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July 19, 2004. Salt Lake City, UT. When Lori Hacking didn't return from a morning run, her husband Mark called police. The response by the authorities and the public was swift. So many wanted to find Lori and bring her home. But determined investigators started to assemble pieces of information that added up to foul play. Lori, sadly, would not be returning home and everyone who knew her was about to be in for the shock of their lives once the truth of her disappearance and murder came out.

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From wondering identifier, what's up Thus, in I'm doing fine how bout you I'm doing? Ok, some movie last week level guess he saw a joker. Yes, I did. I had very high expectations. I mean with heave lead.
you're in there crisper Nolan one you gotta, deliver that character. I I M actually not the biggest fan of comic book movies. I like real ism. I like gritty raw character development in so most common, but with these are just action movie, so you're just being shove through a plot storyline in Europe. is fed one liners. You are not a big fan of sea gee. I so. Like movies like doom patrol right, I hate cgi. Yet when I think of game a throne, the siege eyes, mostly background landscapes, and I'm ok with that. You don't notice that, but one it's a person, we digress. Sorry to keep this going but the Joker, probably now in my top five, all time, favorite movies. I liked it that much- and I am not a fan of comic book movies- allow them seem to have the same beats: an ally
air of them. I mean just such a strong performance by walking Phoenix. I actually had a stream, emotional reaction to the movie. His performance was actually very reminiscent of my brother who suffered from it's a frontier and a whole litany of other things like treads, he behaved. In very similar way, as walking Phoenix did on screen the mother and the Joker I don't want to give any spoilers, but it remains me and my own mother, so it was a little triggering for me, but that relate above emotional attachment is what I bought with and then I saw nods to taxi driver. I saw nods to broadcast news. I saw nods to all those old said these and Eightys Classic Movies, Nunez Court classics when they actually cared about character and less about story. This movie, I truly feel, is a huge now
to those old school movies. It's really a character, peace. Exactly that's why I loved it. I made it did have a store but the story wasn't exactly the point now, a lot of movies Actors are pretty two dimensional in this one. It felt like there is a lot more behind the faces what more going on and a lot less dialogue was needed. I want to see this, Joker Movie, primarily because I had seen walking in a movie on Amazon, Prime titled? You are never really here, which I thought was pretty awesome. The Joker such an iconic after it was amazing to see him bring him to life, but film for film, a kind of like you're, never really here better, but it's really just a testament to walking. Performance is this guy's only gotten better, and I, let's see what he does next absolutely well: apologies for the lengthy movie review
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Happily married life. Looking up husbands, getting a job across the country, their operating their lives to this bright future and there in the process of moving when the I've goes jogging one morning and disappears. So what are we talking about tonight? site we're talking about the case of lorry hacking Laurie case or, as was born on? December. Thirty, first, nineteen, seventy six in LOS Angeles, California, lorries maiden name sore is she was adopted by found and Harold Soares, her parents met in Brazil and an relocated to aura Mutawa. This case takes place in SALT Lake City. You taught me Douglas hacking was born in nineteen. Seventy six, her huh was mark what do we
about how they met well back in high school. It said that mark hacking was out of class. Clown is the right term, but he always the attention seeker. He was always the show off you were out on a camping trip together, might have been a school field trip, not sure if it was sanctioned by the school or not Mark wanted to stir the fire and instead of getting a stick and moving a log, he reached an and grabbed a burning log to flip over and of course, this burned his hands, but this was more or less part of his showing off hey, I'm not afraid of fire. Then he ends up severely injuring himself and lorry always had this. interest in caring for others and even some medical background interests. She was the one
treated his burns on his hands, that's how they met, but I guess they didn't get together right away. Shortly after that that they would come together and start dating. As far as we can tell. This is a very good marriage They got married and nineteen. Ninety nine, both families lighter, in laws right yeah they get along her family loves mark. He does all kinds of stuff form is really helpful. We're going too fast Lord here Mark has this amazing reputation. He has data from university, his wife works for wealth. Our security services area going really well but their right to take that next step. It's about this time, Laurie discovers that she's, pregnant and she's five weeks along. They are planning to move to North Carolina, the Chapel Hill, her husband mark
has enrolled in medical school. He wants to get into on quality in this medical school, all that he has been accepted into is in North Carolina so across the country this is a brooding, your life and moving for this dream. But it's worth it because if he does become an oncologists, that's pretty good money and he's fulfilling other. In his first dream was obviously marrying lorry and currently he's working a lot of entry level jobs because he's going to school. So it doesn't have a lot of time to focus on a career position, so he's working, I won't say menial jobs, but just jobs within the medical fee that our part time or what not? So he can focus on his schooling this education. That really shows how close they were because Mark would need help with a term pay.
