty off the table, but, as December eighth when thousand twenty one Scott Petersen has in recent years to life in prison, which yo his supporters. They don't like this. They wish that he would be able to get out, but damn the family lacy, family and friends there outright still there still angry and dumb they let him know in court. One of the thing that was said was, Laces mother Sharon brought up the fact, while this
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this case with you in the past errand Berta didn't really do into all the details on it and tell this week when we were researching it and much less Wondering series doktor, death and other things we find that possible this kind of run by their own rules they're, not always there to protect their employees so with fat. What are we talking about tonight? tonight. We're talking about the two thousand five murder of nurse lorry Du Pont inside hospital. She worked at by her ex boyfriend now her ex friend was a practice physician at this hospital. They work together, but we have to give up background to get everyone up to speed it on how we get to this point Laurie Du Pont- was a single mother she had an eight year old daughter named Taylor. She had been
at this hospital for five years and she had ten years experience as a nurse. The hospital was hotel de grace I guess lorry was at a low point in her life when she met Doktor Mark Daniel her marriage had been struggling. Her ex husband at the time had moved the family out to the Yukon and there trying to rekindle their marriage, but it just didn't work out, Laurie ended up. Moving back in her own power in this house, with her daughter at that time so grown adult having to move back in with mom and dad it's it's a low point and she got hired at hotel. he's an she immersed herself and preparing Get a position in the post Caesar Carry unit or the p c. You apparently. he's a very coveted position in the hospital lorry past.
Oliver exams and got hired and that's when Doktor Mark Daniel and her met. Now mark showed her a lot of interest from the get go, by lorry knew that he was married and had children, so she rebuffed. His dances, but he didn't stop now This bothered her and she actually talk to one of her friends who happen to be a constable. named Tammy Friar, told her about this doctor, whose hitting honor Damn Tammy said: hey you, gotta reported the hospital administration, but lorries thinking he's a doctor, I'm a nurse you do that, because all kinds of problems and one that's gonna, get in trouble, not him, but eventually Laurie let him into her life and they started dating. Ah
this was in two thousand and three. She said that She was getting out of her slump because you know she was going through separation, divorce with her Ex husband and mark really liked her. She tell her parents or her friends a lot about this relationship, because she knew that mark was still married. So technically this was an affair but eventually mark MR like on separating with my wife. You know everything's going to be over soon, so this a lorry enough. I guess some comfort to allow mark to meet her her mother and repair, France, but lorries mom, wasn't the biggest. and of Mark she thought that he was very arrogant and pompous. I've never heard That said, about, surgeons are physicians before, but Mark will end up moving out of his family home into it.
Are meant to be closer to lorry. now whether this move from his family into an appeal. That is him separating with his wife or deception in him, telling wife. I need to be closer to the hospital. I don't know it's kind of weird how that works out in to them. and for lorry wanted to get a house and am Hearst Burke. This would be You know in the same areas her parents, damn she want to have a home for herself and her daughter by it Laurie. Wasn't Gary. T that she was gonna get this house that she really wanted. So she needed to raise her offer on that house and Mark said, no problem. I can help you with that. This home was more than two hundred and thirty thousand dollars, and he gave her a hundred and eighty five thousand dollars toward the home lorries said. Let's be clear here, though, I need this used to be, in my name, the way
look at it. It's going to be my home and tailors home, that's her daughter, damn he seemed to be ok with that. But things were not going well, it's well those where there is still a kind of together and everything, but there is obviously pension. There are some issues there, but as two thousand for mark and lorry move In that house. It said that Taylor wasn't too happy having mark in the house now, a few months after this Lori and Mark Officially became engaged. Now a lot of people didn't know about this. time, but they did get engaged and they had a private party on the twenty first of November of two thousand for now. Lorries family knew about this and they didn't like it, because Mark was technically sound. oh married, but he's saying like what you said he's, on the way to getting this divorce. It'll all be fine, Laurie
I think she has her doubts because she didn't where her ring all the time. This gazing ring that Mark Aver, and this is just going down hill from here marks behind Europe is becoming more and more aggressive and these finding out about a lot, stuff from marks past that isn't isn't the best. For instance, Mark, has a lot of problems at work and the other nurses dont, really for him. They think that he's either very hostile or he's sexually harassing them. So he's not my the team player and nurse actually find her shifts to not work with him, but heres a list of things that the hospital has started