something and he could just go to lorry and say: hey got a couple of things. Could you help me with and they would sit down and work on it together. She would help him out. It's really just a marriage where they both put in the time they both put in the effort they both wanted to spend time with each other and, of course, like you said he would go over to her in house and help out even at Christmas I am. He would show up and help put up the tree and he would spend time talking with her mom Thelma, so man This is ideal. How could this be a case connected to any kind of crime? Ex family was all of high staff sure they were all in medical fields, XL were very successful. People he's come from a good fan. We saw as lorry. This is just destined first success July, fifteenth, two thousand for. Laurie has informed her work that she is moving away and she has
in her notice. They threw her going away. Party is that whilst Fargo Security Services, the party went well but It was just one day later when something happens is totally out of the ordinary lorry got a phone call. She became very, very upset well after the phone call, she hung up and she got up and a co worker asked her if she was there hey. According to news reports, she said. I'm ok, but I think I'm gonna go home, They could just held something really upsetting happen because she was she was in tears on day July nineteenth. This is two thousand and four at ten forty nine a m mark hacking. It is called a nine one, one any reports that his wife is missing. He told the dispatcher, that lorry went for her usual morning, jog earlier in the day she had not returned home. She had not made it to work
and her car was nowhere to be found. He's can turned and the nine when one dispatcher is now getting police dispatch to help search for his wife and help create a police report. She went missing. Her husband mark said that gone for a run, there was a witness who said that they thought they saw her at Memory Grove Park between five hundred and thirty and six in the morning. So that sounds like she's confirming it, but then later she said that she didn't really get a good look at. The she says she couldn't say it was Laurie. Or even that she thought it was Mark, is in full search for my wife mode He is calling family members asking them. Have you seen her over there. He calls up
lorries, mom, Thelma and tells her lorries missing. Mark goes out and starts. Sir king for his wife sorts driving around and asking passer buyers. Have you seen my wife, and it's not an organised effort on his part? There are people, who are organizing the search but apparently mark is either trot or who knows ways going there, but he is just sort of going around randomly trying to find his wife, maybe just really upset. Oh, I mean your wife missing. Your gun to go. Look for her. He doesn't know. Where she went missing, he doesn't know what happened. He thinks that she's been abducted, he doesn't know so he's out there he's looking the police go to memory grow park and they find her vehicle parked and they think she made it to the park, but she never left.
and that's kind of scary, because this is showing that there might be foul play investigator tell Mark hey, we need to come back to your apartment and our view. You see if there is anything saying that we can find that might give us a hint of what's going on and Mark agrees, Kelly can't the lead investigator and her deputies go to his apartment. Department is in disarray because there in the middle of moving. So there's boxes, there's things being packed up and is just stuff everywhere, obviously they're moving. They come across lorries purse and they think well. Why wouldn't she take her purse with her to the park for her
jog her driver's licence is in the purse. The way I understand it, because I'm not a runner but a lot of runners, don't take their wallet or their purse with them, but you would think they were bring their idea, especially if their driving somewhere they would need that. It does not make sense, even though on the face of it, it should because well, if you're running you're, not gonna, carry your purse with you. I agree because I actually do run for a while. I was driving to a park to run and either I would leave my wallet in my car, or I would just put my idee and a little sleeve in the back of my cell phone, which I with me. While I ran so, I could see leaving your purse behind, but inner purse were her car keys ha, maybe there's a spare ceta keys. Who knows so at this point? The investigators
Thinking well tell us everything you know about the morning mark and he's telling them about how he's out searching for his wife he's telling them about how is so upset he's going through every step of his morning. There saying: ok, well, we're gonna get a search party to it. And we're gonna start searching the park area may get home. organization. They set up tents. They have, I think he was upwards to a hundred searchers volunteers, family members, friends, the community's coming together to search this park, but the lead investigator Kelly. She smell somethin in it stinks the purse really bothers her. So at this point they asked Mark for a. I guess. It's called like a consensual search agreement, something like that where,
like we're going to search your stuff, but it's not a search warrant. So I queer going to search it. Are you cool with that and he signed it said. Yes, Kelly looks around the apartment. She sees a huge bouquet of flowers. Now this isn't day, hey Honey, I thought I would just buy you a flowers. Just tell you. I love you. This is a huge nice gift Like a big, I'm sorry, I screwed up kind, a gift, the intuition yeah. That's her thing enemy, Maybe it was an anniversary. Maybe it was something but Kelly's thinking, so the detective again not really feeling it. She goes over and she looks the bed. She notices the sheets are brands
thinking new meaning they were just pulled out of a package still had the creases from the packaging. Now I'm a dude, I would do this. I wouldn't wash them to get the creases out, but why are there new sheets on the bed? Maybe it was launched? day. It's really weird, because if your wife is missing and you have no sheets on the bed. That's not a good sign, not a good look, nodded good, look. There's other things in the apartment, that's kind of Tipper Martha there's something wrong. The bathtub is spotless and they smell the hint of bleach him, bleach at you know he has such a strong odor if you use that yield detective for awhile
at least if your using it properly like if you're cleaning up blood, and so she turns to mark and says, can we search your vehicle more at it? He's like Asher its part right across the street drives and Suv he's being very, very cooperative. Here, though, given credit is not like, he sang go, get a search warrant is a glad, take a local level and so they open up his vehicle right smack on the passenger, see there's a receipt from a mattress store and its time stamped from the morning that he would Supposed to be out searching for his missing wife, so he bought a new mattress, more than that its time stamped. At about the time he had called end report, her missing, which is weird,
urged because it makes you wonder if he just called from the mattress store to report. His wife missing and he's thereby new mattress gas. So the lead detective picks up the receiver the deputy standing right next to her and they turned a mark and they say would you mind explaining why you bought a new mattress. I think mark, gives a explanation of well, lorry was menstruating Anne. She ruin the mattress, so I needed to buy new one Before I get into all the problems without explanation, the lead detective can't says, are you kidding me and Mark says you don't think I hurt my wife. Do you and the lead detective comes back with? No, I don't think you did. I know you did I'm going to get you for it. Essentially
something to that effect, which I'm all about her brazen attitude. I actually love it, but at the same time, I think might have been a little premature, because if you're telling the husband were targeting you now, it does give him time to possibly go destroy more evidence before you get an official search warrant. I don't know Kelly can't has done some interviews on this. In fact, oxygen has a lie to die for if we want to see talking about this, it's pretty amazing, but this is what we like so often were covering a case. And there's an investigator or investigators who just can't seem to get a case put together there. lost, and I know this so far sounds like there's a lot of stuff just pop in, but damn
Not only is she paying attention everything but she's letting him no he's not get away with anything, she knows happened. She already knows when investigators broke with family members, the hangings and the sources for talking both sides, the families they had nothing but praise for this couple for both people for lorry and for mark goodbye mutations. This isn't like. Oh, the guy, everyone kind knew he was a dirt bag had addiction issues and he was gone all night now this the guy who everyone good things to say about so for heard it look at him and say I know you did this. It's still a surprise. This isn't the kind of guy you would think would be enough.