Dick on Mark up. Until this point in April of two thousand and four he she broke a nurses finger when he snatched a pillow from her hands but uses aggressive about it in moon of two thousand for a nurse filed a formal grievance against him, citing ongoing harassment, and then a nurse manager made a written formal complaint against him for another incident in October of two thousand and four was threatened with suspension if he did not attend a resolution over his behaviour towards the nurse manager, then, in December two thousand for had to write an apology letter to that manager and then In January he was put on a one year, probation up hospital, and was to unroll and anger management courses now obviously mark is having problems, and Laurie is now seeing this and she's wanting to leave him she's wanting to
this relationship, but of course she feels and with them, because he's given all this money for this house and he's been, per kind to her for the most part up until these last few months, but every time she's to engage with him. It turns into a fight and she's, not bring about her appearance and she starts drinking and not caring about the relationship, but it's in February in thousand five that lorry attempts to break up with and when she hold him that she wanted to end the relationship they got into. Argument and He left the house because the screaming at each other and when she returned Mark, was lying there unconscious and apparently he had tried to overdose himself or something There is a needle there, and so she ends up calling man when one or emergency services and
get mark to the hospital They save his life. There stories here. Essentially because marks version of the story, as people understood it was that he attempted to take his life and lorry called for help when she saw that there is something wrong with them and that, when he woke up this is about hospital on February, twenty eight. He said Laurie was very supportive and told them that everything would be ok, that things would get back. But according to lorry people, that she talked to market put. All pressure on her to quit her full time job. He wanted her to be a part time nurse and he had even offered to pay her to help him with paperwork. He wanted her at home. More now, I'm sure people can guess what this means. He wants more control over her She doesn't want to quit her job. There are all these arguments that sprout up over this and
when she storm now. She just left him there now when she got back out later he was sitting on the bed and syringe in his hand, he headed up. You know on his arm. He shouted see what you ve done and then injected himself with that syringe. So he falls over and apparently went into respiratory failure. Laurie, calls emergency services and all though her mother, who is also a registered nurse- and they both took turns before bring rescue breathing trying to keep him in I've until the paramedics arrived There were suicide letters written to marks, wife and kids by Mark and lorry. Look through them. These letters blamed her for this suicide attempt. Now, because of this attempt Mark was admitted to a psychiatric hospital and he was put on Medical leave lorry took leave as well Marks psychiatrist, Doktor, Brian Bird
diagnosed him with Bible or disorder and proscribed him. who'd. Stabilizers any of you are in a relationship and your partner is threatening suicide if you ever leave them. That, technically is a of abuse and not telling you that you should leave them, but telling you that they need to seek help, and it is not on you if they decide to take their own life and This is just one more way of mark trying to control her. Personally, that he knew she was going to save him. I mean he did inject himself, he was going to die if you didn't get medical help, but I think that he knew that she wouldn't let that happen. This is something that I think people take granted, but nurses, doctors. You know what We know about them, as they will do their best, at least the vat
the jury them. To save a life and this guy You can understand how tough this was. Lorry had huge shoes with Mark, and we haven't even gotten into the house stuff. Yet there's a lot more there to break down, but she still saved his life. and this is just a testament to the nurses. Laurie is finally being open with her family about what's happening about their fighting, and she even confides in them that she fears for her and her daughters, life and safety while Mark, is at this psychiatric hospital, he's trying to call lorry every day as many times as he can Laurie will end up switching to an unlisted phone number, he changes all the locks on the doors. So Mark is not welcome home here, but it's not until March Dat is released from these psychiatric unit and he action
returns home to his wife and children. I guess they went on their way to a divorce because they, going on a cruise while on this cruise pair Mark is continuing. To call lorry and even call her friends to get information about. Her son stock irish behaviour March, twenty first returns to work apparently MA has gone to the hospital, and around about her when she He goes out for dinner with friends and stuff. She comes back car in fine a letter from mark waiting. There so he's, leaving her letters on her car and he's asking everyone that he can about her behaviour and what she's doing This is very very controlling and I think, a huge red flag. But Mark even though he's kind of honest suspension he?