in his wife's disappearance. There's more to this story, I give her credit. I mean one she doesn't know mark from anybody. She just looking at the evidence. She's not muddied with these filter of I've known the sky, all my life and he could never heard a fly. She just matter right. It wasn't like all the husband did. It now, like you, said, he's paying attention to what he sang and what their finding in the house and in the car and their thinking what they ve caught him in a line now which allows them to get in official search warrant for his apartment. I guess mark goes and stays. hotel, because you can't really go back into his apartment, now brought you buy
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to mark it may have been typed up, but essentially it's a letter that is lining mark know that their future is in trouble and that things have to change in a big way for them to remain together. It sounds like ultimatum letter well and this keys off the investigators to some things that mark has been lying about much about his previous college experience at the University of Utah and then de medical school he's supposed to be moving across country too, and attending turns out that lorry was calling the medical school for financial aid purposes and they said he's not enrolled here. Yes, she was also trying to get lodging. She wanted the better live on campus, as it were
so that he could easily attend. She was trying make these arrangements, and that's what this call was on the sixteenth of July. Two thousand four is they were informing her? Mark hacking is not enrolled in a programme here when first, went on line and called they said he wasn't enrolled. She asked him about that and he said. Oh a message has been a computer glitch. You know it takes time to update blah blah blah, but then that phone call was now oh there's no computer glitch. He is not enrolled here and that's why she left work early, very upset, and this is why she wrote this letter to him because she is quit her job. She has started to uproot her entire life
based on wise and she's pregnant with his child? So with that go back to the mattress, he had purchased a mattress from the Bradley Sleep store. that morning, when he was supposed to be out searching for his wife, he says she minced traded, and there was blood on the mattress. She's been pregnant over five weeks, so what so he's going to change out a mattress on the very day he's calling to report his wife missing and he's moving? So if this mattress was so soiled by blood from his wife well Wouldn't you just throw it out and then buy a new one there? Why would you love, a brand new mattress across the country. Why wouldn't you just deal with the current mattress and tell the move
throw it out and then by new once you get there or better? Yet, why replace a mattress? If you, Wife is missing and you don't even know if you're still moving to North Carolina, because if something bad has happened you might be sticking around Utah for awhile exactly so this whole buying of this mattress was just ridiculous. They go and check the apartment dumpster that they lived at and all they find are wrappings or packaging for his new pillow cases and the new mattress he owns, but they can't find his old mattress and
notice that he still has its old box bring under the mattress. So it's mismatched, which hey I'm a dude I'd just by new mattress and not a box ring, but that's just me, but the lead investigator Kelly knows that this old mattress has been disposed of. So she asks her cap Danner. Whoever is in charge she's like we need to shut down all of the garbage pick ups in this area. She turns to mark and says when is trash day here and Mark gives a very odd response. He says: well, this grid gets cleared,
on Monday. Is this grid? If I asked you what days trash day Aaron what Conor response? Would you give me? Well, I can tell you for a certain, and I think I speak for most people- that my response would not include the word grid. Grid is a term that is for someone who is responsible for organizing trash pick up, probably right. It's a waste disposal industry term. and if you're, not in that, why would that word even come out of your mouth? You know they would say, that's a tell yeah The huge tell a now. Now the investigator is trying to get at all shut down, but of course,. the powers that be or like you know, how much of a pain in the, but that is and how much that's gonna cost, but they drive to marks. I guess it's the worship house, it's where their church
is. They were part of the elder s church where they not. Yes, they were more. they were married in an elder S. Church absolutely So this is a dumpster. That's behind the administration, billings guess what they find. Erin you tell it would be a mattress bat, is ten or bayesian color, which matches the box spring of Mark hacking. The top of the mattress has been cut off with what here is to be a jagged knife. I'm wondering why somebody would cut off the top of a mattress, so the mattress they find they feel they match it to the box, sprang that belong to Mark and Lori Hacking and in the bloody knife that they had
seems like it was probably used to cut the top of the mattress off what they call the pillow top yeah. It's pretty straightforward investigative work here they have taken more car into city and their analyzing. It they're finding blood droplets in the back seat. It will come back that this blood belongs to Laurie. The blood on the knife. Andy blood droplets in the apartment will all come back as lorries There was this search for lorry in the air is where she might have been we're talking about the park area. merrily, but still one time it was said that they reach up to about twelve hundred people who are looking for lorry. That's a hell of an effort. I think. Sadly, what happened was over time because of the evidence that was being collected in what they were finding. I think people