still has his security pass to the hospital, so he can still get in still gain access to nurses, yeah and people that he can talk to ask about lorries schedule so then, I am now because at this point he had some complaints about. him, but then they were resolved with him, going to anger management courses and being on probation his suicide attempt well dad didn't get him in trouble that just got his privileges revolt, but they don't look at him. Threat, I guess so here we are so this. where I would say pause, because I realise that this sector you worked in was different by It's not really that different have. You could have worked at a hospital justin. You should talk a bit about what The procedure is when privilege, our revoked yeah, so when Europe
ledges revoked you're, no longer able to practice at that hospital. You cannot treat people so why his security badge is still working and functioning is completely stupid. He still a doctor. He still contract did with the hospital, but he's not allowed to work there, so us he's invited their specific for a meeting or something like that. He does belong on the property, and this is just something they let slip through the cracks by not revoking his security batch. Take a moment could work from our sponsors, sleep number yet sleep. Your number one goal, whether you to exercise more eat, healthier or parent with patients more of your resolutions, benefit from quality sleep your generation. Why were always trying to find the? Why? Why do you become healthier or get more fit, or why would you want more sleep, number. Three. Sixty smart bed shows you
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lorries feeling like. Maybe she didn't make this clear enough to mark you know she didn't spell it out for him so April. Fourth, two thousand and five Laurie. And her father John Deeper meet with mark and informed The relationship is over and He is no longer welcome in her life. This is if there was any day or confusion before this there isn't now not want him in her life, so yeah, but loan hold the next day. Mark shows up at the hospital and he blocks her path, the intent, it's her, I mean this is all getting. port it back to the hospital, and lorries, try to tell her administration, like I'm seeing this guy he's intimidating me he's leaving stuff my car. Why is he Oh here, meanwhile, a hospital checks in
mark and his psychiatrist. What do they say? Earn the psychiatrist, Brian Burke, he says, there's no cause for him to not be back at work anymore? she's back at the hospital and well he wins I don't know he Windsor they just there are not ready to battle anybody on this or another. Where there are not really on lorry side. Yeah the following day Laurie finds a copper rising photo of herself on her car and photo is of her work, close on in a bathroom the next day, more shows up again at the hospital and threatens her, and her father that he'll plaster photos of lorry in compromising positions all over the hospital and city. If you repay the money that he invested in the home. The hundred and eighty five thousand dollars that he put down for the house and all of these photos-
like lorry in the shower or her on a toilet, it's not photos that she consented to have him take and he's trying to buy male, her now so lorry now go to the Nurses Association Union and meets with management and head of security. Should them all about these threats against her and her father. She tells about the photos in the letters that are being laughed and she sang like. I fear that mark is capable of violence, so the hospital puts out like a flyer saying, hey, have Security, remove him if he causes any problems, but that's really good enough for lorries, so she goes out to get a restraining order or what's called a piece bond up in Canada against Mark when you do this, the person
we're getting this restraining order against. They can fight it. They can chopsticks and say hey this is this: is Bs Kanda marks up with a lawyer, casino he's a doctor. He can afford it and keeps push that hearing back over and over and over again so she's for really able to get this peace bond going again. Because it's just one after another. A continuance because the lawyers are doing their thing on April. Nineteen, two thousand five hospitals administration met to discuss the doktor Danny, situation. They were talking about safety measures and his breach of probation. Now He was on probation for a year, so we he's doing these things to me. I know you can't just fire a doktor or fire a physician, but if you're on probate and then you keep screwing up. I would just assume
that point You have some form of recourse but do during this meeting. Is they finally revoked his security? age. So he could no longer access gospel because you know there is not hundreds of bill coming and going inside of a hospital too are anything you know you can't just walk into a hospital without a security batch like it's just my numbing to me that, after a year, this going on their fine just now deactivate in his security batch and this really just denies him access to the sections of the hospital he was working in. You can still Walker he can still follow behind somebody threw security doors I mean since not this isn't rocket science here, but so it's really at this point when the hospital says. Ok, here's are you now copy, our harassment policy here you should read through this. You should
really document anyway, the things tat you know, come up anything you're concerned about, and the hospital chief of staff on April, twenty I suggest that mark take a leave of absence. I mean he's already probation he's already on suspension. So I'm just baffled here like leave of absence. I just would assume that he was already on one of those, but this what they suggest the before they had suggested that you take a leave, of course, are they had their hats suspended him, and they told him he needed anger management courses, but you know that didn't work, another suggesting it. You know he's a leave of absence. This is almost like a not quite half hearted attempt to suggest they go get help, but that really what's going on here If I may, sixth, when Mark psychiatrist says he should be able to return at the beginning of June
damn well, the hospital seems to agree because on May thirty, first marks back at work. Now he has a lighter schedule, suppose it He is supervised. The hospital then offers or a security. We're gonna go out the parking lot. Then you be escorted, thereby security. Sure you're, ok and We even have a parking spot neck to the security office that you can use Aaron, can we please, on that for a second. If your having to assign security to one of your employees to protect them from another employee. Just assume that if you try We believe that one of you employees is doing, there is enough that you to have security, intervene, debt that employ they would no longer be at the hospital dat.
It's my own common sense speaking, but I guess common senses and so common. Let me put it this way. I think, given what we How about this case? There's a real possible Eddie here that their trial to show concern for lorry, not so completely by what she's been telling them. say what I'm saying, they're they're just saying: hey will assign some security for you, but we don't actually believe there's a problem. This is what I would say, I would say that there are saying we understand lorry is scared as concerns. We will try to help her with that. We recognize eyes that something's going on with mark. He probably could use some help, so were recommending things for him, but we really don't and he would harm anyone so you already mentioned that nurses had even requested different shifts and indifference. Angels to get away from mark? Well the Hoss supposedly offered lorry schedules How is she
Klein those offers. Well, why does have to be the one to change her schedule. Why is she the one ass to inconvenience herself for somebody else's bad behaviour, and this is my prob. With a lot of corporate Amerika and hospitals is somebody reports that there be. sexually harassed, and then there are the ones that are now working a second shift, not the harasser and this just foes. How these things are normally dealt with? I'm not surprised at All- and this is a real power- and just so everyone understands the hospital is making a grave error here. So the hospital, question that Mark signed a memorandum of agreement, he's gonna sign this, and this is what he's agreeing to he's going beyond probation he's going to by the rules- of the hospitals, harassment policies he's gone, to obey the code of conduct for those who at the hospital and he will,
anger management therapy. I thought we already did the sir. I thought he but he had done all of these things, but now he signing off on his just in this is official. This is official he renews his annual licence and he gets back for privileges at the house and he is reinstated and the hospital didn't feel the need to inform lorry or any of the other nurses that had filed, comply it's an grievances against him. That guess what surprise he's back lorry Du Pont and form- the hospital administrators that she don't need these Kennedy, escorts, anymore, Gwig, try and dissect this and figure out why she made this choice, but those who knew her believe that she was pressured to give it up because the hospital made. It seem like we're getting special treatment, and so
rather than continue down that road, she decided. Look. I don't I don't de Security escorts from the parking lot to the hospital and marks behavior continues June, two thousand and five, he is accused of cigarettes, stating that a nurse give him a back rub naked yeah, that's totally appropriate a few days later, he was accused of kissing another nurse, you bent over to speak to him and then the following months. Another Yours said that he was acting very weird and rubbing her arm dies. To be on probation. He signed his little name on that form, saying that you know he understood the harassed. Policy, but we have three since that happen after that, and no disciplinary action, nothing for mark, but it's