third realised that they weren't looking define lorry. They were looking to find her remains. No. This is just over course of a few days, but in July twentieth. Mark hacking is found, and running around naked in the streets wearing only sandals. People were port that there's a man running round naked. The police show up and he seems distraught or something they call it one of his brothers- and he comes to help get Mark somewhere Mark is actually requesting to go to the psychiatric hospital and he's actually demanding to be evaluated. He wants help. Apparently now the police are looking at him and thinking here you go setting up your defence because we're onto you, but again we can stress enough. His family is probably just wonderful people, I mean
they're going to be there for him, no matter what happened and his brother gets him to the hospital his other brother show up as well. There are therefore him and obviously going through something. They know the stress of what's happening because he's being queues of murdering his wife he's obviously lost. If he's ring round naked began the these are buying it because of what well they said he had the wherewithal to wear sandals to protect us. because he's just running around the street- and you know it is, if you run out on the street, my cut your feet, opium The area is a step on rocks. It's not comfortable by so a crazy, mental breakdown, but I'm still gonna protect my feet. Who knows we all breakdown in different ways, but the cops are buying it The search for lorry is pretty much called off at this point:
its winding down there. They lost probably what ninety percent of the volunteers its winding down, because I think what the thought Is there going to start interviewing mark they're, going to try and get the truth? I've him, because at this point it feels like a wasted effort. Right now they haven't found enough. They haven't found lorry, so they're going to concentrate on on this person of interest or the suspect marks family have hired a lawyer to represent him a guy that as a very good reputation as an attorney on an name of Gilbert Aphthae, his defence attorney Gilbert, confirms that mark. never graduated from the University of Utah and confirms that he was not accepted or even applied to medical school and North Carolina. He dropped out of college in two thousand to so
or get there would be a couple of years. He was carrying on a lie as they put this thing together they find out that he would leave the says if he's going to school and then after his wife left to go to work, he would return home and basically play video games on a Nintendo council. That was his day. He does have a friend name Paul, who came forward and says that he hung out with mark a lot of the time when he was supposed to be in college when he was supposed to be getting his schooling, Paul and marks family describe how Mark went around the country applying at different medical schools and he had apple. nations drawn up all the staff to apply to all these different schools, and it was all I lost
He had spoken with her family about how she had helped mark right research papers. when he was in university, This is now coming together and the families are thinking something's, not right here and that's why marks. Brothers are going to the hospital and saying you need to tell us what actually happening. What turns out mark does have something to say a decisive, come clean to his brothers about what happened a lorry according to Mark, they had an argument, she had her going to bed and he played video games. And then I guess in the course of the evening came across is twenty two rifle he shot Lori. While she was sleeping, she didn't know anything. She went to bed shot in her sleep. This is his word. This is all we have to go on really
don't have a remain so they don't have any proof yet of how this went down. Just what marketing and he's telling this to his brothers? Who of course, are saying you need to tell the authorities. That was on July, twenty. Fourth, and now they have somewhat of a semblance of the accounts of the night and the day after putting it together. They find security, footage of mark going to a convenience, store and buying cigarettes. That day, and in the security footage you see him checking his hands. You can only assume that he's looking for maybe blood droplets or something on his hands. They find security. Footage of a person dumping a body in a dumpster behind
hospital where Mark worked. They can't really make it out that it's him, but it's a silhouette in its obviously a body, that's been wrapped in something being put in the dumpster. They also have the mattress. That's been dumped at his church. So they know that he's throwing away all the evidence any thrown away. His wife like a piece of trash And apparently thrown away the rifle is that wasn't around anymore. The authorities are told about this. Confession On July, twenty fifth, two thousand for a transfer him from the psychiatric hospital he's at two, a holding cell and that's when he's officially arrested and booked I believe that was August. Second, now that they know that she was dumped.
in a trash can essentially day switch their search to thee local landfill, which is massive, but though cool thing about landfills is they keep track of the scheduled dumps and what area they happen? It because it's actually a very scientific process. So all these trucks damp and this one coordinate, and then they have the big roller construction vehicles flattened out they dump again. They can press it and then they put a layer of clay or dirt on top when it's all said and done. essentially grids, and they know what area she was put him, but that doesn't mean that it's going to be easy to find her, because it's over ten acres and she could be forty feet down mark head too
called the authorities where he had placed her. Obviously she end up in the landfill it's more than they had before, but it's no guarantee they're going to find her remains, and so it's very setting lorries mother said it really disturber because she thought he killed my daughter and then he dumped in the trash. So it's insult to injury at this point and I think the way she described it was like the feeling when she was told that her daughter was murdered. It was that all over again. In addition to that, because of what he had done to her it put her in the trash. Now, the police have enough to formally charge him with aggravated murder with or without the body. They have a confession. They have all this evidence.