the summer of two thousand and five, where mark is now going to sue lorry over this house that, but the home cost two hundred and thirty five some dollars Mark contributed a hundred and eighty five thousand of that and Tom glory was going to pay him back well, sheep miss that deadline and mark filed claim seeking three hundred thousand dollars in damages plus entry, and legal costs. So at that point, lorry paid him back. a hundred and seventy thousand dollars. With a note- I'm her lawyer that the additional ten thousand would be paid upon, on surrender of all compromising photos of Laurie, I bet that over real well with mark right. Well, first saw I'm discuss said that she would have to pay to get these compromises. photos given over to her
I dont understand this. Will I do here? I do because she wanted it in writing in the court's. That's why she did that. I mean I think it's disgusting that she would have to pay for them, but think she wanted it on the record, and that was a a move there to be to say, hey gimme, the other ten thousand. Once you give all these photos back because now you have to admit that you have them. Her stand. Whatever reason, I come up with I'm saying it's disgusting. this is how it has to be. I dont think He cares that this is how it is. I don't think he has any shame about this. Justin he's gonna get brand to hand over these images. I don't think this is causing him a problem at all and, of course during any civil case you have all these hearings and you have to give depositions and mark. denies everything he denies that he's ever threatened lorry or her daughter or her dad he denied. Is that he even pursue
Laurie in an attempt to start the relationship, backup like everything that he's done. Denies so he's going on the record, saying no nope nope, we had a bad break up and it now you wonder who really has a voice here, so this all going on over the summer August, eleventh of two thousand and five a fellow physician not a nurse, but a peer of marks noted that mark was on the edge and he saw that he was staring and stocking lorry and he noted something is not right with him his nerve. made a similar observation Few days later, another physician reported some day. Mark is going to come in here and go postal if your pure We are saying that I think come in here and in kill everybody.
We're just assume that a problem, but when we check in with the Doktor Burke Mark Sir Psychiatrist, he says that marks mood and condemn we are improving and he's responding well to the medication October to them and five. A nurse reports that mark is acting weird and staring at Laurie weeks later. Told her manager that she didn't want to work with mark anymore. She to just change her shifts or work in different parts of the hospital and again Doktor Burke, says Doc. Daniels returned to work has been unremarkable would later claim- he never knew about any of the complaints against mark, guess, Mark never told him never disclose that and this doctor isn't doing his due diligence and looking into his patient either. But I think by this point, Laurie has just given up she. Did
security to follow around anymore and checks they put in an application for a part time position at another hospital. I think she's starting to move out of here, because her life is turned into hell, because at this doctor, while and the lack of support from the hospital, she reports that on November third Markets staring at her and tried to bump into her lorry would take no and document. All of this, just like the hospital told her after they handed her the you know the policy for harassment so as notes and documentation of all of this and lorry would move on and she actually started a relationship with another man who A fire fighter named Norbert, hurt she and out that she was pregnant social, finalized, her plans for a d for crews with her family they're gonna, go on occasion. She planet
getting married on the ship in January, and she this engagement a secret because- She didn't want guess who defend? not about it. Does she knew it would enrage him now its November twelve two thousand and five that lorry depart is scheduled to work, and she happens to be scheduled to work with Doktor Mark Daniel that day, because the hospital apparently just has disregarded Everything that happened up until this point and they're not going to even any attempt to separate these two. How does so I am not well. Lorry got the hospital at eight seventeen and the nurses change area. A nurse told Vivian Baton, T that Mark Daniels was there now baby and was pretty upset because
all these nurses have been trying to keep these two way, each other, so it's like as Mark here, Vivian's of puff, end of of lorries, I any their coworkers their friends, and she knows the deal so only people in this region every area are Vivian Lorry and a desk clerk and dumb mark. Entered the hospitals, recovery, room nine in the morning and ass. He approached the front desk Laurie when I turned away she just ignored him so marks talking, Vivian and he's staring down lorry wise talking to Vivian, so Vivian she doesn't want to be. She doesn't want to talk to this doctor. And she said the alarm is ready for you He leaves through a set of doors and these women assumed that he's he's gone and that's ok. For now so long
over two way. An area where supplies are kept and he's going pass these pillars that are in the middle of the recovery room and he does mark sudden jumps out and starts stabbing her. He is like up a bayonet, its military knife that he's brought with him and he just completely unprovoked. No warning is attacking her and lorry screams out for help course. Vivian sees what's happening more GA stabs lorry several times and then casually walks away Karibbean runs over and tries to treat law, stab wounds. She dials five, five to reach the hospitals operator and she's putting out a a code white, which means that there is
disturbed, patient or family member. That's causing problems in the hospital handle this is a little confusing for people because their thinking well, this is the rule Hungary room. That's a strange location for a code white, because Most people are in recovery. There, though you passed out from you, know that drugs at their on, and so this is very confusing. But then She calls and another one. That's a code blue and This is for a major emergency and all hands on deck get down here now, while my walking away. This code blue, gets called in and everyone's rushing to this area. One of these doctors sees Mark and says, hey Mark, there's a code, Blue Ike. are you walking that way when the troubles over here but Mark just kept walking away and no one seemed to really noticed the blood on Hammer dat he was walking
from you know. Us having cause it's a hospital, he just leaves the hospital he gets in his car need trial to a parking lot. That's facing the Detroit River he'll, make a phone call to his wife and tell her that he's suicidal shocks police and dumb they'll be dispatched to that parking lot but by the time they show up market. Already injected himself and unconsciousness car in the police find his car they break in he's unresponsive. They take him back to the hospital to read it, I can only imagine earn if he's in, the e r room right next to lorry Father, both being treated dont The upcoming limited series on Hulu dropout, the drop out explores the rise and fall of Elizabeth HOMES, the founder and ceo of fairness, the company that to revolutionize the face of healthcare story
a man deciphered the sea This goes beyond what has been published to understand the complicated woman behind the notorious scandal unravelling her story from childhood to present day as she goes from Stanford dropout to self made billionaire to alleged criminal. Miss the series premier of the drop out. There is day March. Third, on Hulu LAW, didn't live very long. Unfortunately, she died a few minutes after being brought in. She had defined save wounds on our arms. There were seven knife wounds in her upper chest in back, three of which were fatal to those were in the heart and it appear that she died of blood loss, friar. He mentioned earlier. She was at the police station. When someone approached her about it for who stabbed the nurse and die that goes. She knew about
lorries issues with mark, and so she placed a call to Barbara Dupont and barbarous you should try calling lorry at home well Norbert answered, and he said lorries at the hospital he's like what's going on and time is that I don't have time to talk. Essentially, Damn Tommy bosses who confirmed that lorry Du Pont was the victim and stabbing Barbara. John Pont were taking care of lorries daughter Taylor when the police, officers told them what happened now. Mark is still alive because he is being treated for This overdose and the police are planning on arresting him once he recovered. November, fifteenth he will end passing from this overdose buddy a blessing for a little while now
personally air and I think that if a situation like this happened, a hospital or hell's gonna break, was theirs be this huge review and inquest in all these things and they're gonna change everything about their policies and behaviour right, ah well, in this you'd be wrong November. Six in two thousand five NEO Mac, a boy he was the c o and president of this hospital here, for a view of events and on November twenty two thousand five. He wrote her Bill Mara, formally request or a view from the hospital bored. So they the meeting on that a third of that month and there is a council appointed and there is a fact fight review. Apparently that would be conducted in connection with the deaths now We just got done saying that wasn't going to happen, but you have to let us finish: feverishly for two thousand sex. I depart
family lawyer announced a thirteen point: five million dollar negligence lawsuit that was filed against the hospital Mark Daniels Estate and his like I addressed it's basically winning out all the failures, and there are many People named in this lawsuit? Then? I kind of, Inter, read this hospital. Do a review of their own accountability order to fight the lawsuit don't actually see this review of their own policies and standards. As how can we do better? I think it's. How do we absolve ourself of responsibility? February twenty two thousand and six, the Windsor police, who had been doing their own review, concluded. there wasn't enough evidence to lay any criminal negligence charges now this is from We understand and what's been reported, but the police department tried to conduct criminal investigation into the