but still when you don't have a body, it's really really hard to get a conviction, but they have all their other boxes, checked. So they're gone through at this. The prosecutor said they were filing a probable cause statement. This was an amended one because they could only hold him seventy two hours before charges releasing him and they wanted to keep mark hacking in custody. they searched for lorries remains because They really wanted some extra time to get those remains, so they can bring. This case home now To search a landfill, its equivalent to searching through the most disgusting, harsh environment, you could ever imagine they have to get russian vehicles and bulldozers, to scrape off that toppling
of soil, which is keeping all of the trash compressed underneath it, and when they do that, all the waste starts to expand and then they bring the cadaver dogs and tons of searchers who are having to wear steel boots in like hazmat suits and stuff could be hazardous waste here and they search the top layer. Look for whatever dogs don't hit on anything. Bulldozers come in scrape off that lair. They do the next
and they do the next and it takes them thirty, three days before they find anything they estimated that they had gone through forty six hundred tonnes of garbage before they found something related to this case. That's insane it just a testament to all of these volunteers. It's a testament to the drive that these investigators and this police department have to bring closure to this family, their religious, their mormon. They want to bury their family member, their daughter, their loved one, I'm sure This excavation cost a lot of money, but they did it. They didn't find every bit of lorries remain
since the problem was is with what they found there, not able to really disprove or counter what Marcus head about He murder, or even whether she was pregnant they have her remain, so they know she was murdered in the medical examiner was able to confirm this is lorry. So the prosecution has my confession: they have every single bit of evidence you could ever want in a case except for the murder weapon. I did on the morrow up, but they have ever thing else, but now they have technically a body. They are thinking about the death penalty. For this case, which, according to Mark Canada, was premeditated a cow, the cross is twenty: two rival they ve been fighting all night. He comes over and shoots,
in her sleep. I think your checking the boxes off here. True there looking at the death penalty but when their having hearings they're putting him in a bullet proof vast. I their worried that someone might take action and take him out and because He had that incident where he was running round naked. His attorney was expected to say, hey I want him evaluated to see if he's fit, to stand trial, of course, being deemed incompetent for trial is not what people think it is one they never do it too. If your deemed incompetent to stand trial, you dont go off to a psychiatric hospital. No, you get therapy your mental health professionals, treating you and tell you all,
competent to stand trial in marks case. That doesn't even go that far, but- and this is something that lorries mother brings up later- is that Mark had fallen when he was about nineteen twenty from a roof. He used to work on houses, and things like that. You say you was good with his hands. Will he fell from this roof and he hit his head. I think was laid out for a maybe close to a month after that, so there was this concern, or this thought that maybe that injury add some sort of effect on him. I guess could say there looking at is maybe there's some sort of a factor here that we could use to say. Well, not really marks fault, a mitigating factor. Now the body wasn't found until later, but the trials beginning on October thirtieth
Two thousand afore his lawyers enter a plea of not guilty to one count: a first to be murder and three second degree: felony counts of obstruction of justice, not guilty. Ok, yeah, that's wishful thinking, is very difficult to understand, but in two thousand five April fifteenth mark hacking was in court. Once again he was pleading guilty to the murder charge, but this plea would involve new prosecution, dropping the obstruction of justice charges which entails them dropping the capital murder charge because the whole you commit affair. any in the commission of a murderer, blah blah. Did he get the capital murdered charge so they drop these other charges? He plead guilty to first good murder now he's looking at a life sentence as opposed to the death penalty. So now he
vessels to the court- and his quote- is your own I intentionally shot lorry hacking in the head with a twenty two rifle on the night of July nineteenth two thousand for marked and seem shaken here. He's dressed. It seems like this case, is getting closed. Didn't even need a trial, lorries, mother, Thelma. She s question, because she knew mark. I mean she knew him for why, like ten years or more, she doesn't understand why he would have done this winter was first told that mark had killed her daughter, she's couldn't believe it because they had. And a lot of time together. She knew him. He wouldn't do such a thing. In fact, he went out of his way to help people She wants to be able to talk with mark. She went to get answers now. The process
ocean is saying, ok, plaid guilty, but we're going to try and get him as much time in prison as we can get, which is weird when you hear the sentence, because this is just a weird legal technicality- obviously he's plead guilty and they sentence him to see two years to life, he's not going to be eligible for parole over thirty years, but when you hear that since six years to live it gives you pause, because you think well what happens after six years? Could he get out, but the thing was, as it up the Parole board, when they were asked about it with their reaction was no way we're, not gonna. Let him out at six years, and so that's where the longer term comes in, even though its a minimum of six they correct every one say: hey, don't worry, won't be eligible to about three decades down the road.