spittle, but the hospital refuse to cooperate and refuse to give them information. Now we get this information from Barber Du Pont. But if you think about it, who was held responsible here, no one the killer is dead and its business as usual at the hospital, the special releases. I report calling worries murder on foreseen event that would have been impossible to predict. Can you that one more time please unforeseen event. That would have been impossible to predict now There was dozens of comply, its filed against the sky mould physicians. If you don't want to take a nurses word for because apparently in the hospital world, their considered second class, but there were more
or physicians. That also documented his bizarre behaviour and even said one day he's gonna shopped work NGO Postal, but this is an unforeseen of it. stand that nobody expects the worst nobody expecting someone to shop to hospital and start stabbing somebody, but when there is a pattern of behaviour, aggressive behaviour, sexual harassment, intimidation. You would think that they could have dealt with this long before I got to this point, but the presidency of the hospital Mcelroy. He said did we do what we could do, knowing what we do beforehand? I believe the answer is. Yes, he saying they did everything they could have nope, I would strongly disagree with that statement myself, but they could have fired this doctor. You would think you would Think again. This is something we ve seen in many cases where there
unknown behaviour pattern by abuser by a stalker and the people who could do something about this. Who had the position of power and authority to do something about? It did not act appropriately. And so what it does is it empowers that person took ten you and escalate their behaviour and again this something that we ve seen over time, It's not new, so they're calling it unforeseen event and I would just say, have we learned nothing. This can happen in nineteen. Seventy four, this isn't two thousands, and this in Canada. I know listening to, doktor death a lot of those are in America. Seems that the hospital structure is very similar and it It's always interesting to me because you hear physician and surgeon say man. If I messed up, you know my job would be
jeopardy year. Oh, it is, and you know I could get written up- and there is a perception that there is accountability but I would say when it's actually tested when threats hits the road and ok. Somebody is messing up. Well as all this red tape and bureaucracy too discipline, a doctor or a physician. Literally allows them to get away with the most bizarre and horrible behaviour and even get away with murder, I I can't make that any clear, the bureaucracy and policies of hospitals allow people to get away with murder and that needs to change it's possible that their hospitals that have accountability, if you report sexual harassment, something is done when you see something so blatantly, as this lorry Du Pont case, where this
after was able to stock and harass her at any time there was pushed back on the hospital they just packed up and said sure he can. He can work again hell what else are you left with other then? While four can happen, It could happen anywhere, so I dont want to give the impression this happens everywhere, but damn doesn't give me a lot of confidence now. I dont believe that happens everywhere. I think that most people are good people. Most doctors are good people there. They had to fight tooth and claw and get a ton of education and student loans and what not to get to the position therein. I think nine nine percent of people are good, but it's that any fraction of a per cent of the troublemakers that seem to slip through the cracks and seem to be protected by rocker c and policy and high just think that it's a no brainer like you know, if, if I went to work and her
somebody had probably get written warning and be put. Probation. If it happened again, I wasn't fired the first time. I would be fired the second time I would just assume that's how it works. The sky had dozens dozens of a complaint not just from lorry. He was our position now then you don't say and that's what seems to happen in a way. It's a high powered, how were producer. Some big whose journalists we go down the list but seems like the higher up? You are now the more passed It is for you fail you're, too valuable. Thirteen million dollar lawsuit is, a lot more than buying a trip. some physician out of their contract with hospital. Amount on believe causing you thou much trouble. There are solutions here so
There is this ten weak inquest in September, two thousand seven it was seeking gradations from the coroner's office, and worries colleagues testified during this inquest: a workplace safety expert. Did eighty four Miss chances for the hospital to take disciplinary action against doktor, Mark Daniel Jostling. Think about that Eighty four miss chances now a number on it. I've been down, doing it by saying dozens. That's more than dozens right December. Two thousand seven a format. Jerry release. Twenty six recommendations one of them had to do at the Occupational Health and Safety ACT. They said it should be expanded to include sexual harassment and abuse as grounds to refuse work there. Dacians proposed that our safety and quality care should,
the most important factors in the workplace above a physicians right to practise. This is on that point, I made earlier physician was too important to hospital. That's why they don't want to mess with em Another saying you need to take. if everyone at this hospital and the Need The many here outweigh the needs of this. one person who is causing all the trouble. Just a year later, the Ontario Nurses Association made their own recommendations for the hospital and they pursued this aggressively Ontario pass legislation in April of two thousand eight This is something that lorries other Wordpress two and say for all the time will things that happened. My daughter there's something They came out of this tragedy, which is the patient health and Safety ACT, Bill one sixty eight this act recur. employers to do risk assessed and on workplace violence and requirements
lawyers to alert staff to possible violent patients. So, even though Lorry Du Pont died, this terrible death bill one sixty eight hopes to correct this. situation so that doesn't happen to someone else. I think it's a good thing: glad they ve done this, and I am very happy that her mother sees this as a silver lining or something positive that come out of this? I am I'm sorry, I'm just jaded at this point are I'm unlike what isn't it this common sense isn't is how a company or hospital? Isn't this just what? should do why do we need a law Why do? We need a new policy comes to harassment when it comes to intimidation when it comes to somebody that literally assaulted people at work, I am just blew in a way that we needed something to fix this problem, people are unequal. That's why. The physician was more important than the nurses,
No other way to put this case, this law, was needed. that it would equalize their value. The sad thing about it. So, in other words, there fishing causing problems there, actually harassing nurses will now then can be in trouble. Finally, this makes it official now the employers they have to alert staff to what's going on so if one. Sixty eight had existed and Lorry Dupont was going through her trouble. Well, everyone would have been made aware of what the doktor was doing and I think the gas by think it would have empowered more people to come forward the more than it already had, because they would the law they would know rules the hospital would have back those rules up. They are required to back those rules up Unfortunately, in this case, it really felt like the hospital didn't respect gloried upon enough He wasn't a value here. They didn't
and acknowledge the problem, even after someone was murdered inside their hospital? They depart family. A really wanted. This case tourism. in the hospital being held accountable, the doktor who or their beloved daughter MR etc. He couldn't be the carnival, but the hospital Shirley had to face some consequences right, but the Ministry of Labour said we don't have such power to him, the gate. You would think that the ministry labour is above all of this, but apparently again there is a bureaucratic loophole that doesn't give him the authority doesn't give you Ministry labour D restriction here. There was a settlement reached with the Dupont family with the hospital on January. Fourth, twenty two and by the amount was never disclosed
damn now, eight, we ve talked before thus in about sexual harassment, indifferent cases, but this one. Really highlights why we need to take These things seriously because they can culminate. Murder. If you don't stop these perpetrators, it can go this far. It's a possibility and if don't do what you're supposed to do as an employer as the authority. Then this is welcome. Happen as just too bad that too many people are since a power. Well, if there are aid to do something. They won't bother there more worried about how they look and They don't realize that their behaviour causes us to look at them and judge them a nice bilbil say the hospital did what it could it stepped up immediately. And the only reason lorry died, is because the doktor pull some shenanigans in Tis way in or something now eight. They never sought to get rid of him. So they
him to contain to go to work in common added in Lord upon smarter, never met, an episode of generation. Why subscribe to us on Apple podcast, Spotify, Cast Box or rare listening right now? Also sure to follow us on social media. Our tik Tok is at general. Pod are ins Graham is at generation why podcast joint wondering, plus in the wondering, app to listen ad free.
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