Let's talk about some of the things that were said at this hearing mark apparently was showing emotion, he said, killed her and my unborn child. I put them in the garbage. I can't explain why did I know I wasn't myself that night, but that's no excuse. I am tormented every waking minute by what I have done. I deserve to be in prison, probably for the rest of my life. Lorries, mother, Thelma Soares, said, and this is how crying this out. This is her looking at mark. She said: how could you do that mark? How could you do that? To me and Mark replied, I'm sorry, so the Parole Board, the actually gave a year of when they were first consider him for pearl and what your was at twenty thirty five
That sounds more appropriate than six years true, but it still gives everyone pause when you hear that sends now Harold who was lorries father, He pushed for a law for a minimum in a case like this six years is ridiculous. so the law which became known as lorries law set a new minimum, which would be fifteen years, so they wouldn't ever say six to life. It would be fifteen to life, which I think is much more. reasonable, but it just sad that it takes a case like this. For a law to be created like that. This seems like. common sense, I mean, for a first degree, murder charge. There shouldn't be a minimum of six. That just seems ridiculous. The judge is India.
The lawmakers, they all say it's a technicality and who cares, but it's a public perception issue, an absolutely so you lose a family member to murder the murderer could get out conceivably in six years that doesn't sit right with anyone. I guarantee it, except for the murderer of course, lorries law was known as spill, one zero too, and it was signed in the law. On March, twenty two thousand six d sore as family had lorries, headstone removed and replaced, because had her last name as hacking on it. They replaced it with their portuguese name Valea, which means little daughter because year, why would they want his last name on their loved ones? Headstone according to Thelma,
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other Thelma says she no longer feels the anger she once did and actually exchange of letters with her son in law. This is ten year plus after her daughters, murder she has shared some of these letters with IE his papers in our area and she's forgiven him, I think, really What's going on here is its for her own peace of mind. She can deal well with knowing what happened to her daughter, how this went down he's trying to find as much peace as she can, which it doesn't like a lot and yet she's. he wants to know why now According to news reports, mark hacking whizzing by his own father, to write down his thoughts right down his life story marked edge. That he apparently wrote a book. I dont know how many pages it is, but he gave cop
is to his family and, I believe, to lorries mother, it's, I guess to clear the air to let them know why things happen. The way they did. This book is not out. You can't go to Amazon. You got Amazon and find a book on this case, but it's not the one he wrote so maybe the families they have maybe more asian then, It's also said that he may have sold things to murder bilious sites, which we discuss that in the past. I think if you are a murderer, trying to say that you feel remorseful. You can't say that, with a straight face, while we know that you may have sole items to emerge, Billy a website. It just seems wrong to possibly price, fit in some way or to get some. digital notoriety. Because what you did it's terrible. Now, just when we are talking about this case, and you said I dont think
This is as simple as he hit his head and then he started develop problems or He was lying in the lies snowballed and then he had emerged covered up. You think this was something that was a part of him from a long time before it was just part of his make up a just happened to culminate in this way. because of the situation, but he was a scammer from a long way back. I think that when you look at his family and his background, you see a very affluent family his parents are, doctors is siblings, are doctors in the medical field, one of em, I think, works for the Department of Homeland defence. There, all extremely successful people extremely motivated their tightened
it, and then you have mark by all accounts is kind of a loser, gray personality, but apparently not destined for success. No in so he's in attention seeker and that might be compensating for for the rest of his family being very successful. He barely makes it out of high school. He flung out of college, but while he's in car courage. He goes on a missionary trip to Canada where he sent home early cause you screwed up, but he doesn't tell his parents and lorry his girlfriend. I think at the time even Cotta helps cover, for him, and then he literally for years, says he's going to college and he's not going and he's hanging out with friends and he's playing video game.
And then he goes on to say is going to med school he's. Bob books he's bought all these things to show that he's going there essentially props. Rarely because this now going it's all. I also when he Graduated college from the University of Utah or when he claims he did Laura, and her family we're gonna go to his graduation and he said he couldn't make it because he was sick, throwing up said he caught a bug or somethin. He had a cabin gown had. All of these things lined up to show that he was graduating that day. But, oh, you can't go to the ceremony because I'm sick Oh what a terrible thing so they took him outside took a pitcher of him cabin gown outside the house congratulate him for a day. Waiting from university. He never went to that's how cunning he was. He done all these things,
and he's done this all his life to seek attention and seek possibly confirmation from his family when your whole families so successful. I'm sure that puts a lot of pressure on you to be successful, two perceived or otherwise I dont think is Can we put pressure on him? I think they would have loved him, no matter what he thinks that he has to be at that level. If you would have taken all this effort and actually applied it to just going to college, my God, you probably be a very successful person, or at least he make it. You know that's the thing is you were saying, you didn't think his family, they didn't need him to be a success. Just be happy. Not everybody sees things that way. You know it's. I have to keep up with the Joneses or in this case the hacker things, and he just couldn't
oh for him. No way to deal with it was to lie. The truth is marked. Couldn't Hackett? even after they knew tat. He had killed lorry. They wanted him to term self in, but they were still support. Above him, they still helped him. He had get a lawyer, He had a file things whatever was going on. They were therefore him in a course they were. Also there for Lori's family. They did what they could and you know just said you know we want to be supportive of you. We feel terrible and when it came to marrying Lori Dumbass or has made sure that the hackings were invited. They were allowed to be their every step of the way of their workers. Remembrance or a burial whatever was they were invited in so it's amazing that these families economy so well, even after mark confess to the murder of lorry, The families were still there for each other and their wishes. That respect absolutely let me in this
my bro science, I'm not a psychologist or anything, but I won't and the landing on his head years prior is going to correlate him planning a murder of his wife after she's, threatening to leave him because of all the lies, because he's now destroyed her life. She is quitter job and she's, going to uproot across country or don't lie, and then she saying I'm not going with you now or work in a separate or You're, never gonna see your kid again. Who knows didn't see the whole letter. But what I got out of it she was like a house We have a life together, you ve lied about everything we are, we gonna go from here. We're not moving for a lie, so we have to sort this out. Imagine if there is pressure before from Oh, oh, my siblings, my parents are all successes and I'm,
nobody I'm a loser, and now his own wife is saying you screwed everything up she and deserve to be murdered. I certainly don't think his head injury had anything to do with this because he was functional. He just didn't. Do the work he needed to do. He cut corners. He allied he played video game instead of attending university, so he created this whole lie. I think that's why the oxygen special is called alighted. Ifor is because some people lie their way Interior because they see no other way to deal with the situation, it literally becomes a crisis point and they have nowhere else to go now. You- and I too, about it. There are many choices he had he could. He said. I know I screwed up I know I need to start over whether you leave
or if you ll, stick it out. I need to prove myself. He didn't do that because he didn't answer the call because he never has ever had to and now he's being called out for it. Essentially, it was inevitable that he was going to be out it eventually he's gonna go to a non existent med school thing in late. How long he's gonna go on for lorry was going to bring this all crushing down on him before he would ever be ready for it. though he thought killing her and then holding her missing was going to do something. I don't think he ever actually had a plan other than I am ashamed, and the person who has brought it to me, pension who now realises what's going on, needs to be silenced, that's it wasn't thinking more than a day ahead,
No, I don't think so because yet, where do we go from here again? The best way to deal with all of your lies is just do come clean and then beg for forgiveness, begged for a second chance, whatever he didn't do that at least idle the sensitive region that, especially, if you're, turning to murder as your next step? Yet that's not a plan. That's a reaction, poor one at that. So this is something ass, a live with the rest of his life and it matter how many people are so we'll call you we talk to his family has continued to talk with him, but he's in prison and everybody knows, he's a murderer. He murdered his pregnant life he was twenty seven years old. She had her whole life. Had ever her twenty eight year old husband had nothing to offer her except for lies and they murderer. Thank God he was so terrible out. I think of that true crime meme, where it's like sitting on my couch eating cheesy, for
eyes when the narrator on the true crime show says, and they left their fingerprints on the. or not- and you go idiot this guy every step of the way left all the evidence- I mean he used a credit card to buy the mattress, her purse and keys or at the apartment there's blood in the apartment he dumped the stuff in. Dumpsters that are just a block away from his apartment. I'm glad he was stupid, but he's like one of the dumbest murders we ve ever covered
Everybody has something that they would give anything for. End Fortunately, there's people out there who will explain There's nothing like nothing from wondering. Comes a story about true I love you so much power. You're gonna have to completely submit to me and give me your complete and utter obedience and far. Some people are willing to go to get what they want. I'm Stephanie Beatrice Twin flames: premiers on February, twenty first on Apple, on using or you can listen one week early and out free right now by subscribing to wondering plus an apple podcast or the wonder, yeah.
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